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Soccer Mums: The Rematch

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Synopsis: The Mum\'s have formed their own team, but still somehow manage to get tangled in their opponents cannibalistic game.

Soccer Mums: The Rematch

By ninja5.

Chapter 1.

“You did what Jillian?”  Grace roared at her daughter, angry beyond measure.  Beth stepped forward and put her hand on Graces shoulder trying to get her to calm down.  Graces reaction was understandable, but Beth knew arguing with Jillian would just make her all the more determined.

“Its not like Im the only one doing it Mum.  Trish said she might do it too.”  Jillian shouted back and pointed a finger at her best friend who had been standing out of the argument until now.

“Is this true Trish?” Beth said, trying hard not to lose control at her daughter.

“A lot of girls are going to be doing it Mum.  I know you never risk your meat, but you dont understand the advantages.”  Trish said, taking a different tact from Jillian.

“This is unforgivable Jillian.  What if your number comes up?  Youll end up like……” Grace didnt get the chance to finish.

“…. Like Aunt Kelly.”  Jillian eyes flared at her mother.  “Just what happened that night Mum?  You and Beth never told us.”

Graces anger broke and her voice came out pleading, “I did what needed to be done Jillian.  I did it for your wellbeing.”

“Well Im eighteen now Mum.  Im at College and Im making the best of it.  And I think putting my name in the college lottery is a good idea.”  Jillian turned away from her exhausted mother.  “Come on Trish.  Weve got homework to do.”  Jillian stormed away, Trish followed after giving an assertive look at Beth.

Beth squeezed Graces shoulder as Grace buried her face in her hands and tried to calm herself.  “How could she be so stupid?”

“Theyre old enough now Grace.  Theyre going to have to decide which risks they should take and who to trust all by themselves.”  She paused and removed her hand from her friend and lovers shoulder.  “A woman can use the temptation of her meat to open doors and improve her standing.  We have to trust our daughters know what theyre doing.”

“But the lottery….!” Grace said frustrated.  Though the odds of making it through a University lottery were slim, if the girls made it they would receive priority subject selection; immunity from culls; and access to tutors.  The down side was the losing girls were often subjected to being specimens classes.  An unlucky girl could be dissected alive; used as an aid in sexual torture classes; or if they were really unlucky, end up the property of the academic staff.  The lucky ones skipped the torments and went straight to being spit roasted at a football meet or academic fundraiser.

“We still have time to talk them out of it.” Beth said grabbing her handbag.  “Come on weve got to meet the other Mums.”  Beth started walking to the front door, clearly trouble, but trying to relax.

“The lottery!” Grace whispers under her breath and with a heavy heart followed Beth out the front.

Chapter 2.

Joyce Smith looked serious again.  Grace and Beth approached her and the other ladies who had made up the Over 30s Soccer team.  It had formed organically from the mothers of the girls soccer team.  Now that the girls were out in the world it seemed like a natural progression.  Beth and Grace were the last to arrive.  All the women wore white and pink halter tops with pink bloomers, except for Grace who was the goalie in blue and white.  Several of the local pervs had turned up as usual to watch the ladies play from the sidelines.  The women didnt mind, at least theyd had the decency not to come when their daughters had played. 

“Ok ladies this is the big one.  We win this were in the Semis.” Joyce announced, but there was more behind her voice than just a desire to win.  Her motivation became obvious as a familiar colored figure approached the opposing team.  She still had the same sophisticated stride even in soccer boots, her long toned legs traversing her team mates to take Cherrys side.  She turned and looked at the mums team, but more specifically at Grace.

“Is that….?” Grace asked Beth.

“It is!  Holy shit Joyce you havent made another bet have you?” Beth yelled.  “That woman ate Graces sister alive.”

“I havent made any bet.” Joyce yelled back.  “I just want to beat that bitch, thats all.”  Her voice laced with the bitter history between the two.

The dark woman didnt take her eyes Grace.  Even from the distance Grace could tell she was looking her over.  At first Grace wondered what she was looking at.  Then became self aware of her naked flat belly and the goose bumps on her smooth legs.  Cherry waved at her friendlily.  The dark woman licked her lips.  Everyone, including Beth was oblivious to the special attention Grace was receiving.

Joyce signal for the mothers to gather round, Grace welcomed the distraction.  “Some woman named Cherry is their star player.”  Joyce said.  Grace and Beth remember Cherry the cook only too well.  “Beth, youre our most aggressive player.  I want you on her the whole time.  Grace.” Joyce said turning to her. “Cherry and the bitch are the only ones worth worrying about in goals.  Ill be on the bitch.”  Joyce put her hand in the centre of the huddle.

All the Mothers stacked their hands in and shouted, “Go Team.”  The ref blew the whistle once and the players took their positions.  From the goals Grace could see Beth man-up of Cherry.  Play hadnt started and Cherry looked anything but capable.  Grace could see Cherry engage Beth in conversation.  Beth wasnt answering.  Cherry affectionately glide her hand through Beths hair.  As Beth went to slap Cherrys hand away, Cherry nimbly stepped to the side and around Beth.  Cherry slapped Beth on her buttocks and paused, her hands fondling Beth.

“My, youve got good bacon.” Cherry said load enough for everyone to hear. 

As Beth raised her fists in threat, but the whistle sounded and Cherry took off after the ball.  Beth had to run full pelt to catch her, but was effective at stifling the little minks none the less.  As the dark woman ran in to intercept the ball, Joyce charged at her fat full force, nearly knocking her over.  Grace waited hunched in the goals tracking the ball, praying Beth and Joyce wouldnt give away too many free kicks.  It was obvious there would be some.  Joyce collected the ball and immediately cleared it.  Cherry and Beth bolted after it.  Grace could relax for the time being.  It was not long before one of the Moms gave a resounding cheer from the other end.  Beth whooped victoriously and Grace could see her knock the tiny Cherry with her shoulder as she marched past.  Cherry turned and gave Beth a look of pure rage.  Grace scanned the field as the mothers moved back into position for kick-off.  The dark woman had not moved.  She was casually staring at Grace.  As their eyes met the woman waved softly to Grace and smiled.  Grace didnt know what to make of it; she felt her face blush and was happy the woman was too far away to observe this. 

The whistle blew for half time.  All the mothers gathered around Grace in goals.  Beth came up, beaming a smile.  “Did you see how easy that Cherry is to knock around? Cocky bitch.” Beth said to Grace.

“Do you think its wise to piss them off?” Grace replied.

Beth tilted her head to the side. “I thought youd be happy to see her get knocked around.”

“I am… Its just somethings up, its like theyre not really trying.”

Beth frowned at Grace, “You dont have to be afraid of them Grace.  They cant touch us.”

“I guess.” Grace said and chanced a look at the dark woman.  She was to the side of her teams huddle talking to Cherry.  The pair broke conversation and both stared at Grace, whose spine suddenly felt icy.  Grace turned to Beth to see if she noticed it, but Beth was giving Joyce a high five.

“Come on ladies, keep the pressure on and weve got this beat.”  Joyce said, and clapped her hands as the signal for the girls to take the field.

Grace began the long walk to the opposite goals.  As she walked towards them Cherry came towards her on intercept, a grin from ear to ear.

“Hi Grace”, she said as she walked past.

Grace tried to appear unshaken as she replied, but her voice came out high pitched, clearly from nerves.  Cherry just continued to grin.  Grace tried to put it out of her mind and hunched over in the new goals watching the field.  The whistle sounded, and in a dash the dark woman broke away from Joyce and made a bee-line straight for the goals, the ball between Grace and Nubian Goddess.  The gap between them closed and just as Grace anticipated the strike.  Beth, off her man, charged between and gave a sudden thrust of her legs at the dark womans ankle.  There was a puking sound and the womans legs flew out from beneath her causing her to belly flop and face plant square in a giant puddle.

Graces mouth dropped open.

“Boo-yah”, Joyce yelled joyously from a distance.

The whistle blew for a foul and Beth walked away smiling, not caring about the potential goal.  Joyce ran up and high-fived her, as Cherry gave an indignant grunt.  The ref ran up and held a yellow card at Beth who just waved it off.  Now Cherry ran forward and pushed at Beth causing her to stumble back.  Joyce countered and as if restraint was suddenly lifted, both teams charged and brawled.  The ref blew his whistle in vain as the moms on Graces team; and the moms who had eaten Kelly met in a clash of scratching and hair pulling.

Only Grace and the dark woman were not involved.  The dark woman lay motionless were she had landed.  Slowly Grace walked towards her, and as she drew near chanced to speak.  “Are you Ok?”

In response the woman raised her head laughing.  It unsettled Grace, thou it wasnt menacing.  “Im fine.”  She said pulling herself up.  “My how things have gotten out of hand.”  She drew her hands over her face flicking away the viscous mud and stepped towards Grace.

Grace took one step back, but then held her ground, conscious of how intimidated she was.

The woman stepped close and placed her right hand on Graces bare waist.  Grace let out a whimper of shock and stood frozen.  “Youre so bashful.  I just want to be friends.”

The screeching wale from the fight became muted.  Grace could feel her heart beat jump.  She stared nervously into the womans eyes, they were lustful.

“You know there were leftovers.” She said.


The woman gave a flirtatious look.  “When we ate your sister.  There were leftovers.”  The woman broke eye-contact and ran her gaze up and down over Grace.  “She lasted for two days before we finally took too much.  We talked extensively the whole time.  She had a lot to say about you.  About growing up with you.”

Grace cautiously tried to pull away from the contact.  The woman saw this and voluntarily let her go.

“I want to be friends.  You can come to me anytime you want to talk.  Maybe I can help you in some way.”  The woman smiled and step back turning her attention to the ref, who was trying to pry away Beth as she wrestled with Cherry.

The ref let out one final whistle.  “Thats it”, he yelled.  “The games off.”

Beth and Grace gave Joyce a lift back to their place.  The mood between Beth and Joyce was euphoric and Grace, away from the dark woman, was slowly starting to feel happy.

“That is the best game weve ever lost.” Beth said, taking the final turn into their street.

“We didnt lose honey.  Both teams were disqualified.” Joyce corrected and allowed herself a chuckle.

Beth turned and smiled to Grace.  “I learnt a few moves in that scurry.  I reckon Ill try them out on you tonight.” She reached back and squeezed Graces calf.

Grace was shocked at the display of affection in front of Joyce. “Beth!”  She called, and Joyce just laughed.

“All the mothers know you too have been at it for a while.  Its sweat really, the way you look out for each other… Or should I say eat out each other.”  Joyce laughed as she finished.  Grace felt a hot flush, but relaxed at the same time. 

The car pulled into the drive and the trio got out.  They thought about the shambles the game had turned into and by the time they had entered the door all three were laughing.

Joyce walked ahead of the two towards the kitchen, followed by Grace and then Beth who was eyeing of Graces figure.  Fighting clearly got her in the mood.  As the hallway opened up to the Kitchen Trish stood standing behind the counter.

“Hey Trish.” Joyce said.  “Youre Mum and her Grace have been up to mischief.”

Trish didnt reply.  Her eyes were firmly transfixed on her mother, Beth.

“Hey, sweaty.  Do you and Jillian want to go out to the movies tonight; we ladies want to spend some time together.”

Again no response came from Trish.

The seriousness of her daughter mood finally overcame the giddy heights of the mums match.

Grace reacted first.  “Trish, what is it?”

A single tear ran down Trishs face and her throat shook, clearly trying to; but unable to speak.

Beth became very concerned. “Trish, honey, whats wrong?  Whats happened?”

Grace immediately thought of her daughter. “Wheres Jillian?”

“Mom”, Trish finally got out.  “Some people from the University came and took Jillian.”  Another tear came and she broke eye contact.  “They pulled her number in the lottery.”

Chapter 3.

Grace sat alone in the spacious office.  The last time she had sat there her sister had been tricked into signing away power of attorney of her body.  The very pen she had signed with lay in the centre of a leather drawing pad before her, surrounded a large and expensive strained mahogany desk.  Her seat was tiny and lowered, perhaps to give the person sitting behind the desk a sense of superiority.  Even vacant it had that effect.

“Im sorry to keep you waiting.” The dark woman said entering the room.  She shut the door behind her and turned to Grace.

Grace rose out of her seat as if a judge had entered a courtroom.  The woman wore a black business jacket over a little black dress whose hemline was more than halfway up her thigh.  It was the kind of dress Grace had only worn when she was trying to get laid in her teens.

“Thank you for seeing me.  I realize it must seem strange me calling at your house unexpected.” Grace said sitting facing her, legs together; head down.

“Why would it be strange?” The woman replied dismissively.  “I said if you needed anything come talk to me.” Her air was friendly, but also professional.

“I need a lawyer.” Grace said and chanced eye contact with the woman.  She immediately regretted it.  The woman was staring intensely at her.

“Are you and Beth in more financial trouble?”

“No.  We have a little money, but….. Beth doesnt know Im here.”

“I see.” The woman replied, and she seemed very interested.

Grace swallowed nervously.  “My daughter Jillian entered a lottery at her University and her number came up.  I need to save her.”  She made eye contact again, hoping the desperation in her eyes would illicit sympathy.

The woman took a deep breath. “University Lotteries are pretty airtight legally speaking.  Id say you need a priest more than me.” The womans voice was not harsh with the truth, but empathetic.  “I cant even think of how to begin creating a case.  Jillians is of age.  She would have been made aware of the risks…… Universities have lotteries out of necessity, not because they are cruel.”

Grace lowered her head again and sniffed.  Tears began rolling down her face.

“Oh, Grace.” The woman said, breaking her profession and handed Grace a tissue from her desk.  Grace took it and wiped her eyes, what little makeup she had on smudging.  She did not see the hungry look in the womans eyes as an idea dawned on her.  “There is perhaps something that might be done.”

“What?” Grace said hopefully. “Anything you can do…..” Her eyes were pleading now.

“She is lost to the lottery, that cant be helped.  But perhaps if a large donation to the University was made we might be able to convince them to give her a less than dangerous fate.” The professional voice was back.

“I can sell my house.  Beth and I also have a little money saved…..”

“I cant imagine the little amount you have being of interest to the University.”  The woman paused and rose from her chair.  “The girls they acquire are invaluable to educational practices.”  She began passing back and forth within the confines of her desk.  “It would have to be a substantial donation. Girls won in the lottery are of vital importance to education.”

Grace watched, teased by hope.

The woman walked from behind the desk and around the room till she was standing behind Grace.  She placed her hands on Graces shoulders, delicately at first, but the grip became firm.  “I will make a donation on your behalf, with explicit instructions that Jillian is to be used only in safe educational practices.  When her course finishes she will be free to carry on with her life.  She may even be permitted to study whilst owned by the University”

“Thank you.” Grace said, relieved but also aware that there would be a twist. “What… what do you want in return?”

The woman squeezed Graces shoulders. “I want you Grace.  I want the woman who sold out her only sister to protect the thing she cared about most.”

Grace sat in cold silence, afraid to say anything.

The woman took the opportunity of Graces silence to continue.  “I want you to sign the form today, right now in this very office, and never say goodbye to Beth.  I will save your daughter, but youre mine from this moment on.”

Graces breathing was shallow with apprehension.  She would never be able to save Jillian without this womans money.  She wanted to think of an alternative, but her mind was blank.  “Are you going to eat me?” was all she could think to say.

The woman laughed knowing she had already one. “Eventually we all get eaten.”  The womans right hand moved from her should and grasped her neck, squeezing slightly. “For today at least you will be my little pet; one who does anything shes told.”

Grace wondered why she was so desired by this woman.

“What will it be?” The woman demanded, still holding her throat.  “Your daughters life or yours?”

Grace held back her tears. “You can have me.  Just save my little girl.”

The woman relaxed the grip on her throat and walked to filing cabinet.  She pulled a document from the top draw and placed it on the table in front of the weeping Grace.  Grace chanced a look at it.  It was already filled out with her name, address, and social security number.  A sickening feeling came over Grace and she looked up at the woman in desperation.

The beautiful colored woman only looked back sternly. “Take the pen. Sign it, and well go from there.”

Defeated by her desperation, Grace signed a tear rolling down her cheek and landing on the legal document.  As she put the pen down the dark woman took it from her hand and slid the document away.

“Now I have to call the University and deal with your little problem.”

Grace looked at the landline on the womans desk tentatively. “Can I at least call Beth and tell her….”

“No.” Came the stern reply.  “Beth will find out soon enough.”  The woman having secured her prize document walked around the desk to where Grace sat again.  She unbuttoned her top button.  Graces hands went up to stop her but the woman sound, “No.  Take off your cloths and stand naked facing the corner.

Grace looked up sadly.

The dark womans tone was sweet but tinged with dominance.  “Take off your clothes.  Everything and stand facing the corner.”

Grace bit her lower lip, but started to unbutton her shirt.  The woman stepped back to watch, a twinkle in her eye.  As Grace slowly out of caution, pulled of her shirt the woman went to her seat again sated by Graces obedience.  She picked up the phone and dialed the operator.  She asked for the Universities human resources department and paused as she was connected.  Obviously she got straight throw as she started to talk.  As Grace removed her bra the woman put the phone on speaker as Grace could hear the negotiation.  The black woman was true to her word; every letter.  As Grace slipped out of her skirt the woman smiled as she negotiated.  She was conservative with the figure, but the University negotiated for a larger donation.  At every step the woman demanded better treatment for every dollar they would receive.  The woman was transferred to the Universities legal office to have a specialized curriculum for Jillian to be drawn up.  No signature was required.  Conformation of the money transfer would count as legal authority.  Grace had paused at her knickers, the woman frowned and with a hesitation that brought delight she slowly pulled down on the elastic of her underpants, the mark of the elastic indented on Graces waist.  Embarrassed by the manicure mound she kept for Beth, Grace turned and walked to the corner.  The office was chilly now.

Chapter 4.

If boredom breads imagination then Graces Mistress had a lot of free time on her hands.  Her sex still burned and Grace was totally unprepared for another round with the spiked strap on.  Tasseled whips; nipple clamps and a spanking paddle had all been applied whilst the Nubian beauty thrust into Grace forcing orgasm that tinged with blood and inflamed skin.

“More?”  The woman asked.

Grace stared at her in terror as she desperately tried to catch her breath.  Each orgasm took longer to achieve.  Silence was her only option.  The word “no” meant another toy would be put into play.  Four times Grace had said no and she did not know if she could keep it together for another round with a new toy in the mix.

“Grace?  Ive been so selfless.”  The dark woman lay next to her on the bed and ran her fingers over her belly, red from the paddle and whip.  The woman kissed Graces swollen nipple still tangled in the nipple clamp.

Grace could do little more than stare at the woman with desperation.  She was not restrained, Jillians future kept her tied to the bed.  If Grace ran; if she couldnt take anymore, then the Woman would cancel the money transfer and Jillians fate would be sealed.  Grace realized only too well that meant she would be nothing more than meat by the time the money cleared.

“I like you Grace.  Youre every bit as delightful as I had hoped.”  Another kiss, this time on Graces cheek.  “We will shower, then we have to meet up with Cherry to get what we need for the party.”

“The party?”

“You didnt think I wouldnt share you Grace.  The whole team will want a piece of you.”

It was Kelly all over again, but this time… Grace started to cry.

“No crying.” The woman said.

Grace couldnt help it.

The woman picked up the paddle and spanked Graces belly. “No crying”, she said in a firm voice.

Grace squealed, her already tender belly slapped again.

“Go shower.  I have to call Cherry and tell her the good news.”

Grace rose and went to the bedrooms adjoining bathroom.  It was immaculate.  Clean towels evenly spaced and white, cold tiles surrounded the shower.  Grace tip toed towards it.  Blood and vaginal fluid dripped out of her sex.  The woman had used Graces body against her at first, tricking her sex into becoming moist.  But what lubrication her body could produce soon turned dry as the spiked strap-on had scratched and gouged her with its trusts.  The blood had been welcome as it offered some relief the second and third times.  By the forth Grace had started to scream and prayed to come so the woman would stop, but it had just gone on and on.  She stepped into the shower and stepped back as she turned the tap for hot water.  It was a mistake.  Despite being cold any warmth burned her red roar skin and quickly she turned the cold tap, the chilly water numbing her enough to be able to stand under it.  In the next room she her jovial conversation and laughter.  The woman was giddy at the delight of the short notice party.  Grace tried to block it out by holding her head directly under the flow of the cold water.  “Jillian”, she said to herself under the water where the woman couldnt hear.  “Youre doing it all for Jillian.”

Her resolution was interrupted by the bedroom door opening.  Panic ran over Grace and through the fogged up glass she could see the silhouette of the Nubian removing her strap on.  “Now Grace” came her confident voice.  “Ive been seeking to amuse you”, an interesting way to describe the molestation that had taken place in the bedroom.  “Now its your turn to be the bringer of benefits.”  The dark woman walked towards the shower.  She deliberately took her time opening the door and Grace found herself hunched back in the corner.  Graces fear seemed to bring the woman a great deal of pleasure.  “Cherry will be here in twenty minutes.  So… you have twenty minutes to make me come.  If you dont, Im going to see it as ingratitude and things will take a turn for to the nasty.”

Grace wished she could slink further into the corner.

The beautiful dark woman stepped closer and placed her hands around Graces neck.  She leaned in and kissed Grace.  “Tick-tock Grace.”

Chapter 5.

Grace sat naked in the living room as the woman walked back and forth neatening up for Cherry.  It seemed a pointless task.  Grace didnt understand how the woman had time to keep her place this immaculate with her career.  There must be a Maid or someone who did the bulk of the work.  The doorbell rang and the dark woman glided to answer it, her hair still wrapped in a towel after the shower.  Grace had achieved her goal as quickly as possible with the woman.  As her new keeper opened the door Cherry squealed in delight and the two women hugged briefly.  “I cant believe you got her so fast.”  Cherry said stepping back from the woman and then coming into the house.

“Im a little surprised myself.  She just fell into my lap.”

Cherry walked into the living room and twinkled her fingers in a wave to Grace.  “Hi Grace.  Hows it going?”

Grace couldnt say anything she was so taken aback.

Cherry didnt seem to mind.  She was looking Grace up and down ideas dancing in her eyes.

“So what do you think is the way to go?”  The dark woman asked Cherry.

“Hmmm.”  Cherry mused looking at Graces legs and breasts.  “Shes got her sisters body, but we dont want to do the same as last time.”  Cherry tapped her chin with her index finger.  “You must have some ideas youve been talking non-stop about her since Kelly.”

“I know.  I just wanted your opinion first.”  An idea struck Cherry.  “Why dont we ask Grace?”

The Nubian lawyer smiled like a dominatrix.

Cherry turned to Grace.  “Grace.  How bout it.  How would you like to be cooked?”

Graces mouth dropped open.

“Shes shy.”  The dark woman said enjoying Graces apprehension.  “Try a little scolding, shes like a puppy.”

Cherry smiled and walked over to Grace.  She extended her hand and pinched Graces nipple, already tender from the clamps, paddle and whip.  “Grace.  How would you like to be cooked?”  Both woman watched Grace intently looking for a reaction.

Grace knew they would persist getting more and more aggressive if she didnt answer.  “Quickly and quietly.”

Cherry looked surprised.  “Wheres the fun in that Grace?  Youre entertaining our entire team.”

“Exactly.”  The African American beauty sounded in.  “I was thinking of spit roasting her legs and belly.  Thatll give plenty of meat and ensure shes around for left overs.”

“Hmmm!”  Cherry sounded delicious.  “I could whipped up and marinade and nice barbeque-plum sauce, but wed need to hire a spit.

“Easily done.”  The woman smiled at Grace.  She would not be happy just eating Grace.  She would wanted to keep her around for conversation.  Graces final days would be spent having leftovers cut from her for sandwiches and omelets.

“We should probably head off soon.  The party hire place closes at 5pm.  If we want a booking for tomorrow we shouldnt leave it to the absolute last minute.”  Cherry was all business and was playing with Graces tangled hair.

“Agreed.  Lets take Grace for a walk.  The place isnt far.”  The woman smiled politely a Grace.  “Entertain Cherry please Grace.  I have to go do my hair.”

Grace turned and watched nervously as the dark woman walked back to her bedroom.  Almost immediately she felt Cherrys hand on her face.  Cherry had crabbed her chin and was forcibly making her look at her.

“Now Grace.  I want you to tell me everything about your friend Beth and please, spare no details.”  Cherry smiled full of bubbles and excitement.

Graces eyes bulged at the casual nature that Cherry approached the subject.  He had a sickening feeling that these women would not stop at Grace.  Perhaps they wouldnt stop until they had gone through the entire team.  “Im... Im not going to tell you.”  Grace said with as much courage as she could muster.

Cherry looked at her disapprovingly.  “Grace you dont seem to understand.  You wont be around to protect Jillian anymore.  You need us to like you and we wont like you unless you help us.”

Graces lower lip started to shake.

“It wouldnt be difficult for Jillian to still end up in trouble.  Someone, perhaps a professional woman like our friend, could request an intern from the University.  This could be Jillian.  You have no idea what kind of treatment she may receive.  I think it would be best if you reconsidered and told me what I want to know about Beth.”

Grace couldnt take anymore.  She hunched down and started to cry.

Cherry comforted her.  “Oh Grace.”  She moved in and hugged Grace.  “Its ok.  Its just hard to coup with.  Sooner or later youre going to tell me, dont feel bad.  Kelly was the same way, but its simple psychology.  We have you now.”  Cherry squeezed her tight.  She compromised.  “You can tell me while Im getting you ready for dinner.”  The dark woman reappeared dressed for shopping.  In her hand she carried a dog collar and she juggled it as she put in her earrings.  Cherry walked over and collected it to make her friends job easier.  She walked back to Grace and smiled.  “Head back please.”  Grace complied.  Cherry fastened the collar and attached the leash.  They were going to walk her like a dog to the party hire shop.  Grace gulped, but her throat caught on the tight leash.

“Come on.”  The dark woman said to Cherry as she handed her the leash and then “Come on” more sternly and she tugged on the leash.  Grace gave way under the tension and was pulled along.  It was obvious now she would not be granted any modesty.  She would have to make the walk naked.  The trio headed to the door and out into the chilly evening air.  Both Cherry and the woman seemed fine in their attire, but Grace felt the cold instantly.  Her skin tingle under the cool air and was instantaneously covered in goose bumps.  “Its not far”, the dark woman said and Cherry and her adopted a slow pace, showing of their latest prize.  The unusual scene attracted as much attention as it usually would.  Grace fearfully returned the gazes of men they passed.  They didnt hide the up and down looks they gave her, appraising her body.  They rounded a corner into the main street and a woman up ahead pushed her pram to the other side of the road trying to avoid the spectacle. 

When they finally reached the shop Cherry looked annoyed.  She point to a No Pets sign.  The bony woman just shrugged and wrapped the end of the leash around a light pole.  She approached Grace, “Now I know youre going to be here when we come out, or things wont end so well for Jillian.

Grace started crying again, but it was only met with looks of satisfaction from the two ladies.  They turned and entered the shop.

Grace looked around nervously.  The street was filled with mostly business types collecting what they needed before the day ended.  She started to shiver from the cold and the concrete burnt the soles of her feet.  She sniffed from her crying and lowered her head.  No longer wanting to see the whispers and glances of the passing free people.  She waited in silence until…

“Grace?  GRACE!”

Grace looked up to see a horrified Joyce Smith standing three meters away with a bag of groceries and a horrified expression.  Grace took a step towards her, but the leash held strong and her neck caught.

Joyce dropped her bag and stepped forward.  She started taking off her coat to give to Grace to allow her some modesty in the street.

“What do you think you are doing Joyce?” The dark woman said stepping back into the street.  Cherry stepped to her side and crossed her arms.

“Whats going on?”  Joyce demanded.

“Its simple really.  Grace wanted to save her daughter and in exchange for her safety, she is mine.”

“Yeah” Cherry sounded.

“Grace!” Joyce said disbelievingly.

“I had to save Jillian”, Grace said between her tears.

“No look here…” Joyce started.

“Oh can it Joyce.”  The Nubian stepped forward and was now appraising Joyce.  “Youre not at the top of my list Joyce, but you are still on my list so run along and tell your teams mates this is what happens when you fu…”  The woman thought better of herself.  “We are not a team to be trifled with.”

Joyce backed away taken aback.

“Cherry unfastened Graces leash and gave it a gentle tug.  “Come on sweetie.  Weve got dinner plans to make.”

Grace complied, but turned and called out to Joyce.  “Dont tell Beth, Joyce.  Promise me you wont tell Beth.”

Joyce just stood horrified and bewildered.

Chapter 6.

Yesterday afternoon may have been about the woman pounding into Grace, but the night was all about taking back from her.  She sat on Graces face, mound buried deep, breathing heavy in indulgence.  Her bent legs had rested over Graces outstretched arms, pinning them down and cutting of the circulation.  The woman treated Grace like a first timer seemingly enjoying detailing every inflection of tongue and lips Grace should make.  During bouts she sat back on Graces chest and devilishly smiled at Grace.  Every time Grace turned away or shut her eyes she was fondled.  The only rest she got was when she looked into the dominatrixes eyes and the look of absolute control.

Grace awoke to the sound of jovial chatter coming from the kitchen.  As if aware she had awoken the woman knocked on her own door and then entered without pause.  Grace sat up apprehensively.  “Grace.  Were ready for you in the kitchen.”  The woman smiled and waited for Grace to rise and come to her.  Grace felt numb and was surprised how she obeyed her executioner with so little resistance.  Youre doing this for Jillian, played like a broken record in her head.  Repeating over and over again.

The woman placed her arm around Joyce and gave her a hug.  “This is for the best Grace.  I want you to know the in the next couple of days were going to get very close.  Youll be surprised at the things youll tell me.”  She paused as they started walking.  People have a tendency to want to be remember, even by those who consume them.  Youll barter and negotiate information for an easier passing.  Dont feel any remorse over this, its natural.”

They had reached the kitchen.  Cherry stood and the center preparation table whisking the marinade.  She looked up and smiled friendlily at Grace.  “Ready”, she beamed with a smile.  “Get up on the table please.”

Graces consciousness remained stationary as her body stepped forward and climbed up on the kitchen table.  It was like she was separate from what was now just meat and watching a macabre scene.  Both of her tormentors looked at her hungrily as her longlegs and slender belly lay outstretched on the table.  Cherry in her typical perky manner danced around the kitchen making final preparations.  The sound of the doorbell filed the room.  It was the first of the guests.  The woman departed the scene, seemingly with no reluctance, but Grace could tell she wanted to watch the preparation.  Cherry armed herself with a basting brush and some olive oil.  She was going to apply the oil before the marinade.  From the entrance Grace could hear the woman greet one of her team mates.  Cheerful laughter encroached back to the kitchen and the spectacled womans eyes lit up as she caught sight of Grace.  “Wow, you got the goalie.”

“I got the goalie.”  The woman repeated and went for the fridge and a bottle of bubbly.

“That Beth bitch would have been better.”  The newcomer said as the woman handed her a glass and started to poor.

“Well get Beth.  Grace here is going to help us.  Well get Beth and Joyce and every last one of them.”  Now the woman poured herself and Cherry a glass.

Cherry accepted hers and took a sip of the Champagne.  “And the best part is there will be a constant supply as new players join them team.”  Cherry put her glass down and went back to basting Graces legs.

“I hear you got a spit.”  The new comer said and watched the spectacle.

“We got the spit.  Jenny 2000 Model, guaranteed to ensure survival past cooking.”

“Mm, I feel a Sunday brunch happening.”  The new comer said with a smile.

“Cocktails and omelets” Cherry informed.

All three women giggled.  The next ring of the doorbell did not dampen the mood and it wasnt long before an oiled and marinated Grace lay on the center table surrounded by the tipsy giggles and squeals of the team she had played two days ago.  Cherry had nearly covered Graces body with the brush and she was the only one paying close attention to Grace.

“Youre so quiet Grace.”  Cherry mused, or corrected chirpily.  It was as though she was expecting Grace to be in on the fun.

“Youre not really going to go after the rest of the team are you?”  Grace said finally as Cherry finished, hoping it was just a tease to torment her in the Nubians sex game.

Cherry raised her eye brows.  “Of course we are sweetie.  When she finds out what we did to you shes going to fall right into our hands.  Honestly Im surprised she hasnt barged through the front door and got herself caught out in a felony.  Then all wed have to do is bail her out.  You can do whatever you want to a bailey.”  Cherry smiled.

Grace was left with a sicken feeling that a succession of spit-muffins had come to these women with little effort at all.  Grace was nothing but a Saturday get together with friends and by no means their last.

“Youll at least leave Jillian alone… wont you?”

Cherry didnt say anything.  She put down the bowl and brush and called out, “Fire her up.”

Whooping hollers of glee and raised champagne glasses filled the crowded kitchen and through the bustle of those moving out to the backyard and couple stayed behind to attach Grace to the spit and carry her out.

Casually delivered certainly finally came home to Grace and she started hyperventilating.  As she became more distressed the spirits of the rival team rose.  This was their victory.  They were not magnanimous in defeat or disqualification and Grace suspected they were just as vicious in Victory.  These women dealt with the uncertainty of their status in the world by turning on their own kind.  They held their right to consume Grace as fervently as a heretic held his religion.  No one gathered around her as she was carried to the spit gave a moments thought to her immanent suffering.

Grace panted set in place.  Her transporters stepped back and she watched in horror as the dark woman placed her hands on Cherrys shoulder to prevent her from starting the gyro.  Cherry looked momentarily thrown.  Her services as cook were obviously paid for by the gratification she got from the cooking itself.  Perhaps she saw the womans larger ploy because she resigned without protest.  The womans walked to Grace and glide her finger over Graces curves one final time, tasting the sauce as she finished.

“Grace.”  She said addressing her.  “If you tell me how to get to Beth I will make this painless for you.

Grace had to turn on a spit in front of a crowd of onlookers, but understood, the humiliation was not the same as the heat.  She remembered Kellys wails of agony and her contortions.  “I cant.”  She cried, but for the first time wanted to.

“Its in your interest.”

Grace took a deep breath after a few pants.  Had her stomach not already been contorted in knots she would have felt it contract in on itself.  She closed her eyes and in a moment of desperation, a moment the dark woman knew would come she uttered Beths secret.  “Beth never got divorced.  Her husband still has claim on her and Trish.”  A single tear escaped Graces eyes.  She caught her breath momentarily thinking it would be over.

The dark woman frowned disappointed.  “I already knew that Grace.  Not good enough.”  She stepped back, not delivering the hidden mercy she had offered.

Graces panic became absolute.  She didnt even have the comfort of being true to her best friend and lover.

As the dark woman walked away seemingly having lost interest in Grace, Cherry skipped into Graces view and with a look of total glee flicked the switch to start the gyro.  The heat and the pain that came with it was instantaneous.  Graces legs were blasted with radiant energy and she started to turn.  Finally she screamed.

“Do you think the neighbors will complain?”  One of the guests asked the dark woman as Graces performance multiplied in decibels.

“Please.”  The woman said confidently and without regard for her neighbors comfort.  “Id find every slip in civil standards they have and ring them through the courts.”

“So that Beth is next?” the quest followed with.  “I suppose.  I do regret delaying cornering Joyce however.”  The dark woman waved her hand.  “One of the two, it really doesnt matter.  Grace here however still has a little more to offer.”

“How so?”

“My daughter is attending the same University as Graces.  Im going to see Graces daughter is assigned to mine as a helper.  Its about time my daughter started learning how to handle their sought.”

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