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My Transformation into a dominatrix

Part 1

My Transformation into a dominatrix

Day 1 of College

Hi. My name is Lexi and this is my first day at Grad School, or degree college as some people call

it. It's 6:30, half an hour before college starts. I have taken one of those performing arts courses that

have unearthly hours. Fuck, I must be crazy since I am one of those people that like to laze around

in bed till noon. Bruno Mars style. “HEY LEXI GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!!”. This from

Aaron, my annoying yet sweet big brother. I look at myself in the mirror and sigh. Which PetaQ

decided that the dress code was to be Indian Ethnic? We are adults after all, who are old enough to

drive, drink and vote! Sometimes I just don't get this country's value system. Now because of this

dress code I cant wear my favorite boots. OK so I'm a sucker for leather. The feel of it nearly makes

me wet. Unfortunately the local laws make getting the stuff really expensive, so while I would love

a whole closet filled with coats, jackets, boots and other more kinky stuff I have to be content with

3 coats and a cherished pair of calf length stiletto boots. At this point Aaron comes back upstairs to

see what's taking so long. He is a typical geek, with messy long hair and black framed glasses that

makes him look a cross between Harry Potter and Richard Stallman, his clothing of choice is a

black hooded sweatshirt and jeans. He smiles at me, reading my thoughts. “You want to wear your


“Yes, but there is no way that it will match this damn salwar-kameez.”I reply.

“Sure it will.” He countered. “Here, put them on.” He grabbed the boots from behind my bedroom

door and set them in front of me. He then opened my closet and dug out my long dark brown leather

coat. “Be quick” he said and stood back. Reluctantly, I put the boots and coat on feeling foolish.

That feeling however faded once I was encased in the coat's warm hide. The boots made me nearly

6 inches taller when I stood up. Aaron moved away from the mirror and I saw my reflection. The

shiny black boots with their silver buckles almost seamlessly merged with the black leggings I had

chosen, my coat contrasted nicely with my olive skin and goth makeup. Damn I looked hot!

Confidence flowed through me as I said “Lets go.”

Aaron pulled out his YZF-R1 from the garage and we set off. I grabbed his waist and nuzzled

against him. I could tell he was getting hard. Boys! I may be his sister, married or fucking jail bait,

their little cocks can't tell the difference. He opened up the throttle and we accelerated down the


We reached college at around 6:45, thanks to Aaron's sports bike. I got off the bike and he pulled me

close for a goodbye hug. I felt his erection and could not help giving it a teasing squeeze. “Have

fun.” he said and drove off for work. I turned to enter the main gate and came face to face with a

sleepy security guard. These guys just piss me off with their broken English and draconian

enforcement of the aforementioned dress code. “Madam this dress is not allowed” he announced

blocking my path. I wanted to drive my boot into his pathetic balls and grind my heels into them till

they exploded. However first degree assault is not the best way to start the day so instead I

unbuttoned my coat. Slowly. His eyes widened in shock, he thought I was going to flash him!

Pathetic really, he recovered quickly when he saw my salwar top under the coat and stood aside to

let me pass. I closed up my coat and went in giving him a sweet smile and said “Thank you Uncle”

in my little girl voice. He gulped and looked away, I nearly burst out laughing. My classmates

would love this story!

Performing Arts class

“Hey Lexi, looking gorgeous!” This came from Mona, my old school friend who I suspect harbors a

monster crush on Aaron. Mona is a lot like me in some ways, she has a leather fetish as well and

that brought us much closer in high school when our hormones kicked in. She is very shy however

and is quite submissive, at least around guys. I gave her a hug by way of greeting and said “Thanks

you don't look so bad yourself.” Mona looked awesome in her black trench coat and boots. A thick

leather choker that looked eerily like a slave collar encircled her neck. Her skin was ivory white and

she had jet black shoulder length hair and almost anime like black eyes. She was also wearing blood

red lipstick that made her look like Snow White. Given that nearly everyone said I had more sex

appeal, and she had a more innocent-like beauty, I considered myself as her evil queen, however her

prince charming Aaron is now in front of a computer with copious amounts of Red Bull in his

system. The class room air conditioner was on so that gave us an excuse to sit in our seats with our

leather on. I took a quick survey of our fellow classmates. There were about 15 of us taking this

course, most of the others were either Hollywood or Bollywood wannabes. There were 3 guys in the

class. One, a nerdy guy in a sweater vest and formal shirt and pant. Another, a jock who was giving

all the girls the “I know you wanna fuck me” look. And another quiet guy playing a game or

something on his cell phone. The teacher was your stereotypical arts professor. Eccentric, quirky

and with little grip on reality. The first day was an ice-breaker and orientation day which meant the

teachers introduced themselves and we had to introduce ourselves. Boring as hell but that is first


We were then shown the auditorium where we would be putting up performances and doing

practices. The girls had to remove their heels since the carpeting had not been installed and the

teacher did not want the wood on the stage to be scuffed by stilettos. Each of us had to give a sort

of casting call, act out any part of any play for one minute while the others watched. Mona played

the role of Juliet, the innocent look she gave while professing her love to an unseen Romeo gave the

professor and the jock a raging hard on. I decided to do a performance of “Poor Unfortunate Souls”

from the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid. The jock and the professor were terrified but the

nerd said I had an amazing voice. The nerd's turn was next. He came up on stage cleared his throat

and did a particularly stirring rendition of Music of the Night from the Phantom of the Opera. I

complimented him as well and revised my opinion of him. He may be a nerd but he does have

pipes. I soon noticed that Thomas, the quiet guy was nowhere to be seen. Deciding I needed some

air I went to the dressing room where we kept our bags, shoes and jackets. I heard grunting noises

coming from the room. Some one was jerking off to the stuff in there, probably some perv with a

shoe fetish. Peering inside I saw it was Thomas and then I saw what he was jerking off to. My

boots! He was sniffing them and jerking off like a puppy! I went in, locked the door, yanked the

boots out of his hand and grabbed him by the hair. “What the fuck do you think you're doing?” I


He looked terrified and started shivering, his erection however had not subsided. “I-I am sorry

Lexi.” he stammered “sorry doesn't cut it” I said and banged his head against the wall. I then put on

by boots and coat. He sighed in relief or may be despair thinking I was going to leave him and

report him or something. Dead wrong. I kicked him in the stomach and he doubled over in pain.

That did not seem to bother his dick since it was still hard. I felt a wave of arousal, shoe fetish and a

pain slut! I placed my boot on his dick and balls, all I had to do was stomp and he could kiss them

goodbye. The thought nearly made me cum. He must have thought the same thing for he started

begging. “Please don't hurt me mistress!”

I kicked him in the stomach again. “you pathetic loser! I should have you reported. You don't

belong to a college, you belong in jail.”

“Please mistress. Please don't say anything! I will do what ever you want please don't report me!”

I bent down, grabbed him by his hair and pulled him to a half kneeling position. I then whispered in

his ear- “Then you will become my bitchboy slave. Understood?”

pre-cum oozed out of his dick. “Yes mistress” he replied.

I spat on his face and let go of his hair. “Go get your stuff. Meet me at the gate.”

“Yes Mistress” he replied. He zipped his fly and left.

I made a call to Aaron telling him I have already found a ride home. He said it was cool since he

would be working late anyway and I waited for my latest acquisition. I knew I was always

dominant, and while I have a raging leather fetish I had never actually dominated someone before. I

had briefly tried teasing and bossing Aaron around but I soon found out he could handle me quite

easily. The fact that I had caught Thomas and he had not offered any resistance made me wet. There

were still things I needed to learn about being a dominatrix but this was a good start.

A few minutes later, Thomas pulled up in his car. “Ready to go Lexi?” he asked. I folded my arms

and glared at him. He realized what he was supposed to do and blood drained from his face. Damn,

I could turn him into a quivering piece of meat! He got out of the car and opened the passenger

door. His eyes downcast. I got into the car, he got in as well and then I asked him “You live alone?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Good take me to your place.” I said and we drove off in icy silence. He knew he was going to pay

for calling me by name.

Thomas' house was more of an estate rather than a house. It was a large Victorian building in the

middle of a large field. This meant ample privacy. My dirty mind already conjuring fantasies of him

screaming his lungs out. He parked the car in front of the house, got out and then opened my door.

He then escorted me into the house. As soon as we were in I kicked him in the balls. “Aaargh!” he

yelled and flew backwards with the force of the kick. I walked up to him and kicked him again on

his side, then yanked his hair and yelled in his ear- “don't you ever call me by name again. You

address me as miss or mistress or even miss Lexi or mistress Lexi but never only by name. Get it


“Yes Mistress” he moaned.

“Good. Now strip. Slaves don't wear clothes in my house.”

He looked at me confused.

“Well yes.” I said going over to a couch and sprawling in it. “I own you now so that means this

house is now mine.” I looked at him daring him to argue the point. Not easy to do when your cock

is still throbbing. He hung his head and said “Yes Mistress” and began to strip. I must say he had

quite a good body. He wasn't very tall, I was about the same height but towered over him in my

boots. He did not have any body hair and his build while not muscular did not have any flabbiness.

“Get on your knees and lick my boots clean” I ordered. He promptly got on his knees and started

licking them clean of today's dirt. In the mean time I was getting wetter and wetter. This feeling of

power and control was making me high. After a while I ordered him to stop and told him to go get

me a drink and bring it to the bedroom. He left for the bar attached to the dining room and kitchen

and I went into the bedroom, locked the door and stripped of my horrid salwar top and leggings. I

put my coat and boots back on, unlocked the door and sat on the bed. He returned with two flutes of

champaign. “Did I say you could get any for yourself?” Blood drained from his face again. “No

mistress” He quavered. “set them both on the table and come here on you knees.” I growled. He set

them down and shuffled forwards on his knees. I slapped his face hard to the left then backhanded

him. I grabbed his chin and asked “Thirsty slave?”

“Yes mistress” he replied. “Open up” I said taking a flute of champaign. He opened his mouth and I

took a sip of champaign and spat it into his mouth. Then I threw the rest of it in his face. “I was

going to let you eat my pussy” I told him. “but all you get to do now is watch me cum”

I drained my glass of champaign, settled on the bed and began playing with myself. It did not take

me long and soon the orgasm crashed over me. I had never cum so hard before.

Aaron and Mona

2 hours earlier. Outside college

Mona shivered with anticipation as she waited outside the College main gate. Lexi had run off with

the geek from class, that in itself was not unusual given what a cock-tease she was, and geeks are

generally harmless. The text message she received was short and to the point. “Lexi does not need a

ride home. Pick u up in 15mins” Soon enough, Aaron pulled up on his bike. The sight of him

always sent tingles down her spine. Aaron was tall, lean without an ounce of extra fat on him and

had long black hair that was messy, thick and oh so gorgeous. In his black hooded sweatshirt, jeans

leather boots and swarthy complexion, he looked like the Grim Reaper himself, giving off this

mysterious aura that he was a very complex and dangerous man. His face was hidden by the black

tinted sun visor on his helmet as he turned his head to look at her and gestured for her to mount the

bike. As Mona swung her leg over the bike she could not suppress a shudder of anticipation. Aaron

revved the bike's engine and they were off tearing through traffic and heading for the highway.

Aaron's house was a modest 2 story building in a suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of the

city. He drove the bike straight to the garage where he and Mona dismounted. Before Mona's feet

touched the ground he pulled her leather covered body close to his and gave her a kiss filled with

savage passion. His tongue probing the confines of her mouth. She yielded and responded to the

kiss, tears nearly welling up inside. “I missed you Master” she said after he had pulled away. He

grinned. “Our last encounter was 24 hours ago.” He opened the door and ushered her in.

She went straight to Aaron's bedroom and knelt in the center with her legs spread waiting for him.

He entered the room with a thick leather belt in one hand and her leash in another. “Time for your

inspection slave.” he growled. Mona started to tremble. “I..I had to conform to the dress code Sir..”

she began. Aaron suddenly cracked the air near her with the belt. It she nearly yelped in fright. “I

don't want to hear any of your useless excuses!” he growled. They always sounded deep and

guttural yet every word was articulate. A Klingon opera singer would be put to shame. “Stand up!

Take that leather off!”

Now shaking with both fear and arousal, Mona stood up and slowly began to remove her trench

coat. She swung her hips seductively all the time making eye contact with him so that he got horny

enough to go easy on her. It did not always work but a girl can but try. Beneath her coat she had a

red traditional salwar complete with the dupatta. She stripped that off too along with her knee high

boots and the leggings. Her underwear consisted of a simple white cotton bra and panties. She took

those off too. Now she was butt naked except for her slave collar. Aaron picked up the clothes. “You

know the rules slut” he said. “2 lashes for every piece of clothing that does not have leather in it.

That means you have earned 10 lashes today. An all time high.” Mona hung her head in shame.

Silently cursing herself for not taking advantage of the 15 minute window he had given her to

change into the appropriate “slave attire” as he called it. “Up against the wall bitch!” Aaron

commanded. Silently sobbing Mona went to the wall on the far side of the room. Aaron had made

some modifications to the room. Typing a few keys on his laptop that stood on a desk, sections of

the wall retracted to reveal leather manacles for the hands and feet. He secured her to them, the

stood back. “you are going to count them.” he told her “And tell me what each of them are for.

Understood slave?”

“Yes sir” she replied.


“One for the salwar top sir!”


“Two for the salwar top sir!”


“One for the leggings sir!”

Each lash with the belt crashed into her soft flesh with vicious precision. Aaron knew exactly how

to wield the belt so that it never hit the same spot twice. The result was excruciating pain across her

back and ass but no marks or redness what so ever to bear witness to the torment she had been


By the end of the flogging, Mona was openly crying and her pussy was sopping wet. Aaron came up

behind her and gently started squeezing her breasts. “Hush now babe” he whispered nuzzling her

neck as her sobs subsided. She calmed down as he unlocked her manacles. “Thank you sir” she

replied when the last strap came off. He then clipped the leash to her collar and ran a finger across

her slit. The sensation nearly made her cum and his finger came away glistening with her juices. He

offered her the finger and she sucked on it eagerly. Her juices always tasted better on his fingers

instead of hers. She also noted the bulge in his pants. His cock was straining to get out of its

confines. He suddenly pushed her down onto the bed. “I'm going to fuck you!” he growled as he

pulled his engorged cock out of his pants. She saw the raw sexual hunger in his eyes. The primal

glow of a predator. It was both terrifying and exciting. The next moment she felt his cock ram into

her pussy expanding its walls and sending lightning bolts of pleasure and pain directly to her brain.

He started moving his manhood back and forth like a piston in a cylinder quickening the pace. Both

their breaths becoming ragged. She could feel the orgasm building inside her quickly “Sir please

may I cum?” she whispered “Yes you may” he growled as he thrust faster and faster. Within

seconds, the orgasm hit them both. He grunted as he released his sperm into the condom he had

slipped on the last moment and she screamed and passed out as the pleasure hit her like a tidal


Review This Story || Author: Zakhrov
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