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Collected by SlaveLibrarian

machine torture (4 stories listed)

  • The Laundromat: by DragonFire
    (Synopsis: A pretty lady tries to find Customer Service...)
  • Teen Fire & Teen Frost....Torture Bot 2: by enigma
    (Synopsis: Sister teen crime fighter are captured and tortured by a diabolical torture robot.....)
  • Ruby and the Machine: by movieman1995
    (Synopsis: Based off of the torture scene from "The Princess Bride." The young teen Ruby finds herself in a torture chamber and is tested on "the Machine.")
  • Helga's Hydronic Torture Machine: by DolorDelectatio
    (Synopsis: This story is set in the realm of Extreme Toyland / Extreme Dolls in which mistress Lisa produces extreme bdsm torture content for her web sites and private pleasure. Lisa's associate Rachel works on a notorious request on the Extreme Dolls web site. The request offers a ton of cash for a model willing to undergo an extreme sexual torture scene administered by a computer-controlled machine.)

torture games (10 stories listed)

lesbian torture (9 stories listed)

erotic death (6 stories listed)

exhibition torture (5 stories listed)

torture experiments (5 stories listed)

ultimate torture (1 stories listed)
needles compltetely in tits before slapping them

creature torture (2 stories listed)

sacrifices (7 stories listed)

Consensual torture fantasies (15 stories listed)


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