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The Lab - Discovery

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Synopsis: Husband finds his wife reluctantly pleasuring her professor.

The Lab - Discovery


M knew that his wife wore only bra underneath her overall, as the lab was held at constantly high temperature for the last few months so that some experiment or other would have a larger chance of success. At the same time he thought of that, he noticed a sensible, whalebone-supported black bra she had several pairs of, sticking from the pocket of the professors overall.

She leaned forward to turn off the water on the sink and wipe dry her hands on the towel hanging near, so the professor had to take his hands out of her cleavage. While she was drying her hands, with one finger he pushed a pencil that was lying on the counter over the edge - to the floor. She looked down and then up at the professors' face with a resigned look in her eyes.

"Ooops, I seem to have dropped it. Will you get it, dear, my back is hurting me?" - the professor said in mock apology, with a slight smile on his lips. As she squatted down before him and lowered her eyes pretending to look for the pencil, the professor opened the zip on his trousers and nudged her ear with the dick that popped out. Average sized, already fully erect and uncircumcised.

"While you're down there, please take care of this too. That would make me very happy." he said, but she seemed to already know what was expected of her. Taking his dick in one hand and steadying herself with the other on his thigh, she peeled the foreskin back and put the head of his cock in her mouth.

M couldn't believe it! His wife of 8 years, with whom he had two children and who always insisted on plain missionary position, refusing even the thought of oral or any kind of 'kinky' sex, was sucking off her 60-year old professor. And not only that - she was doing it like she had practice. And he was learning this only by accident.

After a nice evening with some nice slow sensible sex to top it off, the morning was fast and intensive. Taking kids to school, kisses, see you tonight... and than he remembered that today he had three meetings in different parts of town and free mid-day period. He planned to ask her to go get lunch with him around 1 PM but he forgot. So he decided to go to her lab and surprise her. But he was late. Most of the people in labs were already on lunch, as he easily saw through open windows. The shade of threes made the outside of the low building quite dark even in the middle of the day and all the labs were brightly lit even though they were empty. All except one lab in which two people in white coats were pressed curiously tightly together... and so he came closer to the window to see.

The professor leaned back on the counter, looking with extreme concentration at the ceiling and said, with long pauses between words, which he used to inhale deeply:

"Well, colleague... I admire your dedication... and I would like to remind you... that this is a clean area... so please be so kind... to prevent any spills... And speed it up... as the other colleagues should... soon be coming back from their break."

She was already working hard. Squatting on her haunches, holding his legs with her hands, pushing her head forwards and backwards over his dick, now very shiny from her saliva. The hair that got free from her ponytail stuck to her face, sweaty from the warm atmosphere and the physical workout she was getting. He could see her cheeks curve inwards in increased suction and her eyes shut even tighter as she speeded up the tempo. In a minute and a half, the sweat bathing her face was mingling with saliva and dripping to the floor from the tip of her chin. The professor was evidently enjoying it, leaning back and smiling with eyes closed. He seemed content to let her keep on like this for indefinite amount of time, but she was tiring, breathing heavily through the nose and after a minute or two taking his dick out of her mouth for a few gulps of air.

He said, without opening his eyes:

"Putting a finger up my anus may provide additional stimulation that would speed up the orgasm. But wait!" he looked down before she even made a move "Slick it up in your mouth first!"

She obediently put the index finger of her right hand in her mouth and after swirling it around a few times, leaned towards him again. Taking his dick in her left hand and putting her mouth on the swollen head, she pushed her right hand between his legs searching for the back entrance. He made a strained face as she seemed to fin her mark and started to settle into a rhythm, sliding his mouth forward and backward over his cock. After a few strokes, he stopped her with a hand on her forehead.

"Stop! It's not wet enough. I thought a little of your spit would suffice, as my ass is already very sweaty, but it's hurting me. Take it out and make it really wet."

Resigned, taking her mouth off his cock again, she brought the hand back and put the middle finger in her mouth. But it seemed he had a sharp eye for details and wasn't satisfied.

"No, wet the one that was already in my ass. I've gotten used to that one now, it would be a shame to try with the new one before giving this one a second chance"

Without the word and with the look of utter disgust, she replaced the finger in her mouth with the one that was already between his buttocks.

"Slick it up good, I'll tell you when to stop."

So M was stunned looking at Tania, who claimed she was too disgusted to eat ice cream after if had been licked by her own children, licking - without enthusiasm but without a word of complaint - the finger that moments before was in the sweaty ass of the old professor. Sitting back on her heels, one hand holding her professor's hard dick completely wet from her saliva, she was obediently rotating the finger in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it while looking the professor straight in the face. M couldn't be sure but he thought that he saw the beginning of tears welling up in her eyes. Or was this just some sweat flowing from her forehead?

The scene was interrupted by a loud laugh coming from the path towards the cafeteria. M ducked bellow the window still and turned his head to see the group of people slowly coming their way, chatting and laughing. From the inside he heard the professor calmly say to Tania:

"Well, you took your time. Now get to it as fast as you can. And swallow every drop. If they come back before you finished, they will find you like this."

Without second thought, M moved from the window and around the corner, running quickly around the house and emerging from the other side in nonchalant walk at the same time as the group of Tania's colleagues was approaching the front door.

"Hi guys!" he said to make them notice him and stop before entering, his only aim to stall them enough to prevent Tania from being discovered on her knees with the professor's dick in her mouth.

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