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Collected by pippam_49

masochistic wives (11 stories listed)

lesbian bdsm (37 stories listed)

wife femdom (19 stories listed)

  • Punitive Paralegal: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: She is a dominating bitch of a legal secretary!)
  • Husband slave: by The eunuch
    (Synopsis: )
  • Taming Gerald\'s Perversions: by senorlongo
    (Synopsis: Marge doesn\'t believe her husband\'s explanation for his hours on the computer. What she does when she learns the truth will change his life forever.)
  • Eudora\'s Awakening: by The Siren
    (Synopsis: Marjorie teaches Eudora the best way to tease and control a man!)
  • Letter From Eisengrim Township: by shoeblossom
    (Synopsis: Fremont is cruelly chastized and enslaved by his cruel wife and her three nasty daughters!)
  • Sweet Honeymoon: by Gracko
    (Synopsis: Guy gets married to a beatuiflu wife. Little did he know she had a secret lover and he had been set up for a life of torment for their pleasure.)
  • Submissive Cuckold: by chatbug
    (Synopsis: Wife, boyfriend, and dominatrix torment submissive husband)
  • The Teasing Taylor Twins: by enslaved25
    (Synopsis: The Taylor Twins have reached their 16th birthdays. Now they can join their aunt and her staff in playing sex games with their "slave uncle".)
  • Pussy licking cuckold: by John the wimp
    (Synopsis: poorly endowed man id dominated and sissifed by his wife, his wife\'s sister and her well endowed husband)
  • The Slot Machine: A Little Shop Story: by The Siren
    (Synopsis: Gambling to get a key for your chastity device? A routine occurence for unfortunate hubbies at the Little Shop Slot Machine!)
  • Billy's Dad Learns S&M Means Sis & Mom: by CuckSitter
    (Synopsis: Billy tell's how his wealthy and powerful father quickly became the "for amusement only" gamepiece his mom and sister taught Billy the finer points of the game with.)
  • Satisfying Stephanie: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: The story of Jason and Stephanie, a mismatched husband and wife trying to find a way to live together. Although not their intention, they find themselves gradually sliding into the role of mistress and servant as Mark is gradually cowed, beaten and cuckolded into submission by his wife and her lover.)
  • The Weekend Test: by Thomas
    (Synopsis: This is a true story of how my wife enslaved me in the worst of ways. )
  • Brian Gets Caught And Pays The Price: by Marion
    (Synopsis: Brian is a compulsive masturbator with a desire for the S/M lifestyle and has gay fantasies. When his wife catches him he begs for forgiveness and punishment. She delivers on the punishment. Consentual becomes reluctant as she reveals her intent to totally emasculate and dehumanize him!)
  • Subby Hubby: by less_is_more_2005
    (Synopsis: Man convinces his wife to dominate him and gets everything he asked for.)
  • My Story: by George Lawrence
    (Synopsis: The story of how I was forced to become a permanent cuckold to my wife and her new lover.)
  • Becky's Slave: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: A man's wife turns him into a submissive sex slave and uses him for her pleasure. She also loans him out to friends. He is punished, denied, and forced to perform all kinds of disgusting acts.)
  • A Good Man: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A submissive man is forced to endure a party gang-bang for the pleasure of his wife, no matter how humiliating the acts.)
  • Bully Training: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Roy's domme wife invites the bully who persecuted him as a child to assist with his slave training!)


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