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Mandy\'s Big Sister Author: Arnold Puttywn
(Added on Jan 14, 2007) (This month 46135 readers) (Total 90813 readers)
Amanda\'s older sister took her in when Amanda had a terrible argument at home. Her plans were anything but benevolent.

Ratings and Reviews:
Number of Ratings: 10
4 Votes
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Weighed Average (?): (8/10)
Average Rating: (8/10)
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Lowest Rating: (6/10)

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Reviewer: Dryhill (Edit) Rating: Aug 19, 2012
arzig17 and Martiniman raise two very good points and several other reviewers also mention other negative points. I like the concept of the story but feel a re-write would result in a much tighter and generally more interesting story. (7/10)

Reviewer: Martiniman (Edit) Rating: Jan 17, 2012
Interesting story but not sure what the point of it was. There was no emotion or reason. It lacked any drama at all, even when Mandy lost her virginity to a dog that wasn't mentioned. (6/10)

Reviewer: jls152 (Edit) Rating: Jan 25, 2010
Part One is nicely written with enough novelty to keep it interesting and wanting more. Part two starts off okay but I thought the last chapters were loose and hurried. The last half of part two could be my humble opinion. (8/10)

Reviewer: sylvia_ber (Edit) Rating: Dec 10, 2008
Nice story. Mandy could stuggle a bit more, but otherwise I enjoyed it. (8/10)

Reviewer: efwb2 (Edit) Rating: Dec 10, 2008
love the story,cant wait to read what happens next (10/10)

Reviewer: suissepervert (Edit) Rating: Dec 8, 2008
Good to read from you again.
That was a really good story. Seems to be the end of this one.
A unsuspected turn of events.
Thanks for sharing. (9/10)

Reviewer: TammiB (Edit) Rating: Jan 21, 2007
Well written, thoroughly enjoyable. I did struggle to understand why Mandy became so submissive, and would love to have more of her thoughts about her situation and future. Can't wait for more! (8/10)

Reviewer: azrlg17 (Edit) Rating: Jan 17, 2007
I found it unbelievable that the rebellious teenager never even complained much less tried to run away. (6/10)

Reviewer: castle2001 (Edit) Rating: Jan 15, 2007
lovely. please continue the tail. (9/10)

Reviewer: chksng19 (Edit) Rating: Jan 15, 2007
Interesting tale --- hope that's not all of it. (8/10)

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