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Tammy and the Elders

Part 1

Tammy and the Elders

The doorbell forced Tammy out of her reverie. Last night had really been something. She had met this guy at a local bar and they had made a night of it. He had fucked her 4 times and Tammy had cum at least twice as often. The thought of his huge cock pounding her was enough to send shivers through her body now. Bleary-eyed she made her way to the front door.

“Hello, Tammy.”

The man was in his fifties with a slight paunch and a serious expression on his normally smiling face.

“Hello, Mr Walker,” she greeted him. “Do come in!”

Mr Walker was one of the Elders of the church she had joined when she moved to the small town a couple of months ago. She had looked around the various churches and settled on this one. She had never heard of the denomination before, but the people had looked friendly and had turned out to be, too. She had noticed that all the Elders were men and that women did not play any serious role in the congregation, but since she did not intend to become active anyway, she did not mind.

“Not today, Tammy.” Mr Walker refused to come in. “I would like to ask you to join the meeting of elders this evening though. We would like to discuss something with you.”

“With me?” Tammy smiled. “Im hardly in a position to be consulted in matters of the church.”

“It is more a matter concerning you. Can I tell the others you will join us at 8?”

Mr Walkers face was positively grave by now.

“Yes, of course, if you want to.”

Tammy was confused when she closed the door and walked back to the living-room.

At 8 she entered the church building and made her way to the room where the Elders met. She had chosen a very conservative suit, as she had noticed the other women dressing that way for church. She knocked.


The 6 Elders were sitting in a semicircle with the minister, Rev. Carter, in the middle. It was the reverent who spoke.

“Please have a seat, Tammy. We have a serious matter to discuss.”

Tammy took the only available chair, which was in the middle of the semicircle. Almost like a defendant at a trial, she thought.

“Tammy, we have values in this church, values we adhere to. Do you share those values?”

“Yes, yes, of course, Reverend,” she answered wondering where this was leading.

“Let me ask you a hypothetical question. What would you call a woman who is sexually available to strangers?”

Tammy blushed and remained silent.

“Well, Tammy? You must have an opinion on that kind of behaviour,” he insisted.

“Well, I …” she stuttered. “I guess the proper term is slut or whore.”

The men around her did not even blink.

“Indeed, Tammy, a whore.” He fixed her with his eyes. “That is what you are.”

She stared dumbfounded.

“A woman who goes to a bar to pick up men and spend the night with them is a whore.”

Tammys face turned a bright red. How had they found out? She was trying to find ways to deny everything, but knew it would be in vain. She lowered her eyes.

“Well, it seems at least you are still able to feel shame at your behaviour. That is a start.”

A start? Where was all this leading?

“Tammy, we care for our members. We do not expel members who have failed. IF the members show that they are willing to change their behaviour. And we try to help them do that by making them realize the consequences of their behaviour.”

“The consequences?  But I..”

“Let me finish!” His voice took on a hard edge. “You have a choice. We can expel you and it is customary in our church to give the congregation the reasons for expulsion.”

He paused a moment to let the words sink in. And sink in they did. If she was expelled they would tell all the church members about last night. And half an hour later half the town would know it. She shook her head violently.

“Or you can let us help you understand the consequences of your actions.”

“Yes, yes, I want to do that.” Anything was better than that public humiliation. “But how? I do not understand ..”

“No, you dont. Eventually a whore becomes anyones property, has to submit to everyone and everything. And you have no way of knowing what that feels like. Yet.”

Tammys head was swimming. Anything but the public humiliation.

“Please, ehmm, please show me the error of my ways.”

The reverend smiled.

“Since this is a first offence, I do not think this will take long.” He looked at his watch. “A couple of hours, maybe?”

He looked at the other elders and received nods.

“Ok, Tammy. If you really want to let us help you, you will do exactly as you are told for two hours from now. No ifs, no buts, no objections. After those two hours, the incident will be forgiven and forgotten and never be mentioned again. If you do as you are told.”

“Yes, yes, of course. I will do whatever you say.”

“Good, then start by stripping.”

Her chin dropped and she looked at the men wide-eyed. No, that couldnt be. She must have misunderstood.

“Tammy, I will only say this one more time. You will obey or face the consequences. And obey quickly, eagerly and without hesitation. Now strip, whore!”

Tammys thoughts were whirling and for a moment she contemplated fleeing from the room, but she knew what would happen then. Slowly she raised her hands and peeled off her jacket. The men watched impassively, as she fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. She tried not to look at them while she slid it off her shoulders  and then dropped her skirt. Down to bra and panties now, she hesitated.

“She acts like an experienced whore, thats for sure. Teasing her customers by stripping slowly.”

She recognized Mr Walkers voice.

“And she dresses like one, too. That sort of lacy bra and thong is kind of typical for that sort of woman. Now come on, show us your tits and cunt.”

She looked up at the crude terms, but the speakers face was impassive. Nervously she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Her ample breasts swung free and she suddenly remembered how they had been suckled the night before.

“I guess she does some of her business in titfucks, but those heavy hanging udders really arent good enough for a first class hooker.”

She wanted to cry out how men loved her big breasts, but bit her lips instead.

“But those pendulous udders look nice when they are slapped around a bit,” a new voice added.

“You think she is that kind of whore? Might be. Lets see her ass.”

They were talking about her as if she was just a thing, but she pulled down her panties anyway.

“See, big, well-rounded, just perfect for the whip.”

The whip? She blanched.

“Ok, time to show off your cunt, slut.”

She obeyed almost immediately and turned towards the staring eyes. There was a moments silence.

“I said show off. That means turn, bend over and spread your legs wide.”

How much more would they demean her? She obeyed and to her surprise found her pussy wet.

“Looks well-used. Certainly not a hole any self-respecting gentlemen would enter, at least not with his member. Come here, slut.”

The speaker was a man in his forties with thinning blond hair. She walked over to him, then stepped closer still to a point he indicated with his fingers. She gasped, when he shoved two fingers up her pussy, as if it was the most natural thing to do.

“Dripping wet. That whore probably keeps her cunt wet all the time, just in case.”

He withdrew his hand and suddenly slapped her pussy hard. Tammy cringed.

“Up, spread and pull your hands away, whore!”

She obeyed hesitantly and received a number of slaps that sent her pussy-juices spraying. A thumb pointed her over to another man, the one who had commented on her big breasts.

“Bend forward. I want to see them dangle.”

This time the man did not surprise her. He raised his hand slowly and made her wait. When the hand struck it made her left breast quiver and burn. A backhanded blow did the same to her right breast. Methodically the man beat her breasts, taking his time, watching the mounds quiver from the strokes. When they were both red and hot, he sent her on.

The third man smiled at her, then grabbed her hair and pulled her down across his lap. His hands were huge and strong and the left one kept her head down, while the right one started spanking her ass. Each blow stung terribly. The blows fell hard and fast and soon her ass was a mass of pain. But the heat from her ass also spread to her pussy and when the man released her, she was almost disappointed.

The fourth man twisted her nipples viciously until the tears streamed from her eyes, the fifth one did the same to her pussylips. The last one she was sent to (the reverend seemed to act only as an observer) was in his early thirties, about her age, with a friendly smile. He looked at her for a moment, reached up to her face, then thought better of it.


She knelt slowly.

“Look at me.”

She looked up into his friendly face.

“You are a filthy whore.”

The words were accentuated by a hand hitting her left cheek.

“A dirty fuckslut.”

Another blow hit her other cheek. He kept smiling all the time, while he slapped her face again and again calling her the most filthy names imaginable. Her eyes blinded by tears she still tried to look into his eyes. Finally he relented.

“Get up an move, whore.”

Slowly she got up. Her breath was ragged and her body hurt. But she knew her pussy was dripping wet. She made her way to where her clothes were strewn all over the floor.

“And where do you think you are going, slut?” She heard the ministers voice. “Mr Walker, would you make a start?”

Uncertainly she looked at the older man. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the spot on the floor where she had started. When she had reached it he motioned her to kneel. When she had, he pulled a 5 dollar bill from his pocket and held it out.

“Blowjob, slut!”

Tammy blanched. They were actually treating her like a hooker and a cheap one at that. 5 dollars for a blowjob. She almost threw the bill into the mans face.

“Tammy,” Rev Carters voice admonished her and reminded her of the consequences.

She leaned forward and opened Mr Walkers zipper. His cock was only semi-erect, but grew immediately, when her tongue touched it. She licked around the head for a moment, then popped it into her mouth.

“Obviously well-trained. She probably gives a lot of quick blowjobs,” was the mans only comment.

She kept her eyes shut willing him to cum soon. When he did, he filled her mouth with salty viscous liquid.


The next man in line was waving two dollar bills.

“Tits,” he commanded shortly.

A moment later her breasts were wrapped around his member. He just leaned back and let her do all the moving. Pressing her mounds together she moved up and down around his cock. Without warning a fountain of cum erupted all over her breasts.

The third man gave her another fiver and just pulled her head down to his cock, which was already erect and quite big. For a moment she fantasized about feeling it in her pussy. When she tried to start licking it, she felt his hands in her hair and he roughly pulled her down on it all the way. She gagged and struggled, but the man held her hair in an iron grip and just kept jerking her head up and down. She tried to relax, but found it hard, while her head was being painfully pulled this way and that. His cock struck her throat each time he entered her and when he finally came he pulled her down extra deep and spurted directly into her throat. He had hardly pulled her off his cock, when the next man called her over for another blowjob. He held her head in position and fucked her hard, entering her almost as deep. When her came however, he pulled out and let her have his load in the face.

The fifth man was already standing by the table and motioned her over. Dripping with cum from her breasts and lips she got on the table.

“Spread and pull your legs up, bitch. I want nothing in the way, when I fuck your filthy hole.”

She obeyed eagerly until her knees were almost beside her ears. She knew she should be ashamed at being used this way, but the truth was she was also horny as hell. He showed her a five dollar bill, then shoved it into her pussy. Before she could even wonder at that, she felt his cock at her asshole.

“No, please, not there.”

“I paid you, whore, now you are going to deliver,” he grumbled.

She cried out when he forced his way in. She had never been used that way, had always thought she was too tight, but he stretched her with brute force and rammed his cock all the way into her back opening. When he started fucking her the pain started mixing with a new kind of pleasure. She still cried out, but it was more begging for a cum than pain now. He used her slowly and deeply and took his time with her. Her arousal grew and grew, but she could never quite make an orgasm. Finally he slammed his cock into her a few times extra hard, then she felt his cock quivering as he came. He withdrew at once and walked around her, then she felt him wipe his cock on her hair. Somehow this was more humiliating than anything that had gone on before.

This left the last man, the young one. Suddenly she remembered his name was Bob.

He waved her over in a by now familiar manner and made her kneel before her. He dropped a single dollar bill between her legs.

“I wouldnt touch a cheap cumbag like you with a beanpole,” he said while he pulled out his cock. “Keep your head in position.”

He was going to jerk off on her! As if she was just a picture in a porn magazine!

His hand flew over his cock just inches from her face and she suddenly longed to extend her tongue and touch that hard member, but knew that she was not allowed to. When he came he made sure he sprayed all he face and hair with his juice.

When she got up the minister threw her a package of paper towels and she cleaned herself off a good as possible. Still, when she got dressed, she could smell the mens cum all over her and her pussy started aching with need. When she was fully dressed, the Reverend addressed her again.

“I hope this has been a lesson to you, Tammy. This is what will happen if you keep behaving like a whore. And should you ever repeat last nights misconduct, you will not get off so lightly. A second lesson will last all day and will certainly involve the whip.”

“Yes, Reverend,” she answered meekly.

On her way out to the car, her pussy itching, she dreamed of driving straight back to that bar and picking up another man. It would quench her need and …. . She smiled to herself knowing that she would be back at some time.


Bob was calling her and came over to her car. He smiled at her.

“How can I say this, Tammy? What happened in there is forgotten now and I will never mention it again, but let me say this much. I think with the proper training you might make the right husband a good and obedient wife. So maybe we could have dinner together at some point?”

“And you would start on my training?” Tammy teased.

“If that is what you want. I am very demanding and very strict though.”

“That may just be what I need, Bob. What about right now?”

Bob looked at her.

“I think I should just go home and get a few things first. You seem the type that responds best to harsh training.”

Review This Story || Author: Anne
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