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Synopsis: A young man is kidnapped by a gentleman in order to fulfill his sadistic needs.

Part I

“Ah great”, Les had thought to himself, “the whole spa to myself”.  Currently, he was lounging in the sauna at a popular Korean spa.  As he sat there, letting the warm air penetrate his aching muscles, he looked through the glass door at the rest of the hot tub area where only two other people were sitting.  All parties were naked, as was the rule at all these facilities; clothes were prohibited in this area.  At twenty seven, he was the youngest patron at this time.  Usually the spa was rather crowded, but now it was almost empty.  One of the men from outside, and older gentleman gave him a fleeting glance as he entered the sauna and found a spot to sit in an adjacent bench.  The one space rule, as with urinals, definitely applied in these instances as well.  Though the gentleman intended his glance to be inconspicuous, Les knew to be the exact 

Les knew what he was looking at.  He knew he had a somewhat feminine body that many frequent patrons to these establishments found attractive.  Though he himself was not gay, he knew that many of the men who came to these spas were and that they were attracted his thin frame, hairless body combined with his refined Asiatic features.   His body was naturally thin and athletic from his healthy lifestyle of eating right and an aggressive cardio regiment that included running and swimming.  It was the swimming in particular that shaped it into a muscular but still thin form.  His ex-girlfriend hated body hair and asked him to shave it during their entire relationship that spanned three years.  It was actually her that introduced him to this spa which they used to frequent together.  When they broke up, he had gotten so used to his hairless form, any attempt regrow his body hair ended in futility for the very simple fact that every time he tried to regrow his body hair, even a mild growth of stubble proved to be excruciatingly itchy. In order to gain relief he almost had no choice but the continue shaving. 

The man sitting across from Les, as previously noted, tried unsuccessfully to check him out without looking conspicuous.  As Les noted, this slightly overweight, balding man in his late fifties, was the type of person often ogling his physical form at the spa. 

For a person with his specific needs, these Korean spas were the perfect place for the bald man.  Unlike almost all of the other patrons, who at very worst were looking for a gay hookup, this mans tastes were more complicated.  He was actually a very successful film producer, who as most film producers go, was often afforded a life of fame and fortune, while maintaining a level of anonymity that he so craved. The type of anonymity allowed him to pursue his eccentricities without drawing attention to himself. 

More specifically, the bald man fashioned himself a big game hunter, with the game being young adult males that he would capture and make to serve at his pleasure.  He had been a frequent visitor to this spa; as he sat next to his next potential prize, a prize that he had been seeking for months, the anticipation of “the kill” was now palpable.  The intention was however not to kill but to acquire.  He planned to acquire Les and then add him to his collection.  Being a man of great wealth, he had previously constructed an underground dungeon that he had explained to the builders as a bunker in the event of an apocalypse.   The construction workers, being used to these Hollywood types thought nothing unusual at this request, and were just happy to have a steady job for the duration of the construction as well as being paid handsomely for such a unique request. 

Unfortunately, for Les, he had no idea what was in store for him.  When he left the dry sauna to sit in the steam sauna, this was the last he saw of the bald man.  Even if he wanted to look out the glass door of the steam sauna, the steam prevented him from seeing anything beyond.  After about forty five minutes later he had sampled all the spa had to offer, various alternating trips between the saunas and the cold pool, which was chilled close to freezing, he felt the stress of the previous work week melt away.  He got dressed and walked out of the facility into the parking lot towards his car. 

Being that he still felt a lingering euphoria from his time at the spa and a nagging sense of hunger, deliberating in his head where he would go next for a nice lunch, he did not notice the man who bumped into him as he left the facility or the pinch in his thigh as the man jabbed him with a hypodermic syringe laced with a powerful tranquilizer. 

“Excuse me.  My apologies,” was all he heard from the gentleman as they both continued on their ways.  As he walked toward his car he saw that a large S class Mercedes with its windows completely tinted parked face forward so that both driver side doors were adjacent to one another.   As he reached to grab his keys out of his pocket, an overwhelming sense of dizziness over took him to the point that by the time he reached his car, he had to hold onto the side of for additional balance, or else fall to the ground. 

Because of his sudden sense of dizziness, he did not notice the driver side of the Mercedes open up as he approached his own driver side car door.  Though still conscious, he had almost lost all function of his limbs and was in a sort of “twilight” at this point. If not for the bald gentleman that had sat next to him in the sauna emerging from the back seat of the car and catching him, he would have indeed fallen. His body paralyzed and his head in an extreme fog, he felt the gentleman guiding him into the back seat of his Mercedes.  The gentleman who bumped into him earlier and injected him with the sedative, took Les keys from his hands and jumped into Les car.   The man, as ordered drove Les car to the bald mans house to be hidden in his large garage, more like an airplane hangar, where he kept his extensive luxury car collection. 

Inside the car, Les still somewhat conscious, laid on the back seat of the bald mans car.  Once fully inside he saw from the corner of his hazy eye the as he shut door shut.  Immediately, the bald man pulled out three sets of handcuffs, handcuffing his wrists behind his back, his ankles and with the third, connecting the two to put Les in a hogtie position.  Before he drifted into a deep sleep, he felt the bald man cutting all of his clothes away leaving him completely naked.  His last memory was the feeling of the cool breeze of the air conditioning blowing over his now naked body and the bald man fondling his balls and partially sticking his finger in his ass, not to penetrate but to gauge its tightness.   Satisfied, the bald man instructed his driver, sitting in front seat to drive his new acquisition and him home to his compound up in the hills while he accompanied Les in the back seat. 

As he approached his sprawling estate and neared the security gate that opened into a long quarter mile cobblestoned driveway that led to the main residence, Les was still unconscious in the back seat, secured still in a hogtie.  During the forty five minute drive back to the estate, the bald man continued to caress Les entire body paying particular attention to his cock and balls.  He particularly noted the softness of his skin.

As they arrived to his residence and drove up the main house, the bald man was greeted by his accomplice, who initially drugged Les and had driven ahead and placed Les car in the garage beyond plain sight.  Both of them grabbed Les, who was still heavily sedated, untied his binds, and placed him in a wheelchair that the driver of the car had fetched from the residence.  This whole operation, carried out in military fashion, was a concerted plan by the bald man and his employees to kidnap a young man, so that he could make him his personal plaything. 

Les, now slumped over in the wheelchair, unbound for probably the last time in a long while, though he did not appreciate this fact or was able to enjoy it, was now wheeled into the main residence, though a door that led to an elevator that transported him down three stories into the underground bunker, transformed into a dungeon where Les was to remain for some time.  Once underground, they wheeled him into one of the many rooms. 

This particular room where they took Les was rather unremarkable.  The room itself was completely encased in cement, all four wall as well as the floor.  Only a drain in the middle of the floor broke up the monotony of the room.  Several bare lightbulbs hung from the ceiling, to illuminate the room, though even though the light were on, the room could be described at dim at the very best.  The lights extended up the ceiling, if one were to try to discern the specifics, all they would see was darkness, except for one chain with a hook dangling out of nowhere.  What was not visible due poor lighting was that this chain was attached to an electronic winch, which was originally designed to facilitate the lifting of engines out of cars. 

Les was unceremoniously dumped out of the wheelchair, as the driver who was wheeling into this room, abruptly tilted the chair forward only to have Les fall to the floor in a giant heap.  The bald man than instructed the driver to attach a pair of two inch steel manacles connected by a thick six inch chain to Les ankles.  The bald man himself than walked over the still unconscious Les, reached into his pocket and pulled out the antidote to the heavy sedative that was previously administered.  He proceeded to inject the contents into his left ass cheek.  Within five minutes Les was starting to regain consciousness.  The bald man than instructed the man who was responsible for Les initial sedation, who now having concealed the car, joined the bald man and his driver in this room which would be at best described as Spartan

He instructed him to lower singular chain from the winch and attach it to the chain securing Les ankle manacles. He then instructed him to raise the chain to the point that Les legs were suspended to the point his ass was off the ground but his back stilled laid flat on the ground.  In this position, he was adequately immobilized, but still maintained a degree of comfort.  Les would soon learn that this was in no way important to the bald man. The bald mans objective was purely selfish, he wanted Les to be fully conscious before to fully appreciate what had planned and to suffer to his full potential. 

As Les awoke within the next twenty minutes, he felt a heavy haze envelop his head.  At first his vision was blurry, but then it started to focus, the first sight he registered was his legs slightly suspended, encased in meta shackles, and a cool breeze over his entire body; which he soon realized he was completely nude.  He tried to sit up and with his still unfettered arms, tried to no avail to grab the shackles which were still within reach of his outstretched arms, and try to work himself free.  Obviously, being thick metal, this was impossible. 

“Ah, I see sleeping beauty has awaken.  Please to not say a word or you will be severely punished.  Though you are still waking up from a drug haze, you seem like an intelligent man and you can see that you are in no position to negotiate, so please follow my instructions,” said the bald man as he stated this in an overtly condescending way. 

Despite the warning, Les frantically screamed, “What the fuck is this.  Let me go right away or Ill call the police.” 

Without saying a word the bald man, expecting this very response, and actually subconsciously hoping for it, gestured to the driver to have him hand him a cattle prod to his outstretched hand.  He walked up to Les, he placed the prod on his genitals, though any other part of his body would have been sufficient to get the point across and pushed the button, holding it for a good five seconds. 

A wave of pain shot though Les, leading almost instantaneously to uncontrolled muscle spasms and convulsions, all of which resulted in sheer excruciating pain that Les had never experienced in his entire life.  The experience was so shocking and even though the electric shock was only applied for five seconds, it was more than Les could take, resulting in him almost losing consciousness again, as well pissing himself.  As he pulled the prod away, Les lay there panting, eyes rolled to the back of his head, trying desperately to process what was happening to him. 

“Now lets try this again, you will to remain silent unless you want the prod again.”

At this time, though still in shock of the situation, laying now in a pool of his own urine, Les comprehended enough to nod his head violently and make a concerted effort not to utter another sound.  Unceremoniously, the bald man gestured to the driver to raise the winch and within a second, a whirl could be heard and Les legs were hoisted into the air, with his body almost completely off the ground except for his shoulders, to which is full body weight rested less the stain sustained by his ankles as the heavy metal dug into his flesh.  The bald man, having an assortment of bondage equipment, could have used a more forgiving leather ankle binder, but chose the metal shackles because he was able to convey an increased sense of inescapability, as well and an increase in level of discomfort level, as the metal bit deeply into his skin and bone.  The pain of the shackles themselves would have been considered by many a form of torture in and of itself. 

As Les lay there with his shoulders resting on the ground and his legs hoisted up in the air secured by metal shackles, digging painfully into his flesh, he was still in shock from the cattle prod, not quite regaining his senses, much like a prize fighter who had just been knocked down but not out.  His hand were still free, but in his present position, there was little he could have done with them anyway, as they rested palm down on the floor. 

“Here,” barked the bald man as he kicked what looked like a tube of toothpaste at Les, jut within his reach with his still free hands.  “I want you to smear this all over your body, every square inch including everything below your eyebrows, including under your shackles.  If I see any hesitation, Ill get the cattle prod out again.” 

Les now saw why he left his arms unfettered.  He wanted him to contribute to his plight, and not merely allow him to play the subjugated victim.  The bald man knew that if he coerced Les to actually help him with his plot, heretofore, still not fully apparent, this would help psychologically break him, which was one of the chief objectives of this exercise. The bald man realized it would have been easier and even faster if he just did what he asked Les to do to himself, but it would not have nearly been as degrading or simple, as fun. 

Not wanting the feel the wrath of the cattle prod again, Les immediately grabbed the toothpaste tube, removed the cap, and started smearing it onto his body where he could most easily reach first, his chest, face, and upper legs even though he had no idea what he was smearing on his body.   He found the rest of his body was less easy, having to be almost a contortionist to get his back, and then having to do almost a sit up where his entire body was off the ground to reach his legs, feet and under the shackles.  Being the shackles did not actually fit absolutely snugly around his ankles, he was able to manipulate his body so that he could alternate the space in different parts circumferentially until every square inch of his body was covered in the toothpaste including every remaining square inch of his cock and balls.   Even though his abdominal muscles ached greatly toward the end of his task, almost to the point of fatigue; in that if he had to do this even for another minute, he would have failed.  By the time Les has relieved to have accomplished this task and to have avoided the cattle prod, he once again sank his shoulders back to the ground with his legs still suspended in the air in complete exhaustion. 

Certainly, the casual observer would have seen that Les was still immobilized by the metal shackles, and escape with have still been impossible, having his legs placed in a lower position would have greatly facilitated this task.  However, he wanted him to struggle, to push his body to the point of utter fatigue.

The bald man, though Les had performed the task asked of him in an impeccable manner, elected to shock him with the cattle prod again anyway.  This time he placed it on his balls and held it for another ten seconds.  The pain was excruciating.  Les felt every muscle in his body painfully contract, like an all body cramp; on top of that, he felt like his balls were literally going to explode.  Whatever he had built up in his bladder, expressed itself again, this time, because of his current position, flowed down his body all over his face.  Luckily for Les, he once again almost lost consciousness, lest suffer the indignity of pissing all over his face. 

When he regained enough consciousness, Les, though blurry vision, noticed the bald man standing over him again, with cattle prod in hand.  Almost hyperventilating, trying to escape despite his rigid restraints, Les pleaded with him for mercy. 

“Youre in no position to negotiate,” he stated.  “However, I dont plan on shocking you again, since your current mindset and stress level supersedes the pain of the prod.  You did a fine job of smearing that cream all over your body.  I noticed you even got your ass crack.  Good boy.  Though your existence will remain a mystery, I find unknown and subsequent mental torture just as painful as physical torture, I will tell you that the cream you smeared all over your body will prevent any further hair grown forever.  Within a few minutes, it will start to burn to the point of almost being unbearable.  You will feel as if your skin will actually peel off your body.” 

Just as he uttered the last words, Les indeed noticed that his skin was starting to burn.  It started off warmly, but then progressed to the point of third degree burn status where he thought his skin would be reddened, progressing to the excruciating pain of where he thought his skin was starting to blister and then finally peeling off.  This sensation lasted for nearly thirty minutes, beads of sweat starting pouring all over Les body.  However despite his pain and perceptions, his skin was just slightly reddened.  The sensation of water from a hose hitting his body with the nozzle set at a heavy stream brought him back from deep within his thoughts, to once again fully aware of his immediate surroundings.  The bald man was hosing him off, hosing off the cream he had applied to his body, he himself, slightly more than half an hour earlier.  The burning had finally decreased to what would be described as a low simmer.  With all the cream hosed off him completely, his body skin still slightly tingly, Les lay there, waiting helplessly, in nervous anticipation, to what was next in store for him.

The bald man grabbed the controls to the winch, pressing the button resulting immediately to the lifting of Les completely off the ground, stopping as his outstretched arms were barely off the ground.  The pain in his ankles was excruciating.  He felt the metal biting through his flesh, feeling as though it would be filleted off the underlying bone.  A sudden rush of dizziness filled his head.  Once again he was completely disorientated.  The bald man, seeing that Les was still trying to reconcile in his head his new predicament, thought this would be a great opportunity to walk over to him and place a pair of metal handcuffs around the front of his body.  This happened so fast, Les did not realize what was happening, only that his hand were no longer free as he now hung, hands down, ornate with a pair of handcuffs. 

Still trying to make sense of his ever changing circumstances, Les did not notice that the bald man had picked up cane from his closet and walked over to him.  Only once the first blow his exposed ass, the sound, than the momentary delay of the white pain that filled his brain did he realize why the bald man had bothered to place a pair of handcuffs on his wrists.  Though he still had the freedom of placing his hands in front of him, he was no longer able to defend himself from the onslaught of blows from the cane that followed.  Before he was able to realize the full extent of his predicament, ten more hard blows, as hard as the bald man could physically muster, reigned on his exposed ass.  The pain now was unbearable.  His futile efforts to avoid the blows, suspend upside down with literally nowhere go did little to alleviate his vulnerability.  In his mind, he thought that if he snaked around enough, he would be able to avoid and subsequent blow.  Unfortunately, in his stressed out state, this seemed reasonable, but in reality was completely useless. 

When all was said and done, the bald man had caned Les a total of fifty time about his back and ass.  All that was left was a darkly bruised back, with a multiple series of raised welts where the cane hand landed and small rivulets of seeping from these wounds.  Just looking at his backside alone, most would believe that Les suffered more pain in time it took to wield the blows than most people suffer in a lifetime or at the very least half a lifetime.  And they would likely be correct in their assumption.  Les lay there panting, once again almost losing consciousness, glistening with the resulting sweat that poured all over his body. 

Unceremoniously, with a push of a button, the winch dropped Les to the ground where he laid in a giant heap of pain.  One would think this would be a natural break for the bald man, but one would be incorrect in this assumption.  The bald man, seeing that Les was in a prone state, his handcuffed hands extending forward and his shackled legs backward in a prone state, took the opportunity to straddle Les at the level of his upper thighs, thus immobilizing his body.  Les ability to move and get away were greatly diminished to the point of ineffectiveness.  What he heard next caused him to struggle and try to snake away with all his might, trying desperately with his manacled feet and hand to clap into the cement just to gain enough purchase to get away.  Obviously this was near impossible, as the bald man weight over 200 pounds. 

Specifically, what cause this sudden panic, even though Les was facing forward and could not see the bald man as he straddled him, was the sound of his belt buckle and the unzipping of his pants.  The sound alone indicated to Les that he was going to rape him.  Was followed next further reiterated the point.  Les felt a coolness of lube his ass crack.  The bald man than used his exposed, now erect head of his penis to smear it around his asshole.  Mentally, though he knew what was coming next, the physical aspect was beyond was he could comprehend.  Even though the bald mans penis was lubed, Les asshole still remained dry.  Ironically, the only lube to ease the penetration lay on the bald mans penis, and he was only able to lubricate the impending rape with the rape itself.  The pain was excruciating, Les literally felt like he would be torn apart.  “Its too big, it wont fit,” he heard himself screaming. 

The bald man, completely ignored his pleas and began pumping fervently right away.  This would be described as anything other than gentle or sensuous.  This was a full on violent fuck or simply just a rape.  Looking down, the bald man could see streaks of blood intermixed with the lube that cover his erect penis.  Watching the actual penetration, his erect penis sliding violently in and out of Les asshole made him even harder and made him increase his pace and brutality even more.  It was a self-perpetuating sequence of events that resulted in a full fury of a fuck on one hand and literally a ripping apart of the victim on the other hand.  The pain was unimaginable for Les as he laid there, prone, legs together, outstretched, and shackled, as the bald man continued.  His handcuffed hands, outstretched in front of him, he tried desperately to get away by digging his nails into the concrete, inching his body forward to no avail of escaping the rape. 

As abruptly as the rape started, it stopped.  Les had expected him to cum in his ass but when the bald man stopped he was hugely relieved.  This relief however was short lived; the bald man, with the agility of a much younger man wheeled around so that his Les and his cock were face to face.  He then grabbed Les by the hair and said to him “if you bite down, Ill make you suffer more than you have already suffered!”  Les placed his handcuffed hand to try and push him away, but he bald man just pulled his hair even harder to drive the point across that resistance was futile.  He shoved his cock into Les mouth and began throat fucking him, in the sense that Les started gagging right away, drool spewing out of his mouth, making guttural grunts, while the bald man continued to use his head as a fucking apparatus. 

Les had never had cock his mouth before.  The most experience he had with something like this was going down on his girlfriend.  He actually liked the soft moistness of the taste her aroused vagina, but this was completely different.  The cock stabbed him in the back of his throat, making him retch.  Thinking the bald man would pull out to give him a break proved presumptuous, since it was the suffering that he had coveted.    Tear began to well up in his eyes as his gag reflex was stimulated.  The musty smell and taste of the bald mans cock contributed to the overall nausea he felt.  With one last effort, the bald man made a final thrust to the back of Les throat, holding it there with his hair and began cumming in his mouth. Les could not believe the humiliation of sucking cock and then having a man actually cum in his mouth.  He tried his best to spit out enough cum as he could, but because the position of the bald mans phallus in the back of his throat as he came, it acted as a sort of seal that encouraged the cum to flow down his throat rather than back up his mouth.  This once again added an additional level of nausea for Les.  Just as the bald mans cock gave one last spasm in his throat, he finally pulled out at the same time Les started to vomit violently.  Since he had not eaten since late this morning, very little came up other than a couple puddles of yellow bile looking fluid.  

Les lay there exhausted.

Over the next couple of days, Les life became a living hell.  After the rape, he was unceremoniously dragged by his hair into a 12 x 12 cell lined only with concrete.  The door on said cell was a heavy, stainless steel with two openings, one at the top to view the prisoner, and one at the bottom to slide a plate of food if one desired. Still naked and chained about his wrists and ankles, Les was dragged into a cell where a heavy stainless steel collar was placed around his neck.  As the padlock which locked the tug at the collar to determine if there was any way out, but from the first attempt, he realized that any efforts to extricate himself from his present predicament of the array of new stainless “jewelry” that kept him at the continued mercy of the bald man would prove useless.  To further add to his predicament, his hand were uncuffed, than recuffed behind his back.  This would further add to his mental torture of not being to use his hand in any productive manner. 

He lay there for seemed like an eternity.  The room was sound proof and pitch black, as the only source of light, a bare lightbulb that hung from the ceiling, was kept off.  As previously stated, the cell was bare, completely encased in concrete, devoid of even a matt to sleep, let alone a toilet.  All Les could do was curl up on the cold bare floor, in his chained and naked form to find solace in his current predicament.  The room was purposely kept at cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit, pitch black, and soundproof to help break the new prisoner with a combination of sensory deprivation and an environment that kept him shivering with no way to warm himself.  To the casual observer, this would not seem to be source of great stress, but over an extended period of time and with no obvious end to his predicament, the mental aspect of this torture took its toll.  To compound things even worse, Les was given water only, which was slid under the lower door opening but no way to relive himself except for a drain in the center of the room.  No food was given as his sense of hunger became overwhelming.  Though given an ample source of water, he soon realize there was no way of relieving himself without having to actually lay in his own excrement.  The overall psychological toll was excruciating.  The floor was sloped towards the middle from all four walls to the drain. Through sheer gravity, Les and all his excrement were naturally inclined towards the center of the room.    Les was on the verge of madness after what seemed like an interminable time held captive, shacked to the wall, held in pure darkness and silence and sitting in his own filth, each time moving up the sloped floor only to be inevitably drawn toward the middle once again.

Over the next few days, weeks, and extending into months, Les lay there in his own filth, chained to the wall in darkness.  He was fed a ration of gruel, consisting of ground turkey, rice, eggs, and of all things corn bread.  They were all mashed up into a mash with his daily allotment of water.  Over this period of time, Les body began to change.  As expected, his muscular, swimmers build ha atrophied substantially.  He probably lost thirty pound during this period of internment.  The bald man did allow him a periodic respite from his sensory deprivation by turning on the sole lightbulb for a total of one hour during his feeding.  Not being allowed utensils, with his hand chained behind his back, Les was forced for lap up both his food and water like a dog.  One week into his internment, the bald man did allow one further “luxury” for Les that is he gave him a Home Depot five gallon paint bucket to shit and piss.  Every two weeks or so, that bucket was replaced with a fresh one once the waste began overflow. 

Mentally Les had become almost despondent.  At first, he though his captivity would be temporary.  Despite his predicament, being locked underground and shackled to the wall, he somehow thought there would be a way of escape or that the bald man would grow tired of him and release him.  Other than the first days of his capture, the bald man refrained from any type of physical contact with Les.  As the day passed, Les was starting to believe that this would be how he would live the rest of his days.  Aside from the capture, the sheer boredom of became an increasing factor in his overall psyche.  Being immobilized in such a way prevent him from stretching or doing exercises to help keep him in shape or pass time.  He basically just laid there on his side, the most comfortable position he could find until he was fed whereby he would get on his knees, hands behind his back, and lap up food and water with just his mouth like a voracious wild animal.  The bald man controlled his rations so that he was fed slightly below his daily caloric requirement to help him lose weight.  Within a few months, Les found himself just lying there, trying to perform mental exercises such as counting in his head to ten thousand, but he soon gave up on that as well.  The shackles around his neck, ankles a wrists dug into his skin, causing severe bruising, chafing, and finally to open wounds around these areas. 

Part II

One day, after almost six months of bondage, on a day Les thought would be the same as all the previous days, as he was preparing for the panel on the door to open so that he could receive his one meal. Hungry and merely just from habit, he adjusted himself from laying on his side to getting on his knees, hands cuffed behind his back waiting to receive his dish of gruel  To his surprise, for the first time since he was initially locked up, he head to lock to the door unlock.  The door than opened, with the bald man standing at the entryway.   Not that the lock on the door would have mattered this entire time for he was securely chained to the wall but, it just added an extra psychological barrier to his captivity. 

“Stay as you are.  Dont move an inch or else Ill plant my boot in your face!” barked the bald man.  Les, terrified and in still blinded by the light that of the adjacent room, one that he had not been privy to for several months now, and slightly in shock from the entire series of events, just lay there motionless whether the bald man had directed him to do so or not.  The bald man proceeded to walk past him, unlock the chain from the wall and taking it like a leash walked Les out of the room

The bald man abruptly kicked him in the back causing Les fail frame to come crashing to the ground once again.  Without his manacled hands to brace his fall, his head took the brunt of the force.  “You will only stand on my command!”  With Les laying on the floor, somewhat stunned from a combination of his severely weakened state and the minor head trauma he just suffered, the bald man slowly walked over to him and planted a series of forcible kicks his abdomen.   Les instinctively turned over on his stomach, panting, with the wind knocked out of him, with his knees tucked under his stomach.  He thought by making him small this would decrease his vulnerability from any impending assaults.  One thing it did was to leave his balls completely exposed, which the bald man immediately recognized, planting a very powerful kick to his testicles propelling Les forward.  The pain from the boot radiated up Les abdomen.  He was in sheer pain to say the least.  His stomach in knots, within a few moments he vomited what little bile he had in his food deprived stomach.  Had he been better fed, he definitely would have shit himself.  Fortunately, since the bald man commanded him to clean the small traces of vomit with is tongue, he was now better fed. 

Seeing for the first time in months since his capture, the bald man realized that Les posed absolutely no threat.  Even if he wanted to put up a fight, his weakened, battered body would say otherwise.  After Les had recovered from his most recent beating and had cleaned his vomit from the floor with is tongue, the man unfastened all of Les manacles, leaving him unfettered.  For the first time in months, his hands were released, with his legs irons and collar still intact.   Naturally he began to explore his body.  His first inclination was to bring his hand to his face where he could see that the shackles had caused open wounds around his wrists where they had been secured for months.   He next proceeded to run his hand across his torso.  Not to his surprise, he felt rather bony, skinny, even to the point of emaciation.  His previous swimmers build was replaced by skin and bones.  He looked down at his legs looked like thin sticks where once stood great trees.  His skin felt funny.  Even though he no hair had grown from his previous depilation, his skin felt surprisingly smooth, like that of a women.  Upon further exploration, he noticed that his previous ow that he could explore his entire body and he was able to confirm that his skin definitely felt much smoother.  He also noticed that his chest was much bigger, in that he felt he had womens breast and that his nipples had definitely become larger.  This was extremely confusing to him.  This all took place within a few moments; it would have taken much longer for him to process all the new found information. 

He just lie there, both in shock from the most recent beating as well as being free for the first time in months.  He was almost lost in his thoughts when he was snapped back to reality with the bald man grabbing him by the hair and dragging him into a bare room lined with tile with nothing more than a drain in the middle.  He threw against the wall across from the opening of the room.  With a loud thud, Les was propelled, shoulder first into the wall, once again, too much for his weakened body to handle, crumbled into a help upon impact where he lay. 

“Stay down,” barked the bald man.  “You are not to stand!  Now Im going to turn on the water and you are going to wash yourself from head to toe.”  The bald man proceeded to turn on a nozzle, and a stream of cold water from an unseen showerhead hidden in the darkness of the ceiling of the room began to produce cascade of cold water.  The shock was the cold water on Les body caused him to shiver immediately.  Distracted, Les did not notice the bald man chucking a bar of soap at his body until it hit him squarely in the head. Looking down, he put two and two together and began lathering his body, including his hair and beard with soap.   “Lather up bitch.  Dont miss a square inch of your body.” He could literally feel the grime and filth that had accumulate wash of his skin.  For him to finally cleanse himself, though metaphorically of all that was happening or had happened to him, seemed somewhat therapeutic in a perverse way. 

When the bald man was sufficiently satisfied that Les was sufficiently clean, he proceeded to turn off the water.  Walking over to where Les lay shivering, dripping with water, he grabbed Les hair with his left hand and with his right landed a slap to his face with all his might temporarily stunning him.  In his stunned state, he reaffixed his handcuffs behind his back.  Certainly, as in previous instances, the slap was completely unnecessary; he could have just commanded him to reapply his handcuffs.  The bald man just wanted to use action to reinforce his dominance.

Now cuffed again he dragged him by the hair into the middle of the room where he had previously been hung by his ankles, the bald man lowered the wire once again from the winch and this time, rather than affixing it to Les ankle cuffs.  There was a self-tightening loop at the end of the cable to which the bald man roughly fastened around Les scrotum entrapping both his balls.  Without a word he now raised the wire pulling Les up by the balls.  His first instinct was to grab the cable with his hand, but unfortunately, all he could do was attempt futilely to grab for the cable around his back.  As the winch continued to pull the cable upward, the pressure on his balls increased immensely as his prone body was less able to take the weight of his body off his balls.  As the winch continued to raise his body, Les became increasing discombobulated as the pressure in his balls became excruciatingly painful while his head hung down causing blood to rush to his hand and the pain on his back has it was arched in a U position not even a contortionist could find comfortable.  As his body was completely off the ground and the entire weight was just on his balls, he began to spin further adding to his misery as he soon became dizzy.  In order to try to relieve the pressure of his head and back he tried to do a sit-up but could only hold it for a few seconds at a time.  As his body fell back to his original he tried again to do a sit-up to relive the stress.  He did multiple time, being able to hold the position with decreasing duration; after about five minutes he was completely exhausted and just hung there completely by his balls.  The pain in his balls was excruciating.  He could feel that they were beginning to throb and could see that they were starting to swell and turn an unnatural state of purple. 

The bald man seeing that Les was thoroughly exhausted walked over to him.  During Les struggle he had retrieved a wooden stirring spoon, the type every household has in their kitchen for stirring stews.  He walked over to the side of him as he hung by his balls, and proceed to gently tap his balls with the spoon.  Though he was being gentle, the repeated taps in succession became excruciating to Les already swollen balls.  At first Les just groaned then started to plead progressing to hysterical begging for him to stop.  With tears running down his eyes and his head and body thrashing wildly like a wild stallion, Les had realized that he defied the bald mans rule about talking but felt that any subsequent punishment could not be as excruciating as his current condition.  Ignoring all his plead, the bald man continued gently tapping in rhythm, as he felt his own erection start to grow. Gradually, the tapping progressed into a more frenzied hitting culminating with the bald man rearing back with his and coming down with all his might on Les unprotected balls.  The fury was so violent, the session ended no because the bald man elected to stop no Les finally went from hysterically screaming at the top of his lung to passing out, but because the spoon actually broke in half rendering it completely useless. 

He let Les hand there unconscious for about five minutes.  During this time, the bald man unfettered his ankles but left his hand cuffed behind his back. Reaching for the hose he had previously cleaned him off with he once again sprayed him with the water causing Les to gasp and return to consciousness.  Les at this time was beside himself.  The pain in his ball extending into his abdomen was almost more than he could bare.  He wished he could pass out again.   He could not believe that his entire body was being supported by only his ball and that they did not rip off.  He could feel his body begin to shake almost go into minor convulsions from the pain. 

Quietly, the bald man walked up to Les face where it hung upside down and procced to unzip his pants.  Without a word, he pulled out his erect penis and placed it on Les lips.  Les, without any further instruction, knowing what was demanded of him and not wanting to risk any further punishment, proceed to lift his head and take the bald mans penis into his mouth.  Once in his mouth the bald man started to face fuck Les with a certain fury, grabbing Les ears and using them to pull his head into groin making the face fucking just that much more intense causing him to gag and slobber.  Les was fighting for air as the bald man continued to slam his balls into his mouth.  Withdrawing from his mouth, the bald man took a half step back and spun Les body still hanging only by his balls so that he was now facing his ass.  Reaching for both Les now unfettered legs, he stood between them, bent them backwards so that his asshole was exposed and rammed his now fully erect cock into Les ass with only the saliva from his previous face fucking serving as lubrication.  Les felt once again as if his ass was being torn apart; he was also certain that his balls were going to be ripped off by the weight of his body combined by the bald man violently fucking his ass, swinging him to and fro as if he were on a sex swing, thrusting himself into his straining ass with a violent fury.  Les once again grunted like a pig, still hoping he could pass out from the pain.  He was right about being ripped apart because his asshole actually started to bleed. This was not all bad however, in that the blood served to lubricate what was an extremely dry and painful fuck.  With one final painful thrust into his ass the bald man pulled out and once again spun Les around so that once again his face was looking up at the his cock.  Grabbing Les the by ears once again, he steered his mouth over his cock and with one final thrust into the back of Les throat, he held the position to what seemed like eternity as Les tried desperately to breathe.  After what seemed like an eternity, he could feel the cock start to pulsate followed by the warm fluid that was his cum filling the back of Les throat.  As the bald man pulled out after a couple of final pulses of his cock and ejaculating the last drop of cum from his balls.  As the bald man pulled out, Les immediately gasped for air at the same time coughing up much of the cum; most of which wound up landing on his still upside down face.   He immediately knew that he would be punished for spilling the contents of the bald mans balls as well as talking previously, but as far as he was concerned, there was nothing else he could do. 

“Please no more!  I cant take anymore!  Let me down!” he demanded.   He was hysterical at this point.  Tears streamed down his face, head shaking back and forth a he pleaded to the bald man. 

“I told you never to talk as well as never spilling a drop of cum,” calmly replied the bald man. 

The bald man left the room returning within minutes wheeling a brazier loaded with hot coals with a dozen metal skewer sticking out circumferentially around the device. 

“Once again, I told you not to disobey me!”

Before Les could see the brazier out of the corner of his eye, he already felt the heat radiating from it onto his naked skin.  The began a new frenzied thrashing, whereby he literally was trying to rip his balls off and escape because he knew right away what was likely about to happen.  The former option in his mind was much preferable than the latter. 

Slowly, with saying another word, the bald man produced a one inch brand from the brazier with an amorphous symbol.  What it looked like or represented is not important, only that he applied the brand right between Les entrapped two balls. 

All the muscles in his body cramped all at once, causing his exhausted body to straighten from its inverse U shape.  Les let out the most horrendous blood curdling scream for the full fifteen seconds that the bald man had applied the brand to his scrotum.  Les, though the mask of pain plastered on his face truly thought that his balls were literally going to explode. 

“Please no more!”   Les was able to mutter these words between pants.

What followed was certainly not the faint at heart.   The bald having branded Les than proceeded to produce a two dozen hot metal skewer about eight inches long used typically for shish kebab.  He held the end of one with an oven mitt protected hand with the tip glowing red hot and pushed it through Les left testicle.  Immediately, Les threw his head back, every sinew in his body showing at his body tensed like it had never tensed before.  Snot billowed out of his mouth as the pain he was experiencing was too much for him to form words.  The bald man proceeded to do the same to his right testicle.    He repeated the process a dozen more time, resulting in the same response to Les.  At this time, through a combination of the hanging, beating and now skewering, his balls had swelled grotestesquely to the size of oranges.  His scrotum was doing everything it could to contain the swollen balls so as not to rupture.  As the bald man prepared for round thirteen, Les fortunately passed out once again.  Twelve skewers every which way emanated any direction the bald man could fine space to place subsequent ones.  In a warped way, it was like a testicle Birthday Cake with the candles.  What was left was one macerated mess.  Blood oozed from the holes the skewers had made. No reasonable person could expect Les testicles could recover from such this severe treatment. Being that Les was not unconscious again, this was no longer any fun for him, he left the room leaving Les to hang there for the next hour by his destroyed balls. 

As the bald man exited, he thought to himself, “Luckily he wont need them any longer.”

Part III

Les memory was of him opening his eyes and feeling like he was floating on clouds.  This actually is not true as the clouds was just a standard hospital bed, but compared to his previous situation, this could have been actual clouds.  As he tried to open his eyes, he could not help but feeling dizzy, a feeling he had not felt in the past six months, despite all of his suffering.  He tried to focus his eyes and look down towards his body, but for the first time since his capture, he was not naked but clothed in a standard hospital gown.  He could see that both his hands were handcuffed to the side of the bed, and in an effort to move his feet, could tell that they also were cuffed to the corners of the bed, thought he could not see them as they were covered by a blanket.  Furthermore, there was a general ache throughout his body that he could not pinpoint due in large part to the side of effects of the drugs that he had been given. 

As previously mentioned, Les body had changed considerably during his stay.  One might believe that this was the inadvertent consequence of the sadistic proclivities of the bald man.  This could not be further from the truth.  Though the bad man was a hunter and sadist, he also was a man of extremely perverse tastes, in that it was not enough to capture and torture a young man.  He was a man of very specific tastes in these young men, and enjoyed molding them both physically and emotionally to satiate his perverse appetite.  Though Les was an accidental victim, what proceeded from there was meticulously though out.  Though the bald man enjoyed everything up to this point…the rapes, torture and immense suffering that Les had experience, this was all an ends to a means.

“Welcome back Sweetheart,” barked the bald man as he and a gentleman who wore scrubs walked into the room Les was being kept.  “Im sure you have a lot of questions including what you are doing strapped to the hospital bed.”

Les wanted to tell him to fuck himself but elected to remain silent for fear of retribution as he had previously experienced. 

“As you are probably wondering, what are you doing here and what has been done to you?  You have been here for the past two days unconscious.  You can thank the good doctor on my left what has happened.  If you thought your life was hopeless and that there was no going back to your previous life two days ago when I let you out of the shit covered cell Ive been keeping you for the past six months, you will be even more despondent after learning what I have done to you.  There definitely is no going back now!”

With that, the bald man grabbed Les gown, yanking it off with such violence that the bed sheets were removed with them revealing his naked form.  Les was left speechless, seeking what he saw was as surreal experience that he literally could have remembered.  The only reason he did not think what lay in front of him was another person was that he could consciously move its limbs in a corresponding manner and that it was attached to his head.

“Like what you see? As you can see, you are now a feminized version of your previous self.  Let me tell you more about myself.  I have very specific tastes in my slaves.  What best describes what I have done with you, with the help of my surgeon friend, is that you have been feminized.  Why you may ask, why I dont just abduct a female?  Well the answer is simple, my particular taste are that of a feminized male.”

“Allow me to elaborate.  When I kidnapped you, this was my goal all along. I kept you in the cell, immobilized so that your body would atrophy, leading to a more feminine body type.  During this time, I spiked your food with estrogen, altering your chemical balance so that your body would start acting as though you were female.  That meant softening your skin, growing breast tissue and rendering your cock ineffective with the shrinking of your balls.  Certainly, with all the torment I subjected you to, you would have barely notice these changes.  When I thought I had accomplished this goal, I naturally released you for part two of my plan.”

“I will tell you now that I have since cleaned you up, and washed and styled your hair in a more feminine form.  You can thank my stylist for the latter.   I certainly will show you later.  As for your body, as you can see, I finished what I started with the hormones, giving your breast implants.  You are now a full C.”

Looking down at his chest, Les was aghast at what he saw.  He saw what he would classify as two perfectly shaped, spectacular breasts.  If not for the hormone treatment he had been receiving, the sight would have caused him to achieve an erection.  Rather, he was truly mortified. 

“What the fuck have you done to me?  Fuck you!”  He knew that he words would have consequences, but he could not hold back any longer.  These consequences, though unintended, were part of the plan would soon become apparent.

“I see you still have not learned your lesson,” the bald man calmly stated. 

“Well what have we next to remind my new friend to behave?” he inquired to the doctor standing to his left. 

With that, the doctor left the room and returned moments later with a cart full of surgical instruments. 

Without saying a word, he reached below the cart and produced a bottle of betadine solution, and antiseptic used to prepare patients for surgery.  He proceeded to apply copious amounts to Les cock and balls.  His balls were still grotesquely swollen and his scrotum still bored the brand.  The third degree burn after two days had reddened considerably, started to blister at the edges and oozed a clear fluid.  Rubbing it in with a stile sponge, he made sure that the intended area was completely covered but because of the wound, caused Les body to stiffen and thrash about from the ensuing pain resulting from the antiseptic solution being placed over his previous open wounds. 

Les looked through his pain wracked face in bewilderment.  In his wildest dreams, he thought that he was going to receive an embarrassing piercing down in his nether region.  He could not have been more wrong.

“One more thing,” interjected the bald man.  “I want to carry this out to its full potential, meaning that I want you completely feminized except for your cock. Many people who share my sexual desires would just lock you in permanent chastity in the form of a cock cage.  I dont like the looks of that.  Certainly, what is about to happen could have been performed much more easily while you were out getting your breast implant.  However, being that I knew you were going to mouth off when you saw your new breasts, I thought we could use this as a teaching moment, both teaching you a lesson and satisfying my sadistic needs.”

Without saying another word, both the doctor and the bald man reached below the bed and produced two additional straps to which they strapped Les waist and chest.  Now that his hand and ankles were still cuffed, he was more or less immobilized.

In a split second, Les realized what was about to happen.  He frantically started thrashing about his bonds to very little avail.  This just brought a smile of satisfaction to the bald man.

“I see you realize what is about to happen,” he calmly stated. 

At this point Les was hysterical and I tears.  “Please stop!  Ill do anything, just not that!”

“Youre already doing anything.”

Just to add to his torture, the bald man left the room and returned pushing three large, full length tilting mirrors affixed to frames.  These were most often used in cooking classes so that the students could see what the instructor was cooking.  In this case, Les soon realized as the mirrors were positioned so that all three mirrors were angles at his genitals.  He would have a front row seat in seeing his castration. 

With that the doctor proceeded in removing Les balls.  The pain was incredible.  Les actually passed out several time only to be revived by the bald man with smelling salts.  Each time he awoke he saw the doctor proceeding very matter of fact.  Without any anesthesia or even a local, the doctor proceeded in incising his sack and popping out one ball at a time as one would pop a zit.  He meticulously proceeded to dissect the surrounding tissue, tie a couple of ligatures around the blood vessels and then with one final blow, he cut with his scalpel the balls above where he had placed the knots.  He unceremoniously tossed the now excised ball in the trash.  With each ball, Les fainted only to be revived by the bald man, so that he could enjoy watching his other ball being excised as well.  The doctor, having done this many times prior, accomplished the procedure with meticulous precision.  There was very little bleeding and the incision was neatly sutured.  In two weeks when everything healed, there would be very little scar formation.  The only thing that would remain would be an empty sac, which would naturally atrophy to nothing in very little time. 

Les could not believe what was happening.  On one hand he was hearing the words of the bald man, but at the same time, having difficulty reconciling its true meaning, in that what he was saying up to this point was just words to him.  The point was really driven home as he visually inspected his body and realized what the bald man was saying was actually true.  His body, except for a limp penis, with no balls attached was that of a woman.  Though he had not yet seen his face, just the looking at his body, he could see that his sadistic captor had turned him into a sissy.  It occurred to him at this instant that was his perverse goal all along, to mutilate a healthy male in order to transform him into a hybrid of the bald mans sexual fantasy. 

While still strapped to the bed, the bald man wanted to give Les on additional humiliations on an already bad day to say the least.  After his castration and being revived, he than angled the mirror that were previously affixed to his cock and now defunct balls to his face.  For the first time, Les was able to see his face.   What looked back at him in the mirror, though his face was still strewn with agony from the pain, was a beautiful woman, slightly resembling what Les had been.  The bald mans stylist had coifed his hair into a very stylish, attractive, manner usually reserved for Hollywood starlets.  His face had transformed to that of a very attractive woman, transformed from its previous masculine features to a now feminine hybrid due to the hormone therapy.  Furthermore, now that his balls were gone as is his source of testosterone, his already beautiful visage would continue to evolve into a more refine feminine form. 

This certainly was what the bald man had intended all along.  Over the next couple of weeks, Les was trained in the subtleties of being a woman.  The bald man had affixed a shock collar around his neck top help “motivate” his cooperation.  Giving him fair warning, he “zapped” Les to demonstrate his seriousness. 

The bald man enlisted a coach to teach him everything from walking in heels, to wearing sexy lingerie, putting on makeup, how to please a man sexually to all the subtle mannerisms of being a woman.  Over this period, Les body continued to change from the continued hormone therapy to the lack of testosterone from his balls being removed.  His voice became more high pitches so that it actually sounded like a woman, his skin become softer, and his body grew hips served as nice compliment to his surgically enhanced breasts.  During this time his nipples become larger and his penis began to atrophy to his a prepubescent size of a ten year old boy.  His hair grew out so that it extended to the small of his back and became thicker than it had ever been. With the help of a few other surgeries, his Adams Apple was shaved down and his face become more feminized.  He was kept in naked and in chains during the entire time and was kept imprisoned in a cell with only a bamboo mat to sleep on.  His only break was when the bald man summoned him to his bedroom where he was bathed, dressed and made to service the bald man.  The bald man really like medieval torture and Les body was put through the paces while continuing to use him sexually.   Les endured this for over a year.  The tortures were so horrendous and there literally was not a day that went by that he wished he were dead.  On multiple occasions he had begged the bald man to just kill him already. 

One day, in he was led out of his cell in his shackles believing that he was on his way upstairs to service the bald man.  Instead, he was handed to two men dressed in black outside his cell and loaded into an awaiting windowless van.  This was his first taste of the outside since he was initially captured.  He was given an injection in his butt and once again passed out.  Unbeknownst to him, he was on his way to the airport where he was to be loaded onto a private jet.  The bald man, growing bored of him and needing a new project, had sold him to a rich prince in Dubai where he was being transported.  This prince fancied sissies, and had a reputation for being a sadist.  Les time spent with the bald man would seem like a vacation compared to what awaited him in his new Arab home. 

…To Be Continued

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