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Bethany\'s Shipping at A&E

Part 1

Bethanys Shipping At A&E        

Authors Note: First, this is fiction and second it is fantasy.  Please understand that I am not encouraging this kind of behavior on any level, either individual or societal.  Second, this story fits in with my A&E universe, and while snuff and gynophagia (Dolcett type behavior) is implied in this story, it does not technically occur in this narrative.  So if you like BDSM and want to stay away from that gross nasty stuff, you can still read this story without gagging and throwing up.  Please enjoy. MA

Robert Sterling stepped into the shipping store with a brisk step but a skeptical attitude as he looked up at the giant posters on the wall.  Dozens of beautiful smiles looked down at him, glossy and posed, but none of the photos actually showed the shipping containers in use. A&E was well known for their processing facility, but wasnt exactly known for livestock shipping, and the first and brand new branch office was so pristine it looked like it had been set up the day before.  Several rows of white, plastic containers the size of a common trunk, sat on racks at either side of the room, while a massive counter stood in the middle of the floor, two computers with dark screens waiting.  A larger, double door at the far end, labeled “Packaging,” beckoned and Sterling resisted the urge to march over to it and peek in.

Behind him marched his second oldest daughter, Bethany, a darling girl with blond hair curling around her face and falling to her shoulders.  Together they were a matched set, father and daughter, his thinning brown hair but thoughtful eyes, along with khaki trousers and a blue button up oxford shirt were offset by her more relaxed attire.  Blue denim shorts that showed off her coltish but long legs, and a tight halter top that displayed her young bosom, were what young girls were wearing these days, her delicate feet were slipped into a set of simple but attractive flip-flops that left her painted toenails bare.

“Is this where they do the packaging, Dad?” Beth asked brightly, her dark brown eyes looking around the store.  She glanced up at the posters, giving the images a curious stare.  “Those girls are just posing arent they?” She asked almost rhetorically. Suddenly her stomach grumbled loudly.  She put her hand over her belly.  “Sorry, dad.  Im just hungry.

Robert Sterling nodded.  “I know.  Sorry about that, but its the rules.  No food for twenty-four hours.”  He looked around again then called out loudly.  “Hello?  Anyone here?” The response was almost immediate.

“I hear a familiar voice!” The large set of double doors swung open and a thin man wearing a tailored suit emerged from the back room.  His dark blue tie seemed to sparkle and looked very expensive and a set of silver cuff links kept his almost hidden sleeves tightly bound to his wrists.  He grinned heavily and marched forward, extending his hand.

“Robert Sterling!” the man said warmly.  “Its good to see you again!”

Sterling smiled and shook the mans hand.  “Mr. Stone.”

The man waved his free hand. “Please, call me John.  I cant even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to help us out on this.”  John Stone turned and looked at Bethany.  “And you must be little Beth.  You look a lot like your sister, Cindy.”

Beths head bobbed up and down with a big grin.  “Daddy told me about your special dinner.  I wish I could have been there.”

Stone smiled and patted her shoulder.  “Eventually it will be you at one of those dinners.  But I have to ask; are you ready for summer camp?”

Beth nodded eagerly.  “Though I hope that getting something to eat is one of the first things we get to do,” she commented wryly when her stomach gave another growl.

Stone laughed, his eyes flashing merrily.  “Well yes.  It is on the agenda.  We pride ourselves on our meat cuts.”  He looked back up at Sterling.  “But I just want to say thank you again for being willing to put yourself at our disposal for this shoot. I know youre getting the summer camp fee waved, but still youre allowing a valuable asset to be shipped by an untried carrier.”

Sterling waved a hand dismissively. “A&E seems to do so much, so well.  When you called and said youd broken into shipping as well as processing, I had no doubts it would be a successful venture for you.”

Stone shrugged, his face just a little wooden. “Perhaps.  We have a lot of good competition out there.  How does one compete with the sybian trucks?  Right?”  He shook his head knowingly.  “The image of two dozen girls, bound with their hands above their heads, all getting vibrated until theyre screaming?  Its tough to compete!”  He turned away and gestured at the posters.  “But we think weve got a system that will allow for longer and safer transport.  And thats what well be testing here.”  He grinned at Bethany again.

Her eyes narrowed slightly in a questioning glance, but she didnt ask what Mr. Stone meant.  Her stomach grumbled again and the expression on her face changed to embarrassment as she put her hand across her belly.

“Well now, lets get you both into the back for packaging,” Stone said briskly.  “Weve got everything set up.”  He turned and headed back toward the double doors.  Robert Sterling took his daughters hand and together they followed Stone into the back room.

The packaging center looked more like some sort of strange assembly line at a manufacturing plant.  The walls were painted white, plastic crates were stacked in various places, all roughly the same size, and a number of machines sat by the line, waiting.  What seemed out of place was the number of video cameras, each mounted to tape some specific aspect of the process.  There were also several people standing in the room, all of whom turned to look at Bethany.

“Let me introduce you to some folks,” John Stone said politely.  He moved toward one tall, thin man who wore a blue polo shirt.  “This is Chris Haft.  Hes the director of todays shoot.”

       Hafts head nodded politely.  “Hello Mr. Sterling. Im the video director. It will be great working with your daughter.  Shes got an adorable face.  Are all your children this attractive?”

Sterling grinned.  “Most of them,” he replied, putting a protective hand on his daughters shoulder.  Her stomach growled again.

Stone moved on to a pair of technicians who were obviously wearing A&E uniforms and working on some of the machinery. “These gentlemen are our staff and will be handling the actual packaging process.”  Both of them waved at Sterling, rather than stop what they were doing. 

“And then lastly, we have our shipping manager, Tasha Edwards.” 

Both Robert Sterling and his daughter blinked in surprise as a woman wearing a white lab coat and high heels emerged from behind some of the equipment.  She was a tall, bony woman and looked very no nonsense.  Only one of her lab coat buttons were closed and from the flash of bare skin from her throat to her  belly, as well as a lot of thigh showing, it was clear she wasnt wearing anything under the coat.

She reached out and shook Sterlings startled hand.  “I know.  Surprised a woman is running the show?”

Sterling recovered quickly.  “No.  Im just not used to women being assigned to such positions.  I am curious though about…” he began to say, but she cut him off.

“My rating?  Im not even a C.  I had a childhood illness which hampered my growth and development, which is why I look so anorexic.  Eventually Ill be processed, but right now my intellect is needed,” she said in a no nonsense tone.  Robert studied her face for a moment, finding something uniquely appealing in it despite the lack of flesh on her bones. 

Robert grinned. “Well, Im glad were in your capable hands,” he said firmly.

Tasha smiled.  “Excellent.  Well, lets get started shall we?” She asked.  Her hand went out to Bethanys chin and Tasha cupped the delicate cheek of the teenage girl.  “Beautiful, but I expected that.”  She stepped back.  “Now child, if youll come with me, well get you prepped for the shoot, not to mention packaging.”

Robert pushed Bethany forward and under Tashas hand and it was to Beths credit that she only looked back at her father once.  Tasha led Bethany off to the side of the room where there was a canvas directors chair set up, along with a small table covered with makeup supplies.  As Robert Sterling moved closer to John Stone, the men watched as Tasha encouraged Bethany to remove her clothing and have a seat, all while opening the makeup case.

“Thats one fine looking girl you have there, Mr. Sterling,” Stone said quietly, watching as Bethany peeled the halter top off over her head, shaking her long blond hair outward.  Her well-formed breasts were just the right size to make a mans mouth water.  More bare skin was revealed and then the blue denim shorts were slid down Bethanys shapely legs.  She wasnt wearing panties.  She stepped out of the fallen material at the same time she pulled her feet from the flip flops.  Then she hopped up into the canvas chair.  Robert couldnt suppress a grin when his daughter looked at them mischievously and deliberately spread her legs as wide as the chair frame would let her.

“Oh yes.  Thats very fine,” Stone whispered, his eyes focused momentarily on Bethanys perfect pink slit.  Then he turned back to look at Robert.  “Actually Mr. Sterling, another opportunity has developed and I wanted to discuss it with you in private.  Do you have a moment?  It will take Ms. Edwards about fifteen to twenty minutes to get your daughters makeup done.

Robert gave Stone a quizzical look. “Another opportunity?  A&E has been exceedingly generous with me already.”  Robert remembered back to the day he had taken his daughter Cindy to A&Es open house.  It had been an eventful an very profitable day.

John Stone smiled. “Well the video of your daughter Cindy testing the short term tenderizer has made our business boom.  We even have developed a portable unit that we take to special events.”  Stone shook his head.  “Cindys performance was exceptional.  And very flavorful.”

Sterling nodded.  “Sure.  Im always willing to listen to opportunities.”

Stone clapped Robert on the back.  “Great.  Lets go back to the sales floor then.  We can discuss it there.”  The two men walked away and exited the double doors, leaving Bethany in the capable hands of Tasha Edwards. 

Tasha began applying base to Bethanys face.  “Nervous?” she asked the young girl as the small pad was worked around Beths cheek bones.

Bethany smiled. “No. Just hungry.  I havent had anything to eat since yesterday.”

Tasha nodded sympathetically. “I know.  It sucks, doesnt it?”

Beth shrugged. “Ive had to deal with worse before.  But still, I wouldnt say no to a slice of pizza right now.”

“Sorry kiddo.  Youll have to wait until you get to camp for that.  But I promise you that the food at camp is great.”

Beth grinned. “Have you been there? Did you go when you were younger?”

Tasha laughed and started applying the eyeliner.  “No. That was before my time.  A&E didnt even start up until four or five years ago and their patented processing became the national standard.  Summer camp is only three years old too, so I didnt get a chance to go.  Besides, I dont even rank a C on the rating scale, so it wouldnt be worth it to have me tenderized anyway?  Who would want me?”  Tasha leaned back and cast an appraising eye at Bethany.  “We better put on some mascara too, but not too much.  It wont go well with the packaging process.”

Beths eyebrows went up.  “What exactly IS going to happen, Ms. Edwards?” Bethany asked. “My dad wasnt very specific.  He just said that instead of driving me up to camp, Id be shipped, which doesnt make much sense to me.”

Tasha smiled and began applying the mascara.  “Well, I dont want to ruin any surprises,” she said stoically.  “But rest assured, your adventure is about to start!”  Tasha finished Beths eyes and then took a small step back, her eyes slipping up and down the girls body.  “Bethany?  Are you wet?” Tasha asked quietly, looking around.  Even the technicians had left and Chris Haft, the video director was looking at his equipment.

Beth gave Tasha a sheepish smile.  “A bit.  Its sort of a turn on being here, all naked and stuff.”

“Can I touch you?” Tasha asked quietly, almost desperately.

“Uh, if you want.”  Beths legs were already wide apart, the pink folds of her flower exposed.  Tasha extended her hand, the thin fingers lightly caressing Beths petals. 

“Hmmmm….” Beth said, moaning lightly.

“Do you like that?” Tasha asked with a small smile.

“Oh.  Oh yes, Ms. Edwards.”

“Call me Tasha, Bethany.  Youre so soft.  Ill bet youre delicious too.  Im going to taste you now.”  She paused for half a second, just to see if Bethany objected, but the girl clearly was willing.  Beth scooted forward in the chair as Tasha went to her knees.  A second later the packaging directors tongue was slipping through Beths sex, licking Bethanys clit as the small girls chest heaved.  Beths hips rolled forward as the teenager began rubbing her sex along Tashas face and Beths fingers tightened on the chair.

“You want to cum, dont you?” Tasha asked, pulling her face out from between Bethanys thighs for just the time it took to say the words.  Her lips glistened with Beths juices.

“Oh God yes, Ms. Edwards.  Please? Can I cum?”

Tasha reached down and unbuttoned her lab coat.  Her almost non-existent breasts were just bumps and Beths well-formed bosom made Tashas chest look even more underdeveloped.  Tasha reached down and began fingering herself, her tongue once more dancing through and across Beths nether regions.  Tasha even went lower, licking at Beths perineum and bottom.  Both women moaned, though it was clearly Beth who was closer to orgasm.

“Cum for me,” Tasha murmured right into Bethanys soft folds.  Beth groaned, thrusting her hips forward. 

“I cant… hold it…” Beth whispered, straining.  Her toes curled and the stress was obvious in the teenagers body.

“Then dont.  Squirt it all over me!” begged Tasha and then drove two long fingers into Bethanys body.  Beth cried out, jerking a bit and a spray of fluids shot out of the girls loins, splattering the packaging director across the torso.  Tasha bent back down, suckling Beths clit into her mouth even as she pulled her hand away from Beth and then firmly pushed those same, goo covered digits into her own cunt.  Tasha shuddered, the scent of Beths cum filling her nose even as the taste of the petite teenager filled Tashas mouth.  Finally Tashas own orgasm left the packaging director breathless, her cheek against Bethanys thigh.

“Wow,” Bethany whispered softly.  “That was sweet. My Mom sure would like you.”

Tasha blinked and straightened.  Glancing around to see if anyone had noticed, her hands went back to her coat and she closed it.

“But Ms. Edwards!  Youre all wet!” Bethany protested, leaning forward.  Sure enough, the white lab coat soaked up some of Bethanys fluids. 

Tasha smiled as she stood up straight. “Hush child.  I want your scent on me for the rest of the day.  Its not like any of the men here would give me the pleasure.”  The last sentence was delivered with a rueful sigh.

Beth bit her lip. “My dad probably would if you asked him.  Hes a nice guy.”

The packaging director gave Beth a sad smile.  “Oh, Beth.  Im sure he is.  But Im not much to look at. Im pretty enough in the face, but the rest of me…” she left off saying anymore and then bit her lip.  Tasha shook her head, obviously ordering her thoughts.  “Lets finish up, shall we?  Then we can get things going for you.”

Beth grinned, somewhat relieved.  Tasha grabbed the makeup kit and began adding more color around Beths eyes.  Finally Tasha appeared satisfied and put the small makeup applicator back down.  “You look beautiful, and just a bit older too.  Why dont you go and find your dad and Mr. Stone and let them know were ready?”

“Okay!” Bethany hopped down from the chair, not noticing the massive wet spot she left on the canvas seat.  She didnt bother with her clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor, and instead marched past Haft who eyed her naked body with sincere appreciation.  Bethany pushed on the double doors and saw John Stone talking quietly with her dad.

“Beth?” Robert asked, spotting his daughter peeking out from the packaging room.  “Is everything okay?”

“Oh, absolutely!  Its just that Ms. Edwards said Im ready and she wanted me to get you and Mr. Stone.”

Stone nodded.  “Thats fantastic, Bethany.  Well be right there,” he said.

Beth smiled then turned and went back through the doors.

“Bethany?” Mr. Haft said politely, appearing suddenly behind the girl.  Bethany blinked but then smiled.

“Yes Mr. Haft?”  She asked.  She walked over to the tall and gaunt director and gave him a beaming smile.  It was clear she knew the effect her nudity was having on the men.  The bulge in the directors pants was certainly signal enough. 

“Id like to get a series of photographs of you with the shipping containers first.  You know, just silly poses.  Ive got a spot set up over on the far side of the room.”  He pointed.  Bethany nodded and began walking over to the setup.  Several containers, both white and opaque, sat positioned carefully on a black floor while a similar background set the scene.  Grinning, she went over to one of the large cases, climbed up on top of it and spread her knees to the far corners.  Throwing her head back, her beautiful breasts were pushed forward while the shaved and glistening slit of her sex was predominantly displayed.

“Holy crap,” muttered Haft, grabbing a camera and hurriedly snapping about a dozen pictures from a variety of angles.  “Okay, Beth.  Find another position.”

Bethany grinned and moved to another one of the cases.  This one was on its side and she straddled it, her hips grinding as she rubbed her sex on the edge of the case.  Haft took more shots.  She was clearly good at modeling.  The sound of the main doors opening behind them didnt distract either the photographer or the model.  John Stone and Robert Sterling approached.

“Your daughter seems to be a natural model,” Stone observed as Bethany moved to her third pose, this time lying on her back across the case, her head hanging off the edge while her eyes stared at Hafts camera lens.  One leg was up, her toes pointed, while she cupped her own breasts, squeezing the full mounds together and upward, making them look twice as impressive.

“Yeah, shes a poser all right.  We have a hard time keeping her clothed at home,” Robert said with pride.

Stone laughed. “Why bother?”

Robert grinned. “I know, right?”

“It seems almost a waste when you see how good she is in front of a camera,” Stone mused.

Robert looked at him curiously. 

Stone caught Roberts gaze as Bethany moved into a different position, this time sitting cross-legged on the case, the angle perfect to display her quite wet and spread sex.  “Oh no, I have no intention of shorting the client if thats what youre thinking, Mr. Sterling.”

Robert shrugged.  “If you made a better offer…” he said, his voice trailing off.

Stone frowned.  “Its not that.  Its ethics.  A&E would be poorly served if we did things like that.  But look, it seems Haft is done with the photography.  This means we should be ready to start the packaging process.”

“Bethany?” Tasha said from the side, watching like a hawk.  “Can you please step over here?”


Bethany climbed down off the white plastic crate and immediately went to Tasha.  Robert and John Stone followed as Tasha led the petite girl to the back of the room.  Positioned several feet out from the corner of the packaging area was a copper table, the edges turned up like a pan, easily big enough to hold a full sized person spread-eagled.  Around the edge of the table was a black pipe frame, manacles positioned at all four corners.  There were also two more cross bars, one positioned at the center of the table while the other one was a foot and a half closer to the head of the table.  Several other machines were close by, several on rollers, and there were a disturbing number of hoses dangling from several extendable arms.

Tasha pulled a small step stool out from under the table.  “Bethany?  Can you please climb up onto the table?  Lay face down sweetheart.” 

Bethany gave the table an unwelcome glance. “It looks cold,” she said hesitatingly.

Tasha put her hand on the copper. “It is, Beth.  But I promise youll warm up quickly enough.”  The packaging director tapped one of the nozzles.  “This is full of really warm water and well get you sluiced up in no time.”

The naked teenager took a deep breath, glanced at her father for reassurance, and then nodded.  Robert Sterling held out a hand to help her up the step stool and she took it until she was able to crawl up onto the table.  Carefully she began to lay down, the metal bar in the middle of the table directly under her hips which raised her bottom high up into the air and exposing her stomach.  Tasha hurried over and removed the other crossbar, lifting it on a hinge and allowing Beth to lay down, her soft breasts pressing into the cold copper metal.  The cute teen shivered once but then stretched out her arms and legs.

The two technicians hurried over and, along with Tasha, quickly began to secure Bethany to the metal frame.  The manacles were steel, but padded along the inside with industrial rubber, and they fit tightly around the girls petite wrists and ankles.  She whimpered again as goose bumps rose across her skin.  Both men ran their hands across her back and flank, fingertips lightly grazing her skin, which actually caused her to shiver and squeal slightly.  One of the men even slipped his hand between her legs, fingering her wet slit and eliciting a soft moan.  Everyone smiled at Beths predicament.

Robert Sterling looked on in both appreciation and pride.  From his position near the foot of the table, albeit out of the way so he wouldnt be caught on camera, his daughters bum was raised nicely into the air by the steel pipe under her hips.  Her pink slit was on perfect display, her legs pulled apart, the triangle of her soft petals leading up to her anus was like a buffet, waiting for the first rush of hungry guests.  For a moment, he wished he was the one preparing the girl.

The technicians brought a pair of copper hooks, the end of each piece of curved metal fitted with a pressure pad.  These they tucked between Bethanys buttocks and pulling slightly, opened her bottom even further as they attached the hooks to the metal frame.  It was if the girl had been directed to reach back and take hold of her own rear, spreading it.  The tiny brown star of Beths rear end winked at them as Tasha snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and picked up a bottle of lubricant oil.  She laid a hand on Bethanys rump, lightly squeezing.

“How often have you had anal sex, Bethany?”

Robert Sterling suddenly shifted awkwardly.  He wasnt looking forward to his daughters answer.  It would be embarrassing.

“Never,” Bethany said.  “Ive had a finger in there a little, but thats it.”

Everyone turned and looked at Robert in surprise. He shrugged and put his hands in his pockets.  “Its not really something I enjoy,” he admitted.  “So I dont encourage it.”

“Thats not really doing them any favors you know,” Stone said quietly, but sympathetically.  “Really, if youre going to prepare them…” his voice trailed off as Tasha nodded and took a deep breath.

“Bethany, Im going to lube your bottom.  Ill try to be gentle.  Just open up as much as you can and relax.  Try not to close up.  Okay?”  Tasha turned to one of the technicians.  “Better gag her.”

For the first time, Bethany whimpered.  One of the techs came forward with a standard red ball gag and quickly fitted it into the teens mouth.  Tasha frowned, shaking her head, and then poured a liberal amount of oil onto Beths ass.  It trickled wetly down her crack, over the tiny orifice and the down to her slit.  Tasha began rubbing the oil all over Beths crotch, working her hand through and across Beths sex as well as her bottom.  The gloved hand went low enough to graze Beths clit and the young girl let out a light cry as Tasha suddenly thrust a finger into Beths sex, pumping lightly.  It didnt take long before the girl was rolling her hips and as Tasha worked her back into an aroused froth the packaging director extended another finger and began caressing Beths anus.

It didnt take long before Bethany was bucking, her throaty moans making it obvious that the stimulation of her anal sphincter was certainly adding to her sexual experience.  Tasha pushed, driving her finger in deeper, her movements picking up speed.  Eventually her whole hand was pumping, finger fucking both of Bethanys holes as the young girl began to cry out, the ball gag muffling most of the sound.  Then Tasha pulled out of the girls sex and merely drove her finger in and out of Beths ass.  Full thrusts, the length of the digit followed and Bethany shook, her fingers clenched tight.  Then Tasha switched to her forefinger, adding length and width.  The teen took it, though everyone could see her body twitching.

“Dont tighten!” Tasha said strictly, giving Beth a light spank.  The teen let out a ragged sob, her head nodding as her hair spilled down and hid her face.  “Yes.  Thats perfect.  Take it.  You can do it,” Tasha whispered.  Then the packaging director looked up at the technician across from her and nodded.

Part Two

In seconds one of the mechanical arms of a nearby machine was swung over the copper table.  The technician reached up and pulled down a rubber insert, vaguely cock shaped, attached to a clear hose.  Robert noticed however that the insert was much thicker and longer than Tasha Edwardss finger. It came down, still attached inside the arm, and you could tell that the technician had to keep hold of the insert to keep it from snapping back up into the machine.  Tasha took the end of the hose with her free hand as the tech oiled it.   She pulled it down between Bethanys legs, even as her hand continued to pump into Beths bottom.

The switch was fast and impressive as far as Robert was concerned.  One moment it was Tashas thin forefinger impaling his daughters rump, the next - a much thicker and longer phallus.  Tasha didnt give Bethany a chance to object either.  The new insert went in fast and deep, eliciting a frightened cry of pain from Bethany.  The teen bucked, squealing, clearly in distress, the ball gag doing little to muzzle the cries of Roberts daughter.  It merely kept her from speaking.

“I know!” Tasha said in a reassuring voice, pushing the anal insert in farther.  “Just another inch, sweetheart.”  The packaging director ignored the little expressions of pain coming from the girl and then the insert was in, the indented end fitting snuggly into the tightened sphincter of the uncomfortable girl.  Tasha snapped off her gloves and nodded at the technician.  The man turned, pressed a few buttons on the machine and a small electronic hum reached Roberts ears.  Suddenly the tubing that ran from the machine to his daughters bum jerked and a clear fluid began moving rapidly down the clear hose.  It reached Bethany in seconds and she let out another cry.  She began kicking her feet, even though she only had an inch or two of available movement, her toes curling as her body dealt with the enema.  Beths head lifted up and she looked around, tears filling her eyes as she struggled to deal with the new sensations.

Robert was suddenly distracted by Haft, the man filming, who brought one of the cameras up close to video Bethanys face.  The pained look of distress, the tears, all on a bright, attractive face would definitely appeal to viewers, and the man took great pain to get a number of close-ups along Bethanys body, from where her breasts were mashed into the copper table, to the delicious looking curve of her oiled rump.  He even went down to get the arches of the girls feet.  One of the techs noticed and smiled.

“Shes got nice feet,” the technician said, turning toward Robert. 

Bethanys father smiled.  “Thank you.  Are you into feet?” he asked.  The tech shrugged.

“Not really.  But my sister was sold to a special facility where they cater to that sort of thing.  She was only eight at the time I was there when she was picked up.  They made her get on all fours and permanently locked her ankles to her thighs so she had to crawl everywhere.  Just like a pet girl.  It was pretty cool.  I went and visited her a few times while she was there.  She said it was easy.  They got foot massages six times a day, pedicures once a week, but she told me she hated the once a day, mandatory foot tickling sessions.”

Robert barked out a laugh.  “Foot tickling sessions?  I didnt know they did that.”

John Stone grinned.  “Its too help to make the girls feet so sensitive that they feel everything.  A&E usually takes a few of the girls after theyre processed by the foot farm.” 

Bethany groaned, kicking again, but everyone ignored her except the technician, who reached under her belly, which was held off the table by the metal hip bar.  His hand pushed upward on her slowly distended belly.  She let out another loud groan of protest, her bottom twitching.

“How do they do that?” Ive never seen it before,” Robert asked curious.

The tech shrugged, looking back toward Robert. “I was there when they did my sister.  They led her out onto the stage, naked of course, even though they were only interested in her feet.  Then they locked her ankles into this metal contraption that sort of looked like a guillotine, except it also had a vibrating dildo on it.  See, they didnt unlock her ankles from her thighs either.  Thats the gimmick.  Then, while my sister was cumming, out of her mind with the stimulation and bucking against the phallus, they got out a whip and went to work on the soles of her feet.”

Roberts eyes widened.  “Wow.  Do the girls ever get punished on their feet?  You know, to prepare them?”

The tech shook his head, keeping one eye on Bethany who was groaning and whimpering as more fluid was pumped into her ass.  “No, but thats the point.  When they finally go in for tenderizing, they havent been on their feet in years.  Every touch theyve had has been soft and fluttering.  Its almost cruel.

“So I guess the whipping is pretty difficult then?” Robert asked.

       The tech nodded with this huge grin.  “It was amazing though.  You should have seen my sister squeal!  It must have been like having a hot iron dragged across the skin.  The soles of her feet turned red in seconds and after just a minute the little red lines of the whip were clear as day across her soles.  Then after the whip they brought out these little leather paddles and went to work on both feet as well, all the time leaving her mounted on the vibrator, letting her cum over and over.”

“How long did it last?”

The tech shrugged.  “About two hours before they put on the pressure tourniquets and finished up.  After that they packed her in ice and shipped her off.”  Suddenly a loud beep sounded from the machine and it turned off.  The technician looked up at Tasha and nodded.  “Shes done with the first round.  Two gallons.”

“That cant be comfortable,” Robert said with a smile.  He leaned over and looked at his daughters stomach.  It was bulging, distended slightly from the fluids pumped into her bowels.

John Stone nodded. “Normally during an enema like this we would delay the evacuation, but the reality here is that our intention is not to cause distress, but to perform a necessary cleaning function.  I know a lot of people prefer to leave a girl who has had an enema with the fluids inside for a time, but thats not our purpose here.”

Bethany was whimpering, clearly in distress as Tasha stepped back up to the side of the table.  She reached under it and brought out a clear plastic board, unfolding it into a shield.  This she set up at the back end of the table as Haft moved in with his camera, getting a close-up of Bethanys bottom.  Tasha reached for the insert and deftly pulled it out.  Bethany squealed again and as the hose retracted upward into the machine arm, Tasha laid one hand on Beth.

“Go ahead, dear.  Expel it.”

A stream of mostly clear water shot out of Bethanys bottom, striking the plastic shield and splattered down into the copper table.  The tall edge now made perfect sense and Robert saw that there were drains at both ends.  Clearly there wasnt much in Bethany that needed cleaning, since the fluid that came out of her seemed only lightly cloudy.  It took much less time to drain than he would have thought.

Finally Bethany lay moaning, no longer in distress.  A different hose with an actual sprayer was pulled down next and warm water was sluiced over the girl and the table, making sure the last vestiges of the enema were drained away.  Finally Tasha let go of the sprayer and picked up the bottle of lubricant.


They went through the process a second time and Bethany was clearly not pleased.  Her cries of protest were muted by the ball gag she wore, and when Tasha lubricated Beths anus, sticking her finger in deep, the poor teenager thrashed against her bonds, closed fists pounding on the table.  The enema insert was deeply pushed into Bethanys bottom and she was filled a second time.

“So is that just water?” Robert asked, nodding at the tube which was pumping more fluid into his daughters bowels.”

Tasha looked over at Bethanys father.  “Its actually a mixture.  Water is a base, but there are a number of other chemicals involved that soften tissues, provide a nutrient bath, and even somewhat anesthetize her anal sphincter.”

Robert blinked. “Really?”

Tasha nodded.  “Its a complicated formula, but was designed by our engineers and only approved after prolonged testing.”

Robert nodded sagely and smiled.  “Theres a good question.  Testing.”

Stone gave Robert a sly look.  “We raise our own test subjects, or buy rejects.”

Beths father gave the PR man a skeptical glance. “Not many rejects around, not with all the genetic engineering.”

John Stone shrugged. “Yet, it still happens.  Errors in processing, a freak gene, mutations.  Those are actually on the rise by the way.  We get enough that our testing labs are never short of subjects and to be honest, most of the modeling is done via computer now anyway.  Actual animal testing is sort of a wink and a nod to final approval from the Agriculture Department.  It cuts down on accidents, thats for sure.”

Beth let out a wild squeal and Tasha reached under her belly and slapped it firmly a few times.  Beths abdomen was clearly distended, swollen even, and it moved like gelatin when Tasha struck Beths stomach.  Beth cried out as Tasha checked the readouts on the machine.

“Just a few more ounces, sweetheart,” she said to Bethany.  The machine hummed, then clicked loudly, and Tasha put her hands on Bethanys bottom.  “Okay, here we go.  Give me half a second.”  With one hand Tasha pulled out the same plastic shield she had used before and set it up between Bethanys spread knees.  With her other hand she pulled out the insert.

“Okay, hold it hold it.  Now.  Let it go.”

Robert looked away.  Watching his daughter expel the enema fluids was not exactly his cup of tea and he waited until the process was completed and Tasha Edwards was sluicing Bethany down with fresh water before he looked back.  The packaging director was handed a soaped scrub brush, thick with stiff bristles, by one of the technicians, and with the water sprayer in one hand and the tool in the other, Tasha began scrubbing the poor girl down, paying special attention to the soft folds and tender bits between her outstretched legs. 

In seconds it became abundantly clear that the cleaning process was much more difficult for Bethany to bear than the enema, as her cries and whimpers increased dramatically.  Robert especially liked it when Tasha ran the brush through Beths petals, right up to her clit, opening up the thick folds and getting right into the soft, pink depths.  At one point Roberts eyes widened as Tasha literally pushed the rounded tip of the brush right into Bethany, fucking the young girl gently as the bristles scoured Beth internally.  Finally it was done, leaving Beth sobbing, but still bucking, copious amounts of sexual lubricant leaking from her abraded slit.

The technicians came up and threw a heavy towel over Beths body and then began unfastening the manacles that held Roberts daughter face down and spread open.  As they helped the shivering girl up and lifted her free of the table, he could see the red pressure line the middle bar had left across her hips.  Beth wasnt able to stand on her own and one of the techs picked her up and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  He carried her a bit further down the line and set her delicately on a simple plastic table.  She was still wrapped in the towel and everyone, including Haft, who was still videotaping with his camera, walked down to follow.

Tasha started by unbuckling the ball gag and removing it from Bethanys mouth.  The poor girl worked her jaw a few times and then gave her father such a sad, terrible look, that Robert went right to her.  She burst into tears as he wrapped his arms around her and she shook, sobbing into his shoulder.

“Hush now, girl. Im here,” Robert said softly, comforting Bethany.  “The worst is over.”

One of the technicians made a face and muttered, “Not hardly.”  Tasha Edwards glared at the man who shrunk away.  After a few moments Bethany was back in control, but she gave Tasha an untrusting glower and flinched back.  Tasha sighed.

“Well give you a moment while we get the seat ready,” she said sternly to Bethany, who didnt respond and continued to shudder in the protection of her fathers arms.

As Tasha walked away Bethany looked up at her father. “I dont want to go to camp,” she whispered.

“Come on, honey.  This isnt camp. This is just about getting you there,” Robert reassured her.  “Besides, most girls have enemas on a routine basis.  I just havent ever had it done to you and your sisters because it wasnt something I really was interested in.”

Bethany shook her head. “It wasnt the enema, though that was pretty bad. It was the scrubbing, Daddy.”

“Mr. Sterling?” Tasha said, interrupting.  “Were ready.  Please bring her over here.”

Robert turned his head and looked.  Tasha and the two technicians were standing at the next table, which was set about knee height on a standing person.  Right in the center was a plastic and metal, square shaped frame that had two, padded and curved indentations and looked like a seat.  It was about fourteen inches tall.  But what attracted his immediate attention was the fact that the tips of two phallic probes jutted out from a pair of holes drilled in the very center of the seat, right between the depressions clearly meant for Bethanys bottom.  He picked up his little girl as she trembled in his arms and carried her over to Tasha.

“Just put her directly down on the seat,” Tasha said quietly.  “Normally we wouldnt allow family during the packaging process.  Youd just drop her off.”  She shrugged.  “I suppose having you here is making it a bit easier.”

“I dont want to go to camp!” Bethany said again.  Robert patted her gently on the back and then began to put her on the seat.

“No!” Suddenly Beth began to struggle in Roberts arms and he blinked in surprise as he was forced to tighten his arms around her.  The towel slid from her body and with damp skin she began to slither from out of her fathers grasp.  She dropped to the floor and darted out, only to get snagged by Tasha, who latched out and grabbed the girls wrist smoothly.  With a twist Tasha dragged the girl back to the table, only to sit down on the low platform and pull Bethany over her lap, face down.  Before anyone could object, especially Robert, Tasha let loose with a flurry of sharp, hard spanks, bringing her hand furiously down upon the screaming girl.  Beth tried to cover her bottom, but that merely gave Tasha the chance to pinion the girls wrists, trapping her even more securely.  Beths feet kicked wildly.

“This is great!  Keep going!” Haft exclaimed, bending down and videotaping Bethanys face, capturing the tear streaked cheeks as Tasha quickly turned the teenagers bottom a dark shade of pink.  Bethanys resistance only lasted fifteen strokes before she sagged, her feet no longer swinging.  Tasha gave her a few more vicious slaps across both buttocks before finally swinging the girl upright and setting her right down on the metal and plastic seat.  Beth sobbed and Robert started to go to her, but John Stones hand gripped him by the arm.

“Dont.  It will be better in the long run,” he whispered.  “All things considered.”

Robert let out a sigh and nodded. 

Neither of the two phallic probes were extended enough to do more than rub at Bethanys openings.  The one positioned at her rear entrance however was just long enough to push against her sphincter and she wriggled slightly as the two technicians bent her legs, folding them in front of her so that she was essentially sitting cross legged, knees up high.  Tasha came up with a wire, one end of which she plugged into a waiting jack on the seat, near Bethanys thigh.  She reached between Bethanys legs, her fingers finding the poor girls clit, rubbing it as Roberts daughter whimpered.

“Come on.  You can handle this.  You want it,” Tasha whispered.  Robert moved a bit closer and saw that the end of the wire was actually a clamp, though it looked light weight.

“Are you about to clamp her clit?” he asked incredulously.

Tasha nodded.  “Yes.  Its part of the packaging special.”  Suddenly Bethany moaned, her hips rotating slightly and Tasha let out a quiet exclamation of success.  Beth let out a soft cry, her eyes opening wide, only to try to bring a hand down between her legs.  Tasha caught it.  “Oh no, girl.  That stays on.  Does it hurt?”

Bethany whimpered, but then suddenly shook her head.  “No.  Its just tight. Its…” her voice trailed off.  “Oh.  Oh my God!” she in clear pleasure.

Tasha grinned and looked up at one of the technicians, who was tapping something on his tablet computer.  “There we go, Beth.  That feels nice, doesnt it?”

“Whats going on?” Robert asked, bewildered at the sudden change in his daughters expression.

The tech answered.  “Im stimulating her clit right now with small electrical shocks.  Non-painful of course.”

Tasha grinned and then was handed two more of the same kind of wires.  These were plugged into the seat as well, but this time stretched up to Bethanys breasts.  Tasha pinched open both light clamps and settled them directly on Beths nipples, slightly behind the turgid tips.  Almost immediately the girl groaned again, this time clearly feeling the electrical stimulation at the tip of her breasts as well. 

“I think we can set the vaginal phallus now,” Tasha said to the tech holding the computer.  He nodded and Robert watched curiously as the man tapped a few commands into his computer tablet.  There was no sound, but Robert could clearly see between his daughters legs, where the front dildo began to move.  It rose, pushing its way into Bethany, who clearly groaned and shifted her hips again, taking the large, thick dildo like a pro.

“How long is that thing?” Robert asked.

John Stone opened his mouth for a second, but then looked surprised.  “You know, I have no clue.”  He looked at Tasha and the techs.  No one answered for half a second, but then one of the techs grinned. 

“Its penetration length is nine inches,” Tasha said, slightly hunched over as she watched the thick phallus slide into the girl.   “The anal probe is half that.”

Bethany gasped, her hips now wriggling in desperation and her she leaned back to cup her own breasts.  The look of exquisite pleasure crossed her face and her eyes closed as little moans escaped from between her open lips. 

“Now, now.  Dont get too excited!” Tasha said with a smile.  The packaging director nodded at the techs.  One of them turned and pulled something off a nearby rack; a strange plastic shield that formed the sides of a box, but was open on either end.  This he fit directly over Bethanys head and brought it down until the other technician was forced to push Beths knees in slightly in order to lower the shield down more.  It clearly was strong because it forced her to sit more upright on the padded seat, which actually changed the angle of penetration and made Beth even more aroused.  The plastic lowered into place, fitting tightly around the base of the metal and plastic seat.  One of the techs then stepped up onto the low table and reached up, snagging another hose on a metal arm.

“Are we ready?” he asked.

Tasha nodded.  “All the wires are in.  I think we can start the fill process.  Once shes half way well embed the anal probe.  Begin.”

The tech with the hose brought it down to the lip of the plastic edge and then opened the nozzle, a clear gel oozed out quickly, like syrup, and it splashed onto Bethanys knee, spilling down her leg.  More gel began filling up the box and to Roberts surprise, it oozed over and across his daughters loins.  Soon there was an inch along the bottom and Beths father was surprised to see the gel stiffening, an actual groove forming where the vaginal dildo was still rapidly pumping in and out of Bethanys sex. 

“Time to put in the anal probe,” Tasha said.  She laid a hand on Bethanys head.  “Brace yourself, sweetheart.”

Beth opened her eyes and looked at Tasha, but was clearly too near to orgasm to really register what she was saying.  Robert bent down and watched, but was unable to see any movement beyond the rapidly pumping dildo that repeatedly drove deeply into his daughters slit. 

Suddenly Beths eyes widened in shock and she straightened in the seat.  Her hands shot up to the top of the plastic shielding as if to pull herself out, but the other tech grabbed her wrists while Tasha held her down, hands on Bethanys shoulders.

“Oh no.  Take it, Beth.  You can handle it!” Tasha urged strongly.

Beth gritted her teeth and whimpered, shifting back and forth for a moment before settling back down.  Gel filled the bottom quarter of the container, the few bubbles rising to the surface even as more gel flowed in. 

“Relax, Bethany.  Just accept it,” Tasha said softly, her sharp angular lips pursed with intensity.  The teenager nodded, her chest heaving.  Tasha turned back toward the tech with the computer.   “Drop the intensity.  I dont want her cumming yet.”

Beth whimpered and then trembled a moment before relaxing back into the container.  She moaned, closing her eyes again and now the gel had risen to her belly, completely covering her sex.  Still the vaginal probe moved in and out, but the gel had surrounded Beths sex and there was no longer any movement of her petals.

Robert looked a bit closer, just a tad bit confused.  “What is that stuff?” he asked.  “It looks like its becoming solid.”

John Stone grinned. “Thats because it is!  Its a silicon based gel that once exposed to air hardens into a firm, yet solid substance.  It makes for the perfect packing material, keeping the contents safe.  Its temperature is static.  It absorbs shock and traumatic force surprisingly well.  Once we take the shield off and it has solidified properly, you could hit Beth with a baseball bat and shed never feel it, the gel would disperse the kinetic energy.”  He pointed at the dildo still working its way in and out of her sex.  “And best of all, as long as there is some movement while the gel is forming its lattice, it will move out of the way for objects in motion.”

The gel had reached Bethanys breasts and she had settled down, moaning quietly, still heavily aroused thanks to the light and playful shocks being delivered to her nipples and clit by the clamps, as well as the penetration of both the anal probe and the vaginal dildo.  The techs kept filling the container and in short order the gel came up to her knees, fully covering her hands and arms up to the shoulders.

“How far do you go up?” Robert started to ask in concern as the gel came up to Beths shoulders.”

“Turn it off,” Tasha said, nodding at the tech.  She smiled at Robert.  “Thats about as far as we go actually.  We have a different apparatus for the top to protect her head.”

The tech closed the gel valve and let the hose retract.  Everyone took a step back as Haft came in close and got several shots of Beths glazed eyes and open, whimpering mouth.  She was clearly lost in the sexual euphoria of arousal, but hadnt reached the pinnacle of her need.  One of the techs stepped closer and strapped a strange collar around Beths throat.  A thick plastic container was held against her neck with the collar, a number of lights and sensors blinking. 

“Thats a medical device that contains a number of hypospray medicines.  Theres a sedative in case she panics, as well as a painkiller, saline solution, and a specially designed nerve stimulator.”

Robert gave Stone a quizzical look.  “A nerve stimulator?”

John Stone grinned. “Want to keep her aroused, right?  We call it Love Potion #9.  It makes women ravenous.”

“That effective?”

Stone laughed and pointed at Tasha Edwards.  “If we gave it to our delightful packaging director here, shed be naked in less than five seconds, begging all of us to fuck every single hole she has.”

Tasha blushed crimson and looked down.  Robert laughed.  “To be honest, I think shed probably be willing to do that without the potion.  Right attitude.  Too bad shes so skinny.  All skin and bones.”  Robert grinned at Tasha Edwards and the poor woman bit her lip.  His gaze was intense and Tasha felt it deep inside.

Stone looked at her thoughtfully.  “I have to admit, it would be amusing to see how you handle the potion, knowing that none of us would want to use you.”

Tasha frowned, her blush disappearing and she glared at Stone.  “Im the only woman available here right now.  So short of dragging some poor girl off the street, Im guessing that Id get some, even if it was just from Rick and Bill.”  She motioned toward the two techs.  Both of them looked up from Bethany, but one had a repulsed expression on his face and the other shook his head.

Stone shrugged and Robert grinned. “It would be a novelty,” Beths father said, trying to make Tasha feel better.  Being rejected always hurts and he understood she might not feel good about it.

John Stone looked skeptical but then pointed to Bethany.  “Lets remain focused here.”

Robert gave Tasha an appraising look, but then shrugged his shoulders.  He turned his attention back to his daughter and was surprised to see her staring at him.  She was still making the little bird noises, the regular and deep penetration of the thick dildo obviously having an effect.  One of the techs places a biosensor on her temple and she winced slightly, but otherwise appeared to be handling things quite well.

Part Three

“How are you feeling, honey?” Robert asked, stepping a bit closer, but making sure he wasnt in Hafts video shot.

“I cant move my arms,” she said simply. 

Robert glanced at Tasha.  She nodded.  “The matrix is already setting.  Go ahead, touch it at the top.” Robert put his hand into the container and reached down past his daughters chin.  His fingers pushed at the clear gel around her collarbone and he was surprised to find it solid, yet slightly yielding, as if it were made of soft rubber.  He scratched at it with his fingernail and couldnt even peel a bit off. 

“It seems pretty sturdy.   Can she breathe okay?”

John Stone laughed. “Of course!  The gel accepts certain body movements and will form a sort of space around any parts of her that are consistently moving.  Had she wiggled her fingers non-stop during the setting process there would be cavities around them.  Most girls wont move though, so except for the phallic probes and the chest area, the gel seals around them very tight.”

Tasha smiled at Bethany, who had closed her eyes and given up to the sensory delight streaming through her.  “Not only that,” said the packaging director, “the gel supports her weight.  The pad in the seat actually sinks so there wont even be sore points there.  It reduces the possibility of cramps by eighty-seven percent.”

Robert nodded in appreciation.  “I suppose getting a Charlie horse while youre in there would be a bad thing.

Tasha grimaced. “You have no idea.”

Robert blinked and looked at Tasha.  “Have you been shipped before?”

She nodded. “I was shipped to this location actually.”

“Really?” He asked.  “How was it?”

Tasha bit her lip.  “It was…” her voice trailed off and she glanced at John Stone and clearly changed her mind on what she planned to say.  “Interesting.”

Stone stared at her and Tasha gave Robert Sterling a bright smile.  “It was a wild ride.  I remember exploding a number of times, and I was only shipped for an hour.”

Roberts eyebrow went up.  “I see.  How long will Bethanys shipping time be?  I can get to A&E by transport in under two hours.”

John Stone stepped closer.  “Well, as weve said, this is a special case.  The longest weve ever shipped someone was for five hours.  Our maximum shipping time however is twelve.  So well be sending Bethany out to Los Angeles first, then on to our main facility.  So shell be in transit about eleven and a half hours.”

The two technicians had brought over a thick plastic case that was huge, clearly meant to encapsulate Bethany and the gel.  Robert watched as they worked it around the girl.  It had plenty of clearance for her head and Robert saw that the interior was padded so that she wouldnt have much movement above the neck either. 

“Will there be any light for her to see?” he asked as the case began to close on Bethany. Her eyes were open and she looked slightly scared, despite the continuing sexual intensity between her legs. 

Tasha shook her head.  “No.  Its modeled after sensory deprivation.  She wont be able to hear anything, see anything, or smell anything.  Shell be left alone with only one set of stimulators.”

Robert nodded. “Her sexual points.”

“Exactly,” Stone said.  “Nipples, clit, anus, and cunt.  That should keep her entertained for the entire time.”

“Daddy?” Bethany said suddenly as the case started to close.  Robert took a quick step forward and stuck his hand between the edges as the techs were closing the plastic shell.  A sliver of light fell on his daughters face.  She looked both scared and desperate. 

“Yes, sweetheart?” Robert asked.

“Im… scared.”

He smiled warmly.  “Dont be.  This will be soft and easy.  Relaxing, okay?  Just close your eyes and try to sleep.”

Tasha suddenly leaned forward, sticking her head at an angle so Beth could see her.  “Beth, it isnt that terrible.  Relax as much as you can and focus on the dildos, okay?  Thats very important.  Focus on the dildos.”

Bethany nodded and Robert removed his hand. “Love ya, kiddo!”  Bethany whimpered and then the shell closed.  Robert thought he heard her say something but wasnt sure.  Tasha turned toward the computer tech.

“Make sure shes having an orgasm in less than thirty seconds,” she ordered.

The man grinned wickedly.  “Alright.”

Haft straightened up from behind his camera.  “Well, I think I got everything I need.”  He turned to John Stone.  “Ill head on out and get this up to the studio.”  Stone nodded and Haft turned to Robert and stuck out his hand.  “Your daughter is amazing. Model material actually.  Once shes done at camp Id love to have her out to my studio and do a bondage photo shoot.”

John Stone frowned.

Robert looked surprised.  “Well, thank you, but Im not sure that will be possible. She has some prior engagements arranged.”

Stone chuckled and looked at the disappointed Haft.  “Thats the way it goes, right Chris?”

Haft shrugged.  “Well, I might just look up your other daughters then.  If any of them are as cute and pretty as Bethany…”

Stone gave the man an appreciative nod.  “You should have seen Bethanys older sister.  I had the pleasure of having her over at A&E for dinner.  She was a beauty like you rarely see.”

Haft grinned.  “Im sure.”

Robert nodded. “Well I keep profiles online,” Bethanys father said.  He pulled a card out of his pocket and handed it to haft.  “Feel free to browse.”  Then Robert grinned. “I can always ship one of the girls out to you!”

Haft took the card with a smile and quietly left.  John Stone looked around, clapped his hands together and nodded at everyone.  “I think Ill head out as well. Ive got some stuff to do at the office.”  He turned toward Robert.  “Mr. Sterling, thank you again for this opportunity.  Ms. Edwards will be giving you some finally paperwork to go with your shipment.  Please let me know if I can be of any more assistance.”  Stone shook Roberts hand and then left.

The two technicians manhandled the case onto a dolly and rolled it out of the room, leaving Tasha Edwards alone with Robert.  He noticed that only one of the buttons of her coat was closed, the others having been unfastened deliberately.  Bare skin showed and he was intrigued by the fact that her chest was flatter than a pancake.  She came closer, holding up an information drive. 

“Here is your tracking number.  If you plug it into our website you can get real time video of your shipment in transit, including vital statistics.  You can also manipulate some of the stimulation settings.”

“Really?” Robert asked with a smile, staring at Tasha. 

She swallowed.  “Mr. Sterling, can I… can I…” she paused uncomfortably.  “Can I give you a blowjob?” she asked meekly.

Robert Sterling grinned.  “You can do more than that,” he said softly, reaching out and pushing the shoulders of the lab coat off the stick like woman.  “And I suspect you wont need that love potion.”

The lab coat fell to the floor.  She was naked underneath, thin and anorexic, but there were some pleasing lines to her nevertheless.  She stood there in her high heels, her pulse visible at her throat.

“Oh thank God!” she gasped, then smiled. “No.  I dont need the potion.”

“Then neither do I,” Robert said, reaching down and cupping her sex.  He could feel her moisture as she folded up into his arms.

Shipping Bethany was forgotten.


Robert Sterling sat at the dining room table, trying very hard to ignore the warm, wet, and soft sensation that surrounded his cock.  His fingers flew across his keyboard, handling a variety of tasks, from updating profiles to looking for new breeding stock.  It was certainly difficult to concentrate, but considering the challenge he had given his daughter, Helen earlier, it made sense for him to resist.  Just then a pair of soft fingers touched his neck and rubbed some tension out of his shoulders.  He sighed softly and leaned his head backward, feeling the soft, pillow like breasts of a woman.  He could tell she wasnt wearing any clothing.

“That feels wonderful.  Dont stop,” he said softly.

There was a light laugh.  “What will you give me to keep going?” a woman asked.  Her voice was mature, but light.

“How about a spanking?” he muttered, still loving her caress. 

She laughed.  “That might be tough unless you want me bent over a stool instead of your lap!” She came around him and settled down next to him, half sitting on the desk.  She was totally naked except for a black lace collar that stretched around her neck and a pair of clamp on nipple jewels.  Of course her arm wrapped around her swollen belly, cradling the child within.  At seven months her baby bump was quite evident.  Robert reached out and touched her lightly with a smile.

“Its too bad Ive already had my allotted number of sons, Megan.  Youd have made some wonderful boys.”

Megan sighed.  “I know.  But thats the way it his.”  She gave him a more direct look.  “Have you checked on Beth?”

Robert grinned.  “I was wondering when youd come and ask. I know she was one of your favorites” He reached out and ran his hand across the womans bosom, feeling the soft curves of her breast.  He teased a nipple lightly but she ignored it and bit her lip.  Bethany was one of hers and he understood.

“You make it sound like shes not coming back from camp,” Megan accused softly.  Robert ignored her comment.

“Would you like to see the tracking page?” he asked.

She blinked.  “Really?  Youd let me?”  In general, the women of Roberts household werent allowed on the general network.  Their computers were limited to educational programs and skill sets.  He smiled at her and typed a few commands into his computer console.  Suddenly the screen changed and Megan came up off the table and once again stood behind him to see, hands on his shoulders.

The majority of the screen was dominated by two live video streams.  Since it was dark inside the shipping container, both were tinged green from being filmed with infrared cameras.  One shot showed Bethanys face, her eyes open, staring sightlessly into the darkness, while the other was a close-up shot of the girls sex, right between the legs, as the motorized dildo continued to pump deeply into the poor girl. An EKG reading was underneath the whole thing, as well as a side view graphic that showed the position of both dildos in relation to Bethanys body.  Underneath were a number of manual setting bars for electrical stimulation and motor speed. Lastly there were two clocks, one counting up, the other counting down, respectively labeled “time elapsed” and “rime remaining.” 

“Oh my God,” Megan whispered.  “Can she hear us?” She asked.

Robert laughed. “Oh no.  But we can hear her if we want.”  He clicked on a little speaker button and suddenly they could hear the small whimpers of a girl in desperate straits, her body focused on sexual climax.

“That looks intense,” Megan said.

Robert swallowed.  The sensations around his cock had increased. He hadnt realized that seeing Bethany like that, watching the vaginal dildo forcing her petals wide, would be such a turn on.  He closed his eyes, focused on resisting the urge to cum, when the door of the room opened and his third wife, Linda, came in holding a box.

“Did you order this, honey?” She asked.  Like Megan, she was totally naked, except she wasnt pregnant.  Instead of nipple jewelry she wore a pair of light duckbill clamps on her nipples, held together with a chain and a butterfly clitoral vibrator was strapped around her waist.  The light on the front was off at that point, though Robert knew it was only a matter of time before the preprogrammed vibrations, controlled by the settings he had specified, started up.  Of course he could also access the control matrix on his computer and bypass the program, sending poor Linda into spams of sexual delight any time he wanted.  He grinned at the thought.

“Actually yes.  Why dont you open it?” He told the pretty, naked woman.

She grinned in delight and tore into it, her bare breasts bouncing above the brown box.  It only took her seconds but then her eyebrow went up as she pulled out a plastic package containing a full two dozen, rubber anal plugs, varying in size.  Each end was capped with a real looking, colored glass gem.  She held them up, realizing quite well what she held and stared at Robert.

“Really?” she asked.  “Butt plugs?”  He could tell she was surprised since Robert had rarely expressed an interest in any of his stocks bottom parts.

He sighed and gave her an exasperated look.  “Linda, Im telling you, weve got to prepare them for this.  Just because Im not into anal doesnt mean we shouldnt get them ready for it.  I mean, werent you used anally before I bought you?”

Linda nodded sheepishly. “Yes, but…”

“No buts,” he said, then paused. “Well, actually, yes.  Butts.”  He chuckled.  “So from now on, an hour a day for all the girls.  In fact…” he reached down under the table and tapped on the head between his legs.  “Come on up, Helen.”

The warm wet feeling around his cock stopped and there was a timid voice. “Do I have to, Daddy?”

“Yes, come up here.”

There was movement under the table and a teenage girl, just as naked as the other two women, crawled out from under the table.  She was beautiful, with long dark hair and a cherubic face that shared some of the qualities as the one on the computer monitor.  It was possible to tell that Helen and Bethany were half-sisters.  Helen looked at her father but then studied the monitor in curiosity.  She looked at the video of Bethany and gave her father an inscrutable glower.

“You didnt cum,” she accused him. 

He laughed.  “No, I didnt.  Youll have to try harder next time.”

“You were almost there,” she said with steel. 

Robert grinned. “Almost.”  He looked at Linda who had opened the package and selected the smallest anal plug, holding it out.

Robert glared at her. “I think Helen can handle more than that, dont you?”

Linda took a deep breath and then exchanged the small plug for slightly larger.

“Thats much better.”

Helen looked at the gem studded probe. “What is it?” she asked, reaching out and touching the phallus.

“Its an anal plug, sweetheart.  We put it in your bottom,” Robert explained.

That clearly was a surprise to the girl. “Will it hurt?”

“Damn right it will,” Linda muttered.  Robert glared at his wife. 

“Thats earned you a punishment, which Ill take care of in a second,” he said sternly to Linda. The color in Lindas face drained away.  He turned back toward Helen.  She had wrapped her arms under her small breasts carefully.

“Its uncomfortable at first, but youll get used to it.  The only reason Im doing it is because I want you to become accustomed to it before you get out into the real world.  See Bethany there?  Shes got one up inside her bottom right now, and its even moving in and out.  See the cross-section graphic there at the bottom right?  See how deep both dildos go?  There is a lot of anal stuff going on out there and Id rather have you experience some discomfort now, than brutal pain later.”

Helen looked leery, peering at the video monitor.  She watched as the blue colored anal plug moved in and out of her sisters anal track.  “That really has to go in my bottom?”

Robert nodded. “Look, honey. Its no bigger than a cock.”

“Then why cant it be cock?” Helen asked.

Robert blinked. “What?”

“If I have to get used there, opened like that, does it have to be that thing?  It looks cold and hard. Cant you do it?” Helen asked.

Robert was unsure how to reply. “Well, I…”

“Your daddy doesnt do anal,” Megan said simply.  “Youre anal virginity will be taken by an inanimate object, trust me.

Helen frowned and wrapped one hand around his shoulder while the other went down to his lap.  Roberts cock was still rock hard and very wet.  Her fingers caressed the time and his entire shaft jerked suddenly. “Id rather you do it, Daddy.”  Helens voice was a whisper.

Robert sighed and then stood up, pushing her toward the table.  “Well, if Im going to force you, then at least I should share the burden.”  He kicked off the boxers that had been around his ankles before Helen had been ordered to suck him at the table and he reached out for the girl, pushing her down so that her face was just inches from the screen. The image of Bethany getting screwed during transport filled Helens vision, both the “thrust” and “shock” counters both going up steadily.  He pushed Helen forward until she was bent over the table, her cute bottom in the air.

“Megan, get me some lube.”

Megan waddled over to the nearby side table and extracted a bottle.  In this household, sexual lubricant was available everywhere.  It was like tissue.  She handed it to Robert who opened the cap and squirted a liberal amount on his already wet dick.  Both of his wives watched curiously as he grabbed hold of the base of his cock and then moved behind Helen.  The teenager was standing with her legs spread and he slid the oiled tip of his shaft along her buttocks.  Pushing lightly, he found the small button of her ass, but slid downward, the tip of his cock sliding through the petals of her sex.

She giggled. “I dont think thats my bottom.”  She wiggled her hips, teasing him.

“Stay still girl,” he muttered, once more bringing his cock up.  He pushed harder this time and Helen gasped, then squeezed.

“No, you have to open up. Relax.  Let me in,” he said softly.

She nodded her head, leaning on her elbows.  Robert pushed again and this time his cock slid into the tight space between Helens butt cheeks.  She let out a tiny cry and he began to pump, thrusting forward in tiny movements. 

“Oh my God!” Helen said, her voice trembling.  “Please! Daddy! That hurts!” she said, one hand moving back toward him.  Megan reached out and grabbed the girls wrist, holding her in place.

Robert grabbed Helen hips. “I know dear. Try to relax.  This will be over soon,” he said gruffly.  The feel of her virgin rear, tight and warm around his already well aroused cock, was almost too much for him.  He began pushing, driving himself deeper, ignoring the pain ridden cries of the girl beneath him and he tried to match the rhythm of the anal fucking that Bethany was enduring.  He pushed forward into Helen each time the screen showed the thick anal probe delving into Bethanys ass.  Finally he couldnt take it and drove into the hilt, eliciting a scream from Helen as his cock spurted and shuddered inside her, filling her entire ass with his cream.  To make things worse for her as she sobbed on the table, was the fact that he stayed inside her until he was soft.

“Im sorry, Helen.” His voice was strained as he pulled out and sat down.  Megan handed him a wipe and he cleaned himself off.  Linda reached out a hand and took Helens arm.

“Come on, sweetheart. Let me take care of you,” the woman said, but Robert held out his hand.  “Let Megan do it.  Bend over the table.”  There was a moments silence.

Lindas eyes widened.  “But… but I dont need…”

“Just because youre my wife and a breeder doesnt mean you dont need anal training.  What if I decide to ship you somewhere?” Robert explained patiently.  Linda glanced at Helen.  The poor girl was clutching her bottom with one hand and Megan with the other.

“Is this my punishment?” Linda asked, her voice tense. 

He shook his head. “Nope.”  Then he grabbed the largest butt plug and held it up. “This is.”

Lindas look of despair was almost heart breaking.  Megan gave Linda a knowing look and took Helens hand, pulling her out of the room.  “Its better if you dont see or hear this,” she said to Helen, leaving Linda and Robert alone.

As soon as Helen and Megan had left the dining room Robert put his hand on Linda and turned her around. She complied willingly, knowing the kind of punishments he was legally entitled to inflict upon her.  He could also revoke her breeding status, which would mean an immediate pickup from the local knackers.  While Linda knew that eventually that would happen anyway, she wasnt quite ready to go.  So she bent over.

“Im going to lube you up first,” Robert said softly, standing behind her.  His hand pushed her downward and she too found herself face to face with Bethany, the poor girls suffering clearly intense as she was shipped across the country. Linda couldnt help it as her breathing deepened, the fear of having something shoved up her ass more tangible than ever.  She wished he was hard and wanting, instead of just satisfied, since his cock would have been preferable to the massive plug he was holding.  She felt something cool and wet against her bottom and then he began to slowly massage her, working his finger around her rim and through her petals.  Gently, with one thumb against her sex, he began pushing.  To Lindas surprise, it felt good as his finger slid in and she strained to stay relaxed.  His thumb began to move, caressing her petals and even getting up to her clit occasionally, though second by second his forefinger went deeper and deeper.  Finally he was thrusting fast, in and out of her bottom, literally pulling his finger completely out, only to jam it back in again.  Linda was panting, her hands gripping her bottom, spreading her cheeks, rising up on tip toe, the arches of both feet totally exposed, her breasts mashed against the table.  Her eyes locked on Bethanys sex, the thick dildo sliding in and out of the teenage package.

For Robert it was simple.  He reached down, picked up the anal plug, and drove it in, replacing his finger.  It was thicker, but not by much, and Linda only gasped, her eyes widening.  He slid it all the way in, the indentation snagging around her sphincter.  She shuddered and then slowly straightened.  She gave him a peculiar look. 

“That doesnt feel so bad actually.”  She reached back to her bottom and felt the jewel peeking out from between her buttocks.

Robert laughed.  “It shouldnt.”  He held up the monster sized phallus and her eyes widened.

“But…” she stammered.

“Exactly.  Butt.  Your butt wouldnt have been able to handle this monster.  Im strict, not cruel.  But dont worry.  With each passing day well work your ass until you can fit the big one inside you.”

She sighed.  “That does not sound appealing.” 

“It will next time you get shipped somewhere.”

Linda glanced back at the screen, the whimpering sounds of Bethany still matching the video.  “And Beth?”

Robert looked at his daughters image on the screen.  The blond beauty was gasping out, clearly in the throes of another orgasm.  “Beth is going to summer camp.  After that, well see.”

Stay tuned… the story will continue with Bethanys Summer Camp Adventure at A&E

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