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The Itch That Could Not Be Scratched

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Synopsis: A young intelligent woman is caught and blackmailed to be a slave. She gets dominated by a man and a woman to be trained and obedient.


Caroline Smith opened her eyes slowly, still groggy from all the drinks she had from the party last night.  Did she drink too much? She wondered to herself. She only had two or three drinks.  So she suspected she must have been drugged or something.  It wasn't in her nature to pass out from only just a few drinks. 

Caroline was strong and athletic having trained in karate and martial arts at a young age.  Her brownish blond hair, 36-24-36 and voluptuous size D breasts made heads turn when she walked in a room.  She was always a very proud woman, with her confidence, strong ego and high intelligence.    She had volunteered for special forces training when she got out of high school.  She was a special agent (like 007), for the government, so was no stranger to danger and unknown circumstances.  She suspected she must have been captured by a foreign intelligence agency or some other bureau.

She sat up, and looked around.  She didn't recognize the room.  It seemed to be well furnished and elegant room, but all the doors appeared to be locked.  Her mind worked quickly, to assess the situation and find the best solution on a way out.

She was able to force one of the doors open by kicking a hole in one of the center panels and then reaching through with her hand to open the door using the door knob. She then ran down several hallways looking for a way out.   She saw a guard in uniform and silently came up behind him. With several quick hits she incapacitated him.  She did this with several more guards and even obtained a gun and set of keys.  She was on her way out of this unknown prison.  Her advanced combat training was serving her well.

She turned the next corner and suddenly she was surrounded by four to five guards. How did they know where she was heading? She wondered.  But she knew she could handle them easily with her combat training and skills.  She was about to start taking them down when she heard a voice over the loudspeaker.

She heard a man's voice say “Bravo! You are even better than I expected Miss Smith.  I am even more impressed with you now that I've seen you in action”

Caroline yelled, “Who are you?  And what do you want? ”

He said, “I am Gold Finger.  We have met before when you sent me to jail several years ago.  I just got out of prison, and  just wanted to pay you back for all that you've done to me.  I know my men are not able to take you down, but maybe I can persuade you to cooperate....”

There were some TV monitors around the house which flickered as they came to life.  A video started playing showing a young woman being held captive and crying for help. She was pounding on a door, begging to be released.

“Miss Smith, now please take a look at the monitor”, he said.

Caroline recognized the woman on the monitor as her younger sister.  Caroline had eaten lunch with her the day before.  But now, somehow, this pervert must have taken her hostage and locked her in a room.  Her sister looked very scared and vulnerable.  Caroline was shocked.  She loved her younger sister dearly, and could not stand the thought of her getting injured.

“Oh my God, how did you get my sister?  Please let her go.  She's innocent.  She knows nothing about what I do for a living.  Why do you have her?  What do you want with us?”

He said, “You know what I want.  I don't care about your younger sister.  I just want to get back at you.   I will let her go,  but only after I have had my chance to pay you back for all the times you messed up my plans.  Sending me to prison really made me angry, and I've been thinking long and hard on how to get back at you all these years. The deal is this.  If you obey and follow my orders for one month, then I will let you and your sister go.  I just want the satisfaction of paying you back for all the trouble you gave me over the years.  I may be vindictive, but I don't plan on killing you or your sister.  I give you my word that at the end of a month you and your sister will be released.  I know that you have studied my case files, so you know that when I promise something, I always keep my promise.”

From the case files, Caroline knew Gold Finger was a man of his word.  That's how he always did business.   Caroline looked at the TV monitor.  Her sister looked very scared in the room. She loved her little sister, and could not risk him doing something terrible to her.  She also knew that this evil man was a man of his word, and could be trusted to do as he promised.  She also knew that she was beat.  She had no choice.  Whether she would want to live after obeying his evil deeds would be another matter...

Caroline said, “I have your word that you will let me and my sister go free as long I do as you want?”

“Yes, you have my word”, he said.  “If you do as you are told, then in one month, I will release you and your sister.  I do not want to kill you.  I just want to enjoy using you as my personal slave.  At the end the month you will be freed and allowed to do as you please.  Your sister will be left unharmed as long as you follow orders.  You have my word as a gentleman.”

Some gentleman you are, Caroline sarcastically thought to herself.  She knew Gold Finger was ruthless with his partners, and evil in many ways.  But she also knew that what he promised, he always delivered.  He never said he would do something, and then not do it.  Caroline thought it over and over in her mind.  Her mind tried to work out all the possibilities.  Could she take down the guards and rescue her sister?  Where was Gold Finger located?  His voice came over the loudspeaker, but he could actually be miles away.  Where was her sister?  Was she even in the mansion?  Caroline just did not have enough information.  So she reluctantly lowered her weapons and dropped them to the ground.  She told Gold Finger that she would agree to the deal, that she would do as told for the month.  The guards quickly surrounded her and grabbed her arms.

He said, “I will now send  in my assistant.  You must follow her instructions exactly.”

From a side door, a lady in a gray business suit, dark rimmed glasses, very high heels and hair tied back in a tight bun came into the room.  She had dark hair and long red finger nails.  Her lips were bright red.  She looked like a professional businesswoman.  She was even carrying a briefcase.  She slowly walked right up to Caroline and said. “I know this will be difficult for you.  My master has given me the task of training you. In time you will learn to love the pain and humiliation.  But in the immediate future, you will hate me and despise everything I will do to you.  I'm so sorry.  But you will have to endure it, or else you sister will suffer the consequences....”

Caroline said, “Who are you? And what do you want with me?”

The woman said, “My name is Eve.  I will be supervising your training to be a good slave.   I am very experienced at this.  I will do things to you that you will absolutely hate.  Such is my pleasure.  In the end, you will be trained and obedient slave answering to my Masters wishes.  You may later even learn to love the pain and humiliation.”

The lady in gray then said, “You are here because my master wanted to pay you back for all the years women like you beat him at his own game.  He has his ego and pride.   Now he just wants to teach you some modesty and humbleness. Now you will understand what it is to be humiliated in front of others.  This is the day you will regret you were ever born a woman!”

Eve set the brief case down on a nearby table and flicked the lock open.  She opened the briefcase and instead of paperwork pulled out what looked like a parallel double dong arrangement attached to some base.  Both dildos were about 8” long and rubber like.  One dildo was for the pussy, while the other dildo was for the ass.  They would need to be inserted simultaneously since they were parallel to each other.  Eve held the double dildo in front of Caroline's face, and showed her the realistic nature of the rubber penises.  They looked real with veins running up and down the sides, with the large head and hole at the tips.  “You like?” she teased.

“These will become your intimate friends and partners for now.  You may even learn to love them.”, she laughed.

Caroline looked at the dildos with dread.  This woman was evil, she thought to herself.  She wondered how someone could become so sadistic.  She wondered how to get out of her situation and rescue her sister, but came up empty. 

Eve then proceeded to fill both of the dildos with some liquid and screwed the cap on.  The liquid was red, like pepper sauce, with tiny little bits floating floating around on top.   It squirted from the tips as Eve squeezed the dildo a little too hard.  The dildos were bent in slightly, toward each other.  Caroline noticed the dildos had metal strips down each of the sides.  She correctly reasoned that these dildos could also shock the one who wore them.  She shuddered thinking what it must feel like. 

Eve held the dildos in front of Caroline and  said, “Here, let me demonstrate something special about these dildos.” 

She flicked a small switch at the bottom base of dildos and the tips of dildos came together.  After she had flicked the lever, the two dildos would touch at the tips.  She hit the switch again and the dildos came apart.  Eve saw the look of horror on Caroline's face and laughed.  She was going to enjoy training this woman, she thought to herself.  Eve then grabbed a pepper shaker out of her briefcase, and then sprinkled some itching powder on the dildos.  “Just a little spice for you my dear”, Eve teased.

She handed the dildos to Caroline who stared at them with big wide Bambi eyes. 

Caroline said, “You can't be serious!  What did I ever do to you?  Why are you doing this to me?”

The lady in gray said, “Now you will insert these into your pussy and ass.  I don't have time for your whining and complaining.  I'm here to train you.  You will do as you are told or your sister will suffer terribly.” 

Eve handed Caroline a jar and said, “Here is some K-Y Jelly to ease the insertion.  I know this is difficult for you, but as long as you cooperate, everything will be fine.”

Caroline hated every moment but she had no choice and she knew it.  She could easily overpower this lady and the guards, but then her sister would still be captive and tortured.

Eve said, “now take off all your clothes.  No tricks.  I'm watching every move you make.”

Caroline slowly took off her clothes, sobbing and weeping as she did so.  Her mind was reeling.  How to get out of this.  How to save her sister?  Caroline thought about all the advanced combat training she had, and now she could use none of it.  She had to obey or else... She unbuttoned her blouse, unfastened her bra, and pulled down her skirt.  It was humiliating, but she had to follow Eve's orders.  Eve then told her to pull down her panties, which Caroline did so after a slight hesitation.

The guy on the speaker said, “Yes, that is good Ms Smith.  Just follow Eve's instructions and everything will be fine.”

Caroline said, “Why are you doing this to me?  Why me?  Just let me go. Please!”

Eve handed Caroline the dildos.  With disgust she looked at them and saw them glistening with grease. Eve had thoughtfully greased them up to ease the insertion.   The dildos looked so realistic, with little veins up and down the dildo to simulate a real penis.  Caroline grabbed some K-Y Jelly from a large jar on the table and spread it over her vagina and ass hole.  She then proceeded to insert the dildos into her.  She got the tips in, spreading her vagina lips.  The ass dildo was a little tougher, but she got that in also.  Then slowly, inch by inch, she pushed and slid the two dildos into herself at the same time.  She looked up at the ceiling and said out loud “You'll pay for this.  I swear you will pay for this you evil bastard”

He laughed over the loudspeaker.  He said “Yes, maybe someday.  But for now, it is you who will be doing as I want.”

After much grunting and pushing slowly on the dildos from below, Caroline finally got the dildos into her.  Eve knelt down reached beneath her between her legs, fumbling for the switch.   She finally found the small lever on the dildos and flicked the switch.  That is when Caroline really felt it.  The dildos touched together deep inside her. Every movement of her legs would cause the dildos to rub the thin membrane deep inside between her pussy and her ass. She could feel the dildos move and tickle her insides.    Every time she walked, it would cause the dildos tips to rub slightly and it would be slightly itchy. Caroline dropped her handed down to her pussy to scratch the itch, the the spot within her was out of reach.   There was no way to relieve the sensation because it was so deep inside of her.  It was just an awful feeling.  Caroline tried squeezing her ass and pussy to see what could be done, but the itch was still there.

Eve then she handed Caroline a corset and told her to put it on.  Caroline looked at it and did not think she could fit into it.  The waist looked only about 20 inches in diameter.  She wondered what wearing a corset would feel like.  She had never had one on before.  Caroline started lacing it up around her waist but was having difficulty tightening it. 

Eve came up behind her and said “Here, let me help you”.

Caroline leaned against a table, while Eve proceeded to tighten up the laces from behind her back.  The corset squeezed Caroline more and more, shifting her organs around inside of her.  The dildos pressed into even more intimate contact with her insides.  She could really feel the dildos within her now.  Caroline's breathing became more shallow as the corset tightened around her waist.  She almost felt like fainting so tight the corset squeezed her chest.  Caroline started taking more rapid and shallow breaths, trying to get some air into her.

Eve then handed Caroline a satin frilly black maids dress and told her to put it on.  Caroline looked at the dress and held it up to her body.  It made her very angry to be forced to put on such an outfit.  She was a strong and proud woman, and this dress represented weakness and frailty. 

Caroline knew what she had to do, but dreaded it.  She stepped into the dress pulling it up and over her shoulders and arms into the sleeves.  She squeezed into it. Then she tried zipping it up the back, which was difficult, so Eve stepped up behind Caroline and proceed to zip up the dress..  Eve then handed her a little lock, and said to lock the back zipper at the top at the back of her neck. She fumbled, but was finally able to put the lock on.  With a loud click, Caroline was locked into her dress and there was no easy way to take it off unless given the key.   Eve then handed her some stockings and two very high heels and said put these on also.  The shoes were at least five inches high, narrow spikes, with little locks on the straps around the ankles. 

“Why do you have all these little locks?” Caroline asked.

“Because, you need to be in uniform at all times while in the Master's house, and if you can take off your clothes whenever you want then it is not as much fun” Eve said.

Caroline sat down and slipped stocking with garter belt onto her legs.  They had a seam on the backs of them, which she lined up perfectly up the back side of her calves.  Then she slid the high heel shoes over her feet.  She put the straps around her ankles, then grabbed the little locks and locked the ankle straps of the shoes onto herself.  She stood up, teetering in the high heels.  She was not used to walking in such high heels, being more of a tomboy growing up as a kid.  She wondered to herself if she could still do her karate kicks and combat maneuvers in such an outfit.  It would be more difficult to fight with the high heels on, she thought to herself.  When Caroline started to walk that is when she really felt the dildos.  Every step she took irritated the insides because of the tips pushed against her thin membrane walls of her pussy and ass hole deep inside of her. The thin membrane was itchy because of the fluid oozing out of the tips of the dildos.

From the tip of the dildos, would squirt a little hot pepper solution with itching solution mixed in.  Every forty five minutes or so the timer on the dildos would squirt a few drops of liquid from the tip which would cause a burning sensation deep inside her.  She tried running her hands over her skirt and pushing her tummy against a chair, but nothing seemed to relieve the itching sensation.   The dildos would also vibrate for about thirty seconds, driving her mad with desire to relieve the sensation, but she could do nothing about it.  Worse was walking.  Somehow walking around moved and shifted the dildos, and she could not relieve the itching deep inside of her.

Eve handed her an odd chastity belt of some kind.  It looked like a large panty, with a metal cup where her clitoris would be.  Eve said put it on or else...   So she put on this “diaper” of sorts, sliding it up her legs.  Before she could lock it on, Eve said wait a moment.  She reached into a drawer of a desk and pulled out what looked like a pepper shaker. 

She said, “I need to spice it up a little bit, and proceeded to shake something from the shaker onto her clitoris and vagina”  Then she finished locking Caroline into the chastity belt with a tiny lock around the waist.

That is when Caroline felt it.  The itching powder on her clitoris was very subtle.  But every time she walked, it was an itch she could not get to either.   Caroline ran her hands down, to try to touch her clitoris, but it was under the metal cup.  She tried humping the sofa.  She tried sitting down.  She tried everything, but the itch was just out of reach for her.  It was driving her crazy.  That is when the dildos started acting up and vibrating.  Apparently they were on some random timer.  Caroline moaned and lay on the bed, as the dildos did their thing inside of her.  Caroline closed her eyes and started to have an orgasm.  She humped an imaginary partner with her hips, and ran her hands down to her pussy to try to stimulate her clitoris, but could not.  Eve watched her, smiling.  She knew Caroline would eventually start craving to have an orgasm, and this would make it easier to train her in the future.

After the dildos stopped vibrating and Caroline was more relaxed, Eve then told Caroline she had chores to do around the house.  She would need to do the chores, otherwise she and her sister would be punished severely.  So all day Caroline cleaned the house following the list of activities Eve had given to her to complete.  Some required bending down (like cleaning under the beds).  This only drove the dildos deeper into her when she had to bend down.  It was pure agony.  It was difficult to push the vacuum cleaner around in her high heels, but she managed.  When washing dishes, she could see her boobs hang out from the maids dress over the sink.  It made her very self conscious wearing such sexy attire.  Everything was more difficult in a maids outfit and high heels.  She felt so weak and vulnerable.  Plus she always seemed to be out of breath, with the tight corset not allowing her to take any deep breaths.  She had an hour glass figure.  Her breasts bulged from the top of the dress, and her behind seemed larger than normal because the corset made her waist so tiny.

After a full day of cleaning, she was exhausted.  She just wanted to get out of the clothes and sleep.  But when she was finished, Eve told her that she would have to sleep in her clothes for the night.  In the morning she would be allowed to bathe and clean up.  Finally she was allowed to sleep.  Eve led her to a small room with a cot inside.  Just a single bed, with a few sheets.  So Caroline slid into bed, still fully dressed.  With high heels on, she felt funny and odd going to bed fully clothed.

Caroline sighed.  She could not remove the maids dress, nor the high heels she was locked into, so she just tried to catch some sleep.  It was difficult though with the corset on.  Her breathing was severely  restricted.  The shoes pinched her toes relentlessly.  Her breasts felt enormous with them being pushed up by the corset.  She imagined she looked like Jessica Rabbit in the cartoon.

Her body seemed to adjust well to the dildos inside of her to the point she did not even realize they were there as she lay in bed.  She almost fell asleep, but then after an hour or so, the dildos would come to life, rotating, vibrating and wiggling.  The dildos were on some random timer.  From the tips the dildos would squirt additional itching solution deep inside of her.  She awoke with a start each time, just wanting to catch some sleep for the night but could not.  She tried using her hands to rub the outside of pussy, around the hips and abdomen but nothing could quite reach the itch deep in her pussy and up her ass.  She cried.  How was she going to get out of this this mad house?  She tried wiggling her hips left and right.  She tried anything to relieve the itch deep within her, but was unsuccessful.

She tried curling up in a fetal position and for some reason that seemed to relieve some of the pressure, pulling the dildos slightly apart inside of her.  She slept on her side in a fetal position with her knees of her legs pulled up to her breasts in a tight ball.  It just somehow felt better to be in this position. 

Caroline tried to scratch the itch deep inside of her, but it was just out of her reach.  She tried everything, rubbing her hips against the bed post, arching her back, curling up in a ball.  She pressed her thumbs into her abdomen and hips area, but still could not reach the itchy spot.  She tried pushing the dildos deeper into her and this only helped move the spot slightly.  She also tried pulling on the dildos, but the chastity belt prevented them from being pulled out too much.  Moving her hip she wriggled her ass, helped a little bit, shifting the position of the itch deep within, but not enough to satisfy her.  She begged Eve to just let her sleep and get a good nights rest.  She was so tired.

Caroline begged, “Please let me go to sleep!  Please take this thing out of me!  I can't stand it anymore.  I'll do anything you want me to, just take this thing out of me and let me sleep!”

Unfortunately, her pleading went on deaf ears and she suffered the rest of the night.  By morning she was very tired and weak from staying up all night.  Caroline was starting to get incoherent like she was drunk with alcohol.  She couldn't think clearly anymore.

In the morning Eve unlocked her dress in the back.  Caroline was finally able to unzip herself from the dress she wore all night.  Then Eve loosened her corset.  It took some time to release the corset lacings and loosen them up.  Caroline was so relieved to be able to take deep breaths again.  Finally the corset was removed.  Eve then knelt down and unlocked the tiny lock around her waist to allow the chastity belt to be removed also.  Caroline's hands immediately went down to her waist to pull off the chastity belt.  Then she went to work on the double dildo arrangement, pulling these out of her once she flicked the lever to keep the tips from touching.  Oh that felt so good, she thought to herself. 

Eve then guided Caroline to the bathroom for a nice hot shower.  It felt wonderful to be clean again.  A shower made her feel rejuvenated and energetic.  She was still hungry, because they hardly fed her anything except salads and other vegetables, but she felt happy.  Unfortunately this brief time away from her training ordeal was not to last very long.

Eve came into the bathroom and told Caroline to follow her.  Caroline was naked, but did as she was told.  Eve guided her to the middle of the bedroom where a rope was hanging from the ceiling running through a pulley.  Eve then snapped some padded leather cuffs around Caroline's wrists and hooked these to the rope that ran to the ceiling.  Eve then had Caroline step on an inverted plastic five gallon bucket raising her about two feet off the ground.

She walked  to the side of the room where the rope through the pulley was connected.   She threaded this rope to a crank mounted on the wall, and then started cranking the wheel.  Slowly, but surely, Caroline's wrists rose above her arms, pulling her higher and higher.  She started feeling the weight on her arms and shoulders. Up and up she her arms went.  Caroline begged her to stop, asking for some relief,  “Please, don't do this to me.  Why do you have to be so mean?”

Eve paused a moment and then told said to Caroline apologetically, “I'm sorry I must hurt you.  I don't want to be mean to you, but my Master requires me to do this to you.  If I don't, he will punish me.  I'm so sorry.”

Eve started cranking the lever again until Caroline was standing on the tips of her toes on the bucket.  She was totally naked and exposed.  She looked down at her D-sized breasts and they were jiggling, being so large and without any bra to support them.  She felt embarrassed to be so exposed.  She had always considered breast reduction surgery, but never got around to it.  Part of her enjoyed the attention she got from the men she dated.  It made her feel more like a woman and more powerful, even though it felt like a burden sometimes having such large breasts.

Eve then walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a Cat O' nine tails type of whip.  It had five tails of a smooth whip cord designed to hurt, but not lacerate the skin.  Caroline saw Eve approach with the whip and was scared.  She tried to move away but the rope held her tight.  Eve then unexpectedly kicked the plastic bucket out from under Caroline's feet.  Caroline felt the full weight of her body immediately on her wrists.  She groaned in pain.  It was so fast and unexpected. 

Eve then proceeded to whip Caroline on her back, on her ass, and on her breasts.  Caroline twisted and turned her body to avoid the lashes but could not.  She cried in pain as the whip landed on her skin.  Her skin reddened deep red but was not cut.  Eve kept swinging away.  When was she ever going to stop? Caroline asked herself.  Caroline cried, begged and pleaded for some mercy, but none was forthcoming.  This went on for over twenty minutes and then just as it quickly started, it stopped.

Then Eve walked in front of Caroline and grabbed her cheeks to look at her right in the eyes.  She looked at Caroline's red crying eyes and whispered in her ear, “I need you to spread  and hold your legs wide open my dear.  I am going to whip your wet pussy until you can't stand it anymore.”

Caroline shook her head and begged, “No! No! Don't do this to me.  I beg you.  I beg you if you have any heart in you not to do this to me!  Please, please show me some mercy.”

Eve said to her, “I hate doing this to you.  I know you hate me for doing this to you.  But if I don't do my job well, I will be severely punished.  You have to understand it's not just me that is doing this to you.  I have my instructions.  If you do not spread and hold open your legs now, I will be forced to tie them spread, and I will do twice the time whipping your pussy.  So do it now, before I am forced to act.”

Caroline did not know what to do.  She felt the pain all over her body.  She just wanted this woman to stop her torture.  She wanted to curl up and die.  But she knew she had no choice.  She would do as she was told.  She would obey whatever this evil person told her to do.

So reluctantly and slowly, she opened up her legs, spreading them as far as she could hold her legs apart. She closed her eyes.  She couldn't stand to look when Eve whipped her pussy.  She prayed it would be over soon.  Eve watched Caroline submit to her demands.  She felt sorry for her.  She knew Caroline was in a lot of pain, and she was about to inflict even more pain.

Eve held the whip with her right hand and took aim at her pussy.  She told Caroline, “Ok, here it comes” as she swung the whip toward her pussy.

“Aaaagh”, Caroline screamed as the whip ripped at her pussy lips and clitoris.  She had never felt such unbelievable pain before on her private parts.  She also opened her eyes at the moment of impact, not believing she could feel so much agony.  Her eyes were wide open at the shock to her system.  She cringed at the pain and her legs automatically closed to protect her private area.

“God have mercy on me” Caroline cried quietly.

“Now, now Caroline.  Be a good little girl and open those pretty legs up for me!” Eve teased.

Caroline obeyed, spreading her legs as best she could.  It was humiliating, but she had no choice.

Eve then hit her again and again.  Caroline screamed and screamed louder each time.  Her pussy was bright red from all the flogging from the whip. Eve reached down between her legs and inserted a finger into her pussy.  She said, “You seem to be very wet down there in your pussy my sweet little whore.  Are you getting sexually excited?”

In some ironic way, Caroline was getting sexually excited.  Her body betrayed her.  How can she be getting excited by this torture?  Was she some kind of masochist or something?  She was getting confused with her sexual excitement and the pain she was feeling.  She had not slept in days, and everything started getting confusing to her.  She was not thinking very clearly anymore.  She usually had a sharp mind, but at the moment she could not keep her thoughts coherent or straight.

Eve continued striking her with the whip, but she also mixed in a few hits to Caroline's breasts, ass and other sensitive areas.  Caroline was sobbing uncontrollably now.  When was she going to stop?  She asked herself. The torture seemed to go on forever. 

Finally Eve grabbed the bucket and slid it under Caroline's feet.  She stepped onto the bucket, relieved to get the weight off her shoulders and wrists.  Then Eve hit the release mechanism on the crank and Caroline was able to lower her arms down to her waist.  Eve then released her wrists from the cuffs and untied them from the rope above.  She stepped off of the plastic bucket onto the ground.

Caroline used her hands to feel her breasts, to feel her pussy and ass as if to check if everything was alright. There was no bleeding.  Only her skin was very red from hits from the whip.  Her breasts and pussy ached terribly but everything seemed intact.

Eve then said, “Time to get dressed for house chores!  But I have something special for you.  You'll find out soon enough”

Caroline wondered what she was talking about.  She hated wearing a corset and the french maids outfit.  But Eve demanded this of her and she did not want to fight.  She wasn't forced to wear the double dildo this time around though.  She put on the stockings and garter belt on though, but no panties at the moment.

Eve pulled out of a desk draw something that looks like a small ring.  She said to Caroline, “You're going to find this very interesting.”   Eve smiled.  Caroline looked at it not comprehending what it was.  It was too small to fit on her finger.  What could it be for? She wondered.

Eve led Caroline to the sofa and pushed her over from the back so that her tummy was resting on the armrest.  Her head was down on the sofa seat, while her ass stuck up in the air.  The skirt from the maids outfit rode up and did not protect her at all.  She was totally exposed with her rear behind right in front of Eve.  Eve then proceeded to play with Caroline's pussy and clitoris.  Caroline started getting excited.  She would not help but get excited when Eve's very delicate fingers played with her private parts.  Her clitoris gorged with blood.  It was getting hard.  At this moment, Eve grabbed the tiny ring and slipped it over Caroline's clitoris.  She then twisted the ring tightening it, trapping her clitoris.  The blood could not escape, and kept her clitoris super sensitive.  Caroline could feel everything.  When Eve brushed her finger nail against her clitoris, it felt like she was scraping it with sandpaper.

Eve then got out the rubber chastity belt and slipped it up Caroline's legs all the way up to her hips.  But before she locked it on, she had one more task.  She went to a closet and pulled out a small bucket of weeds or something.  They were actually stinging nettles, but she wasn't telling Caroline.  Eve then put on some heavy rubber gloves and started grabbing a handful of the stinging nettles.  She pulled the rubber panties open at the waist and stuffed the panty full of them.  She grabbed another handful and made sure to stuff some of the nettles up Carolines pussy and between her ass cheeks.  Then she quickly locked the chastity belt on, tightening the adjustable belt around the waist so that Caroline would not be able to remove her rubber prison.

Eve then let Caroline stand up from her bent over position.  Caroline stood up from the couch and immediately felt the nettles stinging her from below.  Her hand went down but only met the rubber panties covering everything.  She tried slipping her hand down between the waist and the panty, but Eve had tightened and locked the waist band too tightly, which did not allow her hand to pass.  Caroline looked at her with wide crazy eyes.  “Oh my God!  What have you put on me?  It itches like crazy.  I can't stand it.”

Caroline tried scratching her pussy but the latex panties made it very difficult.  She scratched at her ass, as some of the stinging nettles had worked their way between her ass cheeks, but the rubber prevented her fingers from reaching very far in.  Worse was her clitoris, which was surrounded by stinging nettles and was engorged with blood from the ring put on her.  The clitoris was very sensitive.  Caroline cried out loud, “Oh my God!  Please, get this off of me.  This is awful.  Why are you doing this to me?”

Eve just smiled at her.  She handed her a sheet of paper with a list chores she had to do around the house.


Caroline held the piece of paper in front of her and said, “You can't be serious!  I can't do house chores like this!  This stuff you put in me is unbearable.  It's driving me crazy.”

Eve then grabbed a large wood paddle and smacked Caroline across the buttocks.  “Ouch”, Caroline said as she grabbed her ass.

“If you don't do chores around your Master's house, you will be punished.  Understand?”, Eve said.

“Ok!, Ok!  I'll do the chores.  Just don't hit me anymore.”, Caroline pleaded.

So Caroline grabbed the list and saw her first chore.  It said “1. Pick up dirty clothes off the floor and put them in the laundry basket.”

So Caroline went around the house and looked for any dirty clothes on the floor.  She saw a few pieces in the bedroom and knelt to pick them up.   “Ouch!”, she yelped in surprise.  She had not expected the stinging needles to rub her clitoris as she bent down to pick up the clothes.  She was going to have to be more careful she thought to herself.  She had to bend down several more times to pick up clothes and each time her clitoris was stung by the needles.  Caroline was glad to be done with the first chore on the list.

The next item on the list said “2. Mop the wood floor.  Use the mop and squeeze bucket in the closet”

So Caroline waddled over to the closet, trying her best not to disturb the stinging needles in her rubber prison.  She pulled out the mop and pushed the squeeze bucket over to the sink to fill it up.  She had to lift the bucket to put it under the faucet to fill with water.  She dreaded having to do this, not wanting to  bend down any more than she had to.  So she improvised.  She got a small pot from the kitchen, which she filled with water and then filled the bucket pouring one small pot at a time.  She was proud of her ingenuity.

Then she put the mop in the water and put it into the squeeze mechanism attached to the bucket to squeeze excess water out of the mop.  Without thinking, she lifted her leg up to push the lever with her foot to squeeze the water.  When she lifted her leg, that is when she really felt the stinging needles drive themselves deeper into her pussy.   “Aaaaagh” she cried in surprise.  Every movement caused her to suffer, but whenever she made big movements it hurt her even more.  “Damn you.  Damn you” she cursed at Eve, who wasn't even in the same room at the time.

She pushed the mop around the floor and tried to minimize the number of times she had to squeeze the mop with her foot.  It was difficult pressing on the lever with her high heeled shoe.  She could only press with the toe tip of her shoe on the lever.  The spiky heel did not help her much.  Each lift of her leg caused the stinging needles to work their way further and further up inside her pussy, but she could do nothing about it. 

She looked on the list and her next task was to dust the furniture and shelves.  She felt she could do this easily.  But when she saw the shelves, they were over eight feet high.  She would need to get up there to dust them.  She saw the stool she had to get up on to reach the shelves, but it was a large step up, over three feet to get up on onto the seat.  It would be difficult with her high heels on.  It would be even more difficult to do it without lifting her leg up too much.  But she felt she didn't have much choice.  So she positioned the stool under the shelves.  She slowly raised her right leg until the toe tip part of her shot was on the stool.  Then she grabbed onto a shelf and hoisted herself up.  The stinging needles had worked their way even further up her pussy.  She felt them touch new virgin territory deep inside her pussy.  They had also rubbed against her clitoris again, caused her much distress.  But she was happy to be up on the stool ready to dust.  Then she realized something terrible.  She had forgotten to grab the feather duster when she did all this, and now had to go back down off the stool to retrieve the duster that was laying on the ground.  She cried.  It was so hard.  She was at the breaking point.

At the end of the day, Eve checked up on the progress Caroline had made with her list.  She was not pleased.  Caroline had only completed six of the ten tasks assigned to her.  She would have to be punished.  Caroline looked solemnly down at the ground.  She had tried her best, but the damn stinging nettles really slowed her down.  She said to Eve, “Please have mercy on me.  I beg you.  Please don't punish me too severely.” 

Caroline was almost in tears.  She knew she had failed in doing her chores.  She just hoped her punishment wouldn't be too bad.

Eve called Gold Finger on the phone.  She explained the situation about the chores and asked him what punishment he wanted to give her.  She listened intently on the phone and asked him “Are you sure Sir?  Isn't that a little harsh?  She has been trying her best to do as you requested.”  Then Eve set the phone down.  She looked at Caroline with sad eyes and and said “I'm so sorry.  But my Master requests that you be put in very strict hogtie tonight before going to bed.  He emphasized that it must be very tight and stringent. You are to remain in the outfit you have on.  No changes allowed.   I'm sorry that I must do this to you.”

Caroline looked like a beaten woman.  She did not have any energy to fight anymore.  She accepted her fate.  She said “Ok, I understand.  You have to follow your orders and do as you are told.”

Eve took Caroline's hand and then led her to the bathroom.  Eve felt sorry for Caroline.  She knew the stinging nettles must have been painful all day long.  Eve then said to Caroline, “My Master has not given me permission to release you from the stinging nettles.  But I don't like seeing you suffer so much.  So I am going to allow you to take them out before going to bed.  Hopefully you can rest more peacefully tonight.”

Eve then unlocked the rubber chastity belt.  She slipped on the rubber gloves and carefully removed the stinging nettles from Caroline's pussy and ass area.  She also removed the small ring that was squeezing Caroline's clitoris.  Eve then got some soothing gel and spread it around Caroline's pussy and ass.  It made the terrible stinging sensation go away and made it more bearable and comfortable.

Caroline sobbed in Eve's arms.  She said, “Thank You! Thank You! God bless you.” she wept after the stinging nettles were removed from her pussy.

Eve held a finger to her lips and said “Shhhhhh!   No one must know what I have done.  I will be severely punished if my Master finds out that I helped you.”

Caroline nodded her head.  Yes, this would their little secret. 

Eve then prepared Caroline for the night.  She tied her hands behind her back. The noose went around her elbows which Eve pulled tighter and tighter until Caroline's elbows touch together at the small of her back.  This had the effect of pulling her shoulders severely back so it almost looked as if Caroline did not have any arms when viewed from the front.  The elbow tie pushed her breasts out and forward, making her D-size breasts look even larger, straining through the maids dress.

She laid Caroline down on the bed on her tummy then started tying rope around Caroline's legs at the ankles.   She did not tie her knees together though.  They were left unbounded, to allow them to separate once the hogtie was complete.

Eve grabbed a head harness and ball gag from one of the drawers.  She picked a smaller ball than usual, so that Caroline could be more comfortable.  The head harness held the ball in Caroline's mouth, while it also locked onto the head with straps around the cheeks and up over the forehead.  At the top of Caroline's head was a small ring and hook to which ropes could be tied to.

To complete the hogtie, Eve strung some rope through the ring at the top of the head and tied this to the rope tied to the ankles.  She pulled slightly, making Caroline arch her back.  But she was gentle.  She did not want to cause Caroline any more pain.  Caroline was in the classic hogtie position with head pulled back and tied with rope to her ankles.  Her wrists were also tied behind her back.  Caroline had the rubber chastity belt on, for appearances.  Nobody would ever suspect her pussy was free of anything forced into it.

Eve then rolled Caroline onto her side to make her more comfortable.  She pulled the bedsheets over her and said, “Get a good nights sleep.  Tomorrow will be another busy day.”  Then she flicked the light switch off, to allow Caroline some sleep.

The hogtie was not so bad.  Caroline had to arch her back slightly, but she was always fairly flexible already and this did not cause her much strain.  The elbow ties, did cause her some grief.  She had never had her elbows tied together behind her back before.  But she was able to tolerate the pain and soon she was fast asleep.

Caroline woke up as the light was turned on.  Gold Finger had just come back from a dinner party, dressed up in a black and white formal tuxedo.  It was 2 a.m. In the morning.  He wanted to make sure Caroline was ok and not suffocating or something from being tied in a stringent hogtie.  It did him no good if his trainees died in his care.  So he checked on Caroline to make sure she was ok.

He looked at the hogtie and was immediately disappointed that it was not tight enough.  He said to Caroline, “This tie at the back of the head to the ankles is too loose.  I will need to show Eve tomorrow what a proper hogtie should look like”

He then proceeded to untie the rope to allow it to be adjusted.  He rolled Caroline onto her tummy and then grabbed her legs and lifted them so that most of her weight was now on her shoulders.  At the same time, he shortened the rope between the ankles and head harness so that Caroline had to arch her back even more.  He repeated the procedure several times, rocking Caroline back and forth, each time shortening the rope a little more each time.  Caroline groaned into her ball gag as the strain on her shoulders and back became more intense.  She did not like it at all.  It was very uncomfortable and painful to be in this stringent hogtie position.  Caroline started moaning and groaning by being forced into such an extreme position.  When he tied the rope off, her head and ankles were way off the bed, and she had a beautiful arch in her back.  Her toes touched the back of her head.  The ball gag jammed tightly into her mouth, her lips straining at the huge size.  She looked up at the ceiling because the rope at the back of the harness forced her head back.

He looked at her arms and was not satisfied either.  He much preferred the reverse prayer tie rather than elbows touching.  So he untied her arms, and bent each arm behind her back so that the palm of her hands touched each each other at the top of her back near her neck.  This caused a severe strain on her shoulders.  She hated the position.  She made more noises through her gag to try to get him to stop.  She was hurting already.  He then tied a rope around her chest to keep her arms restrained and against her back. 

“There, that's more like it.  This is the proper way to bind a lady.  I will need to talk to Eve tomorrow about her techniques.” he proudly said to himself.

He then rolled Caroline onto her side, to allow her to rest easier.  Her knees were separated because of the hogtie and he saw the rubber panties exposed from under the maids uniform.  He took this opportunity to inflict more pain on her and have a little fun.  He knew the stinging nettles would be more uncomfortable if he pressed his hand against her pussy.  He wanted to see her squirm.  So he snaked his hand under her skirt and groped her, pressing her pussy hard from the outside.

She moaned a little, but did not squirm like he thought she would.  He tried again, but the same thing happened.  I wonder what's wrong?  He pondered to himself.  So he unlocked the chastity belt, and put on some rubber gloves.  He pulled down the rubber panty expecting to see stinging nettles, but then saw nothing.  He looked at her clitoris and did not see the special ring.  He started to get angry.  Eve had betrayed and disobeyed him, and would have to be punished.

He said, “Oh I see the problem.  Looks like someone has been a bad girl and removed all the stinging nettles.  Well I know how to fix that.  Don't worry Caroline, I'll have everything back the way it should be! ”

He then proceeded to play with her pussy to get her clitoris excited and engorged with blood.  He slipped a ring over her clitoris and gave it a twist, tightening it, so that her clitoris remained engorged with blood and hard.  He then walked over to the closet and brought over the bucket of stinging nettles.  Caroline moaned into her gag with fear.  She begged him not to put the nettles back into her, but all he heard were the mumbled pleadings through her ball gag.

He stroked her hair.  He said to her as if talking to a child, ”There there Caroline.  I know this is hard for you my little princess, but it is for your own good!  In time you will learn to love the pain and positions I put you in.  You will have to trust me when I say I know what I am doing.”

He then put the rubber gloves back on, and proceeded to grab handfuls of stinging nettles. He slowly stuffed these into her pussy.  He put many more stinging nettles than Eve had done earlier, so that by the time he was done she felt them far inside of her reaching into areas never touched before.  He then placed a handful of nettles between her ass cheeks and pulled up her rubber panty.  He locked her panty onto her.  As a test, he then grabbed her pussy with his strong hands and pushed hard with his fingers through the panty.  This time he heard her scream through the gag and twist her hips to get away from his hand.  Yes, this was more like it, he thought to himself. 

He pulled her skirt down to cover her panty.  Then he pulled the bed covers over Caroline, kissed her on the forehead and said to her, “sweet dreams my love”.  He left the room for her to suffer the rest of the night.  She cried.  She was in pain from the stringent hogtie and the stinging nettles down below.  She wept and cried herself to sleep, feeling sorry for herself.

In the morning Eve showed up to continue Caroline's training.  Gold Finger was waiting for her in the bedroom, sitting next to Caroline's bed.  Eve was suspicious that something was wrong.  Why was he here?  She wondered. 

Golf Finger went to the bathroom and grabbed the waste basket.  He brought it back to the bed and showed Eve.  “Guess what I found in the trash.” he said.

The trash can was full of stinging nettles Eve had pulled out of Caroline the other day.  Eve knew she was caught, and was fearful of the punishment Gold Finger would inflict on her.

Eve said, “I'm sorry.  I'm sorry I disobeyed you Master.  Please forgive me” she begged while staring down at the ground with her head held low.

Gold Finger then said, “You really disappointed me Eve.  I trusted you to follow my orders to the letter, and then I find this.  You treat Caroline like she is your lover.  She is your slave God damn it!  Since you treat her as a lover, I've decided you two should become lovers in real life.  I've already decided what your punishment will be.  We will begin at noon today.  I will see you and Caroline at this time.  But for now, I want you to untie her and get her cleaned up.  She's had a rough time last night.  I want you to dress her in a lingerie baby doll dress and feed her some lunch.  He added, and by the way,  I want you also in a baby doll dress too since I consider you and Caroline to be equals now.  You will wear the same color, pink of course.  I want you two looking like twins.” 

Eve responded “Yes, Master.  As you wish.”

Gold Finger then walked out of the room.

Eve was a little shaken up.  She knew Gold Finger was really upset at her.  But there was nothing to do now except follow his orders.  So she grabbed Caroline's hand and led her to the bathroom to be cleaned up.  Eve unlocked the maids dress in the back.  Caroline slid the dress down her hips.  Then Eve worked on the corset laces, loosening them up and finally getting the corset off.  She then unlocked the rubber chastity belt, handing Caroline the rubber gloves.  Caroline was happy to get the stinging nettles out of her again.  It was hard to get some of the stinging nettles out of her pussy so deeply embedded they were.  But she was finally able to get them all out.  The soothing lotion helped a lot to ease the discomfort.

Caroline then took a long hot bath.  It felt good just to get cleaned up and relaxed.  She saw that it was getting close to noon, and knew that Gold Finger would be coming back to get them.  She was naked, and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom.  Eve had already picked the outfit for her to wear and laid it on the bed.  It was baby doll V-neck lingerie dress, very sheer and sexy.  There were panties, and a beautiful flower for the hair.  Not much else except some high heeled pink shoes and sheer stockings. 

Caroline picked up the outfit and held it up to her body.  Yes it would fit she surmised.  She kind of had an idea of what she would look like in it because Eve was already wearing the outfit.  Caroline looked at her and thought she looked kind of cute in it.  She thought the flower in her hair was a nice touch, and it made her look very sexy looking..  Caroline slid on the lingerie, pulled on the stockings and locked the shoes onto her feet.  She added the beautiful flower in her hair and put on the panties. When she stood next to Eve and looked in the mirror they looked alike.  She could almost pass for Eve's twin sister.

Eve then said, “Here's your lunch” and she proceeded to hand her an oversized baby bottle with some milky liquid inside.  It looked like a baby bottle with large rubber nipple on it to suck on.  Except this nipple was shaped like a little penis with a penis head shape.  She looked at it in disgust.  She had to suck on the little penis in order to get at the liquid inside.  Caroline was too hungry and weak  to care and started sucking on the nipple right away.  She sucked the liquid and it tasted like baby formula. But somehow it also had another taste in it.  It tasted kind of salty with slight ammonia smell in it.  She could not recognize what it was initially, but then realized later it kind of tasted like a man's semen.  She asked Eve about this and she said, “Yes, my master likes to masturbate and drop a little of his manhood into all the formula bottles.  All the bottles are like this.  You either drink it, or you don't eat.”

Caroline looked at the bottle.  She hated the idea of Gold Finger's semen in her drink, but she was also starving for nourishment.  She was feeling very light headed and weak from not eating enough.  So with some resignation, she put the nipple to her mouth and started sucking on the bottle.  She lay on the bed and raised the bottle like a baby.  She held the bottle between her hands and sucked on the little penis until all the liquid was gone.


At noon, Gold Finger showed up in the room and told the girls to follow him. He led Eve and Caroline down to another room in the house.  Eve had never been to the other room before, so was curious what this was all about.  This room had a large king sized bed in it, with equipment and computers on tables near the bed.   He told Eve and Caroline to lay on the bed facing each other by laying on their sides.  Then he had them put their arms around each other and tied their wrists behind the other persons back.  So they were forced to embrace each other.  Their breasts and nipples rubbed each other, and their pussies were lined up facing each other.  They were wearing their sexy sheer baby doll lingerie and had their pink high heels still on.

Caroline had never had sex with a woman before, and in her mind she was not going to start now.  She thought, “He can tie me up any way he wants, but I am not having sex with this woman.  In the back of her mind she also repeated the proverb that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!”

Gold Finger then addressed the ladies who were laying on the bed.  “You may have noticed all this equipment.  It is with great excitement that I introduce you to my new Fuck-O-Matic machine!  I developed it myself.  I hope you like the results.” he announced.

Gold Finger then said, “Now I need to get you ladies hooked up, so you can get to fucking each other!”

Caroline and Eve did not like what they heard.  Were they to have sex with each other?  Each of them started getting nervous, but they were tied together and could not do much about it.  Caroline looked at Eve and thought she was sexy, but was just not interested in having sex with a woman.   She had never done it before and didn't plan to now.   Eve on the other hand, had lesbian sex before.  She thought Caroline was a beautiful woman and wondered what it would be like to have sex with her.  She was ok with the idea, but was a little hesitant about being forced into fucking each other.

He walked around the bed and grabbed a mouthpiece device that was laying on a table. He held it in front of Caroline's mouth and  told her to open up wide.  She did as she was told.  He quickly inserted it into her open mouth.  It was made of some springy metal and seemed to hold something at the back of her tongue. She was not able to spit  the mouthpiece out of her mouth because the springy metal wire locked behind her teeth.  It was in her mouth to stay.  It had an electrical wire running out of her mouth, of which he attached to a black box that was connected to his computer.  He did the same thing with Eve.  So both the girls now had a mouth piece with something held near the back of their tongues.  The women could still open and close their mouths and move their lips.  But each now had some funny thing pressing on their tongues.  He explained the thing at the back of their mouths was a switch of some kind and that he would explain it all later what it would be used for.

He then stuck on some black electrical pads to each of the woman's breasts.  He ran these wires to the black box also.  Next were the electric dildos for the ass.  They were plexiglass and clear butt plugs with electrodes running down the sides.  They could be used for shocking.  He greased one up and pulled Caroline's panties down between her legs. “Upsy daisy! He said as he gently pushed it into her asshole.” Her ass hole stretched and stretched until it hit the widest part and then sucked the rest in.  Gold Finger gave it a little shove to make sure the butt plug was all the way in her.  She groaned at having her ass filled.

Gold Finger then greased another butt plug, and pulled Eve's panties down.  His fingers played with her asshole and applied some K-Y Jelly.  Then he lined up the tip of the butt plug and rammed this butt plug into her ass really fast.  He did this for fun to to see her reaction.  Eve's eyes popped wide open and she screamed at being violated so quickly.  He then ran the wires from the butt plugs to the black box.

He then grabbed from the table what looked like a long dong about sixteen inches long that could be inserted into two women. It was actually two dildos that were held together by a center tube structure. Around the middle area were little french ticklers sticking out to stimulate the clitoris of each woman. When the dong was fully inserted, the tickler would nestle in the folds of the vagina stimulating their clitoris.  The ticklers could also vibrate, move and wiggle to provide additional stimulation.  Each dildo had shocking metal strips on the sides that could  shock each user independently.  The dildos could also be filled with Gold Finger's favorite itching solution and hot sauce, spurting this liquid from the tips on command.  The dildos had built in vibrators to massage the user.

He was very proud of his creation.  He held the dong up for both women to see.  The women looked at it with dread and excitement.  They dreaded the moment it would be forced into them, but were excited at the possibilities.  He said he had to explain how the dong operated.

He demonstrated that the dong was actually two separate dildos that could slide back and forth between the center tube section. The dong could expand in length an additional three inches, or shorten down to about sixteen inches.  Pushing on the ends, the dong would contract.  But in order to expand, it was necessary to pull each dildo independently away from each other by squeezing on the outer rubber casing and pulling them apart.  Without squeezing the outside, the dildos would remain at the minimum length of sixteen inches.

He showed the women the dong as he pushed the dildos together down to sixteen inches.  But the dong would not expand out automatically (no spring), unless he took both hands, squeezed on the outside, and pulled them apart.  He also explained that inside the dong was a switch that made contact  when the dong was fully compressed, and open when the dong was fully expanded.  This switch would be used by the computer to determine if there was enough activity being done down 'there'.  He did this as he pointed at their pussies, to make his point.

“Ok, let's get started!”, he said as he filled the dong with his special itching solution and hot sauce.

Then he greased up the dong with lots of K-Y Jelly.  He also smeared lots of K-Y on Caroline and Eve's pussies with his rubber gloves on.  He pushed their hips apart and spread their vagina lips.  He then inserted the tips of each end of the dong into them. He slowly worked the dong into each of them by moving their hips closer and closer together until the dildo looked like it completely disappeared between their pussies. All one could see were the bush of each woman as their pussies touched together.  He said, “I hope each of you got an equal length of the dong.  I like to be fair, and it just doesn't seem fair if one woman gets a lot more dildo than the other”, he laughed.

The women were struggling with this new intruder inserted into them.  The dildos on each side were long and penetrating deep inside their pussies.  Caroline felt the tip deep inside of her almost pressing against her cervix.  When Eve shifted slightly, it drove the dong deeper into her.  Eve felt the same reactions and movements.  The dildo in her moved and shift with every movement Caroline made.  They were two women connected together by the dong.  They could feel each other most intimately.

Gold Finger then said to them, “Let me explain now about the devices you have in your mouths.  I thought about the fucking machine for a long time and developed the double dong.  But it did not make sense to me to see two people fucking each other without having them kiss also.  So I designed it so that you must kiss each other.  And not just some  peck on the lips.  I wanted sexy, deep, French kissing.  Tongues down the throat.  Mouths slobbering over each other.  So I designed this mouth piece you are now experiencing.  At the back of Caroline's tongue is a switch that Eve must hit with her tongue in order to satisfy the computer.  At the back of Eve's tongue is a switch the Caroline must hit with her tongue.  You both must lock your mouths together, stick out your tongue into each others mouth in order to hit the switch.  You need to hit the switch every ten seconds.  If you do not, the computer will shock you in the ass and pussy. It will increase the voltage and duration of the shocks until you comply.  You will kiss, I guarantee it. It is almost impossible to resist!

I set the timer at ten seconds to allow your tongues to roam around each other mouths and kiss more intimately before requiring you to hit the switch again.  Sometimes it is fun to run the tip of your tongue along the surface of the other persons teeth.  Sometimes it is fun to suck on their tongue.  Sometimes just kissing on the lips is nice too.  You can do all that, but every ten seconds, you must open your mouths, press your lips together, stick your tongue into the other persons mouth, and hit the switch.  You must French kiss!

Gold Finger then went to the computer to set his program up.  He told them he would start them on a Kiss Training Program, then a Fuck Training Program.  After they passed these, the computer would start an Orgasm Program.  The computer would monitor their pulse, blood pressure and other physical traits to determine if they achieved an orgasm or not.  If no orgasm is achieved, it would continue with the program.  Once an orgasm is achieved, it would monitor heart rate and other vital signs to wait until the participants “cooled off” and rested.  Then it would re-start again.

He said, “Usually I just put a limit of one or two orgasms and then the computer shuts off.  What do you say I put in 'unlimited' in number of orgasms column?  That way we can see how many orgasms you two can achieve.  I'm kind of curious.   I have always admired women for their ability to have multiple orgasms.  Men have one or two orgasms the whole night and then they are done.”

Caroline listened to all of this, but felt he was just wasting his time.  She was not going to have sex with this woman.  She was not going to have an orgasm forced on her by this evil man no matter how fancy his computer and equipment were.  So she just stood her ground, and looked away.  Eve on the other hand, was looking forward to having sex with Caroline.  Caroline was very pretty girl and turned her on.  If her Master forced her to have orgasms she did not mind.  In fact she was getting excited thinking about it.

So Gold Finger attached a few more sensors to their bodies to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs.  He checked all the electrical connections and everything looked good.  He started his computer program for training in Kissing, Fucking and Orgasm.  He was excited to see his Fuck-O-Matic finally in action.  He dimmed the lights to make the room more romantic.  He lit a few candles also and played soft music in the background.   He then left the room, and told the women he would be back in a few hours to check on their progress.  He left the room and let his machines go to work.

At first nothing happened.  The ladies just listened to the music and looked at each other in the eyes.  Then the computer said in a warm friendly voice of a young woman, “Kissing Training Program starting in 5 seconds”

The computer counted down and said, “5... 4....3... 2... 1...  KISS NOW”.

Caroline heard the computer but was having none of it.  She refused to open her mouth as Eve tried her best to kiss her.

After a short period of time, the computer then said, “No activity sensed.  Punishment routine activated.”.  Electrical shocks were then sent to the dildo in each of their pussies.  It also sent shocks to the butt plugs in their asses. Shocks were also sent to the electrical patches attached to their breasts.  It lasted several seconds.  “Aaaaaaaghhh” they both cried as the shocks hurt them in their most private areas.  They wriggled their hips from the electricity.  The shocks caused their vagina muscles to contract causing even more intimate contact with the dildos. 

They rested in each others arms.  Eve asked, “Why don't you want to kiss me?  Don't you like me?”

Caroline then said, “I'm not going to play the sick twisted games your Master has designed.  He can rot in hell for all I care.  He can't force me to have sex with you.  I've never been with a woman before.  I am not a lesbian...”

After a minute or so, the computer acted up and said, “Kissing Training Program starting in 5 seconds”

The computer counted down and said, “5... 4....3... 2... 1...  KISS NOW”.

Caroline refused to budge.  The computer then stepped up the voltage and duration of the electrical shocks.  This continued a few more times.  Both were really starting to hurt now.  The shocks were becoming longer and more extreme.

Eve begged Caroline to just kiss her.  “Please!  The pain is getting to be too much.”, Eve pleaded.

The next time the shocks occurred, the shocks were even worse.  It kept getting worse and worse.  Caroline was weakening in her resolve.  She thought to herself, “Ok, maybe if I give in this time.  It is not like the end of the world or something.”

The next set of shocks had Eve crying in frustration.  Why wouldn't Caroline kiss her?  She wept in front of Caroline.  “Please.  Please.  Kiss me!  Do this for me!  I'll do anything you want of me, but just stop these shocks.”

Caroline started to change her mind.  Maybe she was going too far.  It seemed there was no end to the amount and intensity of the shocks that kept coming.  She succumbed to the pressure.  Caroline said, “Ok, on the next one lets kiss.”

Eve said, “Thank you. Thank you.  I could not take any more of the shocks.  They are getting too intense.  Thank you for doing this.”

When the computer said “5... 4....3... 2... 1...  KISS NOW”, Caroline opened her mouth to make contact with Eve's mouth and they kissed.  They both stuck their tongues out as far as they could, and reached inside the other persons mouth to hit the switch.”  But after flicking the switches, they did not pull back right away.  The sensation was pleasurable to both of them and they continued kissing each other even though they had achieved their goal. 

The computer then said, “Activity sensed  is satisfactory.  Reward  program activated.”, at which point the dildos in their pussies started to vibrate and hum.  Their breasts also received slight tingling shocks, which excited them even more.  The kissing was also very pleasurable to both of them and they continued kissing and trying different things with their tongues.

The computer then said, “Kiss training program now complete.   Fuck training program started.”

Caroline and Eve smiled at each other.  They had gotten through the first part of the program.  They were relieved to have the electric shocks stopped.

The computer then started coming alive again and said “Fuck Training Program now activated.”

The computer started its sequence of “5... 4....3... 2... 1... FUCK NOW”

But Caroline wasn't ready to fuck this woman.  Kissing was one thing, but fucking her was a totally different matter.  She had her moral values believing gay and lesbian sex to be bad.  She believed women having lesbian sex was just plain wrong.  So she did not move her hips when the computer demanded this of her.

Eve asked, “Whats wrong?  How come you don't move?”

Caroline said, “I can't fuck you.  I just can't.  I'm sorry.”

The computer kept on demanding that they fuck each other, but Caroline was determined to beat it and hold out.  All this while Eve begged and begged Caroline to reconsider.  Eve pushed her hips forward and backward humping the dildo. But without Caroline squeezing her vagina  muscles when pulling away from each other, the dong remained in the compacted state.  The computer registered no activity at all even though the dong technically was moving between their pussies.

The shocks got worse and worse.  The shocks were up to five minutes long, with very high voltages and still Caroline would not consent. 

The computer must have sensed the punishment method was not working.  It somehow knew to change gears in its methodology, probably some built in algorithm in the computer program.  So instead of shocks, it started vibrating the dildos, massaging their insides to get them excited.  The breasts started tingling again.  It started the Kiss Training program, but had it run continuously to ask for more kissing without stopping.

Caroline was ok with yhe kissing program and did this part.  She kissed Eve for the next half hour and found this very pleasurable.  The dong had little ticklers extending out from the middle part of the dong which touched each woman's clitoris.  This started to vibrate, wiggled and tickled the women in their most sensitive spots. 

The computer started to sense the two women getting more and more excited and increased the vibrations to even higher levels.  The dildos squirted some of the hot sauce into their pussies.  The dildos started mild electrical shocks which were not painful but pleasurable. 

Caroline's breathing became more heavy.  She was getting more and more turned on.  She wanted more and more to have sex, even if it was with a woman.  Suddenly she started humping her hips.  She lost herself in the moment.  She couldn't help herself.  She wanted to fuck Eve.  She wanted to be fucked.  So they both started humping the dong.  Caroline started squeezing her pussy around the dong, wanting to grip it tighter.  In and out the dildos went out of their pussies.  The dong expanded and contracted to its limits as it was pushed in then pulled out of their pussies.  The computer sensed a fuck was in progress and kept the stimulation going.  On and on it went until they were both sweating and crying out from their pleasure.  Caroline had an orgasm first, the pleasure was very intense.  Eve quickly followed with her own orgasm as they both kissed and fucked each other.  It was extremely satisfying.

The computer then said, “Fuck Training program now complete.  Orgasm program is set on continuous mode.  No limit.”

The women were exhausted from having fucked each other silly.  They rested and embraced each other lovingly.  They felt happy they had gotten through the program.

After about fifteen minutes later, the computer sensed their heart rate and other vital signs had returned to base level.  So it started another orgasm routine.  Caroline did not feel like having any more sex, but the computer was relentless in its stimulation and demands.  It started again with the Kissing program, and slowly built up each woman's excitement level to a crescendo that resulted in another orgasm.  It continued this over and over again throughout the night.

Gold Finger had quietly let him self in the room to observe his two little love birds in action.  He watched as they fucked each other.  He watched their passionate kissing.  He took notes on what was good and bad about his computer program.  He would improve it in the next revision he thought to himself  But he was proud of his accomplishment.  He knew Caroline was a tough nut to crack, and with his program he was able to get her to have sex with a woman in only one night.  He smiled with joy at his accomplishment and left the women to have more orgasms the rest of the night.

When Gold Finger came in the next morning he found Caroline and Eve totally exhausted but still going away at it.  It was taking longer and longer to achieve that magical orgasm.  They had achieved eleven orgasms throughout the night and were working on their twelfth orgasm at the moment.  It took over an hour to reach the  level they were at.  They were so close but just couldn't quite make it.  Gold Finger checked the monitors on his computer and could see they were over 95% there.  So he quietly just watched them instead of interrupting their sex.  On and on they went.  Kissing, fucking and squirming on the bed trying to achieve that orgasm.  After another fifteen minutes he heard moans and small screams of joy as their orgasms hit them.  This time Eve came first.  Caroline was madly pumping her hips and squeezing her vagina trying to have her orgasm.  It finally arrived.  She closed her eyes and said, “Oh, Oh.  I'm coming.  I'm coming.  Fuck me Eve.  Fuck me harder” Caroline screamed with delight.  After he witnessed their last orgasm, the computer let them relax until their vital statistics returned to base level.  Gold Finger announced his presence and said “Good Morning Ladies!  I hope you had a good time last night!”

Eve and Caroline both responded and said “Yes, Yes.  A very nice time.”

Gold Finger then told them they had both achieved twelve orgasms last night.  This was an impressive feat and they should be proud of themselves.


Gold Finger untied them and then led Caroline down the hall her regular bedroom.  He took off her chastity belt and dildos.  He told Caroline that he was going to take over her training from Eve.  He wanted to supervise her training from now on.  She was allowed to shower and clean up.  It was so nice to get out of the baby doll dress and high heels.  She took a long hot shower to soothe her aches and pains.  When she got out of the shower, she saw an opportunity to escape.  She bolted for the door, but Gold Finger was too strong and too quick and grabbed her.  She screamed.  He tied her to the bed spread eagle on her back.  She fought him for all she was worth, but he was too strong and quick. 

He took this opportunity to jump on top of her.  His hands worked on his belt, and lowered his pants.  He was very excited.  He was going to fuck her and she sensed it coming.

“No.  Please don't.  Just let me go and I won't tell anyone what you've done!  We can just pretend nothing happened.”  Caroline pleaded.

Gold Finger was excited.  He loved the look of fear in her eyes.  He wanted her to suffer, like he had over the last few years.  He wanted his revenge.  He pulled down his underwear and showed her his hard-on.  He was even more excited to see her in shock and awe of his penis.  It was large, almost eight inches long.  He snickered.  He wanted her to suffer.

He slowly jumped on top of her, mounting her, and inserting the tip of his penis into her vagina.  Caroline tried to squeeze her pussy, to keep him out, but he was just too strong.  Slowly inch by inch he inserted his penis into her.  She grunted. She groaned.  She could feel him enter her, inch by inch.  His penis was so fat.  He was on top of her with most of his weight crushing her.  She couldn't get him off.  She felt helpless as he raped her.  Slowly he pumped in an out of her.  In then out he went.  When he pushed his penis all the way in, she could feel the tip hit the same spot where the dildos used to touch between her pussy and ass membrane.  It tickled her deep inside.  He pulled his penis almost all the way out, then slammed back into her.  She screamed.  After another ten minutes, he finally came and  ejaculated into her. She felt him coming as he grunted and groaned in excitement.  He finally finished and pulled out of her.  His sticky cum was all over and inside of her, but she could not get it out.  She felt sick and dirty.  She was exhausted and soon fell asleep after being ridden so hard by him.

In the morning, she awoke and hoped he would release her and let her take a nice hot bath.  She felt so dirty with his all cum all inside of her.

“Good morning my lovely lady.  Hope you had a good a time last night.  I sure did!”

Caroline said, “Please.  Please let me and my sister go.  You've had your revenge.  I can't take any more of this.  I am just so tired of your games.  Let me go! Please!”

Gold Finger said,”Unfortunately, I'm just getting started.  You will regret ever being born a woman once I'm through with you!”


He then went to a nearby cabinet and pulled out a large jar.   In it were some large earth worms squirming about.  He was grinning and teasing her and said “Guess where these are going my dear sweet love!” 

She looked at him with pleading eyes and said “Oh my God. No! You can't be serious.”

She tugged at her ropes holding her wrists.  She tried to twist and turn, and get away, but the ropes held her securely.

Slowly Gold Finger approached her and set the jar on the nightstand by the bed.  From his pocket he pulled out some sort of plexiglass tube.  He put some K-Y jelly on the tube.  He then pressed it against her pussy and twisted and pushed gently.  It was a piece of plexiglass tube about three inches in diameter and several inches long.  This slowly opened up her pussy to the outside world.  He put on some rubber gloves to protect his hands.  He then opened the jar and grabbed a handful of earthworms.  He stuffed these into the tube holding her vagina open, and proceeded to push some of the worms into her pussy with his fingers.  She felt disgusted as she could feel them being pushed into her, but could do nothing about it. He kept reaching into the jar grabbing more and more worms and stuffing them into her.  She felt like she was going to burst after he put so many of the worms into her.  Finally the jar was empty.  She felt totally full.  He then pulled the plexiglass tube out of her and her vagina lips closed up around the worms.  At first nothing happened and the mass within her felt comfortable.  But then the worms started squirming, because of the warmth of her body.  The worms were looking for a way out because of the cramped space.  They also reacted to the cum left over from last night still in her pussy.  Maybe they did not like the taste or something.

He then greased up an eight inch metallic dildo and slowly inserted it into her ass.  It had a wire attached which he plugged into a small black box.  He also connected a small electrical patch on her belly.  This also connected to the small box.  He proceeded to put the chastity belt back on, and taped the small box in between her legs with some duct tape. The worms were not moving much after a while and she was starting to feel normal even with the night crawler earthworms inside of her.

Then he said, “You want to know how we catch these worms?  We electrify the ground and they come running up to the surface to get away.  That's when we catch them.  Well I just did the same with you.  When I press this button on the remote, you will have a small electrical current running from your ass to your belly.  The worms will seek a way out to get away,  They will come to the surface.  But unfortunately they are stuck in your pussy because it is sealed off with the chastity belt.  All they can do is squirm to get away and drive you crazy with their movements.”

He then proceeded to hit the switch on the remote, activating the small box taped between her legs.  This started sending small electrical shocks from her ass to the small patch on her belly.  The electrical shocks went through the worms in her pussy, driving them to squirm and move about more violently.  The worms wanted to get away from the electrical shocks, but could not.  Caroline could feel them try to find a way out through her pussy lips, but the chastity belt prevented them from getting away.  She groaned.  She felt the worms really moving and going crazy.  They squirmed all about inside of her.  She felt totally disgusted but could not do anything about it. 

“You sick bastard”  she yelled at him, but he just smiled at her.

She squeezed her vagina muscles to try and calm the worms down but this only made them squirm even more.  The movements within her were driving her crazy.  Finally he hit the remote and stopped the electrical shocks, and the worms stopped moving so much.  She started to feel normal again.

Unfortunately it did not last.  He had some random timer setting on the box attached to her, and it would randomly shock the worms throughout the night.  Just as she was feeling she could fall asleep, it would start shocking her and the worms would go crazy within her.  There was no escape for the worms as they drove deeper into her near toward her cervix looking for a way out.  They squirmed and tickled her deep inside, in areas she never knew existed.  She was moaning and crying from the feeling within her.  It was another itch and strange sensation she could not scratch or subdue.

After a few days and nights he started his brainwashing program.  He would not let her sleep at all.  He fed her very little, so she was always hungry.  He would tie her up in bed each night, and play videos of women being tortured and subservient on the screen.  The voice of the women would constantly say “Thank you Master.  I loved being hit.  I love being controlled by you.  Please fuck me.  Please do what you want with me.”

After a week of this she felt like a zombie.  She was so tired, not having slept in days.  She started repeating what she heard on the TV monitor like “Yes Master.  I'll do whatever you want.”

She actually started to feel like she wanted him to fuck her.  She would snap out of her reverie and scold herself for her thoughts.  What am I thinking?  She wondered to herself. 

The days went by like this.  He dressed her, controlled her and had sex with her as he pleased.  He told her that she was to be his slave and do as she was told.  Otherwise, she knew what would happen to her sister.  She obeyed his every whim.  He even made her beg to suck his dick, and she complied. 

“Please let me suck your dick!”, she asked him with pleading eyes.

“Ok, here it is Caroline”, he would say as he held his penis up to her mouth.

She would suck it, getting turned on and excited in the moment.  But afterward she would wonder what happened to her.  Why was she acting this way?  She felt used and abused.


One day, he told her she was to get dressed up.  He was going to take her out to see a play.  He told her she was to be dressed in a very sexy outfit, surrounded by people, and that nobody would know she was suffering.  Only he would know her suffering.

When she got out of the shower, she saw the outfit on the bed she was to wear.  It looked like a dancers outfit.  A very sexy pink Lycra leotard and wrap around skirt.  There was black sheer panty hose, and very high spiky heels.  Caroline sighed to herself.  She hated being made to wear such feminine clothing.  She was much more comfortable in jeans and t-shirt.  Now she had to dress up for a man she hated. 

Gold Finger then said to come by the bed.  He then laid her down and tied her wrists to the headboard. Off a chair he picked up what looked like a small rubber panty.  Caroline looked at it, and thought he must be a rubber fetishist or something.  It was black, and shiny latex.  It was going to be a tight fit. 

Gold Finger then walked over to the nightstand and slid the drawer open.  He pulled out a jar of worms and said  “We need to get your little friends into you.  They are so lonely.”

Caroline looked at him with disgust.  She thought this pervert is really sick.  But she could do nothing at the moment being tied up and with her sister under his control.  She would make him pay for all the humiliation and torment he caused her.  For now, she just had to obey him like a good slave.  So with trepidation, she spread her legs and allowed him to insert the plexiglass tube up her pussy.  Then he started grabbing earthworms from the jar and pushed them into her.  She felt the worms going into her, and felt sick in the stomach.   After he filled her up, he put the metal dildo up her ass and slid the rubber panty up her legs.  He ran the wires from the dildo up and out of the panty for a later connection she knew all too well.

He said, “The panty is there so your little friends inside don't escape.  Trust me, if they get away, it is your loss!”

The rubber panty fit snugly.  He then pulled a spray bottle out of the cabinet and told Caroline the chemical in the spray bottle was a catalyst to make the panties shrink to almost half its size.  He then sprayed the bottle over the panty and waited.  It took a few seconds, but the panties started shrinking and shrinking pressing against her hips and vagina.  The panties pressed in, and she felt the worms even more.  They started squirming because of the pressure inside of her made the worms uncomfortable.  She started panicking.  When was it going to stop shrinking?  She was starting to get scared that they were too tight.  Finally the panties stopped shrinking.  They were very tight, even showing the outline of her pussy lips through the panty.  She could really feel the worms going crazy now because of the internal pressure.  She had to endure this humiliation.

Gold Finger then untied Caroline's wrists to the head board.  She immediately went down to her waist to try to pull down her panties.  The panties felt like they had glued themselves to her body, being so tight.  She tried and tried, but could not pull the panties off.   He told her they would remain on her for the night.  Even he could not get the panties off.  He would have to later cut them off with a special scissors.

Caroline then went to the vanity mirror and started the process of dressing up.  She plopped herself down on the chair, and immediately regretted it feeling the worms squirm inside of her.  She jumped up and grabbed her pussy but could not do anything to stop the movement within.  So she slowly sat down again and started painting her long nails deep red and putting on lipstick of the same color.  She put on eyeliner and mascara around her eyes to enhance their beauty. She brushed some blush around her cheeks.  She felt very feminine.  She then pulled on the sheer stockings running her fingers over her legs.  He legs felt so smooth and silky.  Then she picked up the lycra leotard  and stepped into, sliding her arms down the sleeves and up over her shoulders.  The leotard fit very tightly, being one size too small.  Her boobs seems to stand out because of the tightness.   Then she wrapped the burgundy colored dancers skirt around her waist and tied it off.  The skirt dropped down to around her knees.   The  outfit hugged her body, showing off her boobs and her hour glass figure.  She was in good physical shape.  She felt very feminine wearing the outfit.  She tied her hair in a nice bun, and put on the diamond jewelry with a pendant that hung between her breasts that was on the table.  She put on the earrings also.

“You look lovely my dear.”, he complimented her.

Gold Finger then handed her a small box with eye contacts in it.  He told her to put them on. The contacts were opaque.  She put them on, and thought she had done something wrong since she could not see out of her eyes.  She was totally blind and depended on him to guide her.  She stood up, and discovered she needed his help just to walk around.  She held onto his arm.  She felt very fragile and vulnerable.  It was a feeling she loved and hated.  She was naturally strong willed, but having to depend on somebody to take care of everything felt relaxing and enjoyable in some strange way.

He then took her out to a dinner show.  He put a long coat on her before leaving the house.  She was his date for the night.  She obeyed him, because he still had her sister locked up.  She grabbed his arm because she could not see.  It looked like they were a young couple in love, holding arms.  Only he knew that she could not see, and depended on him to guide her.  Everyone else would just think they were a normal couple in love.

He had taped the small black box to her thigh between her legs and connected up the dildo and electrical pads to her tummy.  The dildo in her ass shocked her and kept the worms squirming inside of her whenever he hit the remote.   So she looked very sexy, like a dancer in the leotard and skirt outfit. The outfit was very slinky and sexy enhancing her well endowed boobs and shapely body.  You could even see the slightest panty line on her butt if you looked at her from behind.  She seemed so fragile and elegant.  Who knew that inside her were those awful worms and dildo arrangement.  He hit the button whenever he wanted her to move her ass and squirm a little.  She whimpered and cried out in whispered yelps.  She did not want to call attention to herself in the theater it being so quiet at the beginning of the show.  The worms were driving her crazy.  She watched the show, or more correctly listened to it because she could not see through the contacts.  She moaned.  When the audience was clapping and cheering the performances on stage, Gold Finger would hit the remote.  She screamed, but because of the noise, she could do it without anyone noticing. 

She still could not get used to the worms moving about inside of her.  It was so hard to endure, but she had no choice.  She squirmed in her seat.  She wiggled her hips.  She could not get comfortable no matter how hard she tried.  The worms were relentless in trying every nook and cranny to get out of her pussy.  If one saw her, you would not suspect a thing.  Just a young woman watching the theater show, holding onto the arm of her man.  She was moving her hips on the seat, maybe excited for some sex after wards.  One could speculate that it was because the chair was uncomfortable, but nothing too much out of the ordinary.

Finally the theater show was over.  He draped the long coat over her shoulders.  She held onto his arm, like a young lover, as he guided her out of the theater.  She was still blind from the opaque contacts.  It made her dependent on him to help her walk.  When they got home he got the special scissors and cut the panties off.  Then he let her pull the worms out of her and then to later take a nice hot shower.  She pulled the worms out of her as fast as she could.  It disgusted her as she held them in her hand and threw them on the ground, but she was just relieved to get them out of herself.    After she cleaned up, she rinsed her insides with the portable shower head spraying into her pussy.  It felt so good to be clean again.  

Gold Finger went to a nearby desk and pulled out a little metal sphere out of a drawer.  The ball had tiny little miniature spikes all over it about a millimeter in length.  It would prick her skin, but not enough to bleed, just enough to irritate.  Caroline looked at the ball, not comprehending what it was for.  He told her to put this in her pussy, which she did reluctantly.  He then inserted a balloon  into her vagina with a valve on it.  He would connect the balloon to a water bottle.  Then he would start squeezing the water bottle, forcing the water into the balloon in her vagina.  The valve prevented water from leaving the balloon once it was pumped in from the water bottle.  As the balloon filled, it would force the sphere deeper and deeper into her body, and also expand the inside walls of her pussy. Soon she was crying and sobbing for him to stop pumping the water in.  It was so difficult as her pussy was stretched to the limits from the balloon.   Caroline could never get comfortable with her pussy filled and that little ball scratching and irritating deep inside of her. 

Gold Finger then pulled out a long thin flexible dildo about fourteen inches long.  He said, “You going to find this most fulfilling!”

Gold Finger then greased up the dildo with K-Y Jelly.  He pushed about eight inches into her ass.  She felt really full but he kept on pushing.  Inch by inch it went up her ass.  She didn't think she could take any more, but he just kept on pushing.  The dildo must be very flexible, she thought to herself.  He twisted the dildo as he slid it in, to make it easier.  She endured this, just like everything else.  She felt like she really had to go poop, but she could not.  She was a woman, and she had to endure the situation as best as she could.  She started regretting being born a woman.  At the end of the dildo it bulged into a ball before extending another inch or two at the end.  He pushed the ball in, keeping the dildo tight in her ass as her sphincter tightened around the ball.  Gold Finger then slid a chastity belt around her waist with a strap running between the legs.  He locked the belt on, pulling the strap between the legs, so that she could not force the dildo out of her ass.

Then he laid her down onto the cot in her room to go to sleep.  But it was so uncomfortable in her pussy she could not rest.  All she could do was think about was how stretched her pussy was, and that awful metal sphere deep inside.  The dildo seemed to make her feel really full inside.  Unfortunately the chastity belt prevented her from forcing the dildo out.

“Sweet dreams”, he laughed as he left the room. 

The TV monitor above her started playing the horrible movies of women being tortured.  Over the loudspeaker the women would be saying “Yes Master.  I want you Master.  Please fuck me Master.”

Caroline could not get the voice out of her head.  She started repeating the same phrases she heard on the television screen.  She did not understand why she felt turned on.  She had feelings of just wanting to please him, to fuck him.  This is crazy, she thought to herself.  He's a monster.  But another part of her wanted him.  She had some deep psychological need to suck his penis, to please him. She wanted to please her Master.  Is this me?  Or is this the voice on the TV?  She wondered.  She tried covering her ears so she would not have to listen to the constant message coming from the television screen, but it was too loud.

The next few weeks she did as she was told.  She cleaned the house in the maids outfit, learning to be quite efficient in her high heels. Sometimes he dressed her up in a pony girl outfit.  He also had a special chastity belt that he had her put on.  It had a leather strap that went between her legs, but with a metal plate with a hole where her pussy would be.  He inserted  a small pole with dildo attached through the plate.   The dildo pole would attach to the chastity belt strap plate with a small click as he inserted it into her with a twist.  So she had a dildo sticking in her for about eight inches, and a pole that hung between her legs down to her knees.  The pole had a metal small ring at the end.  Leg bands were snapped around each thigh, with a wire ran that ran through the small ring at the end of the pole.  Caroline could walk, but had to take small steps.  Every time she took too large a step, it would pull on the pole, and shift the dildo deep inside her.  This caused her much distress.  He also attached a small leash to end of the pole, and would pull on it, causing the dildo to shift within her, and causing her to stop.  He used this to control her when she was dressed as a pony girl.

She felt so silly prancing around like a horse.  He had a butt plug with a tail on it to make her look even more like a pony.  She wore a bit gag, as she pulled him around in a cart.  He would pull on the strap connected to her pole between her legs.  She would immediately feel the dildo driving deep into her sides within, and she would moan each time he did this.  She hated being controlled by him in this way, but she had no choice.  She had trouble sitting down with the pole between her legs.  All she could do was get her ass on the side of a bed and  then lay down on her side.  She felt so helpless.  She cried.


On one of the days, he told her she was to be a display doll for the day.  She wondered what that meant.  A display doll? 

He came into her bedroom and held up a Victorian gown.  It was beautiful with lots of lace and a long skirt that reached all the way to the floor.  In the back was a bustle for the hips, so her butt would look twice as big.  The dress looked to be made of satin.  It looked very pretty.  “Time to get dressed” he said.  He then proceeded to tie her wrists to a hook that dropped down from the ceiling hanging above her.

He held up some rope in front of her and started wrapping each of her large breasts around and around until they looked like pointy missiles.  Then he opened a small wood box and pulled out what looked like two metal rings with spikes around them connected together like a bra of some sort.   He slipped the steel rings over her breasts and fastened the bra at her back.  Gold Finger then unwound the rope around her breasts.  That is when she really felt the tiny spikes digging into her poor breasts.  The spikes were not sharp enough to puncture her breasts, only enough to make her breasts itch and irritated with a little pain mixed in.

He then picked up a corset that went from the buttocks all the way to her boobs.  It looked way too small for her, maybe eighteen inches around the waist.  She did not know if she would be able to fit into it or not.  Gold Finger put it around her waist and started lacing her into it.  Slowly, she felt more and more light headed as she was barely able to breath.  Finally he got the corset down to eighteen inches and she had a wonderful hour glass figure.  He said, “I'm so proud of you Caroline! You made eighteen inches.” as he measured her around the waist.

Caroline blushed and felt embarrassed by such a compliment.  Her breasts were crushed by the corset, which only made the tiny spikes around her breasts feel even worse.  The corset  pushed up her boobs so that they looked enormous. They also itched like crazy because of the spikes. Gold Finger had also sprinkled some of his nasty itching powder on her boobs, before finally tightening her corset up all the way, and this made it even worse.

He picked up the Victorian dress and said, “You are going to look lovely in this!”

He had her step in the dress from the zippered opening.  He untied her wrists so she was able to put her arms through the sleeves.  Then he zipped her into the dress up the back.  She heard a familiar click of a lock, as the zipper was locked near the back of her neck.  She was now stuck in the dress until he released her.  The dress fit tightly, showing off her wonderful hourglass shape.  The front showed off her cleavage between her breasts to great effect.  He then put a beautiful little hat on her head and pinned it on with a hair pin.  She looked like a lady from the Victorian age, ready to go to a royal wedding or something.  He put some satin gloves on her, that ran all the way to her elbow.  She looked very elegant.

Caroline ran her hands over her breasts.  Her breasts felt itchy  and irritated because of the spikes and itching power, and she wanted  so badly to scratch them. She tried, but nothing really helped.  She wanted to rip the bra off of her, but everything was locked onto her.  The corset and dress kept the horrible little spikes pushing against her skin.   


He led her to another room which was dimly lit.  She could just barely see what was there.  In the room was a round pedestal rotating in the floor.  She saw something like a pole sticking out of the floor.  When they walked closer, she saw that the pole had a large dildo attached to it, which she wondered what that was for.  She quickly realized what he planned and started pulling away from him, and begged him to let her go.  But he did not listen and dragged her over to the platform..  He carefully adjusted the height of the dildo on the pole until the tip of the dildo would reach almost eight inches into her.  She was wearing high heels, but the dildo was even higher. He then grabbed her from behind around the waist and hoisted her up.

“No!  No!  Please don't do this to me”, Caroline begged.

But Gold Finger lifted her, pulled up her skirt and then proceeded to line up her pussy onto the pole.  He had greased the pole earlier, of which she was thankful.  He slowly slowly lowered her onto the pole,  inch by inch it went into her.  She cried and begged him to stop.  Not until all eight inches were within her did he stop.   Then he adjusted her skirt to cover everything up.  So she looked very pretty, like a very proper lady, standing on a pedestal.  Anybody passing by could not see the pole.  She looked like a doll on display.  She tried to tip-toe up but could not get enough height to get off the dildo pole. She tried using her shoes to press against the pole, to somehow climb the pole with her feet.  But the pole was too slick, and she could get no traction from the pole.   She ran her hands over her skirt.   Her arms and hands were free and so were her legs.  She felt so free, yet so trapped.  She was just stuck on the damn pole, of which she could do little except endure it.

Then Gold Finger picked up what looked like a TV remote. He stood in front of her and looked into her eyes as he held the remote up and hit the button.  Slowly, the dildo turned and rotated, while at the same time the dildo rose ever so slightly higher and higher.  Caroline looked at him with hateful eyes.  She couldn't take any more!  But she had to.  The dildo kept rising.  She kept begging him to stop.  It was so deep now, that she felt the dildo touch her cervix.  Half her weight must be on the dildo.  Finally he pressed the button and the dildo stopped.  She thanked him for stopping.  He grinned, then he hit the switch one more time, and she screamed “No!”.  The dildo went up a just little more.  He then put the remote down on the table. He laughed.

“One last thing to get you set up for the night”, he said.  

He walked into to the bathroom.  A few moments later, he came back.  He was rolling in what looked like an IV bag that was attached to a metal stand on wheels.  He wheeled it over, and Caroline recognized it to actually be an enema bag.  In his hand he held the enema tube that would go in her ass, and connected to this was a rubber bulb with a pressure release valve.  She begged him, to please don't do this to her but he was not listening.

He reached down and lifted her skirt.  Caroline couldn't do anything, being stuck on the pole.  She could not bend down or fight him.  All she could do was stand there, humiliated, as he greased up the enema tube and inserted it into her ass.  She tried kicking him, but he easily held her ankle and prevented her from doing anything.  When she lifted her leg to kick him, it drove the dildo pole even deeper into her which she felt immediately.  She wasn't going to do that again she told herself.  Then she heard him pumping the bulb and felt the tiny balloon expand in her ass.  It would prevent the enema tube from slipping out.   It would also prevent the water from escaping once he forced it into her.  Caroline looked up at the ceiling, praying to God this would all end.

Gold Finger then emerged from under all her skirts and showed her the end of the tube.  He said, “Now, let's get you hooked up my dear!”

He then proceeded to connect the tube up the enema bag that was filled with hot water.  He grabbed the water release valve and then stood in front of Caroline, watching her expression.  He released the water, and it slowly began filling her ass up.  Her eyes widened when the water first entered her. She was shocked at the hot temperature and angry at him for doing this to her.   She could feel herself being filled up with the water.  As more and more water from the enema bag went into her, she felt like she had go poop more and more. The large enema bag was nearly empty.  Gold Finger then grabbed the bag off the stand and held it up above his head to force the last bit of water into her.  She looked at him with pleading eyes, but he was merciless.  Finally all the water was out of the bag and inside of her.  He closed the valve making sure the valve was shut tight to prevent water from escaping. Then he unclipped the tube from the enema bag stand so that only a small piece of tubing hung from her ass. Then he kneeled down and fixed her skirt nice and neat since it got messed up from the enema tube.

Caroline felt like she really had to go poop, but could not. Her breasts itched from the tiny spikes tormenting her breasts. Her pussy was filled with the monster pole that pressed so deeply into her.  Her ass was full of hot water which she could not expel.  She did not know how long she could take it.  She ran her hands over her body, and over her skirt with her gloved hands.  She tried scratching her breasts, but could do very little with the corset pressing so tightly.  She reached behind her, looking for the release valve for the enema tube, but could not reach it under her Victorian skirt.  She was very frustrated at being so helpless.

Gold Finger then walked up to her and applied some bright red lipstick to her.  He applied eyelash extensions and mascara to make her look even more sexy.  She felt anything but sexy, and begged repeatedly for him to release her.  She begged him to let her off the pole and let her poop.  But he just smiled, as he fixed up her makeup.  He made her look very pretty.

“You're ready to go to the formal ball tonight!” he joked, “and you make a wonderful display doll!”, he added joyfully.

Gold Finger went to the doorway and flicked the light switch off, so that only a night light was on.  She was left to suffer for the night.  She stood there, not knowing what to do.  All she could was stand there, looking pretty.  The platform rotated and rotated all night.  She was like a doll on display.  Worse yet was the dildo within her, the prisoners friend.  It was wired inside through  the pole to a small box  at the base which randomly shocked her every hour or so.  The dildo would also vibrate and rotate within her at random times throughout the night.  She could almost come, and have an orgasm, but just couldn't quite make it.  She wanted an orgasm to keep her mind distracted and occupied.  She was going to have a rough time tonight.  Forget about trying to sleep she thought to herself.

Gold Finger then said, “Have a nice night Caroline.  I'll see you in the morning.” as he closed the door.

Caroline begged and begged him for release, but he had gone to bed.   She just suffered and cried silently to herself. 

She closed her eyes to relax.  She tried to rest and sleep a little.  She would start to fall asleep, but then her legs would relax too much, driving the dildo still deeper into her if that was possible.  She couldn't support her entire weight on the dildo pole, so she would awaken when her legs relaxed too much.  When she awoke she would straighten her legs to relieve some of the pressure of the dildo pole on her insides.  She did this throughout the night.  Her pussy ached from the inside, the dildo being so large and with so much of her body weight on it.  Now she understood what she meant when Eve said she would regret being born a woman.  Only a woman could feel such sensations so deeply inside.

The TV screens started playing their horrible movies again.  She was used to it, having listened to the same message for weeks now.  She actually started to get turned on watching the women on the screen.  She imagined she was the women being tortured.  She imagined herself pleasing her Master.  She imagined herself begging to be fucked.  For some reason she felt really turned on by it all.  She couldn't understand why she felt attracted to Gold Finger.  He's a pervert, she would say to herself.  But another part of her just wanted to kiss him, to fuck him and wanted him to control her.

In the morning Gold Finger found Caroline right where he left her.  She was very tired and sleepy.  She was starting to hallucinate, not having slept much since he had captured her.  He hoisted her off of the dildo pole and lay her down on the ground by the pole.  She just lay on the ground not moving.  She wept.  She was so tired.  All she wanted to do was curl up and die.

As the month ended she was worried he might not release her.  She wondered if he might keep her tied up and controlled for the rest of her life.   She asked him, when he was going to let her go?  He said, in due time.  He told her she had more training to do.  At the end of the month she was scared because he did not seem to be letting her go at all.  After she did her house chores, he came up to her and said “Today is the big day.  I enjoyed being your Master, but now it is time to let my little bird go”  He was a  man of his word and released them.  He let her sister go as he had promised. 

He also let her go, but he left the chastity belt and dildos within her.  He told her, she would have to get them out herself once she got home.  She was still in the maids outfit, with the twin dildos and chastity belt on.  She also had the spiky heels locked onto her feet. She felt so humiliated and vulnerable to be dressed this way but she could not get out of her horrible outfit.

When Caroline's sister was finally let out of her room, and brought over to the mansion, she was a little a little disoriented from the bright lights, since the room she was locked in was mostly dark.  She squinted and  looked at Caroline in her maids outfit and did not recognize her at first with all the makeup she had on, the hourglass figure and spiky high heels.  Caroline usually did not wear such feminine frilly clothes.  Finally she recognized her sister, and gave Caroline a big hug and cried.  “My God! Why are you dressed so funny?” she asked.

Caroline was weeping and sobbing.  She whispered in her sister's ear that Gold Finger had done terrible things to her, and that she couldn't stand talking about it at the moment.  Caroline said, “Let's get out of here now, before he changes his mind.”

So Caroline grabbed one of the blankets off the bed, and wrapped herself with it, being embarrassed having to wear the French maids outfit. Her breasts felt so huge, hanging out exposed in front, and she always felt her ass was sticking out exposing her behind because of the short skirt from the maids outfit.  She grabbed her sister's arm and practically ran out of the place.  Caroline could not believe she was finally free from her horrible prison after all this time...

After getting home Caroline worked on taking off her dress and chastity belt. She tried knives and scissors but nothing worked. She realized she did not have the right tools on hand and had to buy some power tools from the hardware store.  She kept herself wrapped in the blanket, not wanting to draw attention to herself in her French maids uniform and went to buy the tools. It was pure agony having to walk around town with the double dildos rubbing inside her vagina, and the corset and high heels all having an effect on her.   She just hoped none of her friends or neighbors saw her at the store. She would have trouble explaining her outfit.

Finally she got home with the power tools to work on getting herself out of her outfit.  It took hours of trying, but she was finally able to get out of her dress, and free herself from the chastity belt.  She was so happy to finally flick the switch on the double dildos and pull them out of her.  It had been months since her pussy and ass were not filled with something all the time, and she felt relieved to be free.  Still, the itch deep inside her was there even with the dildos removed.  But this time, she was able to scratch it with an extra long dong from her bedroom drawer  and with her own hand movements.  I guess the itch will never go away she said to herself.  But at least now I can scratch it!

The next day, she brought the police to the house where was held prisoner for a month.  She wanted them to arrest Gold Finger and get back at him.  She went to the house, but everything was gone.  All the evidence seemed to have been cleaned up and removed.  There was nothing left but empty rooms and her own memories of her torture. She saw the glass jar laying on the ground that used to have the worms in it, and she shuddered.  She had terrible thoughts and feelings.  She saw the pole sticking out of the floor and she had to look away, remembering how she had to stand there for so long with that damn pole stuck in her.  She started sobbing uncontrollably, the emotions bursting out.  Why me? She wondered.  She vowed to get back at him someday....but for now, she was physically and emotionally spent and just wanted to go home and away from it all.   When she walked, the itch deep inside of her was still there even with the dildos removed.  The spot where the dildos used to touch inside of her must still be irritated she thought to herself.  She wanted to go home now and scratch the spot in the privacy of her bedroom.  She wanted to get at the itch that could not be scratched.

She went home and just wanted to sleep.  It had been a long time since she was able to get a full nights rest without something waking her up every hour.  She slept and slept, staying in bed for several days.  When she finally did venture outside, everything seemed different to her.  Life seemed more gray, more boring.  Nothing seemed to excite her anymore.  It must be all the stress over the last month, she thought to herself. “ I just need to get back to my old routine, then I'll be ok”, she said to herself to try and make sense of her funky mood she was in.

She went back to work and everyone was glad to see her.  She was happy to be back.  She immediately started working on new case files, to get back into the swing of things.  She sat there staring at all the folders on her desk.  She had trouble concentrating.  Her mind kept wandering to thoughts of her torture.  She kept thinking of those dildos in her, and how she couldn't scratch that horrible itch inside.  What is wrong with me? She wondered.  She didn't feel any passion with her work anymore.  She got excited thinking of being tied up and controlled in her dark fantasies.  She longed to have a man tell her what to do.  She longed for someone else to make decisions for her, instead of having to fend for herself.

After work, she went to her bedroom and pulled out the double dildo she had on when she was released.  She held it up in front of her and looked at it.  She started getting sexually excited.  For some reason she really wanted to put the dildos into her.  To experience being helpless again.  So she greased up the dildos with K-Y Jelly, and then proceeded to push the dildos into herself.  She was feeling excited sexually.  She started  fantasizing herself being tied up, imagining herself being controlled by a man and being made to do anything he wished.  She dreamed of being fucked hard.  She got excited and played with herself until she had an orgasm.  She had never had dreams like this before.  She was normally in control, and normally the dominant person in a relationship.  Somehow being subservient was relaxing and enjoyable for reasons she could not comprehend.

She began dressing up for work in more feminine clothes.  Today she put on a slinky red silky dress and started enjoying showing off her assets.  She had always been embarrassed with her large boobs, but now wanted to show them off.  She wore low cut dresses which accentuated her cleavage.  She felt slutty.  She had somehow been changed from her experience and her old life seemed dull and uninspiring.

Sometimes before going to work she would put a butt plug and dildo into her pussy for added excitement.  She would put on two pairs of panties to hold it all in.  She wanted to experience being full, while working.  Nobody at work would know what she had inserted into herself.  It gave her a thrill to be so close to people, but with nobody suspecting her ass and pussy were filled.  It thrilled her to play these games.

She had changed somehow.  She thought about Gold Finger.  God damn him!, She thought to herself.  He is responsible for doing this to me.  She wasn't this way before.  It must be all those damn videos and not being able to sleep for weeks.  She thought about it, and knew she had to find him.  She was angry, and blamed him for her strange feelings.  She wanted to pay him back.


So she started looking for him on the streets.  She checked all her underground contacts.  She checked intelligence information from her workplace for any signs of him using credit cards, or cellular phones.  She was disappointed that there was not much to go on.  Gold Finger was a hard man to find.  He somehow stayed off the radar, not using phone or credit cards. 

Caroline looked and looked for weeks.  She felt maybe he would never find him but then something unexpected happened.  She was driving home from work one day and then she saw a woman in a car that looked very familiar.  It was Eve!  For a moment it looked like she had smiled at Caroline so she looked away quickly to avoid being recognized.  Caroline knew that if she followed Eve, it would most likely lead to Gold Finger.  Then she could have her revenge.  Part of her hated Gold Finger for what he had done to her.  So she followed Eve from a distance, staying far behind so that Eve would not suspect anything.   Eve drove in the countryside for miles and miles. She drove up winding roads around some large beautiful houses with lots of trees.  The area looked very remote.  Some even had horse stables.  Caroline wondered if Gold Finger was in one of those houses.

Eve then pulled into the driveway of a large mansion. It had green lawns everywhere, with horse stables, cart paths and barns.  It looked very luxurious.  Caroline parked down the street and watched Eve from a distance in the bushes.  Eve got out of the car and walked to the front porch of the house.  She stood at the front door, looking around, like she was expecting somebody.  Then after twenty seconds or so, finally went into the house.

Caroline knew she had to find out if Gold Finger was there.  Once she knew he was there, then she could exact her revenge.  She could call the police to get him arrested.  She wanted to beat him up, she was just so angry at him.  She had this hatred in her.  She did not understand why Gold Finger made her so angry and hateful.  What had gotten into her?

She was determined to find out if he was in the mansion.  She really wasn't dressed for combat.  In fact, she was more dressed for a dinner party with a blue silky satin dress that reached her knees.  She had five inch heels on.  She had gotten more used to wearing very feminine clothes.  For some reason she desired it more and more even though as a child she never wore dresses.  “ I'll just sneak in there, find out if Gold Finger is there, then call in for backup” she thought to herself.  She pulled out a gun she had in the glove compartment of her car.  She was always prepared to do combat.

She worked her way to the house, hiding behind every bush and tree she could find.  Nobody seemed to be around which made it easier.  It seemed awfully quiet. She went to a window at the back of the house and was pleasantly surprised it was open.  What luck!  So she slid it open and climbed into the house.

The house seemed dark inside.  Luckily there were carpets everywhere, so that when she walked in her high heels it would not make too much noise.  It seemed very quiet in the house.  Where is everybody? She wondered.  She looked up and down the hallways.  She saw many rooms.  She decided to try the first room on the left.  She opened the door to look inside.

In the room she saw racks and rack of clothes and dresses. It looked like the costume department of a stage theater.  On the racks were dresses, baby doll outfits, rubber fetish clothing, dance skating outfits, gymnast clothing, and businesswomen suits.  The room had every imaginable style of womens clothing you could think of.  Caroline did not see any mens clothing though.  Maybe it was in a separate room or something.  She looked around some more and saw the Victorian dress she was forced to wear.  Here it was, on a rubber mannequin on display.  She looked at it, touching it and running her hands up and down the skirt.  She remembered being forced to wear the dress.  For some reason she was getting excited just thinking about it.  “I have to focus.  I have to determine if Gold Finger is here,

and then get out of here and call for backup.” she thought to herself.

She left this room and worked her way down the hallway.  She tried the next door and looked around.  This room looked like a supply room for a porn shop.  On the shelves were ball gags of all sizes. Big red ones, small little ones, and many different sizes and shapes.  She saw blindfolds, whips, and other bondage paraphernalia. 

She looked at some other shelves and saw dildos of all sizes. There were short fat rubber ones. Some were long thin and snakelike ones, while others were metallic for electrical connections.  She even saw the little electrical shocker boxes for the electric dildos.  She looked some more and saw something that looked familiar.  On one shelf, she saw a double dildo similar to the one that she was forced to wear when she first began her journey with Gold Finger.  She held it up in front of her eyes rotating it and looked at it in detail.  She saw the veins of the dildos running up and down the sides.  The head and other details made it look very realistic.  She then reached underneath to flick the lever that she knew all too well.  The dildo tips snapped together as the internal mechanism was released.  She imagined that happening in her pussy and ass right now.  She could almost feel the itch down there, the itchy spot somehow did not seem to go away.  She put the dildo down.  She had to concentrate. She couldn't allow herself to get distracted.

So she left this room and headed down the hallway.  The next door down seemed quiet so she opened this and walked in.  This room looked more like a greenhouse with large windows and sunlight.  She saw many pretty flowers growing.  She saw box of raw earth planting soil with large metal stakes pounded into the corners of the planter box.  She saw these stakes connected to a large metal box with some wires.  She wondered what it was all for.  She saw a small light switch lever on the electrical box and so she threw it.  She could hear an electrical hum as something was happening.  She looked at the raw patch of earth and saw it.  Earthworms!  There were driven to the surface by the electrical current through the ground.  Gold Finger had mentioned this was how he collected his worms, but now she saw it in action.  She knelt down and picked up a few worms and looked them squirming in her hands.  She thought about what it would feel like to have these worms in her pussy.  It was hard for her to think about it.  One part of her was excited and actually wanted to put some of the worms into her right now.  Another part of her thought how disgusting the whole thing was.  She had mixed ambivalent thoughts of the whole thing.  She put the earthworms down and then stood up.  She looked around the room and then saw the jars.  Dozens and dozens of jars full of worms.  She wondered, “Why in hell does he need so many worms?”  He must go fishing a lot she surmised.  She picked up a jar and looked at the worms for a little while in reverie.  Then she set the jar down to try the next room down the hallway.

She saw a bathroom.  It was huge!  Mirrors and mirrors everywhere, with stools to sit and do makeup.  It looked like a professional beauty salon, with all the latest equipment.  She looked at this and thought to herself, why would a man like Gold Finger need all this?  Did he have lots of girlfriends?  She did not know.  She could only guess.  She left this room to go on.

The next room in the hallway appeared to be a bedroom.  It had a large poster bed with frilly mattress skirt sheets all around the mattress.  There appeared to be something laying on the bed.  She walked up to the bed to see what it was.  She picked it up and held it in front of her.  I was a bright yellow satin Victorian dress.  It looked very elegant and pretty.  It was just her size, she thought to herself. On the bed also was a corset.  This one looked familiar, like an old friend.  If she wore it, it would squeeze her waist down to eighteen inches.  She remembered having to wear a corset like this.  She remembered not being able to breath in it, the corset being so constricting.  This one little article of clothing made her feel so weak and vulnerable.  She thought about all the women in the Victorian era having to always wear corsets daily.  When she wore a corset she always felt she was out of breath, and ready to faint, so she understood what this one article of clothing represented.  She put it down. 


She went down the hallway to the next door.  It was a large room, but dimly lit because of the small windows.  She could barely see inside it.  She pulled her gun out, not knowing what to expect, aiming it left and right on anything that might be a person.  Her eyes had to adjust to the darkness in the room.

This room had rows and rows of trophies lined up on the shelves.  Apparently Gold Finger was accomplished in many sports and other activities so won many trophies and awards.  There were trophies for running, baseball and other sports.  He even had trophies in auto racing, winning in some local tournaments. 

She also saw that he was a big game hunter.  There were stuffed animals of game he shot hanging on the walls.  She saw a large moose head with antlers. She saw a large bear also.  She felt sorry for the poor animals.  They probably had no chance against Gold Finger when he shot them, and here they were now on display in his trophy room.  The animals were just another prize.  Just another object in his collection.

Caroline continued browsing around the room.  Then she saw them.  On one side of the room were about half a dozen women standing in the corner in various bright colors of Victorian dresses. One dress was bright green, another scarlet red, and another ocean blue. They had big red ball gags in each of their mouths to keep them from talking and to keep them quiet.  They were all lined up in a row standing there silently with their hands at their sides.  She wondered what they were doing.

They stood there not realizing she had entered the room.  She walked right up to them but they still failed to see her.  She stood right in front of them thinking they would react, but they just looked out into space. Then she realized they were probably blind from having to wear opaque contact lens that she used to wear.  She waved her hand in front of one of them, but the woman was totally blind, even though she had her eyes wide open.  She just stared right at Caroline not even realizing she was there in front of her.  She put her gun away.  These women weren't going to hurt her.

Caroline studied them in more detail.  Each lady looked perfect with their makeup very well done.  Their lips shined bright red.  Their fake long eyelashes and mascara were applied to enhance their beauty.  Each had a touch of blush on their cheeks.  Their fingernails were long and painted bright red.  Several had their hair finely styled in a bun while others had their hair flowing freely over their shoulders.  On the ears were beautiful diamond stud earrings.  One had large hoop earrings.  Around the necks were necklaces with different phrases spelled out, hanging between their breasts and between their cleavage. 

Caroline looked at them in horror.  Was that how she looked when she was tied up on the pedestal?  She had never seen herself when she stood on the pole.  It was odd to see somebody else standing there.  She knew the pole must be uncomfortable.  It must be terrible to be forced to stand there for long hours at a time, not able to go to sleep or rest because of a pole being jammed so deeply into their pussies.  She knew they must be suffering even though from the outside it just looked like a group of women standing about.

Each of the women seemed have been mounted on their own pole which came up from the floor on a platform.  Their hands and legs were free from bondage, but the ball gags appeared locked onto their heads with small locks at the back of the head.  The dresses were locked on at the back of their neck also trapping each woman in their dress.  The women seemed to be wearing similar types of corsets, their breasts pushed up and out on display in their low cut outfits.  The dresses were floor length hiding the poles, but Catherine knew they were there.

Caroline looked at the base of the pedestal and noticed there were name plates on each of the women. There was Lisa, Katrina, Kelly, Jasmine and Michelle.  Five women in all.  She wondered why Gold Finger would mount them like this.  Then it occurred to her.  They were his trophies!  He put them on display in his trophy room to show his big catch.  Just like the stuffed animals, he wanted to show off his prize.  “How sick.  He's got a sick and wicked mind.”, Caroline thought to herself.

She studied them and recognized some of their names.  She looked down at the name tag at the base of the platform  indicating the woman's name.  She looked  up at Lisa, a brunette with shoulder length hair and fairly well endowed in the breasts.  She was wearing a satin green low cut Victorian dress. Around her neck was a necklace that said, “I Love The Dildo You Put In Me”.  She was Lisa Sinclair, a wealthy industrialist who ruthlessly took over other companies and put them out of business to further her empire.  She was known to be a real bitch and mean to people she did not like, but extremely nice to people she thought could help her in her goals.  Lisa was a strong willed woman.  Now here she was.

Caroline looked at the next lady in line.  She looked down at the name tag and it said the woman was Katrina.  It was Katrina Hilton, the granddaughter of Conrad Hilton.  She ran a string of hotel chains. She was also another powerful woman.  She had red curly hair which ran down to her shoulders.  She wore a pink low cut Victorian dress which displayed and propped up her large breasts. Her necklace said, “I Love Sucking my Master!”  Caroline thought to herself, Gold Finger really likes big breasted women.  It seems like everyone here is well endowed.

Caroline continued working her way down the line.  She looked down at the base of the next platform and saw the name plate.  “Kelly” it spelled out.  She wondered who this Kelly was.  She had sandy brown colored hair.  She wore a scarlett red Victorian dress.  Her necklace around her neck spelled “Please Fuck Me Master.” She looked to be in her mid twenties and blond.  She also seemed to be well endowed like the other ladies.  Caroline was ready to move on when she finally recognized who she was.  It was Kelly Moore of Kelly-Moore paints.  She was the daughter of the owner of that empire.  She was always in the news at some Hollywood party.  She was known for being a party girl, always getting into trouble.  At one party she drove her Lamborghini into the swimming pool.  In another party, she was arrested for beating up her boyfriend.  She had a bad temper.

Caroline moved onto the next lady in the line.  She looked down for the name tag.  It said “Jasmine”.  That's a pretty name Caroline thought to herself.  Her necklace around the woman's neck said “I Love you Master”.   The woman had long curly black hair.  She was wearing a dark blue Victorian dress.  She thought she kind of looked like the Disney character.  A princess in one of those far away lands.   Then it occurred to her.  This woman was a princess!  She was Princess Jasmine of the  Bulgarian Royal Family.  She was known for all the famous men she dated and also embarrassing the royal family.  She used to have multiple boyfriends at the same time.  The family never approved of the men she went out with.  They were always bad boys who would steal, drink too much and do drugs.  She hung out with the wrong crowd. 

Caroline then proceeded down the line.  She looked down at the next name tag.  It said “Michelle”.  This woman is pretty, Caroline thought to herself.  The necklace around this woman's neck said, “I Love Being Your Slave, Master”.  She was wearing a white Victorian dress.  It could have been used as a wedding gown with all the fine lace and attention to detail in the dress. Her hair was blond, similar to Caroline's hair.  It was tied up in a nice styled side bun because of her long length.  Her makeup was impeccably done.  Her dress showed off her ample cleavage and beasts also.

Caroline looked at this woman and felt she looked familiar to her somehow.  Then it came to her.  She almost did not recognize her old friend from the academy.  They had both gone through the Secret Services Academy together.  She had never seen her friend all dressed so elegantly with makeup on.  She normally saw her friend in combat fatigues and secret service uniforms.  Michelle was one of the top students in her class.  She was known as an expert in hand to hand combat and weapons.  She was at the top of her class with her intelligence, drive and ambition.

Caroline had always wondered what had happened to her friend.  They were close friends, but then one day she lost contact with her.  She assumed Michelle was on some secret assignment overseas.  But now she realized the truth and saw her standing here.  Caroline stood right in front of her friend.  She was gorgeous in her white satin gown, her makeup all done, and her breasts pushed up and out.  It was odd to look straight into her eyes, but Michelle just stood there looking straight back at her without realizing someone was there because the opaque contacts blocked her sight.

Next to Michelle,  there was an empty pole with a dildo mounted glistening with grease.  Caroline looked at it and thought, “I guess Gold Finger has another lady somewhere, but for some reason is not here at the moment.  I wonder who she is.  I'll take a look at her name tag.”  So Caroline knelt down and looked at the name tag at the base of the platform.  She read “Caroline”.   Her eyes widened in shock at the implications.  “Was she the next woman to be mounted here?  Was he planning to capture her and make her one of his trophies?” she thought to herself.  She quickly stood up and backed away from the pole in horror, but accidentally hit Michelle on the arm.  Michelle started making muffled yelling sounds through her gag for anyone to help her.

The women must have sensed someone was in the room also because they started making a lot of noise begging for release.  Caroline knew that this would only attract unwanted attention.  She heard some noises outside the room as guards approached.  She had to get out of there before they came and discovered her.  She would come back later to rescue these women if she had a chance.  She rushed out of the room and ran down the hallway.  She saw a dining room so she proceeded to enter it.


Then she saw someone standing by the window looking outside.  It was Gold Finger!  She quickly pulled out her gun and set aim at his head.  He was a dangerous criminal and she was taking no chances.

“Hello Caroline.  Nice of you to drop by.  I had a feeling my little bird I had let go, would come back to me someday, and now here she is.” he said, not even turning around to look at her.

“How did you know it was me?” Caroline asked.

“I sent my assistant Eve to go and get you of course.  I knew that if you saw her, you would follow her to find me.  A simple plan, but effective.  Sometimes the simplest plans work the best.” Gold Finger remarked.

How dumb could she be? Caroline thought to herself.  It was all an elaborate trap to bring her here.  She was starting to get scared that guards and other men were lurking around the corner.  She looked around but saw nobody.  She aimed the gun left and right at anything the moved, but didn't see any traps or guards.

She also saw this opportunity to express her anger at Gold Finger.  She put her gun down on the table and ran up to him and started doing her karate kicks to hit him.  She wanted to beat him up with her own hands, not just shoot him with her pistol.  It was a little difficult in high heels though.  She tried kicking him, and he just grabbed her foot and threw her to the ground.  She tried hitting him with her hands, but he was too strong and tall and kept her at a distance.  He was very skilled in combat training also, so could anticipate her attacks and do the appropriate counter moves.  She was soon tired and had to take a rest, breathing hard from all the fighting.  She still had her gun near her though in case he made any sudden moves.

“I hate you!  I hate you!  I hate the things you did to me.  I am angry at what I've become.” she yelled at him as she leaned against the table to catch her breath.

She went up to him and starting trying to hit him with her arms and fists, but he just held her wrists.  She started crying.  She wanted her revenge, she wanted to beat him up but she was not strong enough.

“You know when I first met you I saw a strong willed woman who was used to being in charge.  But I also saw another part of you longing to let a man take charge and take control.  So I captured you and your sister to begin your slave training.  Did you enjoy it?  You'll be proud to know that the mind control and brainwashing techniques I forced on you were developed years ago in the Soviet Union. They are proven to be very effective.  I believe you heard of Patty Hearst?  She was deprived of sleep and protein in her meals and soon she saw her captors as allies.” he said.

He continued, “But I also knew, down deep inside, you probably had desires and needs to be dominated.  It was always there.  So I arranged your training to bring this side out of you. To free your inner spirit.”

Caroline knew what he said was true in many ways.  She was tired of always having to be strong, of always being expected to make decisions and be in charge.  Part of her wanted, desired and needed to be nurtured like a baby.  She had a need to be taken care of, a need to be controlled in every way.

Gold Finger then said,”I try my training on prospective slaves.  Not everyone works out.  In fact I estimate only one of ten who go through my training actually have the desire to be a slave. I let them go and they never return.  They move on.  But there are a few, like yourself, who have this need and desire to have a man in their lives.  A man who will take control.  A man who they can submit to, and allow themselves to experience being subservient to.  There is great pleasure in submission.  There is great joy in serving someone you can call your Master.”

Caroline thought to herself, “Yes, I want to please my Master”.  A phrase that repeatedly came up in her head from all those nights with the TV on.  The phrase and thought had suddenly popped into her head unexpectedly.  She blamed Gold Finger for planting those thoughts in her head from all the brainwashing she had received.

“You may have noticed the other five women in the other room.  They are all powerful and strong women.  But they chose willingly to become my slaves.  They joined my family.  You can too.  These women have powerful connections in business and government.  If you became friends with them, you could really get ahead in life.  In the future when you all decide to leave me, maybe you'll have a good laugh over dinner about what you experienced here.  Are you ready to take a chance Caroline?  Are you willing to become my slave?”

Caroline looked at him thinking about what he was saying.  She held the gun in her hand, she was in control.  What he said seemed to make sense.  All these women joined him voluntarily for a reason.  They must have found something in the life as a submissive, right?

Caroline looked him.  He looked sincere in his offer.  She thought about her life and what she would be  leaving behind.  To be his slave?  Part of her just wanted to run away.  But a big part of her wanted to stay and experience more of the loss of control.  To have him in control.  To be free of any worries and responsibilities.

Gold Finger then said, “Your friend Michelle from your Secret Service Academy training days is here.  Maybe she can talk to you.  She voluntarily joined to be my slave and look at her.  She is just like you, looking, and searching for her true inner self.  Her submissive self, a part of her felt she felt she could never show to her friends, is displayed here.  I know this desire and need is deep in your heart also, Caroline.  Give it a try.  If you don't like the life after giving it a try, then walk out of here and go home.  At least try it before you condemn them for being slaves.  They all chose this type of life voluntarily.  Why don't you?  What do you say?”

She thought about it long and hard. It was a tough decision.  She was so tired of the rat race of life.  It was a burden to always be in charge and expected to lead other people.  With Gold Finger, she could be submissive and relax while he decided everything.  She could just be herself.  After several minutes,she made a choice. She reluctantly said “OK.  I accept your offer.  I will become your slave.  You are my Master.”   She walked over to Gold Finger and handed the gun to him.  He took it away from her and put it in his coat pocket.

“Good!  Don't worry, I'll take good care of you.  You have nothing to worry about.  In fact I think you will enjoy your life as a slave very much.   We should start immediately!  Let's get you cleaned up and prepared just like my other slaves.  I like all my ladies to be alike.  I think you will enjoy the submissive life Caroline.  Follow me and do I as I instruct.  I will train you and make you into a wonderful slave!”


She said, “I was thinking.  Can you set me up on your Fuck-O-Matic machine with Eve again?  We had some good times together.”

Gold Finger thought about this and then said, “I'm sure she would love to join you.  I'll set you two up together tonight!”

Gold Finger then asked, “So how well did you know your friend Michelle?”

Caroline responded, “ We were best friends at the Academy.  She and I were both competing to be at the top of our class.  She won, but it was a friendly competition.  I always looked up to her, and respected her judgment.  That was why it surprised  me to see her here voluntarily as your slave. ”

Gold Finger grabbed Caroline and looked her in the eyes, “I'll put you two together someday on the Fuck-O-Matic so you can get reacquainted with her. You are now all sisters in the Gold Finger family.  I want all my girls to know each other intimately.  You can have a friendly competition to see who can have the most orgasms!  What to do say to that?” Gold Finger said.

Caroline would be glad to see her old friend and catch up with their lives.  But to fuck each other?  She had never been that intimate with Michelle.  They were just close friends during their Academy days.  They had remained friends, but only on a professional level.  Also, she felt she had somehow sold out.   She had trained at the Academy and scored high in all the tests.  She had advanced weapons and combat training.  To be reduced to being a sex slave for Gold Finger made her feel slightly embarrassed and below her potential.  It was ok when nobody else in her circle of friends knew her dark secret and desires.  But now, to admit her submission and weakness to a fellow colleague was a challenge.  She did not want Gold Finger to sense her ambivalence so she said, “Yes Master.  A friendly competition with her would be nice.”, while smiling to hide her true feelings.

He led her down the hallway to the bedroom she had seen earlier.  The satin yellow Victorian dress was still on the bed right where she had left it.  There was also a large bathroom attached to this room also, much like a master bedroom in some homes.   Gold Finger then said to Caroline, “Before we get dressed, let's get you cleaned up and ready.   Go take a nice hot shower and when you're ready come out here to the bedroom.  I'll be waiting.  Then we'll get started.”

Caroline felt dirty and sweaty from the earlier fighting she did with Gold Finger.  So she took off all her clothes and jumped into the shower.  The water felt really nice and soothing.  She washed and cleaned herself up with the luxury soaps and body lotions he had in the shower.  She felt like a new woman.

When she exited the shower, and toweled herself dry, she noticed that all her street clothes and belongings had disappeared.  She asked Gold Finger what happened to her wallet, clothes and other belongings.  He said, “Oh, I put them in storage.  When you leave you can collect them.  You won't be needing them when you are my guest.”

She felt a slight loss to her identity.  The clothes, the wallet with her drivers license, her secret service badge, money, car keys and other items gave her an anchor point of who she was.  It made her feel secure.  Now, she just felt like a naked woman with nothing. She felt vulnerable.  But she chose this new path on her own, so could not complain. She was determined to continue her journey to satisfy her inner demons.  So Caroline walked into the bedroom to meet Gold Finger.  He wrapped some rope around her wrists around and around for several loops and then tied it off in front of her.  He told her it was to make her feel more like a slave.  It was for her enjoyment. 

Gold Finger then led Caroline over to the sofa and bent her over the hand rest with her butt in the air. He then tied her wrists to a bolt on the wall.  She couldn't move and stand up.  She was trapped.

She heard Gold Finger searching through a drawer.  She heard some metal instruments clanking sound.  She wondered what he was searching for and what he had in the drawer.  He said, “There, found it!”.

He then put on some rubber surgical gloves which he snapped onto his hands.  He used his fingers to probe around her vagina and labia lips in search of her clit.  He found what he was looking for, and grabbed some forceps to grab his prize.  She couldn't see what he doing back there and could only guess, but she was getting nervous.  Then she felt the forceps being clamped around her clit and squeezed.  She cried in pain.  He pulled on her clit to stretch it and extend it out.

With his other hand, he picked up a large looking needle which had surgical gut threaded through the eye of the needle.  He lined up the needle with her clit and found the right spot.  He then pierced her clit.

She screamed.  It was one of the most horrible pains she had ever experienced.  He had done this without any anesthetic.  Tears started welling up in her eyes.  She closed them to try to minimize what she was feeling down below.

He continued pushing the needle through quickly to minimize her pain.  As he pushed the needle through, the surgical gut followed so that her clit now had the thread through it.  He then slid the ends of the thread through a clitoris ring he had in his pocket.  He slid the ring down the thread until it met her clitoris. He then used the thread to help slip the ring over her clitoris.  In his other pocket he pulled out a thin metal rod about two inches and a half inches long.  He pushed one end through the side of the ring, through her clitoris, then out to the other side. He adjusted the rod so that each side had approximately the same length extending from the ring.  He then applied some super glue to hold the rod in place.  When the rod was set and not moving,  he twisted on round metallic discs onto the end of the rod using the threads already there.  The metallic discs held her labia lips apart and prevented the narrow rod ends from digging into her skin. 

Her clitoris starting swelling, becoming engorged with blood from all this activity. She could feel the tip throbbing.  Gold Finger then with a simple twist of the ring, made the ring smaller in diameter, tightening it around her clit.  Her clit felt even more pronounced and sensitive.  “Aaaaggghh” she moaned in displeasure.

Caroline was sobbing in pain.  It was difficult for her.  She asked Gold Finger, “Why did you do this to me?  Why now?  You didn't do this to me when you first captured me.  Why?”

Gold Finger explained, “I didn't do this before because you were just a trainee back then.  I wasn't sure you would become my slave.  Now that you have become one of the family, I felt it best to get you properly up to speed and in the swing of things.  You may not know this, but all my slaves you saw in the other room have the same clit ring and rod attachment you are now experiencing.  I find it easier to control my women this way.  If they do something wrong, I just flick their exposed clit with my little Cat-O-Nines whip and they immediately sharpen up and obey. If I want them to experience some pleasure, I only have to tickle their little exposed clit and they start purring like a kitten.  This is only for your own good Caroline.  Someday you may even thank me for doing this”

Caroline could not argue with his logic.  Maybe he was right.  But it was hard to accept having her clit always on display and  in so prominent a manner.  It made her feel embarrassed and uneasy.  It made her feel even more exposed and open. 

He then told Caroline that he liked his slaves clean inside.  This meant he was going to give her an enema.  But in order to make it thorough, he told her he would give her three enemas.  The first one to clean out most of her poop.  The second time, to clean up any left over bits.  The third one would be a mineral oil enema to help lubricate your insides.  After this, we can start getting you dressed!

She was still bent over the sofa, with her ass exposed so it was easy to insert the enema tube into her behind.  He pumped a small air bulb and she felt the balloon expand in ass holding the tube in place and preventing it from coming out.  It also prevented the water from escaping also.

He filled her up with a large bag hanging from a hook attached to a stand he had wheeled in.  She felt it rush into her and fill her up.  He waited.  He waited some more.  She finally begged him to please let her go the bathroom to go.  He reached below her and released the valve of the bulb as air escaped from the balloon in her ass.  He pulled out the enema tube as she squeezed her ass to hold the water in. He then released the ropes tied to her wrists.  She stood up and  quickly ran to the toilet holding her ass with her hand to keep it all in.

It all came out quickly in a rush.  Poop and water mixed in a big mess flowed from her bowels into the toilet bowl.  She looked down and saw little pieces of poop floating around.  It felt so satisfying to get it all out of her. 

She also took this opportunity to more closely examine her clitoris ring and rod holding her labia apart.  She looked down and saw her labia lips pulled apart like a butterfly.  Her clit was still engorged with blood because the clit ring held most of the blood trapped.  She thought to herself, “Oh my God.  What has he done to me?  Will I be able to still have orgasms?”

She reached down with her hand to play with her clit with her fingers. She gently rubbed it and was surprised how super sensitive it was.  She started playing with herself and thought dirty thoughts while rubbing her clitoris as an experiment on what she could feel or not feel with her clit pierced as it was.  She was worried about being pierced and loss of her womanhood, but satisfied after her experiment that everything still worked down there.

She got off the toilet and went to the bedroom to receive her second enema.  She obediently bent over the arm of the sofa while Gold Finger repeated the process of inserting the enema tube.  He told Caroline, “This second enema will be a little bigger than the first one.  I have put in a larger bag, so don't be surprised from the full feeling you will feel as I fill you to the brim!”

He started the water flowing into her ass.  It went in for the longest time until the bag was almost empty.  Her belly was fuller than she ever felt before.  The water stopped flowing because the pressure in her belly was so high that it prevented more water from entering.  She felt really uncomfortable now, the water putting lots of pressure on her inner organs.  Gold Finger then said, “Let me help you.  I need all the water to be in you for your cleaning!”

He saw the bag still had a third of the water in it.  He gently squeezed it from the top to force more water into her.  She started moaning as the water started flowing again.  The water only flowed because  Gold Finger forced it in with his strong hands squeezing the top of bag, sort of like squeezing a tooth paste tube from the bottom.  She started moaning, “Oh.  Oh.  I don't think I can take any more.  I'm really fully now.”

But he kept forcing the water into her.  He was determined to get the full bag into her.  Finally all the contents in of the enema bag was inside of her.  The one way valve prevented water from escaping.  It was difficult holding it all in her, but she was unable to poop anything out of her ass with the enema balloon blocking everything.

Caroline felt like she had to go badly, but endured the unpleasant feeling by praying quietly to herself to pass the time.  She prayed that God would end this second enema quickly.  She prayed Gold Finger would release her and let her go to the bathroom now.

Her prayers must have been answered, because Gold Finger did not wait too long and let her up.  He removed the enema tube and said go the bathroom.  She held her ass cheeks together with her left hand as she ran as quickly as she could to the toilet.  Again the water flowed in a great rush into the toilet bowl as the water and poop in her ass flowed out.  This time though, there was only little pieces of poop, and mostly water.

Caroline wiped her ass with tissue and then returned to the bedroom where Gold Finger was waiting for her.  He told her, “Just one more enema, then it's over. Are you ready?”

Caroline nodded her head yes, she was ready.  She bent over the couch again to receive her third enema.

He inserted the enema tube into her ass just like before and pumped up the small balloon just like before.  He grabbed the enema bag he had on the counter filled with mineral oil.  But he stopped as he thought about an improvement he could make.  So he told Caroline to please wait a moment as he went to get something in the other room.  Caroline was in no position to object, bent over the sofa with the enema tube sticking out of her ass.

Gold Finger walked into the kitchen and grabbed a large bottle and returned to the bedroom.  She looked at what he was carrying in his hands and saw the bottle of Vodka.  She wondered to herself, “Is he going to drink while giving me the enema or something?  Why would he need Vodka?”

So she asked him, “Sir, What's the Vodka for? Do you really need to drink while you're doing this to me?  Or you want me to drink it to get me drunk?”

He then said, “You be consuming this Vodka, but not like in a manner you normally think of.  I know you don't like to drink hard liquor much, being a wine and beer type of girl.  No, you won't be drinking this.  I'm going to put it in your enema!  The alcohol will be absorbed through your colon almost immediately, and you will feel drunk very quickly!  I'm not sure why everyone doesn't consume alcohol this way.  It's seems so much quicker to get drunk this way....”

She wondered to herself, “Can someone actually get drunk from their ass?  It didn't seem possible.  But what he said seemed to make logical sense.  She had never gotten drunk from her ass before.  She wondered if it would even work.”

Gold Finger opened the bottle and poured the Vodka into large drinking glass.  He then added this to the enema bag with the mineral oil.  He was about ready to close up the bag and had a second thought.  He filled up another large glass with Vodka and poured it into the bag.

Caroline saw this and got worried.  Was it too much alcohol?  Vodka is a very strong liquor. A small shot glass or two usually made her tipsy.  He had put two large glasses into the enema bag.  Was she going to be able to handle that much alcohol?  She was going to soon find out, since he had already attached the bag to the enema stand.  She waited nervously as he adjusted his rubber tubes and setup.  He went over to her and brushed her hair away from her face and said, “Well here goes.  I never tried this before and hope you like it.”. 

He then released the valve to start the enema flowing into her.

She felt it immediately.  The enema flowed into her and it felt silky smooth. The oil felt different somehow.  It felt thicker and more gooey.   It felt nice and soothing, her insides being lubricated by the oil.  The alcohol hit her system very quickly, it being absorbed through her bowel and into her blood stream.  She started feeling tipsy and light headed.  She was feeling very relaxed now, as the alcohol had its effect on her.

The enema continued to flow into her and she got more and more drunk.  She drunkenly said, “Thank you Master.  This feels so good....  You're a good Master to me.  I always feel so sexy when you control me....  What day of the week is this?  Oh it's Tuesday.  No it's Wednesday!  Oh who cares!  I really like Eve.  She is such a nice girl.  I like what you did to this place.  I think you should add more pink and bright items to make it look like women live here...”

On and on she rambled random thoughts.  Her speech became slurred. She was totally drunk from the Vodka.  She had never drunk so much alcohol before.  It made her giddy, laughing at anything remotely funny.

“Ok silly girl, time to release this enema from you!”, Gold Finger remarked.

But this time, instead of pulling the enema tube out of her as a first step,  and then having her run to the bathroom toilet, he decided it best to wait  He guided her to the bathroom and then helped her sit down.  When she was sitting over the toilet bowl, only then would he release her contents.  He was afraid she would poop all over the bedroom.  He reached beneath her and released the plug and  it all flowed out of her into the bowl.  The oil was much thicker than the water as it oozed out of her.  She said in a happy way, “Thank you Sir!  Thank you for letting me go poop in the bowl!”, laughing as she saluted him like a soldier would to do to a general.  She was playful.  She was having too much fun.

Gold Finger liked her this way.  She was fun and playful like a young girl.

He got her off the toilet and walked her over to the couch again.  He plopped her over the arm of the shoulder.  He knew in her drunken state she would be less fearful and more willing with anything he might do to her.  He wanted to insert his high tech extra long dildo into her.   He knew it would be a difficult insertion.  Most women objected vehemently when he put it into them.  But in her drunken state, she would probably laugh through the insertion process he thought to himself.   He was about to penetrate her with it when she passed out!  He heard her snoring.  She could not handle the alcohol and had passed out on the sofa.  He put the dildo down.  He said to himself, “Lucky for you.”

He then proceeded to put her to bed.  He lifted her up like a baby in both arms and carried her over to the bed.  She was in a deep sleep.  He was about to pull the bed covers over her to let her sleep it off, when he had second thoughts about the dildo.  He would insert it anyways, when she was asleep.  Nothing prevented him from doing this.  Anyways, there would be less whining and begging when he did so.  He could work on her when she was totally unconscious and out cold.

So he rolled her on onto her tummy on the bed.  He spread her legs wide apart so that he could gain access to her asshole.  He put rubber latex gloves on, and pulled her ass cheeks apart and looked at her tight sphincter hole.  With his fingers he worked some K-Y Jelly up her asshole and around her ass.  She moaned a little as he did this.  He stopped and looked at her, wondering if she would wake up or not.  She did not, so he continued.  He then took gobs of the K-Y from the jar and spread it up and down the long dildo.  He loved looking at his creation.  It took years of planning and now he had the dildo he long desired.  It was a technological wonder with high tech micro electronics and other features.

He proceeded to insert the dildo into Caroline.  The dildo was about fourteen inches long and about two inches in diameter.  But it was very flexible, allowing it to conform to the colon that naturally wound back and forth inside of her.  Her colon would remain in the same position as it was in her body now,  only it would be filled with his extremely flexible dildo.  He knew this would aid in her comfort to not have her colon straightened out in some artificial way by a hard and long dildo.  It would conform to her body in a natural way.

He inserted the tip into her ass hole.  It was a tight fit, but she was very relaxed and the head easily slid in.  He then pushed the dildo into her, getting about six or seven inches into her without much resistance.  But her colon then did a one hundred and eighty degree turn, heading one way initially then turning back on itself to make a U-turn inside her body.  That is how the body is able to fit so much large intestine within a person. It folds the colon back and forth stacking it within the body.  Gold Finger knew this and expected it.  He twisted the dildo to try to make it bend and make the U-turn within her body.

He pushed it in another two inches, but realized he was forcing it and backed off his pressing further.  He did not want to hurt her internally.  With a gentle twist and gentle pressure, he knew he could eventually work the entire the dildo into her colon.  He just had to be patient.  He tried pushing again.  This time, she woke up partially in a dream like state, and drowsily said “What's going on?”.  She grabbed her ass with one of her hands because of the sensations down there.   Gold Finger easily pushed her hand aside.  She fell back to sleep almost immediately after this.

He pushed and twisted the dildo again and again but it still seemed to have trouble finding the right path.  He tried it once more and this time it seemed to have rounded the corner because the dildo continued going into her more easily at this point.  He continued slowly working the dildo into her being gentle, patient and firm.  He took his time to allow her body to adjust to the penetration and not resist the dildo because he had forced it.  He was down to the last few inches when she started moaning more and louder.  She seemed to be having a dream.  She said in her sleep, “Give me more. Fuck me honey....”

Gold Finger chuckled.  She must be having a wet dream or something.  He would give her more, like she requested.  He grabbed the dildo and gave one last final shove, forcing the last few inches into her.  She screamed a little with an “Aaaaaghhhh!” when the dildo went all the way into her.  But she was soon fast sleep.  Somehow she was still half awake and half asleep, probably thinking the penetration was just part of her dream.  She was unable to wake up.

Gold Finger used the tips of his fingers to gently push the end of the dildo past her sphincter muscles.  Her ass seemed to gobble up the dildo as her ass sphincter was finally ably to close to a tight hole again.  The dildo was now fully in her ass, not even sticking out of her hole.

Gold finger then picked up his remote.  He wanted to secure the dildo within her.  He punched in a security code, and hit a button on his remote.  Little motors inside the dildo turned to drive rubber spikes out about half and inch from the surface of the dildo.  The rubber spikes would help keep the dildo in place inside her colon so that it would not shift too easily.  The rubber spikes gripped the surface of her colon and held the dildo steady.  As the motors turned, the dildo also projected out tiny sharp metal needles near the base of the dildo closest to her asshole.   They were very short, only about several millimeters long, but they covered the base part of the dildo. The needles only pointed  in one way, toward her asshole.  Gold Finger had designed these needles to prevent someone from trying to pull the dildo out of themselves.  If they tried to remove the dildo, the needles would prick and penetrate the skin right at the asshole.  It would be too painful an experience to try to continue.

Gold Finger then rolled her over onto her back and put her legs together.  He pulled the bed covers on her to keep her warm.  He then kissed her on the forehead and said, “Hope you have a nice night my little princess.”  He closed the lights and went off to take a nap.

Caroline groggily woke up.  She had to pee.  She was a little disoriented, thinking she was back home in her own bed.  Her mind was still a little cloudy from all the alcohol she consumed.  She stumbled out of bed and walked over to the bathroom toilet.  She peed a long time.  There seemed to be a lot because of the alcohol.  She felt a need to go poop also, so she pushed.  Nothing happened.  She pushed again and still nothing came out.  “I must be really constipated or something.” she thought to herself.

She tried for another five minutes, but still nothing seemed to come out of her ass.  She dropped her hand between her legs and felt her asshole.  Yes it was still there.  She thought maybe there was a butt plug or something blocking it.  She finally gave up and went back to the bedroom.  She had a headache from being  hungover from the alcohol.  Her mind was still cloudy from the night before.  She couldn't remember consuming any alcohol, and she couldn't remember what she did last night.  Her memories started coming back slowly.  This is when Gold Finger walked in the door of the bedroom and said, “Nice to see you awake Caroline.  You've been out for nearly four hours.  I was wondering when you'd wake up!”

She responded, “Sir, I think I'm a little constipated.  Do you have some Ex-Lax you can give me?  I was having a little trouble when I went to go pee just now.”

He laughed. He then said, “You're not constipated Caroline.  Remember last night?  I gave you three enemas to clear out your system.”

She started to remember this.   She was a little confused.  If she was not constipated, then how come she felt the need to go poop right now?  She said, “Oh, you're right.  I remember the enemas and the alcohol.  Can I ask Sir,  What happened last night?  I think the alcohol affected me more than I thought.”

“Well you got really drunk and said some crazy wild things.  Your a fun girl when you are drunk I have to admit.  You then passed out on the couch and I put you to bed.”, he said.

She said, “Did anything else happen Sir?  I just can't remember much of anything, so was wondering what happened.”

He then confessed, “ I may have put a little something into you last night.”

She was confused.  What was he talking about?  She continued, “A little what, may I ask?”  She was speculating that it was some cocaine drugs or something, because he mentioned it being put into her.

“A dildo” he said.

“What?” she thought to herself.  Her pussy felt wide open and clear.  She felt herself down there and nothing was in it.  She asked again, “What are you talking about? What dildo?  I don't have any dildos in me!”

“In your ass you silly little bird”, he said  as he looked at her with a coy wicked smile on his face.

She was still confused.  Her asshole seemed clear.  She reached down and felt it and it did not seem obstructed or anything.  But he seemed serious, so she probed some more.  She got some K-Y Jelly and spread it on her fingers.  Then she reached down and pushed a finger into her asshole to explore.  After going in an inch, she felt something rubbery and hard in her ass.  She pushed on it with her finger and it did not seem to move or budge at all.  But it was hard, and at that moment she knew what he was talking about.  She had a dildo in her ass all this time and she had not even suspected  it was in there!  The dildo was so comfortable inside of her.

He explained, “All my slaves have this dildo in their ass.  I find it very useful in my training and discipline programs.  The dildo is very technologically advanced also,  as I shall demonstrate to you now.”

Gold Finger picked up his remote and said, “When a girl is naughty, I can press this button to shock her.”

He then hit a button on the remote, and she immediately felt her ass shocked.  He also explained that he could control the intensity from very mild to very severe electric shocks.  The mild shock felt pleasant in her ass.  When he adjusted it to extreme levels, she had to fall to her knees because the pain was excruciatingly painful and  intense.

Caroline was on her knees panting.  That last shock really hit her hard in the gut, the electricity very painful reaching at her very core deep inside of her. “Wow, this dildo is powerful!”, she thought to herself.

There is also an wireless electric fence around this compound.  There is also built in GPS in the device, so I can see where you are all the time.   I warn you, if you attempt to leave the property, you will feel the pain like you just did.  The dildo will shock you relentlessly until you come back.  Do you understand this rule?

Caroline nodded yes, she would not try to leave.  She had come here voluntarily, so she didn't expect to try to escape to leave or anything.

Gold Finger then continued, When a girl is good, I can do this.” he said.

He hit another button on the remote and the dildo vibrated.  It pulsed in waves.  It was very pleasurable to her.  She rocked her hips as if to fuck an imaginary partner.  She was starting to get turned on.

He then said, “I can also add this...” as he hit a button which released the hot sauce and itching solution out of the dildo.  She felt a burning sensation and itching at the same time.  She started wriggling her hips.  She couldn't help herself.  The vibrations and hot sauce caused her to feel wet and hot inside. 

“You may wonder how to remove the dildo to do your daily necessities.  How can you go to the toilet?  Well I've taken of that. The answer is, you never have to take the dildo out.  It is in you to stay while you are my guest.  Only I have the secret release codes.  When you are released from here, only then will the dildo come out.  If you need to go to the bathroom and poop, you do it by using enemas.  You may even learn to prefer having enemas rather than go poop as you have always done.  Anyways, this is the way it is going to be.”

He demonstrated by pulling a tube and nozzle assembly from the wall next to the bed.  He explained that she needed to insert this tube assembly into her ass at least three or four inches into her.  It would connect and lock together with the dildo both electrically and with tubes.  There was a one inch tube which carried the water in, and sucked the contents out.  The water would enter her ass through small slits on the sides of the dildo.   There was also a smaller tube to refill the hot sauce and itching solution.  The tube assembly also had some metallic electrical contacts along the side, which when aligned and locked in correctly would recharge the batteries and do all system checks on the system.  He said the charger was very quick, only taking a few minutes each day, the same amount of time needed to run an enema.  He warned her though to not to let the batteries run down.  If the  batteries became too low, the dildo would shock her every few minutes. If nothing happened, it would shock her more and more frequently, upping the voltage until the dildo was hooked up to a charger.

“Make sure you charge the batteries.  Trust me.  You don't want to fight this baby.  You will lose....”

Caroline looked at him incredulous.  She did not even feel she had a dildo in her, yet what he said and what he demonstrated, showed her the power he had over her.

He then demonstrated the enema tube.  He plugged tube assembly into her ass. It had an alignment and locking mechanism so it would stay connected.  It could easily be disconnected by hitting the release button on the tube assembly. With the tube connected, it would charge the batteries and perform enemas.  The enema machine would automatically pump water into her ass, then wait thirty seconds.  The machine would then start pumping and sucking  her ass contents out.  This was all through the one inch tube that was inserted into the dildo through her asshole.  She could do this as many times as necessary to clean her behind simply by hitting a large red button on the console for starting a cycle of water and then suction routine.

With the tube connected, she realized she had a good handle on the dildo deep in her ass.  She wondered how secure the dildo was, so she pushed inward on it hard with the tube connected.  She felt the dildo slide deeply into her, the rubber spikes not really able to holding the dildo in place within her colon very well when pushed with so much force from her hand.  It actually slid almost two inches deeper into her.  She was excited over this result, realizing she could move and shift the dildo.  She now wanted to pull the whole thing out of her once and for all. She pulled the dildo out and she felt it slip the inch or two she had pushed it in.  She was very hopeful, imagining what it would be like getting the whole dildo out of her.  She pulled again to be free of this horrible device.  That is when the needles facing out toward her asshole on the base of the dildo touched her sphincter hole.  She pulled, but the metal spikes pressed against her asshole and  they hurt because of the sharp steel points.  She pulled again, but the dildo gave her more pain as the steel needles punctured her skin.  She couldn't continue, because it hurt so much, so she pushed the dildo back in to where it originally started.  “Damn, He thought of everything”, she said to herself in frustration.

Gold Finger then said she needed to get dressed.  He said the other five girls were already waiting in the garden.  That she needed to hurry, get dressed and join them!  He picked up the yellow dress and corset and said, “I'll help you”.

So Caroline stood by the bed as Gold Finger laced her up into the tight corset.  He said, “I have a special corset tightening machine over here.  Let's give that a try.” 

He led her over to the machine and hooked her up with the laces connected to the machine.  A pump started running, pulling the corset laces tighter and tighter on her. 

“Wow this is tight!”  She remarked.  The corset seemed tighter than the last time she was here.  In fact the new corset was even more severe. It reduced Caroline's waist down to sixteen inches, while before it went only to eighteen inches.  He had not told her of this change though.  She kept complaining the corset was too tight, and he just denied knowing anything, saying “I don't know.  It should all be the same as before.”

She felt faint. The corset squished her insides and shifted her organs around.  The new dildo in her colon did not help. It shifted but could never be squished down like an empty colon.  She always felt slightly full and ready to poop.  She hoped someday the feeling would lessen.

He held some frilly lace skirt undergarments for her to wear.  One was a bustle to prop up the skirt on her behind to make her rear end look bigger.  He held up a dress for her to put on.  She noticed the skirt was extra long.  When she wore the dress there was lots of extra material that would drag along the floor.  There was also a small train at the back of the skirt, like a wedding dress.  She would need to lift her skirts to get around.   She looked at it and sighed. So much work to get ready.  But this was her new life, she might as well embrace it.  She stepped into the dress and he zipped her up the back. He locked the zipper at the top of the dress.   She put on some white lace elbow length gloves on her arms.  She looked very elegant, like a princess.

She slid the stockings up her legs, adjusted her seams, and put some high spiky yellow shoes on.  They were over five inches high.  He locked the shoes onto her ankles with tiny little locks.  He then pulled out a chastity belt he normally used for the pole that stuck down between her legs.  It had the metal crotch plate hole.  He locked it onto her.  Then he wheeled over what looked like a small plant caddy on wheels.   It was basically a small round piece of wood with five wheels on it used to move potted plants more easily around the house.  The platform was only about six inches off of the ground with wheels. He pulled her skirt up and wheeled this between her legs.

Then he grabbed a long adjustable length dildo pole leaning against the wall.  He knelt down beneath her skirt and attached this to the plant caddy, the dildo hovering just below her crotch plate.  He then greased the dildo up, and said, “Here it comes my darling!  You're going to love this!”

He extended the pole so the dildo slid into the crotch plate hole into Caroline's vagina.  She felt the penetration of the dildo as it entered her. He did this slowly so she would not get too scared.  Inch by inch the dildo went up.  After about eight inches she felt really full and did not feel she could take any more length.  He kept pushing up and said to her, “I want to see you rise up on your tippy toes my darling princess.  I want you to pretend you're a ballerina!”

So she complied.  She raised her weight onto the tips of her toes, straining with her feet and calf muscles to raise her up.  Her spiked heels came off the ground almost two inches when she did this.  Gold Finger took this opportunity to extend the pole even more and pushed the dildo deeper into Caroline.  When he did not think he could get any more into her, he locked the pole in place.  She groaned.  She didn't know how long she could stay on her tip toes like this. 

He then locked some metal thigh bands around her legs.  He threaded a metal wire from each thigh band and through the pole locking it in place between her legs.  He said it was a safety feature.  He explained that in the early days, his women would fall over and discover the pole would simply drop out of their vagina.   This wire connected between her thighs would prevent that from happening.  He said, “You wouldn't want to lose your pole, now would you? ”

Caroline nodded “No”

He said, “I want you to now try moving around the room.  With your toes, you should be able to propel yourself around pushing the platform around.  Give it a try”

Using the pointy tips of her spiked heeled shoes, she was able to push the cart and herself around.  The dildo pressed into the back of her vagina against her cervix constantly.  It was very uncomfortable.  She looked at him with a worried expression  How was she going to get around like this?

He said, “Today is really sunny outside.  You're going to need a hat.”

He then went over to a hat stand with many fine lady's hats. He picked a beautiful wide rimmed hat with lace and flowers in it.  It was a Paris fashion, direct from some of the best boutiques.  It looked very elegant.  He pinned this on her head with a hair pin and hair clips.  There was a thin strap to hold the hat onto her head.  He was about to buckle it and then said wait a moment.  He grabbed a large rubber ball off the table and told Caroline, “Open Wide!”.  She complied, and he stuffed the rubber ball all the way into her mouth past her teeth.  She was just able to close her lips, but her mouth was packed.  He then used the strap from the hat and tied it off holding her chin closed and mouth unable to open.  She was effectively gagged, but with nothing on the outside to indicate it.  The strap was a locking one with a miniature lock.  She would not be able to remove it unless she had the key.  He applied some red glossy lipstick on her lips to enhance her beauty.  Nobody would suspect she was gagged.

He then explained that he required all his women to exercise every day in some way.  Today, she was to run around outside in the gardens.  She would be expected to walk or run, four miles as indicated on her GPS tracker.  He hung a neck strap with a small electronic device with LCD display on it around her neck.  It was a clock and distance indicator.  It would tell the user the distance traveled and the time.  He said today was a timed exercise session. She would need to complete four miles in one hour.  If she did not, she would be punished tonight.  Did she understand?

She nodded her head yes.

He then said, “By the way, as an incentive, you'll get a nice buzzing from the dildo in your ass every time you complete on eighth of a mile.  It will vibrate for twenty seconds.  Most of the women here say they find it quite pleasurable.”

He then reached into a jar that was full of necklaces with phrases on it. He looked at his random pick pleased with his choice and said to Caroline while smiling, “This is one of my favorite phrases. You're going to love it!”

Gold Finger then had Caroline face a full length mirror as he stood behind her to help her put on the necklace.  It was a fine thin gold chain necklace with a phrase in words spelled out on the pendant. He locked it around her neck, she would not be able to remove it.   It would hang between here breasts in between her cleavage.  The phrase was, “Fuck Me Master!”

Caroline looked at the phrase.  This would hang by her breast cleavage all day for all to see.  She felt humiliated.  She thought about the phrase.  She squeezed her vagina muscles to tighten them around the dildo already in her pussy.  She pretended it was Gold Finger fucking her.  She was starting to get a little wet down there when he interrupted her reverie.

He said, “Come.  Everyone else is waiting in the study room ready to run outside in the gardens.”.  He offered his hand like a prince and she took it like a Princess.

They strolled down the hall to meet the other women.  Caroline had trouble keeping up.  She was on her tippy toes pushing herself along which was very difficult.  She lifted her skirts off the floor with her hands since the bottom seemed to drag on the floor.  She wondered how she was to exercise like this.  She waddled as best she could to propel herself along but she was much slower than Gold Finger.  He waited patiently, understanding it was difficult wearing the corset and dress and trying to get around.  She was already sweating by the time they reached the others.  Her breasts seemed to be moist with sweat.  The dress felt hot.  It was a lot of clothes to be wearing on a hot sunny day.


Eve was there with the other five women.  She was wearing a black skirt, white blouse and high heels.  She looked like a high powered business woman.  She saw Gold Finger and Caroline arrive and then she made her announcement.  “Good, we're all here.  Now we can begin” she said.

She continued, “You are all given one hour to complete four miles.  You can go anywhere you want on the grounds, but be sure to stay within the property, as I'm sure you all know what will happen if you wander too far.  Have fun and good luck on completing your exercise on time, otherwise I will need to punish you tonight.”

With this, she opened the door to the outside gardens,  There was a ramp for the women to get outside, since they were not able to go up and down stairs.  They had to propel themselves on their little wheeled caddies with poles underneath and use their feet to push them along. 

The other women knew there was no time to waste and immediately rushed out the door as best as they could.  As they were exiting the room, Eve handed each a very elegant parasol for them to open up to shade them from the harsh sun if they needed it..  All the women were wearing white elbow length lace gloves, so the parasol was a nice addition to their wardrobe.  They were all wearing fancy feather hats with a ball gag hidden inside their mouths so there was no talking amongst them.  The large bustle at the rear of the dresses made it difficult to fit through the door.  Their skirts were long also, so they were constantly using their hands to pick up their skirts.  The dresses they wore were very colorful.  Some satin cobalt blue, winter green, black and red. Even a white dress, which could have passed for a wedding gown.  Caroline wore a yellow satin dress.  She felt like she fit right in with these other women wearing her colorful outfit.

Caroline was the last to get out of the room.  She struggled to keep up.  She always seemed out of breath.  She couldn't understand why.  She had always done well in sports and had even participated in Track and Field on her college team.  She was used to running six miles as a warm up run for other sports.  Now, she could barely walk or run.  Four miles in an hour would be easy for her if she wasn't wearing the corset and dress and other things Gold Finger had put on her.

Gold Finger watched her struggle to move.  He knew Victorian women in the old days fainted quite frequently, their corsets not allowing them to breath.  He loved to see Caroline struggle.  That was why he tightened her corset down to sixteen inches.  It would be difficult for her to complete the four miles in time.  He silently set her up to fail because he wanted her to be punished later tonight. He had also raised her dildo pole more than normal.  It forced her up on her tippy toes.  The other women had their heels on the ground, while Caroline could only touch the ground with the tips of her shoes.  It pleased him greatly.  He smiled as he watched her struggle to get going.

Caroline finally reached the garden but found all the other women far away walking in all directions.  The concrete trails went in all directions in curves and straight lines.  There was no particular path to follow.  So she just started walking and walking as best as she could.  She lifted her skirts and pushed herself along with with tip toes.  She was finally getting some pace with this method when all of a sudden she hit a crack in the walkway.  Her dildo pounded up into her and she felt like someone had just kicked her in the gut.  “Ow!” she thought to herself.  That really hurt.  She was going to have to be more careful watching for potholes and cracks in the cement.

She walked and walked and hit the eighth mile mark.  The dildo in her ass rewarded her with twenty seconds of soothing vibrations.  It felt good down there.  She was starting to enjoy this.  She checked the device around her neck and it showed that it took her five minutes to complete the eighth of a mile.  At that rate, would take her forty minutes to complete one mile, nowhere close to completing four miles in an hour.  So she picked up her pace.  She picked up her skirts with her hands and worked on going faster.  She was able to do this for ten minutes but was totally out of breath after this.  She could only take very shallow breaths because of the corset and she took them rapidly.   “Damn you!” She cursed at Gold Finger in her mind.  “Why did he have to make things so difficult for her?  Just give me some running shoes and shorts and I could do four miles easily.  How am I to run in this heavy dress, high heels and pole stuck in my pussy” she wondered.

She walked on and on.  She didn't know where she was, the place being so huge.  She lost sight of the house and just kept walking.  She figured the paths must loop around and head back.  She lifted her skirts and continued her journey.  She saw the entrance road to the mansion.  She walked up to the entrance gate away from the house.  She remembered driving through this gate when she had followed Eve here a few days ago but wasn't sure she remembered the address of the house correctly.  The street address was right on the wall near the entrance. So she headed out the gate to take a look at the numbers on the wall, not thinking about the wireless electric fence or anything.

When she passed the invisible border it immediately hit her.  The dildo in her ass started shocking her and she felt intense pain deep in her abdomen.   She eyes widened in shock and at first she wondered what the hell was going on.  She grabbed her abdomen in pain.  She would bend over if not for the pole holding her upright.  Her eyes widened in shock and despair.  The pain was intense. Then she remembered Eve's warning about leaving the premises.  She knew she had to get back inside the house boundaries as soon as she could.  The pain was severe down deep inside her.  “Owwww!” she moaned to herself as the dildo was relentless. 

She quickly did a one hundred and eighty degree turn and started running with her tip toes back toward the house.  Unfortunately she wasn't paying attention to what was on the road and hit a small tree twig with the wheels of her platform caddy.  It caused her to topple over and lose her balance.  There was a muffled scream as she fell.  She used her hands to break her fall.  She landed on the lawn by the side of the road.  She tried to get back up but found she was helpless.  The pole prevented her from bending her legs and using her feet to get up. 

The dildo continued to shock her.  It did not care.  She was out of the house boundaries, so it shocked her as programmed.  She cried in pain to herself.  She couldn't call for help.  She was still gagged.  She cried out for help into her gag, but nobody could hear anything. “Oh my God.  Oh my God.  Someone please help me.  I can't get up.  I'm helpless” She thought in her mind.

She was laying on the ground with her face toward the mansion.  Her long dress lay on the ground, and her small platform with wheels was standing on its end.  Its wheels were still turning after the fall.  The wheels were useless up in the air.   The electric shocks caused her pussy to contract.  Her vagina clenched the pole dildo even tighter.  The shocks were causing some involuntary reactions in her body.  She almost felt like she was going to pass out when she saw someone in high heeled shoes running in her direction.

It was Eve.  She said, “What are you doing out here?  What were you thinking?”

Caroline was so happy to see Eve.  She cried with joy.  The dildo was still shocking her but she was so happy to be saved.

Eve helped lift Caroline upright and onto her platform with wheels on the ground.  Caroline immediately lifted her skirt and ran toward the mansion to get inside the house boundaries.  When she was inside the electric fence, the shocks stopped.  She was panting hard, her heart beat rapidly from having to rush.  If she could fall down onto the ground she would, but the pole held her up. 

Eve walked back to toward the house and joined Caroline.  She handed Caroline her parasol. She then said, “You were told not to leave the premises.  You disobeyed a direct order.  I am going to have to punish you.”

Caroline looked down. She knew she had disobeyed.  She hoped the punishment would not be too serious.

Eve walked up in front of Caroline.  She pulled from her coat pocket a small device with chain linking  between the two ends.  On the ends were nipple clamps with sharp ragged steel teeth.  The spring of the clamp being very strong.  She took a small Allen wrench and started turning a screw in the side of the device.  It slowly pulled the teeth of the clamp apart.  A lever on the side of the device would release the clamp and allow it to be snap closed.  But the Allen wrench tool would be needed to open and release the clamp.  She prepared both clamps, using the Allen wrench to slowly get the clamps ready.  When she was ready she said to Caroline, “I will need to put this on you.  You have been a bad little girl.  You will need to be taught that leaving without permission will not be tolerated.”

She then reached in between Caroline's breasts between her cleavage.  She worked her fingers under her tight corset that was forcing her breast up and out prominently.  Caroline stared up into the air, not wanting to look Eve in the eyes out of respect.  Eve got her fingers under Caroline's right breast and popped it free from her dress.  Eve got her fingers under Caroline left breast and also popped it free.  So Caroline was now exposed up front with both of her breasts hanging out in front.  It was an odd feeling for Caroline to have her breasts exposed while fully dressed.  Her breasts were getting cold being exposed to the outside air and she wanted to cover them up.

Eve then used her mouth to lick and suck the nipples of Carolines breasts.  Her nipples hardened from Eve's attentions.  When her nipples stood out firm, Eve placed the nipple clamp over her nipple and flicked the lever that closed the jaws over Caroline's right nipple.  Caroline immediately screamed, “Mmmmmm” she yelled into her gag.  Caroline's eyes watered up from the pain.   Eve then put the other nipple clamp onto Caroline's left breast and hit the lever.  Another muffled scream escaped from Caroline.  On the chain Eve attached a large metal weight connected to the chain between the nipple clamps.  The weight would swing and sway tugging on her nipples.  The weights were locked on until Eve released them.

“Oh my poor breasts.  They hurt so much.” Caroline thought to herself.

Eve then stepped behind Caroline and pulled her arms behind her back.  She pulled some thin rope out of her pocket and started wrapping it around Caroline's elbows. She pulled and tightened the ropes bringing Caroline's elbows closer and closer together.  This had the effect making Caroline stick her breasts out as if on display. When her elbows finally touched, Eve tied the rope off.  Caroline's hands were still free so she could reach slightly in front of her.  She touched the nipple clamps covering her nipples.  She tried pulling the clamps off but the jaws of the device were too strong and bit into her skin.  Caroline could not remove the clamps unless she had the allen wrench, which was safely tucked away in Eve's pocket.

Eve then added one more item to torment Caroline.  She had a head strap which wrapped around the forehead of Caroline.  She tightened this strap around Caroline's head above the eyes.  In the back was a small metal ring.  Eve grabbed a thin rope and tied it between her elbows and threaded the rope through the ring at the back of the head.  She pulled the rope shortening it.  This had the effect of forcing Caroline's head back, making her look straight up into the sky.  Eve pulled and pulled  the rope until Caroline could not see the ground at all except with her side vision.  Eve then tied off the ropes when she had the effect she wanted.

Eve then said,  “This is your punishment for leaving the premises.  You are still required to do your exercise in the garden today.  If you do not finish the four miles, I will be forced by my Master to punish you tonight.  Do you understand?”

Caroline could only moan a yes into her gag.  Eve seemed to understand the moan was a yes.

“Time to get going.  You need to go as fast as you can or otherwise you're not going to complete your four miles.  Good luck!”, she said.

Caroline could barely see where she was going.  She would turn her body to the side and look to the side of her head to figure the direction she was heading.  She had to do this continuously to make sure she did not fall off the concrete path and onto the grass.

Her progress was much slower with these additional restraints.  Her nipples ached in front.  Every time she swayed a little, the weight on the chain hanging between her breasts would tug on her breasts.  The teeth of the clamps would dig into her nipples as the weight swung back and forth.  Her hands were still free.  She could grab the timer/location device hanging around her neck.  She fumbled with it and brought it up to her eyes to check her status.  “Only twenty more minutes left, and she had only completed a little over a mile.  I'll never make it.” she thought to herself.

So she did the best she could, realizing even with rushing she was going to be late.  She was able to complete another mile in the twenty minutes.  She made her way back to the house where she first started.  “I'll be glad to get out of these restraints”, she thought to herself.  The hour was up, and the exercises in the garden were finished.  She could go back inside and relax she thought.

Eve was waiting at the door.  She saw Caroline make her way to the house to check in.  Eve grabbed the timer/location device hanging around Caroline's neck.  She spoke to Caroline, “It says here on the device that you only completed a little over two miles in the one hour time allowed.  All the other ladies were able to complete this exercise in under an hour.  You have failed miserably.  You will be punished tonight.”

She continued, “You will need to complete the exercise.  You will need finish the four miles.  Only then will you be allowed back into the house.  I suggest you finish the rest of your exercise quickly. The longer you take, the more severe your punishment will be tonight.”

“No! No! No!  I thought I was done with this exercise.” Caroline thought to herself.

Eve helped Caroline turn around to head back out into the garden again.  She placed the parasol in Caroline's hand to give her shade and sent her on her way.  Caroline would need to continue until her four miles was up.  Caroline started pushing herself along quickly this time, realizing it was best not to waste any more time and get done with her assignment.

Caroline started fast walking as best she could.  It was difficult.  She had to breath through her nose mostly because of the rubber ball in her mouth.   She had to stop and turn her body sideways to look to the side to make sure she was not heading off the concrete path.  She was sweating profusely, the heavy dress and all the clothes was uncomfortable on a hot sunny day.  The parasol helped shade her from the hot sun though.

Caroline was able to finish the last two miles in slightly under half an hour.  She was panting and out of breath when she arrived back at the house.  Eve checked her location/time indicator and said, “This is much better Caroline.  You did really well.  I will remove the restraints and then you can join the other ladies for some tea in the living room.  They are all anxious to meet you!”

Eve then untied the rope holding Caroline's head bent backwards.  She untied the ropes crushing her elbows together.  She had to wait while Eve used the Allen wrench to turn and turn the screw which forced the clamp open.  It was a slow process, but the nipple clamps released their tight grip on her.  Her nipples ached and she massaged them with her hands to make them feel better.  Caroline was embarrassed to have her breasts exposed like this so she quickly tucked them back into her corset and into her dress.  She started to feel like a lady again.

Eve then worked on her restraints below.  She knelt down and lifted Caroline's skirt up.  Then she reached between her legs and unlocked the thigh bands holding the wire that held the pole between her legs.  She then lowered the pole until the dildo popped free from Caroline's pussy.   Caroline was glad to be able to put her heels back on the ground again.  Eve then pulled out a rubber dildo about eight inches long from her pocket.  She greased this up and then pushed this into Caroline slowly.  It went in easily, because it was just replacing the one that had been there all day.  Eve pushed it all the way in and locked it to the crotch cover plate. 


Eve pulled the platform cart with dildo pole out from underneath Caroline's dress.  Then she fixed the skirt so that everything was nice and tidy.  She said to Caroline, “Let's go.  It's time for tea with the other ladies!'

They walked into the house down the hall into one of the living rooms.  Caroline could walk easily now.  She was starting to feel like a Victorian lady from the 1800's living in a mansion.  She was going to meet other high society ladies and have some afternoon tea. 

When they got to the room, she saw the other ladies sitting on fancy couches laying around, sipping their tea with cup and saucer in hand.  Everyone had their fancy hats on also, which also held in the rubber balls in their mouths with the chin strap.  So nobody was talking.  But they were able to part their lips slightly to sip the tea even with a rubber ball in their mouths. 

All the women were dressed beautifully and wore the satin Victorian dresses.  They had the white lace elbow length gloves on.  Their hair and makeup were all finely well done.  Who knew that each of the ladies was wearing a chastity belt that held dildos up their pussy and asses.  From the outside it appeared like a high society woman's group getting together for some afternoon tea.  There were even plates with fine pastries and cookies for show.  Nobody could open their mouths open wide enough to chew or eat the pastries, especially with the rubber ball inside.

When Caroline walked through the door, the others stared at her.  She was the new kid on the block, the new addition to the family.  They had seen Caroline earlier when they started their garden exercise, but now they were able to look at her in more detail.  The women in the room set their tea cups down and surrounded Caroline.  They wanted to meet her and look her over in more detail and closer. 

Caroline also wanted to meet these women.  She wanted so badly to talk to them, but everyone had ball gags so all they could do was mumble to each other.  Then Michelle stepped in front of her.  They recognized each other as old friends from the Secret Service Academy.  They cried with joy and hugged each other tightly. Caroline had so many questions to ask her friend.  She wondered why Michelle had chosen this life.  What had she been doing the last few years?  Caroline wanted to catch up and chat, but the ball gags prevented any of that from happening.  So she had to be content to just look at one another and hug her.

The other women came around and hugged Caroline also.  They realized she was now part of the family and hugged her to comfort her.  When they hugged, they all had to lean over slightly.  The bottom of their dresses were large and puffy.  The skirts very wide.  So they hugged with their hips far from each other, bending at the waist so that their breasts touched and faces met cheek to cheek.

There was nothing to say.  She was now part of their group.  They had accepted her and hugged her to comfort her knowing that a life as a slave was a difficult one.  They had been there much longer than Caroline so they knew the ordeals she would face.  After the initial pleasantries, there really was literally nothing to talk about.  So all the ladies sat down, with their skirts spread out on the lounge sofas, and drank more tea.  It was a relaxing afternoon.


After several hours of relaxing and drinking tea, the women were all taken back to their rooms.  Guards escorted most of the women back to their rooms, to be prepared later for bedtime.  Eve showed up to handle Caroline especially.  Eve had special instructions from Gold Finger on how he wanted Caroline to be prepared that night. 

Caroline was a little nervous about what her punishment would be.  She asked Eve, but she said nothing nor gave any clues.  Oh well, she would find out soon enough.

After twenty minutes Eve was done dressing her.  Caroline looked in the mirror. 

She thought she was dressing for bed, but instead Eve had dressed her in a cute little school girl outfit.  She wore a white blouse with a red bow scarf tie in front.  Her skirt was plaid with pleats in it that reached mid thigh.  She had a blue blazer to cover her blouse.  On her feet were knee high white socks and Mary Jane shoes.  Her hair was done in pigtails, making her feel even younger and silly.

Eve handed her a stack of school books.  She told Caroline that the Head Master was expecting her in his bedroom.  She told Caroline she was to be punished for her failure today of completing her exercises.  Eve said, “Go.  Go.  The Head Master is expecting you.”.

Caroline headed out into the hallway to go to Gold Finger's bedroom.  She felt like a school girl ready to be punished.  She had a large stack of books, so she held them against her chest with both arms because they were so heavy.  Eve did not accompany her.  She had to walk alone where the Head Master was waiting for her. 

The bedroom door was closed so she knocked on the door.  Gold Finger said “come in.”

Caroline opened the door and saw him sitting at a desk near the bed.  He was dressed up like a school principal with suit and tie on.  He looked very serious and stern.  He asked Caroline, “Do you know why you are here?”

Caroline responded, “I'm here to be punished for not completing my exercises on time.”

“Good.  Now that you know why you are here, we will proceed.” he said.

Gold Finger stood up from his desk and sat on a short stool.  He directed Caroline to come in front of him.  He said, “You need to be punished for your disobedience.  Come here and bend over my lap. I will give you forty spankings for being a bad girl.”

Caroline thought to herself, “You've got to be kidding.  I'm a grown woman, to be spanked?”  But she did as she was told, nervously laying on her tummy across his lap so that her behind was sticking up.

Gold Finger  pulled her skirt up exposing her black panties.  He then pulled these down to her knees so that her buttocks were exposed.  They were white, not having seen much sunlight to tan them.  They were also nice and round, showing her girlish figure. 

“You will count the number of spanks.  I want you to say the number out loud, then say 'Thank you Master' after each hit.” he said.

He smacked her behind with his open hand.

“Ouch!” She cried out as the first blow hit her.  Then she said “One, Thank you Master!”

He continued spanking her, and her bottom starting turning a bright red color.  For some reason her pussy was starting to get wet.  She had never been spanked before and never as a grown woman.  It was different and exciting to be dominated by a man. 

Gold Finger's hand was starting to get tired.  His hand started hurting after about twenty spankings so he said wait a second.  He reached over to a nearby table and picked up a wooden paddle.  It was large and flat.  It would help with the spankings.

When Gold Finger hit her with the wooden paddle it surprised Caroline.  She was used to his hand hitting her buttocks, but the wooden paddle was even more severe and hurt more.  She said “Ouuch!” even louder and then said “Twenty one, Thank you Master”.

He continued to spank her behind until he did the forty he promised her.  Then she was allowed to get up off his lap.  Her bottom still stung from all the spankings.  She pulled up her panties from between her knees and straightened her skirt out.  She noticed she was a little wet down there, the spankings turned her on a little. 

Gold Finger then said, “I need to give you an oral lesson and exam”.

“A what?” Caroline wondered to herself.

He turned her around and proceeded to tie her wrists behind her back.  Then he said kneel down here.  There was a pillow on the floor where he indicated.

She knelt down until her knees hit the pillow.  She looked up and saw him approach with something in his hand.  It was a flexible dildo about six inches long.  It was smooth latex, and not too thick.  Gold Finger said, “I need to warm up your throat with this.  I have to train your gag reflex to not reject something in your throat.  Pretty soon you will be able to deep throat me.”

Caroline had never been able to deep throat a man.  She had always wondered how some women were able to achieve the feat.  She had tried in the past but had always gagged on a penis as it hit her throat.  She had doubts she would ever be able to deep throat Gold Finger.

Gold Finger held the dildo sideways in front of her mouth.  He said, “spit on it”.

She spit on it.  Then he ran the dildo sideways through her lips and mouth to spread her saliva over the entire dildo length.  She licked it with her lips, spreading it over the smooth latex surface so the dildo was now covered with her saliva.

He said, “The gag reflex is at the back of your tongue.  I want you to bend your head back as much as possible and then stick your tongue out past your teeth.  This will help ease the penetration and help with the gag reflex.”

Caroline did as she was told, leaning her head back then sticking her tongue out.

He put the tip of the dildo on her tongue and slowly slid it into her mouth.  It went in several inches before starting to hit the back of her throat.  He was gentle.  He said, “relax as much a possible Caroline.  We are going to take our time.  Don't worry.”

She relaxed some more.  He did not push, but let the dildo just stay in her mouth until she could get used to it.  He would periodically push the dildo in and hit the back of her throat.  Her gag reflex would trigger.  Then he would back off, pulling the dildo back out.  He did this multiple times.  He told her to breath through her nose,and relax as much as possible.

After about ten to fifteen minutes of doing this, she was starting to get used to it.  She would take it further and further each time.  He told her to take deep breaths.  This would help.  She complied.  On one of her deep breaths Gold Finger pushed the dildo all the way in.  The base of the flared out dildo rested against her lips.

Her eyes widened.  It was all the way in.  She found she couldn't breath since the dildo blocked her airway to her lungs.  She started to panic a little.  Gold Finger held the dildo down her throat for ten seconds.  He kept saying, “Relax, relax.  Everything is alright.” while stroking her hair.

After about ten seconds her gag reflex started to kick in.  She convulsed a little, trying to spit the dildo out.  He let her spit it out at this time.  He took it all the way out of her mouth.  She was breathing hard and coughing up saliva.  He let her rest a little and then started the process again.

Each time it came a little easier.  She was able to take the dildo all the way down her throat.  She would still gag slightly each time, and was able to hold it down for longer and longer periods of time.  He was happy with her progress.  In just one session she was able to take the dildo down her throat and hold it down there for ten to twenty seconds before her gag reflex kicked in.

He complimented her.  He said, “You're doing quite well Caroline.  I think you're done with the training lesson. You're ready for the real thing.  Let's move on to the oral exam!”

With that, he unzipped his pants and positioned his penis in front of Caroline's mouth.  He said “Open wide!”

Caroline did not see any choice, so reluctantly opened her mouth.  She started licking and sucking his penis to get him excited.  Her hands were still tied behind her back, and she was still on her knees at the perfect height for sucking his dick.

Caroline was not very experienced at sucking cock, but did her best.  She did not want Gold Finger to be angry with her and punish her, because she knew the consequences.  So she went along, sucking and licking his dick as best she could.  Gold Finger was a well endowed man, his penis expanded to almost eight inches in length.  She wasn't sure she would be able to deep throat him it being so large, but she would try her best. 

Caroline continued to give him a blow job for ten minutes until Gold Finger felt he was almost ready to come.  Then he said, “Time for your Final Exam Caroline!,  You will deep throat my dick until my balls are in your mouth.  You will need to hold it for twenty seconds.  Then you will have passed your exam, and I will remove my penis. Do you understand?”

Caroline said, “Yes, I understand.” and nodded her head.

“Good, let us begin” Gold Finger announced.

His penis was already hard from the earlier blow job.  He put the tip to her lips and slowly entered her mouth.  He got about four inches in and was already at the back of her mouth.  He said, “Now take some deep breaths.  You won't be able to breath once my dick goes down your throat.”

Caroline obeyed his directions and breathed deeply down her nose a few times. 

Then Gold Finger grabbed Caroline's head with his hands and pushed his penis down and down her throat.  He told her to relax as much as possible. 

Caroline could feel his penis working it's way down her esophagus.  She had never had anything so large down her throat.  She felt like a sword swallower.  She was unable to breath.  She had to concentrate on relaxing her throat.  She did not want to gag.  She felt sometimes the feeling she was about to gag, but she kept it in check and relaxed some more.  In and in his penis went down her throat.   Finally he was in about as deep as he could go.

Gold Finger then said, “My balls need to be in your mouth before starting the timer.  Open your mouth wider Caroline!”

She complied, stretching her mouth as wide as possible.  Gold Finger pushed a little more and used his fingers to help guide his balls and scrotum into her waiting mouth. 

Caroline thought to herself, “My God!  My mouth is so full!  I can't get anymore into me!  But I must try.  I have to pass this test.  I have to keep him happy.”

So she gobbled up his balls into her mouth as best she could.  It was gross.  It packed her mouth.  The penis was down her throat.  She couldn't breath, but fortunately as a kid she could always hold her breath for long periods of time. 

When his dick and balls were fully in her mouth, he held her hair and head to his hips.  Then he started counting slowly, “One....Two....Three...Four......”

He counted up to twenty.  It seemed like an eternity to Caroline.  But she held on and did not gag.

Her throat spasms squeezed his penis.  Gold Finger started to come and ejaculate.  She could sense he was coming, but did not taste anything.  It was being injected directly down her throat past her taste buds.  But she knew it must be flowing into her tummy at that moment and the thought of his semen down deep into her made her feel a little sick.

When the twenty seconds was up, she was ready to withdraw.  But Gold Finger then said, “You've done really well Caroline!  Why don't we try to earn some extra credit!  Just ten more seconds...

So he held her head against his hips fully impaled with his dick and balls in her mouth.  She started to panic and gag a little.  She started to use her upper body to pull away, but his hands were too strong.  It easily held her head in position.

Caroline thought, “Let me go! Let me go!  I don't want your dick down my throat anymore.”.  She could only endure it, since she could not speak. 

He kept saying, “That's a Good Girl!  You're a great cock sucker, Caroline!”  as he held her head pinned to his hips.

Finally the extra credit ten seconds were up, and he released her head.  She quickly used her upper body to pull away from his dick.  The balls popped free from her mouth and the penis out of her throat.  She was so relieved to get everything out.  She was also out of breath.  She breathed hard, panting, with her face on the ground.  She felt like she was drowning not being able to breathe.  She took deep breathes to restore her oxygen.  She coughed some, because of all the saliva and other gunk floating around in her mouth.  She could still taste some of his semen in her mouth, even though the majority had gone down her throat directly into her stomach. 

He finally untied and released her arms from the elbow mono glove.  He then said, “Time for some overnight study.  You need to study up on your anatomy and biology classes.”

He guided her to the bed and tied her arms to opposite sides of the headboard.  He then went to her legs.  He looked at her panties and said, “this won't do”, as he proceeded to pull them down her legs and off her body.  He slipped her panties off her butt and off her legs.  He put the panties by the bedside and said, “These will be here in the morning for you to put on when you leave.”

Caroline felt very exposed without her panties on.  He hummed while tying her ankles spread eagle to the bed posts at the base of the bed.  Only her skirt covered her now.  She was still dressed in the school uniform.  She lay on her back ready for him to mount her.

He climbed on top of her.  Caroline could sense he was excited, his body hot and sweaty.  She felt smothered by him.  He kissed her all over her face, on the lips, on her breasts.  She couldn't get away.  She was his for the taking.

He reached down between her legs and guided the tip of his penis in between her vaginal lips.  She said “Oh....” with shock and eyes wide open as he entered her.

He reached for the remote by the bedside.  After he hit a few buttons.  She noticed the dildo in her ass started to vibrate and started to get more turned on from the stimulation.  Then the dildo started small electrical shocks every two seconds.  This caused her vagina to tense and squeeze because of the shocks.  Gold Finger knew this would happen, so he would time the thrusts of his penis with the shocks.

Gold Finger could feel her pussy tighten then loosen every two seconds.  When he felt her pussy tighten because of the shock, that is when he used his hips to thrust his penis forward into her.

“Aaaaarrgh” she screamed as his penis surged into her.  Her pussy clamped down on his monstrous dick that was penetrating her.  When her pussy tightened involuntarily, she really felt him more intimately.  She had just wanted to just lay there while he did his business.  Now when he fucked her, she really felt him because her pussy  tightened down while he fucked her. 

Her pussy tightened again because of the electric stimulation, and he drove his penis deeply into her.  Then her vagina relaxed and he would pull out, re-cocking his pistol.  In and out he would do this every two seconds to coincide with the electric shocks. 

“Oh God! No, please don't.  I don't want to be fucked Master.  Just let me go to bed.” she said.  Her eyes wide open because of the fucking.  She pleaded with him to stop.

Her pleas only made him more turned on.  He continued his in and out thrusts of his penis.  He continued kissing her.  He played with her breasts through the school girl outfit, unbuttoning the white blouse.  He climaxed and started ejaculating his load into her.  She could feel him tense up and come. 

He collapsed on top of her.  She did not have an orgasm and was still turned on.  He had turned off the dildo shocks.  She wanted an orgasm, and continued to thrust her hips against him, but he was already done.  He laid on top of her, his penis still in her.  She could not push him off, her hands and legs tied to the bed posts.  He started to fall asleep and snore.

She could still feel him inside of her, but his penis was softening.  She was going to have to sleep with him on top of her and inside of her.  She just wanted to crawl away and die, but they were joined at the hips and he was on top of her.  She spent the next hour just trying to fall asleep.  It was difficult with a man laying on top and inside of her.  But she finally managed to get some rest.

She awoke the next morning.  Somehow he had not pulled out of her throughout the night, but his penis was very soft.  She wiggled her hips to get away, but his weight and body were laying on top of her.  It was very early in the morning and his penis started getting hard.  For some reason a lot of men get hard early in the morning.  Maybe it is some kind of start up reboot routine in the brain to make sure the penis is functioning.

His penis started growing within her.  He finally awoke.  She looked at him in the eyes as he fucked her one more time in the morning.  He came again and filled her pussy with his come.  She was wet and sticky down there.  She wanted to get cleaned up, she felt dirty.

Finally he was done.  He got up off of her, and untied her arms and her legs.  He handed her the pair of panties she had on last night.  She put them on, making her feel more secure.  She got off of the bed to head back to her bedroom.  Then she felt her panties get wet. Swoosh, the ejaculate from inside her pussy oozed out and filled her panties.  It made everything between her legs wet and sticky, the panties holding it all next to her pussy. 

He said, “Go.  Get cleaned up.  You have a long day ahead.  Here are your books school girl!”  He handed her a stack of books to hold against her chest as she walked back to her room.


Next day in the morning Gold Finger came into Caroline's bedroom and informed her that today was a special day.  Every year the owners of different pony stables got together to race.  There were four other ranches that had ponies and they would race around a track with their pony teams and carriages to see who could run the fastest.  There would be a first, second and third place trophy.  Gold Finger always seemed to have trouble getting on the platform, but this year he was hoping for a trophy.

Gold Finger said, “I noticed your legs looked really strong.  It looks like you work out a lot and are in good shape.  With you on the team, I think this year we have an excellent chance of getting on the podium!”

Caroline responded, “But I don't think I want to be a pony!  I remember last time I had to wear the pony girl outfit and I had a lot of trouble running. I was always out of breath.  I'm just not pony girl material. Please, please, pick someone else!”

Gold Finger responded, “But I need you to complete the team.  I need six pony girls to pull my carriage.  I used to have Eve as our sixth pony, but she was always a lousy runner.  Anyways, don't worry about shortness of breath. I'll be sure to put a very loose corset on you.  I want you to be able to run the fastest that you can.  

She knew she wasn't going to win her argument to not be a pony, so gave in and said, “Thank you sir.”

Gold Finger proceeded to dress her in a pony girl outfit.  Around the forehead was a band that held a large plumage feather in front.  The head was encased in a bridle which held a metal piece, a bit, in her mouth.  It also had leashes tied to this, so that when Gold Finger pulled one rein it would push a metal piece in the mouth to the side.  He could do this with the other rein.  This would drive a metal piece deep in the mouth left or right, indicating which direction she was to head in.  Her teeth and lips wrapped around a rubber coated metal horses bit.

Her outfit was of leather.  Sort of like a corset, but instead of covering the breasts, it formed half moons under her breasts to proudly display her boobs.  At the bottom of her outfit was a crotch plate hole centered over her pussy.  He would attached the dildo later.

He had her wear a single mono glove arm binder behind her back.  She had to stuff her hands and arms down this triangular shaped bag. It held her arms and elbows together.  There were straps that wrapped around her shoulders and around the arm pit which held the glove up her arms.  There was also a strap that went up her back to her neck, connected to a collar.

“OK, now for some fun stuff” Gold Finger now said.

He got a Venus butterfly vibrator, which he strapped on top of Caroline's pussy.  It made intimate contact with her clit and pussy areas.  He connected the straps to hook it to her body. Then she stepped into the chastity belt with crotch plate hole in it.  This chastity belt had small metal plates which extended from the crotch plate.  Gold Finger then greased up a dildo which was connected to a short pole, the whole arrangement bent in an “L” shape because of some internal spring mechanism.  It also seemed to have a hinged spring mechanism on the pole.

Gold Finger then greased up the dildo and inserted this into Caroline.  Only about four inches.  Then he connected the pole to the metal plates.   The dildo was inside Caroline, with the short pole stick forward in front of her, like a small penis pole, that was hinged.  The pivot point connected to the crotch metal plate.

Caroline was confused.  “What's this all about?” she asked.

Gold Finger then said, “Let me demonstrate.”

The pole was in an L shape hinged at the bend, with the little pole in the direction forward.  When he pulled the little pole downward, straightening it, it would drive the dildo deep into Caroline another four inches or so.  If he let go of the strap, the spring action would force the dildo back out.  He could control this with a thin leather strap which he ran from the tip of the pole, between her legs and back to the carriage.

He said, “All my ponies will have this. When you need to go faster, I will pull on the straps.  The dildos with surge within you.  I'll be fucking you all with the dildos as you are running down the track.  My theory is you should all go faster!  At least that is the theory.  I never really tried it in a real race before.”

Caroline listened with dread at this perverted man's fantasies.  “Getting fucked while running, to go faster?”, this is really sick thinking she thought to herself. 

He finished with a small dildo with hair of the the same color as her head.  He inserted this into her ass.  It made her look like she had a horses tail.

Then he led her to the trailer.  All the other girls were there ready in the back.  There was hay and seats for them to sit down.  They would travel to the race track located at a neighbors house.  It was only ten minutes drive away.

They arrived and saw there was a large race track.  There was also viewing stands for the guests.  There were lots of other pony teams, enough for five or six other carriage teams.  Each carriage pulled by six ponies.  They were one of many teams.  All the teams had beautiful pony girl outfits with feathers, bridles, leather and horse hoof boots.  It was an interesting to see.  Each owner was proud of their ponies and really wanted to show them off to their competitors.

The pony teams all lined up at the start line.  Everyone was nervous.  All the ponies had blinders on so looking to the side was restricted.  From what the women could see though, was disturbing to them.  All the women were tied up with their hands behind them.  Their breasts pushed up and bulging out of their pony girl outfits.  The owners all clipped little bells to the tits of the women so that when they ran the little bells would tinkle.  They all wore boots which resembled horse hooves.  Everyone wore bit gags.

Only Gold Finger seemed to have the dildo arrangement for their pussies, that would fuck them while running.  Most of the other teams just had chastity belts on, locking in a dildo arrangement of some sort.  It was an interesting experiment for Gold Finger, to see if he could get better performance from his ponies with his penetrating dildo and vibrator arrangement.

There was a loud sound as a pistol with blanks in it was shot in the air for the race to begin.  Caroline was used to running track and field in high school but not like this.  She had to lift her feet high so that the boots would land correctly.  The team pulled as hard as they could, but they were still in fifth position.  The other teams were just better at it, having raced for years.

Gold Finger knew he still had half a mile to go.  The girls were sweating heavily, their breasts wet from the perspiration and bouncing as they ran.  He started their butterfly vibrators.  He noticed a slight increase of speed, the team moving from fifth position to fourth position. 

Then he started pumping their dildo leashes, so that the dildo started pumping in and out of their pussies.  Gold Finger could feel the surge in speed as he moved up to third place.  The girls were being fucked while running.  It was an unusual feeling.  It was somewhat painful, but also pleasurable.  Normally being fucked meant lying on their backs, but running while being fucked was different.  They were out in the public, for everyone to see.  It was humiliating, but there was nothing they could do. 

Caroline couldn't help herself.  Her body was excited from the vibrator on her clitoris and the dildo pumping in and out of her.  Gold Finger kept flicking the whip on the girls to get them to go faster and faster.  It was an unusual mixture of pain and pleasure as they were being fucked while running, but also the whip on their shoulders was stinging and painful.

They were approaching the finish line and Gold Finger had one more trick up his sleeve.  He hit a few buttons on his remote and the dildos in the ladies asses started to come alive.  There were medium shocks together with vibrations.  The cart surged forward from this new stimulation. “Faster!  Faster!” Gold Finger yelled to his ponies urging them on as he cracked the whip. 

Caroline started having an orgasm from all the stimulation.  “How can I being having an orgasm?” she wondered to herself. 

At the finish line they just beat the next cart ahead so arrived in second place.  Gold Finger was pleased.  His little experiment with the dildos, vibrators and electrical shocks had worked well.  He was going to have to experiment a little more, hoping in the future to win first place in this race.  He said to his girls, “Well done!  We've never been able to even be in the top three spots, but now achieved second place!  Well done ladies!”

Many of his ponies were not paying attention.  Most of the women had their eyes closed enjoying their orgasms.  The vibrations and shocks still continued after the race.   All the women were very turned on.  Gold Finger helped by pulling on the reins to pump the dildo in their pussies in and out.  He would let them have their moment.  He wanted to reward the ladies for a job well done.


Gold Finger invited many of his neighbors from the race over to his house for a party to celebrate his second place win.  He did this the next day after the races.

He had the ladies dressed in maids outfits for cleaning up before the party.  He had plans to later dress them up in a different outfit for serving drinks and appetizers. For now, he had each woman wear a ring gag.  Basically a metal ring covered in leather was strapped into their open mouths resting behind their teeth.  Their mouths formed a big “O” shape.  They couldn't really talk much, but one could see their tongues move about inside their mouths.

It was still several hours before the party started so Eve served them lunch.  Or rather, they helped themselves.  She led them to the dining hall in the servants quarters made especially for the ladies. It was where they could go eat and drink during the day as they pleased.

Caroline looked around the room and did not like what she saw.  There were stools along a counter.  On the stools were mounted rubber dildos .  On the counter were rubber dildos mounted on mannequin male torsos.  Eve explained to Caroline, “This is our lunch room.  You will need to sit on the stool in order to receive any food from the penis sticking out of the mannequin.   There is a sensor that only activates while sitting on the stool.  We supply extra K-Y Jelly for making it easier mount the dildos on the stools, and some extra tissue to wipe off before you mount.  After you mount the stool, then you will need to suck on the penis on the male torso.  We have different flavors of milkshakes and nutrient drinks to choose from.  Just choose the stool you want according to the signs.   That last stool you see with the extra long dildo rising from the stool, is for the alcoholic drinks.  Gold Finger felt if a lady wanted to drink liquor then she should be more deeply penetrated.”

Caroline looked at the whole lunch arrangement and felt disgusted.  “Why must he make everything so perverted?” she wondered to herself. 

She sat one of the stools but did not insert the dildo into her pussy to try to get a meal without actually being penetrated.  She had the stool dildo sticking up between her legs.  She started sucking on the penis on the mannequin but nothing happened.  Caroline wondered what was wrong.  Eve saw her puzzlement and then explained, “You may wonder why it does not work.  The dildo on the stool has a temperature sensor on the tip of it.  It has to be at around 98 degrees or so, such as in a warm wet hot pussy in order to activate the feeding program.  You also need to push the two red buttons located on the butt of the male torso during your sucking, so no cheating by holding on the stool dildo with your hands to heat it up!  Oh, one other thing.  You need to squeeze your vagina muscles while sucking, otherwise it won't dispense any food!”

Caroline heard this and was shocked.  Gold Finger had thought of everything.  There was no cheating the system.  She would need to mount the stool dildo with her pussy, or not get fed at all.  She felt humiliated and disgusted with the idea but did not see any other choice.  Either obey or starve to death was what she concluded.

She got off of the stool she was on.  She sighed.  She wanted to “drink”, so she walked over to the stool with the extra long dong on it.  It was almost eight inches long.  She looked at the long dildo rising up from the stool with trepidation.  Caroline wiped off the dildo to make sure it was clean and then used her fingers to spread some K-Y Jelly on the dildo and on her pussy.  She lifted her skirt and lowered her panties down to expose her pussy.  Then she lifted her leg and slowly mounted the dildo.  It was deeply penetrating, but she was determined to get a drink of wine or some other alcoholic drink.  When she did not think she could get any more of the dildo into her, her ass hit the seat of the stool and she was set. She straightened her skirt out, covering everything up, so it just looked like a lady on a stool, nothing unusual.  She had several  buttons in front of her marked “Beer”, “Tequila”, “Vodka”, “White Wine”, etc.   She pushed the button marked “Red Wine” and then proceeded to suck on the dildo sticking out of the mannequin.  After a few seconds the stool dildo heated to her body temperature.  She squeeze with her vagina muscles.  She then grabbed the ass of the mannequin with her hands and pushed the two large buttons on its butt.  A little green light on the counter came on that indicated everything was good to go.  She sucked on the penis and out came red wine from the tip of the phallus as expected.  It felt so good to get a little tipsy  and drunk.  She didn't care how humiliating this all was or degraded she felt.  She just wanted to drink and forget her troubles.

Surprisingly the dildo on the stool began to vibrate and unexpectedly moved up and down about four inches travel in a slow fucking motion.  She had not noticed the hydraulics and mechanical assembly under the stools.  So as she drank, she had to also endure being fucked.  She was shocked by this and temporarily did not squeeze her vagina muscles.  The green light turned off.  No wine came out of the phallus on the mannequin.  She knew what she must do.  She squeezed her pussy muscles as much as she could on the dildo going up and down in her pussy.  She could really feel the stool dildo now.  Squeezing her muscles made the fucking all the worse, but somehow also more pleasurable.  The green light turned on, and she was able to get her drink.  There was background music with Gold Finger saying on tape, “That's a good girl.  Suck my cock you little cocksucker.  Suck harder!  Yes!”

Caroline thought to herself, “He really is a sick bastard.”

Caroline wriggled her hips.  She was getting turned on from all the simulation.  She really wanted a drink now to drown out all the suffering the last few days.  She squirmed on the stool.  She sucked on the phallus attached to the mannequin.  It was a sick and perverted way to eat and drink, but there did not seem to be any other way.  So she endured the humiliation and just went with the flow.

All the other women mounted their stools and ate their lunch.  They were used to having to do this to get fed.  It was a normal routine for them.  Initially they had all tried to protest by starving themselves, but eventually the hunger was too powerful and they all gave in to sitting on the stools to get fed.  It was humiliating and degrading, but it was the system they had to work under.

The guests for the party starting arriving, so the ladies finished their meal and proceeded to get ready for work.  They dismounted their stools and wiped off the stool dildos with the extra tissues.  They then walked to their dressing rooms to put on their party outfits.  The women did not know what they were going to wear but they knew it would be something sexy and revealing. 

Gold Finger and Eve wheeled out a rack from a closet with all the outfits they were to wear.  When Caroline saw the outfit she was to wear she both felt excited and dreaded it.  The outfits were Playboy bunny costumes.  Gold Finger had special ordered these so they looked very authentic.  They had ears, cuff links, white collar with little black bow ties.  On the hip were satin rosette name tags with each of their names so guests could call them by their first name.  They had fluffy cute white bunny tails.  The outfits would look terrific on these well endowed ladies with the merry widow corset type outfits pushing their breasts up.   Nude colored pantyhose and stiletto high heels completed the outfit.  Caroline had always wondered what it would be like to be a Playboy bunny.  Now was her chance to play the fantasy role.  She was a little excited to dress up in her costume.  Sort of like dressing up for Halloween she thought to herself.

There was something odd about the outfits though.  When Caroline looked at the crotch area, there appeared to be a small heart shaped cut out right where her pussy and clitoris would be.  It would expose her clitoris.  It would show off the clitoris ring with rod through it.  It would be humiliating to be so exposed.  She always felt safe having her body modification hidden under her panties and skirts.  Now it would be on prominent display.

She dreaded having to wear such an outfit that exposed her private parts so prominently but resigned herself to doing as she was told.  Otherwise she knew she would be punished, and she did not feel she could handle any more pain at this time.  So she put on glossy red lipstick, painted her nails, applied her mascara and blushed her cheeks.  She then with the help of Eve, removed her maids dress and put on the Playboy bunny outfit.  Eve removed her ring gag and replaced it with a rubber ball in her mouth.  She then put on the bunny ears, which had a thin strap that ran down under her chin.  Eve locked this on her head effectively holding the rubber ball in her mouth keeping her gagged. Finally after half an hour, all the women were dressed.  Caroline had on a satin pink colored outfit.  The other ladies had on black, purple, blue, green and yellow outfits on.  They all looked very pretty, their hair all nicely done.

They all wore necklaces that said, “I love to be Tickled!” that hung in the cleavage between their breasts.

Gold Finger dressed in his outfit.  He wore a white tuxedo with black bow tie.  He played the part of Hugh Hefner.  He would be the Playboy of the mansion.  He loved playing the part.  He was proud of his ladies and wanted to show them off.  They walked over to the party room.  It was their job to serve food and appetizers to the guests so they picked up their serving trays and began their duties.

There were twenty to thirty guests.  As each guest arrived they were handed a feather.  They were told to tickle the ladies on their clitoris and see their reactions.   Gold Finger told the ladies they had to stand still while the guests did this or they would be severely punished.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time. The party was going well.  The neighbors all complimented Gold Finger on his choice of ladies, how well endowed they all were.  The guests admired how obedient they all seemed to be.   Gold Finger bragged about how the ladies he had chosen were extraordinarily intelligent, talented and successful in the real world.  They were pretty, but also had brains and success.  He was proud  of his achievement of having them as his slaves, trained and under his control.

One of the guests couldn't help but tickle every woman on her exposed clitoris.  The women would walk up to him to serve him drinks and appetizers and he would take his feather and tickle them in their most private parts.  It was horrible, but the women knew they had to stand their while this guy tickled them down below.  He would tickle them until they groaned or something, then he would wait for the next lady to come by serving drinks.  It made him laugh and turned on at the same time.  After a while the women tried to avoid serving him, to avoid the torment, but he easily walked around the room.  It was impossible to avoid him.

During the party, two of the women dropped their trays of drinks and appetizers.  It created a big mess and distraction.  Everyone was watching them clean up, getting the mop out, and picking up the glass from the floor.  The party continued while the ladies cleaned up. 

During this time,  Jasmine took the this opportunity to sneak away into Gold Finger's office.  Everyone else was so busy and distracted when the trays crashed to the floor, creating such a mess, that they hardly noticed she was missing.  Jasmine quickly snooped around on his computer, looking in his office desk, and tried breaking into his safe.  She looked and looked all around for his spare remote.  She was hoping to find spare keys and other valuable information such as the secret release codes.  She accidentally knocked over a wine glass and it shattered on the floor.  Unfortunately, one of the guards walking by heard  the noise and discovered her in Gold Finger's office.  Jasmine tried running away but the guard was too quick and strong.  He dragged her out of the office and presented his catch to Gold Finger.  Gold Finger looked at Jasmine in the eyes and said, “I'm very disappointed in you Jasmine.  You know the rules.  Nobody is allowed in my office when I'm not there.  Eve, please take her to be punished.  I think the ballerina with ants in the pants punishment should suffice.”

“No!  No! Please Master, I just got a little lost.  Not the ballerina outfit!  Not the ants in the pants.  Please have mercy!”, Jasmine pleaded. 

Eve responded to Gold Finger, “Yes, Master.  I will get her prepared.” and then led Jasmine to her fate.  The maids dress Jasmine wore is quickly removed.  Eve then has Jasmine squeeze into a ballerina tu-tu dress.  She looks very feminine in it.  Jasmine has white tights on, with a white tu-tu that flares out from her hips.  Eve forces her to put on pink ballerina slippers that has the tips of them flattened out.  The slippers have ribbons that wraps around the ankles and keeps Jasmine from kicking them off.  There is also a tiny lock on the straps also.  The slippers would not be coming off unless Eve removed them with her tiny key.   Eve then explains to Jasmine that these ballerina slippers are special.  They have a sensor on the tips that can tell if Jasmine is on the tips of her toes or just standing flat footed.  If she is not on her toes, then after a few seconds they send a signal to her ass dildo to shock her. 

She has trouble remaining en-point on her tip toes for very long, so occasionally drops to her heels.  But after a few seconds, the shocks in her ass being such intense biting shocks, Jasmine is forced to tip toe onto the tips of her ballerina slippers.  If her full weight is not on the tips a signal is sent to the computer to shock her.  Walking is not an issue though, because the signal is not sent until after a few seconds.  Trying to sit down and then putting her toes on the floor unfortunately does not work, because the toe switches require most of her weight on them to activate.  So she has to stand on her tip toes like a ballerina, her calves straining to hold her up, in order to prevent the electric shocks.

When Jasmine is on her toes, Eve forces her to put on a chastity belt made of semi hard plastic, like a bubble.  Eve then leaves the room temporarily and returns holding a large jar full of red ants.  Jasmine looks at the jar in horror.  She knows these fire ants can really bite and hurt.  She pleads with Eve not to do this to her.  But Eve has no choice.  Eve says, “I have to obey my Master, otherwise I will suffer the consequences.  I'm sorry I have to punish you.  You've been a bad girl and I have to punish you....”

Eve uses a key to unlock a panel on the chastity belt.  The leotard Jasmine wore was specially made to be crotchless.  Her pussy and clitoris are exposed, open and vulnerable even though a normal leotard would cover such areas.  Eve spreads some aloe vera gel cream around her pussy and says, “this will hopefully soothe your pain after the bites....”

Eve then grabs the jar of red ants and shakes some of them into the chastity belt and then closes the panel and locks it with her key.  At first nothing happens but then slowly but surely, the ants start biting Jasmine.  Jasmine yelps, “Ow!  Ow!  They really hurt!”.

Eve then inserts a ball gag into Jasmine's mouth and straps it at the back of her head.  She has ants in her pants....the ants are biting her sensitive areas.  She has to stop every once in a while because it gets too intense.  She is crying from all the punishment inflicted on her.  Jasmine is moaning into her gag, “Mmmm.  Mmmm”,  as the ants are relentless biting her in her most private areas down below.

“Ok, back to the party you bad little girl.  You still need to serve drinks and appetizers for our guests.” Eve says.  With that, she has Jasmine walk back to the party room.  Every movement Jasmine makes, drives the ants into a frenzy and they bite her some more.   She gets itchy down below from all the ant bites but all she feels is the hard plastic of her prison when she reaches down with her hand.  It is difficult walking on her tip toes but she has no choice.  It is a long day for her.

Fun and Games Between Two Girls

After the party, Lisa Sinclair and Kelly were still dressed in their Playboy bunny outfits.  Gold Finger led them to the dressing room change their outfits to colorful sun dresses.  The dresses were form fitting hugging their bodies and the skirts flared out near their knees.  He suspected they had dropped their platters of drinks and appetizers to distract everyone so that Jasmine could sneak out and snoop around his office.  So he wanted to teach these girls a lesson.  He couldn't prove they had worked together with Jasmine.  He only had his suspicions.

He led the two ladies down the hall to the room with the Fuck-O-Matic machine.  The girls were well aware of this room and what it required.  They were thinking they were to sleep together in each others arms, forced to fuck each other with a double dildo.  But Gold Finger had other plans. 

First he pulled out single leather mono gloves with laces.  He stood behind Lisa and proceeded to slide a mono glove up her arms and lace it so that her elbows touched.  Her hands were in a little useless pouch behind her back.  Her breasts were thrust out because of the stringent position with elbows touching.  He wrapped two straps around her shoulders and locked the mono glove onto her body.  He did the same with Kelly.

He then pulled a large plastic bag full of marbles and proceeded to fill a bowl with them.  He was randomly grabbing different size marbles.  Some small, some a little larger, all various colors and sizes.  There were at least fifty or sixty marbles.  He studied the girls thinking to himself.  Then he said, “I think Kelly is a little larger hipped than most girls, so requires more marbles” and proceeded to grab an extra handful of marbles and put it into the bowl.

Then he put the bowl onto a scale which had a wire hooked up to his computer.  He hit a button on the scale to zero out the reading.  The reading from the digital scale fed into his computer.  He explained to the women, “the marbles and bowl have a certain weight.  Only when all the marbles are back in the bowl will the scale read zero.”

He had Kelly and Lisa stand side by side.  He knelt down and reached under Lisa's skirt.  He tugged at her panties and pulled them down her legs and off of her.  She said nothing.  She had to obey, otherwise she would be punished.  He did the same with Kelly, reaching beneath her skirt and pulling off her panties.  She stepped out of them with her high heels getting caught on the panties, but was able to free them from her shoe with Gold Finger's help.

He told the ladies, “I am now going to fill your pussies with these marbles in the bowl.  I will insert them one by one into you.  You must squeeze your pussy lips so that none of the marbles fall out and onto the floor.  If I see a marble fall out of your pussy, you will get a punishing shock in your ass.  I will also take the marble that fell out and dip it in hot sauce and re-insert it into your pussy.  Do you understand?”

The two girls nodded yes to his question.  They both had a look of terror and sadness.  This was happening to them, but they could do nothing about it.  They accepted their fate, so stood there while Gold Finger reached into the bowl and grabbed marbles.  He then reached beneath their skirts and gently pushed the marbles into their pussies.  One by one they went in.  It was easy at first since their pussies were so empty.  But as the marbles kept going in, they were getting fuller and fuller.  It was also getting harder to keep the marbles from falling out.  The ladies had to clench their vagina muscles very tightly to make sure no marbles fell out. 

Lisa got full first, even though Kelly and Lisa had the same number of marbles inside.  Lisa felt so full!  She had never had her pussy so stuffed.  Gold Finger could see she was struggling.  He said, “Ok Lisa, just one more marble!”, as he gently pushed and pushed it into her. 

“No more!  Please Sir! I can't take any more.  I'm so full.”, she begged.

“You can and you must!  I insist!”, he said as he pushed the last marble into her. 

Lisa closed her legs together to help hold the marbles in.  She feared a marble falling out of her and onto the ground.  She did not want to be punished.

The bowl still had a handful of marbles in it.  His estimation of Kelly was correct.  Her hips were larger, and required more marbles to fill.  He continued inserting the marbles into her.  Her pussy stretched and stretched to accommodate so many marbles.  But even she had a limit.  Gold Finger had overestimated the number of marbles.  There were three more marbles still to go, but Kelly was already showing signs of distress.

“Please Sir!  No more!  I am full.  I feel I am ready to burst!”, Kelly said.

“Don't be silly.  I just need you to relax a little more.  You'll be able to get a few more in that way.  How do you think women have children?  With time, the pussy will stretch and accommodate!” he said with a smile on his face.

She kept her legs together to hold all the marbles in.  She stood there for about a minute to let her body get used to being full.  Gold Finger then got the last three marbles and gently pushed them into her.  Her eyes widened as he pushed them into her.  She did not think she could take any more marbles, but with a little time her body had adapted and stretched so now she could take the few extra marbles.

He then got some thin rope and tied a separate rope around each of the girls torso.  He wrapped this several times around their waists.  With the free end, he ran this down between their legs and between their pussy lips, but he did not pull tightly. He kept the rope loose, so that the rope just barely toughed their pussy lips.  It would help hold the marbles in, but not force them in any deeper.

He explained, “The rope is to keep you from pushing the marbles out with your own vagina muscles.  The marbles can still come out, but are going to need your partners help.  You Kelly, will need to use your tongue, teeth and lips to suck the marbles out of Lisa, past the loosely tied rope.  You Lisa, need to do the same with the marbles inside of Kelly.  You girls will need to help each other to get all the marbles out and back into the bowl.”

Gold Finger then went to the computer and typed a few commands into his program.  Then he explained what he did.  He said, “I have set the computer to send a signal to your ass dildos to shock you two ladies every ten seconds with a medium level shock.  It will continue to do so until all the marbles are back in the bowl.  If even one marble is missing, the digital scale will not zero out, and the computer will continue to shock you two ladies.  Do you understand?”

The girls nodded their heads yes. 

Lisa said, “Oh my God! Please don't do this to us.  We only dropped some drinks.  Accidents happen every day.  Please sir!”

But Gold Finger was having none of it.  He started his computer program running.  He said, “I suggest you two get started.  There are a lot of marbles to get out!”   He walked over to the nearby couch to relax and watch the ladies perform their task.

Kelly and Lisa both spread their legs as wide as they could go.  Kelly was flexible and could actually do a full split with her legs on the ground.  Her pussy actually touched the ground when her legs laid out wide.  She hoped to push a few marbles out by using her vagina muscles and pushing internally.  But the rope was cleverly tied, blocking the exit from their pussies.  Lisa jumped up and down hoping to get a few marbles to pop free, but none came out.  They were both frustrated at their lack of progress.  That is when the first shock occurred.

“Aaaarggghhh” the ladies screamed quietly from the shock in their asses.  It was not a terrible shock, but one that did hurt and caused discomfort. 

The two ladies were disgusted with the thought of having to use their mouths on each others pussies but they did not seem to have any other choice.  They both wanted the shocks to stop, and the only way to do this was to get all the marbles back into the bowl.  They knew what they had to do.  They would have to use their mouths on each other as Gold Finger suggested.

So Lisa knelt down in front of Kelly.  Kelly spread her legs wide.  Then Lisa used her nose and mouth to push the rope to the side.  She then used her lips and teeth to try to grab one of the marbles in Kelly's vagina.  They were slippery, but Lisa was able to suck one up with her mouth.  The marble had Kelly's juices all over it and tasted funny.  But Lisa ignored the smell and taste and spit the marble into the bowl.   She did this again and again, getting one marble at a time.  It was tedious work.  It was difficult also, because the electric shocks would occur while in the middle of this process.  It would cause Kelly to tighten her vagina, and Lisa would lose hold of the marble she had and would have to try again.

When Kelly was almost empty, it was getting more and more difficult for Lisa to reach the marbles.  It was easy at first because the first marbles were pushed out from the pussy being so stuffed.  But the last few marbles kept slipping away from Lisa's mouth back into Kelly's pussy.   Lisa said, “I need you to push the marbles out with your pussy.  I cannot reach them when they are in so deep.”

So Kelly pushed and pushed with her internal vagina muscles, to force the marbles out.  She even jumped up and down on the ground to work the marbles down to her pussy lips, because some of the marbles had settled into spots deep inside of her and she had to work them loose.

Lisa explored the inside of Kelly's pussy with her tongue, feeling for any more marbles.  This drove Kelly wild with excitement.  Combined with the shocking, sucking, tongue action and other activity Kelly was feeling very turned on.  She couldn't help herself.  It was her body reacting to all the stimulating activity in her pussy. All the marbles were finally removed from Kelly. 

Lisa then stood up for her turn. She spread her legs and had Kelly kneel down under her skirt.  Kelly used her mouth to push aside the rope blocking Lisa's pussy to the side and reached in with her tongue and felt for the marbles.  She used her mouth to suck one of the marbles into her mouth.  The whole pussy had a very strong smell, almost to the point of gagging, but Kelly persisted.  She knew what needed to be done, so she diligently muff dived and got one marble out at a time.  She spit these marbles into the bowl, filling it up.

Most of the marbles were removed, but there was one extra large glass marble still in Lisa's pussy.  Kelly  tried again and again but could not get enough grip on it to pull it out around the rope.  The rope kept getting in the way. 

Kelly said, “I don't know how to get this last marble out!  The damn rope keeps getting in the way!  We need this last marble to stop the shocks...”

The electric shocks hit them at that moment and they both felt the pain.  “Aaaaargh” they both cried out in frustration.  They were so close, but this one marble was giving them trouble.

Kelly then said, “I have an idea.  I'll lay on my back while you do a split over my head.  When you are doing your split, your pussy will be wide open, and hopefully I can grab the last marble!”

Kelly laid herself on the ground, while Lisa proceeded to split her legs more and more.  Finally she was down to a full split over Kelly's mouth.  Lisa's pussy was about as open as it could get.  The rope still got in the way, but Kelly was able to work her lips and tongue around the obstruction.  Kelly sucked in with all her might and was able to pull the last large marble out of Lisa's pussy.  Once she had the last marble out, she quickly got up off the ground and spit the last marble into the bowl.   The digital scale zeroed out and the shocks stopped.  They were both so happy and exhausted from this ordeal.  They laughed with joy at having accomplished their task.

Gold Finger then said, “Congratulation ladies!  You did really well.  I really enjoyed the show!”

He untied the ropes around their waists and removed it from their pussies.  He then led them to the bed.  They laid them on their backs.  He approached with the French kissing mouthpiece but then said, “I had planned to put these in your mouths, but now I have a better idea!”

Instead of putting the mouth pieces into their mouths, he gently put them into their pussies.  He attached leather straps to the inserts so that they could not be removed.  He locked them onto their bodies.  The two ladies knew what that meant.  They would be forced to French kiss each others pussies.  They would have to sixty nine each other, Lisa eating Kelly, while Kelly eating Lisa simultaneously.  They would have to stick out their tongues as much as possible into each others pussies in order to flick the switch every ten seconds to stop the shocks temporarily.

“Please Sir.  That's disgusting.  That's not normal sex.  It's perverted.  I don't want to go down on Kelly like that.” Lisa pleaded.

Kelly also pleaded, “I like Lisa, but please don't make us do this.  It's so gross.  I'll have sex with you Sir, but don't make me kiss her down there.  Please!”

Gold Finger's mind was made up.  He gave them a wicked little smile and then said, “There.  All hooked up.  Let the show begin!”   He started the computer program running.

It said “Kiss program activated.  5..4..3..2..1...KISS NOW!”

Lisa and Kelly both knew what that meant.  But Kelly had an idea.  She told Lisa to lay on her side, while she would lay the opposite way.  Instead of their mouths, they would use their shoes and feet to try to hit the switch within their pussies.  Kelly tried pushing the tip of her shoe into Lisa, but it was just too big and clumsy.  So she inserted the tip of her heel into Lisa.  Lisa did the same to Kelly, inserting her high heel into her pussy.  Then they pumped their heels into each others pussies, to hit the switch.  Unfortunately, it was not very accurate.  The heel missed most of the time, and the tip of the heel hurt their insides jabbing away.  After about twenty seconds of trying, Kelly admitted defeat and said, “This isn't going to work.  My heel doesn't seem to be able to flick the switch...and it hurts like hell every time the spiked heel hits inside my pussy.”

Lisa said, “I think we are going to need to use our mouths.  Even though I think its really disgusting, we don't really have much choice.”

Sadly, Kelly agreed.  So Lisa and Kelly got up as best as they could onto their knees.  Their hands and arms were still tied behind them in their mono glove sheaths.  They then lay down in a sixty nine position, with each others mouth poised over each others pussies. The smell down below is strong and over bearing to their senses.  So they both take a deep breaths and then dive in.  They push out their tongues as far as they can and reach inside each others pussies to find the switch.  The switch positions were somehow moved, so that it was to the side under the lip of the insert.  Gold Finger had cleverly moved the switch position so that a dildo or shoe or anything else inserted into the pussy would be difficult to hit the button.  Only a tongue, reaching up and back would be able to hit the switch.  It took some trial and error but soon both girls were able to hit the switch and gain some relief.  They had to hit the switch every ten seconds, so they really did not have much time to pull their mouths away.  They would come up for air and take a deep breath before continuing. They just lay there and licked each others pussies, even though the smell was so strong and overpowering.

After about half an hour of this, Gold Finger announced they were to be prepared for bed.  He removed their pussy inserts, but left the mono glove sheaths on their arms.  He put a dildo gag in their mouths.  One part went into their mouths, a rubber penis about four inches long.  The other side on the exterior was a dildo about six inches long, but could expand to about eight inches long.  This dildo was similar to the long double dildo used when two girls connected together.  The girls would need to expand and contract the dildo to activate an internal switch.

Gold Finger then hooked these gag dildos to his computer with small wires.  He told the girls they needed to use their pussies to squeeze the dildo in order to pull the inner and outer sleeves apart.  They would need to help each other in order to achieve this.  One person pushing would only contract the dildo.  It would take someone squeezing their vagina muscles and pulling, to expand the dildo out. 

Gold Finger set his computer for five orgasms.  It was a significant amount, but achievable.  The girls set to work immediately, knowing the shocks would continue until they had achieved their goal.  They started fucking each other with the dildos with their gag dildos, pushing and pulling to satisfy the machine.  They squeezed their vagina muscles.  They pushed with their heads and mouths.  It was a long night.


Gold Finger stroked Caroline's hair and looked at her as he would look at a prized possession.  He said looking at her voluptuous shapely body and young pretty face, “You could have been a pretty cheerleader in another life!  I think I'll dress you and your friend Michelle up as cheerleaders.  Then I'll put you two together so you can reunite with your old friend and get better acquainted.  I think the Fuck-O-Matic machine is the perfect place to get to know your old friend!”

Caroline did not share this man's fantasies.  She had never been a cheerleader nor had sex with her old friend, but was willing to go along.  She said, “Yes, that might be fun.”

Caroline looked forward to talking to Michelle after all this time.  She had a lot of questions for Michelle, like asking why she got involved with Gold Finger.  Why did she like this way of life?  She must like it since she stayed with him for the last two years.  She had not heard anything from her friend for that long, and they usually stayed in touch in the outside world.  Caroline was getting tired of being a slave, the demands being too great.  She longed for her old life.  After trying to be a good slave for so many weeks, Caroline decided the slave way of life just really wasn't for her.  She decided to tell Gold Finger tonight of her decision.  But first, she wanted to get together with Michelle before leaving.  She decided this would be her going away event before leaving her slave life.

She would take the opportunity of dressing up as cheerleaders to talk to Michelle since she knew they would both have to be un-gagged in order to kiss on the Fuck-O-Matic machine.  She was imagining this when she heard Gold Finger call on his cel phone.  He called Eve and directed her to get Michelle dressed up in a cheerleader outfit.  He gave her the details.  He was very detailed on how she was to look.  He told Eve to bring Michelle to the Fuck-O-Matic machine afterward and he would prepare the two women to be hooked together.

Gold Finger then led Caroline to the dressing room for her to get ready.  The mansion was so large that it had several dressing rooms.  Michelle must be in one of the other dressing rooms, Michelle thought.  They walked over to the clothing racks.  Rows and rows of clothing from belly dancer outfits, satin Chinese red dresses, maids dresses, pony girl outfits, rubber fetish clothing and anything you could imagine were here.  Gold Finger searched the racks and finally said, “Here it is.  Yes, you are going to look terrific in this outfit!”

In Gold Finger's hands he held up a beautiful cheerleader outfit with short skirt.  It would show off Caroline's voluptuous boobs and cleavage as it was low cut.  It had long sleeves, and the skirt flared out wide from the hips with pleats.  Nearby on a separate hangar were the pom-poms. They were glittery and made of white and other various colors.  She picked it up and started feeling like a cheerleader, ready to cheer the team on.

Caroline felt she had to tell him now and said, “GoldFinger, I probably won't be here next week.  I've decided being a slave is probably not the life I want. I know all those other women chose this way of life, but it just doesn't work for me.  I hope you understand.  I'll be leaving tomorrow.”

Gold Finger showed a look of disappointment.  But he continued, “Well, lets not think about that tonight.  It's your big night together with your friend Michelle.  Let's get you ready!”

He led her to the makeup room where she proceeded to paint her lips bright scarlet red.  She attached some long false eyelashes and applied mascara.  She put the blush on her cheeks and powdered her nose.  She worked on her face while he worked on her hair.  He combed it out and shaped it.  He grabbed a hair rubber band scrunchie bow tie and tied her long hair into a pony tail in the back.  He then put in some hair pins to hold the hair.  Caroline looked very elegant and young with her hair all styled.

After about twenty minutes they finished with the makeup. She was ready to get dressed.  She was ready to put the cheerleader costume on but he held up instead a waist cincher.  He said, “I think you will look even more shapely with this on. It will only pull in your tummy a little, just to give you an even more hourglass shape.  The waist cincher was not too severe and just squeezed her tummy in an inch or two.

He then slipped the cheerleader top onto her.  He had her step into the skirt while he pulled it up and then zipped it up so that it held around her waist.  He put some white little socks on her feet and some white thin woman's cheer leader tennis shoes on.  Caroline looked at herself in the mirror.  The waist cincher did seem to enhance her curves she had to admit.  He handed her the pom poms.  She turned and  looked at herself in the full length mirror and felt like she was in high school or college ready to cheer for a big football game.

Gold Finger saw that she was ready to go and then said cheerfully, “Let's go to the big game!”

They walked to the other side of the mansion to the room where the Fuck-O-Matic was located.  Michelle was already there with Eve waiting for them.  Caroline saw Michelle all dressed up in an identical outfit she was wearing.  She was holding the pom poms in her hands.  Her hair was styled also in the same way as Gold Finger had done with her. Her pleated skirt flared out wide and her face made up beautifully with makeup to enhance her beauty.

Michelle saw Caroline dressed up like a cheerleader, their eyes met briefly, and then she looked at the ground.  She was sad to see her old friend here.  Gold Finger then said, “Eve, help me get these wonderful pretty cheerleaders prepared.  I know they are excited about finally getting together again.  You know, they studied at the Secret Service Academy together as cadets.  They both graduated at at the top of their class!”  He was so proud.

He laid Caroline and Michelle on the bed on their sides while Eve tied their wrists behind each others backs.  He pushed Michelle's hair aside and inserted the mouthpiece into her mouth.  He grabbed Caroline's chin and turned her head when he held the mouthpiece in front of her.  He said, “Open wide my dear!”

She parted her lips and opened her mouth slightly.  He took this opportunity to quickly push the device  into her mouth.  He forced the thing to the back of her tongue.  She almost felt like gagging.

Caroline and Michelle were locked in an embrace in each others arms with the mouthpieces installed.  They looked at each other.  Eve had them move their hips away from each other slightly.  She grabbed the long double dildo.  She lifted Michelle's skirt up and pulled her panties down between her legs to expose Michelle's pussy.  Eve then greased up the dildo and greased up Michelle's pussy.  Michelle knew it was coming so tried to relax and spread her legs some more.  Eve got the tip of the dildo into her pussy and lined it up.  She looked Michelle in the eyes and with a quick thrust inserted eight inches into her very quickly, shoving it all the way in.  Michelle screamed, she had expected a more gentle insertion into her. 

Gold Finger saw this and remarked, “I think Eve must be jealous of you because you're having sex with Caroline whom she likes.”

It must have been true, because Eve proceed to insert the other side of the double dildo arrangement into Caroline, but did this very gently.  She did it slowly and gently, working it into Caroline until it was inserted to the hilt.  The two woman's pussies were almost touching.  The french ticklers on the middle portion nestled to touch both of their butterfly clits.  Eve then got some short rope to tie their ankles together between the two women.  Eve tied it to allow enough play so that they could fuck properly, but not enough so that they could separate their bodies enough to pull the double dildo out.  Eve then jumped off of the bed.

Michelle said, “I was surprised to see you here.  I always knew you were one hell of a fighter in the Academy days and didn't think this would happen to you.”

Caroline said, “Yes, those were really good days we had back then. I was also surprised to see you here also.”

Michelle then asked, “This is important.  Did Gold Finger insert a special dildo up your ass yet?  Are you free or has this dildo been inserted?”

Caroline responded, “Oh he inserted that into me the first day I was here.  At first I did not even know he had done it, it being so comfortable inside of me.  I'm still getting used to the idea of it never being removed while I'm here.  But I'm getting better at giving myself enemas and such.  Did you have one inserted into you also?”

Michelle said, “Unfortunately yes.  All the women here have one.  Gold Finger uses it all the time to punish us when we are bad.  He also uses it to stimulate us when we don't want to be.  It seems to have a GPS in it, so that he easily locates us when we try to hide or run away.  It also shocks us severely when we get too close to the wireless electric fence perimeter surrounding the mansion.”

Caroline listened to Michelle and did not like how the dildo seemed to have such a controlling influence over all of them. 

Caroline said, “ But I don't think I like this kind of slave life, so I've asked Gold Finger to release me. I'll have him remove the dildo from me tomorrow.  I want to go back to my previous life.”

Michelle looked at Caroline with a puzzled look on her face.  “What are you talking about?” she said.

Caroline said, “I know you and the other women here have chosen this way of life, being sex slaves and all.  I've only been here several weeks and I already see that this kind of life is probably not for me.  So I'm going to leave tomorrow.”

Michelle said in a more frantic voice, “We didn't choose to be here!  We were kidnapped and taken here by Gold Finger. We've been trying ever since to get away, but he is too tricky.  These dildos in our ass are an especially difficult problem to overcome.  It has a GPS that tracks our location.  If we venture too far it shocks us mercilessly.  We've been trying and trying any which way to get away, but we are trapped into performing his perverted fantasies.”

When she heard Michelle explain the situation, that was when it hit her. She had thought all these women had voluntarily agreed to be his slaves.  In truth, they were his prisoners.

She yelled at Gold Finger, “You lied to me!  You told me they were here of their own free will.  You told me all these women were here voluntarily!”

“So I told a little white lie.  So sue me!', he said sarcastically.

“I want to be released now. I want to go.  I no longer want to be your slave!” Caroline demanded.

“Request Denied!” he said emphatically.

“I thought we agreed you would let me go?  I thought you said you would release me if I did not like being your slave.  Well I don't like being your slave.  Now let me go!”

“Request Denied!  I am a man who keeps my promises, but I never promised you I would ever release you.  You wanted to believe you had a deal with me, so I just said what you wanted to hear.”

She thought back carefully over the conversations he had with him.  He was correct.  He had never actually ever promised to let her go.  He only told her what she had wanted to hear.  He said to give this a life a try.  If she did not like being a slave, then leave.  But he had never actually said he would let her go.

“Oh my God!  What have I done?” Caroline said to herself.

She realized that several weeks ago when she had Gold Finger at gun point, she could have rescued all these women.  She could be free herself right now.  She was filled with remorse at having picked the wrong path.  She had screwed up big time.

Gold Finger then said, “ You two are pretty experienced already so I don't think I need to put you through the Kiss and Fuck training routines.  I'll just go directly to Orgasm routine.  Hmmm.  Let's see.  How many orgasms should we do?”

Caroline was crying and sobbing.  She begged Gold Finger to let her go.  But he was totally ignoring her pleas.  He had his own agenda.

He typed on the computer keyboard.  He said to Caroline, “You did very well the first time you were together with Eve.  I remember you did extremely well, achieving twelve orgasms with her.  Let's say we shoot to do even better!   A friendly little competition.  I'll put in thirteen orgasms.  You two will need to work hard to achieve this many, I know, but don't worry.  The machine never tires, and it will keep on going until the thirteen orgasms are achieved.”

At this point he reached down and pulled a probe with wire attached.  He lifted Michelle's skirt and pulled down her panties to expose her ass.  He then greased up the probe and pried her ass cheeks apart.  He inserted the probe until it clicked into the dildo embedded in their ass.  He did the same procedure with Caroline.  Then he ran the wires to a black box.  He said, “I had almost forgot the battery packs in the dildos might not last all night with all the shocking required so I've hooked them up!  Better safe than sorry!”

Caroline and Michelle struggled in their bonds, but they couldn't really do much. 

He brushed Caroline's hair aside, away from her eyes and said to her, “Next week my shipment of rubber latex outfits should be here.  I think you'll look marvelous in the one I ordered especially for you!  But don't worry, I have enough outfits for the other girls too, so you won't be alone.  Maybe we can even have a mud wrestling match in the back yard or something!  Imagine squirming in a shiny rubber latex outfit with the other ladies!” He laughed.

Gold Finger then stood up.  He dimmed the lights down to make the place more romantic.  He started the music player to play soft music in the background.  He started his computer program, then said to Eve, “Let's go.  Let's leave these two little lovebirds to do their thing.”  Eve and Gold Finger then walked out of the room, to return later in the morning.

Michelle looked at Caroline.  She felt sorry for her.  She knew Caroline had been tricked.

Caroline said to Michelle, “I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry.  I let everyone down.  I let you down.”

The computer started up and said “Orgasm program activated.  Fuck program will now start.”

They then heard the computer count down, “5....4....3....2....1....KISS and FUCK NOW!”

Caroline said one last time, “I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I really screwed up.  If only I had released you when I had a chance....” she cried as she opened her mouth to kiss Michelle deeply on the lips and French kiss her.  They both started squeezing their pussies and humping their hips to drive the dildo in and out to expand and contract it.

Caroline and Michelle knew they had a long night ahead.  They set to work on achieving the goal that Gold Finger had set for them.  It would be a long night but they were determined to please their Master.

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