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Three J\'s and an S Take a Summer Job

Part 1

1Three J's and an S Take a Summer Job

By The Technician

BDSM   M/f   Forced, Workplace, Oral, Anal, Spanking, Golden Shower, Revenge

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Four young college girls get summer jobs together in the same factory.  One of the shift

supervisors is a pervert who has abused other female employees and tries to take advantage of

"S".  He does at first, but then and gets a big surprise from The Three Js.

This is the complete story in four chapters with a background prelude and an epilogue.  If you

read "Three J's and an S go skiing" you can skip background section

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WARNING!  All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY.  Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content.  All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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Background  Prelude

= = = = = = =

Julie, Judy, and Joan had been friends since before kindergarten.  When their mothers car pooled for school events, etc, they spoke of "picking up The Three Js."  Teachers, and most of the community soon started referring to them as "The Three Js."  In the fourth grade, Sara's mother went to work for Julie's mother as a cook and housekeeper, and since her mom lived in an apartment over the garage, Sara was added to the mix.  After that, they became known to their parents, teachers and most of the community as "The Three J's and an S."

To a great extent, Sara was always the "tag along."   Partly this was because of the difference in economic status.  The Three Js were "from money" with generations of refinement and tradition.  Sara was "working class" who cleaned up well, but remained slightly an outsider.  Partly Sara was the odd one out because of physical differences.  The Three Js were from northern European stock with pale skin, light hair, and blue eyes.  Sara was always slightly shorter, more than slightly less pale, and had dark hair and deep brown eyes.  But primarily, Sara was the tag along because of the difference in personality.

From their time in pre-school together, The Three Js were all alpha-females with strong personalities and always somewhat of a handful for their parents and their teachers.  Sara, on the other hand, was more of a beta, gamma, or even delta personality and tended to defer to whatever The Three Js said or did.  Sara was always the quiet little girl in the corner who never caused any problems in class.  Still, The Three Js accepted her for what she was, or perhaps despite what she was.  Conversely, she accepted The Three Js for what they were and accepted that she wasn't quite their equal and would never be as close as these three girls who had totally grown up together.

The Three Js and an S are now college Juniors who room together in an off-campus apartment.  Sara, who has very limited financial means, cooks, cleans and keeps the apartment as her share of the rent, utilities and food.  Last January, The Three Js and an S spent Winter Break at a ski cabin time-shared by Joan's father.  While there, Judy met Ron, Julie met Kevin, and Sara and Joan finally admitted to themselves what everyone else already knew..., that they were strongly attracted to each other in a loving, D/s relationship. 

We rejoin them several weeks before the end of the school year.

= = = = = = = =

  End Background Prelude

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= = = = = = = = = =

It was a bright, sunny, early April morning when Joan walked into the kitchen with her cellphone in hand and announced, "I have some good news and some bad news."

Julie and Judy were sitting at the kitchen table finishing breakfast.  Sara, clad only in her black velvet collar, was cleaning up the counter.  All three turned to look at Joan as she asked, "What do you want first - the good news or the bad news?"

"You may as well give us the bad news first," answered Julie.  "Since you just got off the phone with your dad, I assume this comes from him."

"And from your parents," said Joan. "My dad is just the spokesperson."

She paused a moment before continuing.  Then she said,  "The bad news is that we are not going anywhere over the summer."

Julie and Judy both groaned.  Sara, who had been planning on staying in town and working some sort of summer job, stood quietly behind the two girls.  She didn't want to show her happiness that Joan would not be away from her at all during the summer.

"And the good news is?..." asked Judy.

"We don't have to worry about getting some sort of internship onto our resume's." answered Joan.

Julie, Judy and Sara all looked at her as Julie asked, "And what does that mean?"

"Our parents evidently got together last week and discussed the fact that we  'needed some real world experience before we graduated.'  They pulled some strings and all three of us have paid internships at a local factory.  I will be helping rewrite some technical manuals; Judy will be playing sorcerer's apprentice in the quality control lab; and Julie will be helping set up a new computer system for human resources."

She then looked over at Sara.  "They thought a business internship wouldn't really be helpful for an elementary teacher, but a well-paying job on the factory floor would.  So, they arranged for you to be a summer replacement on the production line.  It might be a little boring, but it will pay twice or maybe triple what you could make at that waitress job you were looking at."

Sara was now free to smile and show her happiness.  Julie and Judy, however, were obviously less than thrilled.  "I had hoped to be able to spend a lot of time with Kevin this summer," whined Julie. "But they're right," she continued.  "Sooner or later we have to do some sort of internship.  We might as well get it out of the way this summer."

And so on the first Monday of June, The Three Js and an S reported for work at "Perfect Pets Plant Number 7."   Perfect Pets made and sold everything that you would ever need for a cat, dog, horse, hamster or whatever you wanted.  Plant number 7 was a food processing plant.  It was extremely clean, and the temperature and humidity were very well controlled, but the overwhelming smell of drying pet food permeated the area.  Even in the sealed comfort of the office area, everything smelled vaguely of pork, beef, fish, corn, soy and whatever else they were cooking, grinding up, mixing and compressing into "Perfect Pet Pellets."

The first few weeks went by rather rapidly.  The Three Js  were obviously enjoying their new adventure into the "real world."   Sara, however, began to grow more and more withdrawn and quiet with each passing day.  Although at first she would quite willingly share what had happened in her day with Joan and the other J's, recently she wouldn't even reply when asked how her day had gone.  Even more strangely, Sara began to wear a nightshirt to bed that she didn't remove even when fixing breakfast for The Three Js .

The Three J's knew very well that Sara was a submissive exhibitionist who had no problem showing her body to anyone and everyone.  She loved to run around the apartment naked and would probably go to class naked if she could get away with it.  If Sara was hiding her body, something was definitely wrong, and it had something to do with Perfect Pets Plant Number 7.

Finally, Joan texted Julie and Judy to meet her during their break so they could talk about the situation.  "Something is terribly wrong," began Joan, "but Sara won't talk about it.  She just curls up in a ball on the bed and cries.  She won't let me touch her or hug her or anything.  I think something happened to her or is happening to her at the plant."

"I have to go out onto the production floors and take samples several times a shift," offered Judy.  "I'll see if I can find out anything."

"I will go through the recent reports in the computer and see if there is anything that stands out," added Julie.  "I don't know if they realized it, but they gave me a full access password and I can get to anything on that system.  It had to have been a mistake, but I'm not going to tell them about it until the end of the summer in case something comes up that I need that much access."

"OK," answered Joan.  "We meet here again tomorrow and compare notes.  I will try to talk to her again tonight, but I don't want to push it too far."

  = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = =

  = = = = = = = = = =


  = = = = = = = = = =

When Judy went out into the production area to take the mid-afternoon samples, she intentionally changed her path through the steaming and rattling machines so that she would end up in the area where Sara was working.  She had hoped to see what Sara was doing, but when she got there Sara was nowhere to be seen.

A young Hispanic woman was working as a bag filler on one of the older, fully manual machines.  Normally, filling 40lb bags on one of the older machines was a two person job.  One person loaded empties onto the chute and activated the dump, the other pulled the bag through the sealer, which sewed the top of the bag shut, and stacked the bag on a pallet.  This girl was doing both.

"Where's Sara?" asked Judy.

The young woman looked around with a very frightened look on her face.  "I must keep up," she said with a heavy accent as she pulled a bag through the sealer.  "I can't fall behind in production or I could get fired.  Please go away.  Please go away."

Judy paused for a moment to read the woman's ID badge and then picked up her in-plant radio and keyed it on.  "Requesting shut down of bag line A-43.  Something doesn't look right with the color and the odor seems a little off.  I want to verify mix and quality."

A muffled voice answered, "Fifteen minute shutdown authorized.   Remember to complete the notation in the production logs when you have cleared it for restart."

Judy smiled up at the young woman as her machine suddenly became silent.  "Maria is it?  Or do you prefer Mary?  We can talk now.  I know you are not supposed to be running this machine by yourself.  Where is Sara?   She is a friend of mine."

"Your friend is in much very bad trouble,"  answered Mary.  "She is in the supervisor's office, but you cannot help her.  Mr. Swanson is a powerful man..., and he has many powerful friends.  They do each other favors.  I can say no more."

"Mary," Judy continued.  "I know that you are legal.  Why does he scare you so badly?  What power does Mr. Swanson have over you?  You can tell me.  I have to know in order to help my friend."

She lowered her head and sobbed, "My brothers are not.  He knows.  He will tell his friends in immigration.  Before Sara came, it was me in his office.  I don't know what he knows about Sara, but you cannot help her.  He is muy poderoso jefe."

"What happens in his office?"

Mary stared at the floor as she answered.  "Mr. Swanson is a very evil man.  He treats everyone very well and everyone thinks he is a great person, but he picks out one or two people who are weak... or have secrets."  She paused to sob softly.  "Then he traps them and makes them do terrible things."

"What kind of terrible things?"

Maria stared silently at the floor, so Judy continued, I need to know what is happening to my friend.... so I can help her... and you."

"The first time he called me to his office, he told me that I was wearing too much clothing and that I should leave my underwear with him.  I didn't want to, but he knew my brother's names and where they lived and where they worked and he said that all he had to do was to call his friends and my brothers would be in jail until they were deported."

"I told him that I would go to the bathroom and bring him back my underwear.  He said,  'No chiquita you will strip naked right here and hand it to me.'   I did, but before he would let me put my clothes back on, he made me stand there and turn slowly around so that he could stare at my body.  Finally he let me go back to work.  Before I left his office, he said, 'Make sure there is nothing under those pants but you tomorrow.  I'm going to check.'"

"The next day, nothing happened.  I thought maybe he had forgotten, but after the afternoon break - almost at quitting time - he called me into his office.  He showed me pictures that he had taken from before.  I was standing there naked in front of him like I was a puta.  He said,  'I'm sure your mother would like to see this, wouldn't she?  One click and that picture goes straight to the village email account.  I'm sure someone will show it to her.'"

"He laughed as I stood there crying.   'What do you want?'" I asked."

"He smiled at me.  'I just want what every man wants,' he said.  Then he pointed down at his crotch.  His fly was unzipped and his polla was hanging out.   'Strip!' he yelled.  'And make me happy or your brothers can see your naked ass pictures when they finally get back to your sorry ass village.'"

Judy stood silently listening to her story.  Mary was now weeping heavily and choking out her words.  "I have become his esclava - slave.  He uses me however he wants.  The cameras in his office take videos.  Each time is worse than the last.  So that he wouldn't show my village the picture of me naked, I suckled his polla.  So that he wouldn't show the video of that, I allowed him to fuck me.  So that he wouldn't show the video of that to my family, I let him fuck my anus.  Now he does whatever he wants.  You cannot help your friend.  She will soon be his esclava sexual like I am.  Mr. Swanson is el Diablo Senor.  He is much, much too powerful.  You cannot help her.  She is lost... like I am."

"I have power, too," answered Judy.  She keyed her radio and spoke, "Composition is slightly light, but within tolerances.  I recommend cutting the line speed to one half for the rest of the shift to prevent powdering."

"Acknowledged," came the reply.  "Remember to make the proper notations on the production schedules."

Judy smiled up at Mary.  "Now you can keep up with your production quota without a problem. Tomorrow, as soon as Mr Swanson calls Sara to his office, I want you to page me.  Don't call me, page me and say,  'Reminder to Judy that a follow up sample is needed on A-43.'  Say it just like that, OK?  I am not the only one who will hear it.  I also have powerful friends, Maria.  You will be safe after tomorrow."

  = = = = = = = = = =


  = = = = = = = = = =

  = = = = = = = = = =


  = = = = = = = = = =

Judy hurried back to her lab and called Julie and Joan to let them know what she had learned.  Julie said that she would go down to IT and see if she could talk Jeff, the in-house nerd, into pulling up the security camera feeds from the supervisor's office in Sara's area.

When she explained to Jeff that she needed to see what was going on in that office, he shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I would love to help you, but I would need a full access password to open the security video channels, and they don't give those out to low-level techs like me."  He then type something into his keyboard and moved aside slightly to show her a security sign-in screen that said in bold letters, "Supervisor Level Password Required."

"Let's try my password," answered Julie as she moved Jeff over slightly so that she could enter her password on his keyboard.  "My aunt gave me three  'nevers' when she set up my password.  Never forget it; never change it; and never show it to anyone."

The screen flickered slightly and a menu appeared listing all of the security cameras in the entire plant, including the office and security office areas.  "Wow!" exclaimed Jeff.  "Who do you know to get that kind of password?"

"It's kind of complicated," answered Julie, "but I think it was a mistake."

Jeff selected the camera labeled "Office - Production Area A," and an image appeared on the screen.  It was Mr. Swanson working at his desk.  No one else was in the office.

"That can't be right," said Julie.  "I know Sara is in there."

"That's what the computer is recording," responded Jeff.  "All of the security cameras record to a special drive that uploads nightly to offsite storage.  It was all set up by the security company and can't be tampered with.  See, there is even a little time stamp in the corner of the image that the computer puts on the image as it records."

Jeff held his hand so that he was pointing to the corner of the screen.  He and Julie watched as the time stamp slowly counted out the minutes and seconds.  "Wait a minute," Jeff suddenly said.  "Something is hinky here."

"What do you mean?" asked Julie.

"See that machine in the background?  The one just outside the office window?"

Julie leaned in close and nodded her head yes.

"That is one of the new automatic baggers.  I program them.  All the operator has to do is put the bag on the chute.  The machine fills, folds, sews and then stacks the bag on a pallet for shipping.  It even rotates the pallet a quarter turn after each bag.  That machine is running continuously.  It should be stopping every 40 bags to allow a lift operator to change pallets.

He squinted carefully at the screen.  "And the height of the stack on the pallet isn't changing."

He studied the image on his monitor for several minutes.  "This is a looped image!" he suddenly shouted.  See how that bag suddenly disappears and reappears about every four minutes?"

"Is there any way to see the real video?" asked Julie.

"I would need access to the raw video feed," answered Jeff.  "And that ain't gonna happen because the only way I could do that is if I had the override code."

"What's an override code?"

"It's a sixteen digit number that is built into the base operating system of the computer.  If you have it, you can override any and all passwords and special restrictions from command prompt.   But only the really big bosses even know it exists, and no one except the CEO and the chief programmer know it."

"Is there any other way?"

"Well, if you have a master password, you can use the overide key.  That is the first four digits of the code.  With a master password and the override key, the computer generates the rest of the code using a Fibonacci algorithm.  But even with a master password, without the override key Fibonacci start sequence there is no way I could do anything.  You don't happen to know the OKFib, do you?"

"3839" blurted Julie.

"What!" yelled Jeff.

"My password is OKFIB3839," yelled back Julie.  I thought it was just a weird word that was easy to remember.  Try 3839."

Jeff typed several commands on his keyboard and then muttered, "Oh my God.  I'm in at base command level."  He typed several commands into his console and then turned to Julie.

"The original video is going into several hidden folders.  There are a lot of videos stored there, including the loop that is replacing the camera feed.  They have special passwords and look like they can be accessed only from one internal and three external links." 

He clicked on one of the folders and then turned to Julie with a shocked expression on his face.  "I don't think you really want to see this," he said softly.

"Yes, I do," answered Julie firmly.  "Sara is my friend and she is in some kind of very serious trouble."

Jeff moved away from the monitor so Julie could see the image as the video played on the screen.  Sara was naked and lying across Mr. Swanson's desk as he thrust into her upturned ass.  "That's enough," said Julie.  Can you copy those files off onto something for me?"

"Normally I would say  ' No, the system won't let me.'  But with your magic password I think anything is possible.  Hand me one of those small cases over there."

A few moments later, Julie placed the small transfer drive in her purse.  Before returning to her lab, she used the phone on Jeff's desk to call her father.  After a few quiet words, she handed the phone to Jeff and said, "He wants to talk to you.  He said you would need the master OKFIB for the companywide network to do what he wants you to do.  He asked me if I thought I could trust you.  I told him that I did.  Don't disappoint me.  He said he needs to share some other passwords and addresses with you that no one else can ever know."

Jeff's eyes were very wide as Julie handed him the phone and turned and left the office to return to her lab.

Later that evening, The Three Js  called Sara into the TV room.   Joan's computer was set up to display on the large screen.   "There is something we have to show you," said Joan softly.  She put her hand on Sara's shoulder and guided her to one of the big, soft chairs that sat in front of the TV and then sat on the arm alongside her.  Sara wept quietly as the video began with her entering Mr. Swanson's office and removing her clothing.  She folded each piece carefully and laid it on the table next to the door.  She was not wearing any underwear, but that was not unusual for her.  What was unusual was that her ass cheeks were mottled with welts and old bruises.

Mr. Swanson pointed to his crotch and she walked over to his desk and knelt between his legs.  Unzipping his pants, she freed his somewhat large prick, which was totally limp and flaccid.  She took it into her mouth and soon it was stiff and ready.  He slapped her on the top of her head and she got up and leaned over the desk and presented her ass to him.

Mr. Swanson stood up and moved between her legs.  There was no sound, but her scream was obvious as he thrust suddenly and deeply into her ass and immediately began pumping.  He didn't last long, but to Sara it must have seemed like an eternity.  Finally he finished and withdrew his now limp prick from her ass.  He reached over to his desk and pressed a button on a small remote.  Suddenly there was sound in the video.

Mr. Swanson's voiced boomed out of the television.  "I'll rate you a seven for today, cunt."   He smiled coldly at her and then looked up and smiled at the camera.  "You know what that means, don't you?"

"Yes, Mr. Swanson," answered Sara.  "It means three with your belt."

"Maybe you will eventually work your way up to a ten and you will be able to go back to the floor without any punishment...."  He smiled again and added with a sneer, "...but I doubt that."

Sara again took her place leaning over the desk.  Mr. Swanson removed the belt from his pants and doubled it in his hands.  "Count them!" he barked as he brought his arm up above his head.

A tremendous "Crack!" echoed from the television speakers, followed by Sara's choked and trembling voice, "One."

Another "Crack!" was followed shortly by "Two."



"You can go back to the floor now.   Remember what happens if you tell anyone about this!"

Sara slowly picked up her clothes from the table and dressed herself.  Then moving carefully as if in pain, she left the office.  The video ended shortly thereafter.

Joan cradled Sara in her arms as she sobbed and wept for many minutes.  When her crying began to subside, Joan said softly, "Sara, we know that he used Maria's brothers to threaten her and keep her quiet.  What is he using to control you?"

"He knows all about all of us.... everything... our whole lives.  He has access to our college records.  He has access to our credit reports.  He even has access to your parent's tax records.  I don't care about me, but if I don't do everything he asks, he will destroy The Three Js , and your families."

Sara stood up and faced The Three Js .  "He has very powerful friends.  He can change your school records.  He can change your parent's tax records.  He can even erase any record that you were ever born.  I couldn't tell you.  He said that if I did, he would call his friends and it would all be over.   He also said that if anything happened to him, his very powerful friends would retaliate against you."

"The Three Js  have some powerful friends, too, Sara.  Tomorrow, when he calls you into his office, Maria will notify Julie and she will call Judy and me.  We should be there by the time you have to go in, but if we're not, when you go into his office, just stand by the door.  Don't take off your clothing, and don't say anything to him unless you absolutely have to.  Let The Three Js  handle this."

= = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = =

The next day, shortly after lunch, Mr. Swanson walked out onto the production floor and told Sara to come to his office in fifteen minutes.  He continued to watch her through the office windows after he got back to his office as she stacked some extra bags alongside the machine so Maria could take over.

What he did not notice was Maria picking up the floor phone.  She pressed *19 for a plant-wide page and throughout the entire facility, a squawky message came over the speakers,  "Reminder to Judy that a follow up sample is needed on A-43."

As Sara entered Mr. Swanson's office, Julie, Judy and Joan followed her in.

"What is this?" sputtered Mr. Swanson.  I didn't call for you three.  Go back to your jobs.  If Sara has said anything to you, then you know that I have very powerful friends and am not to be messed with."

"To use an expression of my father's," began Judy, "You pissed up the wrong tree this time."

"You're the tree I will piss on," he said with a sneer, looking directly as Sara.

Julie took a small notebook from her pocket.  "Dr. Henry Walcott, professor of Psychology...  Dismissed for abusing female students under the guise of research into submissive behavior." 

She closed the notebook.  "You were very good at detecting submissive personalities and exploiting them, Dr. Walcott.  The university wanted to keep everything quiet, so you pled guilty and accepted mandatory counseling and group therapy.  But seven months after you started therapy, suddenly all records of your crime... and of your life disappeared... So did you.  Two other members of your therapy group disappeared at the same time - two brothers who were expert hackers with a weakness for kiddie porn.  Their records also disappeared with them."

Mr Swanson - Henry Walcott - picked up his phone.  "I warned you not to try anything.  I guess I have to let my friends know what is happening."

He punched several buttons on the phone.  Nothing happened.

"You are right, Dr. Walcott," said Judy softly.  "Sara is a very submissive personality."  Her voice became harsher and louder as she added, "But she is our submissive...  The Three Js and an S.  She is our submissive!  She trusts us, and we protect her!  And The Three Js are NOT submissive!!!"

Henry stared at her with an expression that combined anger and contempt.  Julie took over and  continued where Judy had left off, "... And we have much more powerful friends than you have."

As if to punctuate her remarks, the plant-wide paging system boomed out.  "This is Mrs. Harriet Walker, the plant superintendent.  All workers are to leave the plant quickly and in good order.  You have time to stop by the changing rooms, but do not stop to shower.  We have a situation in the cooling system that could become dangerous in a few hours and are evacuating the plant before beginning repairs.  All employees will be paid for the entire shift."

Henry stared out the office windows as all machines came to a halt and workers started filing to the exits.  "That was my aunt," explained Julie. 

Henry attempted to say something, but his mouth merely opened and closed like a fish flopping on the dock.  Julie smiled and continued, "My father is CEO of the parent corporation that owns Perfect Pets."

"And my father is majority stock holder," added Judy.

"Mine is Chief Legal Officer," said Joan. 

Julie stepped in front of him.  "Jeff in IT back-tracked all access to your little videos.  Brian and Billy got a visit from homeland security early this morning.  They thought it was safe to access the plant network directly rather than through all the proxies they use for hacking.  They are very good hackers.  They can get into anywhere, even heavily-secured government systems.  It seems that the FBI and Homeland Security have been trying for months to figure out who was hacking into the Pentagon and IRS computer systems, but the transfer paths were too well concealed.  However, once they had the black net URLS and hidden IP addresses that Jeff tracked down, it all fell into place.  I think Billy and Brians new address will be an undisclosed secure prison location with no windows and no computer access - except what the Government might want them to have.'"

Judy reached over and turned Henry's chair so that he was facing her.  "That foreman at Plant Number 16 in Guadalajara who was supplying information on the Hispanics working here was arrested by Mexican authorities this morning.  He made the mistake of trying to run.  They don't take that very well down there.  He will probably live, but it will be a long time before he ever sees the sun again."

Joan spun his chair another quarter turn.  "And that senatorial aide who took care of things for you in Washington... he lost control of his car on the beltway this morning and died in the resulting accident.  That wasn't really part of dad's plan, but you can never tell how far politicians will go to avoid a really nasty scandal."

Sara turned his chair back so that he was facing her.  "Strip!" she said.

When Mr. Swanson / Walcott didn't move, she walked over to the door and opened it.  Maria and two other women walked in.  They were followed by eight large, angry-looking Mexican men. 

Sara spoke again, "You know Maria and Sofie and Carmen.  I don't think you have met their brothers.  I said,  'Strip!'"

Henry stood and fumbled with his clothing with shaking hands.

Sara walked over to Henry's desk, removed her slacks and sat down in his chair.  She pointed at her crotch and said, "Let's see how good a job you can do."  She then scooted down and spread her legs to expose her pussy.

Henry looked around the room and started to step towards the door, but it was blocked by the eight brothers.  Defeated, he sank to his knees and nuzzled into Sara's waiting cunt.  After a few moments, she began to moan softly and grabbed his head to force him tighter into her crotch.  Soon she was using his hair to pull his face across her clit.  Finally, she squeezed tightly with her thighs and held his head tightly between her legs with her hands.  After a few moments, he began to struggle for air.  A few minutes later, he began to go limp.  Sara released him and he dropped to the floor gasping for breath.

Maria stepped forward.  She was still fully clothed, but now had a strap-on hanging in front of her.  "I think you know the position," she said in her heavily accented English.

Again Henry looked for possible escape, but again, he recognized the hopelessness of his situation.  He leaned over the edge of his own desk as Maria stepped between his legs and thrust forward with the hard, plastic peg.  Had there been anyone left in the plant to hear him, everyone would have heard his scream.  As it was, the security guards at the gates vaguely heard something, but they had been instructed to ignore anything and everything unless they were called into the plant by someone with the right pass phrase.

Eventually, Henry's screams and cries subsided and Maria stopped her onslaught on his ass.

"I give you a zero for that," muttered Maria and she spat on his back.

"I would rate you at one-half," added Sara, so the average is still zero.  "You know what that means, don't you, Mr. Whatever-your-name-is?"

Henry remained silent.

"I said,  'You know what that means, don't you?'" yelled Sara.

"It means ten swats with the belt," he answered weakly.

"That's exactly what it means," answered Sara.  "But since I don't think I could swing hard enough and neither could Maria, we are going to let the brothers handle this. By the way, special exemption paperwork was filed overnight.  They are all now legal with valid green cards."

Two of the large Mexican men came over and forced Henry's chest onto the desk.  One of the others slipped off his belt and doubled it up in his hand.

"They've seen the videos," said Joan, "so they know how it is supposed to be done."

There was a loud "Crack!" and a scream from Henry.

Nine more cracks echoed through the room, each was followed by a long scream from the former floor supervisor.  When the first brother was finished, he took the place of one of the men holding Henry down on the desk.

Ten more cracks echoed through the room.  Again, each was followed by screams.

Each of the brothers took their turn with the belt.  After the fourth brother, there were no more screams, just small whimpers.  After the last brother was finished, the three Mexican women and their brothers left the office.

Julie lifted Henry's head from the desk and spoke directly to him.  "You have 48 hours to turn yourself into the police under your own, true name.  If you do not, we will find you, and we will deliver you to Maria's village in Mexico.  I think they will be glad to see you."

Judy continued the instructions, "If you attempt to tell anyone what has happened to you here today, your records will be changed to indicate that you are a convicted pedophile who has escaped from prison..., and you know what will happen to you when they take you back inside."

Henry's eyes were wide with fear as Joan finished with, "Your bank accounts are empty.  Your car is officially listed as stolen. Your house has been foreclosed and cleaned out.  There is no place you can run that we cannot find you."

Henry rolled off the desk and lay face up on the office floor.  Looking down at him, Sara suddenly had a very odd smile on her face.  She stood up and walked over to where Henry lay.  Standing over him with one foot on either side of his face, she let loose with a flood of urine which she swept up and down his body by rocking her pelvis back and forth.  She then looked down and him and said in a slightly sing- song voice, "Who pissed on who now?"

As she picked up her slacks to dress, she turned back to face him and added, "Julie's right.  You definitely pissed up the wrong tree when you took on The Three Js and an S."

Joan looked down at him and gave one final instruction.  "You have five minutes to be out of the plant or the security guards will take you down as an armed and dangerous intruder.  I think you know what company policy is in that circumstance."

Julie and Judy then said together, "Leave!  Now!  While you still can!"

Grabbing his clothing from the floor around him, he staggered slowly out of the office.

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The rest of the summer was relatively uneventful.  After a lot of conversation, a lot of tender loving care and even some not-so-tender but still loving interaction with Joan, Sara was soon back to being her normal bubbly, naked self.  A week after Mr Swanson / Dr Walcott turned himself into the police, there was a "family meeting" with The Three Js and their parents along with Sara and her mother.

"We weren't sure what was going on in the plant," began Julie's dad.  "But we knew that something was terribly wrong.  We arranged for Julie to have a master password in hopes that you might stumble across something and let us know.  We really didn't expect you to handle it so well more or less on your own."

"It wasn't exactly on our own," answered Joan.  "After we contacted you, you pulled a lot of strings behind the scenes to make things happen.  We just dealt with Mr. Whatever-his-name- really-was."

"Someday, you will have the strings tied to you," said her father.  "And Sara, you now know that you have to trust Joan and the other Js.  They will help you regardless of what anyone else says or threatens.  With our backing, they have the power to act... and they know how to use that power."

He set his hand on Sara's shoulder and looked directly into her eyes as he added, "Someday people will speak in awe of The Three Js and their loyal S.  Just don't let it go to your head before you finish college."

Turning to face Joan, Julie and Judy, he finished with, "You all have another year of undergraduate, and there are some heavy years yet to go before you get your doctorates.  I am sure you have many adventures yet to come."

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