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Lady Blackrook, Victorian Adventuress: En Pointe!! Author: Gincrack
(Added on Nov 26, 2015) (This month 40410 readers) (Total 40410 readers)
While trying to escape with vital information our heroine is abducted and subjected to a heinous death trap torture!!

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Reviewer: mike1958 (Edit) Rating: Jan 15, 2016
Excellent story, once this got going the pace was excellent. I might sound weird but I would prefer more description of the machine so I could savour the steam punk feel of the story. As Curtis said a bit of proof reading would be good.
I'm very much looking forward to Lady Blackrook's escape and further perils.

Reviewer: claire (Edit) Rating: Dec 13, 2015
Love the torture device - I haven't come across any thing like it before. The story seemed a little stilted to me. I'm racking my brain for a suggestion to improve that. I would like to read more about the Lady. (7/10)

Reviewer: Curtis (Edit) Rating: Dec 7, 2015
I liked this better than your Midsommer stories. It was very well written, but you need to have someone proof your stories, as this one had many typographical (I'm assuming) errors.
I'm not sure how painful the ovary points would have been. I recently read about some ovary screws (the ends of the screws being flat — not pointed) that were used for the treatment of 'hysterical' women in Victorian times. A belt similar to a hernia truss was placed around the woman's lower abdomen that secured a large bolt directly above each of her ovaries. They would be screwed into the belt to reportedly alarming depths, placing great pressure on her ovaries. Most women found this to be very 'calming'… and orgasm-provoking. More than half begged to be allowed to wear it every day, though the officially recognized treatment was for an hour once or twice a week.
At any rate, you devised an ingenious torment for this story. It's always enjoying to read something different… and something well-written. I had read of a much simpler version of this, which I thought dated back to Roman times, but your 'infernal machine' version was a real delight. (8/10)
Replied by: Gincrack (Edit) (Dec 8, 2015)
Thanks for your comments Curtis, sadly I am a victim of my own hurried proof ready :( no excuses.
Glad you liked it though. i know some readers find my Midsummer stories long so thats why i put out something a bit shorter

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