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Sex Monopoly

Part 1

Sex Monopoly

Chapter 1

I suppose when you think about it, most of it was my fault.  But it sure was easy to put the blame on my parents, who were always dinging me about something, and those dings, more and more, were falling on my poor butt with increasing fervor.

Okay, I had gotten mixed up with a pretty bad group of kids Id graduated with the year before.  We were into about every vice you could think of, and a few you wouldnt even think of: smoking, drinking, stealing, some drugs and lots of sex.  I even had two boy-friends, and if you dont think that was a hard one to juggle!  Oh, they knew about each other.  Hell, we even had a threesome a couple of times.

Well, my folks were constantly finding out about my little vagaries, and, dumb me, I didnt even try to hide them.  I was your born-again rebel!  To Hell with them!  I wasnt in school any more, I could do what the Hell I wanted.  Screw em!

There were a couple of problems with my theory, however.  Number one, I didnt have a job, so I was still dependent on them for food and shelter.  Number two, my father had always been a disciplinarian.  I dont know how many times I had my panties pulled down to my ankles and received a spanking or whipping of some kind between the ages of twelve and the present, which only made me more defiant, especially after I graduated from high school.  It was my life, and who the Hell did he think he was! Screw him!

The punishments increased, not only in numbers, but in intensity.  He had taken to using his belt occasionally, when the offense (stealing his car one night for a joyous evening of 69 with one of my boyfriends, or being caught by the police with a packet of pot in my pocket) warranted it in his mind.  Those were horrendous episodes, and it invariably took me two days before I felt like getting out of bed, and four before I was able to sit comfortably.

Mom was totally supportive of whatever Dad felt was necessary punishment-wise, though she was seldom physical in her assaults. They were usually verbal, and constant, to the point where I looked forward to being sent to my room just for the quiet.  A couple of times, when I sassed her, she slapped my face pretty hard, but it was my father I feared.

Well, the proverbial ceiling fell in on me the day I stole forty bucks from Moms purse.  I dont know why I thought Id get away with it.  I was a little high on weed at the time, and the fact that I didnt have a cent on me and one of my boy-friends and I had decided to go out to dinner made the impulse too strong to think clearly about.  We ate like kings at Fridays and then went out in his car and practiced four or five positions of the Kama Sutra before he took me home.

The house was dark when I got home, which should have told me something was up, but an evening of blissful sex and a couple of tokes can dull ones sense of awareness.  I crept upstairs, threw off my clothes, literally, and slid under my sheet and crawled into bed.  I had been sleeping nude since I was about fourteen.  I had barely closed my eyes when my door swung open with a crash and the lights came on.  There stood my Dad and Mom in their pajamas, and if looks could kill, Id have been dead right then.

Unfortunately for me, I didnt die there on the spot.  Dad was over by my bed in one stride and pulled the sheet off me, like a matador sweeping his capote away from the bull.

I was so totally surprised that I automatically threw one arm over my tits and the other down to cover my pussy.  Dad grabbed one arm, pulling me out of bed, then sitting down himself and pulling me down over his lap.  With fire in his eyes he began to spank me, harder than I could ever remember being hit before.  I immediately started to yell and scream, twisting and turning to pull myself away, but he was too strong for me, and soon my screams turned to pleas and screeches, and the tears began flowing in torrents.

After some thirty or forty spanks, I caught him unsuspecting and was able to twist myself off his lap and had almost broken away, when he was able to grab my right wrist.  There was a bit of a tug of war with Dad winning gradually as he was finally able to pull me toward my closet and grab a wide leather belt.  I then received the worst beating of my life, as the belt began raining down on any part of my body that was available, which for the next couple of minutes consisted of the entire front of my body.  I twisted and turned but the belt was turning the front of me into one mass of red stripes, which, after he had covered every inch of my front, became a solid mass of vivid red.  My tits, my stomach, my legs all  the way down to my knees and including two or three memorable slices to my inside thigh. 

Eventually I was able to slide to the floor and turn over onto my front.  This just gave Dad a whole new area to work on, and. in spite of my screams and pleas, he began applying the belt to my back and butt.  I twisted myself into a fetal position as much as I was able, but he continued to belabor my backside for several more minutes.  By the time he stopped, I was a quivering mass of burning flesh, my screams were no more than tiny moans, the tears had turned my face into a mass of red blotches and snot was running down my nose.

“Get up, Sandy!  Im not finished with you yet!  GET UP, I said!”

It took every bit of strength I had to push myself up off the floor, and, shivering and muttering, I finally faced my father with absolutely no concern for my nudity.  Hed seen it all by now, and I wasnt a bit bothered with my modesty.

“You know why youve been whipped, and if you ever steal a PENNY from us again, tonights beating will seem like a picnic!  Do you understand me?”

Trembling in fear and hurt, I nodded.

“Theres more!  You are grounded for the next month.  Since you havent seen fit to try to find a job, there is nothing to prevent your staying in the house the entire time.  Perhaps a month away from the riff-raff youve been running around with will give you time to wake up to the fact that youre ruining your life.  But since your mother and I both work, I know there is no way we could keep you in the house a minute after we leave for work…unless we take away every piece of clothing you own and lock it up.  So, I will now take all of your clothes in your closet and your mother will empty your bureau.”

I stood there crying my eyes out, watching as they emptied my room of every stitch of clothes I owned.  They were very thorough, making sure that even the dirty clothes I had put in the clothes hamper and my coats and jackets in the downstairs hall closet were locked up in their room.  After they had finally gone to bed I sank down onto the bed, only to jump up quickly when the fire in my buttocks reminded me that sitting was not an option.  I eventually went into my bathroom and gently swabbed my entire body with a damp cold wet washcloth.  It didnt help much but it did allow me to crawl on the bed again and lie uncomfortably in the fetal position.

I spent most of the night working out my options.  Sleep was not one of them.  I knew I was not about to remain naked in the house for the next month, or even the next day, if I could help it.  At the same time, I knew if I stuck around in the area with my friends, my folks would find me eventually, and either beat the Hell out of me or have me incarcerated somehow.

It was about 4 a.m. when I decided to try to find something that would allow me to leave.  I had stowed about fifteen dollars in a bag in my closet and this was the first thing I grabbed.  Then I snuck down to the laundry room.  I knew all my clothes had been taken upstairs, but I thought maybe something of Moms might be wearable.  Shes about two sizes smaller than I am, but I did find a thin summer dress that I was able to get on, though it pained me all over my back and front, and I couldnt close the zipper all the way.  When I looked in the mirror I almost cried again.  The bodice was cut so low and tight that my breasts were partly flattened beneath the material, since, like the rest of her, Moms breasts are a couple of sizes smaller than mine, but, worse, there was a huge overhang of my flesh above the lace trim and my large nipples showed through the material, even in a non-hardened state.  Down below, where the hem of the dress would hit Mom at mid-thigh, because I am somewhat taller than she, the bottom of the dress ended only about six or seven inches below my pussy.  Had I been able to find some underwear, it still wouldnt have been so embarrassing, but knowing I was going outside with only a dress to cover me was not encouraging.  And no shoes, besides!

Chapter 2

I wasnt sure where I was headed, but I figured Id go to the bus terminal first.  When I got there I looked at a map and with the attendants help figured out how far I could go on $15.  The attendant was having trouble keeping his eyes in his head as he looked at me.  The cool night air had made my nipples stand up like little sentries even more than they had, and the dresss shortness made his eyes travel up and down my body, like he was taking an eye exam.

Anyway, after several trips up and down my body he pointed out my choices.  One of them rang a bell.  I remembered visiting a distant relative there probably ten years before.  As I remembered, he was a widower and he had three or four kids about my age.  I remembered having fun with them the day we were there, and, after wracking my brain for a few seconds remembered their last name was Richardson, and finally, that his first name was Jonathan.  I wasnt sure theyd take me in, but with only 15 bucks, they were going to be my first try.

With bus ticket in hand I boarded the bus at 6:04 a.m., full of trepidation, but determined to try to find my way in life.  An hour and a half later I was in the little town of Fulton.  I asked the attendant at the station, who also gave me more than a once-over, if he knew how I could find a Mr. Jonathan Richardson.  His face lit up and he assured me everybody knew the Richardsons, and proceeded to tell me exactly how to get to their home.  It was about six blocks away and, by the time I knocked on their front door, it was 8:15.

Mr. Richardson opened the door and, of course didnt recognize me, and was very interested in my getup, like everyone who had seen me that morning.  After I reminded him who I was, he was quick to invite me in.  I explained most of my situation, telling him of my fathers beating, and making it sound like it was almost a daily occurrence and begged him not to call my folks.  I offered to show him the marks on my back and front if he wanted, but fortunately he begged off.  I apparently was convincing enough that he promised he wouldnt call my parents, and I could stay with his family until I decided what I wanted to do. 

I explained why I was dressed the way I was, which, I think, strengthened my story that my parents were really bad people.  Jonathan, or Jon, as he preferred to be called, said he thought we could find some clothes that might fit a little better, and called his twin daughters, Rikki and Nicky, down from their bedroom.  He had obviously awakened them, as they were still in night-gowns and yawning as they descended the stairs.  Introductions were made, and we all remembered my visit from years past with fondness.

The girls were a couple of years younger than I, but both were reasonably tall and it looked like I might be able to fit into their clothes, albeit, still a little tightly in spots.

They brought me up to their room, closed the door, since their brothers were right down the hall and began picking out a few things that might be close to fitting.  I managed with great effort to pull Moms dress off, at which point both girls noticed the redness all over my body and were very solicitous.  I again explained a little of what had transpired at home, and they were horrified.  It wasnt as easy to find something that fit me and wasnt way too tight and painful to wear considering the painful weals all over.  We finally decided on a nightgown for me and a dressing gown, as well, since the boys would be up and about shortly.

This was a Saturday, so, although Jon had to go into work for a few hours (hes a C.P.A., it turns out) I had all day to get to know the rest of the family.  Bud, the older son is a year older than I, and Dean, is a year younger.  We got along famously and by the time Jon got home that afternoon we were all laughing and kidding with each other as if Id been a member of the family all along.

Jon suggested I get dressed in whatever was the most comfortable outfit I could find, so that he and the girls and I could go to the J C Pennys over in the next town and find a few things for me that would fit.  We found two dresses, a pair of jeans, a couple of blouses, a couple of tee shirts, shoes and some underwear for me.  We picked up three large pizzas for dinner and spent the evening vegging and getting to know each other.  Life was getting better by the moment!

Chapter 3

They took me in as one of theirs, and, as time went on I developed a sexual relationship with Bud, not a love until death type, but a nice lets go out together, have fun, and fuck like crazy when the time was right, which turned out to be two or three times a week, either in his car or when everyone was somewhere else and we were home alone.  I noticed he tended to be somewhat rough in his lovemaking, biting my nipples or clit a little too hard, or ramming into me full speed during lovemaking, at times, and he was crazy about going up my back alley.  I have to say I didnt like some of what he was doing, but I really enjoyed being with him and so I put up with the pain.

I had numerous girl talks with Rikki and Nicky, and found that apparently they were bisexual.  They preferred boys, but they had practiced playing lez with each other, starting back when they had just reached puberty.  They didnt fool around with any of the gay girls at school, but they still occasionally satisfied one another, when one or the other was particularly horny.  This fascinated me.  I had never tried it with another girl, but the thought didnt turn me off.

I knew Dean had a good healthy sex life.  He dated frequently and often came home with lipstick on his face, his shirttail sticking out of his pants and a satisfied look on his face.  He was even open enough that I would occasionally overhear him mention that so and so was a hell of a good fuck or that so and so gave the best head hed ever had, when he was chatting with Bud.

Jon was pretty much of a home-body.  I wasnt aware of any dating that he was doing.  His idea of fun was sitting in front of the TV watching whatever sporting event was on at the time, and he was pretty much of a workaholic, probably putting in 50 or 60 hours of work a week.      

But, as I said, I became very close with his kids, and gradually grew so close that, not only would we all sit around and converse about sex, but we thought nothing of lying around in our pjs or nightgowns.  It came out at one point that the siblings had, in early puberty, done a fair amount of experimenting with one another, though it never amounted to actual intercourse, because their mom had stressed the possibility of babies in discussions about sex.  She, of course, had not been aware at the time of the experimenting going on between her children.

As I say, we spent a lot of time lolling around, occasionally getting into tickling bouts, which often was just an opportunity for one of us to get a feel now and then.  Once in a while I would notice one of the boys with a boner, or nonchalantly scratching his balls, and once I saw part of Deans limp prick sticking out of his pjs, when Im sure he wasnt even aware of it, because when he did notice it, he immediately pulled his pants over it to cover it up.

I mention all of this to lead into what eventually happened, after Id been there a bout six months.  We played lots of card and board games, but when we had the time our favorite was Monopoly.  Wed play for hours at a time, and we were all pretty good at it.  The one with the most money whenever we decided to quit varied each time.

One day Jon was at work, and Bud had brought out some really good pot for us to smoke.  We were getting ready for a big game of Monopoly, and I mentioned Id had known some kids, who had decided to vary the game somewhat, and it became a very “naughty” diversion in the end.  They pressed me for more information, so I went into the particulars.  What the Hell!  None of us were virgins!

The game stays the same until somebody buys a house or hotel.  You continue to get $200 every time you pass “Go”, and you receive rent any time somebody lands on one of your unimproved lots.  After the lot has been improved, however, if someone lands on a property with a house, the renter has to “suck off” or “lick” the owner 20 times for each house on the property.  If theres a hotel, the renter has to bring the owner to an orgasm, either orally or by intercourse.  The banker at any given time is determined by who has the most money, so that can change any time.  The reason thats important is because if anyone lands on the “Go directly to jail” or gets that card from the Community Chest, the banker gets to spank the “criminal” 25 times.  Landing on a railroad or utility allows the owner to play with any part of the visitor he or she wishes for two minutes.

The immediate reaction on most of their parts was, at first, a startled look at the others, followed by a frown or a negative shaking of the head.  But after a half a minute or so, the girls kind of smiled and allowed as how they were game if everybody else was.  The guys, after thinking about it, said they wouldnt play, because they didnt want to do any of that “gay” stuff to each other.  I suggested I could replace the renter any time one of the guys ended up on his brothers property.  The thought of me sucking one of them off apparently appealed to them, because they both decided they would play then.  Since Jon was not expected home from work for hours, we were all primed to play.

Things started off normally enough, except, it seemed to me, there was a lot more interest in buying any unowned property we landed on than we had in previous games.  Wed been playing for nearly a half hour before anyone had enough money to begin building.  Soon there was a building frenzy and we all had properties with at least a house on them.

Rikki was the first owner to benefit from her building. She owned the New York Ave. complex, which Bud landed on when she had two houses on each property.  In ten seconds she had shucked her nightgown and panties and jumped up to sit far forward on the sofa.  There she was in all her glory, legs spread, pussy wide open, awaiting Buds tongue.  He smiled, slightly embarrassed, and crawled over to the couch, placing his head in her crotch.  By the fortieth lick, Rikki was breathing hard but hadnt cum yet.  Bud wiped his mouth on his tee shirt and returned to the game.  Rikki was not as quick to return, as she sighed dejectedly and rose to return to the board, not bothering to replace her clothing.

I won the next one, thanks to a house I had bought on Pacific Ave.  Nicky landed on the property a couple of turns after Rikkis encounter with Bud.  I rose, went and, raising my gown and lowering my panties, started to sit, when Dean stopped me.

“No fair.  Youve got to take everything off in this game.  I want to see what youve got on top.  Ive known for some time, you had a nice rack, especially those gorgeous nipples, now I want to see it.”

So I removed my nightgown and sat, spreading my legs for Nicky, who scooted over to place her head between my legs.  Her licks were delicious, as she made sure her tongue covered the whole area from my perineum to the top of my pussy each time.  It wasnt enough to bring me off, but, boy, was I hot!  It was obvious to me that the two sisters had practiced a lot on each other.

Returning to the game, the next incident involved me landing on the ”Go to Jail” square.  The others counted their money and it was determined that Bud had the most money at the time.  With a huge smile he placed himself in a chair and beckoned to me to lie across his lap.  Already nude from the previous engagement with Nicky, I dutifully placed myself over Buds lap.  I had not reckoned with his propensity for rough stuff.  From the very first smack of his hand, he used every bit of force he had in his arm with every spank.  I let out an “Oof” on the first blow, and from then on it was all I could do to keep from screaming.  On about the eighth blow I began to cry and, by the twenty-fifth, tears were streaming down my face, and I had been pleading for him to stop.  I crawled off his lap glaring at his wry smile, rubbing my poor buttocks and peering around to try to see what the damage was.  My cheeks were bright red, and when I lowered my body to play again, I made sure I was kneeling rather than sitting.

Dean was the next “winner”, as Rikki was “sent” to St. Charles Place, and he had just managed to buy a hotel for it.  He apparently knew that the girls were on the pill, because he immediately ordered her to lie on the couch, he was getting laid!  He moved on top of her and they kissed a bit, while he played with her small boobs, then in a minute or two he entered her and they were both moaning and groaning away.  They werent at it for five minutes before she climaxed and thirty seconds later he was in the throes of one himself.  It was a couple of minutes before he pulled out and they both returned to the game sans clothes.

Interestingly enough on the very next throw of the dice, because she had doubles, Rikki landed on one of Buds properties, which had three houses on it.  He immediately rose, discarded his tee shirt and pajama bottoms and placed himself in one of the chairs.  Rikki got between his legs, and he grabbed her head and immediately forced her mouth down on his penis.  She began choking and coughing, but he didnt let up, and as he continued she tried several time to pull back but he was adamant.  Apparently the extra incentive was enough to allow him to reach a climax before Rikki had gone down on him for the thirtieth time.  She began gurgling and sputtering around the 26th stroke and soon semen was dripping from her mouth.  I managed to grab a couple of tissues and hand them to her before it dripped on the chair.  She was slow getting back to the game, looking daggers at Bud and muttering that she wasnt sure she wanted to play any more.

But we did continue, and the next episode involved me and Dean.  I had bought B. & O. Railroad and he landed on it.  He was already naked, so all I had to do was reach over and begin to play with his dick.  I had two minutes of fond fondling and I made the most of it.  Of course, Dean had barely finished his encounter with Rikki, so it took a good bit of work on my part before I started to ”get a rise” out of him, and two minutes wasnt enough time to bring him off.  But he was fairly hard by the time I had to stop.

As it happened I was the next recipient, as Bud landed on my one housed Park Place.  I was only too happy to try to return some of the favor hed bestowed on me.  I just lay back on the carpet and spread my legs.  He went right to work, and though he wasnt as practiced as Nicky (hed never done it to me) he obviously knew what he was doing and he had me on the edge of a climax when his twenty licks were up.                


The game continued for a couple of hours, long enough for all of us to have at least two orgasms apiece, and we had all had plenty of opportunities to fondle every interesting part of each others bodies.  We had really paid no attention to the time and we were still playing, everyone totally nude, when Jon walked in.  Actually, we werent playing when he walked in, because I was in the midst of giving Dean a hotel blowjob when the door opened.

I dont know who looked more shocked, Jon or the rest of us as we hurried to try to get dressed.

“HOLD ON! Stay right where you are!  I want an explanation, and it better be good.  As a matter of fact I cant think of a reasonable excuse for what Ive seen.  Sandy, Im going to assume you were the instigator, here, since, as far as I know, my kids have never done this before.  Now, whats been going on?”

I sputtered and squeaked for 15 seconds, and I couldnt think of a thing to say.  Finally, Bud had the good sense to throw out a lie, which at least saved the four siblings from admitting they had been guilty of incest in any form.

“Well, Dad, We had been playing Monopoly and talking about sex, and Sandy was telling us how experienced she was with both sexes, kind of boasting about her prowess, actually, and we dared her to show us and she did.  For the last hour shes been satisfying all four of us.  I know we shouldnt have, but she took the dare and well…”

“I am appalled. All of you, put your clothes on…except Sandy!  You, young lady, are in for a bad time.”

  With this he unbuckled his belt and in one sweep had it wound around his hand and was unleashing a beating to rival the one my dad gave me the night I left home.  Again he didnt care where the belt landed.  I tried to protect my front with my arms, but my buttocks and back were totally open and Jon took advantage of that fact.  Blow after blow landed indiscriminately up and down my back, buttocks and legs. At one point the pain became bad enough that I reached back with a hand to stop his hitting my behind, but I pulled it back quickly when the next blow landed across the back of my hand.  I dont know how long the beating went on, because I was too busy weeping, pleading and moaning to care about time.  Eventually he stopped.  With mucous running from my nose and tears streaming down my face, I finally looked up to see him standing over me panting and the rest of the family standing in a semicircle in front of me.

“Rikki, go get some lotion to put on her back!  The rest of you go to your rooms and stay there until I tell you to come out!”

Rikki brought the lotion in record time and was ordered to go to her room.  Jon began applying the lotion to my back and buttocks as I lay on the couch, being very gentle in his ministrations.

“Why did you do this, Sandy.  We had accepted you as one of us, and then you do something like this…”

I said I didnt know why, and that I was so sorry, which I was, and to please give me another chance.

“I cant do that, Sandy.  The relationships are totally messed up now.  I want you out of here tomorrow morning.  Im sorry.”

He finished administering the lotion without another word, got up and went to his room.

I didnt sleep at all that night, and, when I arose Jon was already out of the house.  The rest of the family was there when I came downstairs.  We all hugged.  Bud apologized for lying the way he did, but I told him he did the right thing.  Any other explanation would have ruined whatever family unity they had, and it was my fault after all.  Dean explained that Jon had left $150 on the table for me to use to get wherever I was going next.  After breakfast I went up, dressed and dumped the few other clothes theyd bought me in a paper bag and went downstairs.  After a tearful goodbye I walked out the door.  God knows where I go from here!       

Review This Story || Author: Banshee
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