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Gina\'s Retro Tit Torture

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Synopsis: 1970\'s Modeling hopeful gets more than she bargained for at a casting call.

                                                                  GINAS RETRO TIT TORTURE

  Back in the late seventies my ex-wife spent a few weeks in the LA area. This was a couple years before we met and were married. Her older cousin had an apartment there and invited her out west, she was told there was a lot of work in movies and modeling and should get there as soon as she turned 18. Turns out the cousin was actually working for a sleazy escort service and Gina found out when she arrived that the promised jobs were just escort gigs through her cousins handlers. After a week she reluctantly took a job that promised to be a bikini modeling shot, but was really a ruse to pose topless. Gina did pose with no top, as she was desperate to get the bus fare back home to the Midwest. For $75 the photographer shot her with the bikini on, she then slowly let her 36C slightly saggy boobs drop free. She refused the $75 extra to lose the bottoms, but did pose with her butt toward the camera and the bikini bottoms pulled up into her ass crack. She said afterward she felt so dirty to earn the money for the trip home that way, but it seemed it would be worth it to get out of LA.

  On the evening before she was to catch the bus back home the photographer called and said he had just been awarded a contract to shoot “girl next door” types topless for a new magazine. He offered to pay Gina $500 for virtually the same shots she did before, but on an upscale set. Five hundred dollars was just too much to pass up, and so she swallowed what pride she had left and agreed to the shoot. The photographer said they were sending a limo and it would be there within the hour. When the limo pulled up the photographer was in the back and they drove for about 20 minutes to a very nice upscale business park area. They went in the front and were directed to a lounge area. There they were met by an elegant older woman who offered them drinks. This is where it gets fuzzy for poor Gina as it seems her drink was drugged. What she recalls is mostly bits and pieces of the evenings early events, a lot of the later parts, like how she got home, are a blank.

  What she does recall is being led completely nude into a room with very bright lights facing her. She could hear a large group of men and see a few of them such as men that were running large cameras. The men were Japanese or Chinese and yelled in approval when she was brought in. A pair of pretty Asian girls led her in and held her firmly, she remembers trying to get way and one of the girls squeezed her arm at a nerve point and she nearly went to her knees in pain. Within seconds of entering the room flashes popped all around. A large man with a hood walked up to her holding two pieces of rope. With her arms held by the girls the man wrapped the rope around the base of her left breast several times very quickly and looped it in a sort of knot that allowed it to be tightened with a pull. When he pulled her slightly saggy tit stood out straight from her chest and began to turn purple from the constriction and support of the rope. The crowd howled as next her right tit was tied in the exact manner within less than a minute. Both tits, now slightly purple were sitting high on her chest and she was posed for the cameras for a few seconds. She recalled that there was pressure and some throbbing but not real pain, still the horror was there, being on display like that, but muted by the feeling the drugs were having. She said she knew something bad was happening but in her mind she realized she was powerless and so there was no panic.

The hooded man took a remote control and lowered a metal bar with two closed metal eyelets on the ends. It was suspended by cable connected to an electric winch that hung from a beam above. He expertly tied the loose end of each rope to the eyelets on the bar and took up the slack with the winch to test that the weight was even. After a slight adjustment he stepped aside, the flashes popped again, and he pressed the button lifting Gina off her feet, suspending her by her tits only, to a height of about 3 feet in the air. She screamed as she was raised and kicked her feet but soon realized that being very still meant less pain and pressure on the ropes that held her tits by the base. Her screams only excited the crowd further, as did the tears that flowed from her eyes. One cameraman came in and got a close-up of her tortured crying face. The man spun her around completely so she could be seen from all angles, her butt then her 70s bush on display as she once again was facing the lights and men. The Asian girls each grabbed a leg and spread them for the camera and crowd giving them a shot of her hairy 70s style beaver. The girls then lifted her legs even wider so her ass hole was exposed to the screams of the crowd. They then let her hang alone for a few minutes. The men began to clap and yell something in unison, of course it was in Japanese so Gina had no idea what was coming. Kiamat Wong! Kiamat Wong! The men screamed, and at the crescendo of their cries the hooded man bumped the down button on the remote, then expertly he hit the up button. The clutch on the winch instantly took up the slack from the uncoiling line and sent a tremendous jerk through the cable. Gina pitched down violently as the cable hit bottom and the slack was taken up, and then recoiled abruptly with a sickening jerk to her young breasts. She had just endured the multiplication of roughly 3 times her weight at the base of her tits when the cable jerked. Burning pain went through both breasts and she nearly passed out, she recalled that she urinated as she was dangling in pain and that made the crowd even wilder. The man swiftly lowered her back to the ground as she sobbed. The women held her nearly limp body up by the arms and posed her for all to see. When the hooded man removed the ropes the crowd went wild, as it became obvious that significant breast tissue damage had been done.  Both her tits now hung more than 3 inches lower and were much flatter than before. The bases where her tits met her chest were elongated and the bottom of her tits now were shaped more like globes Her nipples were now at a pronounced downward angle compared with the perky look she had walked into the room with. The cameraman zoomed in capture the rope marks and obvious stretch to the skin of the base of her now elongated tits. She recalls being led from the room, but after that, not much is clear until she awoke next morning.

  The next day she woke up back at the apartment wearing the clothes she had left in. There were 5 $100 bills in her underwear that apparently had been slid down the crack of her ass at sometime. She caught her bus home, she said she did wear a bra but was very sore for over a week after getting back home. Over time the swelling went down and actually the good home cooking made her put weight back on. With this weight her tits filled out a bit and looked a bit more normal, although she never wore a bikini again. She went to work as a waitress in her home town and that is how we met. I always liked a bit of droop to a boob, but it was several years after we were married before she told this story to me. It explained how her boobs had a sort of “water balloon” look, narrow and elongated at the base then full and globular at the nipple ends

  Since the internet became available I have done some research on these type movies. What I have found is that they were financed by very rich Japanese corporate executives. The attendees at the sessions were invited by the producers and were also investors. The tapes were sold underground only in Japan as the nature of the subject was censored in many areas at the time. I have not come across a copy or even still photos of Ginas torture although I have a library of 3 other girls that face similar fates. One that goes horribly wrong when the cable is jerked, a rope pops off, and the poor girls is left hanging by the base of a single horribly distended breast. Also included is a very interesting one of a mature white woman who gets both tits skewered with spinal needles after she is hung. In all cases it is obvious the subjects are drugged. The subjects are always blondes, although not necessarily natural blondes. The hooded torturer is always the same in each film. He works quickly with no fanfare as I expect back then videotape was not cheap, and time is money. The oriental girls who lead in the subject also are the same in each film. I have also run across some still shots of sessions that I do not have video of. One, a very intense torture of a young blonde using only mousetraps. In all cases the crowd is loud and crude and gets exactly what they want. Ruined tits.

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