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A dangerous family game

Part 1

A Dangerous Family Game

The Game Players:

Carina, or Carrie, thats me age 18, height 5 foot 11 inches, weight 165 pounds, measurements, 42D bust/30 waist/42 hips.

Cassandra, my mother age 40, height 5 foot 11 inches, weight 160 pounds. Measurements, 40C bust/32 waist/40 hips.

Janine, my grandmother, Cassandras Mother age 59, height 5 foot 10 inches, weight 170 pounds, measurements, 42D bust/34 waist/44 hips.


The two people closest to me are my mom and my grandma. Mom and I have been a single parent household for a long time now, and grandma Jan is so often involved with us too. We are all lesbians and a bit kinky, and all pretty much Domme too. But we dont compete or try to push each other around, everyones comfortable. And we are not sexual with each other, but very open about our sex lives and preferences and kinks. Im close to mom now, but right after the divorce, it was kind of difficult for me to communicate with her. She was loving and did her best with me, and I realize now that I was just generally hurt and confused at that time. So when I was discovering my sexuality I would always go to grandma Jan to ask questions and talk about things that were on my mind. She was really my mentor, sexually and as a Domme. I finally relaxed with mom too, and we were also very frank and open about the same things.

As I grew up we were, I think, a pretty “healthy” family, mentally and physically. We did all the normal fun things that families do, and in a way we were almost like girlfriends too. It was probably unusual, but all 3 generations of us treated each other with respect and as equals. We all had our own friends and interests too of course. I dont want to imply that we were some strange, eccentric recluses that only had each other. That was not the case at all. We went our separate ways more often than we were together. But when we did things together it was great. One of our favorite things was working out at the gym together. And here we were all pretty competitive, every one of us wanting to come out ahead here, or to win whatever game we were playing. But it was a healthy sort of competition, when it was over it was over. And it paid dividends, we were all 3 in terrific shape. And I admit we were a little vain about our looks. If I do say so we were a beautiful, sexy 3-some, even if our ages ranged from 18 (me) to 59 (grandma Jan). When we went out together we got “looks” and approaches from everyone, men and women. And we took some of the women up on it too . . . LOL!

I dont believe any of us was the snoopy type, I know I never was. But one day when I got home from school mom was out, she had planned a dinner with a client of hers. I was just going to bed and read, I had an early day coming up and when I went past her office to my room I saw her computer was on. She usually shuts it down when she leaves but she must have forgotten, so I went in to do it for her. Of course then I saw what was on her screen, it was a picture of a woman tied up tight and with a desperate expression on her face. There was some wording beneath it and I couldnt help myself, I scrolled down and began to read. The picture wasnt shocking at all, I knew mom liked BDSM, so did I, but the story was something Id never heard about before. I read it, fascinated, and then I read some more that were linked in. It was really, really arousing, and I took a break to masturbate. I was hooked, this was new and VERY exciting; I needed to know more about it! Well, then I DID snoop . . . I checked her favorites and browsing history.

I found lots and lots of extreme BDSM “porn” of all sorts. I wasnt shocked at all, I had the same sort of thing on MY computer, and I was pretty sure grandma Jan did also. And I wondered if SHE was into this “dangerous escape” thing too, just like mom? But I was sure what I wanted, I followed links to more “escape” stories! I sat there and read and read some more . . . and I masturbated over and over as I continued to read! I was absolutely mesmerized! This was HOT!

I dont know where the time went, it seemed to me like ½ hour or so, but when I heard moms voice behind me I jumped in shock. She wasnt due home for hours I had thought, then I looked at the time and date on her computer. I had been looking at her “dangerous escape” collection for 4 hours! Oh my God! And now I was ashamed of being caught at her computer. One of the understood “conditions” of our openness about sex; about everything as a matter of fact, was “NO SNOOPING”. I spun around in her chair and apologized, “oh mom Im sorry, really, I just . . . ?“. Why had I done this, snooped? I was confused but I stumbled on, “I just saw your computer on when I came in and was only going to shut it down, but then I . . .”.  I realized I was going to create a bigger problem for myself so I shut up. Mom gave me a hard look and said, “CARRIE”, I could tell she was mad. But she pulled up a side chair and sat next to me, then said, “so lets see what youve been snooping . . . of my PRIVATE things”! When she sat next to me she could clearly see that I had my skirt hiked up to my waist and no underwear on. And at my feet were my wadded-up, sopping wet panties that Id thrown down there hours ago. I was caught for sure.

Well, now I HAD to show her what Id been looking at, so I re-visited some of her sites that dealt with this particular fantasy. She smiled, but then she got serious and said to me, “sweetheart I can see you got excited (smiling again) about this”, then she added, “stand up dear”, which of course I did. “Well, I can see you got VERY excited”, she said and laughed out loud. I looked down and saw a huge wet spot on her chair. I was so embarrassed! She just laughed again, and I sat back down. “You need to be very, VERY careful you know”, she warned me. “If youre tempted DONT just jump in on your own, talk to me first”, she said in a serious tone of voice.

I took a deep breath and Started speaking: “Mom, Im really sorry I got into your computer, but this “escape” fetish has turned me on more than I can believe. I HAVE to try it, I wont be able to stop myself! Im sorry, but I know myself, and I wont be able to let this go until Ive tried it!” Mom looked at me for a long time, a serious look on her face. Finally, not looking happy about it she said, “well, if youre going to try this, I know I wont be able to stop you, youll find a time, a place and a way”. Then she went to a drawer and took some things out and turned to me, holding them behind her. “If youre intent on doing this you need me watching over you”, she said, “and theres no time like the present”. I smiled and gasped excitedly, I know she could see my eyes sparkle with desire. Looking stern she said, “into the living room with you little missy”!

I was so excited I almost ran out there and I stood waiting for her, licking my lips. When she came in she said to me, “strip and lay down in the middle of the floor”. Instantly . . . shoes kicked off, skirt slipped off, top pulled over my head, bra unfastened and slipped off . . . everything just tossed aside in my excitement. Then I lay face down on the floor waiting expectantly. Mom knelt down beside me and I saw her holding a head harness with a large ball gag before my eyes. I turned my head to look up at her and said, “I dont need that mom, just tie me up”. But she replied, “you DO need it sweetheart, I say so”. “Well, shes the expert” I thought so I held my mouth open for her. The gag was even bigger than it looked and mom had to use her strength to force it into my mouth. It hurt, I didnt like it, but it was so big I couldnt just push it out. Then she began to tighten the straps pulling it deep and tight into my mouth. It hurt, I whimpered, WHAT was she going to do to me . . . punish me somehow for my snooping? When she had finished strapping the gag harness in I heard a tiny “click” then another. I felt her hands on my wrists and then some rope being wrapped around them and pulled tight. She then bound my elbows together, then my ankles. “Ill be done soon darling, then well see if you still like the “escape game”, she said. By now I wasnt sure anymore! For one, I had never been in bondage before; and two, my mother and I NEVER played together, even though we talked about our playtimes with others, our kinks, our sexual turn-ons.

Then I felt her fingers, wet and cold with lube between my legs, opening me up. I felt a large metal egg pushed into my vagina, and then the same thing; cold fingers, then another egg, pushed into my rear. When she had done this she quickly tied more rope around my legs, just above my knees and then just below my buttocks. And they were TIGHT! I thought maybe she was finished, but no; she threaded rope between my ankles and then between the ropes holding my elbows tight. Then another piece of rope, through the d-ring at the top of the head harness, and that was pulled back hard and tied off to my tightly bound ankles. She pushed my legs, pulled that rope, pulled my head further and further back, again and again until she had my ankles drawn back close to my elbows and my head near then as well, my neck arched painfully. My body was sharply arched backwards and I was almost in the shape of the letter “O”. IT HURT! Then she rolled me onto my side saying, “O.K. sweetie, its time to play . . . go ahead and escape”. I was maybe sorry I got involved in this. But then I remembered some of the stories I had just read and started to get a little wet. And then she switched on the vibrating eggs, and I whined and squirmed in arousal. “I hope those dont distract you dear, youll need to concentrate on the ropes”, she said laughing. Well, I had no choice at that point so I started stretching and twisting my fingers around looking for the knots in the ropes. Damn it I was going to DO this!

But it wasnt as easy as it seemed in the stories! I must have struggled for a ½ hour when I saw mom pick up her phone and key in a number. After a moment: “Hi mom. Youll never guess what - - - your snoopy little grand-daughter got into my computer and found out about the little games we love so much. - - - no she wasnt shocked, in fact it got her all aroused and curious - - - well she seemed determined - - - shes here right now in fact - - - Im afraid you cant talk to her mom, shes “indisposed” - - - no, not that, I decided to teach her a lesson so right at this moment shes trying out our game for herself - - - Im sitting here on the sofa with a glass of wine watching her - - - not much progress, shes been at it for ½ hour now and she looks tired and frustrated - - - well OF COURSE I made it hard for her, I wanted to teach her a lesson - - - thats right, ropes, and knotted tight and my biggest ball gag too; I just want to watch her not hear her - - - yes, its a tough one, Im not sure either of US could get out of it even with all of our experience - - - but I dont WANT her to, thats the point mom - - - sure come on over, we can finish off a bottle of wine while your slutty little grand-daughter puts on a show for us - - - see you in a half hour mom - - - Yes, I love you too mom.”

Then she said to me, “I guess you heard that sweetie . . . your grandma will be over soon and well see how entertaining you can be”. And with that she laughed out loud and left the room. That made me angry and frustrated and gave me an anticipation of the humiliation Id feel when grandma Jan saw me like this. But I was even more determined now, everything mom said made me angry and determined and I attacked the knots with renewed energy. I would show them both! But it was sooooo much harder than Id imagined. My hands started to tingle from being bound tight at the wrists and I was afraid theyd go numb. And twisting my hands and fingers around to pick at the knots was difficult and after a bit of this they cramped up and I had to straighten them out and give them a rest. But then back at those knots, Id show them . . . and Id show mom and grandma Jan too.

I was finally getting one of them loosened and was feeling better about my chances when the doorbell rang. Grandma Jan of course and mom answered it. I heard, “Hi mom”, then the sound of a kiss, then “our escape artist is in the living room” as they both laugh. I heard heels clicking on the entry floor and in a moment they were standing in front of me, smiling at my un-interrupted struggles with the rope. Mom said to grandma, “I did her up really well, Im not even sure you or I could get out of it, so I know she wont” and more laughter. That just made me angry . . . and determined. I went at the knots with renewed concentration. Mom and grandma got themselves some wine and sat down on the sofa. They clicked on the TV and started streaming a movie. They took a look at me occasionally, but mostly just sat there and watched the TV. I was right in front of the sofa and at one point mom put her feet up onto my butt, her stiletto heels digging in sharply. I screamed (muffled of course) and bucked and mom and grandma laughed and laughed.  Grandma turned to mom and said, Id be careful if she gets loose Cassie”. “Yeah, but she wont”, mom replied, and they turned their attention back to the TV movie. I would SHOW them, I WOULD!

It took me over 4 hours to get out, but I did it! By then mom and grandma had fallen asleep on the sofa. Mom had gotten home and discovered me at around 8:00 and now it was close to 1:00 am. I was exhausted, I hurt all over, I was so stiff I could barely move. But I was FREE! I was going to wake them up and show them I had escaped their “inescapable” bondage, but then I had another idea. I had all the ropes, so I slowly, carefully, gently tied each of their ankles together and then tied moms ankles to grandma Janines then slipped the ropes under the sofa and tied the ends to the opposite sofa legs. They didnt stir in the least as I did this, maybe a bit too much wine I thought. Then I took a long piece of rope and tied one end off to a sofa leg at the rear of the sofa, right where I had tied their ankle ropes. Then again very gently and carefully I pulled it tight and looped it loosely around each of their necks in turn. They were sort of leaning on each others shoulders, so their heads were close together, touching. I left that part a little slack, I didnt want to kill them just scare them. Then I pulled the other end of that rope over the back of the sofa and tied it off to the other back leg. I had to re-do it a couple of times to be sure it was snug and unescapable but loose enough so they wouldnt strangle (and also NOT wake them) but snug enough to make sure they couldnt just slip their heads out. I stepped back and admired my handiwork. All the knots were at the back legs of the sofa and they couldnt possible stretch themselves to reach them. Id show THEM . . . they were caught and caught good!

Then I called my friend Hilary to see if she wanted to go out to some clubs. Of course she was up for that, so I told her Id meet her in an hour, and went into my bathroom to shower and then dress (sexy) for our evening out. I took a last look at my “sleeping beauties” still snoozing peacefully, completely unaware what a predicament they were in. I would love to be there when they woke up, but it might be a long time yet and I was more in the mood to enjoy myself, to “celebrate” my victory over that bondage mom had put me into. “Inescapable” HAH . . . I think I showed them I was their equal. And if they couldnt get out of mine, well that would prove I was better than they were. Then, laughing to myself, imagining what they would think when they awoke . . . ALONE in our condo. Then I walked out the door.

Of course I had a hard time concentrating on having fun, just letting go. I kept thinking about how Id fixed up mom and grandma and wondering if they were awake yet. I was dying to know their reaction. I was pretty sure MY bondage really was inescapable, but I wanted to know for sure. So finally after about 1:00 am, I started calling both moms and grandmas mobile phones. I was sure they were nearby, and also that they couldnt reach them, so I hoped this would wake them up. When I came in the door I wanted to see the looks on their faces. After about 10 calls to each one I relaxed and did start to really enjoy the night. But I was still wondering about them, so after another hour or so I told Hilary we were heading home (I didnt tell her why though) and we left. After Id dropped her off and returned home, I was so excited. I thought theyd be awake and I could hardly wait to see and hear their reactions.

Well when I walked in the door I wasnt disappointed. They were awake all right, and the minute they saw me they started in. “How did you get free? . . . let us go NOW . . . wait til I get my hands on you, you little bitch . . . Oh youll be sooo sorry”. And of course they were struggling vigorously now, and as they squirmed and fought the ropes searching for a way out they started bickering too. “CASSIE, stop that . . . hold still mom . . . for Gods sake, stop squirming . . . Cassie, stop it, youre choking me.” I loved seeing them so angry . . . and helpless to do anything about it. I left them there struggling and threatening me and went to the closet where I knew mom kept her “toy box”. She had SOOOO much there, but I just picked out a couple of the biggest ball gags I could find. They were the kind with a harness on them, not just a single strap, I guess thats what mom preferred. When I returned to the living room holding them, the first thing I heard was, “youd better NOT missy”. I didnt want to hear any more and I quickly silenced mom. The gag was really large and I had to force it to get it deep into her mouth, even hitting it with the heel of my hand. After tightening all the straps moms only sound was a muffled, shrill whine. Then on to grandma Janine, “oh no, please Carrie, dont do thi . . .”. Her plea was cut off by the gag I forced into her mouth. Buckled tight, she was as quiet as mom, although they were both still extremely angry. But it had dawned on them the fix they were in, and I wondered, did I detect a bit of fear in those eyes? Well, at least I would get a quiet night and a good rest. Just before I went in to bed I turned and said, “sweet dreams ladies . . . I trust Ill see you both here in the morning”? You can imagine the struggling and attempted kicking and muffled screams as I left the room with a chuckle.

The next morning they were indeed still there. So whether I was better at escapes than they were or not, I knew I was better at bondage. I came to stand in front of them and looked down smiling. They had the idea to kick at me, but their ankles were bound together and to the back legs of the sofa, but they couldnt even co-ordinate a kick. They gave up, knowing they were defeated . . . I could see it in both pairs of eyes. And were there some tears streaking those pretty faces? It was time to take some pictures now. I took many. Many and made sure I got faces into them too, even as they tried to look away, look down. I was too quick for them and if I wasnt a pull on the hair got the face in line for a shot.

When I had plenty of “incriminating evidence” I sent them all to my friend Hilary with instructions to keep them safe, but to send them out (to a list I had provided her) if I ever told her to. I took off both the gags, but now all they could do was breathe deep, they had nothing to say anymore. So then I asked them if I could “join their gang” as I put it. At first there was . . . “oh no sweetie, its far too risky . . . I dont think you know how difficult it can be . . . etc., etc.”. But after I reminded that I had escaped THEIR bondage, but they hadnt escaped MINE . . . and told them what would happen with those pictures they agreed. “And forgive and forget”, I asked? They both nodded yes.

So I was finally one of them, and probably better at their extreme escape games than either of them were. And I dont know if it was “forgive and forget” for them, but they knew that those pictures were in Hilarys hands and any attempt to go back on their promise would send them out there . . . ruining their lives. So we worked on escape games together now. We were all good though, and we were competitive and kept pushing each other with new challenges. I found myself absolutely addicted to this “escape game” we played. By mid-summer we were all much improved, very confident and seeking some sort of “ultimate” challenge for all 3 of us together. After endless ideas, discussions, arguments, etc. we did begin to develop a plan for a challenge. It had to be extremely difficult and the penalty for failure had to be extreme too. We finally agreed on something, and it was indeed extreme . . . life-and-death extreme in fact. We were agreed, we picked a date . . . weekend after next, mid-August. This would give us the time to refine our plans and acquire any “supplies and equipment” we needed.


So, our plan . . .

We knew of an abandoned picnic shelter in a closed part of one of the forest preserves parks out in the suburbs. There was an old road there, very overgrown, but fortunately one of our cars was an all-wheel drive SUV. The old shelter was about 2 miles from the road in, further from the parking lot. We had been there a couple of days before to check it out one final time. It was clear that no-one had been near there for a long, long time. We agreed this was the ideal spot for our game to stay private.

The shelter itself had, for the most part, weathered away. The roof was gone, only a few scraps of lumber were left from the benches, but the frame had been made of steel, and it endured, rusted but as strong as the day it was put up. So there remained 4 steel uprights with steel crossbeams joining them. It was in a square shape so one of us would be positioned at each of 3 sides, so we could watch each other.

Each one of us will be set up for the escape as follows: We each have sets of locking leather cuffs, wrist, elbow, thigh and ankle. These will be tightened and locked at the appropriate spots, wrists, ankles, just above the elbows and just above the knees. There is a cable running down through the elbow cuffs to one wrist cuff and attached there with a snap, like a carabiner that climbers use. It is of a length that it must be pulled down hard to draw the elbows fully together. Once any of us frees their wrists, which wont be easy even after we have the key in hand, because our elbows will still be tight together behind our backs. Then step two. The second escape step will be to twist a hand around and un-snap the carabiner. And that wont be easy; the tension on the snap will make it extremely difficult to un-snap. Weve tested this many times over so were sure everything weve planned will work. Weve tested EVERYTHING many times over. We dont want to set ourselves up for a disaster with escape plans that cant possibly work. But of course we couldnt “test” the entire thing only the individual pieces. Still, were all confident that this is a very difficult but do-able challenge.

Also we each have a ball-gag harness chosen together, the largest that would fit in each of our mouths. And they just barely fit, needing some force to seat them deep . . . they are absolute silencers, we dont want any one of us panicking and calling for help, even as secluded as we were to be. To make it a REAL contest it has to be winnable; ONLY by one of us escaping, with no help. Every strap was to be TIGHT, the gag harnesses, the wrist and ankle cuffs, the vibe belt . . . everything! And it was all padlocked. The keys to all the locks are “match keyed”; the same as the ones locking our wrists together behind our backs. THAT key was the “key” to the escape. THE 3 keys would be frozen inside individual ice cubes. Those ice cubes would be pushed up between our butt-cheeks as tight and as far as they could go and then had to be held there by keeping our butt-cheeks clenched tight. A key that slipped away as the ice melted meant you couldnt escape.

And THEN, as if the ice cube task isnt difficult enough, a real challenge . . . a special vibrator set-up we dreamed up and finally put together. There is a snug leather strap around the waist and a wet rawhide one between the legs, all locking together in back. We would each have a very large vibrating bullet inside our pussies and our asses, and another positioned directly above our clit. This last one is held in the right place with an added little pouch that kept it pressed up tight. These we had custom-made for each of us, and they are very snug, tight even, when they are locked on. The ice cubes go in after that, pushed up against the rawhide. We tried them out ahead of time (without the ice cubes), and oh God, what an effect! The idea is to see which of us could ignore the distraction of building arousal and the undeniable orgasms that followed. And they are VERY distracting, a difficult challenge indeed to try and ignore them. The reason the part between the legs that held them inside was made of rawhide that had soaked along with all the other rawhide parts is so that this too would begin to shrink as it dried, cutting deeper and deeper between our legs as the day want on. This might become quite painful, another distraction. But the best thing, quite an innovation we thought; is that they are all computer-controlled in random patterns. You might be right on the edge and everything shuts off leaving you there. That is as big a distraction in itself as actually having an orgasm. These little tormenters and our laptop were powered by the car battery, and at the level of power they consumed they could probably run for a day or 2. Scary to think of THAT!

We had three sets of pulleys that would be suspended in the center of a crossbeam. The last bit was a serious challenge. We had a rawhide loop for each of our necks and those fastened to a rawhide rope that fed through each pulley and was solidly anchored to a metal stake we had previously driven into the ground behind each position. The night before we would soak the rawhide ropes and loops in water, so they got fully soaked. When we take them out to our chosen site we will leave them soaking until the last minute. Then, once there we will all get “into uniform” and run each rope through the overhead pulleys and fasten it to the stake at the proper height, then to the throat loop. Of course we cant do this for ourselves so each of us will do another. Everyone knows (?) that rawhide shrinks up as it dries. So the long rawhide rope up through the pulleys and anchored to the ground will slowly pull us up by our necks and eventually, if we havent freed ourselves, our feet will leave the ground and we will hang. We have planned this for mid-August and that old shelter we are using is in a clearing with direct sunlight on it all day. We have gone out there many, many times in preparation for the actual contest and had measured and re-measured carefully, each of us checking out the others.

It will take a LONG, uncomfortable time for those ice-cubes to melt, as they will be made a little larger than standard cubes. And this will become VERY uncomfortable too as we feel our butts freezing. AND when they finally do melt we have to have our hands cupped and positioned precisely to catch them when we un-clench and release them. If you drop that ONE key, you wouldnt escape the slowly tightening rawhide. We wanted a “dangerous possibility” to make it all more exciting, but we are all certain that ONE of us will escape and can then free the other 2.

Once we arrive on “the day” we will each prepare one another. Getting the gags strapped in, the cuffs, the belts tightened, everything locked. We would draw straws for “who did who”. Only one of us will handle her own “last detail”; that of getting her head into the loop and snugging it to the proper size, then locking her cuffs together and finally clicking that last, ever so important padlock onto her wrist cuffs. This last is necessary of course, since the other 2 would already be locked in place and couldnt do it. We elected grandma Janine to do this, both mom and I knew we can trust her fully! We have to make absolutely certain this will be an EQUAL contest. I dont think any of us would cheat, but our trust in grandma is the strongest.

THEN, nothing to do but wait for the ice cubes to melt. We have tested the ice cubes melting rate and figure it will take from 4 to 5 hours to finish and release the keys. And the rawhide shrinkage rates and the proper lengths must be coordinated with this, so that there actually IS time for the cubes to melt before our necks “get stretched”. A LONG day on our feet, probably on tip-toe, straining towards the end. My legs are already feeling tired. Fortunately we are all fit, in excellent shape, or wed never dare to try something like this.


“The day” arrives at last. My God, we are all so, SO excited!

Since weve tested the ice cube melting rate at 4 to 5 hours, we get started at 8:00 that morning. It will take us almost an hour to drive to our “spot” and then another hour to get everything, and ourselves, ready. If we get started between 10 and 10:30 we will be there in the heat of the day, in direct sun for at least 7 to 8 hours. Thats of time for us to complete the challenge and get back home for a celebration. I think I will be the winner, but Ill bet we all feel that way. Thats one thing we never talked about, we are all extremely competitive and we didnt want to get into “trash talk”. The results will tell the story.

We agreed that grandma Janine would stay the night with us, so we would all be equal in our opportunity to rest and sleep. We have talked this through so much while planning it, we seem to be “talked out” on it. We had a nice dinner out, then home, a few glasses of wine, then early to bed. Now we have been up since 5 am and I could hardly sleep from excitement. I force myself to be relaxed, but with little success. I know Ill need all my focus and energy to win this, and I WILL win it. I can see that mom and grandma are in the same frame of mind even though we are all trying to act calm. We decided to leave at 8 but we are all packed up and ready long before that. We have to force ourselves to wait. We need to follow every part of our plans, if we start improvising now it will all get out of hand.

I am the one who drives there. I volunteered . . . maybe it will help my nervous excitement? It is slow going on that abandoned track, and we stop a few times to be sure we havent left signs of our passage. After were ¼ mile off the road we dont worry about that any more. Finally I pull up near the old metal structure. We all get out . . . I know MY heart is beating hard and fast and I have to keep telling myself to stay calm. Mom and grandma go around and open up the back where weve stowed everything. I stand by the vehicle for a moment then, I have NO idea why, I toss the car keys far out into the brush. Maybe an additional challenge after were done and ready to head back home? I have no idea and I dont care, nothing to be done about it now.

We each get our own bag from the back of the SUV and put them where “our” place will be under the beams. Weve drawn our lots as to who helps who. Mom will help grandma Janine start her preparations, and she will finish on her own. I will prepare mom. And grandma will prepare me. The first thing, as we all agreed ahead of time is that we gag each other before anything else. We work at it quickly, each of us snugging up the others gags. The balls are bigger than I remember, and I have to push hard on moms gag and pound it in with the heel of my hand to get it in deep, past her teeth. Then I tighten her in. I hear mom whimper through her gag and squirm around a bit, giving me a questioning frown. Then I pull her gag harness even tighter than I did it before and lock it quickly. Now she really squeals. I know its already hurting her jaws, and I dont even care. But then its my turn and grandma Janine is just as rough with me as I was with mom. And I squeal too, just like mom did. And I know how she feels now, my jaws already ache and I feel my saliva starting to ooze out around my gag. And I can see that mom does the same to grandma Janine. Something about us all being unable to speak now, and a bit “lost” in the preparation is making us all a little cruel. Did I start this I wonder? And I discover its not that easy to breathe while my mouth is stuffed with that huge rubber ball. I fight to breathe through my nose. I hope we figured this out correctly . . . but its too late to say anything!

Now that were all gagged, we work together to get the pulleys securely mounted on the beams. We bolt them on, weve brought all the tools well need for everything, including a ladder to reach the beams. We get the tub with the soaking straps and throat loops in it, and dump it all out. Then each rope in turn is threaded through a pulley and secured to the stakes we had previously driven into the ground for that purpose. The ends hang ready, with a metal ring at the end of each so it can be locked to each of our throat loops. Were all beaded with perspiration and can feel the heat of the sun . . . it will be a hot day! I wonder briefly if we did the calculations and tests on ice-cube melting and rawhide shrinkage correctly. Moms a lawyer and doesnt know much math, but Grandmas an engineer and should be good at this. I wonder if anyone else has doubts. I trust grandmas math, but we couldnt test the exact same conditions we will have today, temperature, humidity, wind, etc. . . . too many variables. Well, none of is of a mind to stop now, this thing were doing has a momentum, a life of its own now.

When weve finished with getting the pulleys and rawhide ropes set up, its time to start with the rest of our preparations. Mom starts with grandma. She puts all the cuffs on her and stuffs and straps the bullets inside her. That she locks, but the cuffs will have to wait, grandma Janine will need to finish her own preparations right before we start. The tricky thing is that cable from the elbows to snap onto the wrist cuffs, it has to be tight, but weve figured out a way (well, SHE is actually the one who “figured it out”, but we all tested her method) that she can do it herself.

I take the rest of moms stuff and start with her other bondage. Then I walk her over to where she is directly beneath the pulley and the hanging end of “her” wet rawhide rope. Next I slip the throat loop over her head and snug it down, then fasten it to the hanging rawhide rope with a padlock. Now shes not going anywhere while I finish working on her. I make sure the suspension rope is directly behind her head so her face will be pulled down, not up, so she can see both grandma Janine and me. Weve agreed to do it this way so we can each watch the other two struggle, and if the struggles arent effective then watch them die. I feel a chill and shudder as that thought crosses my mind. I hope we didnt OVER challenge ourselves.

And then the cuffs. I dont fasten them together yet, just snug them up tight and lock each one individually, wrists, elbows, thighs and ankles. I realize that Im tightening everything even tighter than we did in our practice sessions, just like I did with moms ball gag. And Im going to keep doing it, Im not sure why but its gotten me really aroused. Then the strap around her waist and the rawhide strap between her legs. The waist tightened and fastened first, then the bullets up inside her 2 holes. Weve lubed them up generously, but it takes a bit of a shove to get them into her, and she gives a gagged squeal with each push into her holes. And then that rawhide between her legs to lock everything in. I pull this one extra tight too, eliciting some squeals and squirming from mom. I pull it even tighter before locking it. Its pulled up deep into her crotch and I can see her pussy lips forced out to the sides of the strap. And its going to shrink and pull into her even deeper. Now I lock her elbows together and run the cable up through her elbow lock then pull it down tight and snap it to a cuff and lock her wrists together. THIS last lock is the only lock with a key “handy” and the way we must make our escape.

She cant do anything about any of it, and I like that feeling . . . I “feel” her helplessness and it arouses me even more. She stands there, eyes closed, breathing deeply. I think shes getting ready mentally for this ordeal. Its exciting to be doing all of this to her . . . I wonder how Ill feel when MY turn comes? And then I notice that moms strapped pussy is red and swollen . . . and is dripping wet. Maybe thats the secret to keeping that the rawhide that cuts into it wet enough that it doesnt shrink as quickly. Shes aroused alright! I wonder what shell do when the vibrator in that little cup pressed up tight against her clit comes on. I wonder what Ill do then? I look her up and down. I know she is a beauty, but I think shes never looked more beautiful than she does right now, standing there so tightly bound she can barely move . . . so very helpless . . . I LIKE seeing her that way. I run my hands across her breast and she gives a shudder, then down her belly and her lush thighs. I give her a kiss on her right nipple and give it a nibble as well and she shudders again, eyes still closed. Shes standing motionless, straining to take deep breaths through her nose. I wonder if shes having second thoughts about doing this?

And now it IS my turn. Grandma Janine leads me over under my assigned pulley, slips my throat loop over my head and snugs it up, then snaps it to the ring on the hanging rawhide. Again, behind my head so I can watch the two others as they struggle to escape. This is making me so hot I clench my thighs together and squirm, arousing myself even more.

As I might have known she tightens all my cuffs as tightly as she can . . . and shes a strong woman. Im tingling where the cuffs squeeze into me and I just hope my hands dont go numb. Should we REALLY be doing this I wonder? Now my set of bullets are forced into my holes, and shes rough and pushes them in DEEP. And with the belt and rawhide strap shes even tougher. She tightens the belt so it cuts into my waist deep, I feel it dig in every time I take a breath, and the rawhide parting my pussy lips is pulled in so deep it already hurts. Then she quickly locks my knees together then my ankles then my elbows and finally my wrists. A wave of complete helplessness hits me when she pulls that cable through my locked elbows to my wrists and snaps it in place. And now I understand why mom was whimpering when I strapped and locked her up. It is all VERY uncomfortable bordering on painful . . . and it will get worse as the day goes on!

I have grave doubts about this now, now that its real, but its too late to do anything about them. It was fun while we were planning and testing everything and calculating. But what if we made mistakes? What if NONE of us can escape in time? Now I see why our logic for gagging ourselves right at the start was correct. We felt that if we, or any one of us, got cold feet at the last minute we would talk each other out of going through with it. I think we were right! I saw the doubt and fear in moms eyes just before she closed them and went into her “zone”. But somehow, unable to speak to one another we just went on with “the process”, second thoughts or not. I hoped that wasnt a mistake. But too late now if it was! And amid my doubts I began to wonder if we really COULD trust grandma Janine? By being the last one and finishing her own preparations she could easily cheat and win the contest. Or worse yet . . . she might decide to stay free and just watch mom and I struggle and suffer. God, I was getting paranoid! NO I tell myself, Ive practiced these things over and over. Even if a calculation is off here or there I WEILL do it. I WILL escape, and I will be the first, and I will be the winner.

Now its time for grandma to finish preparing herself, but first she must do 2 things. She comes to mom then to me and connects the wires dangling out of our holes from those bullets to the leads from the computer, and she attaches her own too. There is enough slack in the wires so that she can easily walk over to her position under the beams without disconnecting them. Then she keys some passwords into the computer; then “enter” starts the program that controls the vibrating bullets. We werent sure how long it would take for the last one to complete the preparations, so a 10 minute delay is programmed in. There will be 10 minutes where nothing happens, then the bullets will start going on. Everything is randomized, the speed and intensity of vibration, the frequency with which they go on, the duration of the vibration period before they go off again. And primarily the rotation they follow, completely random. One of us could have both bullets running at maximum and the others might be only partially on. So what we are each experiencing from those vibrations will never be the same for all of us at the same time. I remember our tests and those things were extreme! I wonder now just how distracting theyll be. Again doubts about everything flash across my mind, but I manage to put them aside . . . for now,

Then she opens the little picnic cooler we brought the keys in. We froze them into those cubes 2 days ago, and this morning packed them in the cooler with some dry ice so that would not melt at all until the last minute. She comes to mom and spreads her butt-cheeks apart and pushes a cube tight against the rawhide strap cutting into her rear, then mom clenches. That cube, the key inside it is the key to life for her, as it is for us all. Then its my turn and grandma does the same to me. OH GOD! That cube is sooo cold, colder than freezing because of the dry ice. Its so cold it burns! But I know how important the key inside it is, and I make sure I stay clenched tight until it melts enough to free the key.

Now mom is done with her “meditation” or whatever she was thinking when she had her eyes closed. We both watch grandma Janine go over to her station and finish her preparations. I have my concerns about how honest she will be, and I think mom must too, but there is nothing to be done about them now . . . well just have to hope shell follow through honestly as we planned. Were watching her with “suspicious eyes”. But she does follow the plan honestly and accurately. We watch her lock her ankles and knees together, then push her ice cube in deep. It calls attention to my own cube, clenched so tight at my rear. It still feels like burning and my butt-cheeks feel a little numb. That could be a problem I think, and wonder if moms thinking the same. She puts on and snug up her rawhide throat loop and lock it to the long, hanging rawhide rope. I can tell by feel of my own the rawhide has already started shrinking, and grandma has to stand on tip-toe to get hers snapped. She has a bit of a struggle to get her elbows cabled together and pulled tight, but she manages it, the locks her wrists together. Im relieved to see now that she really did play it honestly and is in exactly the same predicament as me and mom are. Now the hard part of this . . . discomfort (pain ?) and WAITING! Nothing we can do to rush that melting, and it will be some hours yet before any of can even have a chance to free ourselves.

The beams are in a square, and we are each hung up on an individual side, so that with the way we positioned our throat loops we can each see the other 2 easily. The rawhide throat loops were al snugged up on our necks up high, right under our chins. That was deliberate as we wanted our faces to stay forward, so we could see each other. And even as the rawhide tightens it will pull us up from the back so we will still be able to see each other . . . quite a show, LOL.


Time goes by . . . so, SOOO slowly . . . how much time . . . its impossible to tell . . .

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