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Synopsis: She chastiised and tortured poor Leonard...put him in a chastity cage and beat him...cheated on him, and now she's back...will he let her in?


Leonard got up from the computer when he heard the doorbell ring. He looked through the peepholethere she was! Eight months she'd been gone. And of course, Pam could tell that he was looking through the damn keyhole, and she gave him a big lipped smile, those damned lips, glossed in cherry red one of Leonard's friends said Pam was a dead ringer for Christina Hendricks, the redhead on "Mad Men" but he swore, Pam's boobs were bigger.

Leonard's dick swelled in his pants. Oh God, he thought of their last night together. Pam had tied him down to the table and she'd played her bright blue nails up and down his poor pecker until he'd gasped and howled for mercy!

And the next day she was gone! 

Because that was what she didPam got bored and she left, and it had been going on for five yearsit didn't matter how hot she was, it really didn't.

Dr. Paulvitch had worked with Len, explained about toxic relationships, and how Pam was some sort of representation of Leonard's mother or something.

Again the bell rang, and Leonard peeked.

Then Leonard slowly backed away from the front door. Maybe Pam hadn't seen his eye in the peephole. That was what peepholes were for, right? So you wouldn't know if the person was home, a security measure.

And how had she found him? On Dr. Paulvitch's advice, and his parent's pleading, Leonard had MOVED, sold the big house and actually gone to another city, to get away, just in case Pam came backbut here she was.

There was the knocking again, that little fist of hersthe long pointed nails bright red, to match her lips, his Pamela.

Pam's gorgeous little white hand, those red tips, how many times had it gone up and down Leonard's cock, as she'd mockingly tease him for having a little weinerthough Pam was so feminine her hand was tinier of courseand what a teaser she was!

"I know someone's in there!" came the melodic voice. "C'mon, you sexy thing you! You know you want to let Pammie in, don't you?"

Leonard was trying desperately to back away, but part of himthe lower part, naturally, wanted to peer through the keyhole at Pamela yet again. What was she wearing?

Jesus. A lime green tube top, circa 1971, just barely covering those huge knockers. And here Pam bent over slightly, to give the keyhole a shot of the amazing cleavage. And it was amazing, wasn't it?

Focus, Leonard, focus. Remember how Pam got you to fund her clothing boutique? And it was just a vanity were paying out the nose for thatand then she wanted you to pay to expand it, and "convinced" you by tying you naked to the bed and whipping you with willow switches until you couldn't walk?...

And then she'd embezzled from her own company, ruining it AND youto fund a boyfriend's crystal meth habitbut she was so sexyand then she'd left again!

And what about the time when they were scheduled to go to Maui together, and instead Pam dropped Leonard off to get a week of Fellatio Training from Master Bentley and Slave Q-Tip while she took the tickets and went with Leonard's best friend on vacation?

But since Pam had been gone, Leonard had had several REAL sexual relationships, one with a girl in his building's tenant's association, another with a girl from Match.comgirls who understood about give and take, not just Leonard going down on the pussy all the damn time, like Pam did, and then being frustrated when Pam rolled over and went to sleep. Leonard didn't want that life anymore, did he?

And besides, Pam had been such a bitch, in the morningswhen she didn't get her coffee on time once, she'd taken Leonard into the back yard of their old house and she'd whipped his dick with a cut off piece of garden hose!

The girl had a curse over herlike the devil. Pam once introduced Leonard to her ex-husband, he had a long name.. Dr. Uberall Urichand after they'd met in the street, the guy whispered in Leonard's ear "She's your problem now" and God he looked pale as he rushed off!

And what about the time that Pam had forced poor Leonard to put on a shortie night gown and put Fifties curlers in his hair and pink nail polish, and then she invited her friends overand HIS friends,but friends no moreand everyone laughed at his tiny penis! 

Pam had forced poor Leonard to jerk his little penis in front of everyone, telling him it would be the last time he was out of the chastity Maiden for a month, and he'd better make use of it

Leonard's secretary, beautiful Phyllis, had said "Like, I can't believe your dick is so small, Mr. Radbourne" Oh, it was so humiliatingand Leonard's buddies from the football pool had taken turns kicking Leonard's little dickwhat an awful party that had been!

And then another time, Pam and some friends from New York had had an orgy, and Leonard had been tied to a table, naked, and blindfolded, and his mouth and asshole had been filled, with dicks and pussiesLeonard estimated he gave 300 blowjobs that eveningand Pam had laughed and denied him her pussy at the end.because he was just a chump, right?

Pamela could be so cruelbut she was so hot, toobut why did she use her beauty to torture him? Dr. Paulvitch had explained that as long as Pam was in Leonard's life, she would make him suffer

That was over now! Leonard was proud to be finished with that life!

The knock came again. "C'mon Lenny, I know you're therePammy's backhere to stay!" There was a cheerful laugh, and more knocking. "No, I really mean it this time."

Bullshit! Leonard gritted his teeth. That's what she said the last time, and the time before that. Whenever some douchebag with a cycle or just out of prison, or a bad Venetian blind salesman came byPam would empty their joint accountjust nearly impoverishing Leonardand take offfor a drug-fueled extravaganza of near epic proportions.

And then of course poor Leonard had to go somewhere to get the damned Iron Maiden offthe horrible thing that Pam had locked around his crotch!

And wasn't it nice being able to beat his meat after the thing had been taken offlong days and weeks of being teased by Pam, having her flounce around in miniskirts and little leather shorts, twitching her ass, and flashing cleavage

Leonard's dick would squirm in the damn thing, and Pam had just laughed when Leonard would beg her to remove the horrible lock!

He had come home from work so many times to have her answer the door in a body stocking with a plunging necklineand she'd give him deep kisses, tongue poking in his mouth, and then kissing his neckbut when he'd asked her if they could make loveshe just laughed and told him to start dinner!

Once, Leonard had confessed to Pam about the McNabb brothers, Oather and Bruton, who used to beat the crap out of him as a kid and take his lunch money

Pam looked them up, brought the two thugs (both ex-cons now as well as bullies) and had them take turns raping Leonard's mouth and ass, before locking him in a closet and then fucking gorgeous Pamela!

And Pam had slept with two of Leonard's brothers, his stepfather and Oberlin Middlebury-Radcliffe, Leonard's former Inner Child therapist

The knock came again, then a long buzz from the ringer, and Pam's saucy laugh. "Lenny, I know you're mad. My mom got all your calls. She didn't mean to make fun of you, though you do cry like a little bitchso open up already. You don't have a new girlfriend, do you?" Then there was that cruel laugh again.

"Go away!"Leonard said in a tough, non-quavering voice. "I told you that if you left again, it was over. O-ver! I've divorced you, we're through, Pamela."

"C'mon silly boy. You divorced me the last time, and then you proposed to me again. I know I took off right before the wedding. You were right. I would've been happier with you in Lake Tahoe, than going off with that jerk. C'mon, just let me in for a minute, Lenny."

Leonard looked through the keyhole again. Could her shorts be any shorter? He was surprised she hadn't been picked up for soliciting. Oh shit, she could tell he was looking, and she was running her tongue across those beautiful lips. And now she was stretchingmaking her boobs jiggle!

Leonard figured he'd better let her in, before she raised all kinds of hell and got him evicted.

But he put his shoulders up, and tried to look adamant, and thought of the nice girl, Cynthia, who he'd met through Rob and Lois, and how nice she wasPam was history. Yes she was!

Cynthia might be a little mousy, but at least she didn't slather on the makeup, or bring home a foot long strap-on and rip poor Leonard's ass with itshe wasn't an evil slut, Cynthia was great, and she was very up on the um, rainforests and stuff.

But he'd have to open the door and tell Pam this stuff himself. If it broke her heart, well, she deserved it, Pam did.

Leonard unlocked the door, and opened it just a crack, with the chain hooking the doorjamb to the door itself. "Pam, it's no use." He said this coldly, giving her the fish eyebut Jesus, was she a hot girl.

Pam smiled. "Honey, I'm home, and home for good. And I'll be nice to you this time!"

Leonard thought about how he'd been unable to unlock the Iron Maiden, and hadn't wanted to buy bolt cutters(not that he wanted to wear the damn thing again, but they WERE expensive) and how humiliating it had been to hire a locksmith, who had thought the entire episode rather hilarious.

"No you won't Pam." Leonard said with gritted teeth. "I have someone new in my life, and my whole world is different now. I told you Pamit's not like the last time."

Pam pouted, adorably, and casually dropped her hand through the door, and touched Leonard's crotch. "You're mad at Pammie, right? And I've been so horny for you."

Pam pulled back her hand, it was just a brief touchand she smiled at Leonard again.

Very slightly, Pam pulled her little tube top downjust a bitso that Leonard could see the tops of her areolas. Not the nipple of course. If you didn't count the initial awesome view Leonard got when he'd met Pam when she'd been dancing at Cherry Forever, he'd only seen her boobs naked perhaps twenty or thirty times in their entire marriage!

And at least once or twice, it had been because Leonard had walked in on Pam, writhing naked with some pathetic loser she'd picked up when Leonard was at work. He'd gotten to see some incredibly lucky asshole sucking on Pam's nippleswhich was only a dream of LeonardsPam said his lips were "creepy".

"And besides" Pamela had remarked. "My candies are for REAL guys, not wimpie types like you, Lena" Lena had been one of Leonard's humiliating nicknamesand he'd so wanted to kiss her beautiful breastsbut she was awfully stingy with them!

And now she was winking insolently at Leonard through the open door, thank God for the chain-lock eh?

Suddenly Pam lifted a long fishnetted leg (incrediblefishnet stockings AND shortsand high heels!) and crashed the door open, shattering the chain, and knocking poor Leonard over.

"Oops." Pam said absently as she leaned over and gazed at her prone ex-husband. Leonard was lying there, but of course his bulge was quite evident.

"You got the Maiden off, I seedid you have to get a locksmith again?" A titter.

God the times she'd stood over him after ravaging his naked body with her canethe times she'd stomped his penis as he'd cringed on the groundwearing that hot leather PVC corset he'd bought her. But he couldn't think of that now.

Leonard got up, and dusted himself off, trying not to look at Pam's boobies. He tried to grit his teeth again, but he was trembling, and she knew it.

"Pam, it's over. You might as well get used to it. Breaking down my door isn't going to help anything. I can just call the police, I've got my cell right here."

But as Leonard reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell, Pam pouted again, and Leonard could swear he saw a tear roll down her cheek.

She looked so sadand involuntarily, Leonard looked down at her glorious legs, encased in the fishnet stockings. He remembered helping her pull on her stockings, and hook the garterssometimes he helped her get ready for her dates, though that always broke his heartbut what beautiful legs she had!

And she had beautiful tattoos up and down her left calfroses and vines, so bewitching to Leonard, whose Mother had told him that tattoos were slutty and unclean!

Although Pam had never let Leonard's cock near her pussy, once or twice she'd let him run his little pee-pee in and out of her soft legs and have a squirtie there, although right afterwards she'd slapped him for impertinence, and forced him to lick up the spooge

"Leonardhoney, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help realizing what an-an idiot I've been."

Pam opened her arms, and Leonard sighedit had been so longone hug. And she enveloped him in her arms!

As she pulled him to her full breasts and squeezed, his penis swelled against the thin material of his slacks. Oh God. He had to push away, or at least set boundaries.

She gave him one of her limpid kisses, and Leonard ground his crotch against hers. He had an unpleasant memory of once when Pam had tied him to a roof beam of his grandfather's barn, hanging naked he'd beenand she'd stripped to French underwear, and then FORBIDDEN poor Leonard to get an erection

And then she'd grabbed him and kissed him, and he'd ground against her, and gotten very erect, and she'd suddenly pulled away beaten his cock into a tiny mess for "disobeying" her!

But now she just kissed him and let him push against her

"Things can be different this time, baby" Pam whispered in Leonard's ear. He felt her reach down and unzip his pants, gently pulling out his cock and toying with the head with her long, red nails.

"You know I've changed. I'm so sorry that I left the last time, and I want to be a good wife to youto make love to you like a real man! Don't you want that?"

Leonard felt his resolve weakening. "You-you mean no more torture? No more humiliation, Pamela?"

It seemed too good to be true. He remembered weeping silently when she would dress to go out, her hair down, in those tight black gownshe'd watch her putting her makeup on, and she'd pat Leonard's cheek lightly as she'd leave with her date.

Sometimes she'd let Leonard watch TV while she was gone, others Pam would cuff Leonard to the radiator; in either case, he was locked in the damn chastity device, and his erection would push frustratedly against the unforgiving steel.

But now, Pam had Leonard's pants down and she was giving him just the best stroking handjob

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