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South American Cock Torment

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Synopsis: Young Andy Douglas thought he could look after himself. But being young blonde and well endowed in South America made him a target for some very rough and cruel treatment indeed

South American Cock Torment

Andy Douglas was eighteen even though he only looked much younger. Five seven, he had a nice balance of slim waist, good shoulders and a neat, tight butt. Plenty of sport and exercise in the open air had given him a great tan and a body with good muscular definition including a modest six-pack. The sun had also bleached his shock of naturally blonde hair. Coupled with pale blue eyes and a ready smile he looked good and attractive…and he knew it.

He liked girls, but they didnt interest him in that way. For him the real pleasure came from other guys, specially those older, more mature men who knew the ways to build and prolong a guys fucking pleasure. Not that the fun was all one-way, Andy knew how to make a guy cum real hard too. In the last few months hed discovered the harder side of gay sex…enjoying it more when the men with him were dominant and controlling…even hurting him and forcing him to cum again even when he pleaded for them to leave his poor cock and balls alone.

Since they found out he was gay his family didnt want to know where he was, or what he was doing. Three months ago hed managed to wangle enough money from his dad to set off backpacking in South America and hed not been in touch since. Sure, hed had some rough times, especially in those places where the authorities took a dislike to students generally, but there had always been someone willing to help in return for some cock fun.

Miguel Santos was the latest of Andys special friends. In his early thirties he had those dark Latino good looks that really turned Andy on. Theyd enjoyed some good times in the last few days and things had got really hot last night. Still tired and cock-sore, the two of them sprawled on loungers on a pleasantly empty beach, dozing in the early South American sun.

Pretending to be asleep, Andy studied Miguel from behind his dark glasses. He was in great shape, slim, muscled and toned. He was definitely a man who liked being in charge. Andy got a thrill out of the fact that there something dangerous about him. He had a quick temper and he knew some really hard people. He took Andy to places where the police didnt go, or if they did it was only with backup and heavy protection.

Andys eyes kept returning to the thick bulge in Miguels black speedos. He caught his breath as he eased his own still tender penis inside the confines of his tight white trunks as thoughts of last night made him suddenly throbbing, hard and erect once again. He winced as his foreskin rolled back and his fingers touched the still too-sensitive glans and he had to do another furtive shuffle to try and get a bit more comfortable.

It had started early evening even before they went to the club for some fun. Both of them were naked. Miguel was lying back on the bed with his head propped up on two pillows as he watched the young American working his mouth and lips round the seven upcurving inches of his circumcised cock. Andy squirmed as he remembered how he had knelt on all fours on the bed facing Miguels feet. Hed braced his arms on either side of Miguels hips so he could slide the whole, thick cock deep into his throat each time he lowered his head.

He was in that position because he was obeying Miguels orders. Not that there were any words. The older mans right hand was between Andys legs toying with the teenagers dangling cock and balls and giving the teenager very clear signals. Miguel had forefinger and thumb encircling the shaft of the Andys eight inch uncut cock. Just by tightening his grip a little then slowly stretching the skin back down the shaft so the shiny, slippery glans of Andys penis reared up was enough to make Andy lean forwards to let Miguels cock head push over his tongue and down into the back of his throat.

Miguel groaned with pleasure as the hot, wet warmth sheathed him. He gripped and pulled as hard as possible, keeping the teenagers cock stretched painfully taut. Andy obediently deep-throated him until the mat of coarse black hairs at Miguels groin was rubbing against his lips and nose. Only when the teenager started to gag and struggle did Miguel relent and let forefinger and thumb slide slowly back up the shaft of Andys cock, rolling the skin back over the throbbing head.

That was the signal that Andy was allowed to lift his head up until Miguels penis bobbed free, only connected to the teenagers open mouth by his eagerly flicking tongue and strings of thick, drooling mucus. Smiling, Miguel would allow Andy few precious deep breaths then the controlling fingers would tighten, stretching the teens cock skin very slowly down the shaft again. Giving a gasp at the delicious pleasure-pain Andy bent his head and let the thick, slippery cock fill his mouth and throat once more.

Of course, every time Andy hesitated Miguels fingers would curl around the soft skin of the teenagers scrotum. Just a gently squeezing pressure…but the warning was clear. Miguel loved tormenting a boys testicles, listening to the moans and gasps of indrawn breath as he made those tender balls throb and ache while his victim squirmed helplessly…hurting and throbbing but so desperate to cum.

The long, slow face fucking went on and on, Miguel controlling the tempo while every so often torturing Andy a little more by keeping his foreskin rolled back so he could stroke and finger the slippery exposed head of the teenagers iron-hard cock making Andy squirm and gasp even more at the extra torment his abused penis was getting.

Finally the deep-throat stimulation had been too much for Miguel and he had come off the bed to push Andys shoulders down, positioning the teenager with his buttocks raised and knees spread wide so he could slide his hard, wet cock into the tight ring of the teenagers anus. Andy loved it. Being so open and helpless plus that wonderful feeling as the smooth, slippery cock head stretched him wider and wider. He nearly came when the head of Miguels cock popped inside his anal ring but then there was the thrill of feeling the thick shaft sliding into the tight sheath of his rectum, inch by inch as Miguel took time to enjoy his slow impalement of the American teen.

With those images and remembering what hed seen and done at the club later making him even harder, Andy eased the shaft of his cock again inside his trunks trying to get comfortable, wriggling on the lounger and taking a quick glance round to see that he wasnt being too obvious. He flushed red as he realised that Miguel had been watching him all the time, then grinned and flexed his hips so the taut, tented fabric of his trunks was even more obvious.

Miguel nodded towards the tented bulge in the teens trunks. Thinking about the show last night, eh, Andy?

Andy was about to shake his head when he realised that the club theyd visited later on had been on his mind too…very much on his mind.

Nah…I mean yeah, oh yeah, that was hot, real hot…some of those scenes…and the guys, you know the one who had his balls tied with those straps…and the one the big guy caned while the other one used the vibrator on his cock…Oh fuck that was so hot!

You like that, I could feel it! He chuckled, What about the young guy they tied down on that frame to fuck in the ass…? He grinned, youd be good at that, I know.

Andy smirked and arched his hips so the bulge was even more obvious. But the best bit was after that… when they kept on jerking him off, that was even better…he must have cum at least three times and his cock was still hard.

I think it was four… They gave him something before…you know, those tablets…the blue ones…

You mean. Viagra?

Yes, those, and a little extra too… He paused and looked at the white trunks and the obvious evidence of Andys arousal. You really liked that yes? Andy nodded. Not just watching…you wanted to take his place, I think yes?

There was a pause, then Andy nodded slowly…yes, he had wanted to be the one being held down…his cock spurting into the air…then knowing that the men tormenting him were going to keep on and on…stroking and rubbing his penis, fingers playing with his balls and sliding deep into his anus so that, no matter how loudly he screamed or how much he struggled, he would be forced to cum again…and again.

That boy thought he wanted it first. But when hed had enough, after the second time they made him cum…you saw his face. He smiled again, and heard the noises he made when they went on playing with his cock…those loud noises. How he cried and screamed when he realised they werent going to stop. He smiled at Andys flushed face and parted lips and shrugged. Last night was nothing special. No one let things go too far…

Miguel looked at the flushed and aroused teenager and paused, his voice suddenly hard and serious. I tell you, Andy, down here someone like you needs to be careful, very careful. Youve been very lucky so far, especially as you like your men to be, he searched for the right word, more hard with you, yes? Andy nodded. But here sometimes there is a special kind of private party where there are no rules, no protection for a pretty young boy on his own, you understand?

Andy looked puzzled. Not really, what do you mean?

Miguel leaned forwards. I mean that a nice Americano boy like you might find himself in real bad trouble. You need to think about it, Andy. Look at you, blonde hair and blue eyes…a good body and a nice big cock to work on…a nice big boys cock. We have many men who like harder shows than you see at the club, private shows where they think its funny when a pretty boy screams please stop…no more when he cant do anything to make them stop.

Andy protested. I can look after myself…Im not a kid you know!

Andy, Andy…dont be stupid, pretty boys like you disappear all the time.  Many of these men were in the police or the army, some still are. It gives them and extra thrill, makes them extra hard to hear a nice, pretty boy screaming and crying as they work on him. He paused and leaned back on the lounger. I think some of those kind of men were at the club last night. Such men have money and know the right people so they can do what they want no questions asked.

He paused. We dont go back there tonight. Time we went somewhere else anyway, somewhere out of town. I think both will be safer if we do not attract to much attention from such men.

Andy nodded, but secretly he was wondering what it might be like to be at one of those private parties and in the hands of the kind of men Miguel had just warned him about.

That evening, on a deserted stretch of road a few miles outside town, he found out.

There was no warning, just two cars pulling alongside and forcing Miguels open jeep into the side of the road. Miguel swore then started to say something when he was hit and slumped forward dazed. He was dragged out and pushed into the first car. The passenger door was wrenched open; two men grabbed Andy, pulled him out and pushed him into the second one. Ten seconds later the cars had driven off leaving one man behind. He calmly climbed into Miguels jeep, did a U-turn and sped off back to town.

There were a people around and a number of cars and trucks on the road…but no one saw anything or reported anything. They never did, life was longer and healthier that way.

Andy Douglas didnt see anything either. Once in the car a gun was pushed into his ribs and one of the men said, no noise…no fuss…understand? As he nodded a cloth pad that smelled sickly sweet was pressed over his nose and mouth and seconds later the world went dark.

He woke up lying on a sofa in a comfortable room that looked like the lounge of a rich mans villa. He sat up but had to stay still for a few moments as the after effects of the chloroform made him dizzy. He was still dressed although the short-sleeved cotton shirt had become untucked and his wallet and passport were missing from his jeans pocket. Somewhere hed lost his sandals and his feet were bare.

There was a man watching him.

Ah, Mr Douglas, welcome and my apologies for the way you were brought here. The man who spoke was tall, in his fifties Andy thought, and looked like someone who enjoyed giving orders. He had short, bristled hair, a clipped moustache and even though he was wearing a soft cotton shirt and black trousers it was easy to imagine him in some kind of military or police uniform. His English was excellent.

Where am I? Why am I here? Whats happened to my friend, Miguel? I saw someone hit him, is he hurt? He bent forward coughing, his throat dry and rasping from the effects of the chloroform. He tried to leap to his feet but had to sit down abruptly as another wave of nausea and coughing made him sweat.

The man watched him for a moment then picked up a glass of fruit juice and held towards him. Here Mr Douglas, drink this, youll feel better. Andy Douglass throat was so dry he drained the glass in two quick gulps. The juice was cold and soothing, smooth with just a hint of tartness. Intent on his own discomfort the teenager did not notice the quick interchange of glances between the men.  Without thinking he held the glass out for a refill. The man smiled, flicked his fingers and someone came forward and the glass was refilled immediately. This time Andy sipped the juice and took his time to look around. 

He was about to say something else when he realised that there were two men, standing at the side of the room watching him intently. He could see them clearly. Both wore singlets and tight black shorts, the stretch fabric taut so Andy couldnt miss the obvious bulges. Both men were in their twenties, heavily muscled, their straight black hair pulled back into ponytails and their deep olive skins shiny with oil. Andy could feel his cock rising and stiffening as his body responded to the cruel excitement in their eyes as they stared at him him.

The man smiled as he saw the teenager open is mouth, look round then change his mind and close it again. Miguel was right, Carlos Mendoza thought as he studied the dazed looking teenager. The blonde hair and those blue eyes…it will be a pleasure to see this one naked downstairs. He looks fit…should take a lot of punishment…itll make a change to hear one screaming in English.

All those questions, Mr Douglas, I mean Andy. He smiled with all the sincerity of a used car salesmans promise. I can call you Andy cant I? He didnt wait for the teenager to answer. Andy, youre here because a couple of my friends saw you at one of my clubs last night and they thought you were the kind of young man who would enjoy taking part in one of my special private parties.

And your friend, Miguel is fine. He hopes you enjoy the evening. He regrets but remembered he had another urgent appointment and had to leave while we waited for you to wake up. Again, the smile was wide but didnt touch his eyes. His tongue traced across thin lips. Now, if you are recovered, shall we go downstairs?

He put out a hand and helped Andy stand up. He stroked his fingers down the teenagers cheek. You like men, grown up men, dont you, Andy, and the things they do...the special, private things? The hand traced down over the teenagers shirt pausing only to allow a brief caress of the teenagers small erect nipple through the thin fabric. Andy nodded. But really, you want to find out how men like that play with pretty boys when there are no foolish club rules to get in the way… and you want to join in… to try those things you watched last night…try them for yourself and more. He paused, Im right, arent I Andy?

Still bemused and disoriented Andy didnt say anything but just stared stupidly down at the mans hand on his chest.

I…I…Gaaaaaah! Andy shuddered and gasped with pain as the man pinched the teenagers nipple between forefinger and thumb, a hard, deliberate pinch that whitened his knuckles as he squeezed the little lozenge of flesh.

Oh Andy Im so disappointed, its impolite not to answer properly when your host asks a question. Finger and thumb twisted slowly one way then another until tears trickled down Andys cheeks. He lifted his hand and Andy stretched up onto his toes. Now you give me an answer. You want to feel what its like when the men are in control…dont you?

The teenagers head bobbed madly, Yes…p-p-please…yes…p-please I was… aaaah… after last night… naaaaah…i-i-it was so h-hot…p-please!


The fingers moved downwards and the man cupped the prominent bulge in the front of the teenagers jeans.

He smiled. Oh I see…seeing these things makes you hard I think…dont they? The mans hand moved; fondling the soft weight of his testicles before fingertips moved again and stroked along the thick, raised line of Andys imprisoned cock. Ah thats good Andy, very good, Miguel was right, such things make you hard and excited…very excited. Were going to have a real good time with you.

The two younger men smiled, their teeth white in the dimness of the big room. At a signal they moved to stand near a big arched opening. Ex-Colonel Carlos Mendoza touched the teenagers arm and Andy moved obediently towards the archway. He was breathing hard, part fear, part arousal and excitement.

But also, although he didnt know it, he was beginning to feel the first effects of the stimulant cocktail of Viagra and other things that hed drunk with the innocent looking fruit juice. Things that would keep his cock achingly hard for hours but would also increase the sensitivity of his nerve endings.

Andy Douglass cock torment was about to begin.

The Colonel smiled again as he saw the sheen of sweat across Andys forehead. He gripped the teens upper arm guiding him towards the archway. Dont be shy, Andy, were experts, we know all about having fun playing with boys. Its down this way, he whispered in the quivering teenagers ear.

Andy wanted to ease the aching hardness of his erection but knew that if he touched himself there all those men would see…giving them something else to grin and talk about. The man must have known when he touched him. Getting ready for lunch with Miguel, Andy had thought hed go commando but then changed his mind and had worn a pair of white tanga briefs hed picked up somewhere on his travels.

Little more than pouch of sheer white fabric that cupped his cock and balls the briefs only had a thin string that rode high in the cleft between his butt cheeks to an equally thin waistband. Hed worn it on the beach once when hed forgotten his usual Speedos. Luckily hed had a towel with him when hed gone in the sea because that was when he discovered the fabric became virtually see-through when wet.

Walking down the stairs he wished hed worn something a little more concealing and comfortable. His cock was throbbing and achingly erect. Every movement of the taut fabric against the hot swollen head with each step was making things worse. When he got close to the two younger men he could tell they were all hot and ready for some fucking fun too. He could smell their musk; sweat and the sharp scent of cum mixed with tobacco and other things. From their smiles they knew that he was hot, sweaty and hard for some fucking action too.

Downstairs was a big, vaulted space. Andy hesitated, for the first time suddenly uneasy as he looked round. It was like no club hed been in before. The space was designed to look like some underground sexual torture chamber. Black painted walls, wall bars and fittings in chrome, black metal and stainless steel, straps and harnesses in black leather, the air hot and hazy with smoke and sweat and a relentless samba beat in the background. There were frames and benches scattered around against the walls as well as comfortable armchairs and what looked like a small bar in one corner.

Andy saw at least two padded benches with sloping backs…Andy knew all about that special kind of bench, the back inclined and comfortable and the seat long and narrow so a man could sit back and relax with his feet on the floor. Ideally positioned to watch and enjoy every detail when a boy straddled his hips before being guided or forced down to impale himself on the up-thrust shaft of the mans waiting cock.

Hed ridden astride men in chairs like that.

He remembered it had been three years ago. One man, the one who owned the flat had sat back on a chair like that and two others had lifted him up and held him as though he was sitting in mid-air before they positioned him then lowered him down on to the mans thick, oiled penis. Theyd done it slowly, lifting and lowering him gradually…letting the blunt, slippery spear sink deeper and deeper. Hed cum well before the man he was riding, spraying hot gobs of semen across the mans chest while all three of them laughed as he jerked and cried out with pleasure.

But that had only been the beginning. The one on the bench had cum at last, but there was no rest for Andy. Theyd just swapped round. Two of them by turns holding him up easily in a squatting position before lowering him up and down again and again as he was forced to ride each hot cock in turn. Hed cum twice more while his anus burned and throbbed from the torturing friction. By the end he had been squealing, pleading and squirming in a mad mixture of pain and pleasure each time they lowered him onto the next slippery, hot shaft.

He also knew that boys could be made to lie along that narrow seat, face down or up, with legs spread wide, while a man leaned over to fuck them with hard, ramming stokes.

There was no general lighting, just pools of illumination from spotlights carefully placed to emphasise the dungeon theme; one shining on the rack of wall bars, others throwing ovals of light where special chairs or frames with straps were positioned. Andys heart was pounding, his throat dry with a mixture of sexual excitement and fear as his eyes flicked from side to side. A group of men were standing round the bar area. He could se eyes and teeth gleaming in the dimness, individuals and pairs, some were clothed but there were other, younger ones there too. He could see the shine of their naked flesh and caught glimpses of hands touching hard, erect cocks.

He knew that they were all watching him.

A hand pushed him a little further forward and he could see what was happening in the centre of the area. A small platform with a naked figure arched back on top of it and another naked man at one end. The hand pushed him forwards again, quite gently, moving him closer.

The bound figure was another young man, young and slim with dark olive skin and black hair cut short. He was bent back in a convex arch over a tubular metal frame so his buttocks touched his heels. His thighs were splayed wide apart, his knees hooked over protruding stubs at the base of the frame so he couldnt move or even bring his legs together. To complete the straining arch his arms were pulled back under his body with his wrists bound and clipped to the frame under his buttocks.

Only his head was free, left hanging unsupported off the end of the little platform. Andy couldnt see much of his face, just the mad hollowing of his cheeks and rapid movement of his lips as he sucked and licked the thick penis that filled his mouth and throat.

Andy stared in disbelief…not at the slow, deep face fucking but at what else they had done to him.

The teenagers erect penis jutted up from the peak of his arched body. Seven and a half inches of gleaming, engorged flesh, the network of veins raised and swollen by the drugs hed been given and the fine leather thongs that had been bound round the shaft in a tight criss-cross pattern. The flesh bulged between the gaps. Under the lights the naked helmet looked taut and swollen, the red and purple surface shiny and gleaming with wetness. Looking closer he saw the tight wiry curls at the base of the boys cock were matted and sticky. Andy knew without being told that the teenager had already been made to cum at least once though his leather-laced cock was still iron hard.

But it wasnt just his cock that was being abused. The leather thongs had been wound round the base of the jutting penis and then round his scrotum to separate and bind his testicles so that each one was now swollen and exposed, the skin taut and shiny round each cruelly bound globe.

The thickset naked man face-fucking the teenager with long slow strokes looked at Andy and grinned with pleasure. Another one, Colonel, its going to be a good evening. He thrust forwards and the figure beneath him bubbled wetly and surged on the frame as the head of his cock was driven deep into the teenagers outstretched throat. Thats it, Chico, you shit, work harder now.  He reached forward and used his fingers to rub and squeeze the throbbing cock head. There was another bubbling noise and Andy saw the one hed called Chicos stomach muscles clench as his body heaved on the frame.

Thats better…thats much better, Chico…faster now…then its your turn…I promised you I would play with your cock again…something for our new friend to watch too. Andy saw Chico start to turn his head to try and look at him.

The man bent forward, reaching out to slap the bound and exposed penis viciously three or four times. Each slap was hard enough to make the erect cock smack against the teenagers abdomen before springing upright again No you fucking dont! No! You dont move until I tell you! He yelled arching his hips forward when the jerking figure bubbled and moaned again. Now work harder…use your fucking tongue…go on, quicker!

The unfortunate Chicos cheeks hollowed and his lips sucked and pouted faster, caressing the thick shaft buried in his throat as he tried to obey. Saliva bubbled and drooled from the corners of his mouth with each deep thrust of that hard hot cock down his outstretched throat.

Andy wasnt sure what the man was talking about but he swallowed in sympathy…and arousal as he watched. With each long thrust he remembered the other night in the bedroom and the feeling of Miguels slippery, wet cock sliding down into the back of his throat. Colonel Mendoza and the others in the room saw the American teenager reach down and stroke his own cock…then furtively try and ease the swollen shaft a little inside the tight confines of his jeans.

The Colonel watched him with satisfaction: that was about right…the dose of Viagra the American teen had swallowed was beginning to kick in. Hed be hard for hours yet…even after theyd drained his balls dry.

The Colonel nodded to one of the two young men whod accompanied them downstairs. Andy was so intent on the scene before him that he didnt realise that the two others had joined the man whod been called Colonel until he felt pressure against his buttocks and fingers started to undo his shirt buttons. Its warm in here, Andy, the Colonels voice was still calm and conversational, let my friends make you more comfortable.

There was little Andy could do because the man close to him was obviously stronger and bigger than he was. Andy could smell the strong musk of sweat and arousal as the man pressed close, his fingers busy removing the teenagers shirt.

There was a murmur of excitement and appreciation from round the room as the man stripped the shirt off and Andys tanned, naked torso was revealed. The man stroked the flat of his hands over the teens arms and across his chest, fingers sliding easily on the oily film of sweat. His thumbs found the hard little points of the teenagers dark pink nipples, flicking them back and forth.

Andy twisted and moaned and took a deep shuddering breath, his whole body suddenly aroused and aching with desire. He arched back, posing and tensing his muscles trying deliberately to show off to the watching figures in the dimness.

Andy gasped again as the man pushed against him and the teen felt a thick, hard penis pressing into the cleft of his buttocks. The mans right hand slipped down under the waistband of Andys jeans and his fingers closed on the throbbing confined length of the teenagers cock.

Oh God! Oh f-fuckkk! Andy Douglas gasped, his hips bucking forward to increase the contact of that hand that was now stroking him very slowly, clever fingers sliding up and down his cock, caressing him through the thin material so he could feel the seeping precum making the head slippery inside his foreskin.

Ah no, no not yet, leave him, thats enough, Jorges, the Colonel murmured and Andy moaned again as the mans hand was withdrawn leaving him panting and frustrated. So you like the show young Chico is putting on for us us, I see. He watched the bound figure writhing and heaving as the thick cock slid in and out of his throat with a regular, wet slurping and bubbling noise.

Like you Andy, Chico says he is eighteen, oh yes, I know he looks so much younger but, the colonel smiled unpleasantly, if a young man tells me hes eighteen I must believe him…just like I believe you, Andy. He smiled again, And I can hear you thinking why is he tied up like that? The Colonel shook his head in mock sorrow. Unfortunately, young Chico thought that he could try and make one of my friends pay him some money…a lot of money. There were some photographs I understand, and a recording. Blackmail is not nice, dont you agree, Andy?

Andy nodded, eyes glued on the slow fucking scene in front of him, his cock aching, hard and erect and his senses tingling at the closeness of those hard, male bodies next to him and the drugs stimulating him more and more with each minute.

I dont think youre going to need those jeans any more, are you Andy?

Andy hadnt been concentrating on what the Colonels was saying and only half-heard the question through the haze of sexual arousal. He didnt respond immediately. The Colonel stepped forward and gripped the teenagers jaw, twisting his head round to the side so he was forced to look at the Colonels hard, cruel face and into those black unblinking eyes.

I asked you a question, boy…you dont ignore me or I will hurt you. Do you understand me?

Y-yes s-s-sir. Andy mumbled.

The Colonel closed his fingers pinching Andys cheeks so it looked as though the teenager was pouting out his lips for an obscene kiss. Yes Sir what, Andy? I asked you a question.

Yeb Hurr…I obberstan…pleeeg con hoi hage moi heens ob. PLEEEG HURR!

There was an outburst of mocking laughter from round the room at Andys mangled attempt to answer. The Colonel kept his grip on the teenagers face and shook his head from side to side. So sorry, Andy, we didnt catch that…what did you say?

Andy fumbled with the button of his jeans, pulling the zip down then scrabbling with both hands trying to work the thick denim down over his hips without being able to look down at what he was doing. Moi heens…pleeeg Hurr!

Oh, you do want to take your jeans off…well why didnt you say so properly? The Colonel chuckled as more laughter echoed round the big room and released his grip. He slapped the teenager lightly on the face as Andy hopped and staggered around trying to free his legs from the tangled fabric while struggling to keep his balance at the same time. There was a chorus of whistles and obscene comments as he finally kicked the jeans away and the men saw the G-string the teenager was wearing underneath.

Of course during his exertions the cord had ridden up into the cleft of his buttocks so to all intents and purposes he was naked from the back with only the waist string riding high on his hips. From the front the taut pouch of white material just emphasised the thick line of his penis and the heavy bulge of his testicles.

Andy was right about what happened when the material got wet. Under the lights everyone in the room could see the teenagers swollen cock revealed through the translucent oval of wetness across the tented front of the white fabric.

Colonel Carlos Mendoza ran his tongue over thin lips, breathing heavily through his nose as he watched the blonde American teenager struggling out of his clothes. Seeing the men working on that tanned body would be very special. They loved fucking the young white ones…and he loved the sounds those teens made as the long session went on and on. First there would be the usual noises and chants of pleasure followed of course by protests and the pleas to stop. Then came the part he loved the most. Perhaps a little fun with a cigarette or cattle prod to make the boy so eager to do anything to please his torturers. The heat and smell of fear, sweat and semen as the young man was forced to a peak again and again each time screaming even louder for them to STOP what they were doing to his cock and balls and the raw, sore opening of his anus.

He looked at the near naked teenager, twitching and shaking while trying unsuccessfully to keep his hands over his erect cock as he stared at the man face fucking that little shit Chico. A cruel smile twitched his lips upwards for a moment as he saw Andy bracing himself. Hes going to try and escape, make a break for the steps… they always try something when they realise.

He made a quick gesture to the other men who immediately moved a little closer. Both were smiling and relaxed, like the Colonel they knew what was going to happen and the teenager stood no chance. But, for the moment there was no need for immediate action. Andy Douglas, along with everyone else, was totally fixed on the scene in the middle of the room. The man was moving faster, nearing his climax. Each ramming thrust jolted the bound figure of the teenager making his bound cock bob and bounce wildly. Over the mans increasingly loud stream of grunting obscenities everyone could hear the bubbling gasping noises as arched figure fought for air, trying to breathe with a thick cock sliding in and out of his mouth and throat like a piston.

Suddenly the man jerked forwards, shouting out something in Spanish then pulled free of Chicos mouth. He gripped the shaft of his cock, bending it down so the helmet touched the upturned nose of the teenager. A rapid series of jerks then he arched back, muscles quivering with strain. He yelled towards the ceiling as thick cream spurted from the slit to spatter over the face and throat of his young victim. He looked down and he pumped the shaft with long, slow strokes to squeeze the last sticky drops onto Chicos face.

For you, boy, just for you, he smeared semen across Chicos cheeks, working it into his eyes and hair then bent the shaft down until the domed helmet touched the boys lips. Lick it clean…use that fucking tongue for something more than fucking blackmail. Andy Douglas moved closer with one hand stroking his cock through the thin fabric and his mouth open. His tongue flicked across his lips copying the way Chico was licking and lapping the dark purplish glans of the mans thick cock with slobbering attention to every intimate fold and crease.


The arched teenagers head rocked sideways as the man casually swung one hand against he cheek with vicious force. Thats enough! I told you to clean it, not enjoy yourself. Chico whimpered and shook his head, snorting a mixture of dribbled snot and cum across his face as he tried to clear his throat and nose. Tears trickled down both cheeks to spatter on the floor. The man walked round to the side of the frame and stared hard at Andy Douglas. Oh you like watching real men fucking teens, dont you, white boy?

Andy went red, hands balling into fists as his temper suddenly exploded. YOU FUCKING BASTARD! What are you doing to him? You cant keep me here. IVE BEEN KIDNAPPED! Youre sick, all of you, sick! I wanna get outa here… IM AN AMERICAN SO LET ME GO…NOW!

He managed to take one step forward before his two guards grabbed him. One wrapped his arms around the struggling teenager from behind and lifted him off the floor so his efforts to get to the frame were quite useless. He half turned Andy and the other one used his open right hand across his face with three hard, stinging blows then reached up and gripped the teenagers cock and balls in his left hand…and squeezed.


Andy Douglass knees jerked up to protect his groin while his hands wrenched at the mans thick wrist. The three of them stood locked together for a few seconds then the man in front smiled as the Colonel said, Be a good boy or… Jorges tightened his grip. Andy Douglas whimpered, bit his lip and nodded madly. Tomas is going to put you down now so you stand up straight, nice and still…unless you want Jorges to lift you up in the air by your balls?

Andy shook his head, N-n-noooo, p-please…y-y-youre hurting me! Please. He gasped as Tomas let him go and just stood there trembling with fear and tension with Jorges thumb and forefinger encircling the root of his cock and the neck of his scrotum.

No more tricks, right?

Andy didnt say anything, but kept very still, muscles quivering with tension as he tried not to give the man any excuse to squeeze his balls again or carry out the rest of the Colonels threat. Thats a good boy, hands behind your back please.’’ The Colonel said and looked at the frame where the other teenager was gasping and panting in an effort to breathe properly.

This time there was no hesitation. Tomas and Jorges grinned happily. As Tomas strapped the blonde teenagers wrists together Jorges rolled the boys testicles between his fingers. He used no real pressure but Andy gasped and shivered all the same, caught between his fear of what might happen if the man clenched his hand, and the pleasure feelings as his balls were fondled and teased by an expert.

Now, Andy, lets see you properly.

A knife blade gleamed in the lights. Andy shuddered staring wide-eyed down at his body when Tomas licked his lips then slowly ran the blade down the teenagers taut abdomen. Andy jerked and shivered in terror even as he realised he hadnt been cut and Tomas was only teasing him with the back of the blade. He let out a gasp of pleasure as Tomas stroked the blade very delicately across the wet fabric stretched taut and clinging across the exposed head of his penis. Everyone was intent on the American teenagers teasing humiliation, the silence deep enough so it was possible to hear the scraping rasp of the blade moving to and fro across the material… and the boys gasping reaction to each touch of the steel.

Tomas moved the blade again, tracing along the waist cord to the teenagers hip. A quick flick, a soft snick of sound and the razor edge sliced through the thin fabric. Tracing back the fabric hung loose and the blade skimmed though the wiry blonde curls at the root of his cock. Another pause; another expert flick of the hand and Tomas grinned again as he cut the waist string on the other hip. He reached down with his other hand and very slowly tugged the ruined thong from between Andys legs before peeling the wet fabric away from the teenagers throbbing, erect penis and the soft, heavy bulge of his testicles. There were murmurs of approval and excitement, as well as more obscene comments as the watching men saw eight inches of uncut eighteen year old cock spring out, hard and curved up already slippery with the teenagers leaking pre-cum juices.

Over here, Andy, let Chico say hello to you properly.

The two men guided Andy Douglas round to where the boys head hung clear of the frame. Tomas gripped the pinioned boys hair and twisted his fingers. Chicos mouth opened and he wailed at the sudden, sharp pain. The Colonel stood at the side of the trembling, arched figure. He held the teenagers cockshaft, laced with its thin leather bindings between forefinger and thumb of his left hand then used the first finger of his other hand to stroke the slippery head. His finger circled slowly.

Now, Chico, before we continue with your lesson. His fingertip touched the nerve centre under the swollen glans. Look at me, Chico, he said softly and his fingernail moved, just a little, pressing and scraping against the delicate flesh.

Gaaaaaaah…p-p-p-ppleeeese no, NO! Please…have pity, Colonel!

The Colonel smiled and twisted his fingernail harder into the nerve centre. I dont think you deserve it, after all we have done for you, the money, the clothes, the friends to play with you. Now do as youre told and look at me, Chico. He waited as Tomas forced Chicos head up and forwards so he could look into the Colonels eyes. Better, much better, youre learning at last Chico…now, you can show me how good you are with the tongue of yours…I want you to give a warm welcome to our new, American friend. His finger moved again, this time stroking the delicate flesh under the rim of the pinioned boys cock, making the arched figure strain and heave uselessly to avoid the tormenting stimulation. No, no Chico, dont clench your teeth like that…open wide.

Andy was pushed closer, almost straddling the teenagers head. Tomas bent Chicos head back then Jorges guided the head of Andys penis between the his lips. Andy gasped and mewed with pleasure as he felt the other teenagers hot, wet mouth closing around his throbbing cock. One of them lifted Andys bound wrists so he was forced to bend over, leaning off balance. Involuntarily he thrust his hips forward and his cock slid further down Chicos throat. Andy tensed his thigh muscles, easing back just a little but the two men pushed him even closer until his cock was buried full length and he could feel the boys hot breath on the sensitive skin in the crease of his groin and against his scrotum.

The Colonel looked round with a thin smile of amusement. Everyone was intent on the scene before them. The blonde American teenager, tanned skin sheened with sweat almost straddling the head of the dark-skinned teenager on the frame while the Colonel continued to fondle the cruelly bound glans, his fingertips circling and squeezing the swollen cock head.  Chico tried to cry and cry out but that only added to Andys pleasure as his throat and lips worked on his cock.

Andy was moving now, buttocks clenching as he fucked the bubbling, wet mouth of the arched figure with long, deep stokes. Tomas and Jorges were controlling him easily. Tomas whispering obscenities into his ear while keeping his head stretched back with one hand gripping the teenagers jaw. Jorges busy playing with the Americans hard nipples while keeping his bound arms raised so Andy was always slightly off balance.

After five minutes Andy Douglas had forgotten about the Colonel and the watching men. All he was interested in was the warm wetness round his cock and the tormenting pleasure of the tongue that was wriggling and flicking around the rim and under the head. He could feel his balls tightening as the sensations built him closer and closer to the brink. He moved faster, forcing his cock deeper. Under the Colonels cruel teasing the teen on the frame twisted and moaned more loudly, the sounds vibrating against the thick shaft buried in his throat adding a new sensation to Andy Douglass pleasure.  

Enough! Colonel Mendoza flicked Chicos cock contemptuously and walked away from the frame.


Andy Douglas yelled out in frustration as the two men wrenched him backwards. There was a burst of crude laughter as everyone saw the white teenagers hips bucking, his hard, eight inch cock bouncing and bobbing in thin air as he struggled to find that final touch that would let him cum.

Bring him over here, Tomas…its time for our young friends first lesson in manners. Andy was hurried across to where hed been standing. You like these games I can see that, Andy. But pleasure has a price Im afraid. He stroked Andys bare chest with the fingertips of his left hand then slowly trailed his fingers down over the toned muscles of his abdomen, watching intently as the teenager shivered under his feathery touch. His fingers curled round the thick shaft of the teenagers cock, stretching the skin down exposing the plump glans, naked and still wet and slippery with Chicos saliva.

Ever been caned, Andy, or whipped? He smiled at the sudden look of panic and fear on the Americans face. No…oh but I can see the answer is yes, yes you have…maybe you were a naughty boy? His hand moved up and down the thick shaft. Did someone punish you after catching you doing this, eh Andy…or did they do it to make you cum?

No…no…p-please, no dont…dont hurt me, please…aaaaaah…oh fuuuuck…aaaaah!

You say no but you dont mean that…you like what Im doing to you…dont you, Andy? The Colonel used his fingertips to stroke the exposed helmet, smiling as the teenager gasped and wriggled at the tormenting sensation. Oh yes, I see you do. Right, Tomas, get him ready. The Colonel let him go and walked over to the side of the room, settling himself in a comfortable chair.

Tomas didnt waste any time. Andy was pushed and pulled until he was standing where the Colonel wanted. He almost fell over when Jorges grabbed his left ankle, wrenched it sideways looped a leather strap around his ankle and clipped it to a ring set into the concrete. Feet apart, wide apart, fuckboy, Tomas said. Do it or I squeeze your balls again…real hard this time. Andy shuffled his feet until he was standing astride. Tomas kicked his ankle and grinned unpleasantly. Wider…see that ring? Andy looked down and saw there was a second ring set into the floor.

He obeyed, spreading his legs even wider astride until Jorges could secure his other ankle in the same way. He was suddenly helpless, feet apart and in a panic that Tomas would just let him fall forwards. He shivered and swayed, his cock bouncing up and down as he struggled. Andy went red as he heard the sniggers and crude laughter from the men watching. But Tomas kept hold of his arm while Jorges fiddled with the binding round his wrists. The steel hook took Andy completely by surprise but by the time hed reacted Jorges had slipped it through the wrist tie and was already hauling on the other end of the rope hoisting the teenagers bound hands above his head.

That was when Tomas let go of his arms and Andy Douglas yelled in fright as he toppled forwards.

He didnt fall far. There was a sharp, burning pain as his arms twisted up behind him and his shoulder joints took the strain

Tomas and Jorges laughed as they saw and heard the Americans reaction knowing the rope attached to the hook was taut enough to stop the teenager falling on his face. They continued hauling; hoisting the teens arms above his head until he was held on tiptoe bowed forwards with his arm almost straight up behind his back.

No, no, idiots! Too tight, much too tight, Tomas, give him a chance to breath a little, the Colonel snapped.

Andy Douglas gasped in relief as the rope was slackened off a little and he was able to stand properly with just a little slack in the rope so the stretching strain on his arms and shoulders disappeared. Try now, he said. Tomas stood behind the teenagers body and rubbed the thick bulge of his erection between the cheeks of the boys buttocks. He pressed harder then, very gently, used just his fingertips to tickle the hollows under each upstretched arm.


The American teenager screamed and cried, jerking and twisting in a mad frenzy to avoid those probing, tormenting fingers. There was enough play in the rope for him to be able to twist and bend his upper body and flex his knees and hips just a little. But there was nothing he could do to protect his underarms at all. It was a wonderful show for the watchers; the toned young body gleaming with sweat under the lights, jerking and twisting with that hard, upcurving eight inch cock swinging and bobbing with every movement. But not just his cock, with legs wide his balls swung free and unprotected too.

They could also see Tomas thrusting his hips forwards, enjoying the sensations as the teenagers bottom clenched and rubbed against his cock through the thin stretch fabric. After a minute or so of this enjoyable tickle torment Colonel Mendoza flicked his fingers and Tomas stepped away with one last caress.

Now, Andy, this is for you, the colonel flexed a whippy rattan cane between his hands, bending it into a circle before letting one end go so it straightened with a vicious hiss of sound.

SHIIIIT! Oh fuck, no NO! Y-y-you c-c-cant-, please no its not right, no please, no you cant…NOOO!

Such foul language, you Americans certainly need a lesson in manners…and did I hear you tell me that I cant? Thats rude as well as stupid. I can do what I want with you…anything at all. Andy shuddered, opened his mouth…and then closed it again as the Colonel looked round the room, He reached up and gripped Andys left nipple. Youre certainly not in any position to stop me. He pinched and twisted the hard peak, are you, Andy?


He waited for the burst of laughter from the other men to die down. So, how many shall we start with, eh? He paused but all Andy Douglas could do was stare at the thin yellow rod, babbling and shaking his head in denial of what was happening. Colonel Mendoza shook his head in mock sorrow and handed the cane to Jorges. So you want me to decide for you…lets say twenty…no lets make it…thirty. He ignored Andys sudden wail of protest. Try and keep it nice and even, Jorges…I want a good deep colour on both butt cheeks and a nice clear set of bars too.


Even as he shouted and pleaded Andy was distracted when the man whod been face-fucking Chico walked back to the frame holding something in his hand. Not a cane, but a short handle with what looked like a flap of stiff leather fixed into the end. He grinned at the American teenager and swung the little flogger against Chicos left nipple. The leather slapped against the boys skin with a flat splack!

The Colonel grinned, teeth gleaming against his brown skin Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Chico has to be punished too.  But, for him it is another part of his anatomy that will suffer.

Andy didnt answer but stared at the scene in front of him. The man held the little flogger where the teenager could see it. Immediately, Chico seemed to go mad, wrenching at his bonds and babbling a stream of broken Spanish as he craned his head to the side keeping his eyes fixed on the little whip. The man just grinned and put the flogger down and picked up a tube of lube. Andy only realised what the Colonels comment meant when the man squeezed some lube onto Chicos bound cock and closed his left hand round the shaft.

There was more crude laughter as the watchers saw Andy clenching his buttocks and arching his hips forwards as he watched the man stroking and working the bound teenagers cock. Chico whimpered and gasped as he was masturbated with slow, expert strokes. The gasps became more intense and hurried when the man used his fingers to tease and fondle the smooth sensitive helmet, rubbing under the rim and even probing the opening of his urethra with one finger.

The Colonel coughed politely and the man smiled again and picked up the little whip. He gently pressed Chicos cock down against his abdomen and held it there so the teenagers testicles were lifted and exposed. He didnt take a big swing, just a gentle movement of the wrist so the leather flap slapped against the bound and out-thrust globes with a wet splack!


The teen bucked with a grunt of pain, arching up even more from the frame. The man waited, listening to Chicos hurried, panting breaths then casually swung the flogger again. Another grunting gasp and Chico reared up in another straining spasm.  More strokes followed, each one targeted skilfully so that the leather blade flicked across both testicles making them bob and bounce with each stroke 

Splack!          Splack!         Splack!


Each time the teens cries were louder and wilder as the deeper aching pain built up with every stroke. There was nothing Chico could do. He could move his head and fingers. He could also arch his body just a little by clenching his buttocks and flexing his back. Unfortunately for him, that only made things worse as it thrust his balls out even more, exposing them to the next stroke of agony.


Andy arched forwards, his erect cock jutting and bobbing as he watched every stroke of the helpless eighteen year olds ball whipping. With the American teenager intent on Chicos sexual torture, Colonel Mendoza squeezed some lube onto his own fingers, edged his chair a little closer to Andys left leg and nodded to the muscular figure holding the cane. Jorges waited for a moment until sure that Andys eyes were fixed on Chicos ball-torture then brought the thin, flexible rod whirring through the air to slice across the taut curves of the American teenagers buttocks.




Andy Douglas screamed and arched forwards, the big muscles of his thighs trembling as he rode the sudden fire of that first stroke. Colonel Mendoza reached up and circled the American teenagers jutting cock with the two fingers and thumb of his right hand that were slippery with lube. He rolled the skin back, stretching it down the shaft so the teenagers cock curved up even more. His thumb stroked the exposed V cleft under the glans and Andy Douglas moaned and bucked in a different way.

The second stroke sliced across his buttocks less than an inch below the first and Andy arched forwards again… thrusting his swollen cock even harder through the circle of the Colonels expert fingers.

Thwuck!        Thwuck!        Thwuck!        Thwuck!


Jorges was an expert.. Each stroke was placed with deliberate care, the parallel lines of agony moving down the taut curves of the teenagers buttocks to the sensitive flesh at the top of his thighs. Each time he waited for that arching, straining tension of buttocks and thighs to relax…just a little…before the next stroke added another burning touch to the teenagers slow torment.

The Colonel smiled letting his fingers work on the hot, slippery meat of the American boys cock as Andy thrust forward with each stroke of the cane. He knew that soon the American would be feeling a different kind of heat building up as the caning and the slow masturbation turned punishment into pleasure.


By the end of twenty strokes Andys bottom cheeks and upper thighs were lined with crisp horizontal bars, each one a source of burning, throbbing pain that made him shudder and strain against his bonds while he yelled and shrieked for them to stop. But despite all his screams everyone could see that the teenager was beginning to respond in another way.

Now the American teenager was deliberately arching forwards, straining to increase the friction of the Colonels fingers round his cock. But he was not going to be allowed to reach the peak he wanted just yet. As Andy bucked harder so the Colonel relaxed his grip, playing with the thick shaft but avoiding any stimulation that would allow Andy to cum. He took his hand away completely with the twenty-fifth stroke and Andy stared down at his throbbing cock and wailed in pain and frustration.


Jorges paused and wiped the sweat from his forehead while watching carefully for the Colonels signal. He knew that he would want the last strokes as hard and fast possible, crossing the purple-red lines already marking the tanned skin. Not just because it would hurt the teen more now. But because when they bent him over to work on his anus later on, any touch on that raw skin would make him move and wriggle much more pleasurably as they took it in turns to fuck him.

The Colonel smiled. He reached up and finger and thumb gripped the teenagers left nipple. Weve not finished yet, Andy, a young man like you can take a lot more yet…lets see shall we. The teenager didnt reply immediately as he was looking across at the frame. All the while man had been using the leather blade like a switch…keeping up a remorseless tapping rhythm against Chicos bound and now swollen testicles. Chico was jerking and jolting with each impact but his screams had given way to a series of agonised grunts.

Suddenly, he gave a high-pitched squeal and his head flopped back. The man stopped and flicked the teenagers cock. It flopped to one side, still thick and swollen but without the rigid erection.

Im talking to you, Andy! The Colonel pinched and twisted the hard peak and Andy jerked, his head twisting round to stare down at his body. The Colonel looked across at the frame. Forget that one, hes fainted, thats all, he said dismissing the unconscious Chico. You need to concentrate on what we are going to do to you. Before Andy could react Jorges brought the cane slicing in to cut into the tender crease at top of the teenagers thighs. Beads of blood appeared on the existing wheals where the cane whipped across them.

Andy jerked as though he had received an electric shock, thrusting his hips forwards. The Colonel smiled, let the teenagers nipple go and again circled the rigid shaft so the Andys hard, wet cock could slide between his fingers and thumb once more.

Thwick!        Thwick!        Thwick!        Thwick!        Thwick!

Andy fucked the hand gripping his swollen cock. His hips bucked forwards harder and harder with the impact of each burning stroke. Colonel Mendoza worked the teenagers cock with cruel skill. Fingers and thumb circling the shaft, gripping just enough so that each time he could pull the teens foreskin back, stretching it down exposing the engorged purple helmet so the teenagers cock reared up in a straining curve.  The Colonel watched and listened to the teenagers movements and cries and leaned a little closer.  He reached up with his other hand, using his fingernails to tease and torment the base of Andys cock and the soft wrinkled skin of his scrotum. With each fresh cane stroke and the Colonels expert tormenting masturbation Andy twisted and hooted with pain and pleasure.

Thats right, Andy, tell me how much you like what we are doing. Youre getting hot arent you? A little pain is nothing…nothing to a boy who wants to cum so badly…thats right, yes?

Aaaah…fuck NAAAAH! Haaaaah! Nuh…NUH…PLEEESE….NO….NO! Oh dont…d-d-d-ooooont! Ah…HAAAAH. OH SHIIIIT! Ah-hah…NAAAAAAAAH!

The Colonels hand moved faster, working the teenager to a point where the pain and heat of the caning were just another stimulation that was going to bring him to a jerking screaming climax in a few more seconds. He nodded and looked at Jorges as Andys hooting cries grew louder and more urgent.

Our gringos boys nearly there, help him with a little extra encouragement, Jorges.

Jorges grinned and speeded up the strokes, the cane whipping across the teens laced and reddened buttocks in a sudden flurry that brought a single, wavering cry of tormented ecstasy from Andys lips. He lifted onto tiptoe, the muscles of his legs and buttocks clenched taut and quivering. His cock curved up as the Colonels hand blurred on the shaft and then he bucked…once, twice…and then again. A series of jets of hot thick cream spurted into the air to splatter onto the floor in front of him.

Colonel Mendoza squeezed the teenagers cock, sliding his hand up and down the shaft down in time with each jerk of his hips, milking him of every creamy drop. When Andy had finished gasping and bucking he slowly stretched the skin down the shaft so the swollen helmet jutted out, wet and glistening. He held the thick shaft with his right hand and ran his left forefinger under the flared rim and across the smooth domed head. Andys body jerked in reaction.


Andy, whats the matter…dont you like being touched here? I thought you were saying you wanted me to do this? His fingertips stroked across the wet slippery surface and the teenager bucked and gasped at the torment of having his cock head touched so soon after cumming.

NAAAH…Na-aaah…p-please….H-H-AAAH! D-d-dont…p-p-please NOOOOO!

No? Why not, especially a young man like you who enjoys these things… He wrapped his lube and semen-slick fingers round the up-curved shaft, sliding them up and down in a slow, tormenting caress. We can all see you like it...look! He bent the teenagers eight-inch cock down then let it go so it sprung up against his abdomen with a wet splak. See, still like an iron bar…and so soon after cumming too.

There were chuckles and crude comments from the watchers at the side of the room. The Colonel flicked the teenagers engorged cock from side to side, contemptuous of Andys moans and gasps each time his fingers slapped against the sensitive head and shaft.

The Colonel got to his feet and used one finger to trace a line across the wet, slick skin of the American teenagers chest. The fingertip touched Andys right nipple and rolled it round. Weve only just started, Andy…now its time to give these some attention…I think. He reached into his pocket.

The clips were silver, their jaws lined with little triangular teeth. Andy stared down at his own chest as Colonel Mendoza pinched and tweaked the tan peaks to hard, throbbing points. Hed worn clips on his nipples before but those had been spring clips with cushioned tips. The Colonel pressed finger and thumb together and touched the clip to Andys skin so his left nipple was between the jaws…and then slowly tightened the screw to clamp the jaws shut.


Andy jerked back so hard that the little chain and ring attached to the base of the clip flicked against his skin. The Colonel smiled, waited for the teenager to relax and tightened the screw another half turn. He tugged the clip then turned the screw again. Andy jerked and wailed as the steel teeth bit into the blunt spike.

Ga-aaah…Jeeez…t-t-that really h-hurt! JEEEEZ! NAAAAAGGGH!

Andys jerked and gave another cry of protest when Colonel Mendoza attached another clip to his right nipple. Once again the Colonel waited until Andy had ridden the first throbbing discomfort before screwing the clamp tighter and tighter with slow tormenting twists. Finally satisfied that neither was going to slip off or get shaken loose by Andy Douglass squirming he reached into his pocket again. The two dull grey teardrops clipped onto the rings at the end of each chain.

For a moment Andy, blinking through the tears, didnt understand…then Colonel Mendoza let the heavy lead fishing weights go and the teenager was gasping and crying with the sudden pain as they swayed and dangled under his body. With each twirling twisting movement of the weights the silver teeth pinched and gnawed and tugged at Andy Douglass nipples setting up a deep throbbing agony in the sensitive points of his upper body.

The Colonel patted him on the shoulder. I suggest that you try not to move too much. He grinned and flicked his fingers. Jorges smiled happily and stripped off his shorts to reveal a thick and circumcised eight-inch cock. Jorges was fully erect after the excitement of caning the teenager and his cock bobbed and jutted proudly, the shaft curved up and the head already wet and gleaming with pre-cum.

Andy hadnt noticed what Jorges was doing…or that Tomas had also stripped off his shorts to reveal that he also was well endowed. His cock may not have been as long as Jorges but was much thicker, the head more bulbous with a wide flange, but like his partner he too was fully erect. Tomas stroked his cock, spreading the wetness across the head, as he waited for his turn with the American teenager.

Aaah…haah…h-h-heavy…they fucking hurt…g-goin to rip my nips off…

The Colonel grinned because with Andy bent forwards by the strappado of his arms the lead weights swung and danced unhindered.

I told you to keep still, Andy, they wont come off but as youre worried Ill check shall I? Not waiting for a reply he reached under the teenagers torso and deliberately squeezed both clips hard again.


No, I think that they are quite secure…for the moment. He twined his fingers in the teenagers matted blonde hair and twisted his head to the side. Now its time for you to be nice to us. He unzipped his trousers and eased his cock out. Lets see how much youve learned, shall we? He moved close so the thick, purple head rubbed against Andys lips. Remember Chicos welcome, Andy? Now you do the same for me… His voice went quiet with menace, Make it good for me, Andy, make it good...

Andys lips closed round the Colonels cock. Colonel Mendoza thrust his hips forwards sliding the head deeper into the teenagers well-practiced mouth. But Andy wasnt allowed to concentrate on sucking one cock. Once the Colonel had worked the full length of his penis down Andys throat, Jorges dug his fingers into the raw, caned cheeks of his bottom and prised them apart. Andy jerked and tried to scream as the cruel fingers raked and scratched the raw weals lacing his buttocks but there was nothing he could do. The Colonel smiled happily, enjoying the sensation as the teenagers throat worked and convulsed, vibrating wonderfully against the head of his cock as Andy tried to scream aloud round the gag of the Colonels cock filling his mouth and throat.

The teenager twisted and bucked his hips when he felt Jorges thick cock probing between his buttocks then jerked at the swift stabbing pain as the glans stretched his anal ring wide. He cried out but the sound was reduced to a series of wet slobbering noises by the thick cock meat filling his mouth. Jorges made the teenager cry out again when he clawed Andys cheeks wider apart and rammed his hips forwards. Andy jolted as the slippery head broached his anus and slid deeper into his rectum.

Colonel Mendoza kept his grip on Andys hair, moving the teenagers head backwards and forwards, forcing him to take the full length of his shaft then holding the teenagers mouth clamped against the mat of wiry hair at his groin until Andy started bucking and choking as he fought to draw breath. Only when the American teenagers struggles became desperate did he relent and ease his cock out of the warm wet sheath of Andys mouth and throat.

Jorges grinned with pleasure as the teenagers fight for air made his muscles clench and squeeze around the shaft of his cock. He waited for the Colonel to let him breathe and pulled back until only the helmet was stretching Andys anal ring…then thrust his hips forwards as the Colonel did the same thing to thrust his cock back down the Americans throat. Andy tried to scream but it just turned into another wet, bubbling noise as he was impaled at both ends by thick, hard cocks. The toothed clamps gnawed at his swollen nipples as the weights swung and bounced on the chains as he bucked and fought for air.

The relentless rhythm of the double fucking continued for long minutes as the two men took their pleasure from the squirming body of the young American. Jorges was the first to cum, Andys muscles squeezing his cock shaft so deliciously was enough to tip him over the edge. His fingers dug into the teenagers buttocks, spreading them wider and bringing more bubbling wails from the young mans cock-filled throat as his nails dug into the sore, raised weals left by the cane.

Jorges final jolting thrusts followed by the sudden arching stillness as his cock jerked and squirted deep inside Andys rectum brought a broad smile to the colonels face. His hands cupped the Americans head, guiding and moving it to achieve the maximum pleasure from the warm, wet mouth, sucking lips and a well-practiced tongue that was doing such pleasurable things to him around and under the rim of his cock. And of course there was the added pleasure of having out-lasted Jorges once again. He watched as Jorges pulled his cock from the teenagers anus and moved away to let Tomas take his turn.

Tomas grinned and ran his fingers along the crease of Andys body, two fingers probing into the pouting, swollen ring of the teenagers anus. He reached between Andys legs and rolled the soft weight of his testicles between his fingers. Andy jerked and moaned, his sudden long gasp of warm breath making the Colonel grunt with pleasure. Tomas moved his hand and circled the teenagers cock, the shaft still hard and achingly erect. Using his other hand he guided the naked head of his own thick penis against the slippery opening of Andys anus. He pressed forwards so his cock slid into the wet, slippery channel while his other hand masturbated the young Americans cock with long, expert strokes. 

Colonel Mendozas grin became fixed as he felt his own climax getting closer and closer. His fingers clenched in the American teenagers hair as he arched forwards, his muscles quivering with tension as he tried to drive his penis even deeper into the hot warm sheath of the teenagers throat. Andy shuddered, trying to breath while also responding to the tormenting stimulation of what Tomas was doing to his cock…and the hot itching pleasure of another thick cock sliding in and out of his anus.


Colonel Mendoza shouted out, suddenly pulling his cock free letting the teenager drool while taking a series of heaving, gasping breaths. He twisted Andys head to the side with one hand, the other working the slippery shaft, finger blurring with speed as he brought himself off. He grinned fiercely, staring down, hips bucking once, twice, then a third time as jets of semen splattered across the American teenagers face. He squeezed his cock, pressing the last few drops out then wiped the glazed helmet across Andys cheeks.

He watched Tomas for a few moments, smiling at the way Andy Douglas was beginning to respond to the anal fucking and masturbation. Jorges, help Tomas…I think our young friend is ready to cum again. Jorges grinned, flipped the towel he was using to dry himself across one shoulder and crouched down by the blonde teenagers side. Tomas let Andys cock go and clawed his fingers into the meat of the young Americans sore and striped buttocks.


Jorges ignored Andy scream, and reached up to hold the teenagers testicles. He rolled them between the fingers of his left hand, enjoying the gasps and twitches as he toyed with the sore and swollen globes.  He continued the tormenting ball-play and pulled Andys foreskin back baring the tender head then used forefinger and thumb of his right hand to circle the hard, slippery shaft of the teenagers cock just behind the flared and ultra-sensitive rim of his glans.

He didnt need to move his hand. Tomass was enjoying himself and was keeping up a hard driving rhythm that jolted Andys body each time his thighs slapped against the teenagers buttocks. The impact forced his cock head forwards and back through Jorges fingers in a tormenting stimulation that edged the young American closer and closer to a second climax.  Jorges chuckled and brought another series of sudden jerking spasms and more gasping pleas when he used his fingertips on the exposed glans and under the rim, still ultra sensitive after cumming for the first time only a few minutes before.

Aaah, you like that, eh…you gonna cum for Jorges like the Colonel tell you? His fingers gripped Andys cock rubbing up and down in a fast, cruel rhythm that had the young blonde crying and thrusting in less than a minute.


Colonel Mendoza took a drink and lit a cigarette as he watched his men working the blonde American teenagers cock and anus while the teardrop weights swung and danced on their chains, the clips biting into his nipples so hard that the tips now looked like swollen, dull red berries…each one smeared with beads of blood. Our young friend doesnt seem to know what he wants, does he? the Colonel said as Jorges pumped the teenagers cock harder and faster. Tomas gritted his teeth, fighting to hold off cumming for just a little bit longer as he felt Andy Douglass muscles beginning to clench and tense as he too reached the point of no return.

Gaaaaah…fuuuuk! Yes…oh fuck…YES…FUUUUUUCK YESSS!

Andy Douglas bucked and jerked violently as Jorges expert fingers milked his cock for the second time in less that half and hour. Jorges gripped the shaft, stretching the skin down so the purple-red helmet of Andys abused cock reared back. He held the shaft as the last few spurts of semen dribbled and dripped onto the floor, grinned across at the Colonel…and then used the tips of his fingers to play with the slippery, wet head again.

Good boy…thats a good boy…lots of juice left…makes you feel excited yes?

N-N-NAAAAH…D-D-Don…AAAAAH! No, no p-p-please…dont touch…Gaaah!


Andys jerking spasms were too much for Tomas who suddenly yelled out and rammed his hips forwards. He gave two more hard ramming thrusts then pulled his cock free and rested the shaft in the cleft of the teenagers buttocks allowing thick ropes of creamy fluid to spurt across Andys back. He rocked on his heels so his cock slid up and down the caned buttocks, enjoying the skin on skin feeling as he let the last dribbles smear across the pinioned and squirming teenager s bottom.

Jorges played with the teenagers cock for a little longer then bent the shaft down and let it go so it sprang back and slapped against his abdomen. Still like an iron bar, Colonel, we make him cum more times yet.

Colonel Mendoza smiled and tapped the ash from his cigarette. Oh yes, he thought, weve only just started playing with young Andy…

To be continued


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