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Amy - Criminal Ponygirl

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Synopsis: After committing a crime Amy Mooth is given the choice of a long prison term or life as a slavegirl.

Amy Criminal Ponygirl

By Arnold Puttwyn©

This story is a work of fiction, made up entirely in my own mind.

Any similarity to any person or persons living or dead is coincidence.

This is a story using the society from Kari in Training

The time is fifteen years after the finalization of the Slave Act.

     Society had to change because an unknown genetic disorder caused men to have many more X chromosome sperm cells, so the birth of females 2 to 1 over males made the population change to 67% female and 33% male.  Women became very competitive for the eligible males.  Doctors and medical researchers were not sure they could find an immediate cure, so the legislation was enacted to try to create an equitable ratio of male to female citizens.

     To ease the competition situation, The Slave Act was voted into law and females convicted of crimes were offered the choice of spending excessive terms in prison or becoming non-reproductive slaves. 

     Volunteers were also sought, at first there was little interest, but when the ratio worsened to 75% female and only 25% male the applications increased.  Even with criminal slaves and volunteers the number of males was limited.

     In order to keep from interfering with employment of free women, the use of slaves was restricted.  Neither professional nor commercial use was allowed.

Two classes of slaves were developed:

  1. Domestic Animals or Pets

    1.  Sex Slavegirls

          2. Ponygirls          

      B. Livestock

           1. Milkers

           2. Worker Slave Girls - Menial or unpleasant tasks


International Slavegirl Registry

U.S. Headquarters - Denver, Colo.

Directive 2021-01

Following the recent appellate court decision of Adams vs. State of Missouri, the International Slavegirl Registry, (ISR) issues the following rules update:

All slavegirls and ponygirls are re-classified as Domestic Animals, having no legal status, and no legal rights.  ISR registration is permanent and not transferable nor reversible.

All owners shall be certified by ISR. (Per chap.3 sec. 7 thru 21) All slavegirls and ponygirls must be registered and recorded with ISR.

1. Slavegirls and Ponygirls are not considered human beings, but for medical purposes are Homo sapiens.

2. All protections and responsibilities currently afforded domestic animals and livestock shall be extended;


Nutrition, IE Food, and Food Supplements, proper supervised recreation activities and fitness exercise.

Safe Secure Shelter, Including Heat or Cooling as necessary.

Medical Care where needed. (Homo sapiens)

All Slavegirls and Ponygirls shall be non-reproductive; by medical or mechanical means.

(See Addendum 6 for approved methods and products)

3. Each registration shall be numbered and each registrant tattooed with the same number.

The number must be permanently placed on the right breast in type size and a contrasting color, legible from 3 meters.

The number shall not be covered or hidden.  {Added per appellate court}

4. All body hair including pubic and underarm hair shall be permanently removed and re-growth prevented.

ISRD 21-0101


Chapter 1

San Diego County, CA

     My name is Amy, well actually, Amelia, Mooth like moose with a lisp. It was Amy Mooth, now its 1-021-1249P.  The P is for ponygirl.  I belong to Master Ryan McDonald.  He owns me now.  Its been a convoluted trip to end up here, though. 

     Itd been about eight months after high school graduation that I got in trouble. In school I had been a little taller than average, you know, 5 9” or 10” but during my senior year I grew over four more inches.  It was possibly due to the same genetic problem that caused all the extra women.   I grew clear to six feet and two inches tall, if I felt gawky before I was really bad then.

     Well, I went to Macs Bar out in Mission Valley, to meet a friend from high school; I hadnt seen her since graduation.  She met me in the parking lot and we smoked some crack in her car.  I only had it once before, I didnt really care for it because it made me feel kinda edgy and mean.

     We went inside and this drunken woman started picking on me, poking at me and swinging her hands up, around near my face.  She said she had to pick on me because I was so tall.   She finally tried to push me, but I just stepped back and she almost fell down.  I grabbed her hair and pulled her down on the floor.

      When it started the bartender called the police, and they got there just in time to see that.  When she fell she hit her head on the side of the pool table, she was hurt pretty bad.  I got arrested for felony battery, they said I could have just stepped back and let her fall, but I added to the problem.  Anyway I ended up in court, I was given the opportunity to go to prison for fifteen to twenty years, with the population as skewed as it is sentences for women are terrible, or ask for alternate sentencing.  My lawyer said I could probably get out in twelve or fifteen years, if I was good in prison.  I asked for the alternate sentencing program.  That meant Id be a slavegirl, and as tall as I am, I was going to be trained to be a ponygirl.  I didnt live in a vacuum, Id seen ponygirls before, I knew they were naked, but it didnt mean that much to me.

     “I felt,,,, SO,, theyre naked.”

     Then I had to do it too.  It was then I realized just how very naked ponygirls are.

Ponygirl Amy

     Master Ryan wasnt actually in court that day, but his assistant Ms. Carla Bunoni was there.  He had a deal with the court so Ms. Carla got first choice and she bought me from the court for $2500.  I took the option instead of having a trial, so the court cost was small.

     They took me to an examination room to check over my shoulder, hip and knee joints.  I had to strip completely though.  I asked why I had to take off my panties to check my knees.

     Ms. Carla was a short sour woman, she said, “Take off yer damned panties, or Ill have someone tear em off!”  I started to cry, but I took them off, while I sobbed.  One of my sandals came off, Ms. Carla picked it up and just held her hand out I shrugged and gave her the other one, too. 

     The doctor felt my joints while I moved them around.  She nodded to Ms. Carla, who picked up my bra and panties, dress and the sandals, and tossed them into the waste basket.  The attendant in the exam room handed the doctor an electric clipper, and she clipped all my pussy hair off short, to show I was a slave now.  My lawyer said good bye to Ms. Carla, and left.

     Slavegirls all have no pubic hair, so the fashion for citizen women is to have pubic hair.  Years ago most women clipped or shaved their pussys, now most dont do much more than clip it to about an inch long, having pussy hair is now fashion statement.    I didnt get to make any statements.    

     Ms. Carla had a crossed arm binder sleeve she wanted to use instead of the handcuffs the bailiff had.  The binder held my arms behind my back,  so it looks like I crossed my arms behind my back, my left hand was by my right elbow and my right hand was secured by my left elbow.  The binder sleeve covered my forearms and gently held them behind my back.  I was kinda surprised that it wasnt really uncomfortable.  They took me back to the courtroom naked with my arms in the binder.  Ms. Carla had a collar put around my neck and then clipped a leash to it as we left the exam room. 

     Just before we went into the courtroom the bailiff looked at me, and she whispered gruffly “Dont say a word.” 

     “Yes Maam,” was all I whispered back.  Until we went into the courtroom, it didnt seem so bad.  When we actually went into the courtroom I could hardly breathe, I almost fainted.  I was so scared, I was naked and my pussy hair was all gone, I couldnt cross my arms over my boobs or put my hands over my pussy.  I heard such a ringing in my ears, and I could feel my heart beating in my temples I couldnt tell what the judge and Ms. Carla were saying, then the judge tapped her gavel and Ms. Carla led me out.

El Rancho Mardock

San Diego County, CA

     We went to the ranch in a white van that had lots of seats, but I was the only one in the back.  When we got there I saw that the place was huge.  There was a really big house, and a barn, and several other buildings.  There were people walking all over working and doing other stuff.  Ms. Carla turned me over to Jill.  She told me she was my groom, and shed be taking care of me.  I called her Miss Jill, but she said to call her Jill, she said she was probably the only citizen I could name, and over the next few weeks we would become friends.

     The first thing Jill did was to take me to the doctors office for my permanent IUD.  It was kinda scary, but she told me it would have to be done.  Dr. Reels was the same doctor that was at the courthouse.  She showed me the new style IUD (Intra Uterine Device) called The Barrel.  Its made of a coiled fiberglass rod, in the shape of a barrel.  The rod is about twelve inches long, but coiled up its only three inches long and about one and one half inches at the widest part.  The inner end has several fiberglass barbs that dig into my uterus to keep it from ever coming out.  The hollow center has a small copper rod running the length of the barrel.  This whole thing was to be put inside me, clear up in my uterus.  Dr. Reels had me lie on her table and put my feet in the stirrups, she had little straps on each one for my ankles.  The stirrups were motorized and moved slowly toward me, until I had my knees almost to my chest. I was layin there with my pussy spread open.  The IUD was scrunched up in an applicator; she pushed the whole thing into my pussy and through my cervix into my uterus.  Then it was done, the IUD was permanently installed in me.

     Next Jill took me to the tattoo shop where my number 1 021 1249P was tattooed across the top of my right boob.  Mr. Mills, the tattoo artist,,,, was a dreamboat, he was gorgeous.  He had dark curly hair that was kinda messy.  He was almost as tall as me, and he had huge arms, with dragons and tigers tattooed on them.  I just stood there as he handled my right boob, to put the tattoo stencil on it.  He could handle my boobs all day.

     He didnt say anything to me, but had Jill check to see if the stencil was in the right place.  When they both were satisfied that everything was in the right place, he had me sit in a tall chair so he could reach my boob with his tattoo gun-thing.  I loved the feeling of his hand touching my boob. 

     I said “Ooohh,” when the back of his knuckles grazed over my nipple, and both my nipples stuck right out.  I dont even remember the actual tattooing; I just kept looking at his eyes and his mouth, wishing hed use it to kiss me.  Then we were done.  I heard Jill saying shed see him after she got done.  Damn!!!

     It was dark when she said thats all for today, so we went back to the reception area; she had a cell for me there, until I could get a stall assigned. 

     “Jill, can I ask you something?” I asked, she just looked at me and nodded.  “Why is this place El Rancho Mardock?”

     “In the 1870s Mr. Mardock had a cattle and horse ranch here, and its been in their family ever since,” she said.  “Mr. McDonald bought it about ten years ago, but its always been El Rancho Mardock.”

     I was actually pretty tired and after a half a peanut butter sandwich, while I was still sitting at my table, I went to sleep. I roused up when Jill helped me to my cot and then a couple more times in the night, cause the new tattoo on my boob hurt.  Jill woke me up at 6 AM.

     It was daylight and I looked around to see what sort of place I was in.  The room was real plain, gray cement floors and a brown metal desk at the front, near the door.  There were four cells with a center aisle-way between. The cells were numbered P1 and S1 together on the right side and S2 and P2 across the way.  Out in front of the slavegirl cells were exam-type tables that were mounted to the floor.  I wondered what they were for and Jill told me.

     Each morning the slavegirl in the cell had to get up on top of the table and put her ankles and wrists through loops on each side.  Then her groom or handler, whatever slavegirls grooms are called, would give her an enema.  It sounded really icky to me, having to lay there on the table with a hump in the middle so her butt and pussy was up there on top for her groom to care for.  There wasnt anyone in any of the other cells.

     Jill led me outside to a small corral and told me to pee and poop on the ground.  At first I tried to squat down, but she said I had to learn to go standing up. When I was harnessed to a wagon or cart I couldnt squat to pee.  She had me bend my knees slightly and stick my butt out and just pee, and then poop right on the ground.  When I was done she was waiting by this washer thing.

     There was a wand with a soft, blue, brush on it, and it had a hose running to it, too.  It put out warm soapy water; Jill used it to wash my pussy and had me turn around so she could wash my butt, too.  There was another one with a pink brush, right beside it that put out warm clear water, to wash the soap off me.   I had to stand there with other ponygirls, while other grooms and handlers walked all around, as our grooms washed our pussies and butts.  At least slavegirls are handled indoors.

     Im not sure which is better, or worse.  Slavegirls have to lie over the table and get an enema every morning and I have to go outside to pee and poo on the ground and have to stand there in front of everybody to be washed off.  Slavegirls had this toilet-thing at the front of the room. It was white porcelain and built into the wall. On the left end was a sink under a polished metal mirror; next to it was a latrine bowl in the floor that the slavegirl had to squat over and then next to it was a shower.  There was a small space and then a second one for the other slave cell, but it was the opposite, first the shower, then latrine and then the sink on the end.   Its not real private there, but at least it wasnt outside in front of everybody.

     Over the next few days Jill took me around the ranch for all the stuff they needed to do to me.  I was taken back to the tattoo shop and Mr. Dreamboat Mills pierced my tongue. 

     When I was growing up, I remember seeing my mothers pierced tongue; it was all the rage when she was growing up.  It scared me to see the little gold ball thing peeking out when she talked, I thought something had happened to her, and it must have hurt so badly.  While I was in grade school Milly Lang told me that girls who had their tongues pierced liked to suck mens dicks.  I was so mad; I wouldnt talk to her for three days.  I finally told my mother what Milly said, she got a funny smile on her face and just winked at me.    

     When Jill took me to the shop I was really scared, I just knew it would be terrible.  Mr. Mills had this device that helped to align my tongue for the hole. 

     “Why do I have to have this done?” I asked Jill, before we started.

     “Its for your bit,” she said.  I must have looked at her funny, because she had one to show me.  It was shaped like a “Y” The top had holes with rings through them,  to hook to the bridle harness and the single end had a little ball on the end, so it wouldnt poke the inside of my throat.  In the middle where the arms met there was a small part that came down, to go through the hole in my tongue.  It kept the bit in place; it also kept me from talking while I was harnessed.  I guess Mr. McDonald didnt want ponygirls running along in their harnesses, chatting about stuff and telling jokes. 

     I had to put my tongue out for him to clamp the guiding thing on to it.  Jill held it for him and he pushed a hollow, piercing needle through from the bottom.  He had a curved barbell with little round balls on the ends, to put in the hole.  It didnt hurt as much as I was afraid it might.  He said it was because the hollow needle was real sharp. 

     After that he shaved all the stubble off my pussy.  He touched my pussy so gently while he spread the shaving gel on me; I almost had an orgasm, right there!   I laid on the padded top of his table, and Jill put a warm wet cloth over my pussy, after that Mr. Mills had a can of shaving gel to make foam on me.  He was pretty good with the razor and shaved my pussy and around my butt, in just a few minutes.  He didnt cut me or nick me, or even go too deep and cause a razor burn, just zip, zip and he was done.  Then he said he had to shave me under my arms, too.  Jill handed him a bottle of pale pink lotion that he gently rubbed all over where he just shaved me.  I thought it was to soothe my skin, and it did, but it was to stop hair from growing.  It worked real well; hair never grew on my pussy, between my legs, or under my arms again.

     Then he tattooed Master Ryans logo R M - on my belly, just above my pussy.   The letters were red with black outlines to match the numbers on my right boob.



     On about the third day, the discomfort from my tongue piercing and the tattoos eased up and Jill took me to see a ponygirl punishment.  Three girls had done something bad repeatedly and were getting seriously punished for it.  We went into one of the big red, open barns to see the three girls hanging by their ankles, from an overhead track.  They were wearing hoof boots and crossed-arm binders, but no pulling harnesses or bridle harnesses.   When we got there they were already hanging, helplessly, upside down, by their ankles.

     The girls were pulled along the track to a set of swinging doors into the next big room.  As they moved into the room they stopped about ten feet apart.  There were four people in the room waiting for the girls.

     The head groom, Mrs. Caster, and a recorder, to note the girls number and read off the punishment assigned, the executioner, to apply the punishment, and the ponygirls groom was there too, to care for her afterward.  The executioner was dressed in a black hooded robe; the others were just wearing their regular clothes.

     The first girl in line rode forward as the recorder stepped forward; she rose up until her boobs were level with the recorders face so she could see the girls number tattoo without bending. 

     “1-035-453P, nine strokes for repeated insolence and masturbation,” she said as she stepped back and the girl came back down to the original level, then her ankles were pulled apart until she hung like a Y.  The girl glared as the executioner stepped forward with a long, thin, leather covered whip.  She pulled back and struck down.

     The whip made a sharp swishing sound and slammed into the inside of the girls left thigh with a sharp SMACK.  She closed her eyes, shook, more quivered and then yelped out loud.  I thought she would scream more, I know I woulda screamed and cried like a baby.

     The executioner checked her watch; Jill whispered to me she was waiting a full minute until the next stroke.  The next time she hit the ponygirl it was on the inside of her right thigh.  It was the third hit that really got to me.  It was right down the middle; she hit the girl right on her pussy!

     This time she screamed, and it sounded like terrible pain.  She hyper ventilated and moaned until she fainted.  Mrs. Caster looked toward the girls groom and said, “Ammonia capsule.”

     The groom stepped forward and I heard the pop of an ammonia capsule which she held by the girls nose.  In a few moments she started to wake up and sob a little. They made sure she was awake to feel all the punishment.

     The second time the whip hit the girls pussy; I felt a splash.  I looked toward Jill, she smiled and nodded.

     “Sometimes they get a bit turned on,” she whispered. 

     After the third time, the groom woke her up again. 

     The executioner just said “Done.” 

     Then she was pulled back to the original starting spot.  The other two were also whipped between their legs, but they each only got three strokes, one on the inside of each thigh and the third right down the middle. 

     Then Jill took me into position and had me strung up.  Oh My God I was so scared; I started to cry when I started to move forward.  I thought they were going to give me a taste, just to see what it was like.

     The recorder stepped forward and read off my number, “1-021-1249P, Training.”  She stepped back as I was lowered, and then my legs spread apart.  The executioner stepped forward and raised her whip; she stopped and just said “Done”.  She didnt actually strike me, but I was sure scared!

     I told Jill that Id never do anything to get whipped like that!  I havent either. 

McDonald Ponygirl Academy


     The Ponygirl School was not such a big thing, I learned all the commands in the first two days, theres not that much to it.  Jill had a bridle harness for me.  It was mainly black nylon straps that had padding on the back.  It was kinda complicated to get on, but Jill put it on me every morning.  Shed French braid my hair and then put the bridle harness on me.  The French braid was so I kept long hair and it was out of the way, and I also had kind of a tail. 

     Jill told me that once a while ago ponygirls had tails that were on the end of butt plugs.  They had to have a butt plug in their butts all day.  Then some owners started using them for real pulling and the butt pugs were just too uncomfortable to have in a ponygirl that actually had to work.  We dont really work, like plowing, but we do pull carriages and small wagons.  There are special teams that pull hearses for funerals, and carriages in parades.

     There was a band that went around my head at my hair line; it was called the hatband and there was a strap that went over the top of my head, about even with my ears.  There were two parts that went down the side of my face and curved to end right at the corners of my mouth.  These parts had steel rings to clip to the ends of my bit and to the reins.  There was one more part that went from the lower parts around the back of my head, clear up under my hair.

     The next three months were learning to work with the other ponygirls and gaining all day endurance to run and pull a cart or wagon or even a sulky.  I also had to learn to walk, run and just generally live in hoof boots.  The hardest thing to learn was to live naked and exposed, all the time.

    With the rear, crossed-arm-binder sleeve installed my arms were held back out of the way.  I couldnt put my hands over my pussy or cross my arms over my boobs.  My pussy between my legs was kinda shielded, if not exactly guarded, but my boobs were totally exposed and I felt defenseless.

     We were divided into teams.  At first by height, so we would be more evenly matched by stride length.  After a few weeks we were changed to matching more by ability and endurance.

     There were two trainer ponygirls assigned to each team, they were in the front positions of each team to help teach pacing and so we could all pull evenly.  These ponygirls had pierced nipples with a little chain and a bell dangling from their rings.  I told Jill I wasnt sure Id want my nipples pierced like that.  She smiled and just said ok.

     Some girls had to work hard and some had to take it easy, so we would run at the same speed.  I liked to run for exercise so that part was easy for me.  The hoofboots were hard to get used to.  At first they were like work boots with high heels, but as I got accustomed to them they were replaced with others, until the final boots were fitted.  They made me look like I had hooves.  There was no heel, and there was about a two inch platform under my toes.  I had to stand on my toes, and run on my toes.  They were fairly wide so I felt secure, I got so I could run pretty well in them.

     With the hoofboots on I must have stood about six feet and eight or even ten inches tall. I felt like a giant, it was pretty neat.  My diet was carefully controlled; I wasnt allowed to carry any more weight than necessary.  Any extra fat meant I had more work to do just to move around.

     I had two meals a day; breakfast was usually slave mush, grilled and four poached eggs.  There are two kinds of slave mush, sweet and regular.  Its like oatmeal, but with other grain in it too.

     The sweet has pieces of fruit, like apple or cranberry and blueberries.  Mostly a slavegirl gets that for breakfast, but its not enough for me to run and pull all day.  So I get two slabs of the grilled regular or non-sweet slave mush and four poached eggs. 

     Then in the mid-morning I get a snack of two sliced bananas, and sliced apples.  I can eat that with my bit in place.  I have my late meal right after I get cleaned up, more grilled slave mush and turkey burger.  I tried soy burger but it didnt have enough nutrition, when Jill weighed me Id lost too much weight.  I weigh 173 pounds, my butt and thighs are bigger and my stomach is getting smaller, my boobs are too.

     When I told Jill I didnt like that my boobs were getting smaller, she just said, “ the breasts are mostly fat,” and Ill just have to get used to the idea the mine are smaller.  She always spoke properly; she said breasts, and vulva not boobs or pussy.  I was so tired after running and training all day that being naked was not at the top of my mind.  Since all the other girls were also naked, I didnt seem alone; we were all in this together.  Besides, I was so tired at the end of each day that I didnt have the energy to be self-conscious.


     The strangest thing I had done to me was actually a treat.  We arent given food or sweets for treats, we get orgasms.  On the day I found out was a day I tried really hard to keep pace with the trainer ponygirls, and I did it right all day.  The driver came over to me and said I had done well.  She put on light blue latex gloves and she started touching my belly, just above my pussy.  She let her hand stray down to touch my outer lips, she pushed my lips open and stroked my inner lips and pressed her index finger against my clitoris.  I almost fainted right there, I was so embarrassed.  I writhed around, but I was still hitched to the cart and couldnt go anywhere.  I had to just let her handle my pussy.

     Oh My God, I realized it felt good.  She kept it up and then she pushed her middle finger into my pussy and rubbed against the inner top of my vagina, that rough G-spot place.  I moaned and had an orgasm right there harnessed to the small cart wed been pulling. 

     It wasnt long after that, two or three days and the experienced ponygirls were not brought in anymore, and we were on our own.   Believe it or not, I was moved to first ponygirl.  I was hitched in the left front of the team, and it was my responsibility to keep the pace, so the other girls could pace themselves off me! 

     It was right after our first break that the ponygirls were led away.  When we went back to get hitched to the cart, it was just the six of us that had been in the class to be hitched.  There was a new cart, too.  It had just six spots, not eight. I was in the fourth spot, second on the right side of the cart tongue.  I looked around for the handler to hook me up, but she was standing at the front.

     “Amy, Come on here!” she said to me.  I walked numbly up to her.  “You go here from now on,” she smiled and winked at me.  We had another long work out and then were released.

     Jill was there waiting for me, I just knew she was gonna masturbate me again, I could hardly wait.  But she didnt, she just took the check rein when the hander finished unhooking me.  We walked kinda fast back to the stable and she began getting all my tack off me, and undid my French braid.  When she was done she led me to the shower stall.  Each girl has a shower space in the shower room; mine was 4 of about 25 spaces in the big room.  There is enough space between them for the groom to stand to wash us off without getting sprayed. The 4 was stenciled on the wall above the shower head.  Jill was also responsible for keeping my stall and shower space clean.

     Anyway, when I was all cleaned up, after Jill finished washing me, (yes she washes me).  She told me it was my night to get bred.  I was amazed, I said “Bred?”  She smiled and nodded. 

     She told me that all ponygirls get turned on running along naked; their arms held behind their backs, their boobies (she said breasts) jiggling around (like I didnt already know that).  Even those of us with small little titties jiggle around a bit.  I kinda thought it was just me, and that maybe I was weird, getting turned on from being made to run around naked.  With the crossed arm binder I was helpless; I had to depend on my groom for everything.

     If were good we get to mate with one of the male grooms, handlers, trainers, or drovers.  Theyre assigned by Mrs. Caster.  Its not like love making, we go into the privacy stall and bend over a padded framework thing and the groom steps up behind and puts his dick inside the girls pussy.  They go for as long as it takes for her to cum; sometimes he does too, sometimes not.  My goal is always to get him to cum too. 

     Jill led me, without a bridle harness or leash, just my hoof-boots to the stall and took me inside.  She showed me where to stand and bend over the padded part of the frame.  I have to lean on it, theres a switch in the frame that turns on a light over the door to tell the male if a stall is occupied.  Since all the ponygirls are so tall, there is a thing for him to stand on right behind my place on the frame.  Jill said that from now on she wouldnt come in here, shed just lead me to the door and Id go in on my own.

     I got in place and leaned on the frame and waited.  I only waited about two or three minutes and the door opened, one of the males came in and I laid over the frame.  I was so turned on that both my hands were shaking.  He stepped up to me and entered my pussy right away; I was also already wet inside.  He started pumping in and out right away, too.

     I was so horny; I really writhed all around on his dick.  We were there for about five or six minutes and I had an orgasm, he did too.  It felt so good, my orgasm and the hot sperm spurting out of his dick into my pussy.   Then he pulled out and put his stuff away as he walked to the door and out.  I stood there for a minute and Jill opened the door, “Come on, its time to go.” 

     She told me later that the handler really liked doing me.  She wasnt allowed to tell me which man it was that bred me.   As long as I do well, Ill get masturbated and bred regularly, and I can get extra breeding time for better behavior. 

     “Do they ever touch our boobs,” I asked her.  “I always like having my nipples touched when Im doing it.”

     “They dont usually have time for all the niceties,” she answered me.


     After three months I graduated, and I was the top in both classes.  There were two classes of six ponygirls each; and Mrs. Caster had us competing.  There was a graduation ceremony and Master Ryan was there to see us graduate.  Each team pulled a small wagon past the stand where Master Ryan and Ms. Carla and Mrs. Caster the Head Groom were standing.

     Later Master Ryan had a reception for me and another girl in the garden.  We stood there in all our fancy harnesses, especially made for dress occasions.  They were all shiny, black leather, mine had real gold fittings.  I didnt even know that I had a fancy dress pulling and bridle harness, and shiny, polished hoofboots. 

     The pulling harness has a wide belt that rides low so it puts the strain of pulling on my pelvis.  It also has straps that go up and over my shoulders to put some of the pull there too. There are also straps that go around my chest, just under my boobs.  Girls with big boobs that need support have a kind of shelf on this strap that pushes up under their boobs.  The straps on mine were high up under my boobs too, but there wasnt much of a shelf but it still helped my little boobs feel better.  For training we had padded nylon harnesses.

     Before the reception, Jill and Mrs. Caster came by and told me not to talk, just stand there and receive my praise for being the first in my class.

     There was also another girl, Brenda was her name, everyone called her “Bren” there too, and we had been first and second on our team.  The rest of the new graduate ponygirls were not at the garden reception.

     Master Ryan stood up when we came into the center of the garden.  He was real tall, 65” or 6”, and he had thick black hair, just over the tops of his ears.  We stopped right beside a fountain.  The fountain was a marble woman with a big urn on her shoulder that poured water out.  It was pretty nice here, quiet and shady,,, just nice.

     “You two, Amy and Bren were the top of the class,” he looked around.  “Usually there is one girl in about four or five classes that does really well, not two in the same class.  You two were well ahead of the rest of them, Amy edged out Bren by about three or four points, in every category, but Bren was miles ahead of all the rest of the group.”  I was kinda lookin around; he had this slavegirl on a leash.  I couldnt help notice her, she was beautiful and naked. 

     She was about 52” or 3” and couldnt have weighed more than 105 pounds; she had really long brown hair, clear down her back, nearly to her waist.  All she had on was a gold metal collar with a chain and leather leash that Master Ryan was holding.  Her skin was tanned so it was almost the same color as her hair.  She looked Spanish, but not Mexican.  We have a lot of Mexicans and Mexican descendants here in southern California, she looked a little different.  I found out later she was from Florida; her family was from Puerto Rico. 

     She saw me looking and smiled at me, she had nicest smile and the whitest teeth!  Her firm boobs covered her slender little chest, but they werent really any bigger than mine.  Her little nipples were pierced kinda strangely.  They were pierced across and then in from the end.  Her nipples had little gold chains from her collar to the inside ends of the little gold barbells and then more chains to the studs sticking out from the ends of her nipples.  Then another chain from the outside draped around under her arms and to the back of her collar.  When she moved the chains dangled off her nipples.  I remember thinkin it must jiggle her nipples around a lot.

     Master Ryan was saying that Bren and I would be kept here and sent to the advanced ponygirl school, in about ten days.  Then we would each be the lead girl in our own teams.  He noticed me looking at the slavegirl and pulled her leash to get her closer to him.  He unclipped her leash and then said softly to go ahead.  She walked closer, looked up at me and smiled.

     She started touching my pussy with both hands; with her left hand she spread my outer lips open and rubbed my clit hood with the fingers of her other hand.  She let her hand slide down to my inner lips and so very gently rubbed them too.  She put four of her fingers into my pussy and slowly pushed until she had her whole little hand inside me.  She moved her hand around inside my pussy until I had an orgasm.  I thought I was gonna fall down; someone (probably Jill) was behind me holding against me to keep me upright.

     I thought she was done, but she didnt stop.  She leaned her head closer and began to kiss and lick my clit hood; she still had her hand moving around inside me, she kept it up until I came again.  She turned and rinsed her hands in the fountain.

     Then she moved over to Bren and gave her an orgasm, too.  I watched while she took hold of Brens hood with her left hand, then she slowly pushed the two middle fingers of her right hand inside.  She had a shy smile as she worked both of her hands on Brens pussy.  She was real good at masturbating a girls pussy.

     Master Ryan had our grooms take our bits out.  He asked if there was anything we wanted to know.  We both just stood there and looked around.

     “Mrs. Caster told you both not to say anything, right?” he asked.  He looked at Mrs. Caster, “Why dont you go have a cup of coffee?”  She smiled and nodded, and then she turned and left.

     “Whats going to happen to the other girls?” I asked.  We had been teamed together for nearly three months, and they meant a lot to me.

     “Theyre going to the auction in a couple of days.  They are really good, you two are just better.  My academy is one of the best; theyll sell for a lot.  Their buyers will take good care of such expensive girls.”  He looked directly at me, “Did you study dance before?”

     “Yes, when I was young I did ballet and contemporary dance, but when I got so tall, I couldnt keep up.  I did gymnastics until I was too tall to do the uneven parallel bars.”

     He looked at me funny, “Too Tall?”

     “I had to reach down to get the lower bar; I couldnt swing underneath it and look graceful.”

     “Well that training did you a lot of good here.  Your timing is impeccable.”  He pulled his little slavegirl closer to him and put his left arm around her shoulders; he reached down and touched her left boob, carefully so he didnt get caught in her jewelry.  He saw me looking at her, “You want to ask her something? Her name is Mia.”  I nodded.  He said he had to go do something on the other side of the garden.  After he left she looked toward me.

     “Do those little chains bother you?”

     “Yeah, they make me crazy sometimes,” she looked toward Master Ryan and then back at me.  “I have this one too,” she said and then showed me her pussy.  She had a huge clitoris and it had a ring pierced through the base.  There was a little chain with a little medallion dangling from it. 

     “Oh my god,” I thought it must have hurt a lot.  “Did that hurt a lot?”

     “No, not too bad,” she shrugged.  “I was really afraid when I found out what they were gonna do, but it wasnt so bad.”

     “Is that there all the time, too?” I asked.

     “The ring, not the dangly thing,” she shivered.  “That really drives me crazy!  I dont have to wear it every day,” she looked around.  “The doctor told Master Ryan that if I had to wear it all the time, Id get un-sensitive.  So he only has it put on me once or twice a week.” she rolled her dark eyes.

     “By tonight when Master Ryan wants me, Ill be so turned on I can hardly stand it,” she smiled at me.  While she was talking I could see that her tongue was pierced too.  She had a real big gold thing that looked like a pyramid sitting in the middle of her tongue.

     I saw Master Ryan coming back, so we were done talking.  Mrs. Caster and our grooms were with him.

     Jill walked up to me and held my bit up; “Tongue.” was all she said.   I put my tongue out for her to hook my bit up to, she clipped the ends to my bridle harness, and I couldnt talk anymore.

     We went back to the stable, and Jill took my tack off me, when I was naked she led me to the shower room.  There was no one there, just the two of us.  The others were already moved out of the school stable and taken to the main stable.  While she started to wash me, Jill told me they were getting their nipples pierced this afternoon; Id have my nipples done tomorrow.  He had those ten to do today, Bren and I would be the only ones for tomorrow.  She continued to bathe me.  She smiled as she put more liquid soap on her hands.

     Then she slowly pushed her two middle fingers into my pussy….  

     Well, it didnt hurt so badly after all.  Mr. Mills had a piece of steel that he kept in some ice.  He put it against the side of my nipple until my nipple was hard, and I had goose bumps all over.  Mr. Mills started with my right nipple and carefully pushed the hollow, piercing through my nipple.  Quickly he put the barbell into the end of the needle and pushed the needle out as he put the barbell into the new hole.  After he finished my left nipple, it looked like I had little gold balls on each side if my nipple. He told me that by the time I went to the advanced academy it would be all right, but it could be as long as six months to completely heal, but that active girls like ponygirls usually heal quicker. 

     The nipple rings were put in because everyone liked to see nipples with the little bells dangling, free women wanted to see that ponygirls were made to do that.

     I kinda liked it too, to show that I had graduated from the academy and was an accomplished ponygirl. 

End Chapter One.

Part Two

Mia Slavegirl

Chapter 2

     Hi, my name is 5 - 002 - 829, or Mia now, it was Ciara Cruz.  I got in trouble and decided to take this choice.  I got in trouble because I believed this asshole guys lies.

     I met Steven just as my senior year at the Ft. Lauderdale high school I was attending finished.  He told me he was a Male Reproductive.  Thats a man that has been tested and has a high percentage of Y chromosome sperms, like 85%.  They get a lot of money for sperm samples at local sperm banks.  He had a lot of money so I believed him.  He had this really nice house, turns out that he inherited it from his mother.

     We moved in together right after graduation, my father wasnt so sure and wanted me to wait, but I was gonna have some male babies. My friend Yasmin Perez was so jealous.   I had a real boyfriend and she got a job, at Ramos Slave Services.  We fucked like rabbits for the next two months and nothing.

     One day this letter from the Fertility Board came in to John Andrew Browne, my boyfriend was Steven Gore, so I opened it.  There was a photo printed on the top of the page, but it was Steven.  The letter basically said that they had re-tested his semen sample two more times and he had less than 1% viable sperm.  What that meant was he wasnt ever going to father any babies.

     I was so mad; I called my friend Yasmin and told her about it.  She came over after work at Ramos Slave Services, and another girl, Ruth, came too.  Yasmin had a six pack of beer and Ruth brought a little bottle of whiskey.  We each had two beers and two swallows of the whiskey, I rarely drank and got pretty loaded from just that little bit.  They both left to go home.

     When Steven, or John whatever his name was, got home he found the letter, and got mad at me for opening it.

     “Its not your mail,” he yelled at me!

     “Its not yours either! Is it?” I yelled back!  We yelled at each other some more.

     We started fighting and he slapped me, on the side of my head, really hard, I fell down between the couch and the coffee table.  I looked up and on the bottom of the coffee table a pistol was taped on it, with black electrical tape.  I grabbed the pistol and pointed it at him, and started to pull the trigger.  He dropped out of the way and I shot right out the window.  The bullet hit a little girl that lived next door.  She was playing outside.

     The bullet went through her left forearm, right between the bones.  She was not going to die or even be crippled.   BUT, I had still shot a hole in her.

     Steven had tried to get some stuff gathered up and leave, but the police got there too quickly.  I was arrested, of course.  He was too, for possession of drugs, he had lots of money because he was a drug dealer, a crack dealer.  The gun was to protect his stash from other dealers.

     My father, Antonio Cruz, came and signed me out of jail; he was a good citizen and had a son, my younger brother, Alfonso, so he didnt have to post bail.  He had to agree that Id stay home until the trial and not drink any alcohol.  I sure wasnt ever going to drink again.

     My lawyer said she could get me 20 to 25 years; this was the best I could hope for, since I actually used a gun in the crime.  She came over to the house one night with the State Attorney who agreed that if I pled guilty Id get the minimum sentence.  I knew my life was pretty much fucked; and Id done it myself.

     Yasmin called the next day, from Ramos Slave Services, and shed told her boss about me.  He said I could get out of going to prison and get my father some money.  We talked some more, and I agreed to talk to him.

     Yasmin brought him over the next afternoon, after my father got home from work.  He also had a doctor with him, Dr. Ivete Pena.  She was real nice to me.  We went to my room so she could examine me.  I took off my clothes and she checked me over.  

     “Youre a beautiful girl,” she handed me my dress.  “You wont need these; she nodded toward my bra and panties.

     “My fathers there, I need my panties.”  She nodded and tossed them to me, I got dressed. We went back to the front room and she just nodded to Mr. Ramos, then she left.

     I spent the afternoon looking at slavegirl prices on the internet, and I thought I was worth about $5000 so if I held out for $10,000 I might be able to get the price up to $7500.  So when he offered me $8000 I almost laughed.  He thought I wanted more, he explained that he had to take care of me until I sold and the $8000 was a good offer.  I agreed.

     Mr. Ramos said he had called the State Attorneys office and she would meet us here to sign some papers releasing my father of responsibility for me if I signed his papers.  Just then the same state attorney that was here before came in, and my lawyer was with her, too.

     We signed all the papers and they left.  After they were gone Mr. Ramos counted out $8000 in 100 dollar bills, thats 80 of them.  He pushed it over to me and I pushed it to my father.  He just looked at it and shrugged.

     “Id rather have you than this money,” he looked like he was about to cry.

     “I know, Papi, I know, but Ive really screwed up and Im gone.  This way at least I can give this.”  He nodded.   I hugged everybody, my father, and my brother, Alfie, and my little sister Genevia.

     We went out to Mr. Ramos car; his driver was waiting out there all this time.  She opened the front door for Yasmin, the back door for Mr. Ramos and for me.  Yasmin was doing something with the lap top computer, typing away like crazy.  She finally stopped and the computer printed out this piece of white tape.

     “Whats that?” I asked her.

     “Its your ISR number,” she looked at it, and sighed.  “It has to be stuck on your right teta.  Unbutton the front of your dress, Ciara.”  I just sat there for a minute.  “Come on,” she said softly.

     I looked at her funny, but I took a deep breath and did it.  She pulled the back off the little piece if white tape, to uncover the sticky stuff.  I pulled the right side open and slid it off my shoulder, so my boob was uncovered and Yasmin carefully put the tape on the top of my boob.  I just sat there after that, Mr. Ramos reached around me and pulled the dress back over my shoulder, so it covered up my boob.

     “Her number is supposed to be visible at all times,” Yasmin protested.

     “Me quedo con mis posibilidades.,” he said sort of off handedly, and then he chuckled. (Ill take my chances)

     I knew what the ISR was, International Slavegirl Registry, but I didnt know how all the numbers worked.  When I was looking it up, I found out that from a slavegirls number you could find out a lot about her.

     Yasmin told what the numbers meant.  The 5 is this area, the southeast United States, the 002 was Mr. Ramos, and the 829 meant I was the 829th slavegirl registered by him.  It also meant that we werent really friends anymore.  She was going to get married and have children……and I wasnt……ever………

Ramos Slave Services

          After I got to R.S.S. we went to the office Dr. Pena uses when shes there.  She had this Caterpillar IUD that she put inside my uterus.  It was made of some kind of soft plastic and had small brass hooks on the inside end.  She told me it was the older style, but since Im so small, it was better for me than the new Barrel type IUD.

     “Are you a virgin?” she asked.  I told her no.  I kept my dress on, but I had to take off my panties, for the last time.  I got up on top of her table and put my feet on the stirrups, my knees were back near my chest and my pussy was available to the doctor.  Yasmin was there with me, Mr. Ramos left before this started.  He was actually very nice to me; he knew I was going to be kinda shy at first. 

     Dr. Pena had the IUD in an applicator thing.  It was stainless steel and held the IUD all squeezed inside so it fit into my pussy and through my cervix.  She carefully pushed it into me and into my uterus.  After it was in place she pushed in the plunger and the IUD was permanently installed in me.   Slavegirls are not allowed to reproduce; only free women can have babies.  If a man wants to reproduce he has to get a free woman.  There are plenty of them to find.  She also told me that Id bleed to death if I ever tried to pull it out. 

     We went to a small room off the side of the office.  Mr. Ramos has a deal with a tattoo shop guy who comes to do the tattooing here.  Mr. Ramos is a broker, not a slave owner.  He doesnt have a huge staff; he just gets things done when he needs them, the doctor, the tattoo artist, and a beautician.

  The tattoo artist was already there.  He had my number on about ten transfers.  The ink was indelible and took several days to wash off, but there were a bunch of them so Id always have the number on me, but it wasnt really permanent. 

     I lived alone in a long building that had about twenty cells in it. Each cell was two parts, inside and outside, there was a door between the parts, but Yasmin made sure mine was never locked so I could go out for fresh air whenever I wanted.  I didnt have to stay naked there, either.  Yasmin brought me a few mens small, white, sleeveless t-shirts, they fit me like mini dresses.  They were too big in the top and my boobies were constantly coming out.  They were long enough that my pussy and most of my butt stayed covered.

    Mr. Ramos cousin, Bianca Torres, had a beauty shop and did grooming for Mr. Ramos, too.  She sent technicians to use electrolysis to take off all my body hair.  I was pretty hairy, my arms and legs had a lot of hair.  My pussy hair went from my butt almost halfway to my belly button.  Under my arms was pretty thick too.  The technicians came over twice a day for an hour; two technicians would come over and work on me.  Thats four hours a day, and it still took over two weeks.  When it was done she had her own tattoo artist, Ana Matos was her name, put a small blue B right at the top of my pussy where my lips stop.

     One day this woman came by to see me.  She saw Mr. Ramos internet ad.  Yasmin came out to my cell and got me out; she also took my mini dress.  We went up to the office so this woman could look at me.

     Her name was Ms. Salina McDonald she was looking for a birthday present for her brother, Ryan.  Ryan was a male reproductive and he made a lot of money, he had this huge house in San Diego, California, and Ms. Salina lived there too.  She said she really appreciated him and was looking for the perfect girl for his birthday.

     “This one is gorgeous,” she said.  “Shes tiny and pretty, just what Ryan likes.”

They made a deal while I stood there.  Then she wanted me sent to “Mistress Elenas Slavegirl Academy” near Savannah, Georgia.

     Mr. Ramos said he could have me shipped there in just a few days.

     “Nonsense,” she answered.  “Just drive her up there; its only a few hours by car.”

     Yasmin, and Hector, Mr. Ramos son and Jose another guy who worked there, drove me to Savannah, the next day.  We just went up I95, and only had to go a few miles after we got to Savannah.

Mistress Elenas Slavegirl Academy

     It was an imposing place with a high wall and huge iron gates.  The main building was a white colonial mansion with four columns in the front.  Before we went in, Yasmin hugged me, real tight.

     “Te amo, Ciara,” she whispered softly in my ear.  “Good bye.”

     Mistress Regina met us just inside the door. She looked scary wearing a long, brown organdy gothic dress, with ivory lace trim, and dark make-up. Her black hair was done up in a tight bun, she really scared the hell out of me.

     She touched the front of my little dress and then just held out her hand.  I knew what she meant; I took it off and held it out to her.  She wouldnt take it, she gestured toward a gray waste basket, in the corner.  I went over there and dropped it in. I was more scared of her than I was to be naked there in front of everybody.  When I turned to come back, she put up her hand.  She wanted me to stay there.

     She talked to Yasmin and Hector but not to me.  She told them she had rooms for them to stay the night and they could drive back in the morning.  She turned to her left and then I noticed two slavegirls standing near the back of the room. They were so quiet that I didnt even notice them before.

     “Andrea,” she said loudly, “Show Master Hector and Mistress Yasmin to their cabins.”  One of the slavegirls hurried forward and opened the door for Yasmin and Hector.  She was dressed sorta like Mistress Regina; her dress was all ivory lace with brown organdy trim the opposite of Mistress Reginas.  It didnt really cover her up at all.

     The rear door opened and another woman swept into the room, in a black leather gothic dress, with stark, white lace trim.  She was shorter than Mistress Regina, but taller than me.  She was followed by a tall blond slavegirl, this one also wore a lace dress, and it was white lace with black leather trim.  This dress had real small leather panels over her pussy and butt. Right straight on her pussy was covered, but when she moved the dress swung around and showed her off.

     Mistress Regina told me that Mistress Fiona was my trainer and Miss Jenny would take care of me.  Mistress Fiona had a strong accent like Irish, maybe.  I had to listen carefully; she told later me she was from Cardiff, in Wales. 

     Miss Jenny had a thick, brown leather collar and wrist and ankle cuffs to put on me right then.  The collar and each cuff had a tiny padlock on it.  They felt kind of heavy on me, but she told me Id get used to them. 

     “Come with me,” Mistress Fiona had a leash in her hand which she snapped to my collar.  She led me to their tattoo shop and Mrs. Meyers tattooed my number on permanently on the top of my right boob, 5 002 829.  She had some kind of solvent that took the indelible ink off the top of my boob, so she could put the tattoo on.  She also tattooed a Gothic E on the left side of my left boob. It was Mistress Elenas logo; it meant I was trained here at “Mistress Elenas Slavegirl Academy.”

     Mistress Fiona said the red looked sharp against my light brown skin.  Everything was in kind of a rush after that.

     I remember Mrs. Meyers looking at my nipples, she reached up and took ahold of my left nipple and squeezed it gently.

     “She has pretty little nipples, Fiona, Real nice.”

     “Her owner wants em pierced,” Fiona told her.

     “Itll have to be tomorrow,” Mrs. Meyers told her.  “I have to go to my sons ball game in about half an hour.”

     “Ill bring her back tomorrow,” she resigned.

     Mistress Fiona turned me over to Miss Jenny, who took me to my room.  It was a cell in a small block building.  Three of the walls were vertical bars, about five inches apart, if they were six inches apart, I could have slipped between them.  The forth wall was the cement block wall of the building, painted light gray, that was the wall my bed was hooked on.  I was put into cell number 8; there was another girl across the way in number 5.  The other six cells were empty. 

     My cell had a short table, and no chair.  There were four red carpet pads on the floor; Miss Jenny told me they were for me to kneel on.  My bed was a small cot; one side was hooked to the wall.  It folded up and was locked to the wall except when I was allowed to go to bed.  I wont be allowed to sit in chairs or on the bed; I can only kneel on one of the little pads.  I have to kneel at my little table to eat my two daily meals. At each end of the main room there was this icky pink porcelain thing. It was for my bathroom.  Out in front of each cell was a table that looked like an examination table.  Miss Jenny told me Id have to get up on there each morning.

     “Why will I have to do that?” I asked her.  She said she would have to give me an enema.  “Yeouck!” I thought.  I know I agreed to do this for $8000 and to keep out of prison for the next 25 years, but I was still pretty scared.

     There were four sinks and four showers and four old style toilets right in the floor, built into the pink porcelain. To pee or go poop, the slavegirl had to squat over the porcelain latrine built in the one piece thing that covered the each end of the room.     Each one had a number over it, in roman numerals, mine of course was VIII. Miss Jenny would be giving me a shower, shed wash me.  I wouldnt even be allowed to wash myself. 

     I felt sick to my stomach after Miss Jenny told me all that.  She unlocked my bed so I could get some sleep.  I laid down, but I hardly got any sleep.  I felt like crap when Miss Jenny came back in the morning. I must have slept some, because the girl in the cell across the way was gone.

     I took a deep breath and walked over to my table, I looked it over.  She gave me time to walk all around it and just generally check it out. 

     The top was thick black leather, it didnt look all that comfortable, and I guess comfort wasnt its main function.   There were wide leather loops on each corner, two at the head for my wrists and two at the foot for my ankles.  Right across the top from side to side was a bolster about six inches high.  It was for me to lie over, to keep my butt raised up so Miss Jenny could give my morning enema.

     “Go ahead,” Miss Jenny said when I looked toward her.  She nodded toward The Table.  I got up on top and put my ankles through the loops, nothing happened until I put my wrists through too.   They didnt exactly snap shut, but they closed quickly, just as Mistress Fiona walked in.

     She was pushing a small cart with a white towel draped over whatever she had on top.

Mistress Fiona watched while Miss Jenny carefully spread some kind of lubricant gel on my butt hole.  I didnt know what kind it was, but it was cold.  Miss Jenny slowly pushed the enema tube into me.  After the tube was all the way in, the nozzle fit into my butt and wouldnt slip out while the enema was going in.

     Mistress Fiona and Miss Jenny gave me three enemas.  The first was a pint of warm soapy water; I was released to go poop it out. Then warm clean water to wash out the soap, and then cool clean water, to make sure that the soap was all gone, and that I was all cleaned out.  After each one Miss Jenny took me up to the toilet thing so I could squat over the bowl in the floor to let the enema out.  Just as I started to squat over the latrine she pulled the butt plug nozzle thing with the enema tube through it, out.

     Mistress Fiona left, and Miss Jenny took me to the shower and washed me.  That was the first time since I was a little girl that anyone other than me touched me like that. Miss Jenny washed me very carefully, all over; she made sure that I was clean all around my butt where she gave me the enema.

     After breakfast, I was taken back to get my tongue and nipples pierced. My tongue wasnt so bad; Mrs. Meyers pushed the hollow needle through my tongue from the bottom right through in one quick push.  She put a gold barbell with little round balls on the ends through the hole. 

     “Her little nipples are real sensitive,” Mrs. Meyers said thoughtfully.  “She may not appreciate this very much.”

     She was right; it hurt a lot when put this long handled clamp with an opening in the center on me.  It hurt even more when she pushed the hollow piercing needle through each of my nipples.  She pierced my left nipple and left the needle in while she did my right nipple.  Only then did she put the barbells in. I was pretty sore, but Miss Jenny took me back to my room as she called it, my cell.  She even let my little bed down so I could lie down.


     It was a week later that Jenny took me back to the shop to get my nipples pierced again.  This time from the end into the center down to the hole she pierced across before.  Mrs. Meyers put a tiny wooden rod through the hole already there and pushed a hollow needle down to it.  The hollow needle took out a tiny little piece of my nipple flesh.  She had another gold stud that had a hole in it so the cross barbell could hold it in place.  It wasnt very far from the end down to the hole that was already there.  My nipples were already tender from the first piercing and it hurt a lot.  I almost threw up this time, it hurt so much.  Mistress Regina looked at my nipples later.

     “Humm, thats kind of a neat idea,” as though I had come up with some sort of fashionable jewelry design.  She didnt care how much it hurt me.  “Your Mistress Salina has come up with a clever idea.”  Even with the crème Jenny put in the holes every night it took four months to heal completely, but I had to start training in just two weeks.


     After that, everything ran together, the training and all.  I guess its their way of training me to be a slavegirl.  I did my best, I thought, to do what they wanted of me.

   The oral training included lots of pictures and diagrams of dicks.  Mistress Fiona showed me where to lick along the bottom where its most sensitive.  She also expected me to make him cum in my mouth.  I never like having Stevens dick in my mouth.  I never let him actually come in my mouth.

     Every day I had to go to the training room and give blow jobs to the men Mistress Fiona had there.  They would sit in the chairs and I had to open their pants get their dicks out and suck them off, and gently put their dicks away. I had to be careful because they were pretty sensitive after Id sucked them off.  Then Id crawl on my hands and knees to the next one.

     At first it was just two or three, but there were more and more.  One day I went in and there were twelve men sitting.  Mistress Fiona told me that when I gave all twelve four blow jobs in one day, I was done.

     During this time Mistress Fiona had Jenny put this thing in my butt to open me up.  She told me they were not going to make my butt hole any bigger than it could go, just to get me to open as big as I could really go.

     She showed me this butt plug that had a spring inside to push my butt hole open.  There was a key hole in the outer end that opened the inside end, it spread so I couldnt pull the thing out, and the shank part constantly pushed me open.  There were several sizes so when I got spread as big as it would go; Jenny put the next bigger size in me.  I hated that thing; it was constantly stretching my butt.   

     When I woke up in the morning I had to go get on my table for my enema.  Jenny would take the butt plug out and put the enema nozzle in.  It had a tube on the end it went into me about six inches and then the nozzle stopped in my butt.  She gave me the three enemas every morning.

     Just like that first day, the first one was warm soapy water; I had to lay over this bolster thing on my table so my butt and pussy were raised up.  After she put the warm soapy water in me, I had to lay there for fifteen minutes.  She would get me off the table and take me to the latrine.  As I squatted shed pull the nozzle out and all the soapy water and poop would rush out.  I had to step over to the shower and get my butt rinsed and go back to the table for another enema.   The next enema was warm clear water, to wash the soap out of me, and then cool clear water to make sure I was completely rinsed out.  After that Jenny would give me a complete shower and really wash me all over.  She had to put some kind of yellow crème in the holes pierced in my nipples.

     Then I got to eat my breakfast.  It was slave mush, kinda like oatmeal but with oats and wheat and corn, it had dried cranberries and dried blueberries and sometimes little dried pieces of apple.

     After that I had to get back up on my table to have the butt plug put back in me, it was out for about an hour and a half then it was there for the rest of the day, until Jenny took it out the next morning .

     One day I was taken to the doctors office for a checkup.  She told me that it would go a lot faster if I squeezed it as hard as I could, every half hour.  It would work even if I just walked around and let it do all the work, but it would take longer.

     “They are going to keep one in you until youre spread a much as you can go.”

     “Why do they want to do this to me?” I asked her carefully.

     “Its your owner, Ms. McDonald who chooses the things they do.”  She wanted me to be good at giving blow jobs and to have my butt opened, so when she gave me to her brother he could use me like he wanted.

     “You mean so he can….?”

     “Yes so he can use your butt for sex,” she was blunt, but I kinda understood what my place was now.

     I wasnt a person anymore; I was just like a puppy to give to her brother.

     One morning things started the same as all the rest, but Miss Jenny called Mistress Fiona to come see my butt plug.  It was done spreading me open.  It was finally over.

     Then I went into the training room and gave the twelve men each a blow job, and I went back to the start and did it again, so that each man got two blow jobs, I swallowed it all, too.  Mistress Fiona put a rear arm-binder sleeve on me and had me go over to the Dick Wall and kneel in front of the third row. 

     The dick wall is a wall section with bunch of all different sized silicone dildos that are arraigned in rows on the wall.  They are low enough that I could kneel in front of them and put my mouth over any one of them.  On each side are straps to hold my head to the wall.  Anyway I had to kneel there with one of the dildos in my mouth and my head strapped to the wall while they all went for a coffee break.

     When they got back it was twelve different men that I had to suck off.  It took me only one hour to do them all twice.  I would finish the blow job and swallow while I was crawling to the next one.  Mistress Fiona said it was a new record.

     I was done with that part, my butt was opened up as much as it would go, and I gave 48 blow jobs on one day.


     The next thing was learning oral for women.  Mistress Fiona asked me if I liked women.

     “Not like that,” I answered.  Over the next few days I learned to lick pussies and how to fist a womans pussy too.  Mistress Regina had this slavegirl named Heide to show me all about licking a womans pussy.

     Heide was Mistress Reginas own slavegirl, she had strawberry blonde hair and big boobs with large pink nipples and the whole end of her boobs were pink areolas.  Her pussy was closed to men.  She had two holes pierced in each of her inner lips and Mistress Regina put some large rings through the holes.  They were the type of CBR (captured ball ring) that have to be spread apart with a special tool that looks like mechanics pliers.  Heide couldnt take the rings out herself.  She told me she hated Mistress Regina for having them put in her pussy.  She was only allowed to use her mouth, either on Mistress Regina or for Mistress Regina on her friends.  There were two men that Mistress Regina dated often and they used Heides butt or her mouth, too.

     Heide told me that I could get women to cum faster if I would lick and then suck their clitoris hood into my mouth.  I tried it on this woman that Mistress Regina hired for me to practice on.  It worked real well.

     It was still four months until Master Ryans birthday.  So I was going to take the Advanced Slavegirl Course.  The doctor was looking at my pussy one day and she said my clitoris was partly impacted.  My clit is a bit bigger than average, but the doctor said that more than half of it was covered by my hood and some was still inside my body. 

     She operated and removed part of my hood and uncovered the rest of my clitoris.  It was about an inch long now.  Two or three days later, Jenny took me to the tattoo and piercing shop and Mrs. Meyers pierced a hole through it, down by the base.  It healed real fast, just eight weeks.

      After that I had this treatment done to my pussy.  Mistress Fiona called it B.C.C. treatment.  They hung me up by my ankles and poured this green sticky stuff into my pussy, it didnt feel very good.  The stuff made feel all itchy inside.  I had to hang there for half an hour, then Jenny and Mistress Fiona used a suction tube to get most of it out.  They didnt want it running all over me. 

      After that my pussy was always wet and when I got turned on juice would dribble out of me.  I was kind of uncomfortable at first, but I got used to the idea, but I still felt like such a slut when my pussy dripped.

     One day Jenny took me to the training room, she left me there with my arms in a binder sleeve.  There were three men waiting there for something.  One of them found a dental block layin on the desk, its used by dentists to keep a patients mouth open while they are asleep to do dental work. It has two hard plastic things and a heavy wire that went around the back of the patients head.  One man wanted to see how it worked so he put it on me; it held my mouth open.

     “You know what thats good for!”  One of them decided to use my mouth.  I was sure it was all planned.

     They took turns fucking me in the mouth.  They held my head or my hair and just used my mouth.  Mistress Fiona came in and caught them, she made them leave.

     “Are you all right?” she came over to me.  “Oh my god, youre all turned on.”  She started ranting and yelling at me.

     “They were raping your mouth and you got all excited!  You are a fuckin slut, a fuckin pig.”    

     She left the dental block thing in my mouth and she made me crawl, with the binder still on my arms over to the dick wall.  The rough carpet, like the stuff in a football stadium, really hurt my nipples.  When I got there she made me get on the biggest dick and she pulled my head tight against the wall, with the straps.  It filled my mouth and clear down to my throat, I could hardly breathe.  She left me there.      

     “I cant stand such a dirty little slut!”  She was back in about two minutes.  She didnt yell, she sounded really scary.

     She unhooked me from the wall and made me crawl, across the room to the corner where there is a set of cables that reach up to the ceiling.  She took the binder off and hung me up by my wrists.  She walked away, leaving me hanging there.

     In a few minutes she was back and had a whip.  She started whipping me on the top of my back.  She worked her way down my back, over my butt and down each leg to my heels.  It really stung, I was sure blood was running down my back.

     Then she stepped to the right and whipped my right side, from my arm pit all the way down my leg to my right ankle.  The whip came around and hit my right boob and my nipple, which really hurt.

     Then she did my left side.  She stepped around in front and started whipping with my left armpit.  She worked all down my left side to my ankle bone there.

     Then she stepped to my right whipped my front.   She started right below my chin and worked her way down.  She whipped both of my boobs, which hurt so much.  She kept going down over my belly and right down the front of my legs and even beat the tops of my feet.  She made Jenny hook these ropes to my ankles and pull my legs apart.  She beat the inside of both my legs and thighs.  When she got to the tops of my legs she beat me right on my pussy.

     She threw the whip down and left.

     Jenny took me down, and helped me to my cell.  While we were leaving, I saw that the whip was not leather, but braided cloth.  Although it hurt a lot, it didnt draw blood, or leave any scars.  I didnt realize the significance of that until later.  I never saw Mistress Fiona again. I heard later she went to England for vacation. 

     I didnt sleep too well that night, but it gave me time to think about my place in the world, now.  Im really a slavegirl, truly the same as an animal, and I have no rights.  I can only do what Im told.  Im not even allowed to wash myself in the shower… No,,, Im not TRUSTED to wash myself in the shower. I finally cried myself to sleep.

     About two days later Miss Jenny told me they were going to start getting me ready to ship to my owner in California.  After we were done, with my enema, I knelt at my table and Miss Jenny brought me about half of my usual breakfast.  She also had a big glass of juice.  Mistress Regina came out and told me that Id only have juice for the next two days and then water for a day after that, I would be packed and shipped to California.  They had to get me there in time for Master Ryans birthday surprise.  Miss Jenny had to leave and I didnt get a chance to ask what she meant by shipped.  It really scared me, too.

     Miss Jenny woke me up real early in the morning.  She was naked; she wasnt wearing even the lace dress.  I got up on my table and she gave me a warm water enema, I couldnt smell any soap.  She got done with my shower and had me get back on my table and just put my wrists and left ankle through the loops and leave my right ankle out.  Mistress Regina came in and had the doctor and a nurse, in a white dress with the nurses cap.  I didnt know what was going to happen and I was really scared.

     Dr. Moore and Nurse Anne were there to start getting me ready to ship to my new home, in California.  Nurse Anne put white latex gloves on and stuck an intravenous port in my right leg, just above my ankle.  She wrapped tape around it and wiped it off with a tiny alcohol pad.  Dr. Moore gave her a hypo to inject into me, through the port.  In a few minutes, I started to feel better.

     Mistress Regina made Jenny go over to the side and kneel on a pad.  I realized that she was a slavegirl like me.  Training is about the only job that can be done by a slave.  All other jobs must be performed by free women and some men.  Many men dont really work; some have several women they have to satisfy.  Male Reproductive is the title that really means something.  Mistress Regina once told me that they are really, unbelievably rich. 

     Nurse Anne had a soft sponge thing that she used to lubricate my butt hole.  It was kinda cold when she pushed it into me.  She pushed a special flexible butt plug in, and turned the end.  I could feel it open inside me.  I didnt mind too much, the shot they gave was working, plus Id had so many different things put into my butt that this didnt seem like much.

     Mistress Regina stepped to the side of the table and pressed the release button, “Arms,” was all she said.  The wrist loops opened and as I pulled my arms out, Mistress Regina laid the arm binder on my back. I put my arms over the binder and held them there as she zipped it together and pushed the Velcro tight over the zipper.

Nurse Anne had two soft, white cloth bags she pulled over my hands.

     I moaned softly when Doctor Moore pushed the smooth applicator for some white cream she wanted to put in my bladder, and to fill my urethra. 

     “Whats that for?” I complained.

     “Youre going to have a catheter in there for three or four days,” she said.  “I want to put this anti-inflammatory cream in first.”  She squeezed the tube as she pulled the applicator out, to fill my urethra with the cream.  She immediately pushed the catheter into me.  I felt the end click open as it went into place.  The doctor pulled gently to make sure it was secure inside my bladder.  The other end went to a dark bag, to catch my urine.

     The three of them lifted me from the table to a wheeled gurney.  After they got me on the gurney, Nurse Anne had me lay on my back and pull my knees up to my chest, she had a wide strip of white paper-tape to put around the catheter and then on my pussy so it held my pussy lips closed.  It felt awful, there was a folded part right on the top of my pussy, and it could be pulled off easily, at the other end.

     Mistress Regina had me lay on my side with my knees drawn up so she could push me and the cart to the shipping department.   We went out the door and to a building Id never been in, but Id seen the sign “Shipping” over the door.  Until now I didnt really know what it was for.  Mistress Regina pushed the gurney into the first room and stopped.  She looked down and smiled at me.  She leaned down and gave me a kiss on the side of my head, just beside my eye.  She turned and went out the door.

     “Wow, Ive never seen her do that before,” Doctor Moore said to Nurse Anne.  “She must like this one a lot.”  Nurse Anne just smiled as she pulled two more white cloth bags on my feet. 

     She had two small cotton cloth things that she wrapped around my nipples and some more of the paper tape to stick them on me.  She smiled at me, and winked, “Well do the rest when we get in the clean room.”

     In a few minutes the door clicked and a white light came on over the door, Nurse Anne pushed the door open with my gurney as she pushed me into the room.  There were two other girls getting prepared to ship, too.

     The first girl was laying in the shipping case and the nurse was putting a gas mask lookin thing over her face.  She had a catheter sticking out of her pussy but didnt have tape on her pussy or little pads on her nipples.  I noticed the top of the case they were putting her in was stenciled: CAUTION Live animal

     The girl on the table next to me was getting more stuff done to her. The nurse working on her was putting a tube into her nose; it was going all the way down to her stomach.

     Nurse Anne had a pink tube to put into my stomach too.  She told me it was for feeding while I was in the case.

     She pushed it into my nose and I felt it come out of the opening in the back of my throat. Nurse Anne told me to swallow so she could push the tube in without causing me to gag.  After the tube was in, I tried to talk, but nothing came out.  Nurse Anne just smiled.

     “I have another one for water, too,” she said as she held up a blue tube.  It looked a little bit bigger that the pink tube.  I swallowed to get it in too.  The other ends of the two tubes were hooked to a square black box; Dr. Moore called it a feeding computer.

     “Itll give you one-half an ounce of nutrition gel every hour and an ounce of water every half-hour.”  Id get food and water while I was in the box and the catheter would drain me if necessary.   There was a gas mask looking thing for me, too.  It had a hose that went to a green gas bottle that had sleep gas in it.  Nurse Anne said it was twilight sleep gas.

     Three women came over and lifted me up and lowered me into the case, and Nurse Anne slipped the mask over my face.  I could hear them talking as the top was screwed onto my box.  I heard the doctor telling them she was turning the gas on.  It smelled funny, and tasted worse.  I tried not to breathe it, but I finally had to take a breath……

El Rancho Mardock

     I opened my eyes, the mask was gone, I tried to figure out why I was still here and not off in California somewhere.  The tubes were still in my nose and I still couldnt talk, but I lifted up my head and tried to look around, but everything seemed dark gray and fuzzy, like there was no lights on.

     “Salina, looks like shes awake,” a womans voice said softly, barely above a whisper.  I looked up and saw the woman who bought me from Mr. Ramos.  Mistress Salina smiled as she leaned close to my face.

     “Lets get her unpacked, doctor,” she said to the woman I heard.  “After we get her washed up, youll see how good she looks.”  I tried to smile back at her, but Im not sure I did.

     I dont remember much of what happened until the next day.  I mostly just rested, and they didnt want Master Ryan to find out about me, yet.  I was his birthday surprise.

In the evening I was feeling better; my groom took me to the dental office.  The hygienist was real nice as she cleaned my teeth.  She told me I had a real nice smile.

     Then it was Friday, Master Ryans birthday.  I opened my eyes to see my groom Rosetta.  She was tall and big, well, chubby.  Her black, smiling face was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes that morning.  She was real tall, at least five feet and ten inches tall.

     The room I was in wasnt really a slavegirl facility.  It was in the rear of a ponygirl barn.  There was a table but no big latrine and shower thing.

     “Come on sweetheart,” she could talk and smile at the same time.  “Lets get you ready for today.”  I felt pretty good, rested and cheerful.  Rosetta directed me to my table, Go ahead, and get up on top.”  I sighed and climbed up on the soft leather top of the table.  She gave me an enema, but only one, not three like at Mistress Elenas.    She made me lay there on the table for nearly half an hour. I felt the first wave of a cramp while she was unhooking my wrists.  Ponygirls go outside, on the ground.  Since I was being kept secret I couldnt go outside.  Someone had modified a toilet by removing the seat so I could squat over it.  Once when I had to use a bad gas station toilet, I hovered over the seat cause it was too nasty looking to touch.  This was kinda like that.

     After I was done she led me out to the ponygirl shower room, to get me washed up.  There was a groom there cleaning one of the shower stalls, Rosetta called her Jill.  She wanted to help with Master Ryans present, too.  She insisted she give me my shower.  It didnt take her very long and I was all washed and shampooed.

     Right after she had lunch Rosetta took me to have my make-up done for Master Ryans birthday party.  I told her I had done my make up for a long time, and at Mistress Elenas there were make-up lessons. 

     “Salina has some special plans for your make-up today,” she said softly.  The woman was real nice to me, but I didnt get to see until she was done, and Mistress Salina had seen me.  

     “Wow, shes real good,” I said about the beautician.  She had put dark eye shadow all around my eyes and used sparkled gold lines all around.  I looked very exotic and pretty sexy too.  She also put the gold nipple jewelry on me; straight posts through the holes across my nipples and a tiny gold cap on the end that was held in place by the lower cross pins.

      “Does she want me to darken her nipples, too?” she asked Rosetta.

     “No, Salina likes these pale lil nips,” Rosetta answered.    

     Rosetta had a black leather collar to put on me.  The collar was beautiful, with gold trim and a gold padlock to secure it to my neck.  There were also pale tan stockings, the kind that stay up and expensive black leather platform spike heels.  There was an ankle strap with a gold padlock to keep the shoes on me.  The locks matched the one on my collar. I could never find stockings that stayed up, at least that I could afford, these stayed up just fine.  She led me to a mirror to see everything that was done. 

     At about 2 in the afternoon Rosetta led me to Master Ryans office suite, I had on the fancy shoes and the collar and a rear, binder sleeve.   It was on the third floor of his huge house.  We got off the elevator and walked down the wide hallway.  Rosetta told me about the place as we walked along, the first door on the left was Master Ryans private suite, his bedroom and sitting room. Right across the hall was the door to Mistress Salinas rooms.  There was a covered section in the wall on the left side of the hall too.  About twenty feet farther was the door for Master Ryans office, also on the left side of the hallway.  At the very end of the hall were the doors to the meeting and ballroom.

      She led me into the large office.  The walls were covered with natural wood paneling.  She told me it was Pecan wood; it was real bright and pretty. There was a huge birthday present with red ribbon and a red bow in the middle of the floor.  The back of the present was open and when she led me inside I could see the slave stand.

     “Oh, no,” I moaned.  “Please not that….”  I tried to pull back, but Rosetta held me tightly.   She pulled me over the slave stand, I stood there while she stepped on the foot pedal to raise the stand, and the end rose up and pushed into my pussy. 

     “Damn, how deep is yo cunt, I never ran one this far up.”  She kept pushing the pedal so the staff rose into me.   The staff of the slave stand went in nine inches, and I was already starting to make a lot of lubricant, I could feel it dripping out of me.

      Mistress Salina came over to see how it was going; she could see that I really didnt like the slave stand.

     “Youve been on a stand before, eh?” she asked,

     “Yes maam,” I said softly.  “Mistress Regina had one in her office that I had to stand on.”  Slave stands were developed in Europe in the 17th century to keep slave women in place.  They had an upright staff that was solid in the ground and went up into her pussy, to keep her in place.

     This one was mounted in a raised dais.  The staff was oval shaped two inches front to rear and just one inch wide, to keep me from turning around.  I could have turned, but it would be uncomfortable.  All they would have done was get a bigger staff.  I hated it, I was a slavegirl and I had no humility left, but being trapped by my pussy was too demeaning even for me.  Rosetta closed the rear of the present and I was enclosed.

     I wasnt there for very long and Master Ryan came in, I heard everyone yell “Surprise” in a few minutes he was tearing the paper off me.

     Wow, he was handsome, about six, four or five with tanned skin and dark hair that just came over the tops of his ears.  He had wide shoulders and chest and long legs.  It wasnt going to be too hard for them to make me screw him, or lick his dick.  He smelled nice, too.

     “Whew, shes a pretty little thing,” he finally said.  He walked slowly around me and looked me over carefully.

     “She looks like a lollypop, how do I get her off that thing?”  Rosetta stepped on the round red button on the floor.  It was at the far end, behind me so I couldnt reach it myself.  The staff slid slowly as it pulled out of my pussy.  She put a leash on my collar and led me over to Master Ryan.  He kept me close by for the rest of the day, and I had the binder on the rest of the day too.  Rosetta took it off me in the evening, so I could eat my dinner.

     I knelt on the floor beside Master Ryan, so he could feed me from his plate.  He gave me little bits of his salad (with blue cheese dressing) and small bites of his steak.  It was really good after slave mush for the last few months.  Spanish people, like my dad, have their steak real thin and well done.  Master Ryan likes really rare and thick steaks.  Id never had it this way before, it was delicious.

     Rosetta came by to get me ready for tonight before she went home for the evening.  She had the same ponygirl groom with her, Jill.  They took me down to the slavegirl facilities, in the basement, under the kitchen.  The huge house was built on a hill, so from the front, its three stories, but from the rear its four.  The basement is like the bottom floor from the back.  Right there at the rear of the house is the slavegirl area.  Id never been there before; they kept me out in one of the barns so Master Ryan wouldnt see his birthday surprise.

     There were six cells, two large cells on one wall, and four smaller cells across the way.  The large cells were on the outer wall and each had a window.  Actually mine had two windows.  There was a double size bed in my cell too.  At Ramos Slave Services and Mistress Elenas I only had a cot size bed.  Even at home, growing up I only had a single size bed, this was like deluxe accommodations, especially for a slavegirl.  There was a table there for me, too.  I sighed and went to the table, Rosetta and Jill waited while I climbed up on the top.  Rosetta had to adjust the bolster so my butt was available to her.  This table had a motorized top and bolster so Rosetta just had to press a couple of buttons to get adjusted for me.  Before she gave me an enema Rosetta took my fancy shoes and stockings off.  She gave me the enema and took me to the latrine thing to let it out.  Jill washed my butt and pussy and led me back to the table so Rosetta could put some lubricant on my butt.  Then they led me back upstairs to Master Ryans suite.


     Master Ryan got up early every morning, se he went to bed early, too.  We went to his room about 9:30 to go to bed.  He wanted me to suck him off, and I did.  I did everything Mistress Fiona taught me.  I was careful not to make him cum too soon, so he could enjoy it more, after about five minutes though I had to make him cum.  His dick was so big around that it made my jaw muscles hurt from being open so far.  I licked along the bottom and made sure the end of my tongue jewelry touched the sensitive underside of his dick.  He spurted into my mouth and I tried to swallow it all.  He really put out a lot of semen. It made quite a mess, and dripped off my lips. 

     I was afraid hed be mad, but he laughed.  I finally got all that I had in my mouth down, and I laughed too.

     “I get a lot of money to supply semen to fertility clinics,” he said.  “So I take a supplement to make a lot.”  I just nodded.  “You just swallowed $50,000 worth of cum, and spilled $10,000 worth.”

     “It was more than I ever expected,” I answered.  “Im sorry about the mess.”  He just shrugged and threw the pillows off the bed, and got some more from the closet.

     He had me lay on the bed so he could put a rear, crossed arm binder on me. 

     “I dont know you real well, yet.  So well use this for tonight.”  After my arms were secured he snuggled up to my back.  The next thing I felt was his dick against my butt.  He pushed until it was all the way inside, and his belly was tight against my back.  It was about then I realized we were going to sleep with his dick in my butt.  I laid there awake for a long time, but it felt kinda good to be there with a powerful man.


     “Come on, sleepyhead,” Rosetta said as she shook my shoulder.  I opened my eyes, it was morning and Master Ryan was gone.  “Hes in the shower,” she said when she saw me looking around.

     “I have to pee,” I said quickly.  Rosetta led me out into the hallway, and to the left.  The side of the hall was open and there was a pure, shining white slavegirl latrine in the big alcove.  It was beautiful; not porcelain, but hand carved white alabaster.  It was all four of the stations; a latrine bowl with foot pads and a sink, a shower and a spot for my groom to stand to wash me in the shower.

     There was also a table that sat on arms from the alcove, too.  I looked around at the people walking to Master Ryans office.  Rosetta let me go to pee before I had to get on the table.

     There were ten or fifteen women and three men chatting as they went past going to his office, and then returning with manila files. 

     “Do I have to do this right here?” I said in a loud whisper.


     I had tears in my eyes as she pushed a pre-lubricated tube into my butt, for my enema.  All the people walking by had gone, and we were alone.  After I let it out, she gave me a shower, right there in the hallway alcove, too.  I kept looking around for more women to walk by.

     “What you lookin for?” Rosetta demanded.

     “Everybody can see my private parts,” I answered softly.

     “Youre a damn slavegirl!  You dont have no private parts,” she said gruffly.  She was right, but up till now I was just in the company of a few people who I knew and knew me.  Now anyone walking by could see me, it felt pretty public to me.  These people in the hallway were Master Ryans supervisory staff.  They stopped by his office to get paperwork and schedules for their departments.

     Before she took me back, Rosetta lubricated my butt with some clear body lube.  Then she took me back to Master Ryans suite, and right on through to his balcony.  He was sitting at the table, getting ready to eat his breakfast.  He had me sit on a chair.

     “You want me to sit here?” I was making sure it was all right.

     “Itd be inconvenient to kneel here,” he smiled y hes not at me.  “I dont want to feed your breakfast, and nobodys around.”  He looked around like he was making sure.  He was pretty nice to me, he even gave me coffee.

     We sat and talked for a while, I told him about Steven, or John, whatever his name was, and shooting the neighbor girl.  He told me about being a male reproductive, and how women try to get him to screw them.  He will only impregnate them through the fertility clinics, that way hes the donor not the father of the children.

     He said he had to go and see someone, he wouldnt see me again until Wednesday afternoon.  I mentioned that Rosetta lubed my butt; he looked at his watch, and just shook his head.

     “We talked too long,” he said, and chuckled.

     “Want me to go under there?” I asked and lifted the corner of the tablecloth.

     “Thats ok.  I enjoyed our chat.  It was pretty nice.”  He stood up and dropped his white napkin on his chair; he ran his fingers through my hair.

     “You can wait here for someone to come get you.  Have another cup of coffee,” he said as he left.  I poured one more cup of coffee, and just finished it as Rosetta came to get me.

     Monday morning my permanent groom Estella came in with Rosetta.  After she introduced me, Rosetta left.   She looked so much like Rosetta; when I said that, she told me Rosetta was her mother.  Mistress Salina had sent her to a nearby school for a short course in handling slavegirls.  She gave me three enemas in the morning, just like at Mistress Elenas Academy.

     The school she went to was at “The Reynolds Slavegirl Academy” Mistress Lainie also ran a slavegirl handling seminar.  She showed the grooms how slavegirls are trained and how were made to understand that our masters actually own us.  Estella said the idea that socially we are just the same as any pets.  They were also expected to like us.

     She also had some kind of lotion to put all over me. She did put it all over, too.  It was sort of pale pink and it smelled wonderful.  She had a big, soft sponge and applied it to me right after my shower every time.  

     “Mr. McDonald gets this stuff in a five gallon pail.  It costs, like, $4500,” she told me.  She also told me she wished she could afford this stuff for herself.  If I got two showers, I got covered with lotion twice.

     She took me to the garden to meet Master Ryan.  I wore a gold collar and had little gold chains from the collar to my nipple jewelry.  I was bare footed and had a gold ankle chain.  Estella also put red nail polish that matched my lips, on my finger nails and my toe nails.

     He was there for a ponygirl graduation.  Two girls were the top of their class; he had me masturbate both of them.  Thats how they give treats to ponygirls, not apples or carrots, orgasms.

     They pulled two carts past the front of the garden so Master Ryan and Mrs. Caster and Ms. Buoni could see them.

     In a little while two of them were brought to the garden for Master Ryan to praise.  They both did real good in his ponygirl school.  When they were passing by they didnt seem so big, but when they were brought to the garden I saw how really tall they were.  I just stood there and smiled at them, they had to be like seven feet tall! 

     Master Ryan asked me if I had been taught how to give orgasms to women.

     “Yes, Sir,” was all I said.

     “Dont care much for it?”

     “No, not really,” I kinda shrugged and looked toward him.  He told me I had to give the brunette two orgasms and the blonde ponygirl one orgasm.

     “Yes sir.”

     I walked up to the first ponygirl.  I thought about some odd stuff as I walked up to her.  Her boobs were about the same size as mine, but on her wide chest they looked a lot smaller.  She had a leather harness that went over her shoulders all the way down to a wide belt that went around the top of her butt.  Her nipples werent pierced; I believed all ponygirls had pierced nipples.   Mostly I just though……                  


     My face was level with her boobs.  She had a rear, crossed arm binder on too.  I realized she was sorta helpless; all she could do was to pull the cart or wagon she was hitched to in the direction the driver wanted.

     I reached out with my left hand and touched her belly, just above her bare pussy.  She jumped a little as I slowly ran my hand down to spread her outer lips and touched her clit hood with my right hand.  I looked up at her face as I started to push two fingers into her pussy, her eyes were closed.  Her pussy was already wet and there was so much room that I put four fingers in and then right away my thumb too.  I had my whole hand moving all around inside her.  She had an orgasm right away and almost fell over, but someone stepped up behind her and pushed her forward.

     I leaned down so I could lick her hood and inner lips.  I sucked her hood into my mouth and kept moving my hand around inside.  This time it took a little longer, but she had another orgasm fairly quickly.  I looked around and then just rinsed my hands in the fountain right behind her.  I went to the other girl and gave her an orgasm too.

     Master Ryan wanted to talk to then so he had their bits taken out.  Their bits were kind strange looking, they had a part that stuck down and went through a hole pierced in each girls tongue.

     I spent the rest of the afternoon with Master Ryan and then he kept me for the night too. 


End of Chapter 2

Amy Criminal Ponygirl II

By: Arnold Puttwyn ©

This is a work of fiction, made up entirely in my own mind.

Any similarity to any person or persons living or dead is coincidence.

This is a story using the society from Kari in Training

The time is fifteen years after the beginning of the Slave Act.

          Society had to change because an unknown genetic disorder caused men to have many more X chromosome sperm cells, so the birth of females 2 to 1 over males made the population change to 67% female and 33% male.  Women became very competitive for the eligible males.  Doctors and medical researchers were not sure they could find an immediate cure, so the legislation was enacted to try to create an equitable ratio of male to female citizens.

     To ease the competition situation, The Slave Act was voted into law and females convicted of crimes were offered the choice of spending excessive terms in prison or becoming non-reproductive slaves, either choice helped ease the inequity.

     Volunteers were also sought, at first there was little interest, but when the ratio worsened to 75% female and only 25% male the applications increased.  Even with criminal slaves and volunteers the number of males was limited.

     In order to keep from interfering with employment of free women, the use of slaves was restricted.  Neither professional nor commercial use was allowed.

Two classes of slaves were developed:

  1. Domestic Animals or Pets

         1.  Sex Slavegirls

         2. Ponygirls          

      B. Livestock

           1. Milkers

           2. Worker Slave Girls - Menial or unpleasant tasks

Part II

Chapter 3

San Diego County, CA

        It was just over a year after my Ponygirl Academy Graduation when we finished a real working month; first we had a funeral and then a parade.  They were both for the mayor Roberto Velez.  The funeral was actually for his mother.  She was ill for a long time and then died.  Senora Camino was a local political figure so there was a major funeral.

     Until this month everything we had done was training or practice.  The funeral actually took quite a bit of practice.  Both Master Ryan and Master Carl Reynolds each sent a team of twelve to pull the hearse a mile, from the chapel to the graveyard.

     Senora Guadalupe Camino was instrumental in getting the slavegirl laws passed in this area, many years ago. She was very wealthy and wanted to make sure there were men available for her two granddaughters.  She liked ponygirls and owned quite a few. 

     I was on the left with twelve girls and Master Carls team was on the right side.  I set the pace and Missy, Master Carls first girl, led her team off me.  Master Carl sent all of his girls to Master Ryans school, so we could all train together.  Master Ryan didnt want the driver to have to slow us down, he wanted dignified not hurried.   After nearly a week of practice we were all ready to pull the hearse. 

     It was a pretty hot day, but we didnt have to run, in fact we had to make sure we didnt get going too fast.  We were taken in a truck to a shaded parking lot near the funeral chapel, and the handlers put our tack on us, outdoors in the shade.  We were prepared at the ranch, by our grooms.  Our hair was French braided, sun block applied to all of our skin, bridle harnesses and nipple rings and bells installed.  One of the handlers had my pulling harness ready.  We had new, special subdued tack for the funeral.  It was matte black leather.  The team ponygirls had flat black metal on their harnesses.  They also had black nipple rings, chains and bells, and bits.  My bit, buckles and nipple rings were matte finished gold, and the tiny riveted decorations on my bridle and pulling harness were also matte gold. Jill told me it was gold too, not brass that looked gold.  I was really impressed; Master Ryan had gold trim on my harness.  After we took the casket to the graveyard, we walked to the street and then we ran back to the parking lot near the funeral chapel and our handlers and grooms were there to give each of us a treat.

     A handler, Beatrix, pulled on a pair of purple nitrile work gloves as she walked up to me slowly.  I quivered a little as she gently ran her left hand over my lower belly.  She let her hand stray lower to touch my outer pussy lips and then she rolled my hood and inner lips between the fingers of her right hand.  I closed my eyes as she pushed her two middle fingers inside me.  She curled her fingers to touch my inner front; Im so sensitive there that it only took a few minutes for me to gasp softly and cum.  I must be even more submissive than I ever realized, I wasnt outraged that she touched my pussy.  I wasnt offended that she masturbated me right there in public, if Id been offended or outraged, I wouldnt have had the orgasm.

     I have had to admit to myself that Im very much a submissive.  It started in the courtroom when Ms. Carla made me return naked.  It turned out that it wasnt just Ms. Carla, but all society.  Everyone who I met made me understand that my only value is as a naked ponygirl.  Their methods of forced domestication and re-education converted me into a submissive ponygirl.

     My groom, Jill, was the most important person in my life; she taught me how to live as a ponygirl and took care of me.  She took care of my equipment and kept my stall clean, but she also bathed me, fed me and made me understand that I wasnt allowed to even think about that part of my existence. She helped to modify my thoughts so I was proud that I graduated from the academy.  The rest of Master Ryans personnel modified my body; I wore more and more extreme hoof boots until I could run all day with heelless hoof boots.

     I was concerned about being naked at all times, but now I go out in the morning to pull the cart or carriage or whatever Im hitched to, some days its practice, other days endurance training.  I dont have time or energy to think about it, I get too tired and dirty to even care if Im naked or not.  As I walked back to the barn; I noticed that little rivulets of sweat made tracks in the dust covering all of me.

     My graduation from the training academy made me proud to have my nipples pierced.  When I run the little bells dangling from the rings through the holes jiggle all around and kinda turn me on, too.

     The driver or a handler masturbates me for good behavior, and Jill masturbates me for treats, and special treats are given to me too.  I get to mate with a male handler, or trainer.  Its not like love making, I just bend over a rail, in a privacy stall and the male does me from behind.  Mrs. Caster sets the rotation for the males who breed me or any of us, when the opportunity is earned.

     I guess when I think about it, I should be upset with myself, but Im proud that I graduated and when I run my nipple bells jingle and tinkle.

     Jill came to my stall one evening before she left to go home and said she had something to tell me.  She came in and sat on the side of my bed.

     “Your birthday is coming up in a few days,” she whispered.  “Mrs. Caster will come and ask you what youd like for your birthday.”  I nodded slowly.  “Dont tell her you want a cake,” she winked at me.  “Thats what most girls ask for, but youll get that anyway,” she stood up and started toward the gate.  “Think about it, and make it worthwhile,” she turned back toward me.  “One more thing, I didnt come here tonight….”

     It was actually just the next afternoon when Mrs. Caster had me unhitched and brought to the side of the corral to talk to her.  She always dressed in jeans and a western shirt, but they were nice clothes and always clean, her western boots were polished to a shiny cordovan brown.

     “Amy, your birthday is coming up in a few days.  Since youre doing so well, Mr. McDonald wanted to see if there is anything that we might be able to get for you.  Its got to be something you can have, as a ponygirl,” she said carefully.  That was probably the most shed ever said to me.  I acted like I had to think for a minute, but Id really already decided what to ask for.

     “I want to make love like a girl,” she looked amazed.  “Not just have a guy bend me over the rail, but I want to lay in a bed and have a man hug me and kiss me and feel my boobs,” I took a deep breath.  “Thats what Id like for my birthday.”

     “Oh,,well,,ok,,um,,Ill see what I can do,” it was hard to keep from laughing as she stammered.  She didnt really expect me to have an idea what Id want.  She turned to leave.

     “I suppose you want the day off, too?” she sounded a bit sarcastic.

     “Yes, please,” I answered quickly.

     One of the handlers, Meina, came over to take me back to the carriage we were working with that day.  She was reattaching me when Jill came by; she had a big grin on her face, and was doing her best to keep from laughing.

    “What did you tell her you wanted?” she was really enjoying Mrs. Casters consternation.  “She was really in a tither about you.”  I couldnt tell Jill what I asked for, until later when she took my bit out.

     “Mr. McDonald told her he wanted you to have what you asked for.  Shes going to be busy making that happen.”  


         Jill told me later two of the male handlers volunteered to do it for me; the one Mrs. Caster chose was Jesus.  She also told me he was the one on that first time in the privacy stall, and the privacy stall was for him, my privacy wasnt a concern.  I knew my request wasnt a secret, Jill told me that Mrs. Caster was concerned that she might have to draft someone for me.  What surprised her was that there were two volunteers; after all she certainly did not like ponygirls.

I Get Laid

     “Happy Birthday!!” Jill called out to me as she walked into my stall.  I raised up, but she put her hand up for me to stop.  “You have today off,” she said cheerfully.   

     We went outside; she waited by the washers while I went across the corral to pee on the ground.  After I was done we went back to my stall.  I wondered what Id do all day.  Since I spent most all my time in a harness there wasnt really much else for me to do.      

     “Guess what,” she still sounded so damn cheerful.  “Mr. McDonald has a present for you, too.”  She told me he arraigned for me to have a spa treatment, before I get to meet Jesus for my special date.  She gave me a shower first and then the woman from the beauty shop came to get me.  I was amazed; Master Ryan has a beauty shop right here on the ranch!

     All I had on to go to the shop was a pair of sandals, no bridle harness nor hoof boots.  We just walked over to the shop; it was in the same small building Mr. Mills has his tattoo shop.  This place was at the end of the long front hall.  I noticed it before, but there was neither sign nor lettering on the frosted window glass.  Today there was a light on inside and the door was standing open.  We went right on in where I met Dorothy, the cosmetologist who worked part time here and at her own shop in La Mesa. 

     “Hi,” she said brightly.  “Wow, shes tall,” she stepped closer to me and looked me over top to bottom.  She reached out and touched the skin on my left forearm then on the left side of my waist and over my hip.  “Jill must put lots of lotion on you,” she looked right at me.

     “Yes,” I nodded.  “She takes good care of me.” 

      Ms. Dorothy told me she had some kind of lotion that would make my harness the same color as the rest of my skin.  Since we wear the pulling harness all the time when were outside, the skin under the harness is white and all the rest is tanned.  We all have it; we call it our “white-skin harness”.  She carefully covered each light colored line on my chest and hips.  It looked a little darker at first; she told me I would be even after she put some special healing oil on me.

     Niceties over, Ms. Dorothy had me lay on a massage table so she could rub more lotion all over me.  I laid on my back with my hair hanging over the end of the table and she started on my head and face.  It was some kind of pale pink lotion that she put on my face, neck, and ears.  When I told her it smelled real nice, she told me it had oil of lavender in it.  Oil of Lavender is made by pressing lavender blooms to extract oil.  Its beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.  That was the oil she was talking about making my white harness go away.

     She continued down my chest covered my boobs and nipples.  She worked her way down over my belly and pussy, on down my legs and even on the bottoms of my feet.       She had me turn over and lay over a rolled up towel so my butt was raised up, like every day for a slavegirl.  She started at the back of my neck and rubbed the lotion all over my back clear down to my butt.  Ms. Dorothy went right over my butt and down each leg and even on the bottoms of my feet again.

     Then she worked back up the inside of my legs and thighs when she got to the tops of my thighs she kept right on and applied a liberal amount as she called it, to my pussy and butt.  Ms. Dorothy slowly rubbed my outer pussy lips, gently at first and then with more pressure.  Her hands were real strong, she kept pressing harder until I could barely stand it.  She spread my butt with her left hand and cupped her right hand over my pussy, put her two middle fingers in my pussy and then pushed her thumb in my butt.  Ms. Dorothy slowly rubbed the ends of her fingers and thumb together.  I know telling about it doesnt seem like much, but when she actually did it, the effect was amazing.  I had an orgasm in about three minutes.  Ive gotten used to the idea that any of these people have complete, unlimited, access to my entire body.  Sometimes it seems like everybody has unlimited access to my body.

     She finished just as Jill came in to get me to go to my Birthday Party.  Jill had a present for me too, a pair of light tan leather strap sandals for me to wear now.  There was nothing else, no bridle harness nor pulling harness.

     “You have to hurry,” Ms. Dorothy said.  “Theres no sun block in the oil I put on her.  Dont want her to burn.”  We didnt run to the barn, but we walked fast.  It was pretty bright outside so when we went in my eyes had to adjust.

     “Surprise!” rang out!  I couldnt believe it.  The whole place was full, ponygirls, and slavegirls and a bunch of the grooms, handlers, and trainers.  Master Ryan was there and his friend Master Carl Reynolds was also there.  Master Carl brought a ponygirl team and two slavegirls.  They all came by and wished me a happy birthday.

     I felt so neat, no white-skin harnesses on me at all.  Several of the other ponygirls noticed it, too.  After I got a really big piece of cake, I looked for Jesus.  He came over to me, and we ate our cake together.  It only took half an hour for everyone to get done and move on.

     Jesus and I went to the privacy stall that had been outfitted with a real bed. OMG I was so excited to have real man and woman sex that I almost had an orgasm while we walked back there.

     As we walked along the little hallway, Jesus put his hand on my bare back.  Until then I didnt feel naked, but when he touched me, I sure did.  I felt his hand stray down my back and touch me on my bottom.  He patted my butt so very gently. 

     Damn, I felt positively wanton, like such a slut.  Dont get me wrong.  I wanted it, but damn I felt so cheap.  While we walked along, I reached down and unzipped his pants.  I felt cheap and I wanted him to feel it too. 

     Since there were so many more women than men, I didnt really get to know many men.  I didnt realize men dont feel cheap like women do.  He liked it. 

     We got to the bedroom and went inside.  I laid down on the bed and he sat beside me to take his shoes off.  I rubbed his back while I waited and then we started kissing.  He was so very gentle when he touched and squeezed my boobs and ran his thumbs over my nipples.

     It wasnt very long and he was naked beside me.  Then he was over me, and inside me.  Since he was assigned to mate with ponygirls regularly, he actually had great orgasm control.  I had an orgasm right away, but he kept going.  We did it for about twenty minutes and I had another orgasm, and then a third just as he did too.  I just laid there for a few minutes while he held me.  It was so nice.

     “Happy Birthday,” he whispered. 

     “Yeah,” I felt so good.

     The reason Master Carl Reynolds was at my birthday party was that his ponygirl team was at our ranch to practice for the parade coming up.  It was for the mayor Roberto Velez; he was retiring and was re-starting the ponygirl operation at his late mothers ranch.  He inherited it when she passed away and with his daughters he would reopen the facility for ponygirl training and sales.

   The parade was from the center of the city down El Cajon Blvd all the way through town and out to the Pinecone Inn.  Master Carl owns it now and he was sponsoring the retirement dinner for Mayor Velez.  My team pulled the carriage with the mayor and his family for the entire route.  There were twenty-four of us hitched to the front of the carriage.  There was a driver and the mayor, his wife, and their two daughters in the carriage.  The second carriage held Master Ryan and one of his slavegirls, Master Carl and one of his slavegirls, and Mr. Spikes the fiancé of Lupe Velez, Mayor Velez older daughter.  She was named after the mayors mother.  The driver was one of Master Carls drivers, but I never heard her name.

     When we started there was a band and some other floats.  The parade stopped after about a mile and Mayor Velez gave about a five minute statement about retiring.  The parade was over and the floats and band dropped off while we continued on to the Pinecone Inn, another four or five miles.  We were done when we got to the restaurant.

     The mayors younger daughter, Rebekah, wanted to have a few photos shot with my team in the background.  She was real pretty, with her long dark brown hair put up on the top of her head.  All of the mayors family was dressed in white, but their dresses were different.

     Mrs. Velez and Lupes dresses had long skirts.  Mrs. Velez had a full skirt with two petticoats underneath.  Lupes dress was sleek and the skirt form fitting, and pretty sexy.       Rebekahs dress was sleek on top, and the short tight skirt showed off her legs.  When she got closer I could see that the top was sheer and had a lace over lay.  I could see the dark circles of her nipples.  Mostly free women dont dress with much daring.  They prefer to be much more demure.  Sexy competition with slavegirls is a lost cause, so they are demure, not a slavegirls choice.  She did look good though.

     She came up to me and stood in front of me for her photo.  After a few shots by several photographers who were covering the big event, (At least big for this small city.)

Lupe came by with her fiancé and posed with Rebekah for a few photos.  Rebekah came over to me and gently touched my side and belly.  I didnt exactly know what to do so I just stood there, carefully not moving.  Even with high heels on her, she was quite short next to me.  The top of her head didnt come up to my shoulder. 

     “Id like to buy this one, Lupe,” she looked up at me and smiled.  She touched the ring in my left nipple and tapped the bell with her finger. 

     “Come on, Lupe and Bekka,” Mayor Velez called to them.  “We need to get inside.”  She ran her thumb over my nipple before she left.

     “Lupe, I have to wash my hands,” Rebekah turned to go inside.


Chapter 4

Mia Slavegirl

     Id been here about a year when Master Ryan told me that my butt was too tight and he wanted to have me opened some more.  Hed checked on results others had achieved with the spring loaded butt plugs and found that in many cases the stretching didnt last.  The slavegirls butt started to tighten.  I hadnt returned to the original size, but smaller than when I came here.

     “What are you going to do?” I asked, hoping he would say hed just use my pussy and maybe give up on using my butt.

     “The company I get a lot of ponygirl supplies and equipment from also offers help for this, too.”

     I was layin on my bed when I heard Estella talking to Master Ryan on her cell-phone.   She was telling him I was done with my workout and she had given me a shower and I was just resting right now.  She opened my door and said she had to take me to Master Ryans office, so I had to get ready, right now.  She had a tray with my regular gold nipple jewelry under a white towel.  She put on a pair of light blue latex gloves and then took out the stainless steel nipple studs I wore to my work out.  She put white crème from a white plastic tube on the gold nipple studs and slipped them into the holes in my nipples.

     She took me to my makeup table and told me to put on Pattern One.  My makeup is all laid out for me, and the styles are set too.  I get to do my own makeup, but I have to put it on as Im instructed. 

Once I decided to fix it up, I got in a bit of trouble.

     I found out that Master Ryan will punish me if I dont do as Im instructed.  I was kneeling in Master Ryans office when Mrs. Caster, the head groom, came and got me.  Estella took all my nipple jewelry and sandals off me and put a heavy leather collar on me.  I had a heavy leather binder sleeve on so she didnt use a lockable collar.  That worried me because I knew they werent concerned about me taking the collar off, the sleeve was staying on.

     Mrs. Caster took me out to one of the big ponygirl barns and led me inside.  She had the handler hang me by my ankles from this really high thing that moved along a track almost to the roof.  I was run along to the next room where I was stopped next to a ponygirl also hanging by her ankles.  I tried to ask her what was going on, but she kept her lips closed and just shook her head.   I caught on that talking was not allowed.

     She moved forward, but Mrs. Caster had her stopped and I was moved in ahead.  I came to where the woman was standing and I was raised up so my boobs were in front of her face, she read off my ISR number 5-002-829 and wrote it on her pad.  That was so she could document my punishment on my computerized file later.

     “5 002 829, three strokes for disobedience,” she said very loudly.  I was lowered down so my head was just off the floor.  Then the cables I was hanging from pulled my legs apart.  This woman in a black robe stepped forward, but she stopped.

     “Shes real short, raise her up two,” she said loudly, to someone behind her.  My legs stayed apart but I moved up a bit.  She liked that and just waved her arm. I didnt exactly see what she had in her hand, but she used it to hit me on the inside of my left thigh.

     Oh My God!  That hurt like fire.  It was so fast; I just yelped and started to cry.  I couldnt see very well because of the tears.  Estella was there to wipe my eyes.

     “Youll be all right,” she whispered while she wiped my face.  She stood up and nodded to the woman in the robe.

     She stepped forward and struck down again, this time she hit the inside of my right thigh.  I was already crying when the thing hit me.  Estella was right there to wipe off my face again.  They waited for a long time, I found out later it was only one minute, and the woman stepped forward again.  Well three strokes meant this next one would be the last one.

     Just before she struck down for the third time, I realized where she would hit this time.  I started to say,,,NO!,,, just as the thing hit right on my pussy.

     I was sure she had changed the whippy thing for a hammer.  Id never felt anything so terrible, ever in my life, but there didnt seem to be a lot surface pain.  I didnt feel like she whipped my pussy, she hit my soul.  I felt warm and then hot all over, and I felt like I was looking through a tunnel, and my ears were full of cotton, I could only hear a rushing noise, like you hear from a radio between stations.  Then the noise just faded away to nothing.  Everything seemed to get dimmer until it was all black.  It didnt happen all at once, but it did seem to happen fast.

     Estella was there with a thing under my nose that made me wake up.  Then my pussy hurt, BAD.  Estella walked along beside me as the machinery took me into the next room.  I was lowered down onto the straw covered floor, so Estella could take the things off my ankles. 


Slavegirl Services & Products

     I put the makeup on as instructed, and when I was done Estella had a collar and leash for me.  We went up to Master Ryans office.  We stopped at the door and waited until it was opened by a man in a white lab coat.  His name tag said his name was “Chip”.  He took my leash from Estella and she left as he shut the door.

     There were four people there; an older woman in an expensive suit, a young, blonde woman in a short mauve skirt and ivory-white blouse, and the man with a white shirt and dark blue necktie and another real young woman also with a white top and dark blue womens necktie. The man and the youngest woman had white lab coats, too.

     Each of them, except the youngest woman, had elegant name tags that had - Slavetech - across the top and their names below.  Mrs. Lundy - Director, on her name tag, was telling Master Ryan about some jewelry that Miss Capes had designed.   She nodded toward the younger woman.   It would be made to my specifications, to fit my nipple piercings.  He said he was only interested in the butt plugs and the new lube.

     Miss Sylvia Capes, on her name tag, took my leash from Chip and led me to a flat topped table and told me to get up on the top.  She pulled on a pair of disposable gloves while she told me to lie on my left side.  Miss Capes took the leash off my collar and directed me to pull my knees up.  When I was in a sort of a loose fetal position, it gave her complete access to my bottom and pussy.

     “I have this butt plug measure to check its anus first,” she said to Master Ryan.  She carefully lubricated a cone shaped butt plug and slowly pushed it into me.  It went into my butt easily, all the way to the stop at the outer end.  “Looks like I need a bigger size,” she said mostly to herself, as she pulled it out.  “He must have a pretty big penis,” she whispered to me.  I didnt say anything, but I nodded slowly.  She smiled and rolled her eyes.  Even some fairly pretty women dont have men available to them all the time.

      She selected another cone shaped measure and lubricated it.  This one went in my butt about half way and it started to stretch me a lot, and hurt a bit.

     “Starting to stretch a bit?” Miss Capes asked when I gasped softly.  “I need to go a little bit more,” she shrugged.  “We can wait a little bit,” she said easily.

     “Yes maam,” I whispered.  I knew she really didnt care about my personal comfort.  She came around to the front and gently stroked my hair and the right side of my face.

     “Eres una buena chica,” she whispered softly. “Youre a good girl.”  She went back to the other side of the table and pushed on the end of the butt plug measure.  It went in deeper quite easily, and then became more painful.

     “Oohh,” I sighed softly.  “Please, its too much.”

     “Sshh,” She said as she patted the side of my hip.  She pushed on the end again, but it barely moved.  It did hurt more though.  She marked the side of the cone with a marker pen, and then slowly pulled it out of me.  I stayed on the table while she went over to Master Ryans desk. 

     “Ill have a set ready in two to three days,” she held the butt plug up.  “Itll be of the polished walnut, I have plenty of that.  Ill be here with a partial set Tuesday.”

     “Partial set?” was all Master Ryan said.

     “Well its butt doesnt need the two smaller sizes.  I only need to bring the three larger sized sets,” she explained.   “Thats size C1, C2, C3 and D1, 2, 3 all the way through E3.  Ill make three of each size so theres enough to keep a clean plug available at all times.”

     “Ok, cool,” Master Ryan appreciated the thought that she wasnt selling him more than he needed.

     On Tuesday afternoon Estella took me to Master Ryans office.  I had a collar, but no leash and no arm binder sleeve.  Master Ryan rarely saw me on Tuesday.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings were when he went to the fertility clinics to sell them the supplies of his male reproductive sperms.  We went into his office and Master Ryan was alone there.  He didnt say anything; he just indicated that I was to kneel on a pad over by the window.  There were two red pads there; Estella had me kneel on the one on the right.

     I wasnt there for five minutes and Miss Capes rushed in the door.  Today she wore a short brown suede skirt and a pale pink tShe had a large case with her, the kind that has wheels on one end, and a naked slavegirl with her, too.  The girl had a matte gold finished collar with a chain leash and a rear arm binder; too.  She brought the girl over to where I was kneeling and had her kneel on a pad right next to me.  Miss Capes unsnapped the leash after the girl knelt next to me.  She looked at me and smiled shyly.  Miss Capes put her finger to her lips and shook her head, no.

     The girl was real pretty, and had a nice smile.  She had blond hair, sunshine blond, not bleached blond.  Her hair was quite long and straight, down to the middle of her slender back.  She had nice boobs, which stood straight out on her chest and pale pink nipples.  Her nipples and areolas were like a single cone on the end of her boobs and kinda pointed.  She had pretty blue eyes.  She was a little taller than me; of course, most everyone is taller than me.  She was probably 5 feet 5 or 6 at the most.  Her number was tattooed in pink with a blue outline on the top of her right boob,   1 999 8088

     “Heres your order, Mr. McDonald,” Miss Capes said as she opened the case in front of Master Ryan.  She picked up a smaller case and opened it, too.  “I can go ahead and install one in it now, if you want.”  She looked toward me.  She didnt call slavegirls “she” or “her” always “it.”

     “Sure,” Master Ryan answered.  “Lets see how they fit.”  She indicated I should go to the same flat table I was on last week.  I got up on top and laid on my side facing Master Ryan.  She had me turn over to my other side so Master Ryan could see her insert the butt plug into me.

     Miss Capes put on a pair of latex gloves as she walked toward me; she had a syringe filled with lubrication.  It was clear plastic with black numbers on the sides and a black tube on the end.

     “Pull your knees up, girl,” she said as she walked.  When she got to me, she had the syringe ready to lube me.  Miss Capes pushed the tube into my butt as far as it would go; I felt the end of the syringe touch my butt.  She gently put the lube into me.  It was cold and I shuddered a little.

     “I need to lube its anal canal, too,” she said over her shoulder, to Master Ryan.  She pressed the end of the syringe as she pulled it out of me, and she put some of the lube on the outside of my butt hole too.  She carefully put the butt plug against my butt and slowly pushed it into me.  It spread my butt open as it got wider.  It was finally to the point where the largest part went into me.  She continued to push it in until the widest part was inside completely past my canal. 

     “There are two sphincters in its anal canal,” she explained to Master Ryan.  “This plug is shaped to hold each one open to the precise amount to promote natural expansion,” she smiled, proud of her invention.  “Its shaped in the middle, too.”  The wider shaft part was shaped to fill my anal canal, between the sphincters.

     “And now for this,” she said as she took off her latex gloves.  “We had one of our clients sell us, well Mrs. Lundy, some raffle tickets,” she smiled.  “Mrs. Lundy buys stuff like that from some clients regularly.  Well, to make a longer story short, we won,” she threw her hands up.  “Slavetech has neither need nor place for a slavegirl, what ever would we do with it?” she asked.

     “I suggested we give it to our best customer.  We decided to see who buys the most from us and who gives us the best profit margin and then decide from there,” she turned toward the slavegirl and motioned for her to come the where she was standing.

     “Well the decision was easy, you are both.  With all the ponygirl supplies and products you buy youre both out largest purchaser and because you always choose the finest products youre also our most profitable client,” she pushed the blond slavegirl forward.  “Here is a token of our appreciation.”

     “Oh, well, thank you,” Master Ryan kinda stuttered.  Id never heard him at a loss for words.  Before she sent the girl back to the kneeling pad, she had the girl turn so Master Ryan could see the large pink and blue “C tattoo covering the left side of her left boob.

     “Carls school,” Master Ryan said softly.  “Good place for training.”  Miss Capes nodded.

     “Thats where it was when we won it,” Miss Capes shrugged.  “At first one of the sales reps suggested to pierce it to show off some of our products, but Mrs. Lundy decided against that.”

     “At the slavegirl academy its nipples were treated with the new yellow nipple crème, so both its nipples and areolas are very sensitive.”  Master Ryan nodded slowly. 

     “Thats what makes its nipples and areolas stand up like they do.”  Miss Capes touched the girls shoulder.  “Tell your master what training youve had,” she ordered.

     “Ive only had oral training master,” she said very softly, barely above a whisper.

     “I have also included the two small anal sets,” Miss Capes told Master Ryan.  “In case you want to open its bottom, too.  The most interesting aspect though is this.”  She turned to the blond slavegirl.  “Have you had and vaginal training, bitch?”

     “No, mistress, I havent.”

     “Ever had a master use your cunt?” she asked next.

     “No mistress.”

     “Its a virgin, the doctor was very careful when she installed the IUD in it,” she smiled as she spoke.

     Estella came up for us and led us both down to the slave room.  She put the new slavegirl in the other big cell, right next to mine.  She went to a kneeling pad and knelt to wait.  Estella came back in about ten minutes with Jill, the ponygirl groom.

     “Do you have a name, girl?” she asked.

     “No maam,” the slavegirl answered.  “Miss Capes told me not to tell my original name.  Master Ryan will name me and Im not supposed to influence him,” she spoke solemnly.

      “Master Ryan will name you whatever he wants,” I said.  “Your previous name wont influence him.”

      “Dianna,” she looked around to make sure no one overheard.  “Whats your name?”

     “Mia,” I answered.  I decided not to tell her my original name, yet.

     “Come over here and Ill get the binder off you,” Estella called from the door.  She hurried to the door and turned so Estella could get to the zipper on the back of the binder.

     “Thank you, mistress,” Dianna said after Estella unzipped the binder.  Her arms fell to her sides.  She stood still and held her shoulders back while Estella gently touched the girls pink nipples.

     “My name is Estella and this is Jill,” she motioned toward Jill.  “Were grooms, probably the only free women you are allowed to name.”

     “Dont call either of us, Mistress,” Jill smiled.  I really like Jill, shes honestly friendly.

     “Are you my groom?” she asked Jill. 

     “No, sweetheart,” Jill answered.  “Im here to help Estella.  You were a bit of a surprise to us.”

     “We didnt have a chance to get a groom for you,” Estella said to her.

     “She has really nice nipples, Jill.  Theyre nice and firm,” she said as she gently squeezed each of Diannas pale, pink nipples.  She was uncomfortable with Estellas attention to her nipples.

     “The trainer there put some sort of yellow crème on them every day for the first month I was there.”

     While we were sitting in our cells she told me how she ended up a slavegirl with an ISR number.   Her mother was working in a night club and borrowed some money.  The woman she borrowed from wanted re-payment fast.  She couldnt pay it back.

      The womans friend had some money to help pay back the loan.  He was real nasty, but he was willing to help.  After paying back the first loan, he wanted his money back, too.  Her car caught fire one night in the parking lot.  “Good thing it wasnt your house.”   They convinced her to sell her daughter, she was only seventeen and quite pretty.  The man took her to the local ISR office to have her registered.

     The newest court ruling required he have prior ISR approval and his own owner number, he was not legally qualified to have slavegirl owner approval.  The slavegirl was taken from him, but she was legally signed off by her mother, so she was registered by the ISR.  Thats why her owner registration was 999.  The ISR donated her to a group to raffle off for money they would donate to medical research, for the birth problem. Thats how she ended up with Slavetech.  Dianna said she thought it was all done to put her mother in a position where she had to sign Dianna over to pay back the loan.

     Master Ryan came down to the slave room to see the new slavegirl.  She looked pretty scared; she was only seventeen when she was taken.  She had her eighteenth birthday while she was in Master Carls slave academy.  He had a woman with him.  She was about 5 feet eight or even nine, and wearing a blue and red and green micro-plaid western shirt and blue denim mini-skirt.  She also wore beautiful, light brown knee high western boots.  She was dark with black hair and beautiful deep brown eyes, she looked Mexican to me.  She was real pretty.

     “Julina, this is your assignment,” Master Ryan smiled.  “Ive named her Marla,” he looked at Marla.  Julina smiled and nodded. 

     “Marla, this is your groom,” he said as he stopped in front of the new girls cell.  “I like that name.”

     “Ill take good care of her for you Mr. McDonald,” Julina said softly.  Master Ryan turned and left without saying anything to me.  I felt kinda bad, ignored.  Now that he had a new, pretty little pink and blonde girl, I was afraid he just forgot about me.

     Estella and Jill came in just then, Jill helped Julina get started with Marla and Estella came in to my cell.

     “We will get started in soon; Mr. McDonald wants you upstairs in a little.”  I was amazed he hadnt ever had me with him on a Tuesday evening.

     Later, the evening groom put an arm binder on me and took me up to the elegant formal dining room.  We had dinner with Mistress Salina.  They sat at the table and I knelt beside Master Ryan so he could feed me from his plate.

     After we finished dinner Mistress Salina wanted to see my nipple jewelry and the new butt plug.  I stood so she could check my nipples.  She gently touched the ends of my nipples and the ends of the cross pins, too.

     “Turn round so I can see your new butt plug too, Mia,” she ordered.  I turned with my back toward her and bent forward so she could check my butt over.  She put on some purple nitrile gloves and gently pressed on the end of the butt plug.

     “Does it feel tight in your butt, Mia?” she asked casually.

     “No mistress,” I answered.  She had me turn so she could check my pussy with her right hand.  She pressed her left hand against my back, just above my butt. 

     “You have a nicely shaped pussy, everything is tight and enclosed in the thick outer labia,” she said as she pressed on my pussy.  She pulled my lips apart and plucked at my clit.  “This is nice with the ring through it,” she pulled on the tiny chain hanging from my clit ring.

     “She has quite a large clitoris,” she looked toward Master Ryan.  “Its much larger than usual,” Mistress Salina rolled my clit between her finger and thumb.  I moaned softly and pulled back a bit from the intense handling.  With the left hand against my lower back she pressed me forward.  I could feel my pussy getting wet, and starting to drip down my thighs. 

     She wasnt trying to get me hot or turned on, she was just looking my pussy and butt over because she could and didnt care if I got excited.

     Mistress Salina left after that, she told Master Ryan she had a date.

     “Do you want to allow your date use Mia?” Master Ryan asked from behind a motorcycle magazine, he couldnt see her shrug.

     “Not this time,” she said, as she left to meet her date.  “Ill see how it goes.  If we have a second date, I might.”

     He was going to let her date use me.  That way she wouldnt have to do anything, but he would leave satisfied.  With the butt plug in me, my pussy might not be too comfortable, so he would probably want to use my mouth.  I was so glad she turned him down.  I looked at Master Ryan carefully.

     “Dont worry,” he said without looking at me.  “She wont use you, but I had to offer.” We went to Master Ryans suite.  He had to go to the two Wednesday fertility clinics, so he didnt use me either, but I got to sleep in his bed.  I cuddled up to him the best that I could with the arm binder on.  I laid there for a while before I went to sleep.

     I realized that I really do love him…

     Wednesday morning, after my enema, I went to the gym to work out with Master Ryans personal trainer. Brandy was real nice to me, Master Ryan asked her to make up a program for me.  He wanted me to be in good shape but not muscular.  After I was done I was led back to the slave room and Estella gave me a shower, and brought my breakfast.    She then put the next size larger, C2, butt plug in me.

     Marla was done eating and was in her cell, I noticed that she was wearing a gold ankle bracelet.  Estella told me that meant Master Ryan wants her tonight; whoever he requests wears the gold anklet.  The evening grooms know who is to be taken upstairs that evening.


     Thursday morning Marla was brought back to her cell, she was sobbing softly.  He wanted to use her butt before he used her pussy.  He had her lay over a pillow but he couldnt get into her butt, she was too tight and it hurt too much when he tried. 

     “He wants to use my bottom,” she complained.  “Thats too strange.” 

     After Julina finished Marlas shower she made Marla get back on top of her table.  Julina carefully pushed the smallest, A1 size, butt plug into Marlas little anus.  Julina also brought the gold ankle bracelet to me.

     Thursday evening Master Ryan was out until after dark, so I didnt get taken upstairs to his suite until fairly late.  Master Ryan wanted to talk to me.

     “Tomorrow night Im going to use Marlas pussy,” he told me.  “I want you to help her to see that her first time isnt too bad.”  I nodded slowly, remembering my first time with a man.  It wasnt as much fun as Id hoped it might be.  It did hurt a bit, but not a lot.  Ive heard women say how much it hurt them.  I was really ready when it finally happened, but it wasnt as exciting as Id planned.

     Steven or John whatever his name is wasnt my first.  I only had one boyfriend before him, and I thought I was pretty lucky.  A few women dont ever get any man and lots only get one once in a while.

     There has been one major benefit though.  Venereal disease has become almost non-existent, it just doesnt happen much anymore.  Women, who have it, dont get a chance to spread it and men who have it get treated, so they can have more women.  Most doctors and medical researchers are women so there is a great emphasis on ending VD, so there are more men available.

     Sorry about being so long winded, but Ive had a lot of time to look into the whole problem.  Being a slavegirl is not really all that exciting; I spend a lot of time waiting for Master Ryan.  When he has me with him its really nice, hes pretty nice to me and he has a really big dick that fills me right up, and it will stretch Marla a lot.  Now he wants me to help him give Marla a good time, and, really, Ill do my best.  

     With the butt plug in me, Master Ryan cant use my bottom.  He doesnt like to use my pussy either; the outer end of the butt plug is uncomfortable to him.  I have to suck him off, and when he spurts in my mouth its a hell of a lot.  I have to work hard to swallow it all.


     Estella came and got me Friday morning, and after we were all done with our morning stuff, we both had gold anklets.  Its Friday and I dont have the butt plug in me today and tonight.  I felt so relieved that my butt wasnt being invaded, but Estella told me that tomorrow morning she had to put a D1 size plug, the first real large butt plug, in me.

     There wasnt much going on that day, Master Ryan had a couple of meetings and then wed be sent up to him for dinner.  It meant that I might get the chance to get a few bites of steak. 

     We both wore rear arm binders while we knelt by Master Ryan as he had dinner, Marla on the right and me on the left.  Its the best spot; he put his left hand on me, while he ate with the right.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.  Master Ryan fed me tiny bites of his steak.

     After dinner we went up to Master Ryans suite.  I was going to help Master Ryan take Marlas cherry, she was anxious about it.  No one actually told her, but she just kinda knew something was going on.     

     “Are you going to use me in my pussy, Master?” she almost cried as she asked.  Master Ryan just smiled and nodded slowly.  He motioned to me to get closer to Marla.  I moved so I sat right beside her, Master Ryan unzipped my binder so my arms were free. 

     I put my arms around Marlas shoulders and hugged her close, our boobs rubbed together.  Master Ryan pushed against the back of my head so I leaned closer to Marlas face.  I kissed her on the lips.  I started to pull back, but she leaned to me so I kissed her some more.  I licked my lips while we were kissing, I didnt really stick my tongue in her mouth.  She used her tongue to lick my tongue, so I put my tongue slightly in her mouth, just inside her lips.  Marla moaned softly as I pulled back.

     I moved back a little so there was a little more room between us and touched her left boob.  I started at the base and slowly slid my fingers toward her nipple.  I cupped my hand around her boob and ran my thumb over her nipple.  Her nipple got firm almost immediately.  She leaned forward so we could kiss again.

     Master Ryan helped her lie back, he made sure she didnt fall back; her arms were still in the binder.  He told me yesterday that she would have to wear the binder for the whole evening.  I ran my left hand over her right boob and down her chest and over her belly to the top of her pussy.  I put my hand on her belly just over her pussy, right on the top of her mound.  I put my thumb on the top of her clitoral hood and pushed gently.  Marla started to moan softly.  Her pussy got real wet, she was gettin hot.

     Master Ryan made her raise up so he could put a pillow under her bottom.  He told me earlier he wanted me to help him get lined up so he could get into her pussy without any trouble.  Her pussy was kinda small and since shed never had anything in there, pretty tight.  Before he got up over her he took her ankles and pushed her legs up so she was really opened up for him.

     I grasped his dick with my left hand and moved the head around between her outer lips.  The end of his dick got all wet from her lubrication, I lined him up for her and leaned forward, I whispered “Ok” in his ear, it was time.

     He pushed into her pussy.  As soon as he started I got my hand out of the way, he didnt ram his dick in, but he pushed all the way in.  Marla yelped once and then started breathing hard, almost gasping.  Master Ryan pumped in and out.  I could see that his big dick really stretched her pussy open.  Marla tried to raise her head up toward Master Ryan, but she had the binder sleeve holding her arms and the pillow under her butt and couldnt get raised up.  She tried to kiss him when he pushed forward.  I put my hand under her neck and lifted her up a little, it was all the help she needed to reach him.  He saw what she was trying to do, and slowed so he could kiss her too. 

     “Oh my god,” she moaned loud when she had an orgasm.  They went for some more and then they both pushed hard against each other and both had orgasms.

     After we were done peeing out in the hallway slavegirl facility, we went back in to go to bed with Master Ryan.  I laid down on the side of the bed so Master Ryan could put the arm binder on me.

     “Im not sure you need this anymore,” he held up the binder.  I didnt get up though; I just stayed there with my arms behind me.  “Do you want this?” he asked.

      “Yes, please,” I said softly.  “I should probably have it on me.”  I looked up at him,    “Master.”

     We laid down beside Master Ryan, I was cuddled up next him and Marla was cuddled close to me.  She leaned close to my left ear so she could whisper.

     “I never kissed a girl before,” Marla said softly in my ear.  “I liked it, a lot.”  She kissed me on the side of my neck.  Master Ryan patted me on my butt; he wanted me to turn so my back was to him.  I did and pressed my butt was back against him.  He put his dick against my butt hole, and then he pushed right into me. 

     Saturday evening was the retirement dinner for the mayor, and I didnt have to wear the butt plug, but I did have the tiny gold chains from my collar to the ends of my nipple jewelry and around under my arms to the back of my collar.  I also wore a pair of gorgeous black leather heels; they were platforms with really high heels and dark gray stockings with black lacey tops.  They were the kind that stays up without garters.  Even though the rest of me was naked, I felt special.

     We rode in the second carriage with Master Carl Reynolds and Mr. Spikes.  Mr. Spikes was engaged to one of the mayors daughters.  There is a customary way of dressing here, in this area.  Its much more regimented than where I grew up.  The mayor and his family all wore white clothes; the women also wore elbow length, white gloves.  Thats the mayors wife and older daughter, because they are not virgins.  Years ago it meant they were married, and before that it meant they had children.   The younger daughter didnt have white gloves and she also wore a short skirt. (But she wasnt really a virgin.)

     One of the parade marshals came by and told Master Ryan that a city ordinance required slavegirls be restricted when out in public.  Its usually not enforced, but for the parade with the mayor and all that goes with it, we had to comply.  Master Ryan called someone and in a few minutes there was a leash for each of us.

     Both of the mayors daughters had graduated from the college, the older one last year and the younger one just this past spring.  After the parade went about a mile, the mayor made a five minute speech and the floats and band dropped off.  We went on in the two carriages to Master Carls restaurant for the retirement dinner.

     I was kneeling on the floor of the carriage in front of Master Ryan and Kari was kneeling in front of her owner, Master Carl.  Kari was about 35 or even 36, she had been a slavegirl since she was 20.  She was about 54” and had short white-blonde hair.  She was almost flat chested, really tiny boobs, and long, thick nipples.

     Kari was one of the first slavegirls around here.  Her number   1 060 001 wasnt tattooed on the top of her boob; it was tattooed in small numbers on her areola.  Since there were no rules about the number when it was tattooed on her, the ISR couldnt make Master Carl change it, but if he ever sold her, hed have to get the number put on the top of her boob, like mine.  She was real tanned; she liked to run for exercise and got real dark.  She was so tan that her whole body was the same shade as her nipples.  I could see the difference in texture of her skin, but no difference in the color.  I asked her if her nipples didnt get dark too.  She said that they got to this shade and didnt get any darker, but the rest of her skin did.  Her groom puts a lot of lotion on her every day.

     Mr. Spikes, who was engaged to Guadalupe Velez the mayors older daughter, also rode in the carriage with us.  He was kinda funny he sat in the middle, between Master Ryan and Master Carl; he sat so straight and kept his knees together so he didnt even come close to touching either me or Kari.  I dont think he was really afraid, but he didnt want anyone to see him getting too close to a naked slavegirl.  Maybe he didnt want his fiancé see him getting too close to a naked slavegirl.

     We got to the Pinecone Inn restaurant and Master Ryan had to help me out of the carriage.  Id been kneeling on the carriage floor so long that I was pretty stiff.  He just picked me up in his arms, like a baby and set me on my feet.

     “Thank You, Master,” I smiled at him, and gave him a kiss on the side of his face.   He walked along beside me and when we got inside he unclipped the leash and just let it fall on the ground by the door.

     Inside the restaurant was finished with rustic light colored wood rafters and paneling and the beams were huge square logs that ran all the way from one end to the other end of the dining room.  The tables and chairs were huge too.  Master Ryan told me that a few years ago it was out in the country, but the city had grown since the Mayor Velez was elected.  Thats why he was so popular.

     We got to our table and found our places, each spot had a card in front of it, mine, a kneeling pad even had Mia on it.  Master Ryan sat on the left end on our side then the spot for me to kneel and sitting next to me was Rebekah, the mayors younger daughter.

Sitting next to her was Mr. Spikes and then Guadalupe, Karis kneeling pad was next and then Master Carl was on the right end.  We were across the table from the mayor, and his wife.  Ms. Rebekah was real nice, but she was quite condescending to me.  Shes free and always will be.

     After we finished eating she told me to crawl under the table to the mayor and give him a blow job.  I didnt quite know what to do, Im supposed to follow Master Ryans orders, and I didnt know her.  I hesitated for a minute and she poked me on the back of my neck, I looked up at Master Ryan, he looked down at me and nodded and tipped his head toward the mayor.

     “Dont swallow til you get back here, and show me,” Ms. Rebekah whispered.  I just nodded.  I looked around and when the mayor looked busy, I ducked down and moved carefully across the underside of the table. 

     When I got to him, I was afraid hed jump when I touched his zipper to get his dick out.  He didnt jump, but tried to reach down to see what was going on, his wife grabbed his hand and pulled it to her chest and said something about her heart beating so hard.  I got his dick out and started licking the head; it wasnt as big as Master Ryans dick.  I licked the whole length and sucked it all into my mouth.  I had to suck for about five minutes before he spurted into my mouth.  I jumped when I felt someone behind me.  It was Kari; she had to suck him off too.

     I slipped back to the other side of the table and stopped just before I came up and waited for Ms. Rebekah to look down toward me.  She did and I opened my mouth to show her that the mayor had cum in my mouth.  She looked over at the mayor and back at me and nodded.  I got back onto my pad before I swallowed.   Just as I swallowed, I looked over and saw that Kari was done and showing Ms. Guadalupe the mayors cum in her mouth too.  Wow, it didnt take her very long; she must be really good at givin blow jobs.

     Ms. Rebekah had a wine glass and held it for me to get a drink from; it was some kind of white wine.  I hadnt had a drink since the night when I shot the little girl.  It was okay, and it tasted pretty good.  Master Ryan had a drink of water for me too.

     Ms. Rebekah asked Master Ryan if he was giving Mr. Spikes a ride home after the dinner.  He told her no, Master Carl was, and he had to drive right by Mr. Spikes place anyway.  She leaned over to Ms. Guadalupe and pointed to Master Carl, and then to Mr. Spikes back.  Ms. Guadalupe nodded and reached over to Master Carl and tapped him on the back.

     I got a chance to say good bye to Kari before they left.  She told me she has to give Mr. Spikes a blow job on the way home.  I guess Ms. Guadalupe doesnt mind too much if Mr. Spikes touches a slavegirl.


     We went to bed right after we got home; I laid down and waited for my binder. 

     “Do you think you really need this?” Master Ryan held up the binder.

     “I feel secure when you put that on me, and then lay right beside me.  I even like to go to sleep with your dick in my butt.”

     “I thought you didnt really care for it in your butt,” he said.

     “I didnt before, but I guess its all right,” I shrugged.  “Especially if I have that on,” I nodded toward the binder.  “There isnt much I can do anyway.”  I smiled at Master Ryan, and nodded toward the binder again.  I didnt want him to forget to put it on me.  He zipped it on me and then I cuddled to him so he could get to my butt.

     Master Ryan surprised me tonight; he put his hand on my lower belly, just above my pussy and pushed back on me.

     “Arch back a little more,” he said.  He also pushed up on the backs of my legs with the front of his legs, too.  Master Ryan put the head of his dick between my pussy lips, and pushed all the way inside.  Oh it felt so good; we laid there together and then went to sleep.  I really liked going to sleep with his dick up inside me.

End Part II

Part III to Follow

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