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Becoming Cunt Doggy

Part 1

So a while ago I got a roommate. We had met a couple of times in the run up to her moving in, and she must have somehow picked up on my submissive traits, despite me never picking up on her Dominating ones, because the day she moved in, she had me on my knees between her legs, eating her pussy all evening, while she was watching TV and eating her dinner. I had no way of keeping track of time, but I must have spent somewhere around three to four hours eating her pussy before she pushed me off and went to bed.

After that first night our interaction was limited mostly to meal times, since she works nights in a local bar and I work days in a restaurant nearby, but I did come home from work a few days later to find a list of household rules pinned to my bedroom door, which read as follows:

  1.     I am to be referred to as Queen Bee, at all times.
  2.     You are in charge of all household chores.
  3.     I am to be woken each morning with breakfast in bed, no later than 8am.
  4.     I will select your outfits each day, you will wear them without question.
  5.     I have final say on EVERYTHING that occurs in both the flat and your life.

Just under a week after Queen Bee moved in and implemented her rules, we had our first full day together, with both of us off work at the same time, and that day was the turning point in our relationship. Until that day I had been playing along, following the rules, and convincing myself that she would soon get bored of me and move on to someone else. Boy was I wrong.

In accordance to the rules I had been waking her with breakfast in bed every morning before I left for work but today she had demanded an earlier wake up call, so I woke up at 6:30 and prepared her breakfast, taking it in to Queen Bee at 7, expecting to be dismissed in order to carry out my usual morning chores, but today she simply lifted the cover, and pointed to her pussy, trapping me beneath the covers as I ate her out. As she ate, Queen Bee farted repeatedly, and I could hear her laughing to herself as I struggled to breath.

Queen Bee demanded I run her a bath while she took delivery of the last of her stuff, locking me in the bathroom while she sorted her things, only letting me out when she was ready. After letting me out, she instructed that I was to set up all her things in the sitting room while she bathed. While she took her bath, I set up the things Queen Bee had gotten delivered, which included a Queening chair for the sitting room, which replaced the chair she had claimed as her own the day she moved in, kneeling stocks, and a large box full of restraints, hoods and various other toys, which she had left with a note saying they were to be moved to my bedroom.

When I entered my room, I was shocked to see a cage had been placed in the corner, where my bed had  been less than an hour before, and all my clothes thrown onto the floor in a large heap. Queen Bee, who had finished her bath, trapped me in the room and told me she would be packing all my clothes away, as she had everything I would need from now on.

Sending me off to take a shower, Queen Bee, cleared out my room, and, as I left the bathroom, clapped manacles on my wrists and ankles, dragging me back to my room by my hair. She worked a gag into my mouth and forced me down into the cage, telling me she was going out for the rest of the day, and would bring home a treat for me later.

The cage was the most uncomfortable experience I'd ever had, because the cage was deliberately brought to be a very tight fit, and, coupled with the fact that I had not had time to dry off after my shower, the bars were pinching and rubbing at my naked skin.

When Queen Bee returned, at around 7:30 that evening, I could hear talking, and guessed she had brought a friend back with her. I was right, but what I wasn't expecting was for Queen Bee to tell me that her friend was moving in with us, and was to be called Queen Tee, and to be treated with the same reverance that she was treated with.

Queen Tee and Queen Bee dragged me from the cage and laughed as I struggled to walk on my dead legs, into the front room, where they poured some food into a dog bowl, and made me eat off the floor, like an animal. Eating was messy, as they held my arms out to the sides, meaning I could only use my face, and when I was done they made me lick up the mess I had made before locking me in to the Queening Chair, where they took it in turns to sit on my face and make me eat their pussies.

Life was changing fast, I just wasn't ready for how fast things would change.

Review This Story || Author: Cunt Doggy
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