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Traceys Slave Contract

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Synopsis: Tracey decides to try out being a slave on a temporary basis, will it stay that way though!








Tracey had to admit, the ad had caught her eyes, more than once, the same ad had been in the papers seven days running, complete with a pic of a tastefully naked slave girl. A few of the girls at work had mentioned it a few times, mostly with giggles but Tracey wasn't giggling about it, she found the whole idea exciting, very exciting!

So exciting in fact that a few days later she found herself dialling the number from the ad. A young sounding girl had answered the phone and happily fleshed out the details a little, Tracey would sign up as a slave for a fixed period of time. She would be housed in a large slave centre and to all extents and purposes be a slave. Then when her agreed time was up she would be released and free to carry on with her life as a free woman.

“What would I be doing at the centre?” Tracey had asked.

“Whatever the real slaves do,” the girl had giggled,” you will be collared and activated, you will do fitness routines and be appraised for potential buyers, you may be hired out if requested, basically you will be a slave and expected to act as one.”

Slavery had been legalised five years ago, well for females anyway, males could not be slaves. The female slavery act allowed any female to be converted to a slave. Once registered as a slave the girl could be bought and sold and once owned she had no rights, human or otherwise. She was basically a commodity and could be used without restriction, how her owner saw fit.

When the law had been changed the number of slaves available was quite low but now five years later slaves were everywhere. Any girl convicted of any crime was automatically reclassified as a slave, that included motoring convictions. Girls could be converted into slaves by any man who held authority over her, i.e. her father, brother or her boss. Girl could also volunteer to be converted themselves, something a lot of girls did.

Tracey was not the only girl who found the idea of being a slave more than a little exciting. Deep down though she knew that life as a slave would not be like her fantasies! The papers were always full of lurid stories and pictures of slave girls being mistreated in some way, usually the girls were naked and humiliated and the public lapped up all the stories with relish.

In fact in the paper she read with the advert in it there was a big picture on page three of a public slave auction which took part in a town square. The picture showed at least twenty completely naked girls huddled together on a raised platform while a large crowd looked on, ready to buy. The picture had excited Tracey so much she had had to play with herself for a while after, the very idea that she could be standing naked in front of an excited crowd in her own town square waiting to be bought by the highest bidder was too exciting not to play with herself!

So with all this in her mind she had rung the company and asked to be sent more details. The next day a large envelope had appeared and to Tracey's acute embarrassment it was luridly stamped with the words Slave X, a well known slave company. Tracey lived in a shared house, she was on the ground floor with 3 other flats above her, all occupied by dirty old men and all of whom had to use the same front hallway as she did and as the envelope had been laying there all day she was sure they would of all seen it and probably had all kinds of thoughts of Tracey becoming a slave!

Indeed the perviest one of the lot, Mr Chambers, who lived on the top floor had opened his door just as she picked up the envelope and laughingly shouted down at her,

“You going to be up for sale soon Tracey? I'll put in a bid if you are.”

and as the old man wheezed and laughed Tracey could feel her cheeks glowing red as she'd quickly picked the envelope up and dashed into her room. She knew Mr Chambers niece Emily worked at a slave processing centre although she didn't know which one. Emily was a nasty piece of work though, Tracey had a run in with her a few weeks earlier when Tracey had gone up the Mr Chambers flat to complain the about the noisy music being played. Emily had answered the door and immediately took offence at Tracey's meek complaint and just before she was going to slam the door in Tracey's face her uncle had shuffled into view behind her and Tracey had heard Emily snarl,

“When are you going to let me take this bitch down to the centre and get her processed Uncle, will only take a minute and then she will be out of your way forever, unless you buy her of course.” she had laughed loudly and Tracey had seen Mr Chambers smiling behind Emily just before she did have the door slammed in her face.

God she hoped it wasn't Slave X that Emily worked for!

The envelope contained all sorts of goodies, from various photographs of the slave centre which seemed to be very modern with gleaming white alls and floors everywhere. The leaflet proudly stated that it was one of the largest slave centres on the south coast and could comfortably house up to 2000 girls at any one time. It also pointed out that as they had such a big choice of girls any visitor could buy a slave cheaper than anywhere else,

All prices available.

Biggest choice of pussy in town.

Extra discount on multi-pussy purchases.

Tracey had read the various leaflets from front to back and was as excited as she could be! Her excitement hit the buffers temporarily when the found the leaflet detailing the prices for temporary slaves!

It was quite expensive, £100 for the one day experience, £250 for three days and £500 for the week, then it said that other time scales were available but you had to ask for prices.

Tracey wasn't exactly rich and her job barely paid the bills but her dad had left her some money two years ago when he sadly passed away and so the cost wasn't too much of an issue. The leaflet explained that it usually cost nothing for a girl to voluntary sign herself over to become a slave but what a temporary slave was paying for the was letter T at the end of her slave number. Once she signed up Tracey would be issued a slave number the same as any other new slave, however Tracey's number would end in a T, and that T signified that was a temporary slave and therefore could be released back to freedom once her paid time as a slave was up.

Still excited as hell Tracey then opened the big form that came with the envelope and almost came on the spot as she realised it was a slave registration form!

With one hand between her legs and the other holding a pen it was hard to see which was working the harder as she completed the form! It was basic stuff like name and address and date of birth, National Insurance number etc. it did also ask for her bank account details and had a little question mark beside the question which said in a separate box;

“Once you are fully registered as a slave you will not be entitled to own anything. All monies held in your bank account will be transferred to the ownership of Slave X Ltd.”

Tracey wasn't too keen on that thought but she thought what the hell it was only temporary anyway and so she filled in the required information.

It was only when she got to the bottom of the form that she realised there was no where to indicate how long she was choosing to be a slave for. In her own mind Tracey had thought about three days, a weekend so she didn't have to take any time off work, but there was simply nowhere to indicate this. All there was at the bottom of the form was a big box for her to sign along with a disclaimer noting that once signed and the form handed in there was no going back, she was literally signing her life away!

She read the form from top to bottom but with no sign of any box to tick. The only thing she did notice the second time round was that she had to have three photographs done for the form, a front, side and back view, and she had to be naked in each one! Not only that the photos had to be done at an official site, like a post office and they had to be counter signed by someone who knew her to say it was a true likeness.

She knew she had no choice but to do this, the only problem was who to sign the photos. Anyone from her family and friend was a complete non starter, she would die of embarrassment if she had to explain to them why she was asking them to sign naked photos of her! Likewise with anyone at work!

The more she thought about it the more obvious the answer was, she was going to have to ask Mr Chambers. He already had an inkling what she was up to as he'd seen the envelope with Slave X plastered all over it. His horrible niece worked at a slave processing centre and had no doubt filled him in on the grisly details of what went on in there. And to cap it all she knew he would jump at the chance to see naked photos of her. Yes it was going to be embarrassing but at least she already knew he was a dirty old man, letting family, friends and work colleagues see the photos would be even more embarrassing!

So just a few hours after the embarrassment of his lewd comments on seeing her pick up the envelope she found herself knocking on his door. He invited her in and she nervously explained the reason for her visit, would he be prepared to sign her photos once she'd had them done.

Needless to say he was full of enthusiasm for the task and before Tracey knew it she had agreed to visit the post office with him to have the photos taken! This hadn't been her plan but she was so embarrassed by the whole thing she found herself agreeing to everything the old letch said.

“You know I've always thought you would me a good slave Tracey, with that body of yours and your pretty face men could have a lot of fun with a slave girl like you.” he had laughed, “it's just a pity you will probably be out of my price range when they put you on the auction block.”

Tracey thought it wasn't a pity at all! And anyway she wasn't going on the auction block, they didn't sell temporary slaves, for obvious reasons, she thought to herself. For some reason though she had never mentioned that she was only going to be a temporary slave, he obviously thought she was going to be a permanent slave and Tracey thought it might be more embarrassing by admiring she was only playing out a fantasy of hers rather than doing the real thing so she kept quiet. Just giggling when he mentioned her being out of his price rang.

“I'm sure they do some good deals down the auction room.”

“Oh yes they do, “ he laughed, “If you wait till the second half of the auction they are practically giving the pussy away,” he laughed, “ a friend of mine bought three good looking girls for a tenner last week, he's still having fun with them now,” he laughed, “but I'm sure a good looking young girl like you will be auctioned off pretty early for a good price.”

“Well we will see, maybe you should have a word with the auctioneer and ask him to put me to the back of the queue.” she giggled wondering why she was suggesting it!

“Actually that's not a bad idea, I'm sure Emily knows most of the guys down at the auction house, I'm sure she could arrange that for me.” he laughed, “ I could probably buy you for a fiver if she pulls some strings.”

Tracey's heart sank, why had she continued this chat, she was sure Emily probably would pull some strings for him!

Tracey hadn't actually thought of being auctioned, she knew they didn't auction off temporary slaves but what if a mistake was made and she ended up on the block anyway, would that be exciting, she knew that it would, maybe not though if she knew her eventual owner would be Mr Chambers!

“Have you still got that money your dad left you?” he suddenly asked and confused by the change of conversation she had answered yes.

“Good, I could buy you dirt cheap and then get half your assets and I know you've got a few thousand from your dad, this will be a good deal, prime pussy to play with and a bag full of money to.” he laughed loudly.

Thanking Mr Chambers for his help and anxious to get out of his squalid little room she made her excuses and left after agreeing to come back in the morning for their trip to the post office.

The conversation had been embarrassing and had left her with a dirty feeling but she had gone to bed that night and fingered herself silly!

At nine o'clock sharp she was up, washed and dressed and knocking on Mr Chambers door once again. She thought it was funny that she had barely said a dozen words to him before yesterday and now he was taking her to get naked pictures taken!

He answered the door on her second knock and beamed a wide smile at her,

“Hello my little slave, ready?”

Tracey felt like shouting at him that she wasn't his slave and had no intentions of being his slave but instead she smiled sweetly and said she was.

As they were about to leave the building he said to her,

“Have you got your slave contract?” and when she admitted she hadn't and asked why she needed it he said “they will want to see it before that take the photos and stamp them, they need to know your serious and not wasting their time.”

With a little sigh she quickly unlocked her door and went into the flat, unhappy that she followed her in, his first time in her flat. Picking up the contract she was about to put it in her handbag when he suddenly held his hand out.

“Give it to me Tracey I'll look after it for you.”

She certainly did not want to give it to him, the form was fully completed, the only thing she hadn't done was sign it, a fact he immediately picked up on when she handed it to him.

“Oh you havent signed it Tracey, oh well never mind, I can do that for you when we are there.”

For a second Tracey thought about snatching it back off him, she was aware that the signature box on the form did state who was eligible to sign the form, the girl herself of course but then it seemed anyone with any connection to her could sign it on her behalf. Fathers, brothers, bosses etc. she didn't know if a co tenant had the right to sign but she was uneasy to say the least when she watched him fold the form up and put it in his pocket!

Then with  slap on her bottom he told her to get a move on and they both left the building and caught the bus to town. The bus trip was embarrassing as well as there was a naked girl standing in the aisle. She was a slave of course, everyone knew that as she was naked and she also had a slave collar on. Slave were not allowed to sit on public transport and so even though there were empty seats she stood in full view of the other passengers.

To Tracey's surprise the girl did not seem to be embarrassed, she simply stood there looking out of the window as the bus made it's way to town. Tracey guessed her Master had sent her on some errand and from her expression even though she was young she was well used to being naked in public.

“That will be you soon Tracey, naked as the day you were born for everyone to see, and don't you worry I will be making sure everyone sees you.” Mr Chambers laughed suddenly in her ear making Tracey's flesh crawl.

“I had a word with Emily last night, she said it will be easy to put you at the back of the queue on auction day, apparently they do it all the time for people they know, she said the last two auctions they actually gave away the last dozen girls just to clear the inventory.” he laughed.

Tracey could of punched the dirty old man but for some reason she was also wet thinking about what he was saying, she still had the safety of being a temporary slave but did she? He had her completed slave contract in his pocket after all.

Just then their stop arrived and as they got up to leave the bus Tracey saw Mr Chambers blatantly squeeze the slaves breast as he walked past her before laughing,

“That will be you on the way home Tracey.”

Tracey was repulsed by his attitude and embarrassed but she couldn't ignore the fact that her pussy was practically gushing juice down her legs!

Wasting no time he took her hand and started leading her down the street to the post office, a man on a mission! It wasn't a big post office and Tracey saw three or four clerks serving customers buying stamps and the like as she followed Mr Chambers inside, she guessed there were around twenty customers and half a dozen or some clerks behind the counter area. There was actually a window with;


over it and of course he headed straight for it pulling Tracey along behind him and she was fully aware that most of the customers eyes were following them!

A young girl, maybe a year or two younger than Tracey, was behind the glass counter and wasting no time Mr Chambers said to the girl,

“Morning darling, this one needs some pictures taken for her registration.”

“Of course Sir, that's not a problem, if you could just get her stripped off and then take her to the screen over there I will be there soon.” the girl smiled.

“Come on girl.” He said as he grabbed Traceys arm pulling her towards a big white screen set against the far wall and as they reached it he snapped,” Come on then, you heard the girl, let's get you stripped off.”

Now Tracey knew that the pictures had to be naked ones, she also knew that Mr Chambers was going to see her naked for the first time, she was embarrassed by all of that but was prepared to swallow the embarrassment as she need the pictures. What she hadn't know or even thought about was the fact that he was now telling her to strip naked in a crowded post office where everyone had realised what was happening and were now all focusing their attention on Tracey!

To say she was totally embarrassed would be an understatement but she knew she had no choice, she could hardly back out now and she doubted if Mr Chambers would let her anyway so with trembling fingers she started to undo her shirt. Not quickly enough apparently because Chambers suddenly reached forward and grabbing the front of her shirt he literally ripped it open sending buttons pinging onto the floor to assorted laughter from the watching crowd.

Feeling even more embarrassed now if that were possible she quickly undid her jeans and pulled them down and off followed by the torn shirt leaving her stood there in just her bra and panties. For a second she though of asking if she could keep them on but she knew that was never going to happen and so she unclipped her bra and let it fall off her and then bent and pulled down her panties, stepping out of them and there she was, completely naked in a public place for the first time.

A few of the watching men whistled, some of the women shot her dirty looks and Mr Chambers looked at her with undisguised lust.

“Wow, great body Tracey, and it's going to be all mine.” he laughed not easing her feeling of shame and humiliation at all.

Just then the girl clerk appeared at Mr Chambers side and smiling widely she giggled,

“Oh she's a little cutie isn't she, you will get a good price for her, especially with these great tits.” she said casually squeezing the said tits!

Tracey saw a small look of confusion appear on his face but before he had a chance to say anything the girl bent down and started picking up Tracey's discarded clothes and to Tracey's horror she pulled open a chute on the wall that Tracey hadn't noticed before and dropped her clothes down it!

Now it's one thing to be naked in front of a group of strangers in a public place, quite another to see your clothes disappear down a chute as well!

Unconcerned by Tracey's dismay the clerk asked Mr Chambers if he had her registration form and when he nodded the girl smiled and said good as that would save time.

She then placed her hands on Tracey's shoulders and pushed her somewhat firmly back against the screen and then stepped back herself and started taking a few full frontal pictures of the naked girl in front of her.

Tracey had to turn a few times so that her front, back and both sides were photographed and then the girl giggled and said,

“Right that should be enough, can I have her form and we can get her properly registered and off your hands.”

Tracey saw the look of confusion on his face again and this time he spoke up,

“Well I don't actually want her off my hands.” he said and when it was the clerks turn to look confused he carried on, “I just wanted the pictures taken as part of her registration and then I'm taking her down to Slave X to be sold and I'm going to buy her.”

To Tracey's initial dismay she saw Mr Chambers lead the girl about ten feet away when he continued to discuss his plans with her meanwhile leaving Tracey standing on her own completely naked and with twenty or so people staring at her.

Tracey's natural reaction would be to adopt the classic embarrassed naked female stance, one arm across her breasts and one between her legs, desperately trying to cover herself from the strangers gaze. She knew however that a proper slave girl wouldn't do that, she would be forbidden to cover herself and so even though she wasn't a proper slave girl she forced herself to stand up straight and leave her hands by her side, displaying herself to the onlookers.

Inside she was trembling and she was still horridly embarrassed but for some reason her small act of defiance by refusing to try and shield herself was incredibly horny. The people staring at her werent staring because they thought she was some nervous naive girl who had got herself into a spot of trouble, they were looking at her as a slave girl, God how horny was that!

Just then Mr Chambers strode back to her and taking her hand he snapped,

“Come on, we've got what we wanted, she's going to email the pictures to me.”

He started leading her out of the post office and for a second she almost panicked, she was still naked and her clothes had gone, she had coped with the embarrassment inside the post office but he was taking her outside!

Sensing though that he was not in a good mood she decided the only thing she could do was to carry on pretending to be a proper slave girl, a slave girl used to public nudity and so she steeled herself and let him lead her outside into the bright sunlight and milling masses on people who were about to see her naked body.

In reality it wasn't that bad! Yes as soon as the door opened and she took the first steps outside the post office she felt terribly embarrassed and exposed. It felt totally surreal to be walking down the high street completely naked but the people she was walking past hardly paid her any attention.

Yes there were a few gawker s, a few gigglers and a few lecherous looks but overall the public masses treated her as just another naked slave girl following her owner down the street. After a while she relaxed and the very idea that all these people werent seeing her as her, they were seeing her as a slave was incredibly horny.

She started walking with confidence and was certainly not trying to hide her nakedness, that would of only bought attention to herself, after all a real slave would not try to cover herself, her Master would of beaten that out of her long ago! No, she was just another slave, naked for the world to see.

Mr Chambers was enjoying it though! He made sure they walked the entire length of the shops, occasionally stopping to look in the windows. Tracey knew he was showing her off, look at my pretty slave girl, but she accepted it and even embraced it!

There were a couple of embarrassing instances, one guy offered to buy her for a start! He was was walking along beside them for a few seconds and Tracey saw him take a look or two at her before he stepped slightly in front of Mr Chambers and asked if the slave was for sale!

This seemed to of caught Mr Chambers by surprise as much as it did Tracey who stood there shocked.

“She's a real nice one, I'll give you a good price for her.” the man pressed.

“Well I'm not sure, she's not actually fully registered yet.” Mr Chambers laughed apologetically as he went on to quickly explain how he'd just taken her to have her photos done and how he had the slave registration form in his pocket.

“Well I'll give you £50 for her.” the young man offered.

“£50, that seems a bit cheap.” Chambers laughed.

“Well you can get better ones than her for less than that price at the  auction house.” the man laughed.

“Really?” Chambers laughed again, “But as I say she's not fully registered yet.”

“Who cares about that nowadays,” the man laughed, “anyway I have an app on my phone, just need her NI number and I can get her on the system straight away, she'll be a fully registered slave for the rest of her life, it's easy.”

Tracey was starting to get scared now, this wasn't part of the plan, she had no doubt he was telling the truth about the phone app, she saw adds for them everywhere, there were a few on the market but they all offered the same thing, a quick and easy way to enslave girls! All you needed was the girls NI number and you could upload the details to the central slave computer and bingo, the girl was a slave. It was as easy as that.

Standing there naked on the street she suddenly realised how vulnerable she was and she could only look pleadingly at Mr Chambers who seemed to be doing a good job of avoiding her gaze!

Finally to Tracey's immense relief he seemed to make up his mind and said to the man,

“Sorry mate, it's a tempting offer but I've only just got her myself, havent had a chance to have any fun with her yet, maybe in a couple of weeks.”

The man looked disappointed but seemed to accept the deal was off and with a final look at Tracey's exposed body he walked off.

“You see Tracey, once I sign that form there really is nothing I can't do to you.” and off he went scampering down the street with the naked and humiliated Tracey scurrying along behind him.

The other embarrassing moment was when he took her into a small newsagents to buy a paper. In some ways being naked in a small shop was more embarrassing than being naked in full view outside.

There was only a young girl serving and as Mr Chambers bought and paid for his paper the girl said,

“You should have her collared you know, specially if you take her out in public.”

Mr Chambers looked at the girl for a second and then smiled,

“Yes I guess your right, do you sell slave collars?”

“Of course we do,” the girl giggled, “we've got simple ones for 99p or electric ones for up to £9.99.”

“Electric ones?” Chambers asked.

“Yes, you know, shock ones, you download the app and shock her if she's a naughty girl, or just for fun.” she giggled again.

“Oh okay, sounds like fun,” he laughed, “how powerful are they?”

“Depends on the app really, if you download one of the stronger apps you can do some serious damage, “ she laughed, “all our collars are compatible with the really strong apps.”

“Well I better have one for her then.” Chambers laughed and the girl smiled as she ducked under the counter.

Tracey was extremely apprehensive about this turn of events, she'd heard of the electric shock collars and she'd heard lurid stories about how the stronger apps for them now could literally blow a girls head off, although she doubted that was reality!

The girl suddenly reappeared and showed Mr Chambers a tray with around a dozen collars on it and within a minute he had picked a lurid pink collar for Tracey who was told to lean forward and the girl snapped it shut around her neck.

“There, that suits her,” she giggled.

The girl quickly explained that it wasn't a permanent collar like most slave collars were nowadays, he would have to buy a padlock for it if he wanted it on Tracey permanently, or buy a permanent one of course.

For a second Tracey thought he was going to ask for his money back but instead he asked the girl which was the best app to download!

“Well if you really want to hurt her bad my brother swears by Cunt Zapper,” she giggled, “it really shocks them bad.”

Thanking her for her advice they finally left the shop and Tracey wondered how much worse this could get!

A few minutes later she realised that Mr Chambers was a man of his word as she found herself standing naked on the bus! Again she felt more exposed and vulnerable on the bus in a small enclosed space than she did out in the open, and of course this time she was wearing a slave collar! She knew everyone sitting behind her was looking at her with great interest. Apart from a small boy who found it great fun to keep slapping her naked behind nobody else touched her which was a small mercy in Tracey's mind!

Finally entering their building Tracey knew the moment was coming and it didn't take long, Mr Chambers grabbed her arm and instead of Tracey entering her own front door she was dragged through his!

Normally the idea of being naked in front of the lust fuelled old pervert would have been horrific but the last hour had been the most embarrassing of her life, and the most exciting, and when he'd pulled her onto his bed she hardly resisted.

The sex was hurried and rough but Tracey didn't care, she wanted it, she needed it and she got it!

Once it was all over though and she found herself laying next to the fat neighbour who quickly started snoring loudly she took her chance and escaped, not before gently taking her slave registration form out of his pocket first.

Closing her own door behind her and locking it securely she thanked her lucky stars that she had escaped the perverts clutches, at least for a while.

As it turned out she seemed to of escaped his clutches for more than a while. He must of realised she'd taken her contract from him but he seemed to be perfectly happy enough with the fact that he'd shown her off naked in public and then fucked her. The next time they passed each other in the corridor at home he hardly acknowledged her and Tracey heaved a sigh of relief.

If he was satisfied with what he'd got though Tracey was not. That period of being paraded around town like a piece of meat and even the eventual sex with the fat old man had been wonderfully exciting. Ordinarily of course she never would of considered having sex with Mr Chambers, or indeed would she of walked around town completely naked, but for that few hours she was a slave girl, and slaves had no rights, no choices, she had to do as she was told and the fact that she had been embarrassed and humiliated the whole time just made her even hornier.

She knew she had to try it again, and for longer, not with Mr Chambers this time though, she was going to go with her original plan and present herself at Slave-X and be a temporary slave for the weekend.

She knew Slave-X had a big processing centre a small bus ride from her home and so once again clutching her slave registration form and purse she set out one Friday morning to catch the bus.

Once she told the bus driver where she wanted a ticket to he laughed and said she only wanted a single then but Tracey insisted on a return, after all this was only going to be temporary.

Once she got off the bus at her destination she realised she'd never actually looked at the Slave-X building before, it was huge! It was a modern building, gleaming steel and futuristic with the name Slave-X boldly plastered on the side and as Tracey approached the entrance she could see several smaller signs,

New slave drop off point inside.


Pussy Auctions every day.

All types

Cheapest prices in town

Discounts available for bulk buying.

Tracey shuddered, she was excited but also scared and clutching her purse she pushed open the door and went inside.

To her surprise although the building had appeared to be quiet on the outside, inside it was very busy. The reception hall was large and spacious and brightly lit. There were three or four reception desks, an information point, and even a place to get tea and coffee at one side. It was also very busy, there were queues four or five deep at each desk, people milling around the refreshment area and even what looked like a school trip to one side where a female teacher was trying to control a class of excited teenagers.

Extracting her registration form from her purse Tracey took a deep breath and joined the queue at one of the reception desks. As she waited she looked at the other people in the queues, there were only three of four girls by themselves like Tracey was. The rest had people with them, older people, parents or maybe bosses etc. Tracey thought to herself. Some of the girls looked, happy, excited, while others looked apprehensive or sad and scared. Tracey wasn't sure which she was, she was scared but excited to, at least she had the privilege of knowing her slavery was only going to be temporary, she guessed most of the other girls in the queues were destined for permanent slavery.

As her queue edged slowly forward she couldn't help but overhear some of the conversation from the people in front of her, a young girl and a much older man who had a tight grip on the girls arm Tracey noticed.

“Please Sir, don't do this, I don't want to be a slave.” the girl begged.

“You should of thought of that before, I'm not going to have girls working for me who can't even add up,” the man almost shouted back, “short changing that man was the last straw, I'm glad he suggested I bring you here and get rid of you.” He sneered and Tracey saw tears running down the girls face.

At least I'm here of my own free will Tracey thought!

Twenty frustrating minutes later Tracey got to the front of the queue. There was a girl of around her own age sitting behind a computer screen with a much younger girl sitting beside her who apparently was there as part of a job program with a local school.

Tracey quickly told the older girl why she was there and was immediately met with a sigh,

“You can't just show up for the temporary stays you know, your supposed to book it in advance.” the woman said.

“Oh sorry, I didn't know.” Tracey apologised feeling embarrassed.

The woman quickly explained how the temporary slave contracts worked to the younger girl who giggled making Tracey feel even more humiliated.

“Have you got your form?” the older girl asked and Tracey quickly handed it over.

“Okay at least you've done that, let's get you entered onto the computer.”

For the next five minutes Tracey just stood there while the two girls entered all her details into the system, the older girl letting the younger one do it as she explained each box to tick etc. Finally they seemed to be finished and the older girl said to the younger,

“She's all on the system now, that's her slave number there, that will stay with her for the rest of her life.”

“Why has it got a T at the end?” the girl asked.

“T for temporary, nearly all slaves numbers end in a P which stands for permanent, the slave number stays the same all ways it's just whether it has a T or P at the end, of course 99% will have a P.” she explained and the young girl nodded before the older one continued,

“You can change the T to a P any time you like, just overwrite it see,” she said pushing a key on the keyboard, she's permanent now, “ she giggled and the young girl giggled with her much to Tracey's dismay but as she was about to say something the older girl looked up at her and said,

“How long did you want to be a slave for?”

“Just the weekend.” Tracey replied feeling small.

“Okay thats £250.00.” the woman almost snapped.

Still blushing Tracey fumbled into her purse and took out her debit card and nervously handed it to the woman who snatched it away and started entering the details into the computer and as she did so she laughed to the younger girl,

“Of course if she was a permanent slave she wouldn't have to pay anything but any money she has in the bank or any assets she might have becomes the property of Slave-X, it's a nice little earner for us to as the girl who registers her gets a cut from the profits.”

“So I'd get some of her money?” the girl asked excitedly.

“Yes, 10% but this ones only a temporary slave so you don't get anything for that.”

The younger girl looked disappointed for a second but then smiled and said,

“She's still a P on the system, we havent changed her back to a T yet.”

“True you naughty girl,” the older girl laughed, “ she probably hasn't got much in the bank anyway but if you want some of it you better leave her as a P.”

Tracey was shocked, this wasn't what she had come here for but for the sake of a few pounds the young girl was willing to condemn her to a life of permanent slavery!

The older girl started typing on the keyboard again taking Tracey's card details down and then she said,

“Damn, have to leave her as a T for the time being at least or else it won't let me enter this £250 against her.”

The young girl pouted and the older girl laughed,

“Don't worry we can change her to a P any time we like so we'll see if we can get you some money from her soon.”

Turning to Tracey she suddenly said sternly,

“Okay slave lets have your clothes off you, everything off including any jewellery.”

Tracey was shocked back to her senses, she had been in a daze listening to the two of them casually discussing her future as if it was of no consequence at all and now she had an order to follow!

She quickly looked around and although the hall was still busy with people Tracey couldn't see any naked people anywhere! Seeing her look the woman snapped,

“Did I tell you to look around the room slave? I told you to strip, now strip!”

Feeling embarrassed as hell and know there were at least half a dozen people queued up behind her Tracey did as she was told and stripped until she was completely naked. There was a chute in the desk top and it was pointed at in no uncertain way and she dropped her clothes down it and for the second time in just over a week she found herself naked in a public place.

For some reason she felt more embarrassed this time, standing at the head of the queue, the young girl giggled when she saw Tracey standing there in her birthday suit and Tracey could see a glint of excitement in her eyes whereas the older woman hardly seemed to register Tracey's nudity.

“She's cute, I bet she will sell for a lot at auction.” the young girl giggled as she looked Tracey up and down unashamedly.

“Well she's a cute one all right but none of them sell for a lot nowadays, we used to get a cut of the auction price but they stopped that last year as the price of pussy fell through the floor”, the woman said matter of factly, “thats why they bought in the 10% of an assets instead, someone will end up buying this little beauty for next to nothing I bet.”

Tracey was about to point out that nobody was going to end up buying her as she wasn't for sale but bearing in mind her present position it was best to keep quiet she thought.

“Pop this on her will you, and tie her wrists.” Tracey heard the woman say to the young girl and she blanched as she saw the smiling girl come round from her desk holding a slave collar. The one Mr Chambers had put on her last week was simple to take off, he hadn't even padlocked it after all, but this one looked much more secure, more permanent!

“Lean forward for me cutie.” the girl smiled as she held the collar up and Tracey squeaked,

“Is that a permanent slave collar?”

For a second the girl looked confused as if it was a stupid question but then she smiled and said,

“Of course it is sweetie, now lean your neck forward for me.” and as Tracey did do she snapped the collar shut tightly around her neck.

“Right lets test it.” the girl giggled,”whats your name slave?”

Tracey opened her mouth as if to speak but to her surprise nothing came out, she tried again but the same thing happened.

“The collar has a chip in it which stops you speaking, something to do with the vocal cords being right under it, you won't be saying anything ever again, or at least till the collar comes off and that isn't going to happen.” the girl giggled  as she stepped behind Tracey and zip tied her hands quickly behind her back before she walked back behind the desk.

Tracey was thunderstruck, she was standing there completely naked in a large room with her hands tied behind her back swarming with fully clothed people who were looking at her admiringly, she was in front of two people who seemed not to care at all that she was only meant to be here temporarily, and now she couldn't even speak!

“Can we change her to permanent now she's got the collar on?” the young girl asked.

“No, her money has to go through first then we can do it, make a note of her number and we can do it later, don't worry,” she laughed,” I'll make sure you get your share of her money, in the meantime treat her as a permanent slave anyway ad take her to storage.”

Tracey watched as the girl wrote her slave number down on a pad before getting up and again approaching Tracey, this time taking her arm and saying,

“Come on then sweetie, let's take you out back.”

Tracey could only walk with the girl as she led her towards a door and she knew her life would change forever as soon as she walked through it but what could she do, she was mute, collared, naked and being led by someone who only saw her as a way to earning money!

As they walked through the door the décor changed immediately, outside had been sparkling white and clean, now it was industrial almost, bare walls and pipes everywhere and the first thing Tracey saw was an approaching man holding a clipboard and some sort of gun!

“Another new one for you Frank.” the girl giggled.

The man held the gun up towards Tracey who flinched but then realised it was a laser scanner as he scanned her collar and a ping echoed out.

“Says here she's a temp, is that right?” the man asked gruffly.

“She is for the minute but we are changing her to permanent very soon.” the girl laughed.

“Fair enough, so process her as normal?” he laughed.

“Yes do everything, implants as well, the complete package.” she laughed before turning sharply and leaving Tracey with the man.

“Come on the darling, got some work to do on you.”

As Tracey followed him further into the building she wondered if there was anyway out of this!

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