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You Do the Crime, You Do the Time

Part 1

You Do the Crime, You Do the Time

by A. P. Damien

"Re… reporting as ordered, sir."   Gulp.   That's a noose hanging over the platform.

Midnight exactly.   Here she is, right on time.   At least she's not the type who would be late for her own funeral.   Well, better give her the bad news.

"Hello, Beautiful.   You're the prettiest prisoner I've ever been privileged to serve as executioner for."

Executioner?   But…

I realize I'm just staring and try to say something useful.

"You mean… you're going to kill me?"

"That's what I mean.   Master Damien is very disappointed with your behavior.   The way you treated that customer was inexcusable."

I can't believe this.   Sure I lost it.   I freaked out.   For 5 lousy seconds.  
And now…

"You're going to hang me?   When?"

I don't seem to be very good at brilliant repartee right now.

I've got her off balance, poor thing.   I better explain a little more.

"Here's the order for your execution.   See, midnight tonight.   Hanged by the neck until dead.   You know the saying, 'You do the crime, you do the time'.   In your case, the time is ten minutes or so in the noose, but cheer up, you'll only be conscious the first two or three."

Oh shit!   He means it.   And that order has Master's seal and signature on it.

"Oh…" I'm not going to fight him.   "Well, whatever Master says.   I'm … ready… I hope."

"Now, let's get that gown off you.   You know Master wants his slaves hanged naked."

I strip off my gown as commanded, folding it neatly as I was taught.

"Ahh, truly beautiful.   I love doing young women with small pert breasts."

I always thought my breasts were too small, but Master Damien seemed to like them.   But I have to know…

"Please sir, is that all of my punishment?"

"No.…   There's one other thing.   I get to enjoy your beautiful ass while you hang.   That's what I get paid for doing you."

"I've never done that, but I'm yours to use as you please."

"Well then, I'll go slow.   I don't want to make this any harder on you than it needs to be."


Actually, I'm getting excited by the idea.

"I think it would be exciting to be hanged for a little and then let down.   Don't you think that and taking my ass would be enough punishment?   Please?"

What am I thinking?   Master ordered me to die.   I'm scared, but… I can't believe how excited I am too.

"Tell you what.   Master told me to offer you an alternative: You can put that gown back on and leave.   But don't come back. Master Damien won't have a slave who behaved as you did."

Leave Master?   Never come back?   "No…. No.   If that's the alternative, I'll hang."

There, I've made my decision.   I'll be giving Master Damien the ultimate submission.   That thought is making me excited even though my hands are shaking and my legs are wobbly.   I'll go through with this.

"Master predicted you would choose that."

Time to get her into position.

"Just come over and climb up here, it's less than a foot high, just one long step.   Upsa daisy!   Hold still a moment."

He fastens a leather belt around my waist. I inspect the single cuffs at each side nervously.

I grab her hips and make a quick check.   She's shorter than me, but the stage boosts her just enough.   "Yes, I was right, this puts your ass at just the right height."

Now I'm even more scared.   I'd almost forgotten about that part.

There are mirrors on each wall, so I can see all around her even though I'm standing right behind her.   I can see her pussy has been shaved, a beautiful sight.   Her breasts are perfect; my hands drift to them.

That feels nice.   He's gentle with them, not a mauler like so many of the customers.   After a while it starts to get to me and I let out a moan of pleasure.   After awhile I'm starting to feel a little dreamy, then he stops for a couple of seconds.   Then I feel a wet finger on my nipple.   Then the other one too.   Oooh, that's even better. Ohhhhhh….

She's starting to get loud.   I don't mind, I like hearing her moan.   The room is soundproofed, so even if she starts screaming it won't bother anybody.   But after couple of minutes she starts quieting down; guess she's getting used to it.

I wet my finger in my mouth again and reach around and between her legs.   "How's this?"   From the way she gasps I hardly need to ask.

Oh, he's playing with my pussy lips. But he's so gentle.   Feels good.   Ah!

I'll just keep this up and see how she reacts.   Yes, I thought there might be another gasp there.

"Just spread your legs a little bit."   I feel around for her clit and start rubbing circles around it.

"Oh…  " He found it.   He sure knows how to give pleasure… "Ahh…. Aaaaaahhhhh!"

She sure sounds nice; I like screamers.   Think I'll keep this up for a minute or so.

"Time to get you ready for the next step, honey. Get down on your hands and knees, here I'll help you."

I bend over as he tells me, then I feel his fingers spreading something cool on my asshole.   I get nervous again and start tightening up, even though I'm trying to relax.

Then I feel his other hand on my button again.

"That's right, just relax."   I keep up the slow motion on her clit until she's kind of hypnotized with the pleasure.   "OK, stay just like that.   Press back against my finger and strain outward as if you were going to the bathroom."

I push like he tells me and the finger pops right in.   Feels a little strange, but it doesn't hurt.

"There, that was easy, wasn't it?   Now, here comes another finger.   Just strain again…yes, that's right."

I do as he says and feel another finger pop in.   This isn't so bad.

"See?   No harder than the first one.   I'll give you awhile to get used to these two."

He's still stroking around my little button, going so slow, I'm getting frustrated.   Wish he'd speed up and start working directly on it.   Then I feel him pushing again.

"Ready for another finger?"

"I'm not sure… I feel awful stretched already."

"That's all right.   Tell me when you're ready."

I'm really getting into that slow circular motion of his.   After a couple of minutes I hardly notice his fingers in my ass any more, and I'm feeling a lot less tense.   He asks if I'm ready and I let out an assenting sigh.

Same routine, but now I feel really stretched out.   "Hey, that feels like I need to go to the bathroom.   It doesn't hurt, but it is kind of uncomfortable."

"It'll get better in a few minutes."

Well, this is a lot easier than some of what I've put up with from customers.   And after some more rubbing I sort of get used to it.

Then I feel him moving his fingers in and out of my asshole, slowly.   It doesn't hurt, in fact it's starting to feel a little sexy.   Not as nice as having my pussy filled, but not bad at all.  It's getting pretty good, actually.

"I think you're ready, yes?"

I don't quite trust myself to talk, so I just nod.

"Hold on, I'm going to have to stop rubbing for a second."

I feel his fingers pull out of my asshole, leaving behind an empty feeling I hadn't expected.   Still feels a little like I need to go to the bathroom, but I ignore that.

"Now, just strain outward while I push."

I feel his member pressing against my asshole, but I'm pretty sure I can take it, and anyway I'm feeling too excited and dreamy to care.   I do what he says and feel this huge thing slide into me without pain.   In fact, it fixes that empty feeling I had.

Aaah, that's good.   Her ass is tight.

"Now, you stand up again… slowly… so we don't get disconnected."

I stand up real slow but it's a little tricky and my legs are getting wobbly.

Now to get her relaxed so she can take all of me. "You've been real good about getting ready for this so you get a reward. Wait just a couple of seconds.   You don't mind me reaching around you like this, do you?"

He's found my button again!   And this time he's rubbing right on it.  

That is so nice!   I have to scream again.

"Like that?"   I can't help it; sometimes I just have to ask stupid questions.

I try to answer but it comes out incoherent.

Well, I'll just keep her distracted with my finger while her ass adjusts to my cock.   She does sing nicely; I love a girl who sings for me.   Now…

"Ready for the noose?   Or do you want to leave instead?   No?   Remember, this is your last chance.   Once the noose goes on it doesn't come off until you're dead."

I manage to tell him OK.   He holds the noose open in front of me and I bend my head for it.   He slips the noose around my neck and I gasp.   I can't help it.   It's so scary.

I gasp again as I feel the rope snug up into the soft hollow under my chin.

"Here, let me get this strap around your right wrist. Now your left wrist."

He takes my hands and cuffs them to the belt.   Now I'm helpless… my hands bound at my waist… a noose around my neck.   Ready to hang, and nothing I can do about it.

I take up the slack and tie off the rope.   Looks like she's having trouble standing.   "Here, just lean against me."

Between fear and excitement my legs are almost ready to give way, but he helps me lean back against him which drives him deeper into my ass.   But by now that isn't bothering me any more I'm more worried about my neck.

He's still rubbing my button.   Aaah!   Aaah!   Ooooooh!

Oh, she is noisy.   I like that.

Ohhh… That was nice.

"All done?   Can you stand up again?   Good, now it's my turn."

I start moving slowly in and out of her ass.   No hurry.   Feels nice sliding in.   Slowly.   She feels so nice, so  t i g h t.

I'm getting used to feeling him moving inside my ass.   Not a bad feeling, but odd.   Maybe I could get to like this.

"You have a nice long neck, did you know that?   I love necks.   It's going to be even longer in a few minutes, really lovely.

He had to remind me.

"Guess it's time now.   Here, just a short step back."

I feel him pulling me and follow him back, off the platform.   My weight drives his member deeper into me.   I gasp in surprise…   just as the noose tightens around my neck…   but I can only get a trickle of air.

"Look in the mirror.   See how the knot pushes your head over to one side.   How the rope bites into your neck?"

Now this is real helplessness.   I can't move my hands, I'm hanging, the noose tight around my neck, can't breathe, I fight to control my panic; I sure can't afford to start thrashing now, I'm getting too little air as it is.   I calm myself down and look in the mirror.   He's right, I do look sexy like that.

I thought sure she was going to start struggling as soon as she felt the noose tighten. She sure has a lot of self-control. But it won't be long now…   I can wait.

I can feel him way deep in me, even not moving.   Feels a little uncomfortable, but sexy too.   I must be really tight around him.   I bet he likes that a lot.

But my neck…   The rope hurts, and I'm straining just to get a little air.   Not enough.   Not nearly enough.   But I feel the sexy feeling building in me…

She's starting to pant pretty loud, but she's moaning too.   Sounds like she's still enjoying this.

Please, I'm running out of air.   Get me out of this.   Please.   Let me breathe… got to find some floor…

Hah!   Now she's dancing for me.   Aaah.   Bouncing up and down and around on my cock.   What a sensation.   Aaaaaaah.

Arrgh!   I'm strangling.   Please… Air… I'm kicking and straining like mad.   Buck, heave, get a little tiny breath. Can't keep this up for long, I'm running out.   And every heave just pulls the rope tighter.   But my kicking is doing interesting things with his member in my ass.   If I can just last a little longer…

Oh this is good.   She's bouncing around like crazy now.   It's hard to hold back, but I want to enjoy the whole dance if I can.

Aah!   I think I'm…   I'm… I'm coming! I'm…   Aaaaaaa

She's slowing down now.   Won't be long now.   Good thing, too, I'm about ready to pop!

Can't bounce up enough to get air now… Too weak to fight any more…   Everything's fading…

She's going.   Soon….

I'm done…   Noose too tight… can't breathe…   can't see… can't….

She's about done.   I look in the mirror and see her head tilted way to the side by the knot.   Her neck is about two inches longer now, what a beauty!

Goodbye, Master…

I can't stand it any more.   Aaaaaaaaaah!   Thrusting hard and fast in her ass, knowing she's dying around me as I start to come into her rectum.

Aaaaah!   A bonus!   Her body convulsing as she dies, me still pulsing into her…. I…. have to sit down…

Huh….   Uh…..   I collapse into a chair just before my knees give out.   Need to rest….

I'm so glad I volunteered for this.   I may never have another experience like this in my life, but I'll remember this feeling forever.

She was terrific!   What a waste.   But Master ordered her to die; it's not up to me to change that.   And she died, as ordered. Died very well.

I guess I'll clean up here.   I get a knife and cut her body down, leaving the noose around her neck as a final gift.   I pick her up and put her in the coffin Master Damien provided.   Straighten her legs.   Close her bulging eyes.   Put her tongue back in her mouth.

Kiss her gently on the lips and again on the eyelids.

"Goodbye.   You died bravely and… repaid me very well for being your executioner.   Goodbye."   I go to report her death to Master.

Review This Story || Author: A. P. Damien
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