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Review This Story || Author: Bette Jene Adams

First Meeting with a Sadist.

Part 3

With an uncharacteristic tenderness, he dabs the droplets of water from her soft skin, wraps her into the towel, and carries her to his bed.  Using the doctors special blend of hormone-laced exotic skin concoction, he massages the fragrant gel into her battered and well-used body.  He takes note of a single freckle between her breasts, and her bruises and welts.  A smile parts his lips, his tongue flickers in and out as his hands explore every voluptuous curve of her body, gliding ever so lightly above the surface of her flesh. 

She is a goddess, a sacred specimen of womanhood with a sweetness and vulnerability etched into her facial expressions and temperament.  Even her sighs are endearing in response to him pressing the oils into her pores and soothing her exhausted muscles. 

Tapping the inside of her legs, she automatically processes it as his unspoken command to spread her thighs wide.  The closed V at the apex of her pelvic bone widens and she slowly reveals her secret womanly area to the man between her legs.

Lust and a bit of orneriness consume him.  His hands are hot against her cool flesh.  Another sigh bubbles up from her chest.  Drizzling oil at the crest of her crack, he watches in fascination as each droplet makes its way between her clenched ass cheeks and rolls into her crack then lands onto the linens beneath.

A soft snore escapes followed by a deep sigh of resignation as her fatigued mind embraces sleep.  Both his hands are covered in the thick oil and they spin little circles on her butt cheeks and dip between her crack to seek out her back passage.  Swirls focus on her opening, coaxing it, urging it, and eventually, her sphincter relaxes and yields to his imploring hands.

Scooping another handful of the special oils, he pries her opening until his fist breaks past the taunt muscle and pauses just inside her canal.  Opening his fingers and releasing the oils, his entire hand begins a slow dance inside her body.  Sliding up then down her rectal walls, sea-sawing back and forth only to withdraw and thrust again.  His movements are executed in a sensual harmony synchronized to warm the hormone-laced gel and expedite absorption.  The walls of her ass are spongy and vigorously soak the nutrients from the gel. 

His hand, wrist, and forearm perform a relentless dance to coat and massage her anal cavity, one hand at first, then his other hand slides through her narrow opening.  Fingers in the tented prayer position, they glide in and out of her body, and then twist back and forth.  A sexual hum vibrates from her vocal chords as pleasure threads its way through her sensory receptors.

Pausing at the opening muscle to her colon, his fingers perform a light tap dance on the opening, persistent tapping followed by erotic circles until it too allows passage.

Is she awake or semi-conscience?  It doesnt matter, her brain is only able to process the erotic sensations centered in her rectum.  Her hips lift and sway and thrust into his arms.  He wiggles his fingers deep inside her cavity until only his elbows are visible and her belly twitches. 

His focus is clear.  His goal well defined.  He has to go deeper.  He must reach her essence; that bewitching sensuality that draws his heart explicably closer to hers.  It must be destroyed or it will destroy him.  His source of income and reputation as a “slave trainer/tamer” will be in ruins because of this vixen. 

Two fingers breach her colon and curl inside the compressed organ.  Her body lurches forward but she cannot seem to eject the source of her pain.  The throbbing holds firm, then spreads to her core where it intensifies.  Screams, wild screams spout from her mouth followed by a stream of spittle. 

Impressively large drops of tears quickly stream down her cheeks and drip onto the bed.  Her lungs stop sucking air and instead, deflate completely.  Without thinking, her body claws its way forward again to separate from the invasion of her intestines. 

Fully prepared to thwart her escape, he wraps his legs around hers.  Completely immobilized, she claws the bed like a praying mantis, her forearms raised and reaching for something to grip for leverage.  The silk bed linens make is so easy for him to pull her back to him, and he does so shoving his arm deeper in her colon.  Cramps and unimaginable pain rips through her body.  Fire sears through her lower GI tract.

Her screams do not seem to convey the agony she beseeching her body.  His relentless pursuit of that secret core of charisma that threatens to destroy him remains just that, secret, elusive, yet in full control over his heart, his emotions.

Twisting, turning, any movement at all seems to intensify the explosive pain in her belly.  Threading deeper nearly at her core, his fingers scrape and tickle her colon sending it into spasms.  The sensations of pain are riveting and flow in a complex pattern through her lust-fueled haze. 

His hands and arms are soaked in her secretions and slip easily in and out of her cavity.  Changing positions, he slips one fist in her cunt with the other remaining in her colon.  The cunt fist is wadded tightly and rotates such that his knuckles stroke her g-spot. 

A heady feeling of pending pleasure teases her mind as she grapples with the contrary movements of his fists.  One fist thrusts up into her cavity while the other withdraws, each movement pulls her internal organs outward then pushes them back inward.  He builds a spectacular rhythm and increases the speed of the opposing thrusts and withdrawals.

She bends her neck almost touching her chest as her entire body sways and swaggers.  A volcanic explosion nears and her movements become reckless as she further impales her body on his arms.  Her hips snake and rotate on his fists.  And as her orgasm takes flight, the impact of pleasure is so sudden and exceptionally powerful that she loses all control, gasping for air, squeezing tears from her tightly shut eyes, her entire body opens to him. 

When he finally pulls his fist from her cunt, a pressurized spray of womanly juices fly from her cunt with amazing energy; her liquid drenches him, the bed linens, and still the combined anal and g-spot orgasm burns brightly with no end in sight.

She is on the downhill stretch of a roller coaster, the wind caresses her skin and cools the heat; her face is frozen in a semi-pained semi-pleasured expression.  Struggling to remember to breathe, her lungs gulp air as fast as it expels it as the ride of her life comes to a close.

He stares at the crumpled heap that lies before them.  Curled tightly into fetal position, small spasms shake her body, her breasts seep milk, and saliva droops from her parted lips.  She is in a trance of sorts and unable to recover from the devastating orgasm.  Soft moans express themselves with the exhaling of her every breath.  The rise and fall of her chest is still quite rapid.  A thin sheen of sweat coats her body and shimmers against the bright overhead barn lights. 

She is completely unresponsive, her body limp, her eyes clouded and unseeing.  He lifts her and once again carries her to his bedroom and runs her bath water.  Deciding not to get in with her, he takes a stiff bristle brush, lathers it with orange-ginger spice soap, and gives her an old fashioned slave bath.  Even the tough bristles scratching into her flesh draws no response.  If he let her arm go, she would in all likelihood, sink into the water and drown.

Once again, his heart tightens inside his chest.  The need to protect her washes over him.  He struggles to stay on task with the scrub brush by scraping her skin harder.  Pulling her forward, he scrubs her back, turning her to her side, her butt cheeks, pressing the brush into her rectum to drain any residual doggie cum.  And still, no response or reaction from her. 

Lifting her gently from the water, he sits her on the stool and dabs the water droplets from her skin.  She falls forward into his chest and he holds her, holds her so tight she struggles to breathe, but his grip is firm, crushing her into his rock-hard body.  Carefully, he lays her in his bed, covers her body, and heads downstairs for a stiff drink.

Watching the flames from the fire dance upon the room, he sits quietly sipping three fingers of Jack.  The emotional turmoil is getting to him.  One part of him wants to marry her; another wants to beat her within an inch of her life just to prove to himself that he owns her; she is simply property, his property. 

The phone ringing jars him out of his dark sadistic thoughts.  The doctor will be by in about an hour or so.  He takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.  Yes, the doctor.  She needs some modifications if she is to be his slave.  He has to mark her body permanently.  That will, at least he hopes, alleviate this foolish reaction his heart has to her.

Oh yes, the doctor.  He is a very talented surgeon and especially gifted in hurting women internally without causing permanent damage.  Maybe he should turn her over to the doctor for a month or so, give him some time away from her.

The doctor arrives and can readily tell that something was not right with his friend.  After a few fingers of Jack, the Master discusses the modifications he would like to have done on his personal slave.  Sensing there was more to the story, the doctor probes into the thoughts that are haunting his friend.

Oh yes, a suitable solution would be to turn the slave over to the doctor for several weeks so that he can perform the modifications and give him time away from her; time that he needs to protect his heart and to focus on his neglected business of slave training.

The doctor is a physician and a sadist.  He gets off on total power over his slaves and establishing his dominance right from the start.  And yes, that means causing her pain. 

Her master packed her naked to the doctors trunk.  It was so sudden and her confusion and fear mounts as she is surrounded by darkness.  The minute they arrived at the home, the doctor systematically takes over her.  He bends her over the table in the entry hall, and whips her with his belt, making her count every strike, stopping at 25.  Her ass cheeks are blazing red and the table is soaked with her tears.

Oh, but this is just the beginning.  He pushes her raw and bruised butt down to straddle a wooden chair.  The chair has a large hole in the center of the seat.  He lifts her tits over the back and binds her torso, tits, wrists, and ankles to the chair.

Both globes, hard from the tight bindings, are perfect targets.  He snaps the leather clapper directly across the top and watches as her tit flesh shudders.  Yes, another 25 on the top, underneath, and all sides of her tits.  They have only been together for less than an hour and she is already wearing his marks.

Wrapping his belt around her throat, he leads bends her over the bed and dry-fucks her ass.  He loves the feel of heat from her battered butt cheeks, the tightness of her ass before he starts stretching it out of shape.  He uses the belt around her throat to pull her onto his cock and when he comes, he feeds her his condom to ensure that she drinks every drop of his juices. 

Anything that comes out of his cock must go into her body.

Walking her into the bathtub, he has her kneel inside the tub, bending over the side with her face pressed into the cold bathroom floor.  He pushes her forward so that her ass is raised up over the bathtub side.

Her ass is completely available to him.  Using surgical gloves, he soaks his hand with Casteel soap, slides his fingers into her canal and heavily coats her tissue.  Prying her sphincter apart, he slides the three-inch blades of the anal spreader until they are seated snugly.  Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he turns the screw and her anal cavity begins to flower then stretch.

He wants it wider, now two inches, her rectum clenches to close but is held firmly open.  Another inch, her flesh is strained and her moans are more pronounced.  He is beginning to see inside her.  Working to four inches, she squirms and groans as the pain paralyzes her. 

Satisfied for now, he attaches the long enema tube and sprays her rectum, soapy foam oozes from her ass like lava from a volcano.  Pushing the enema tube until he feels resistance, he releases a direct stream on the muscle protecting her intestinal tract.  The warmth and pressure of the water soon relaxes the muscle and water drains freely into her colon. 

He continues to fill her until it reaches the top of the spreader, and leaves the hose filling her in that position for about ten minutes.  Closing the spreader, he allows her to sit on the commode and expel while she sucks and licks his balls and he plays with her nipples.

The doctor was hired by her master to enlarge her breasts by increasing her milk production to at least two gallons a day, fatten her cunt lips, and enlarge her clit to the size of a small penis.

He loves performing surgery on unwilling victims, especially his type of surgery where he uses very little (if any) anesthesia. 

Her master wants her tits enlarged to EE cup size and reshaped into authentic cow udders; her nipples elongated and thick; her clit enlarged to stick out like a small stiff cock with her cunt lips fleshier, thicker; and her mouth reshaped into a perfect cock-sucking oval.

He could surgically do these procedures but it is best for her to suffer non-stop agony from the stretching and injections and reshaping.  It does take time, usually four to six weeks.

Leading her to his gyno chair, he fastens her tightly, arms, legs, head, chest, and abdomen.  She is locked into the chair where she will spend most of her time the next two months.  He binds the base of each breast with a rubber strip that lab techs use when drawing blood.  The twin mounds look amazing; who would want to modify this perfection?  There is no accounting for tastes, the doctor mutters as he setups up the suction machines.

Another rubber strip is tightly wrapped mid-breast meat making her tits look like stacked inflated inner tubes.  He places a bell-shaped glass cup on each nipple and activates the machine.  Suction takes hold and jerks her upper body from the strong pull.  Her nipple and extended tit are sucked into the tube the full six inches.

“What a beautiful sight.  Your tits will be permanently reshaped into authentic cow udders.  Now you will feel a pinch as I inject a hormone mixture into the sides of each breast, four injections per tit.  Hold still and it will not hurt as much.”

What she does not know is that the hormone mixture will not only triple her milk production and enlarge her breasts, but will also add extra elasticity so that he can permanently stretch her nipples.  Watching her reaction, her mouth shaped in a perfect “oval” albeit, horror at what he is doing to her, does remind him that he must contour her mouth so it is constantly opened and ready to receive cocks.

Slipping the medium sized O-ring into her mouth, he fastens it to the back of her head.  There are twenty sizes of O-rings and every 24 hours, he will replace the current one with the next larger size.  Watching her eyes, seeing her mouth open and inviting, he drops the head rest on the gyno chair so that her head falls back and is low enough for his cock to fuck her throat.

Review This Story || Author: Bette Jene Adams
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