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Review This Story || Author: Bette Jene Adams

First Meeting with a Sadist.

Part 7

First Meeting with a Sadist, Continued

by Bette Jene Adams


Please consider dropping me a line and let me know if you like/dislike this story.  I am on the fence as far as if I should continue this one or start an entirely new one.


Chapter 7

She has never experienced an orgasm of that magnitude. EVER. Her own body continues to betray her. Every single part of her physical being was besieged by a fiery furnace that sent flames sizzling throughout her most private womanly areas.

The pain he inflicted upon her fanned the flames until pain became pleasure and pleasure in turn became pain. In her minds-eye, she could not separate the two; one fed the other and vice versus.

He keeps her fully submerged in an agony so incredible that her mind drifts to a place where she has only read about but never experienced. Systematically, the layers and layers of pain he has inflicted the past several weeks, all having the ultimate goal of destroying her as a person and a woman, only to reshape her into nothing more than his personal fuck meat.

He leaves her hungry and overwhelmed with unrequited desire and fosters the deep-seated need to quench her sexual thirst. Her body thrives painfully in that state for hours upon hours. The need builds beyond simple desire, beyond betrayal, beyond pain, and far beyond logic or reasoning.

Frightened but absolutely determined not to relinquish control over her mind, she keeps her eyes closed to block out the memories of what he has done to her, and how she has responded to each of his torments.

Exhausted, her body forces her into a deep but troubled sleep. He gently carries her limp body upstairs to a guest bedroom and ties her firmly to the bed posts, face down with pillows propped under her belly and legs spread wide. Barely conscience, he inserts the anal spreader and retracts the blades to open her ass to nearly four inches. She sighs heavily but remains in a deep sleep.

Khan, his Siberian Husky, follows the fragrance of a newly opened can of prime dog food as the Master makes his way from the kitchen back to her. The Husky impatiently watches as he carefully fills her rectum with the dogs meal. He gives Khan the okay and the dog jumps up on the bed and sniffs her from head to toe before stopping at her wide-opened ass. He worms his nose into her and scoops food out with his tongue. He is so hungry that he barely chews the food, swallowing it whole before returning to her rectum for more.

His sandpaper tongue flicks in and out of her body as he searches for additional food scraps tucked within her billowy folds. Although still fast asleep, her hips sway seductively in response to his licking her rectal walls. Soon, her cunt juices up just as her eyes flutter to full awareness.

Confusion is followed by disbelief followed by abject fear, all deeply etched into her facial features. She tries to move her arms and legs but has zero success trapped by the tight bindings. He orders the dog to lie in front of her face, and slides his cock back and forth across her lips.

She refuses to participate so he puts a clothes pin on her nose, forcing her lips open to breathe. Khan needs no prompting as he pushes his cock into her waiting mouth. The warm moisture ignites the primal mating desire within the dog as he thrusts to the back of her modified throat. Her gag reflex is triggered but the animal is unaware; deep is his concentration to fuck her with gusto.

She is his bitch after all. She serves all Masters, human and canine. And while she hates both, her body deceives her by initiating a profound physical response. Khan nears an epic explosion as he desperately tries to force his knot into her mouth. Harder and faster he pounds her lips and is stopped only by her narrow throat.

Carefully, he adjusts his stance to gain better leverage but his cock slips from her mouth. She seals her lips shut not wanting to continue sucking the dogs cock, but her gut reaction tells a different story. She is instantly sorry that she let his cock go. It is large and thick and hot, and spews juices as fast as her cunt produces female nectar.

The Master pulls the dog away from her mouth and positions him so that he can easily gain access to her ass. Her soft, firm butt cheeks barely shake with the pounding of Khan as he lunges and then penetrates her ass. He is deep, so deep that her body yields to the stiff hot cock and clears the way for it to pound away at the muscle protecting her colon from the invasive male member.

Finally, his knot slips inside her causing her to scream from the unwanted intrusion yet Khan continues to viciously fuck her ass. Finally, his knot passes through and is embedded in her ass just as the animal sends semen into her canal with each thrust. When finished, he pulls out of her ass, licks his sore cock, and then leaves her hanging, no orgasm, no pleasure, no fulfillment.

Thinking fast, he screws a large dildo into her gaping asshole trapping Khans warm cum in her rectum. He secures the plug inside her with duct tape, releases her bindings, and leads her to the milking station. Her head rests on a half-moon cutout in the center and wrists cutouts at each end of the board. Her ankle cuffs are locked to anchors in the floor, spreading her legs uncomfortably apart.

The front board is lowered until she is bent at her waistline, tits hanging unrestricted. He locks it in place and grabs a wooden ruler from the table. Aiming directly for her nipples, he flicks the wooden ruler back and forth hitting each several times … switching to the other nipple, and over and over and over again. The pain builds but she holds steady, not wanting to anger him.

Her entire body shakes uncontrollably with pain even though it is only her nipples being tortured. She squirms but cannot get away from the pain. It pushes her near a total breakdown yet he does not stop. More hits, faster, slower, harder, softer, left then right nipple, the blows rain down with no end in sight. He stops and grabs each one, squeezes them flat, pulls them away from her chest, twists them back and forth, all the while she prays for unconsciousness.

Reaching over, he turns on the milking machine and connects the teat cups to her nipples. Bruised, beaten, smashed, her nipples scream with each tug and release of the suction. This is what he wanted. He wanted her to continue to hurt long after he finished using her. And for the next half hour, she cries as the machine draws the milk from her bruised nipples until each breast is emptied.

Leaving her locked in the wooden stock, he pulls the extra-large dildo from her ass and pees into her gaping hole, and then replaces the butt plug.

He is unable to sleep, tossing and turning as thoughts of her churn in his mind. She is now perfect, at least physically. And like it or not, he is in love with her although he cannot seem to reconcile loving her and at the same time wanting to hurt her. He has a justifiable fear that he may get carried away one day and damage her beyond repair. Once he starts on her, it is difficult to stop even when logically, he knows enough is enough.

Gently, he releases her bindings and carries her to a waiting bath. The water feels good against her flesh, warm and yielding, easing her pain and soreness. He washes her hair, drawing the shampoo from her scalp out to the ends of each section of her beautiful red hair. Rinsing and then adding a conditioner, he works the fragrant gel into her scalp and through the ends of each strand. The conditioner is aromatic with a relaxation ingredient that he massages into her scalp. Slow circular motions with his fingers electrify every single nerve ending not only in her head but her entire body.

The lightness of his touch makes her dizzy as her female areas throb with desire; the tell-tale signs of arousal her drenched panties, hard nipples, and swollen clit.

Her beauty is breathtaking. With or without makeup, she is a sexual goddess. Her lithe body stretches in the water as she parts her legs for him to wash. He is surprised by the size of her clit, so swollen it projects out from between her cunt lips. Her cunt oozes with arousal while in the relaxing bath. He reaches into her cunt and works the soap into lather sending scores of bubbles escaping to the surface of the water before diminishing.

Lifting her from the tub, he carries her to his bed where he wraps silken sheets around her body then pulls her close resting her head on his chest. The feel of her soft hair as it lightly caresses his skin is very erotic. Her warm breath feels like a moist ocean breeze against his body. A soft murmur periodically escapes from her throat as he lightly strokes her body.

Her indoctrination into his world of sadism is progressing, but far too slowly for his liking. She still has that stubborn streak, that “I need…” and” I want…” mindset but plays a good game to hide her thoughts. She may do so to save herself from additional pain and perhaps buy some goodwill on his part, hoping for another orgasm.

One is never enough for her. She needs more, wants more. When will enough be enough? What will it take to fully satisfy her hunger for cock? Or is she almost completely programmed to always want more?

At times, though, she recalls with vivid details of her life before opening the door to her hotel room and inviting this bastard inside. How long ago was that? It is interesting that she cannot recall.  She has no baseline to determine day or night or weekday or weekend.


Watching her sleep has become a torturous self-destructive pastime for him.  Her beauty is natural; everything about her is naturally sensuous with a layer of vulnerability.  Her shiny red hair is threaded with tiny slivers of gold woven through the long thick strands.  Her lopsided grin relays a mischievous side, and her emerald green eyes are so bright they seem to convey volumes when looking at her eye-to-eye.  Most enticing is her perfectly shaped fuck-me oval lips colored a crimson red with reflective speckles of gold flakes.  Any place she walks into, she single-handedly commands notice and attention lighting up an entire room.  If she were not already owned by him, she would bring at least a million to a million and a half at an auction.

Her bodys responses to her needs and desires are a sight to behold.  It seems to start as a fire deep in her soul, one that sends flames leaping upward to the center of her very core.  Her pleasure, when allowed, involves her entire mind and body, not just her womanly areas.  It is a heart, mind, and soul explosion when she orgasms, starting at her core and branching out, leaking through every single pore on her body.  After an orgasm, she slips into a trance-like state where she remains for several minutes or in a few cases, several hours before she recovers her senses.

The familiar feeling of a fire starting in her belly quickly reaches a fevered pitch.  She needs another orgasm and she needs it soon before her lusty hunger takes over.  When that happens, she becomes reckless and it doesnt matter how much he whips her, uses her, hurts her, she will orgasm without restraint, without asking permission; instead begging forgiveness afterwards.

She loves the way he smells; he exudes a heavy man scent that is so sexy.  She wants to nuzzle against his hard well-toned body but he does not allow it.  The satin sheets make it easy to fold her body into his yet he pushes her away.  She tries again scooting her backside into his front side hoping to tease his cock to hardness, but no response from his cock as he pushes her away and jumps out of bed.

He grabs a chunk of her hair and pulls her head to the end of the bed.  He clutches her throat with both hands and squeezes slowly.  He loves to watch fear grow in her eyes as seconds tick by and her lungs crave air.  They stare at each other, locked eye-to-eye; he smiles and she shudders yet neither gives in, neither blinks.  It is a test of wills, hers bending to his is the only acceptable outcome.

Eventually, her eyes bulge and eye lids flutter, her chest burns and her struggle for air becomes a life and death battle between the two.  Slowly her body gives in to his wishes and she loses consciousness. He relaxes his strangulation hold and lets her head flop off the bed side.


When she regains consciousness, he is looming over her sliding his cock through her “fuck-me” lips and down her throat.  He stares into her eyes, once again vowing to outlast her and indeed he does.  She blinks in appreciation of her Master allowing her to breathe once again.

She is what every man dreams about and wishes he owned … a perfect sex slave whose only purpose in life is to service his cock anytime he chooses and any way he prefers.  Delving into the darker side of sex and sadism with a creature such as her makes every journey a thousand times more exciting.

She hums a slow multi-range high/low note tune that strums his cock like a well-tuned guitar.  Her throat clutches his cock and pulls it farther into her until her neck visibly swells.  He picks up speed pounding into her “fuck me” mouth harder and faster.

He almost loses it when she gulps his cock down like you would a beverage.  Her hold is strong and she refuses to let go.  He slaps at her face, tries to distract her so he can reclaim his cock but she holds fast.  Once again, eye-to-eye, they communicate with each other not needing to speak; words cannot describe what either is feeling.

As his cum bubbles up from his balls and fills his cock, ready to eject at any time, she plugs the only exit his juices have with her tongue.  Fluid backs up and swells the stem of his manhood.  Unable to withstand the pressure any longer, he smacks her tits repeatedly until she withdraws her tongue. 

His explosion was the most intense of his life.  Every part of his manhood was released into her warm wet sexy mouth.  After four massive ejections, his cock becomes ever so sensitive and withdraws from her customized mouth.


He showers leaving her bound to the bed, head hanging off the edge, droplets of cum drying on her face and hair, and her “fuck me” mouth waiting for his cock to revisit.  He needs to clear his head and that means getting the hell away from her.  When he is within sight of her, his brain stops working and his cock takes over.  That is his downfall, or will be if he doesnt make an attitude change quickly and decisively.

She fucking “drives” him to distraction with her feminine wiles.  His cock is sore yet still hard as a rock and ready to fuck her again even though his balls are sagging like shriveled empty leather sacks.  What will it take to satisfy his urges to use and hurt her?  Thats all he thinks about any more.  Even his new trainees do not distract him from her nor diminish his often violent desires.

These thoughts do not reassure him but does give him pause.  If he is like an addict needing his fix of her, how can he use his addiction to his advantage?

Could it be that a solution is percolating in his brain?  Pouring himself three fingers of Jack Daniels Tennessee Sipping Whiskey, he sits at the breakfast table and mulls over his options one-by-one.  Yes, it is 7 am and he is enjoying his first glass of whiskey for the day.  She drives him to drink.  She drives him to seek sexual release using her.  She drives him to do depraved and often cruel things to her body and mind.

Shaking himself, he realizes that he dozed off at the table.  He feels light headed, dizzy, excited, and finally after sorting through his sleep-induced fog, the answer, the solution, his end-game with her becomes crystal clear.

Review This Story || Author: Bette Jene Adams
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