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Sex and Violet Author: Zenmackie
(Added on Aug 27, 2008) (This month 13464 readers) (Total 22104 readers)
A shy submissive learns to serve her Master in public.

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Oct 11, 2010
"Sex And Violet" is an excellently executed demonstration in style, as the whole thing is in fact poured into a soliloquy posited by the narrator.
What adds to the deliciousness of the story is the tone which is being used. Like talking to a small child in a demurely chiding, cajoling way. On the one hand being tolerant, while at the same time being quite severe, but without raising the voice but one decibel.
The contrast between the polite, gentlemanlike monolgue and the content of that monologue is, in the end, what makes this story such a pleasure to read.
Last time I said something along the lines of "Sex And Violet" being like a symphony with the Mackster as the perfect conductor, and I'll gladly repeat it. Especially when Zen's baton has a tendency to poke soft, willing flesh.
JJ (10/10)

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