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A Life Privileged

Part 3

Chapter 3:

“Mike, welcome!”  Jack opened his arms to give me a hug.

“Hows life Jackie boy?” I replied as I embraced my friend.

“Is that a trick question?”  Patting me on the back, we both laughed and he led me to his well decorated sitting room, where football game had just gotten underway.  

“Sorry Im late, wheres Danny?”

“Still in Paris, who knows when hell be back.” Danny had always been more concerned with partying and jet setting than anything else.  Jack had no problem with this as it meant that he would skip ahead of his older brother and inherit the family business.  This had been the plan for ages and was a situation both brothers were perfectly happy with.

We sat down and Jack pressed a button on a large remote in his hand.  A few seconds later a young girl approached.  She was wearing an electrical collar that was controlled by the remote in Jacks hand.  Each button corresponded to one of his girls and while it was capable of inflicting some serious damage he used a light shock to summon a slave.

“Yes, Master?”  The girl was naked except for her collar and small metal cuffs on her wrists and ankles, her light brown hair in a pony-tail, and the word “cum slut” branded on her toned stomach.

“cum slut, get us a couple of beers, and be quick about it.”

“Yes, Sir.”  She disappeared.  Jack renamed and branded all of his slaves, I had been present once when he branded a new girl, I dont think I had ever heard someone scream so loud. 

“Wait till you see this new girl I got, shes just so easy to fuck with.”  Jack and Danny didnt acquire their slaves from training organizations, preferring to break the girls themselves.  I must admit I rather enjoyed watching and sometimes participating in the breaking of a girls spirit with humiliation, degradation, and pure pain… beating out of them their past life and watching as they reluctantly accepted their new position in life.  This one had been in their possession for a month and while still defiant from time to time had started to accept her new lot in life.  Jack explained that she was an 18 year old black girl who had just started college as a gender studies and interracial relations double major.  She was an active member of her church, an outspoken feminist, and was involved in many organizations that fought racism and promoted equal rights for African Americans.  He must have been having fun with this one. 

Cum slut returned with our beverages on a tray and took up a kneeling position by Jacks feet after she served us.  He snapped his fingers and she got on all fours.  With a thud he dropped his feet on her back, using her as a footrest I loved it here. 

Jack pressed another button on his remote and we sipped on our beers and awaited his newest girl.  Less than a minute later, in walked the most beautiful black girl I had ever seen.  Normally Im not one for the ebony variety but this girl was a straight-up ten.  I coughed up a bit of my beer as I saw what was branded on her stomach and looked at Jack who had a huge shit-eating grin on his face. 

“Introduce yourself slut!” 

“Yes Master” her eyes were cast downward obediently “This sluts name is …”  She paused, contemplating protest but quickly thought better of it. “nigger slave, Sir.”

Ive never seen more dejection in a slave, I actually felt bad for her for a second.  “I just branded her last week, shes so much fun.  Waitll you hear the best part” 

“And youre a virgin, isnt that right whore?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I looked at Jack “you havent fucked her yet?”

“Nah Im waiting for the right time”

Looking back over at nigger slave “Saving yourself for the right guy, huh?”

“Yes, Sir.  This slut was waiting till marriage” A tear streaked down her face.

“But youve still managed to learn how to suck dick pretty impressively, yeah?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And why do you think that is”

Nigger slave looked up at him with pleading eyes, but got no reprieve.  “my fat dick sucking nigger lips, Sir.” She was openly crying now.

Jack laughed sadistically and I had to join with a chuckle, this was too good.  I thought of the famous scene in Roots when “Toby” had his new name whipped into him.  I would have liked to see the process of nigger slave accepting her new name. 

“Ok nigger whore, you should have no problem with this.”  I was shaking my head and laughing as he produced a basket of probably 250 cotton balls and started tossing them around the room.  “I want you to individually pick up each one of these and place them back in this basket”  he said placing it at his feet.

Tears flowing down her face nigger slave choked up a “yes, Sir.” Between sobs and got to work.

“You are one sick mother fucker, Jackie.” 

“Wait till you see what I have in store for her cherry-popping ceremony later today.”  He whispered to me.  Jack liked to keep his slaves on their toes, keeping each new torture a surprise.  I have to admit I was excited. 

After chatting about business and watching the game for a little while Jack jumped up and clapped his hands, “what do you say to a little half-time entertainment buddy?” 

“Bring it on”  We were several beers deep at this point.

Jack slapped cum slut, who had been alternating serving as our beer-maid and Jacks footrest, firmly on her ass.  “Bring me the purple double-sided dildo slave.”

“Yes, Master” she replied before heading out of the room. 

Jack and his brother had several slaves; I believe nigger slave made seven.  And he always had them competing in various games for our amusement.  They always tried their hardest as the loser would be severally punished, sometimes at the hand of the winner. 

Jack walked over to nigger slut who was about halfway through with her task, and when she bent over to pick up another cotton ball he shoved the empty beer bottle into her ass.

“OWW!” She let out a cry, shocked by the pain.

“Ughhhh” she moaned in discomfort as Jack twisted it securely in place. 

“Keep it in there, slut…or else” he warned.  Eliciting a begrudged “yes, Sir” from his slave.

Cum slut had returned and was standing in the corner with the monstrous dildo resting on her outstretched hands.  Jack pushed another button and a young blonde came in and took up a position next to cum slut.  This one had “fuck hole” in scarred skin on her stomach. 

“Ok fuck hole, cum slut, I want you two to fuck each other with this dildo.  Whoever cums first loses.”

“Yes, Sir.” They replied in unison, only a slight look of fear in their faces…they had been well trained.

The girls got into position and inserted the dildo, then began thrusting softly back and forth.  The dildo sank into the girls easily, their pussies were always wet.  This is because Jack laced their food with a drug that kept them perpetually aroused.  Of course he never told them he did this, and it led to additional humiliation on the girls.  Having their bodies betray them with arousal and orgasm despite how awful the situation made them feel like depraved sluts and often resulted in them breaking down in tears after cumming. 

After a few minutes, the two slaves were really getting into it.  Their asses slapping against each other as they thrust in and out, both were trying to tighten their grip on the monster dildo to slam it deeper and harder into the others cunt.

“Man, my dick is about ready to rip a hole in my jeans, what do you say to a couple of fluffers?”

“Hells yes” I responded.  Jack pressed two more buttons on his remote and got a couple of beers from the fridge before sitting back down next to me.

In walked two girls, both younger looking than cum slut and fuck hole.  'Cunt slut' had sholder length blonde hair and a petite body with small pert tits.  'cow tits' on the other hand was a fuller figured girl with very short auburn hair.  She was aptly named as she had huge DD tits, both adorned with big hooped nipple rings.

"Get over here sluts!". As they approached Jack looked at me "check this out." He grabbed one of cow tits' nipple rings and twisted.

"Mooooooo!" She bellowed at the pain in her twist.  She kept mooing in pain as jack twisted harder, we both burst into laughter. 

  Jack wasted no time, shoving the entire length of his cock into cow tits' mouth.  I grabbed cunt slut's face and harshly pulled her in for a kiss.  Shoving my tongue in her mouth supressing a squeel as I pinched her tiny nipples.  I pushed her away and pulled my dick up, pointing towards my balls.  She lapped away at them for about a minute before I dropped my dick, letting it slap her forehead.  She pounced on it and started bobbing her head up and down, slurping away. 

    I turned my attention back to the main event, both girls had a sheen of sweat covering their bodies and flush red faces as their grunting got louder.  Fuck hole's grunting and moaning started geting louder as she bit her lip in concentration trying to hold back the inevitable.  Cum whore noticed this as well and redoubled her efforts, slamming her ass into fuck holes faster and with more force. 

   After a minute of this fuck hole could hold out no longer.  "Ughhh noooooo...ohhhhhh GODDDDDD!" Her body writhing around as she slammed her ass backward, grinding her cunt into cum whore's.  This drove cum whore over too came with force, fucking herself on the dildo protruding from fuck hole's cunt.  The sounds of asses loudly slapping against each other overpowered by the two girls moans and screams. 

  Finally they were through, collapsed on the floor still connected by their shared dildo. 

  "Cum whore, take her downstairs and string her up on the cross.". The cross was a huge iron "x" with hooks to attach the cuffs on the slaves' wrists and ankles.

"Yes sir!" She happily replied and walked out of the room dragging fuck slut in toe.

Jack had cum all over cow tits' face but cunt slut was still working away on my dick.  "Take your time with her and meet me in the basement when you're done."

"Sure thing Jack." I distractedly replied.

I stood up, my dick springing from her mouth with an audable pop.  Grabbing her by the hair, I roughly pulled her up and forced her into another kiss.  Still agresivly making out with her, I slid my hand down her back and over her tiny butt before snaking my fingers between her legs. 

"Mghhhmmmm" she moaned into my mouth with desire as I slid a finger into her sopping hole.  'Damn' I thought to myself and made a mental note to ask Jack where he got those drugs.  Cunt slut was grinding her ass into my hand sending more muffled moans into my mouth.  I pulled my hand away.

"uggghhh" still kissing her, I felt her frusterated moan in my mouth.  Her ass wagging and bucking back and forth trying to entice my fingers back. 

"Do you want me to fuck you slut?"

"OHHHH GODDDDD Master...PLEASSSSEEEE!" Those drugs were amazing, she was fucking desperate. "PLEASE FUCK THIS WORTHLESS WHORE'S PUSSY....PLEASSSEEEE!"

Satisified with her begging and ready to explode myself I threw her on her back and plunged into her tiny hole.  It was so tight but so fucking wet that I slid in with one thrust. 

"OHHHhhhhh GODDD!  THANK YOU, thank you thank you thank you!" I started pounding away at her with force.

"Ahhhh Fuck!" She let out a wail as I pulled hard on her nipples.

I slowly gathered myself and withdrew from cum slut.  Standing up I saw a blue blinking light on my cell phone.  I reluctantly picked it up, my secretary only forwarded important emails to my cell.  “Trouble with the Preston account Sorry Sir.”

Shit, looks like this play session would have to be cut short for now.

I opened the door to the basement and shouted above the sounds of screams and a cracking whip “Jack, gotta head to the office for a bit, sorry man”

A pause in the action and a reply “Dont worry buddy, Ill hold off on the main event for you”

“Thanks man, Ill call you when I take care of this shit”

I hastily got dressed and walked outside where my driver was waiting to take me to the office, sometimes being second in command at a multi-national organization can be a drag.

Note:  I appreciate the emails, thanks.  If anyone has any ideas or things they would like to see more of let me know.

Review This Story || Author: LoConn
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