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My training

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Synopsis: How I was trained by another boy to be a slave in a padded cell, or he would become a slave himself.

I am KU41, 18 years old. It's tattooed on my chest and buttocks, with the word SLAVE you see. I am russian, so I apologize for my english. I fully understand I must testimony only the facts that happened during my slavery and life, for the services of slavery sociology of the university of London.

I wasn't born as a slave. I became one not long ago, when I was caught stealing bread, then arrested as a illegal refugee, immediately and trialed. My liberty has been suspended for 200 years, so i will die that way.

I was sent to the local training center, where I was selected as sex slave, I was glad, I wouldn't go die into a coal mine. I thought it was the best kind of slavery for me.  I went through the protocol, cuffed, shackles on my ankles, chained on my tip toes to the roof, with other guys my age. They shaved me with laser, washed, collared with a permanent steel collar with electronics in it, and sent to my cell before I get my slave tattoos the next day. I will never forget how I entered the cell, naked, cuffed being my back, while the other slave in the cell, my age, smaller, with a nice face, and not a very muscular body, an average sized dick, shaved hair. I knew they would make me have long hair, while the dominants had shaved head. It was a sign of slavery, and useful to hold my head. He was not cuffed and grabbed by me the hair and put me on the ground like a dog, before the door of the cell closed. The cell was padded, there was a bed, and a mattress on the floor a metal toilet and a screen behind a large glass, and a camera filming in a corner. The other slave was naked too, he had the same kind of collar, but no cuffs. I immediately saw the torture objects on the wall, what looked like a straightjacket of an asylum, whips, shackles, it was horrible.

He hold my hair and spit on my face, I tried to fight but he would slap my face and laugh. The TV went on. They were showing a naked young slave, with the steel collar, talking to the camera.

"I'm AG463. I will explain you the training. You will be in a cell all time, except for shower and food. One of you is the dominant slave, he will be released in a few years because he is a citizen. The other will be the slave in training, trained directly by another slave to make the training cheaper. The dominant slave have now the obligation to dominate the other at all times. If he doesn't follow the training protocol showed every day on the screen, or if he is outpowered and cuffed by the submissive at any time during detention, he will be turned into a submissive himself and sentenced to 100 years of slavery. The submissive will have to endure pain, humiliation, denial and provide sexual services. The dominant will have to make this happen. Permanent injury is forbidden. Shower will be every day if the dominant wants, or every 3 days minimum. The submissive will be fed in the submissive stable like a cow, while the dominant will be fed a meal with special chemistry to make him more sexual active. Sometimes, disobedient slaves already owned will be sent to you for their own punishment, the dominant will have to use them sexually with the help of the submissive, and then give it to the submissive to use it too as a reward for good behavior if he wants."

Then, the screen showed too slaves in a cell, one cuffed, one not cuffed. The cuffed slave was performing a blowjob. I think I cried and said "please please please !". The other guy spit again in my face, and said he didn't have the choice, that I had to obey and train me because he wouldn't want to become a slave like me. He said he would let me use the slave girls sent in our cell after him if I cooperated. I tested my bonds, which of course, were made of steel, and he grabbed the jacket. He locked my feet to a ring in the wall, so I was lying down, and said to me I shouldn't try to resist, or he would whip me. He said he was going to uncuff me to put me the straightjacket on me like the video showed, he said it was more probably comfortable. I understood he didn't have experience, so I tried my chance and tried to fight him as soon as he removed the cuffs. I was still tied my feet to the wall, he grabbed the whip, and whipped me maybe a dozen of times. He sat on me, I could see his sex on my chest. I felt broken, then he took the jacket again, and I obeyed. He locked it with many belts connected to the jacket, with two going all along my shaved dick. I thought it was over, but he cuffed my ankles together, and I could barely move. He said I had to suck his dick. I said no and tried to escape the jacket but it seemed impossible. slapped my face many times and I cried, then he took something horrible, and kind of mask, with two holes for the eyes, two for the nose, two for the ears, one ring for the mouth. It seemed it was possible to close the holes with some belts. I will never forget when I saw the ring on top, I understood he would maybe chain my by the top of my head while I couldn't move, and if I was locked that way, he would be able to... penetrate me if he wanted. I felt very scared, despite all the pain I already felt from the slaps and the whipping.

"I'm sorry, but you are now my slave, and I have to do it. I won't be so bad, I maybe will like it, and you will be used to it anyway. I will put this mask on you to force you if I want, for the moment I will only use this ring gag". He put the ring between my teeth, and locked it on my face. It was not uncomfortable, but I felt very ashamed of being like this in front of somebody, and I feared him, he didn't hesitate a second. I wouldn't have hesitated too to whip a guy and put my dick in his mouth if I was in such a situation. Between a few years to be sucked in jail, or to be a sex slave forever, the choice was easy.

I couldn't close my mouth with the ring between my teeth, I felt his sex entering my mouth, he hold me by the hair, I was on my knees between his legs. I could feel his dick on my tongue and felt humiliated, then he moved it in front on my face and cummed on my head. I later saw it was part of the training video he was watching. On the video, a slave girl was performing a blowjob too. He rubbed the sperm all over my face, laughed, said I was now his slave and that everybody would see it, and lied down. I was on my mattress when he did this again, one hour later. Then, he went again on his bed, and ordered me lick his feet. I did like the video was showing, and put my tongue on his soles and sucked his toes. His feet were very large and sweaty. He seemed to be amused first, then to like it because he makes me do it several times a day. I felt terrible the first time, and I wanted to die maybe. Now, it's nothing, I like to lick the feet of my master, it's not difficult and I'm good at it he says.

When we were freed from the cell to go to be fed the first evening, he put a leash on me, I still had the jacket on. I could see other couples of male slaves our age, going to the food area. I had to eat on my knees, my collar locked in front a stable food dispenser. I was crying and eating with other kids. Some other made weird noises while eating but were not talking. They had scars on their throats, I understood that like many slaves I saw before, they were removed the ability to speak.

During my second day, I had to give my master a blowjob when he woke up, and a guard took me to a tattoo area to write my name and SLAVE on my buttocks, then my chest. He then tried different cock cages on me, made of steel and plastic, until I was in the cell again. My master explained me only him and the guard could free me from the cock cage, and masturbate me with his feet. I wanted to die, now I'm looking to be touch with his feet all the time when my cock is free. The second night, I gave him a blowjob without my ring, and I started to feel uncomfortable in my cock cage. I wished I was not being turned on to like guys, I loved so much to kiss girls before. I even once slept with a homeless girl for a bar of chocolate. I had to admit I was more and more turned on when he rubbed my hair, and I obeyed to avoid being whipped or slapped, or worse. The tattoos were painful.

The screen was showing the effect of the collar on runaways, how we could be tracked, and it ordered my master to put the mask on me. It was written on the screen. They called it deprivation device. They said on the TV that it was made to slowly break my will. He did it, I cried, and he put his soft dick in my mouth again, until it grew harder, and until he cummed and I swallowed after sucking him very long. I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, it was a nightmare, and I understood there was nothing I could do. The second night in the jacket, with the mask and my feet chained to the wall was horrible. My master put diapers on me every night in case of accident. That night I peed because I was terrified. He had to wash me the next day and punished me by my first penetration the third day. Since then, I really try hard to obey, and he is more gentle with me, sometimes he rubs my hair with his hands, my dick with his feet, and I am in paradise for a few minutes. He knows he will be free in a few years if I obey well, and I would do the same in his position. I have no hope of liberty anyway, so I prefer to take the rewards, accept the dominance, and avoid the punishments. I hate the belt, it's so painful... I can feel he somewhat cares when he washes me, because I'm in shackles every time we go in the shower, with my hand behind my back. He has to wash my body and hair, dry me a little and take me back to the cell. He then follows the video orders, sometimes they show movies, like short video stories involving slavery. Usually he put the mask on me when he watches them. And sometimes, I loosed track of time, we have a slave girl, but he doesn't take any risks, so he chain me heavily against the wall while I watch him take her. Most often, if I have been obedient, well, he forces her to give me a blowjob, or chain me to her so I can take her too. If he wants to punish me, I have to lick the girl's feet while I am still in chastity. I don't like chastity, it keeps me aroused and make me crazy, it's harder to obey when I feel like this.

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