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Melissa's meets her Master

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Synopsis: Melissa, a young, married woman experiences her first experience from her new Master

She lay on the bed, trembling in anticipation and fear of what was sure to come next. She was tied, face down, spread eagle, her wrists and ankles securely pulled tightly toward each corner of the bed. Her tiny ass pointed toward the ceiling, artificially raised by the pile of pillows she was laying over. She knew that it left her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs perfectly vulnerable to the kiss of his cane, and it excited her. She wondered if he could see the wetness of her pussy beginning to dribble down her thighs.

"I must be crazy!" she thought to herself. Just 30 minutes ago she had been sitting in the restaurant at the hotel with him. Less than 2 hours ago she met him for the first time. Ever. Sure, they had been communicating for over a month. But this was their first date! And yet she now belonged to him for the next two years  She had willingly signed the agreement that spelled out the terms of their "relationship."  Willingly, hell. Eagerly would be a better description of her frame of mind.

He was like no other she had ever met. She knew from almost the moment they started talking that he was different. That she would ultimately give herself to him to do with as he pleased. Fuck, his words made her wetter than her husband ever had fucking her!  And he was completely aware of the hold he had over her.

That was part of the appeal. Melissa had always been able to wrap every man she had ever met around her little finger.  Perhaps it was the dark hair and eyes of her Italian ancestry. She was a knockout, and she knew it. She could get any man to pay attention to her with just a look at him. It didn't hurt that she fastidiously worked her tight body to perfection with daily visits to the gym. She loved showing off. She adored the attention men always seemed to want to provide her with.

And yet she despised what they became in her presence. Pathetic, weak little puppy dogs, prepared to do anything she asked of them.  Why did she attract such weaklings?  Oh, there was never anything wrong with how they looked or their physiques. She always attracted partners that were great fun to look at. And sex wasn't too bad with them at first. But they always ended up begging her to let them please her. Perhaps not in so many words. But it was clear who was in charge. And she hated it.

But he was different. There was no swaying him. Oh, she had tried. But he never yielded to her efforts. It both frustrated the hell out of her and left her close to panting with lust. She knew this was exactly what she needed. What she yearned for. What she craved. She knew that he was precisely what she desired. She honestly feared what might happen. What he might do with her. And yet, deep down, she knew she would ultimately be safe with him, though pushed to the extent of her limits.  

The crack of the cane marked the official beginning of their physical connection. Her body tensed rigidly as the sting of the impact announced itself. But the restraints were fashioned securely and she moved very little. A scream welled up inside her and tried to escape from her throat but met the sound-muffling impasse of the ball gag he had carefully inserted in her mouth before tying her to the bed. The blindfold that had been securely applied at the same time had prevented her from knowing when to expect the first blow and would prevent any warning of all future impacts.

The sting of the first blow had barely begun to morph into a throb before the second blow landed. She writhed again and cursed into the ball gag but knew that the only thing he heard was an incoherent jumble of unintelligible sounds. She remembered him telling her at some point in their conversation that although it was a sound he enjoyed, he much preferred hearing her screams when he hurt her. But he had explained to her that he couldn't risk that in a hotel with her. There would be other times for that. In barns and dungeons and wide open spaces.

The blows of his cane continued to rain down on her ass, leaving a collection of welts as he continued to assault her.  She could feel the dampness of her blindfold as she freely cried into it. Her ass felt like it was on fire now, burning from the incessant beating.

Yet she knew there was another part of her that was becoming just as wet as her eyes and burned with an intensity that rivaled the temperature of her ass. She could feel her pussy literally dripping with desire and excitement. It burned hotter than she could ever remember. It didn't hurt that she had not touched herself in a week prior to their meeting, at his direction.

Suddenly she realized that the caning had stopped. In her curious state of incoherence (she couldn't quite determine whether it was a delirium of enjoyment or self-protective onset of passing out from the pain) she realized he was untying her wrists. But just as soon as he released her from the ropes connecting her wrists to the bed corners, she felt him connect the wrist cuffs together behind her back.

After releasing her ankles from the ropes that had restrained them, he roughly dragged her to the edge of the bed and propped her up on her knees with her face laying on the sheets. She gasped as he grabbed her hips and quickly impaled her on his rigid cock. He thrust as deep as he could in her and held her there briefly, enjoying the feel if his cock deep in her cunt and the warmth of her bright red ass on his skin.

With one hand he grabbed a fistful of her long black hair and wrapped it tightly around his strong hand. With his other he reached under her to find her firm tit and locked on to its nipple with his thumb and finger and began to squeeze and pinch.

As he began to fuck her, the sensations melissa felt were almost indescribable. The burn from the caning had not yet begun to subside and the pain from his hand on her nipple and her hair being pulled made her eyes water. But the combination of denying herself at his request, and the feeling of his long, thick cock splitting her tight little pussy were driving her wild. And yes, she had to admit, that the combination of pain and pleasure reached her in a way that she hadn't experienced in a long, long time, if ever.

She grunted and screamed into the ball gag and pushed as hard as she could back into him to feel him fully. She went over the edge and felt wave after wave of incredible pleasure wash over her. He continued to pound her. She had come three times, each one more intense than the previous, before he roughly flipped her over, threw her legs over his shoulders and entered her again, this time with his big hands wrapped around her tiny throat, restricting her breath. They were both covered in a sheen of sweat as he fucked her furiously. She came again several times before he thrust deeply within her, spasmed, and collapsed on top of her.

She wasn't sure, but thought she might have fallen asleep for a bit, before she felt him gently set her upright, remove the gag and blindfold and then lay her back on the bed, face down. As she worked her jaw to try to work out the tightness of the muscles, she felt him pour oil on to her ass and begin to knead her sore cheeks.

She smiled to herself, wondering what the next chapter of this saga would bring.    

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