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The Blind Servant

Part 1


   Jack was always attracted to power. And even though he was just 28 years old, he had already gained a good amount of it. The kind of power that had made him rich enough to own a very comfortable apartment downtown. From the 12th floor he could look down at all the poor, weak souls that could never reach him and his status. He always felt like a king whenever he looked down that balcony.

If it was something he cherished with the same passion, it was order. He had, since he could remember himself. There was a certain ritualistic nature to his day, and he honored it diligently. After his morning espresso, with exactly 20 grams of coffee and only a thin layer of foam, he would head out to work at precisely 8 a.m. At 5 p.m, he would leave work and head to a nearby swimming pool, to exercise and calm his nerves. At 6:30, he would return home, and, if no social gatherings where in store ,(purely for business reasons), he would cook a nice, eclectic meal for himself.  The schedule was set. Meat or fish for three days of the week, vegetables the other three, legumes or pasta the last one. Then he'd relax in front of the large, flat-screen t.v of his living room, with a cold beer and later, maybe, a glass of whiskey.

   But power, as with most things, becomes apparent and meaningless after a while. Jack was starting to feel jaded. And the cure for that feeling was simple. More power, more complete and more vicious.  As a result, a project entered into development a few months ago. He knew the right people that could help him, no questions asked, after a generous offer. All he needed was the right subject. And on that day, as he sat sipping his drink, he looked down on a certain photo on his phone, then pressed "send". He smiled with satisfaction.


   A cute, 24 year-old girl also had a big smile stuck on her face, when she returned home from the swimming pool. Today was her day-off and she knew how she wanted to spend it. The water always made her feel rejuvenated and energetic. Her name was Eve. She was a shy, but gorgeous young woman, with silky, dark hair and beautiful, blue eyes. Her body was thin and athletic. She loved horse riding and shoe shopping and took every chance her schedule gave her, to do either. Even though those chances were rare nowadays, it was worth it. Working at a 2-Michelin-star restaurant, at such a young age, was a sign that her dream of becoming a famous chef was on the right track. Everyone was always mentioning how talented and creative a cook she was, and her friends and family never missed a chance to taste her delicious creations.

As Eve entered her apartment, she let out a sigh. "Again with the garbage.." she murmured. "Why does she have to throw everything on the floor?" Her roommate worked at nights and was rarely at home when Eve got back. They went along fine, but the mess she would occationally leave, drove Eve mad. After she cleaned up after her roommate for the hundrendth time, she fell on the couch, exhausted from a hard but rewarding day. Her eyes begun closing, and she slowly drifted into sleep, still in her work clothes.

Asleep as she was, she didn't hear the turning of the key lock. Black clothes, black gloves, black hood. He is a professional. He knows that the target is alone, since the target's roommate is scheduled to be at work. He glances into the living room, to find the girl, vulnerable, resting on the couch. His job would be even easier than he thought. He gently walks behind the girl and swiftly pins her head against the couch's back with his hand, muffling any attempts at a call for help, at the same time.

Eve's eyes shot wide opened! She starts screaming, but little sound escapes. She flails her arms and legs, but the man's grip is strong. She feels a sharp stink on the side of her neck, and collapses unconscious once again.


   Eve opens her eyes, or at least she thought she opened them. "Why is everything so dark? I am awake, aren't I?" Wherever she is, there is not a hint of light. A feel of general pain and uncomfortableness lingers on her body. As Eve tries to move, she discovers she is bound by her ankles and wrists. She then realizes she is strapped on a frame, positioned upright and slightly backwards. Her limbs spread on its four corners and her head immobile by a rope tied on her hair, she can't free herself, even though she pulls on the straps with all her power.

The young girl starts to panic, she tries to scream, to call for help, to ask where she is, but to her biggest surprise, no words leave her mouth. Only a faint, guttural sound is heard, so weak that no one would hear it, even if they were in the same room. "What happened to my voice!!??" Eve cannot hold her cool anymore, and starts sobbing and struggling hysterically against her bonds. 

"That, although completely pointless, was a joy to watch." Eve is startled. "Where is this voice coming from?" She hears a soft, calm, male voice, but she can't locate it. Then she notices, that two ear-plugs have been placed in her ears. "Your transformation is ready to begin, and i want you to experience it at its fullest. It's the reason i'm not drugging you right now." Who was that crazy man who was addressing her? What did he mean by "transformation"? Eve was now so scared she had begun trembling and breathing heavily.

A strong light flashed, pointed straight on her. Eve took a few seconds to adjust to the sudden change, then looked down to see she was completely naked. She felt utterly vulnerable, as if the bondage wasn't enough..

Then she saw a silhouette in front of the light. It was holding something, it looked like a mask. But... something was wrong with it, it had a long projection, way too big to be a nose, Eve thought.

"This is your new face. It is very pretty, i think, and this attachement here, well, it's a.. short of replica, a pretty accurate one if i may say so.." Jack said and, although she could't see him, Eve could tell he was smiling as he said those words. "The glue that has been applied to your face will react with the one applied on the mask, forming an unremovable substance, basically, sealing it permanently. I wanted you to know this, but we better not waste any more time", and with that he slowly approached her, holding the sinister mask. As it moved closer to her face, Eve was now able to see every detail of the long phallus, and understood its purpose. This was a model of his penis! It was thick and even vainy. The head was swollen, like it was ready to explode with orgasm at any moment. Eve tried to turn away as the mask was now eclipsing most of the light behind it and was only inches away from her face.

But it was impossible. The rope held her hair, and subsequently her head well in place. Tears begun streaming from her eyes, at the thought of her face being lost forever. She started screaming again, in vain, just like last time. As she was screaming, the hands pushed the mask and the phallus reached her mouth and slid inside, before she could have the chance to seal her lips. It moved down her throat, then further down, until the mask was pressed on her tender flesh, her nose, her cheeks, her chin, her forehead, and lastly over her eyelids, cutting all light from her. It also covered her ears completely, which only increased the bound girl's panic. This simple piece of plastic had taken everything from her. She couldn't smell, see, hear, or speak anymore.   

As the phallus inside her mouth starts to rub against the walls of her gullet, Eve's gag reflex acts up. "I am choking, i can't breathe!!", she panics again. But...she CAN breath. That is so weird. No air is coming through her mouth, nor her nose. But she can breath quite well.

"You're throat is still adjusting to the changes. Your gag reflex will still react, but for a few days only, till you get used to your new face." 

"Although your mask cuts all sound and light, the ear plugs placed behind it enable you to hear me as clearly as possible." Jack continued, as Eve was choking on the large, hard cock bruising the back of her throat. You have many new things you need to learn. Mainly, you will learn everything you need to know about me. Because if you know who i am, you know what my needs are, and in doing so, you're able to serve me. I have a name, but that is none of your concern. For you, i am simply your Master, and your sole purpose in life from now on is to make me happy."

Eve tried to take all this new information in, with not much success. Her heart was pounding like crazy, unable to cope with her current state. Jack explained in detail all the changes that had been and would be done to her. A laryngectomy had been performed, silencing her forever. She could only breath through a small hole in the base of her neck. As the man explained the procedure, Eve started crying and jerking around in her bonds, yet again. "You bastard! I'm going to kill you!", she tried to utter but even if her talking ability was intact, her gaping, filled mouth wouldn't help much.

But, besides the switch of her breathing canal, the most interesting additions were Eve's mask and outfit, which also signified her new role as Jack's servant.


   For a start, the mask, which covered Eve's face completely, was a porcelain-white color, even though the material itself was a special polymer, unbreakable with common tools. Its only charecteristics, were a small protrusion like a cute, little french nose and some lightly carved eyes, in a pointed oval shape, expressionless and cold. The most sadistic part though, was the phallus secured snuggly down her throat. Except from being in measurement to Jack's actual 7.5-inch member, the phallus was actually attached to a nook, so it could be removed and re-attached at any point, without relieving poor Eve's throat from the penis-gag. At the inner end of the nook was a small button, which, when pushed, mechanically opened a small hole on the nook's end. These would be useful for her feeding, as well as other things.

In addition, Eve's head was shaved bald, and her hair follicles cauterized, so her beautiful hair would never grow again. Jack took the liberty of trimming Eve's head himself, then applying the special ointment. Now, he could change his slave's hairstyle at will, depending on his mood and preference. There was a wavy, beach blonde wig, a lolita-type black one, a short pink one and another long, straight, light red wig. All of them accompanied with their own small maid, tiara-hat, also black with white frilly endings. Whatever the type, Eve would come to hate them all, as they made her feel like a doll, decorated for someone's amusement.

   Lastly, her outfit. Jack had paid extra attention to detail, to get exactly what he had in mind. It was a variation of a french maid outfit. A very revealing version, one that no working maid should ever have to wear, created specifically to Eve's measurements. Eve would despise this as well, as it left very little to the imagination. The black top, with tiny, puffy sleeves and white endings, only served in accentuating her naked breasts, pushing them upwards, with her cute nipples uncovered by only millimetres of the thin fabric. To make things worse, a tight corset beneath the top, restricted her waist to asphyxiating proportions. Eve felt like her ribs would break, even though they never did. Around her neck was a black, choker necklace.

Her skirt was extremely short, presenting her gorgeous bottom to her Master at all times. Designed like a poodle skirt, it didn't fell over her skin, but opened outwards in a very girly manner. Despite its small, white appron on the front, it didn't do much to cover the chastity belt that had been secured on her. Locked with a small padlock, (which only Jack had the key to), the belt came with attachments. A tiny one that nested just inside Eve's urethra and another much larger butt-plug that fitted fully inside her ass. That way all her physical needs were controlled by her Master, and only with his permission could Eve relieve herself.

For her final accessories, Jack put Eve in some black, 8-inch heels, also locked so she wouldn't try removing them. On her hands were a pair of white, net, fingerless gloves, and her legs were dressed with white, knee-high stockings with little white bows at the end of each one. Jack had ordered two of these complete outfits, so when the dirty one was being cleaned, Eve would preserve her majestic, maid look for him.

   Eve's new life hadn't even begun yet, but she could not possibly fathom, how this could get any worse...

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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