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Synopsis: Pete goes for a foot massage

Pete carried the busy dining rooms last tray of cleared china on his shoulder, a good 50 yard walk from the furthest private room, through the main dining room, up a ramp, past the cooks, and to the conveyor belt to load for the dishwashers. A couple of weeks into his summer job as a busboy at an exclusive lakeside resort while on break from college, hed already made the trip countless times; first for breakfast, then for dinner, every day. He was already in top physical condition, swimming for his small Midwestern college team, so it wasnt the weight of the trays that bothered him. His shoulders and arms were strong and carried the lean muscle of an athlete with thousands of hours in the pool. But his feet were not accustomed to such duty, especially carrying a 40 lb. tray of heavy china and flatware multiple times every meal. He groaned inwardly, reminding himself that this was just breakfast, just the beginning of the day.

He unloaded the dishes, joked a bit with the dishwashers and cooks, loitering about, grabbing a slice of bacon from a tray, and ambled out to the dining room to help finish cleaning up. He was looking forward to his own meal, then a little time by the lake to relax and water-ski, maybe flirt with some girls, before the dinner shift later that evening.

He walked over to his friend Tom, who attended the same school and fraternity, and whod gotten him the job this summer. Tom had worked at the resort last summer and, at school, spoke glowingly of his exploits there, describing days golfing and lounging by the water, and nights in the bar picking up guests of all ages, the nannies who traveled with them, and waitresses heralding from Europe for the summer. “What the fuck did you sign me up for man”, Pete complained to him. “My feet are killing me.”

“New shoes, pussy”, Tom replied. “And youll get used to it after a few more days, trust me. Youll be in even better shape at the end of the summer.”

Just then, Terry, an older waiter, was walking by. “Get some inserts”, he advised. “And, soak your feet at night, until those muscles develop. Or, hey, I used to be a licensed masseur, so I can give them a good rub down for you, if you want.”

Pete glanced at Tom, and chuckled awkwardly. “Nah, its all good man, Ill survive. Thanks though.”

Terry shrugged and walked off. Pete and Tom cracked up a bit. Terry was a nice guy, early forties, a triathlete, in great shape, very good looking, tall, with thinning blond hair, but certainly gay all the way.

Not that theres anything wrong with that, Pete knew. He wasnt threatened, and liked Terry, had talked with him several times about their respective training regimens. In fact, Tom had had a couple of rather mild experiences with other guys before; a drunken hot tub jerk-off session with a fellow swim instructor from last summers job after everyone had passed out at a party once, and an impromptu, coked-up threesome while sharing a bed with a guy and girl from school, which really amounted to nothing more than some heavy petting and fingering while they took turns fucking the girl. If either one of the experiences had been Terry in the guys place, he would have gladly accepted. He didnt mind either time, even was thrilled by the novelty and forbidden nature of them, but his tastes ran to women, and women of all ages and nationalities were in no short supply at this place.

Thus, he certainly surprised himself when, while clocking out and walking toward the front door for the ¼ mile trek back to his room, he spotted Terry climbing onto his bike. “Hey”, Pete said, “Man my feet really are killing me; is that offer still open?”

Terry smiled and said “Sure. Im in Hopkins cabin, by the marina. You know where it is?”

“Uhhh, Ill look at the map and find it, no worries.”

“Around two?”

“Great, uh yeah sure, thanks man” Pete replied. “See ya.”

“Jesus,” Pete thought to himself as he walked back to his own dorm to shower before lunch. “Did I really just do that? Well yeah, I guess I did, and I wanted to after all, even sober. Weird…”

Pete felt the familiar butterflies of anticipation as he returned to his room. He cranked out his pushups and situps, and decided to forgo the walk back to the employee cafeteria for lunch, instead opting for some canned tuna, crackers, and fruit he had in his room.

He then gathered his shower items, slipped on his slides, and went down the hall to the showers.

Pete clipped his toenails, and spent extra time cleaning his sore feet, making sure they were as hygienic as feet could be. He chuckled to himself, picturing poor Terry wearing a gas mask to fight through the freak show that were his smelly, beaten down dogs. “Might as well trim myself up” he thought to himself while showering. Being a swimmer, hed already taken care of most of his body hair, and in keeping, kept his cock, balls, and crack shaved clean, leaving only a small patch of trimmed hair above his cock. Most girls liked it that way, and it made his cock stand out nicely. Girls, and even the couple of guys whod touched it, had always complimented him on it. A little shorter than average, but definitely thicker than average, straight and smooth. He shaved his pubic region clean, rinsed down with soap, and paid careful attention to his asshole, making sure it was smooth and clean. “Never know” he thought to himself, his cock semi-stiff as he soaped his ass, not resisting the urge to slip in a soapy finger. He dried himself off in the shower, and went to get dressed.

Pete certainly wasnt sure what this “massage” entailed, if Terry was simply offering a kind gesture for a co-worker. But, he decided hed give Terry a thrill in return. He selected a white lycra spandex thong, usually reserved for workouts. He found the stretchy pouch-type thongs worn under shorts kept everything in place while running or doing stairs, and they just felt comfortable and sexy. He sometimes wore them under jeans if he went out to a club to dance, as they made his package look huge. This accentuation was a bonus for this occasion, and the cut left no doubt as to his grooming habits. It could not be any lower rise, with the top just barely covering the base of his cock and the pouch pushing everything out front. He slipped on a performance tee shirt, some loose fitting basketball shorts, and flip-flops. A quick check of the map in the propertys brochure revealed the location of Terrys cabin, and Pete was out the door, a little late, around two.

Terrys cabin was situated on a far corner of the property, a little wooded area overlooking the lake. “Nice”, Pete thought to himself as he approached, and wondered how the hell Terry was able to pull that. As far as he knew, only the wine masters, senior cooks, head waiters, and captains had their own cabins. The rest of the wait and bar staff had dorm style rooms on stilted cabins; small, wood-paneled, poorly insulated rooms that made his own digs at school feel like the Waldorf. Terry answered Petes knock, and opened the door with a smile. “Hey Pete, come on in”, he said. Terry was wearing some bike shorts and riding bibs. He looked like he was ready to get out and go for a ride. “Uhhh, were you leaving or something? You sure this is a good time?” Pete asked.

“Yeah its fine. I actually wasnt sure if you were coming, and todays my 40 mile ride, so I was getting ready just in case.”

“Oh, sorry Im a little late Terry. We can always do this another time.”

“No, no, its no problem, Ive got time now.”

Terry walked over to his dresser as Pete took in the cabin. It was tastefully decorated, and stored a couple road bikes and a mountain bike hanging from hooks on the ceiling. Several trophies adorned shelving on the walls. “Nice place man, how did you manage to secure this little gem? You related to the Porters or something?” The Porters were the family who owned the old, stately resort.

“Nah, they just give us old guys private places. We need our sleep, and cant function like you kids up all night”, Terry laughed. “Actually, Ive been working here for seven summers now, so I do have a bit of seniority. And, since it looks like Im not going riding today, I guess we can share this little gem, too.” Terry turned and produced a neatly wrapped joint from his dresser drawer. “Another perk, one of the groundskeepers keeps me well supplied in some choice home-grown.”

Pete laughed. “Sweet, I gotta make his acquaintance sometime!”

Terry clicked on some mellow reggae, sat on the edge of his bed, and sparked the joint. Pete sat in an easy chair across from him, and they shared the excellent pot. Terry cracked a couple of cold craft beers from his mini fridge. Conversation turned to work, which captains were nicest to work with, Petes swimming workouts in the lake, Terrys trophies and what races hed won, and what local races he was entering this summer. “You should enter the Enduro in August before you go back to school, Pete”, Terry advised.

“Shoot, Id likely be one of the first ones out of the water, and still finish last, or dead on the road somewhere” Pete joked.

“Nah, youd do fine. Ive got an extra bike to help you train.” Terry blew out a thick stream of smoke, snubbed out the last half of the joint into an ashtray, and walked to the small closet across the room. “Glad I kept this”, he said, unfolding a portable massage table. As Terry began to set up the table, Pete took this as a signal the massage was about to begin. Hed originally planned to simply let the massage happen fully clothed, but, as often happened to him, the high quality pot served a dual purpose: He was now incredibly horny, and his inhibitions were low. He was already a bit of an exhibitionist, and proud of the body hed worked hard to attain, so without much thought and before he could change his mind, he kicked off his flip flops, pulled off his tee shirt, and stepped out of his loose fitting shorts, leaving on only the small, tight thong, which housed a cock that, although not at all hard, was certainly beginning to stir with some blood at the excitement.  Terry turned around, took a glance at him, quickly up and down, and said, smiling “Wow, ooookaaay….”

“Well, you were nice enough to offer to massage my feet”, Pete grinned, “so I figured Id give you something nice to look at while you were doing it.”

“Well, in my time as a masseur, I certainly had to deal with a lot of body types and odors”, Terry replied, “and Ive seen them all. Bodies like yours made it a pleasure to work on them. Youre in fantastic shape, and, nice touch”, he said while letting his eyes linger an extra beat on Petes package.

“Thanks, I kind of like showing it off actually, Pete said. “So how do you want me to begin?”

“Lets have you lay on your back, Pete.” Terry produced a small pillow, and Pete got situated. He was acutely aware how exposed he was, practically naked, willingly, while Terry was still fully clothed. The thought appealed to his exhibitionist side tremendously. Between his ever-growing excitement and pouch thong, his bulge while lying down looked absolutely huge.

Terry moved to the end of the table, moved a small table next to it, and placed some oils on it. “Thanks for having some clean feet here, it saves me a step. Now just relax and well get these feet feeling better for the dinner shift.”

Pete closed his eyes as Terry began to work his feet. He had obvious skills, and knew the pressure points well. “That feels amazing”, he said, as Terry expertly massaged one foot then the other, for what felt like an eternity of bliss, but in reality was about fifteen minutes. From time to time, Pete would open his eyes and glance down at Terry and notice how large he was growing. He now regretted choosing a white thong, as he was pretty sure he was about to start dripping, and any leakage would be immediately visible to Terry. Strangely, the thought served only to excite Pete further.  Once, when he opened his eyes, he saw Terry staring directly at his cock. They locked eyes briefly and Terry smiled. Pete smiled embarrassingly, and closed his eyes again, but not before slightly opening his legs and thrusting his hips up slightly as if to say “Heres a little better view for you, if you like what you see so far.”

As if on cue, Terry proceeded to move up Petes legs to his calves, methodically and expertly massaging one, then the other. “Nice shave” Terry said, snapping Pete out of his trance.

“Yeah, you know, well, swimming.”

“Hmmm, you swim naked?” Terry smiled, obviously looking now at Petes body, almost examining his bulge. The thong left no doubt that Pete was shaved everywhere.

“Haha, no, I mean, if youre going to wear this, you kind of have to shave it all, ya know?”

“Yeah I was just kidding. I like it though”, Terry said, as he moved his hands even higher, to Petes thighs. Pete sighed with pleasure, and noticed hed been slowly spreading his legs, bringing his feet up a bit to bend his knees, which offered Terry a perfect view of his package. There was no mistaking the fact that Pete was growing hard, and leaking precum into the tight, white thong, his cock straining against the stretchy fabric. He suddenly realized he was involuntarily moving his hips slowly, thrusting in an attempt to create some friction for his cock, which clearly afforded Terry an even better view of his shaved asshole. The whole experience was so erotic; nearly naked, willfully spreading his legs for a clothed man to touch, and now to openly examine every inch of him. Pete was caught up in the moment, and to further strengthen the feeling, he raised his arms over his head and clasped the edge of the massage table, letting himself feel open and exposed.

As if reading his mind, Terry said “mmm, youre just letting go, arent you? Letting your body feel good?”

“Yesss”, Pete whispered softly.

“You like to feel a little submissive, a little vulnerable?”

Pete didnt answer, but nodded slightly and raised his hips. That was all the answer Terry needed.

“Do you trust me, Pete?” Terry asked, as he moved toward the head of the table, while softly taking two fingers, and letting them trace over Petes thong, from his asshole, around his balls very gently, and around his leaking cock. It was the first time hed touched anywhere of a sexual nature, and Pete involuntarily gasped. “Yesss”, he said.

“Good”, Terry said, “Can I restrain your wrists?”

Pete nodded in assent, clasping his hands together. “Yes.”

Terry produced a bandana from his drawer by the head of the massage table, and quickly bound Petes wrists to the table support bar over his head. “Now, dont worry Pete, this wont be any S/M thing. I just think you might like to feel at my disposal for a bit. If you ever want to stop, and I will stop whatever Im doing, right away, just say the word Enduro. You understand?”

Pete nodded in affirmation, not hiding the fact now that he was openly writhing his hips, breathing heavily, his cock feeling like it would burst through his thong, the thong which was preventing his full erection, and quickly becoming wet with his leakage.

After Terry had secured his wrists, and confirmed the binds were not too tight, his hands wandered over Petes chest. He was now standing off to the side by Petes head, and Pete looked at Terrys crotch. His biking shorts left nothing to the imagination, and Pete could clearly see Terrys growing cock inches from his face. He felt Terrys hands move to his nipples. Petes nipples were one of his most sensitive areas; it was as if there was a direct line from them to his cock. He loved to have them flicked lightly, squeezed, and pulled during sex. Once Terry began to softly rub them with his fingertips, Pete moaned loudly for the first time. He stared at Terrys cock through his bike shorts, even opening his mouth and moving his head towards it to try to kiss it. Terry smiled and moved it just out of reach.  “Hmmmm, looks like Ive found your hot button.” Terry said. “Thats good to know…theyre nice and long. It looks like theyve been played with quite a bit?”

“Yes”, Pete feels so good, I love it.”

“Hmmm, well come back to those later, Ive got a surprise for them, Pete. I see you want to kiss me there. Do you?”

“Yes” Pete said, straining to reach.

“Ask me.”


“Please what?”

“Oh please can I kiss your cock? I want to so bad.”

“Just one kiss Pete, and no tongue”, Terry said, moving his crotch within reach.

Pete moved to kiss hungrily, but Terry moved away quickly, and squeezed Petes sensitive nipples hard, causing a gasp. “What do you say when I let you, Pete?”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Thank you for what?”

“Thank you for letting me kiss your cock Terry.”

“Mm, thats better”, Terry said, loosening his grip, and again lightly brushing Petes nipples while moving close again.

“Thank you” Pete said again, just to be sure, and kissed the head of Terrys hard cock, over his bike shorts, letting it linger until he pulled away.

“Now”, Terry said, as his hands once again returned to Petes inner thighs, this time standing to the side of the table, “lets go over a couple rules for our game, shall we?”

Pete nodded.

“You notice I have not tied your legs, Pete, only your wrists. Thats because I want you to have a choice, and that choice will be to keep your legs spread for me. I want you to be fully exposed, open and vulnerable for me at all times, and that means you will willfully keep your cock and ass on full display for me. Do you understand?”

Pete said “Yes” and spread his legs a little wider, as Terry was again softly caressing his balls and cock.

“Good. Now the next rule is, and this should go without saying, Pete, but of course you may not come without my permission. In fact, you must ask me to even ask for permission to come. I dont want to hear you beg to come without me first giving you permission to even ask. Understood?”

“Yes, thank you”, Pete moaned, quickly slipping into the role.

“Good. Youre learning fast.” Terry begin lightly tracing the outline of Petes straining cock, lingering around the underside, feeling the leaking pre cum through the fabric. “It looks like this cock is excited, doesnt it…” Pete nodded. Terry began to lightly slap Petes cock quickly, slowly growing in intensity, until he was slapping it hard and fast. Pete moved his hips back involuntarily after one particularly hard slap. “Good, that brings me to my final rule” Terry said. “This cock is mine for the next little while, and when I slap it, you are to raise your hips into it, to fully offer it to me, no matter how hard. In fact, if I lightly slap it, you are to beg me to slap it harder. Do you understand?”

“Yessss”, Pete moaned, and Terry traced his cock again, and began to lightly tap it with his fingers. “Please, please, slap my cock harder” Pete begged. Terry smiled and upped the pressure a bit as Pete raised his hips, submitting his cock to Terry. “Please, oh please slap it harder Terry!” Terry once again slapped his cock hard and fast, and Pete closed his eyes and forced himself to thrust his wide open hips upward to meet Terrys hand. After twenty hard slaps, Terry stopped and said “Very good Pete”, while pressing his finger against Petes asshole, over the strap of his thong, and wiggled it slightly. Pete knew what he was supposed to do, and strained to thrust against it, offering his asshole to Terry. The latest round of slaps had made even more blood rush to his cock, and Pete was dying to be completely naked, but he didnt dare ask, so he just gyrated his hips as Terry picked up a bottle of oil, and, using the lighter theyd used earlier on the joint, began to warm the bottle while admiring Petes body.

Satisfied the oil was warmed, Terry moved down to the foot of the table once again, unscrewed the bottle, and held it high over Petes cock. He slowly let the warm oil drip all over Petes cock and balls, over his thong, soaking it. Pete writhed and moaned in pleasure at the sensations. He looked down and saw that his white thong was soaked, and every outline of his cock was now visible. He could feel the warm oil dripping down to his asshole, which was pulsing after Terrys finger had teased it.

“Mmmm, isnt that gorgeous…” Terry exclaimed, putting the bottle aside, and now massaging Petes cock and balls, still over his soaked thong. He resumed teasing Petes asshole, again over the fabric, but letting the oil permeate and loosen his ass with one hand, while working his cock with other. Pete could feel himself getting close already, and was wildly moaning and thrusting his hips. He wasnt even naked and was on the verge of coming, but he remembered he mustnt come.

“Please Terry, can I ask for permission to come, Oh God..”

Terry smiled, removed his hands, and said, “Oh, not a chance, yet, Pete. It does look like youre so excited and close though….lets fix that, shall we?” Terry slid Petes thong down, Pete lifted his hips and enabled Terry to swiftly remove it. Pete  spread his legs wide again, now completely naked and vulnerable, his cock immediately at full attention, so glad to be free, his ass now coated with warm oil.

Terry grasped the soaking thong and teased Pete with it, letting it trail up and down over his cock and balls. It wasnt enough for Pete to come, just to keep him on edge. Then Terry spread the thong apart, and hooked it beneath Petes balls, pushing them up, jiggling them slightly. Pete moaned with pleasure and looked down at his dripping, throbbing cock. Then, in a flash, Terry deftly tied the thong, looped from beneath his balls, tied in a knot at the base of the top of his cock, squeezing his balls up and out. Pete gasped as he watched Terry smile at him, then cinch it tighter, pause, then tighter still. Pete moaned, threw his head back with ecstasy, then looked back to watch. The ends of the knot, the sides of the thong, formed two small loops, and Pete watched in amazement as Terry stretched first one, then the other to fit around Petes throbbing cock, pushing them down to the base. He had taken Petes own soaking thong and made a perfect cock ring from it, a large tight loop around his balls and the top base of his cock, and two tight loops around the base of it. The soaked knots were not going anywhere either.

Terry sat back for a minute, admiring his work, while gently rubbing Petes pre-cum around the head of his cock. “There, I had a feeling that might come in handy, Pete. Looks like you wont be coming until I want you to after all, now.” Pete looked down, and realized it was true. His cock, though twitching uncontrollably, was impossibly large, but the blood wasnt going anywhere, and he was fairly certain he wouldnt be able to truly come even if given permission. He moaned in frustration as he wanted release, needed it badly, already.

Next Terry went to his dresser drawer, and returned with a small bag. He set it down on the table next to the oils, reached in, and removed a shiny set of clover clamps attached to a chain. “Do you know what these are?” he asked.

“Nipple clamps”, Pete moaned, writhing in anticipation.

“Yes, I bet you like these, dont you?”

“Yes, I do please….”

“Please what?”

“Oh please clamp my nipples” Pete breathed.

Terry took one of the clamps, and began to brush Petes left nipple lightly, watching it harden. “I know you want this, come and get it”, he said, holding the open clamp above Petes nipple, forcing Pete to strain to reach it. He was making him clamp his own nipple, in a way, Pete thought, as he finally gained enough space to let Terry release the clamp. Pete gasped, as he always did at first, as Japanese clover clamps are not for novices. But Terry was expert, and got it just right, just enough nipple to hurt, but enough to not come off. He took his time, tugging gently on it, twisting it, before hovering the other clamp over Petes right nipple. Pete knew the drill, and again imposed his own nipple torture, straining and begging for his nipple to be clamped. Again Terry perfectly placed it, and Pete was in ecstasy, his cock oozing and twitching. He had lost all control and didnt care.

“Hmmm… you DO like those dont you?” Terry remarked as he tugged on the chain a bit. “I wonder if you like them too much…” Terry stood up, and grabbed a long bungee cord from a box on the floor, and stood on the chair next to the massage table. For the first time, Pete noticed there was an unused ceiling hook directly above him. Aroused and fascinated, he watched as Terry hooked one end of the bungee cord over the hook in the ceiling, stretched it, and hooked the other end to the chain on Petes nipple clamps. The pressure increase was immediate, and Pete moaned in pain mixed with pleasure. His nipples were stretched, and he knew clover clamps dont come off, but when theyre pulled they just get tighter. “Thats better, cant let you have ALL the fun” Terry said. He moved back down to the foot of the bed, teasing Petes swollen cock. Once again, he began slapping it, forcing Pete to raise his hips, beg for harder slaps, which in turn increased the pressure on his nipples.

Again, after twenty hard slaps, Terry stopped, and blew softly on Petes twitching, oozing cock. “Now lets turn our attention to that beautiful little asshole, shall we.” He again reached into the bag, and produced a small bottle of lubricant and a medium sized, tear drop shaped steel plug. He squirted a good amount of lube just above Petes asshole, then spread his cheeks, letting it drip. Pete could feel the lube slowly leaking into his asshole. Terry began to rub it, letting the muscles relax. A finger slipped in easily to a gasp, then a few moments later, a second one, to a moan. “Wow, look at that, two fingers in your ass already” Terry exclaimed… “Youve played around before, have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Not by a guy” Pete moaned truthfully, “just a strapon.”

“MMM, kinky and dirty, I like it” Terry said, as he removed his fingers, and squirted lube directly into Petes asshole. “Well, you are clean, and thats appreciated. And Ill show my appreciation” he said, as he resumed finger fucking Petes asshole, circling two fingers around, stretching him, relaxing the delicate rings. With the other hand, he squeezed lube on the head of the plug, and, in one movement, replaced his fingers with the plug. Pete gasped as the plug struggled to fully enter, but forced himself to relax and let it. When the widest part slipped past the inner ring, Petes ass sucked it deep, pressing the flared base against him, and causing his cock to let forth a fresh oozing. “Well let that sit and do its job for a minute”, Terry said, and suddenly put Petes cock in his mouth. Pete wanted to explode immediately, and would have, if not for Terrys other hand, which was wiggling and pulling on the bungee cord attached to nipple chain, causing intense pain as Petes nipples were stretched to unbelievable lengths. Pete was struggling in that fine balance between pleasure and pain for several minutes as Terry teased his cock and tortured his nipples, and was beginning to wonder if hed gotten in too deep here, when Terry stopped, and gently flicked his tongue around the head of Petes cock. He reached down to Petes butt plug, started moving it, wiggling it, causing Pete to writhe in pleasure despite movements stressing his nipples. Terry pulled the plug out, slowly, causing pain, then reinserted it, causing less pain, then repeated the process, a little faster each time. Soon, Petes ass was truly being fucked by the plug, and nipple pain be damned, he was thrusting his hips to meet each insertion and moaning.  “I think youre ready now, do you want me to fuck your ass, Pete?” Terry asked, leaving the plug in Petes ass as he slid down his bike shorts, exposing his own hard, fully erect cock. It was also shaved, longer than Petes, but not as thick.

“Yes, oh yes please, fuck my ass” Pete pleaded…”Its yours to fuck!” Terry reached again into the bag and removed a condom, quickly rolling it on. He then reached up and unhooked the bungee cord, bringing a small measure of relief to Petes clamped nipples, and pulled Petes thighs down to the edge of the massage table, stretching his arms out fully against his bound wrists. Pete felt Terry moving the butt plug, fucking him with it once again, and then replacing the plug with his cock. Pete moaned in pleasure as he felt this new sensation, the length and fullness pressing on his prostate, his male G spot, and now free from the extra pressure on his nipples, eagerly met Terrys thrusts. He closed eyes, and just gave in, let himself be fucked to oblivion, wondering in amazement how a simple comment this morning about sore feet had led him, just hours later, to be tied up, cock immobilized, nipples clamped, helpless and being ass fucked, yet loving every second. He gradually felt Terrys motions increase in intensity, and heard Terry begin moaning and breathing faster. He felt Terrys cock begin to pulsate, as Terry groaned and bucked, forcing the entire length of his cock into Petes ass, exploding his load with a grunt.

After a minute, Terry slowly slid out of Pete, unrolled the rubber, and wiped his cock with a towel. Pete was still shuddering from some prostate stimulation, his stomach muscles flexing involuntarily, his cock still dripping. Terry removed Petes nipple clamps to howls of pain as the blood re-entered the clamped areas, then placed his palms hard against them to ease the pain a bit before bending to softly kiss each one. “I think youve earned your reward, Pete”, he said, as he slipped the loops from the cock ring thong off, and untied the tight knot. A wave of precum gushed from Petes throbbing cock as Terry laughed. Terry poured some more oil on Petes cock, cupped his balls with one hand, and begin softly stroking. It didnt take much.

“Please Terry, can I ask permission to come? Please?” Pete begged.

“Yes, you may.”

“Please can you let me come Terry?”

Terry slowed briefly. “Do you think youve earned it today Pete?”

“Its up to you, Terry.” Pete gasped.

Laughing, Terry said “perfect answer my friend, and yes, you may come.”

The orgasm Pete had seconds later was one hed remember forever, as it lasted for what felt like a minute, and he nearly blacked out from the power and intensity. It was only several minutes later, after Terry had unbound and rubbed his wrists, and gave him a bottle of water, and they lit the rest of the joint theyd shared earlier, that he was able to speak.

“Holy shit” was all he could muster.

Terry laughed. “Well, hopefully your feet feel better, hope your ass doesnt hurt though.”

“To be honest, and I never thought Id say this, but it might be sore later, however it was actually worth it. That was fucking incredible. But now I gotta go back and shower, and I need a quick nap if possible.”

Pete got dressed. “Guess Ill see you at dinner man” he laughed. “Try not to grab my dick on the way by” he teased.

“Till next time?” Terry said.

“Till next time”, Pete said, and stepped out into the afternoon sunlight.

Pete never went back to Terrys after that day. Terry never pressured him to, either, and they were friendly all summer. For Pete, he didnt really have the urge to after that singular occasion. After all, nothing could top that, and, in a way, he didnt want to cloud that memory. They shared a secret, and it was a thrilling and intimate one.

Pete ended up having a lot of sex that summer, with those girls of all ages and nationalities, and much of it was memorable, but none would he recall in detail like the afternoon of that foot massage.

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