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Joe Hates Bitches : Valerie

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Synopsis: Joe hates bitches, and Valerie the girl next door is exactly that. He\'s going to teach her a lesson, but not before getting his pet boar, Brutus, involved...

Joe Hates Bitches : Valerie


Ok, I might not be the smartest guy in the world, but i'm smart enough to fucking know fake when I see it. That's the problem with the whole fucking world, everyone's so used to fake shit that they started becoming fake themselves. Nobody cares enough. That faggot who says that he 'respects a bitch for her mind' - that's so fucking fake it would be funny if it wasn't such a goddamn DISEASE, because it lets bitches like Valerie get away with the kind of bullshit that would make you shit a brick. Yeah, I know you sick motherfuckers out there, reading this, know what i'm talking about.

Shit, back to talking about Valerie. So yeah, back in the day, when I was still kind of a loser, there was this bitch living in the house next to mine. Well, not really MINE, but fuck it, it's not like the owner gave a shit about it. Not important. Anyway, i'm the kind of guy that really looks out for his neighbours, you know? So I notice her every day, when she wakes up, when she leaves for school, when she comes back, when she sneaks out at night. She was some kind of cheerleader, I think, just under 6 feet, nice, trim, figure, and a great rack, brunette. Of course, she's popular with the other kids in high school. I'm telling you this so you know exactly the kind of stuck up, privileged, piece of shit she is - it's not like she's got any excuse to be a bitch, like she's poor, or crippled, or that her daddy fucks her in her ass every night. She's just a natural bitch.

So yeah, despite my busy schedule, and working together with some enterprising young guys in the area to scrape together a living, I still find time to start talking to her. Trust me, it wasn't easy getting from a 'nobody' to 'somebody' in the eyes of little miss ice queen. But you know how materialistic and vain bitches are. Give her a few joints, tell her some bullshit she wants to hear, and she'll suck your cock. She'll feed you the same bullshit back - but you know that she's laughing at you inside, that you're just another boy toy she'll suck dry (literally and figuratively) and dump when she's done with you. When she laughs at whatever vapid shit she finds funny, there is no light in her eyes. She's a goddamn fucking psycho.

Anyway, one day I couldn't stand that manipulative shit and all the lying she does, telling me how much she 'loves me'. So I give her a taste of her own medicine. I tell her to meet me in the 'field that we first celebrated our love', for a 'picnic under the stars', alone, 'don't tell anyone'. And guess what, the stupid whore believed me! I swear, the look on her face when my buddies showed up and started to hogtie and gag the bitch. She was crying, and screaming, but that only made it funnier. I could NOT stop laughing - I wish I had taken a picture of her just at that moment when they put her in the boot of the car, with her dress torn and a few light bruises when someone had to smack her to calm her down. Wish I took a picture then, but I didn't.

So after that, I let my buddies look after her for a few weeks, while I played the whole 'mysterious disappearance' game with the cops and her family. Of course, they couldn't prove anything, and i'd convinced her previously that we were going to run away together, so she'd already made some preparations that the police were far too eager to shove in the family's face. Anything to get out of doing actual work. Meanwhile, my buddies had some fun with Valerie, and made some pretty good money of the videos - a girl losing her virginity in a ten man gang rape is like a fucking gold mine. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised NOW, but back then it really hurt my feelings to find out that my 'girlfriend' was such a gigantic whore. It was just week after week of sex shows for her, my buddies, and a few other dumb sluts they picked up. I could only catch the last one, in some warehouse, just filled with other perverts. She wasn't even the one of the attractions - they'd managed to get a 14 year old with basketball-sized breast implants, and who the fuck wants to watch a used-up 17 year old whore compared to that? No, she was bent over at the admissions stand, and they were stuffing her asshole with money for a ticket. Most of them deliberately used coins for the last few dollars, just to see them disappear as they were sucked into her greedy asshole, and she'd cry when they used a broom handle to force the coins deeper into her. Seeing her used as a piggy bank gave me a good idea, though.

That was her final show before she came home with me. My buddies were done with her, and I convinced them not to shoot the usual 'farewell' snuff video. I hadn't had my fun with her yet, entertaining though the video would have been. By now, of course, she was a lot more docile, and slightly less pretty, than she was before, but we had some good times. I showed her what kind of relationship we COULD have had. I'd wake her up with a mild, loving shock to her nipple and clit rings, then i'd facefuck her for a while. I'd take out her buttplug and feed her breakfast from whatever I could scrape out her ass with a spoon. Then we'd play some games, and i'd train her how to be a better girlfriend. Not to brag, but by the end of her training, she could cum on demand even while being whipped across her pussy and ass. You could stick your hand up her twat and she'd give you a massage. She'd eat shit and drink piss without gagging. So of course, after a while, she was fucking boring.

I was actually considering snuffing her myself. My buddies put some hungry rats down the ass and pussy of that 14 year old whore with the giant balloon tits, and sewed her up. The rats chewed their way out of her through her mouth - apparently the tongue is the tastiest part of the whore, and they can smell it. I wanted to see it for myself with Valerie. But she deserved something special, and she'd actually been a good little whore.

I've always felt close to animals, more than people. Animals can't be fake. So i'd found this old boar,Brutus, in the woods, limping around, almost blind, and we really hit it off. I fed him the cats I had adopted previously, and we were bros. I kept him in one of the rooms of my house - all he wanted to do, was eat, shit, sleep and fuck, the whole hakuna matata kind of life. He was a fat, ugly, hairy motherfucker, but if you'd seen what Valerie looked like by that time, you'd have said the two of them were made for each other. Naturally, I decided that Brutus needed a Pig-Wife, and it was time for Valerie to become an honest woman.

We got the two of them together, and they seemed to hit it off. We made sure Valerie always had her ass up and hands down with some very delicate cuts to her ankle tendons. She'd never walk again, but it didn't seem right for the little piggy to be on two legs like she was BETTER than Brutus. He had a foot and a half long corkscrew dick, and almost as thick as my forearm. It was magnificent, meant to wrench open the cervix of some little piggy slut and deliver a shot of his jizz straight into her babymaker. Of course that ungrateful bitch couldn't appreciate it, she kept struggling and whining, but Brutus doesn't take shit from a bitch. He OWNS that pussy, and he knows it - he was humping her doggy-style, his mouth firmly biting down on her hair. It was fascinating to watch, and her belly started stretching after he squirted half a liter of fertile, baby-making sperm up into her. That's how she spent the next year or so - locked inside Brutus' room, which is covered in pig shit and leftover slops, on her hands and knees, taking load after load of his sperm into her ass or pussy. I thought she'd last for a while before her body wore out, and she'd be at least a week's worth of food for Brutus.

You know what? After a while, she stopped whining and crying all the time, and started bonding with Brutus. She'd feed him, suck his dick when he trying to get hard to fuck her, sleep against him to keep him warm, oinking like the good little piggy she was when he was fucking her. All while covered in a mixture of his filth and her own. So, before you call the next part of my story bullshit, you have to remember that they were in love, or whatever was the closest thing a whore like her could call love.

See, after a while, I realized she wasn't getting FAT off the slops I fed Brutus - he'd knocked her up. Her tits were swelling with milk, and Brutus would chew on them whenever he wanted some. She loved it, stroking his fur and kissing him gently while he sucked the pig milk out of her. Soon, her belly distended, and she was HUGE. And I thought, why not share this good news with the rest of her family? Whatever weird mutant sprog came out of her babyhole deserved to know their grandparents, and it would be funny as all hell.

So, the night when she started going into labor, me and my buddies broke into her parents' house. It was easy enough, most of them were old pros, they knew what they were doing for a B&E. So we had the whole family tied and gagged in the living room, when we brought in our new mommy Valerie, and Brutus. I think they were surprised and sickened at the same time, her mom started crying immediately, her dad started screaing through the gag. I'll admit, Valerie did look and smell very different from what they probably imagined her to look, and certainly not this broken, used-up pig wife. I told her to make out with Brutus, and she immediately started to suck face with the boar. I think her parents finally understood whose babies she was having, at that time. If they didn't, she was soon pushing out six beautiful little piglets in a bloody mess on the living room floor, so they'd have figured it out eventually.

Of course my buddies had the whole birthing process down on film, and it would bring us plenty of dough on the internet. We cut the ropes and gags of her parents for a bit of drama at the end, they were crying and whining, asking her stupid sappy questions, apologizing, and she was telling them how much she loved Brutus, and wanted to have more of his babies. She was smiling as she brought her mutant babies to suckle at her tits.

Despite that, I was pretty sure she was bleeding out from the birthing, and wouldn't last much longer. My buddies wouldn't be  letting her mom and dad leave alive, either. She had a younger sister, Victoria, who had just turned 15, and she and I were getting busy on the dining room table.

Victoria had mousy brown hair, nerdy looking spectacles, but a trim girlish figure and a budding pair of tits underneath her pyjamas. What was different, though, was the way she looked at me. She was gagged, hogtied, and I had my cock slamming into her tight virgin asshole, and my hands squeezing her bruised and swollen tits with every ounce of my strength, but she had that look that said, 'I'm going to kill you, and it's going to hurt.'

I guess i'm in love.


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