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The Beginning of The Femcan Survival Project

Chapter 1

The Beginning of The Femcan Survival Project by Femcan Lana

We could use a script writer to turn this into a film to fund The Femcan Survival Project

Are you a script writer? Let us know

Once upon a time very deep in the woods lived a small community of people. This Community was split in two. One part Normal folk that went to the public Schools and churchs and obeyed the laws and a second part that did things a little different. This small group of men and women were called witches atleast that is what most people called them.

It was a shame that these people were cast out and ignored by society as they were brilliant for their time. With the help of Lilith they made amazing discoveries about nature and chemistry; they wanted to test the limits and think of ways to do things that were, for the time, deemed un-natural.

They would experiment with different dried powders and make all sorts of things. Sometimes they would mix these powders and use them for cuts or illness but sometimes these strange powders would cause smoke or explosions. The townsfolk strongly thought that the outcastĂs should have found a way to be able to afford to see the town Doctor instead of deciding to conjure up their own medicines.

They also believed when they died they would be reincarnated into something they called the swarmers. Sort of like a cloud of ghosts that would travel together as one.  There are old wive-tales of the swarmers being able to posses and control the dead. The swarmers loved to control evil and bring it back to anything that wronged them. This was the outcasts way of getting even.

It is also said that the leader of the swarmers was a beautiful goddess ˘Lilith÷. She had lived in the backwoods in a very old cabin. The outcasts where known to visit her and learn her magical ways.

These groups of outcasts unknowingly began to scare the so-called regular townsfolk, and it was time they did something about it. The towns people had a big meeting at the local church to discuss the removal of the outcasts. The church was the perfect place considering the outcast didnĂt believe in religion especially the ways of the church.

It was decided they would wait till winter when the weather was bad. The idea behind this was that if the weather was bad enough the outcasts wouldnĂt survive and would die. Finally they thought there would be peace in there little town.

Early one winter morning, in the middle of a violent blizzard. The time had finally come to remove them. It was a very messy removal. Some people raced for the hills and family members were quickly separated. Some of the outcasts tried to fight back either with weapons or their dogs but immediately were shot.  Some decided not to fight and ran into the woods. They grabbed what they could to survive.

They were driven from their homes by any means and forced into the deep woods, some of their homes were burned some were destroyed by gun fire. It has always been in the nature of man to destroy or get rid of whatever he did not understand.

Editor Note: This is how Femcans came to be! The original femcans hated men specially greedy powerful men that caused harm to others

The outcasts that were able to escape were haunted by the townsfolk they screamed  threats to never return to the town again; they knew all too well what was in store for them if they did: they would be hanged, burned or shot.

Deep deep in the woods in a very old cabin Lilith woke up from a horrible nightmare.  She sensed that her innocent children were in trouble. The journey to save them was way to far to travel especially with the weather as it was. She would have to wait out the winter storm and visit the town at some point in the future to find out exactly what happened.

There was one thing she could do. Even though she knew the message would be cloudy and unreliable. She put her hands on top of her crystal ball to take a peak into the future. She was immediately thrown back from the energy. All she had seen was fire death and water. A lot of death and a lot of water.

The Goddess just laid there in her very old cabin dazed and confused. She was in complete shock by what she had seen for the future for her, her innocent children and for the place they all lived on.

The outcasts who did escape were severely unprepared. Most of the elder refugees simply didnĂt have the physical strength to withstand the harsh weather and tragically suffered and died. However some were able to build shelters to protect them from the elements.

The wilderness can be an amazing place providing plentiful food and shelter but in the winter months,  it can be quite unforgiving if you donĂt understand your surrounding. They knew they needed to quickly learn to adapt if they had any chance of surviving.

Spring came and there were only a handful left. They all banned together and used their combined knowledge to build much stronger shelters that would be warm and last through the following winter. They even built small gardens, planting berries and wheat. Some of the men witches even hiked for days to find farms where they could steal corn and vegetable seeds. The witch women took it upon themselves to build traps to catch small animals and also wove nets to catch fish in nearby streams and rivers.

They were flourishing well and as numerous winters passed, some of them even started families. They raised their children to stay within the limits of the forest. All children were taught there was nothing outside of the woods that was of any interest to them. But itĂs human nature to be curious; as time went by, the children wanted to venture further and further from home. There was one young girl named Jinx that was exceptionally curious. Being on the verge of becoming a woman, she grew more and more eager to find out for herself as the days went by.

One day, when her family was out hunting, she took it upon himself to set off and see for herself what was out there. Grabbing as many supplies as she could fit into is pack, she set off in the direction that was the most forbidden by the adults.

It was after a journey of a few days when Jinx came upon a clearing. The sun shone brightly at the edge of the trees. It seemed almost magical to see such a sight with her own eyes. She stopped at the tree line and peered in every direction. Never had she seen such a wide open space. Once her eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight, She noticed in the distance 3 other young people; it appeared to be two girls and a boy. The boy was splitting wood, while one girl was swinging from a large swing that was hung from the branch of a huge willow tree, and the other girl was painting on a large easel nearby

Jinx had never seen such well-groomed children before.  She was very interested in what the one girl was painting.  She just had to get a closer look.  She noticed that the tree line ran around the clearing and came much closer to the children than where she was.  Keeping herself just out of sight, she ventured closer.  She came within about twenty feet of them when she stopped and just gazed at them for awhile.  She was even able to see a bit of what the one girl was painting.  She was creating a magical nature scene that seemed to come alive on the canvas as she watched her paint it.

She had never in his entire life seen colors this beautiful before.

Keeping herself  just out of site she ventured closer. She came within about 20 feet of them and she stopped and just gazed at them for a while. She could now see a bit of what the one girl was painting. She was creating a magical nature scene that seemed to come alive on the canvas as she watched her paint it. Being lost in the moment, Jinx wasnĂt paying attention as she tried to shift around to get a better look and stepped on a twig.  The noise startled some nearby birds and caused all three children to look in his direction. Jinx crouched down in the bushes and stayed perfectly still. The young girl that was painting was strangely curious and started to walk towards the area where the boy was hiding. Keeping his axe in hand her brother yelled to her.

˘You know what father told us! DonĂt go in the woods!÷

Shush, brother!  He doesnĂt know half the things IĂve done!Ă she yelled back at him.  She walked closer to the edge of the trees and peered in.

Jinx began to tremble.  She was nearly on top of her.  She looked left and right, and then strangely began to sniff the air.  ŠWhere are you?Ă she whispered into the trees. Trembling beyond her control, Jinx gasped as those words left her lips.  She heard her and knelt down right in front of the bush and slowly began to spread the leaves.  Jinx jumped up, which knocked the girl back, Jinx started to run away. She didnĂt get very far when she heard, ŠHey, wait!  Please, stop!

Jinx stopped and looked back at her. She had such a kind smile on her face. They both stood there and starred at each other. Jinx gazed long into her beautiful green eyes and at her lovely smile.

ŠPlease come closer.  IĂm not going to hurt you,Ă the girl said in a kind voice with her hand stretched out towards her.  Unable to help herself, the girl slowly walked back towards Jinx.  ŠCome on, itĂs alright.

The girl had such a fascination with the forest and the old stories her elders would tell her. She just had to touch this girl and know if the stories were real. The girl was within inches of her outstretched hand. She slowly reached out and took hold of her hand ˘There, that wasnĂt so bad. Do you know how to speak?÷

Jinx just looked at her. She was too scared to think straight and put something together to answer her question. She just smiled at her and tugged at her hand. ˘Come on, come into the sunlight with me,÷ she pleaded.

˘Jinx was very hesitant, but she seemed so kind, gentle and free-spirited that she just held her hand tighter and followed her.  As they reached the edge of the trees and stepped into the bright sunlight, the girlĂs brother and sister saw what she was doing.  Her sister, being younger and a bit of a tattletale, jumped off her swing and ran towards the house.÷

˘IĂm telling father!÷ she yelled as she ran.

˘What do you think youĂre doing?÷ her brother said forcefully to her.

˘Just leave me alone, brother; IĂm perfectly fine,÷ she said back to him. ˘Go back to the house with our sister and donĂt say a word or IĂll stick snakes in your bed again!÷

Being quite afraid of snakes and scared from the many times she had done it before, he did what he was told and went towards the house. But he darted behind the shed when she wasnĂt looking so he could keep an eye on her.

The girl brought Jinx over to where she was painting. Jinx tugged at her hand to stop. ˘You like it?÷ she asked. Jinx nodded in response.

˘YouĂre the only one besides my late mother. I paint places that I believe she is in. Happy places, away from this place.÷

They both stared at each other again, but it was soon broken with a loud yell from the house.

˘WhatĂs going on out here?÷

It was the father, and he sounded very angry. ˘Oh my, HIDE!÷ the girl said to Jinx as she pointed to a large nearby bush in the yard. ˘Please hide in there, IĂll be right back. Please donĂt leave,÷ she said as she let go of his hand. For a moment, he just wanted to run back into the forest. But he wanted to please the girl and learn more about her, so she did what she had asked and ran to the nearby bush to hide.

The girl started running towards her father. Again he yelled to her, ˘WhatĂs going on out here?÷

˘Nothing father, just having a little fun.÷

The father continued walking out towards his daughter. As he passed the shed, he noticed his son hiding behind it. He grabbed his son by the arm and pulled him out from behind it.

˘Boy! Tell me what the hell is going on out here?÷

The boy looked at his father and then at his sister.

˘AhÓ UmmÓ÷

˘Come out with it boy!÷

˘ThereĂsÓ something in the woods,÷ the boy managed to tell him.

˘Is this true?÷

˘Yes, Father,÷ / ˘No Father,÷ both children answered at the same time.

Angrily the father asked, ˘Which is it?÷

˘SheĂs lying,÷ / ˘HeĂs lying,÷ they both answered again.

Extremely aggravated at this point, the father grabbed his son by both shoulders and held him tightly in front of his face. ˘Let me say this slowly. WhatÓ IsÓ GoingÓ On?÷ the father asked gazing harshly into his sonĂs face. ˘She was playing with a girl from the woods,÷ the boy answered in a trembling voice to his father. The fathers face started to turn an awful shade of red and he looked up at his daughter. She had her head down as to not make eye contact with her father. She couldnĂt bear to see how angry he was and think about what he might do.

The father pushed his son aside and walked sternly over to his cowering daughter. ˘What did I tell you?÷

˘FatherÓ÷ the girl tried to speak through her trembling voice but was cut off.

˘Shut your mouth! You are NEVER to go near the woods. IĂve told you too many times. This is the last straw!÷

The father turned back towards his son and sternly asked, ˘Where is this girl?÷

˘Over there,÷ the boy pointed towards the large bush in the yard. ˘NO!÷ the girl yelled as she grabbed on to her fathers arm. He just pushed her to the ground.

˘IĂve had enough of you; you should know better by now. YouĂre just like your motherÓ Never listening! You better be careful or something will happen to you too!÷

The girl lowered her head again and began to weep.

The father walked closer to the bush and walked around it a few times. Nothing seemed to be disturbed. ˘Are you telling lies again boy? You children cause me such grief!÷

˘No father, heĂs inside,÷ the boy said to his father.

The girl looked up and wiped her tears as her father bent down and spread the leaves and branches of the bush. Huddled in a ball at the base of the bush was Jinx. Before the she could get up and run the man grabbed her by the back of her shirt and raised him up out of the bush. Jinx struggled and tried with all her might to free herself from the manĂs grip but it was useless. The father just chuckled as Jinx struggled.

˘Where did you come from?÷ the father demanded to know. Jinx didnĂt answer. So the man said it louder. ˘Where did you come from?÷

˘She came from the dark part of the woods; over there father,÷ his son said to him as he pointed to the area the girl came from. The man raised Jinx a little higher and stared long and hard at her.

˘I thought you were all gone. I thought we killed the last of you years agoÓ÷

The man knew what this child was and he knew what he was going to have to do with her.

The father tossed Jinx over his shoulder and took her to the church and tied her to a pole. He then went outside to gather the towns people. He was preparing to question and torture the boy to  find out were the rest of the outcasts were.

As he was gathering people a fog started to form over the river and slowly fill the town. There was a strange whisper within the wind. Repeating the same words over and over again.

The swarming swarmers stand,

the swarming swarmers swarm The swarmers swarm till thereĂs nothing left to swarm

The swarming swarmers stand,

the swarming swarmers swarm The swarmers swarm till thereĂs nothing left to swarm

The swarming swarmers stand,

the swarming swarmers swarm The swarmers swarm till thereĂs nothing left to swarm

Then behind him he heard a females voice ű Let the girl go and forget about my children for if you proceed death will come for all of you.

The father spun around and standing there in front of him was Lilith. He was so shocked that for a moment he couldnĂt speak a word. He just stared at her like a deer in headlights.  He was consumed not only by her but by the whispers in the wind. What was that sound?

Lilith explained those that were killed from the towns people were reborn into the swarmers  and they wanted their vengeance. Lilith also explained that if he didnĂt let the girl go she would let the swarmers do as they please.

The frightened townspeople started to gather around to see what was going on. Some knew Jinx, some were confused by what was happening but all knew of Lilith and her evil ways.

The only thing the father could think to say was grab her. A couple of men behind the witch did just that. They grabbed her threw her down and kicked her till she was unconscious. As they were kicking her the wind swirled around making high pitched sounds as if it was crying.

Lilith woke up to a stone hitting her shoulder she was tied to a pole in the middle of towns square. Another stone hit her chest making it difficult to breath. She did the only thing she could think of she started to chant

The swarming swarmers stand,

the swarming swarmers swarm The swarmers swarm till thereĂs nothing left to swarm

The swarming swarmers stand,

the swarming swarmers swarm The swarmers swarm till thereĂs nothing left to swarm

The swarming swarmers stand,

the swarming swarmers swarm The swarmers swarm till thereĂs nothing left to swarm

Another stone hit her face and blood poured from her nose. In pain she continued the chant and just before the match hit the wood below her and just before the flames poured up her body she said in her last dying breath may this town vanish beneath the depth on the anniversary of my death.

As her flesh burned the fog lifted and the whispers in the wind silenced. Even though the sun came out and the birds started chirping something just didnĂt feel right.

Inside the church the Jinx was gone ű The nice girl that found the boy was also gone. It is said that Lilith took them before she was caught.  She needed the blood of one of her children and one of the towns innocent virgins to complete her spell. The spell would also allow her to be forever immortal if she allowed herself to be burned alive.

1 year later on the anniversary of the Liliths death the town experienced a fatal flood that sunk the town which consisted of 14 buildings and a bridge and killed the townspeople.

Review This Story || Author: Femcan Lana
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