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Supergirl - Painslut

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Synopsis: Man captures Supergirl and has his revenge.

Supergirl - Painslut

By Greg

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Man kicked Supergirl, causing another cry coming from her mouth, as she fell down on the floor with her hands tied behind her back with shining, green cuffs. Her costume was tattered in many parts, she was also barefoot. Her blonde hair was in mess. Her left eye had dark mark around, her nose was probably broken and blood still trailed from the corners of her mouth.

"Move over, slut", said villain, kicking her one more time. With kryptonite cuffs on her hands, she wasn't dangerous anymore. He enjoyed her cry of pain. That bitch sent him and his pals to prison years ago. She had to be punished.

It was easy to catch her. All he needed was patience. Following the news about her appears, he made a map of her presumed patrols. Now he arranged the suicide attempt with trying to jump from the building. Stupid bitch was there, of course, saving him. When they were down, on the floor, he expressed his gratitude, asking her for the autograph. She agreed and when she tried to get a card from him, he grabbed those kryptonite cuffs and wrapped them around her neck. She was down in no time. Grabbing her senseless body, he carried her to his hideout...

She tried to rise, but he kicked her legs apart, making her land on her naked knees. Yanking her by the long, blonde hair, he slapped her face with an open palm again and again, listening to her pathetic cries. Then he ripped her costume, revealing her full breasts on display. Holding her with one hand, he grabbed her left breast, squeezing it painfully hard, almost crashing. Another long cry of pain came from her mouth.

Using his fingers, he pinched her erected nipple, almost ripping it from her breast. Her cries were like a music for his ears. He had to fought urge to really rip this nipple apart. Instead he just squeeze it harder and let her go for a second. What a weak slut she was. Just a little of this green metal and Supergirl was turned into PathethicGirl. He grinned evilly, looking at the sobbing heroine. Then he send his fist right into her face, making her to fall back and slam against the dungeon wall. He could swear some of her teeth were broken.

Using a piece of her cape to rise sobbing heroine up, he cupped her crotch with his palm, rubbing it roughly and squeezing hard, causing more groans coming from her lips. He ripped the lower part of her costume along with her panties, revealing her pussy. Grabbing some of her pussy hair, he brutally pulled them out, enjoying another ear-tearing scream of pain. Blonde kryptonian was surly in hell.

Unzipping his trousers, he revealed his already stiff cock and holding Supergirl's hip, he thrust his dick right into unprotected heroine's pussy as deep as he could. Her cunt welcomed his hard cock, squeezing it hard. Supergirl moaned as she was brutally penetrated by the thug.

Holding her in his iron grip, he fucked the helpless heroine roughly, giving her no time to rest, claiming his victim as his own. Ramming her pussy, he grunted as his long cock sunk deeply inside her warm, wet fuckhole. There was no sign of resistance in her, kryptonite cuffs stole her might and he stole her pride.

His hand reached to her jumping boob, squeezing and crushing it again, pinching her pink nipple too, to produce one more pathic cry of pain. Blonde haired heroine writhed with her long, slim legs spread across the dirty floor, without any chance to fight or escape from this hell on earth. Her body was nothing more like a toy in his hands.

He pulled his cock out of her well fucked cunt for a minute, to roll tormented girl on her chest. Then he sunk his duck again inside her, fucking her brutally from behind, making her breasts to rub painfully against a wet, dirty floor.

Rising his hand, he started spanking her ass over and over again, adding more pain to her already aching body. Despite the situation, her pussy was clenched tight on his stiff manhood. He fucked her hard, slamming his dick all inside her cunt, to the balls.

He grabbed handful of her blonde hair and pulled her head as he used his other hand to hit her cherry red ass again. Her repeating cries were arousing him. He fucked and spanked her long and hard, giving poor heroine double dose of pain.

Finally he came, holding her tight, his fingers almost sunk in her tender skin as he filled her womb with her thick semen, taking care to make it all remain inside her well fucked pussy. After his final load he let her go, making her fall on the floor with his cum leaking from between her legs. 

Just a picture of Supergirl's battered, bruised body on the dirty floor, trembling and sobbing, with cum leaking from between her legs, was enough to arouse him again. His cock went hard again, so her grabbed blonde by her shoulders and make her sit on her knees in front of him. Her face looked bad, there were bruises all over. He smacked her lips with his dick, making her to open her mouth wide and accept his cock inside.

Supergirl closed her blue eyes as she was forced to suck the dick. He held her head tightly, moving it back and forward, forcing the girl to give him head. His cock was all covered with his sperm and her juices, but her lips quickly licked it all, making his manhood clean and shining with her saliva.

His balls slammed against her chin as the tip of his dick penetrated her mouth and throat, gagging poor heroine and making her to breath through the nose. Poor girl was at in total mess, she just wanted to finish it all, no matter at costs, so she sucked as best as she could. Finally, after painfully long time she was rewarded with another rich load of semen. Slurping and gulping, she tried to swallow it all, as her cheeks ballooned thanks to the size of the load.

As he removed his cock from her mouth, Supergirl fell on her fours, coughed and started to retch with his semen mixed with saliva. He kicked her hands, making her face fall down right into puddle of her own vomits. Placing his booted feet on her head, he pushed her harder, causing her face to sink into sticky, disgusting goo.

He removed his leg and she rose her head quickly, catching the air like a fish thrown out of water. Her vomits covered her entire face, her blonde hair was all messy and sticky with that. She was gasping and panting. Supergirl looked hardly like a heroine, more like a beaten, degradated and humiliated slut. There was no pride or dignity in her now. He smiled, looking at her with contempt. Now he needed to get rid of her for good. He planned to kill her first, but he decided it would be too risky. Killing the heroine might cause lot of problems, other heroines would like to avenge her. His goal was to make her suffer, to humiliate the whore and make sure she'll never forget about the lesson he gave her.

Next day Supergirl was found by some homeless men. She was stuffed to the trash can where they peeked for some useful things. Blonde girl was tied with a ropes, with empty bottle of cheap wine forcefully pushed inside her pussy. Another bottle was between her ass cheeks. Her face was smeared with some muck. She had "Cheap slut" written on her forehead, "bull's eye" on her breasts and "Open for service" above her cunt. Big, rotten apple was stuffed in her mouth. Since girl was stuffed with drugs, homeless guys had no problems with fucking her few times, before the glassy stupidity disappeared and dazed and confused Supergirl managed to fly away, as fast as she could.

But she never forget what happened that night. Something inside her changed. She looked for the person that did all those terrible things to her, wasting no time nor efforts. Eventually she found his hideout. He was surprised when she stormed inside, breaking the doors. He took her by surprise before, but now tables are turned. He made a silent prayer, saying goodbye to his life and waiting for her to break his neck or something like that.

Instead of fighting him, Supergirl did nothing, just landed on the floor and presented her hands, like a waiting for something. His face changed, he understood everything quickly. Opening the drawer, he took kryptonite cuffs and placed them on her her hands. Then he grabbed her head and slammed it against his knee with all his might, making her to cry from pain as her nose was broken again. But in the same time she wet her panties from sudden pleasure. She was his painslut now and forever.

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