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Master Tales of Bondage & DIscipline

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Synopsis: Marpessa, a young and impressionable finishing school girl, was attracted to the handsome Master Daniel from the first time she laid eyes on him when he orders her to the Headmaster’s office for punishment. From there on the young Marpessa grows from a impressionable young woman into the devoted “Slave Marpessa,” solemnly sworn to serve her Master Daniel and his companion the Mistress Payne. As His slave, Marpessa willingly submits to any and every form of bondage, discipline, humiliation, and punishment her Master can deliver. And the more she endures, the deeper becomes her vow to serve and obey her Master’s every wish, and succumb to the delirious joys of her pure devotion to complete and total submission to his will.





























“Marpessa, is it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, Headmaster.”

“Right. My assistant tells me you were warned before about hanging around with certain of the girls here at the academy. Were you not?”

“Yes, Sir. But….”

“Silence! There is not a single explanation you can come up with that will allow for you disregarding the council of my assistant. You were advised to avoid contact with certain girls here, because they have proven quite a bad influence on new girls. By refusing to listen, you are not starting off on very sound footing here. You are No longer a child, Marpessa. This is not grade school, nor even high school. This is a fine, private academy, and a very expensive one that your parents have chosen for you. Our job is to make you, and all the girls here, into well-finished young ladies.

“How dare you hang out in town all night, and return a day late! You’ve been a very naughty girl. Your parents expected this from you. That is why they chose my academy – one that adheres faithfully to the maxim that to spare the rod is to spoil the child!

“Having said that, then you know why you are here, don’t you, Marpessa?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sor… sorry, Sir.”

“Turn around and face the desk, Marpessa.”

She loved the tone in his voice, so stern and domineering. She obeyed without hesitation. Turning around to face the large oak desk, but not before trying to sneak a peek up into his face. She had liked his looks from the very first time she saw him - such sharply defined features. And the sound of his voice, deep and resonant, filled her with feelings she had not known before.

“Stand against it,” he ordered her, lightly pushing her so that the edge of the desk pressed into her thighs. “That’s better. Now, lift your skirt, Marpessa, all the way up around your waist, and bend over the desk.” She obeyed him, regretting only that she could not see his face as her nakedness revealed itself before his eyes. “You are not the first girl who has taken this academy less than seriously. Nor the first, by any means, to bend over that desk to meet with me and these.”

     Then, one by one, he began removing various implements from the desk drawer, laying them on the desk beside her so that she could them. “I am about to punish you, Marpessa,” he told her, as she lay trembling at the wide array of implements he placed beside her. “Ah, yes,” he said. “This will do nicely.” He showed it to her, a foot long, flexible leather strap, 4” wide, ¼” thick, attached to a long handle resembling a male phallus. He flexed the frightening strap in front of her eyes, savoring the fear he saw in them, and sensing, too, as he had in so many others, something else there in those wide, brown eyes. Dancing just beneath the surface fear sparkling up from her eyes as she dared to cast a furtive glance, there was also that excited curiosity that made him know she was one of the special ones.

“Now,” he said, leaning over her. “Bend over further, and lift your skirt higher.” Then he stood and watched as she pressed herself closer to the desk while reaching back with both hands and slowly pulling her skirt up higher.

“Higher!” he demanded. “Pull it up until your lower back is exposed as well.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said meekly, again looking over the implements laying beside her on the desk.

“Good,” he said. “That’s high enough.” Then, softly, she felt his hand glide over her panties, exploring each cheek, squeezing them lightly, as if inspecting. “Good,” he said. “Down further!” He commanded, pressing her down onto the desk. “Spread your legs, Marpessa, farther apart! You can do better than that,” he scolded her, as she struggled to spread her legs as wide as she could. “Good. Now I am going to give you ten swats across her bottom,” he said, removing his hand from her bottom slowly, letting his fingers lightly graze the sweetly rounded peaks of her trembling cheeks, sending chilling scintillations all through her body. “Ten swats,” he said again. “Across your bare bottom!” Then he peeled her panties down until the bunched like binding around her knees. “And I want you to count each blow, and say ‘thank you, Sir.’ Understood!”

But before she could even start to answer <CRACK> The first blow landed hard and solid, slamming across both her tender cheeks. “COUNT!” <CRACK> “And thank me!” <CRACK>

“One. Thank you, sir,” she said, her voice straining to be heard clearly between her groaning.

“One? Fine, we’ll start there then.” <CRACK>

“Two. Thank you, sir,” she said, her voice quivering, as she sucked in air between each word, trying to hold back tears that had already begun skipping down her trembling cheeks.

Then, again and again, and again and again, relentlessly, the strap landed, as she tasted her first tear, and closed her eyes, sinking down into the sense of burning helplessness that filled her, thrilling her in most confusing ways. She had never been spanked before in her life, but had seen it done once to a girlfriend of hers who had angered a nanny. She now remembered that afternoon, remembered that strange sense that filled her, obliterating any feelings of sorrow for her friend, but instead chilling her with a frightening delight at what she was witnessing.

Her own voice now, as she cried out the counting, was like that memory of her friend, some distant, background music to her ears. <CRACK> hot, burning blows reddening her bottom cheeks were the only sound she craved right now. <CRACK> “Seven… Thank you… Sir.” <CRACK> “Please, Sir. Please. Mercy” <CRACK> “Nine. Thank you, Headmaster.”

“You skipped one! Start over at seven!” <CRACK>

“Seven,” then her body, wracked with the unexplainable enjoyment of the pain, shook as she began sobbing uncontrollably “Thank you, Master, Sir.” <CRACK> “Oh, yes! Nine! Thank you, Master.” <CRACK> “Oooo…god…yes, Master! Thank you. Thank you, Master…” she moaned, as the pain burning into her bottom ignited a fire far deeper within her. “Thank you, Master,” she sighed, as she felt his hand suddenly, lovingly massaging her hot, throbbing bottom cheeks. Cautiously, she cast her eyes to his, and smiled as she saw him admiring her glowing orbs. A gentle smile crossed her lips, as she softly closed her eyes with a sweet, shuddering sigh, and relaxed, panting breathlessly, under her Master’s loving touch.       





“So, you are back in my office, Marpessa. You know why

you’re here?"

“Yes, sir.”

“No. Remember what you called me before, Marpessa, as you lay whimpering across my desk?”


“What did you call me?”

“I called you Master, Sir.”

“And so you shall address me today. Understood?”

“Yes… Master,” she said with a sigh of relief that they both understood the nature of the relationship she so deeply desired with him. She wanted to thank him, to run to him, to hug him. But she dared not.

“Caught with that same girl, and smoking a… what do you call it? A joint?”

“Yes, Sir… I mean, Master, Sir.”

“Apparently, Marpessa, the strap was not sufficient for you. Didn’t it hurt?”

“Yes, Master, Sir. Very much,” she said, lowering her head and smiling inwardly, remembering how long she lay in bed that night savoring the raised welts on her tender bottom cheeks.

“My assistant tells me she would not have caught you two except that you coughed while hiding, thus giving yourself away. I think I know why you coughed, Marpessa. I think you wanted another visit, didn’t you?”

“. . . .”

“Cat got your tongue? Just as well, because he’s about to get your bottom as well. Have you ever felt a cat-o-nine tails, Marpessa?” He said, while lifting the implement from my desk drawer. The nine braided, nylon cords glistened black and threatening under the dim light of his chamber. The handle, long and phallic, caused her to nervously bite her bottom lip, wondering if or how he would use that wicked handle on her.

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“Sorry, ah, Marpessa, my little pet, does that mean you don’t want to fell the cat?” He said, walking behind her & softly letting the tails rub against the back of her knees. “Is that what you are telling me? You don’t want to feel the cat?”

“No, Master, it’s not. I… I mean…”

“Shut up and assume the position!”

“Yes…,” she said, facing the desk & bending over it.

“Up, up, up. Now!” He commanded, flicking the cat-o-nine tails at the hem of her skirt. And she obeyed, reaching back & raising her skirt high up over her back and obediently spreading you legs. Pressed against the desk, she waited.

Slowly, he rolled her panties down to her knees. Then his fingers teasingly trailed back up her inner thigh to just below her virginal temple. Soft, ever so softly, his fingers stroked the moist strands guarding the entrance, sending silver shivers tingling all through her being. And as they rose from tiny tingles to torturous tremors, the air resounded with the cry of the cat – <SWISH> – bringing her hot anticipation to a roaring crescendo.

The nine braided tails bit into her tender flesh, raising bright pink welts where they landed. <SWISH> “Oh… ouch… should I count, Master?” <SWISH> “Ouch! Oh, Master… oh!” <SWISH> “God! Please!” she cried, rising to her tiptoes to better receive the angry lashing that was waking in her that deep, secret desire she had dreamed so long.  <SWISH>  “Oh!” <SWISH> “Damn!” she hissed, as the fire swelled from her bottom cheeks, invading her sacred temple and gorging her nipples with sweet, dizzying heat. <SWISH> “Yes, damn! Sorry, Master, sorry, please,” she cried out, as the last biting blow burned into the soft tender flesh of her upper thigh, causing her to lunge forward and grip the desk for dear mercy.

    As she lay, anticipating more, his fingers sweetly began caressing her bruised bottom, startling her with his sudden tenderness. “Oooo, Oooo… Master…Oooo…,” she moaned, as he cupped the quivering moistness between her thighs, massaging her there, and gently probing, until she knew her first glorious burst of orgasm, born alone from her deepest, sweetest desire to submit to a domineering Master.

Then, he leaned down over her and whispered softly into

her ear, “I know why you coughed, Marpessa, don’t I?”

“Yes, Master,” she panted breathlessly, “You know.”




It’s late at night, well past midnight, and a restless

Marpessa is lying in bed. She cannot sleep for thinking about her Master. It had been three weeks since her last whipping, her first meeting with the cat-o-nine tails. Her bright red welts have long since faded, much to her regret. They were marks of pride to her, badges of honor, and she wanted them back. She craved them. Or was it simply the sweet humiliation of being forced over the desk, made to expose her naked bottom, and accept whatever her master offered? She was not sure, but desired to know.

   The dorm was mouse quiet as she slipped from her bed, wearing only panties and bra, and entered the hallway to peer through the window, out over the grounds, to her Master’s quarters beyond the green. There was no one in sight, so she slipped back into her room, donned her nightgown, and crept into the hot night. As she neared his quarters, she could see his shadow move across the room. With no second thoughts, she approached his door and knocked.

“Why have you come here?” He asked her.

“I…” she stammered. “I….” But words would not come.

“Speak up, Marpessa! Why?”

“I just… well, Master….” Then, in a flash, he grabbed her by her hair and yanked her into his private quarters. Still gripping her hair in his fist, he made her follow into his bedroom, where he flung her onto the bed. “I’m sorry, Master, I…”

“Shut up!” He commanded, going to the closet and opening the door. Her eyes widened as she saw, there on the back of the closet door, the black cat-o-nine tails and, as well, a red one. Along with them were several paddles, straps, like the one she felt on her first visit to his chamber, handcuffs, ball gags, blindfolds, canes, and more. He reached toward the implements, then paused. “No,” he said, approaching her. “Get up. Go to the closet and pick something,” he ordered her, as he sat down on the bed.

“Is this okay, Master,” she asks meekly, lifting the narrow, wooden paddle from its hook.

“Bring it to me,” he commands, smiling as she came trembling before him, handing him the paddle. “Lift your gown, Marpessa.” Slowly, but without hesitation, she obeys, lifting her thin, flannel gown high above her waist. “Take down your panties.” Hands trembling, she lowered them with one while still holding up her gown with the other. “Now, turn around and bend over.”

   The seconds seemed like hours as she stood there, legs trembling, gown up over her back, and panties lowered. Wanting to please, she remembers, and quickly spreads her legs wide apart as he had told her before. She wanted him to know her willingness, even though she herself did not understand it. He said nothing. He did nothing as her legs grow tired, and the fear of the first blow grew hotter with each breath.

    She flinched, as she feels his touch suddenly upon her. What is it, she wonders – his hand, the paddle, his…. But then she knows, as the sound of a kiss lightly graces each of her bottom cheeks. “I need a new cleaning girl for my quarters. Tomorrow, go to my assistant and sign up for the position. My last girl completed her stay at the academy last session. I want you in her place. You can start as soon as my assistant, Miss Payne, approves you for the position. She spends a great deal of time here with me. She will want to make sure you are the right one for us,” he said, gently pulling her panties back up over her exposed cheeks, and dropping her gown back into place. “I look forward to your first day on the job. Don’t be late. Now get out of here. Now!” He demands, and she, sorely disappointed yet thrilled, smiles a grateful “good-bye.” As she rushed back across the green to her dorm room, he called out to her, “Remember, Marpessa, Miss Payne has to approve you.”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered, excited, but not

understanding at all what approval by Miss Payne would mean.

When she returned to her dorm room and slipped back

into her bed, she was filled with dreams of what it would be like actually working alone with him as housekeeper for the Headmaster.

About the new position she had heard several tales from the other girls. Tales of how the last housekeeper, too, had only recently arrived when she was chosen for the job. She too had spent many bottom burning sessions under the Headmaster’s paddle. And, even after graduating, she often came back on weekends to spend them alone with the headmaster and Miss Payne in his private quarters. But all she truly hoped was that she would do well at pleasing her Master. The memories of her first two punishments longed to live again in some new experience, anything that her Master might demand of her.



She enters, apprehensive at visiting her new Master for the first time. “Hi, Master.” But he did not answer. He pointed to the floor a few feet inside the living room.

    “Stand there,” he told her, and she obeyed. He closed the door calmly, and approached her. “Slave Marpessa, have you come here of her own free will?”

    “Yes, Master,” she answers, remembering to keep her eyes cast down away from his stare, just as Miss Payne had instructed her.

“No one has forced you or coerced you in any way to come here?”

     “No, Master.”

     “Good. Miss Payne tells me she approves of you as our, well, as my new housekeeper. Did you enjoy your interview with her?”

     “Yes, Master.”

     “Did she whip you?”

     “No, Master,” she said, after a moments hesitation. “She didn’t.”

     “Good. She’s here this evening,” he said, just as Miss Payne entered from the bedroom. Wearing black latex pants and knee-high boots, a leather vest over a black lace bustier that left her breasts raised plump and fully exposed, she approached Marpessa as the Master took a seat to observe them.

     “Put your hands down where they belong, just as I showed you, Marpessa,” Miss Payne ordered her.

     “Yes,” she said, placing her hands behind her back, resting on the lovely swell of her derriere. “I mean yes, Mistress Payne.”

     “So you have come here solely in response to nothing but your own desire to submit to Master Daniel?”

     “Yes, Mistress Payne.”

     Then, without a word, the Mistress approached her, standing close to her. Marpessa trembled a moment, wondering. Slowly, the Mistress paced around her. The girl’s heart skipped, then began to pound as her fear rose, swelling her nipples with excitement. Behind her, the Mistress paused watching her shoulders flinch in anticipation. Making her wait, the Mistress stood a moment enjoying the girl’s rising excitement. “New master, new commands, new thrills,” the Mistress said. “Submission. Obedience to Master Daniel.”

     “I will,” Marpessa said.

     “Indeed you will,” the Master called out to her. “And to Mistress Payne as well. Agreed, Marpessa?”

     “Yes, Master Daniel,” she said.

     “Good,” Mistress Payne said. Then without warning she lifted the hem of Marpessa’s skirt high into the air, exposing her. She tucked the hem around the girl’s wrists, leaving her pantied bottom exposed as she walked around in front of her. “I don’t like the panties you wore, Slave. Remove them. Now.”

     “Yes, Mistress Payne,” she said, hurriedly stepping out of her heels, removing her fishnet pantyhose, and sliding her panties off. Not certain what to do with them, she hesitated a moment, then kept them in her hand as she returned her arms down where they belong.

     “If you can’t do any better than that, then in the future, call and check with me before choosing what panties to wear. Understood?”

     “Yes, Mistress.”

     “Say it!”

     “Ma’am?” the girl asked, confused, only to receive a stinging slap to her face.

     “I told you, it’s Mistress! Now, answer me. What are you going to do before you get dressed?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the girl said, rubbing her cheek. “I will call you before I put on any panties.”

“Put that hand where it belongs! Step into your shoes,” she commanded, snatching the panties from her hand. “Hurry!”

    “Yes, Mistress,” she said, struggling to maintain her balance without lowering her hands from their position. “I’m sorry I picked the wrong panties, Master Daniel,” she said, as she put on her shoes and stood up straight.

    “Shut up, Slave.”

    “Yes, Master Daniel.” And then she felt her Mistress’s hand, strong and deliberate, slam into her naked butt cheek. “Oh!” the girl grunted. “Thank you, Mistress Payne,” she said, grimacing at the stinging, unexpected blow.

     “Open you mouth,” she told her, lifting the panties and hose from the floor, as the girl obeyed. Then she placed the hose and the panties into Marpessa’s mouth and forced it shut. “Get on your knees and follow me.” Then the Mistress, following her Master, proceeded down the long, darkened hallway leading to the bedroom.

Slave Marpessa crawled behind them on her hands and knees. They never looked back at her, but she could not know that, for she kept her eyes lowered to the ground as she had been ordered. She crawled behind them, her hose and panties dangling from her mouth. She wondered if she would be able to please them. She did not know what he wanted. She did not know him at all really. But her breasts throbbed with excitement as she followed behind them, and she decided that she would do all that she could to make him want to keep her as his slave, even if it meant being used by Mistress Payne as well. She wanted to be his now. She knew that. And she vowed to herself to please him.

     As they entered the bedroom he ordered her to stop. He took the hose and panties from her mouth, and tossed them aside on the floor, then walked around behind her. The site of her bright bottom cheek pleased him. She colored easily. He was not fond of sever disciplining. It was more exciting to taunt and tease the flesh than to assault it. More arousing, he knew, for the slave when his firm hand in discipline delivered more than pain, but landed with each blow a new surge of sexual heightening. Not drowning her, but baptizing in sweet, sensual domination.

    “Stand up,” he commanded. His voice, deep and almost a whisper, had enticed her from the first time she ever heard it. It flowed, she had concluded, like a river of honey – slow, sweet, and gripping. “Remove you clothing, one piece at a time. Fold each piece. Place them on the dresser, one atop the other. Neatly.”

     “Yes, Master Daniel,” she said, standing immediately and obeying, as he and Mistress Payne sat down on the bed to observe her.

     “No, no,” the Mistress said, as Marpessa began to remove her skirt. “Begin with the items on the floor. Then the blouse and bra.”

     “Yes, Mistress,” she said, lifting the panties from the floor, folding them neatly, and laying them on the dresser as ordered. She dared not look at him, but could feel his eyes on her slowly unveiling flesh. She hoped she pleased him. But hoped also that he would not say.

     “Stop,” he ordered her, as she began to unbutton her skirt. “Leave it on.”

     “Yes, Master,” she said, standing up straight, and placing her hands down where they belonged. “Should I take my shoes off, Master?”

     “Shut up,” the Mistress commanded.

     “Yes, Mistress,” she said softly, lowering her head even further. Oddly, she had already begun to lose track of time. Everything seemed to move as slowly, and softly as his voice. She smiled to herself, giving in to the loss of something. She was not sure what, but something departed her. She had never felt this way. But she was pleased that something unnamable had lifted away from her.

     The Master rose from the bed and stood before her. He could hear her breathing, feel her heat, smell his perfume, and her fear. “The tails,” he said softly, and the Mistress handed him the cat-o-nine tails. “I am going to introduce you to the cat today, Slave.”

     Her heart began to pound. She struggled to conceal any outward reaction at the sound of his words. He had told her about “the cat” as he called it. She had told him she had never experienced that, and had answered, “Good. You will.” She took a deep breath now before answering him, “As you wish, Master Daniel.”

     “Indeed so, Slave,” the Mistress interjected, reaching forward and slowly pulling the slave’s skirt down until it clung tightly around the lower half of her plush bottom. Then the Master rose from the bed and walked around behind the frightened girl. She stood, her head lowered, arms folded behind her back, and her skirt pulled down to expose the rosy top portion of her blushing derriere.

     He stood admiring her bottom cheeks. They were, he thought, perfect for the cat – supple, firm, and shapely. “Turn around and face Mistress Payne. Bend over,” he commanded of her. And she obeyed, bowing forward as far as she could. Her hands were still held behind her back, so she swayed back and forth a bit before finding her balance. She wished he would have ordered her to hold her knees, but he did not, and she smiled at her predicament, trying to maintain her awkward position.

     But the smile was quickly wiped away by a sudden, stinging slap to her face from the Mistress. “Is this funny to you, salve!” she yelled at her, yanking the girls hair to make her stare up into the Mistress’s angry eyes.

     “No, Ma’am… Mistress,” the girl stammered. “I’m sorry,” she cried, though she really did not know why she had been slapped, but she knew she must have deserved it, or Master Daniel would not have allowed it. “I’m sorry, Master Daniel,” she said, bending down even more. “Is this far enough, Master?” she asked, beginning to tilt and readjust more often now as the strain of the position increased. He did not answer. She grimaced slightly in fear, and bowed farther forward, truly fearful of losing her balance.

     “If you fall on me I’m going to slap you silly, bitch!” the Mistress threatened.

     She started to answer, but was distracted as the Master, softly let the rough and titillating leather of  the tails trail across the upper swell of her bottom, just below where her arms rested on her lower back. They were leather she could tell. Not the smooth, polished leather of something store-bought, but raw, rugged leather. She smiled to herself thinking how they felt like a cat’s rough tongue scrapping across her tender flesh. “My Master’s cat,” she giggled within, as her anticipation and excitement grew.

“You dilly bitch!” Mistress Payne said, slapping the

girl hard across her face, turning her cheek a hot, rosy red for a second. Then she smiled at the girl, at the obvious pain, and leaned down to kiss the girl’s grimacing cheek, which had flushed now to an appealing pink. “Oh, little slave Marpessa,” she whispered to her in a deep, sultry moan, “tomorrow your initiation to Master Daniel begins. He’ll have such sights to show you. I envy you.”




She lay sleeping. The sun, her only covering, drenched her body as she lay alone in her Master's bed. She was naked of all clothing, and had been since she arrived at Master's home two nights ago. He ordered her to remain silent. Then made her strip as soon as she crossed the threshold. He made her bend and spread wide open her every orifice as he commanded.  He probed inside of her with his fingers, deeper and deeper as if inspecting her. Then He made her follow him down the long hall to the bathroom where he made her bathe. She sat, after her bath, for nearly an hour until he came in and led her across the hall into the bedroom.

On the bed, stripped of all covering except its sheets, there laid a heavy, leather flogger, a wooden paddle, and a wickedly knotted birch rod. Her heart raced. Then she flinched because, just as she saw the implements that she knew He would use on her, she also felt His hands come to rest on her shoulders. They slowly caressed down her arms to the wrists. He gripped her wrists firmly in his hands. Then she felt his lips gently graze the sensitive little hairs at the nape of her neck. She felt his breath just behind her ear as he kissed her neck, beginning behind the right ear and slowly moving around to the left.

As he kissed her He instructed, "slave, this room is where you will spend your time with me. This is the start of your initiation, slave." His lips moved from her neck to her cheek. "This weekend you will experience a great deal,” he whispered softly into her ear. “Master needs to know you are sincere, slave." He released her wrists and moved to stand in front of her. Only then did she realize He was naked. He smiled as he saw the surprise in her eyes. "Yes, slave," He told her. "I, too, am naked to symbolize our new beginning. Naked, as if newly born." Then He lifted her by the chin and pressed His nipple to her mouth. "Suck, slave. This is the beginning of Master nursing you into your new life as His devoted slave."

She placed her lips around His nipple and sucked it into her mouth. His arms encircled her, drawing her closer to Him in a strong, warm embrace. She sighed, feeling the strength in His arms and knowing they were her protection now. Whatever doubts she had, melted away. She decided then that she was His. As she sucked him deeper into her mouth, manipulating his nipple with her tongue, she felt His hands flow down over her body. He cupped both cheeks of her bottom in His hands, massaging them gently. His hands glided up her naked flanks to rest at the delicate sides of her breasts. Slowly, He slid his hand between their bodies, pressing her breasts in each palm, squeezing just firmly enough to stir her excitement. Then, He forced her away from Him. Slowly, reluctantly she let His nipple slip from her mouth. But she smiled and waited anxiously as she saw His lips coming down to meet hers.

Gently at first, then with a strange savage tenderness, His lips raped her mouth. His tongue took full advantage of her, pushing her own aside as she tried to return the love, shoving it aside and invading her mouth like a thief in the temple, stealing her affection, her desire, her very willingness to partake. As He ravaged her mouth that way, she felt His penis slowly rising up between her thighs. He sucked her tongue into His mouth, forcing her to press closer to Him. As she did, she felt Him, stiff and aggressive, stab against her lower lips, forcing them open. She started to spread her thighs to allow Him, but felt the sting of His hand on her bottom. She understood, and brought her thighs back together just as His penis broke into her, causing her to shudder in excitement. Clinching her teeth, she pressed her head into His chest as He again cupped both cheeks of bottom and began loving her.

She wanted to cry out, but dared not. She was ordered not to speak. He lifted her slightly, forcing her to her toes. He lowered His lips and began kissing her again, showering her face with them. To quell her urge to cry out, to moan, to make any noise, she brushed her lips against His nipple, asking for permission. He granted it by pressing it into her mouth. Greedily, she swallowed it again, moaning quietly as she suckled and He vandalized her with His fucking. He spread the cheeks of her bottom, stretching open the dark, moist entrance. A shiver shot through her as the cool air rushed in against such a sheltered place.

He lifted her now completely from the floor, tossing her back and forth against Him, ramming deeper and deeper inside of her with every thrust until finally she felt herself lifted, not by His hands, not merely from the floor, but lifted from deep down inside of herself. Her thoughts began to swirl, dizzying her. She was lifted too high now to suck his nipple. Her chosen gag denied her, she failed. She failed, and cried out without even realizing she had disobeyed. Then she felt Him release inside of her, filling her and filling her, like a river merging into the sea.

Finally, He stopped. He stood holding her, still resting inside of her. She rose and fell with each breath He made. Then at last, she felt Him again release inside of her as He slowly lowered her to her feet again. She wanted to say she was sorry for speaking, but could not without again disobeying. As if reading her thoughts, He smiled, "Naughty one," and playfully tweaked the end of her nose. "Go and clean yourself," He commanded, and she obeyed without a word.

When she returned, He ordered her to kneel on the bed. He placed a wide, silk scarf around her head to blindfold her. Then she felt a short rubber dildo enter her mouth. It was only about two inched long, and very stiff, but it was attached to a leather strap that He fastened behind her head. Bound and gagged, she felt Him wrap a long length of duct tape around her ankles, then her wrists. Then He tied them together by lacing a rope between her wrists and ankles so that her legs would remain bent until He removed the rope. There was a long silence. Then she felt His kiss upon her cheek. Then, without warning, he shoved her onto her side in the center of the bed. Minutes later she felt a wide, rubber butt plug being forced into her anus. Once firmly in placed He swatted her butt playfully and left her alone for the night.












     Marpessa was busy wiping down the table, after having served her Master his dinner. She heard someone at the door, but dared not look to see who it was. She had made that mistake before and paid dearly for it.

“Marpessa, come here,” the headmaster called.

“Yes,” she said, dropping what she was doing, and rushing into the living room.

“What is this?” Mistress Payne said. “Since when do you not address Master Daniel as Master?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” she said fearfully. “Forgive me, Master.” She curtsied to him. The uniform Mistress Payne had bought for her was of the French maid type. But it was cut so low as to reveal nearly all of her ample breasts. And the tiny ruffled skirt meant a curtsey was all she dared do for fear of exposing her nakedness underneath. Mistress had warned her never to wear anything but the maid’s dress once she entered the Master’s house. And she had always remembered to do that, stripping as soon as she entered, then waiting at the front door until Master went and got the uniform for her.

“Why the hell did you do that? Answer ‘yes’ without saying ‘Master?’”

“Please forgive me, Mistress Payne. I didn’t know who was in here. I didn’t know how to answer. I swear, if I had known it was you I…”

“Turn around,” Mistress demanded. “I didn’t spend a fucking week training you so you could do this kind of shit!”

Marpessa turned as ordered immediately. And, without even having to be told, she knew to bend down and hold her ankles. This left her derriere fully exposed to the Mistress. “May I, Master?” Mistress Payne asked, as she reached up to remove the leather slave collar she wore.

“You may. But it is true she didn’t know who was in here. So keep that in mind,” Master said, taking a seat on the sofa.

“Yes, Sir. But you really make too many excuses for this dilly bitch,” Mistress Payne said, removing the thick leather from her neck. “That’s why she’s so stupid.” Then, with all the power she could muster from her tiny four foot four frame, she let the leather cut through the air with a vicious whirring that made Marpessa instinctively clench her butt cheeks in frightened anticipation.




The first blow nearly knocked Marpessa off balance. She hated whippings from Mistress Payne. Even with Master supervising, the Mistress’s whippings were always brutally severe.




     “You stupid kid!”  <SWISSSHHH --- PLAT! > “How many fucking times do I have to tell you! <SWISSSHHH --- PLAT! >

“Even if you didn’t know who was in here, you could have still answered ‘yes, Sir.’ Couldn’t you? You dumb fuck!” <SWISHHHH --- PLAT! > <SWISSSHHHHHH --- PLAT! >


     “Yes,” Marpessa managed to answer between her clenched teeth. The blows rained down relentlessly, as always from the Mistress. 

     “Shut up!” Mistress yelled at her. “Stand up, bitch!”

That was another thing she hated about chastisement from the Mistress. The verbal assault was as painful as the physical. “You might get away with that shit with Master Daniel, but not me! And you know it! Don’t you?”

     “Yes, Mistress Payne,” Marpessa said, standing as ordered as quickly as she could. The pain now raced up her spine and radiated down through her thighs like a raging flood of fiery hot lava. Oh, how she longed to reach back and rub some solace into her burning bottom cheeks. But she knew well better. With the Mistress, you only did exactly what she commanded. Anything more, and you paid dearly. So she stood up straight, her hands dangling listlessly at her side, awaiting further orders.

     “And why? Why you don’t get away with shit with me, cunt? Go on, tell me what I taught you, slut!”

     “Because, you may be a short little Puerto Rican bitch, but you don’t take any shit from dumb shits like me, Mistress.”

     “Damn right! Now, take off the fucking dress, whore!”




     She could never move fast enough to satisfy Mistress. After any order, there was always another blow from the strap, the cane, the paddle, whatever, for moving too slowly. Marpessa reached back awkwardly and, as swiftly s she could, undid the lone hook that fastened the dress behind her neck. Once undone, all that was needed was to lower her arms and let the dress fall to the floor. But gravity, too, was too slow to satisfy Mistress. <SWISSSHHH --- PLAT! >

     “Bitch!” <SWISSSHHHH --- PLAT! > “Get over there and kneel down facing the wall!” <SWISSSHHHHH --- PLAT! > “Get your fucking hands out of the way!” <SWISSSHHHH --- PLAT! > What the hell are you just kneeling there for, like an asshole! Move ‘em, dammit! Cover your cunt with ‘em!” <SWISSSHHHHH --- PLAT!>

     “SOOOORRRRY, Mistress!” Marpessa hissed, trying to hide her pain and anger, and the tears pooling up in her eyes. She threw her hands up on her head, locking her fingers as the Mistress had trained her in their very first session.

     Mistress Payne stepped forward and bent down  to run her tiny hand over Marpessa’s back. “Ooh, so white, and smooth. But I can fix that.” Then, before Marpessa could brace for what she knew was coming, the heavy leather collar landed right across the center of her bare back. <SWISSSHHH --- PLOP!! > She flinched her shoulder blades together trying to lessen the pain of the next blow. “Owww! Damn!” But it did no good. The next one fell low, on the slope of her lower back where it meets the swell of her plush bottom. <SWISSSHHH --- PLOP!>

She tried, but Marpessa could no longer hold back the tears. She hated the Mistress seeing her cry. She hated it. But she could not help it. She never got whipped by the Mistress except with uncontrollable tears. She knelt there facing the wall. Her sore, red butt glowed bright red. Her pigtails, which she had fixed just for the Master today, dangled at shoulders. Kneeling there as she was, wearing nothing now but her knee-high bobby socks, she was completely helpless, vulnerable to the Mistress’s harrowing attack.

     “Oh,” the mistress said mockingly, as she stepped forward to rub the deep red welts rising on Marpessa’s back. “That’s better.” She pressed her hand on the welts, increasing the pain. “Much better, bitch!” <SWISSSHHHH --- PLOP! > This one landed right in the middle, between the other two. And the next three landed directly on top of it, doubling, tripling the pain. <SWISSSHHHHH --- PLOP! > <SWIIISSSSSHHHHHHH --- PLOP!!!> <SWISSSHHHHHHH --- PLOP! >

     “Now turn around!” the Mistress commanded.

     Marpessa hated it. This meant her humiliation would be there for the Mistress to revel in. She wished she could stop the tears, she wished, but there was no chance. The pain was excruciating.

     “Aww,” Mistress mocked her. “Look at the little baby bitch cry.” She laughed. “Am I supposed to pity you? Well!”

     Between her torrents of tears, Marpessa managed to answer, “I don’t deserve it, Mistress.”

     “Damn right, bitch! Now stick those big ass tits out for me.”

     “Yes, Ma’am,” Marpessa obeyed, thrusting her breasts out for the Mistress to torment. She had to, no matter how afraid, no matter what the pain might be like, she could not disobey.

     The Mistress smiled gleefully as she prepared to send the stout, leather collar to its horrific task. “Big tit whore!” she hissed, as she drew back the strap for the first blow.

     “Enough!” Master Daniel said. “Put your collar back on.”

     Mistress Payne, despite her grave disappointment, obeyed immediately. She knew her own narrow bum, too, belonged to Master whenever he wanted. She was Mistress only over Marpessa. To Master Daniel she was Slave Rosa. She did not dare disobey him. Especially when it meant she might feel his wrath right in front of Marpessa’s tearful eyes.

     “Yes, Master,” she said, fastening the collar back around her neck.

     “Come here, Marpessa,” he said, taking her on his knee and hugging her. “You know,” he said, softly, so Mistress Payne could not hear. “You should have said ‘yes, sir,’” He kissed her cheek, and stroked her neat little pigtails back into place, tugging at them playfully as her kissed her cheek again. “You know that don’t you?”

     “Yes, Master Daniel,” she whimpered, burying her head into his chest and crying. Her swollen red bottom cheeks stung even more as she sat on his lap, but she not care. He kissed her again on the cheek, then turned her face to his and kissed her very lovingly on the lips.

     “That bitch is spoiled,” Mistress Payne said.

     “Shut up,” Master told her, giving Marpessa one last hug.

“Now, Precious, get your dress on, and head back to the kitchen. Mistress and I have a board meeting tonight.” He kissed her again, before she rose, lifted her uniform from the floor, and began dressing as he told her.

     “Lazy, bitch,” Mistress said. “Dropping clothes on the floor!”

     “What did I tell you,” Master said to her, his anger rising.

     “Sorry, Master,” Mistress Payne said, not wishing to press her luck, and go to the meeting unable to sit down.

     Marpessa chuckled to herself as she headed back to the kitchen to finish her cleaning.




     Marpessa learned all that her Mistress Payne had to teach her. What had been nothing more than budding desire, blossomed into complete and total submission and obedience to her Master and his assistant. In the three years that she served them, her youthful infatuation for Master Daniel matured in a loving devotion so strong that, upon graduation from the academy, she continued to belong to him. She welcomed his frequent visits to her home any day or night of the week he wished. His surprise visits were her favorites, like the one he made last laundry day.

Marpessa, in jeans, sweatshirt, and bobby socks, was going up the stairs. She had just emptied the dryer, and was carrying the basket of clothes back to the apartment to be put away. Master Daniel entered the building earlier, just before she began making her way up the stairs. He entered the apartment and waited. He heard her coming up the stairs, and decided to surprise her.

She closed the door behind her, and headed for the bedroom to put away the wash. He crossed her mind as she dumped the clothes onto the bed. She smiled. He was hidden from her, and saw the smile. He admired her shapely form as she bent and sorted the clothes. Her bottom, too, seemed to smile up at him. As she leaned over the bed, he watched her breasts sway under her shirt.

“Shit!” she hissed, holding up a sock that did not get as white as she wanted. “Damn it!” she flung it to the floor.

“Ah-ha!” Master Daniel thought. Then he emerged from hiding.

She heard his movement, and turned with a start to face him. The fear in her eyes quickly faded as soon as she recognized him. “Master! You scared me.” She said, approaching for her hug.

“I also told you about that mouth of yours, didn’t I?”

“What do you mean, Master Daniel?”

“You know full well what I mean. What did I tell you about that cussing of yours?”

“Oh,” she said bashfully. “That. I’m sorry.”

“Not good enough, and you know it.” Then, without further word, and anxious to see her in her naked glory, he approached her. Before she could speak a word, she felt her shirt lifted up and over her head.

“I’m sorry, Master. Really!” she pleaded. But he ignored her. He tossed the shirt on the bed.

“The pants,” he said, as he removed his belt.

“Oh, Master. Please. I’m sorry,” she begged.

“The pants, Marpessa, now!”

“Yes, Master.”

“You know this is for your own good. I told you to stop cussing so. It’s not lady like. I don’t like it!”

She obeyed, unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them down until they crumpled in a ring around her ankles.

“Turn around,” he commanded. She could tell from his tone of voice there was no more need to try and beg for mercy. Besides, she knew she was wrong. She turned as he had ordered her to do. “Lean over and place your hands on the mattress. You know the position I want.”

“Yes, Master.” She complied with his demand, which left her plush bottom raised like a bright moon for his delight (and hers).

Slowly, very slowly, he peeled her panties down until they clung around her knees. As they fell, revealing her fully to his pleasure, he fought the urge to plant a kiss on each inch of her loveliness. “No!” he had to tell himself. “No!” He saw her breasts swaying freely as she trembled slightly from her discomfort. “You know you deserve this, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, Master Daniel. I fucked… I mean…”

“You did it again!” Then, without warning or warm-up, he let the belt fall across her upturned bottom cheeks. The room resounded with the echo, but the blow was softened by his love. She could tell. Another one landed, equally mild.

Now she knew what he was doing, he was teasing.

She hated that. So she decided to end it, to make him spank her the way she wanted. “Damn, Master,” she said, pretending to have cursed by accident. “Oops, I’m sorry, Master.”

“Why you little brat!” he smiled, knowing she was trying to manipulate him into a more severe spanking. “You little brat!” It worked, the next blow caught her completely off guard and made her lurch forward to escape its force  <Wooooosssshhhhh> She heard it coming before it landed. <Slaaaaahhh>


Then another, and another... <Slasssssh> <Slaaaaash> Then they came in a torrent, like monster kisses, sweet, succulent, and soothing in ways she had never figured out. They carried her away in love with him the same way – no, far better – that a gentle kiss, or loving touch.

<Slassssssh> <Slassssssssh> <Slasssssssh> <Slassssssssh>

She lost count as she drifted into the experience of her sweet submission. To stand, bent and exposed to her Master, to submit to his authority, to free herself into his command, this was their joy, their love, their selves in their truest sense.

It ended, the sound of the belt, the feel of it landing. But the joy of it only grew as she felt his hands take her and lay her onto the bed. She smiled as he entered her. Inside herself she giggled like a naughty little girl as she thought to herself “Whew! I should do laundry more often.”







     Whenever Master was angry, she knew to expect more than a mere spanking – much more. And when she woke up and looked at the clock, she knew he was going to be plenty angry today. “Damn!” she hissed to herself, as she saw the time. “Damn!” He was probably already on the way over, and there was no way she was going to have all he had told her to do done by the time he got there.

     She leapt up from the bed, and paused in confusion. What to do first? “The outfit! Yes!” She immediately began to put on the clothes he had told her to wear for the evening. “At least,” she thought. “I’ll have that much right.” She carefully fitted each piece to look its best, and looked at herself in the mirror. “Shit!” She remembered, as she slipped into the panties. He had specifically told her “Only those damn panties! Not those fucking thongs! They’ll fuck up the whole look.”

     She rearranged the skirt, and looked again into the mirror. “Oh, no!” she sighed, as she could see the imprint of her pubic hairs pressing against the front of the dress. “Shit! No wonder he told me to shave.” She ran to the bathroom, pulling up her skirt. But it was much too late. She heard him exit his car in the driveway. “Oh, fuck,” she sighed, and leaned back against the bathroom door, drained of effort and resigned to the fate she knew she deserved.

     She hurried to the door to greet him, trying to think of a really good reason for failing. “Failing,” she sighed. “There’s no excuse. I fucked up,” she scolded herself. She took a deep breath, and opened the door as she heard him approach. “Hi, Master,” she said with a nervous smile. But it quickly faded as she saw his eyes immediately fall to the outline beneath her skirt.

     He stepped inside, slamming the door behind him. “I don’t fucking believe this!” he yelled at her, reaching down and yanking up her skirt and pulling at her panties to see for himself that she had failed to do as she had been told.

She started in on a feeble explanation. But it was pointless. And she knew it. Before the first sentence could form, he spun her head completely to the right with a resounding slap. “Don’t even try it, you stupid….” Then, he grabbed her by the hair and led her down the hall into the bathroom. Once there, he snatched open the cabinet, grabbed the scissors, and threw them on the floor, forcing her down onto her knees. “Cut it off! Now!” he yelled, slapping her again.

Both her cheeks now stinging, and feeling swollen with the pain, she lifted the scissors. But her hands were trembling far too much. She tried, but he feared she might hurt herself. “Fuck it. Get up!” He guided her up by her hair, and flung her around the corner into the bedroom. There, in one violent tug, he ripped the skirt and panties off of her. Next came the blouse, bruising into her flesh as he yanked it off of her.

That was all. In two rough, and she knew, well deserved moves he had stripped her naked and flung her onto the bed. She deliberately landed face down, raising her naked, trembling bottom cheeks up for his easy thrashing. But she was wishing in vain. It was not going to be that easy.

“You wish!” he said, slapping her bottom once hard. “You fucked up, Marpessa. You fucked up big.”

She pleaded, not even hearing what she said. Because she knew it didn’t matter, especially when she saw him go over to the bottom dresser drawer. That’s where he kept all the things he had bought that she said she did not like. But she did not throw them away. She put them there in the drawer, though she often wondered why.

“Master, please? No, no, no, please, Master?” She begged as she felt him force her hands behind her back. The sound of the cold, metal cuffs locking around her wrists was totally defeating.

“Shut up!” He slapped her ass again. “Get on the bed! On your knees!” She obeyed. It was difficult, but she struggled and complied, not wanting to anger him any more than she already had done.

Next came the collar! “Oh, no,” she cried to him. No,”

as she felt it fastened around her neck.

“You don’t seem to mind disrespecting my commands, Marpessa. So I will not respect your wishes. Understood?”

“Yes, Master Daniel,” she said, as the first tear trickled down her cheek. Resigned to her fate, she tried to hold her head high and not show just how humiliated she was at this moment. Her hands cuffed behind her back, a thick dog collar emblazoned with “SLAVE” tightly clamped around her neck, she fell helplessly as he pushed her down onto the bed. “Ugggh!” she grunted, as he brought her ankles together and she felt the cuffs slap around them as well.

“Now, get up, SLAVE! Now! On the floor! On your fucking knees!”

With great difficulty, she rolled onto her side and wiggled and squirmed until she reached the edge of the bed. She looked up at him pleadingly for help. But all she got was <SLLLAAAAPPPPP!> on the tender, exposed flesh under her right arm.

“OUUUCCHH!” She squealed.

“On the floor!”

“Yes, Master,” she managed to say between wincing from the searing pain.

“Now, damn it!”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, before one last wiggle sent her knees over the edge of the bed. Then she slowly eased herself down onto the floor on her knees.

“Now,” her Master said, lifting yet another pair of cuffs from the drawer. “One last thing.” He dangled them before her curious eyes, then walked around behind her.

By now, the sheer humiliation, not the slaps on the bottom, on the face, on her tender flank, but the humiliation alone had the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You deserve this, moron! And you know it!” he hissed at her.

“I know, Master Dani…!” That was as far as she got before he yanked her nearly off balance by grabbing and lifting her feet slightly off the floor. He clamped one end of the cuffs over the ones on her ankles, and the other end to the cuffs on her wrists. In order to keep her balance, she had to spread her knees wide, obscenely wide, apart and lean back, thrusting her breasts into his gaze.

“Now crawl, Slave!” he said, as he turned and made her follow him all the way from the bedroom, down the hallway and into the living room.

She managed somehow, without toppling over, to follow him as ordered. She managed somehow despite the discomfort, the carpet burning into her knees as she crawled, the cuffs pressing into her wrists and ankles, and the tears filling her eyes, she managed to obey her Master, surprising even herself.

Once in the living room, he turned and faced her. He stood staring down at her for a moment. Just staring at this most obedient submissive. Then he knelt down in from of her, took her into his arms, and whispered, as he gently kissed her behind the ear, “You are amazing, Marpessa.” Then, he took her in tight embrace, and whispered gently, “Damn! I love you. Damn!” He kissed her again. “Now I’m going to free you. And I want you to go in there, shave, and get dressed. We’re going to dinner and a movie tonight, remember? I’ll spank you after the movie.”






Master Daniel led the way out of the theater. Marpessa had made sure to behave this evening. She had enjoyed a really great dinner with her Master earlier. She enjoyed it, even though she was still embarrassed every time she saw that same waitress – the one who used to be Master Daniel’s slave. That waitress still behaved like his property whenever she waited their table. Marpessa could tell the woman still longed for Master Daniel. “Too bad, Bitch!” Marpessa would think to herself, and chuckle.

     She had really enjoyed the movie, too. And especially loved it when Master Daniel made her remove her panties. Oh, she loved the feeling of being forced, right there in the theater, to slip out of her panties. She glanced around her quickly to see if anyone might see her. But she knew he would not have ordered her to if there was a chance anyone might see. She slowly slid her skirt up to her thighs, then raised her butt slightly from the chair and slid it up over her butt. Nervous now she might have drawn someone’s attention, she very quickly slipped her panties down to mid-thigh, and sat back down in her seat. The cool leather of the seat was divine on her naked flesh. “Leather,” she thought. “Oh god! The strap, the belt, that leather-padded paddle…” She smiled at the thought, then slid her panties over her knees and down to her ankles.

     “That’s good enough,” Master said, slipping his arm around her shoulder. “Sit there,” he whispered in her ear. He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

     “My skirt is still up, Master,” she whispered.

     “Sit there,” he said sternly.

     “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry… I mean Master… I’m sorry.”

     “Shut up.”

     And she obeyed. They watched the rest of the movie. She obeyed, sitting there with her skirt up around her waist and her panties dangling around her white, high heels. As the movie ended, she became anxious. Would he make her sit there until the lights came up? Would they sit there as others filed out of the theater? Risking someone glancing at them? Seeing her thighs exposed? Her panties down?

The credits rolled. And some people began rising and leaving. The lights were sure to come up soon. “Oh, no,” she feared within herself. How embarrassing that would be. To be seen. But she decided that, if this is what Master Daniel was going to do to her…. She sighed to herself, “I will accept.”

     But just as she sensed the lights were about to come up, just as she closed her eyes in embarrassment, she felt her panties being slid up her legs. She opened her eyes to see her Master pulling them up for her. “Lower your skirt,” he said, rising to leave. She quickly obeyed, and hurried behind him out of the theater, tingling with excitement.

     As they walked the short way back home, Master Daniel said nothing. That was not surprising. He had been that way all day – quiet, and into his own thoughts. That’s one reason she had been so good today. When Master was in this mood, spankings were really severe. He hated his thoughts being disturbed. She walked along beside him silently.

     Then, as they passed the restaurant they had dined in earlier, Master Daniel turned and went down the narrow alley between the restaurant and the shop next to it. “Master?” she asked. “Where are we going?” But he said nothing. He walked down the alley, and she followed.

     When they reached the back of the buildings, there was a little hidden corner where plastic milk crates from the restaurant were stored for pick-up. He led her into that corner without a word. Then he turned to face her. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her against the wall. She let her body go limp and waited for him to do whatever he was about to her. He lifted her wrists over her heads. She kept them there. He bent slightly, grabbing the hem of her skirt, and pulling it. The cold rush of night air on her nakedness was startling as he yanked her skirt to her ankles and made her step out of it.

She stood there, her hands held above her head, and naked, but for her panties and blouse. But that scant protection, the thin, nearly sheer panties and flimsy, little blouse, did not last. Her Master peeled the panties down in one yank, and tossed them on top of the skirt on the ground. Then her spun her around, and pressed her against the wall. The force of his hand against her back, made her breasts press against the red brick wall of the tiny enclosure that concealed them. He held her there, pressing her. Then slowly released the power of his hand in her back. Then she felt her blouse lifted up and over her head roughly. She complied, letting her limp body respond to whatever force Master applied.

     She was afraid. She wanted to say something. “Why, Master?” or “What did I do?” or “I’m sorry.” But she dared not. She was really afraid. For a moment, the thought came to her that maybe that waitress was going to come out. Maybe he had pre-arranged something, some way to humiliate her by letting that bitch see her exposed this way. The thought made her want to cry. How embarrassing that would be. “But,” she told herself. “For my Master… What can I do but accept?” She heard the back door of the restaurant open. Someone came out. They could not see Master and her behind the brick wall of the alcove. They came out. It sounded like they may have dumped some garbage or something. Then someone inside the restaurant called, “Hurry up! You got people waitin’!”

     “Okay. I’m coming.”

     “Damn!” Marpessa thought to herself. “It’s her! That bitch!” She held her breath, wondering if the “bitch” was going to come for some pre-arranged look at her humiliation. But she did not. The back door of the restaurant closed again. The stream of light from inside disappeared. Marpessa breathed a sigh of relief. Then Master Daniel produced from his jacket the stiff, leather-covered paddle and showed it to her.

     “Kiss it, slave!” he commanded her. And she nervously obeyed. “Again!” And again she obeyed. He lightly rubbed it against the swell of her bottom cheeks, and whispered, “Slave!”

Then <SLAAAAAPPP> she felt her Master’s paddle slam into her naked right butt cheek. The sudden force slammed her into the cold brick wall. She felt its hardness slam against her pubic area. It hurt almost as much as Master’s blow. She tensed herself, holding her now moistening bush stiffly away from the wall as she waited for the next blow. It seemed like forever before <SLAAAAPPPPP> “Oh, god!” she moaned to herself, gritting her teeth. <SLAAAPPPPP> <SLAAAPPPPP> <SLLLLLAAAAAAAPPPPPP> The blows rained down one after the other, from cheek to cheek. She wished for a mirror. She wanted the redness. <SLLLAAAAAPPPPPP> To see it for herself. <SSLLLLLLLLAAAAAAPPPPPP> To feel her excitement enhance at sight of her swollen, red, bottom. <SLLLLLAAAAAAAPPPPP> “God! Master,” she moaned softly, pressing into the cold, brick wall as she often did into the arms of Mistress Payne, for comfort, as Master would beat her severely. But the wall was no more solace than the Mistress. <SLLLLLLAAAAAPPPPPPP>

     Then silence as, much to her dread, the light from the restaurant again spilled out into the alley. Her heart stood still. It was that bitch again. She went to the dumpster. Then she went over to the grease dumpster. This brought her into view. Master Daniel could see her. The grease dumpster was directly behind Marpessa and Master, across the alley about ten feet. But Master had Marpessa well in the corner of the alcove, in the shadows, even if the “bitch” did glance their way, she could not have seen them. But Marpessa did not know that.

The “bitch” seemed to take forever as the cold grease slowly drained into the dumpster. Marpessa felt Master’s hand gently press against her tingling butt cheeks, squeezing each of them. The pain of her burning cheeks radiated up through her like lightening. Then Master slid his hand between her legs. The sweet feel of his finger slipping into her moist crevice made her stiffen. She bit down on her lower lip to stifle a rising moan as Master Daniel’s finger probed deeper. She wondered if this was the show the “bitch” had come to see. But she really did not care. Not now. Especially not after she felt Master’s finger smoothly replaced by his stiff, hard penis. He rammed into her quickly, forcing her against the wall. Marpessa clenched her eyes shut and bit harder into her lip as the excitement made her want to scream.

She flinched in fear as the “bitch” pounded the grease tray against the side of the dumpster to help the last drops fall away. Master pounded into her harder and harder. She was quickly reaching that divine peak of excitement that rewards her sweet submission with climactic delight. Then she flinched again as the “bitch” slammed the dumpster shut. Marpessa still did not know if she was being watched. She hoped not. But still, “Fuck it,” she thought as she and Master exploded into bliss together. She could not help it. She tried, but she could not help it. The moan slipped out. It was a low guttural groan of pure pleasure.

The “bitch” stopped as she approached the door of the restaurant. “Is somebody over there? If that’s you, you damn drunk, you better beat it before I call the cops again. You asshole!” The restaurant door closed. The stream of yellow light faded. And Marpessa collapsed completely into Master Daniel’s sweet embrace.  





“Marpessa, get in her. Now!” Master Daniel called out to her from the kitchen.

“Yes, Master Daniel. What’s wrong?” she asked. He was holding the pitcher from the refrigerator.

“What is this?” he asked.

“What do you mean, Master? It’s the pitcher of lemonade.”

“Oh, really,” he said, tilting the pitcher upside down to show her it was empty. “’Fraid not, Darling.”

“Oops!” she giggled. “I forgot, Master. I’m sorry.” She knew she had messed up. He didn’t remind her to refill it. She herself used it last, and said she was going to make another pitcher full.

“Get over her,” he told her, pointing to the kitchen drawer. “Open the drawer.” She opened a drawer full of utensils. But all that stood out was the large, wooden spoon he had found during his weekly foray through the second hand shops in town. It was one of those old fashioned kind, with a thick, round handle and a wide spoon end worn almost perfectly flat from years of use. “Hand it here,” he said, and took a seat in one of the kitchen chairs.

“Yes, Master Daniel.” She lifted the spoon and handed it to him. As she did, he took her by the wrist and pulled her to him.

“You know you screwed up, don’t you,” he told her matter-of-factly, as he unbuttoned her jeans.

“Yes, Master,” she said, suddenly sucking in a deep breath as she felt her pants yanked down to her calves. “Get over here,” he said, guiding her around to his right side. “Bend over.”

“Yes, Sir,” was all she said, as he guided her down firmly over his knees. “I’m sorry, Master,” she said, reaching down to lower her panties for him.

“Not this time,” he said. “Something new for you, my pet.” Then she heard him reach over and turn on the water. He held his hand under it, and then rubbed it over her panties until they were soaking wet. He could feel the muscles in her butt tense at first touch of the cold water. But he also knew she tensed because she knew it was going to hurt, hurt a lot more because it was wet. She started to speak, but it was too late:

<SWOOOOOOSH> she could hear the spoon sailing through the air. Then, <THWACK>

The first blow was like an electric shock. Her right bottom cheek danced under the force of the blow, and in a matter of seconds, even through her panties, the red glow of her cheek showed through.


From cheek to cheek they came. She kicked, or at least tried to. But her pants made it hard wrapped around her calf the way he had them.


He had to press his forearm across her back to hold her in place.


She cried and begged for forgiveness. But he did not stop. Not until she was forced to cry her safe word. She rarely did that. He rarely forced it. And she hated doing it now. The feel of the spoon, so round and smooth, was really delightful. But he made sure her delight was short lived by the force of his blows. Of course he stopped. She was glad. And she was regretful as well as he lovingly stroked her burning buns. She lay across his knees sobbing, as he made her kiss the spoon and thank him for her punishment.

“Thank you, Master Daniel. I deserved it. Thank you, Master.”

“Now,” her Master told her. “Get your butt up. Leave your pants right where they are! And make me some iced tea.

“Yes, Master,” she said, rising and doing as she was told, while he sat there admiring her lovely red bottom.




She was told Master was coming to visit. She was told (as is customary) what he wanted her wearing when he arrived. He was due in 45 minutes. She should take a shower, put on what she was told, and wait. Instead, extremely tired because he had kept her up till 3am the night before (her butt still bore the paddle bruises), she decided to lie back on the bed and rest a few minutes. She fell asleep, fully dressed (blue jeans & sweatshirt, sweat socks, and tennis shoes). She was asleep when Master arrived and let himself in.

"What is this?"  he yelled at her. She woke with a start, dazed, half asleep. "After all the talking we did last night, you still haven't learned, have you slave!" he said, while snatching her ankles and yanking off her tennis shoes. "Get the hell out of that bed, Marpessa. Last night was nothing compared to what have right now. Get up, damn it!" he yelled, grabbing her by the hair, and snatching her from the bed. "Get the hell out of those clothes. Now!!!" he demanded, yanking at the waistband of her jeans. "Now, damn it!"

"I'm sorry, Master Daniel. I swear…," she pleaded, scurrying out of her jeans. "I don't know what happened… I must have fallen asleep…."

"Shut the hell up, and get out of those damn clothes!!!" he demands again, grabbing her sweatshirt, yanking it off over her head. Then he ripped away her bra, causing the strap to bite into her back before finally snapping apart.


"Shut up." he orders her, pushing her down onto the bed, and tearing off her panties. "Is this some kind of damn joke to you, bitch!"

Now she knows he is angry. Her Master almost never cusses at her. She knows she is in for the punishment of her life. "No, Master. I don't blame you for being…."

"I told you to shut up!" he said, stuffing her panties into her mouth as a gag. Fear now is all that fills her mind. She knows she has a well-deserved punishment coming. Secretly, she wonders if maybe she did this on purpose, to see what it would be like to really feel her Master's wrath, and she knows she is about to feel it - in full force, with no regard to her cries of "Mercy, Master."

"Get on her knees, bitch!" he commands, again, forcing her down by tearing at her hair until she collapses to her knees. The pain is like fire spreading from the top of her head downward, slowly filling her breasts, and revealing her secret joy, as her nipples swell with excitement.

"Ouch… I'm really sorry, Master… I swear," she mumbles, her mouth stuffed with her gag.

Disregarding her whimpering, he removes his belt, a thick black leather one with a wide silver buckle. "You say you don't like wearing a collar, well, you'll wear one tonight." he tells her, forcing her head down between his legs and wrapping the belt around her neck like a dog collar and leash. "Now get the fuck up!" he yells, yanking her roughly up to her feet by the leash.

Naked and truly afraid, she stands before her Master, instinctively shielding her bushy privacy with her hands. "What are you doing! How dare you!"

"I'm sorry, Master," she begs, quickly removing her hands. "I'm sorry."

"Not good enough!" he yells, opening the bag he brought with him, and removing several long strips of red, nylon rope. "Turn around," he commands, spinning her around, and forcing her hands behind her back, tying them tightly with the rope. "Get down there," he commands her, pushing her helplessly onto the bed, and tying her ankles together as well. Then, bending her legs back at the knees, he took another length of rope and tied her wrists and ankles together. The panties still stuffed in her mouth, and now tied completely helpless in total submission to whatever her Master wished to do to her, he dragged her by the leash/belt bound around her neck, and let her tumble onto the carpeted floor.

Then, taking her like a suitcase, by the bonds at her wrists and ankles, he lifted her from the floor and carried her into the living room. There, he placed her on the cocktail table, and took the belt from around of her neck. "You deserve a lot more than what you are about to get, slave. But what you are about to get is something you'll remember for the rest of your life." Then forcing her hands and ankles to the side, he sent the belt down with a fierce fury across her already bruised bottom cheeks.

The pain, harder than any blow she had received before, exploded throughout her entire being. Oh, how she wanted to scream, to yell, to shout with all her might. But would it have been from the horrendous pain, or the unimaginable joy of finally knowing total submission? She could not be sure. More and more blows rained down on her helpless flesh - her butt, her thighs, her sides, her legs, her breasts. "My god!" she wondered, could it be any worse? Better? "Why have I not let this happen before?" She dreamed. "What can I do to make this happen again, and again?" The blows rain, and rain, and rain. Her body is a roaring flame of excited passion. In the mirror beside the couch, she can see herself, helpless and striped with deepening purple welts. She prays in total confusion that the pain will end and never end at the same time, that he would get the wooden paddle or that wide, plastic spatula from the kitchen, anything to enhance the experience. Without even realizing it, suddenly she hears herself silently reciting her slave prayer: "I love My Master Daniel completely. I express that love through total submission..." There was more to it, she knew, but only those lines filled her mind, and fulfilled her deepest longing. "No! god, no!" she cried as she noticed that the whipping had ended. "Is it over? No, please. Don't let it be," she cried silently to herself.

   Then with one yank, he untied the rope binding her hands to her ankles. Her, wrists and ankles still bound, he stood her up, drug her by the hair into the bedroom. He tied the length of rope to the one binding her wrists, then laced it through the hook in the ceiling. Yanking it until she was forced up onto her tiptoes. There he left her hanging in total submission, weeping, and trying, through the panties gagged in her mouth, to cry out: "Thank you, Master! Thank you, My Sweet Master!" But knowing he could not understand her muffled cries, all she could do was hang her head and weep with sublime joy, as her Master Daniel closed the bedroom door behind him, leaving her alone and suspended in a punishing dream time of orgasmic delight.




Master left her hanging from the ceiling, her toes barely touching the carpet, until she lost all track of time. The sun was just starting to set when he left her. Now the room was completely dark. And, like faded sunlight, the sweet, sensations awakened by her earlier whipping had faded now to soft scintillations, lingering, honeyed memories, keeping her company as she hung there regretting she had angered Master, yet thrilled with the consequence. Her arms had begun to ache. And she was beginning to wonder if Master was even still around. Perhaps he had left the house, leaving her to this torment for the night. She would not mind that, if it were her Master’s wish.

Just then the door suddenly opened. Master flicked on the light, blinding her momentarily to his approach. “Look at you. Still being naughty,” he said, retrieving from the floor where she had let them fall, the panties he had gagged her with earlier. “I didn’t tell you to remove your gag now did I,” he asked, smiling.

She blushed, and bashfully averted his eyes. “No, Master.”

“You just can’t help yourself, can you, my little slave?” he said, releasing her bonds.

“I love you, Master,” she purred, as he took her in sweet embrace, and filled her mouth with his tongue. She welcomed the intrusion with a low, soft moan, and eagerly sucked his tongue deeper into her mouth.

“And I love you, my slave Marpessa. Come with me,” he ordered, and she followed, still naked, behind him into the living room. “I bought you this,” he said, removing from its gift box, a sheer, black, silk nightgown. “You like it?”

“I love it, Master,” she said, trying it on right away in front of the mirror.

“So do I. This way I can have you naked while letting you retain you modesty at the same time,” he kidded her. “I got you some slippers to match. But don’t wear them now. I want you just as you are. You look great, as usual,” he said, gently massaging her upper arms to restore circulation. “You okay?” he asked, kissing her again.

“Great, Master Daniel,” she purred. “I love you, Sir,” she smiled up at him, coaxing him for another kiss.

But he denied her, teasing with mock bravado, “Of course you do, you silly girl. You can’t help yourself.” 

“That’s the truth,” she giggled, hugging him, and kissing his nipple.

“Come, I have something else for you.” Then, he led her into the dining room, to see there a fully prepared, candlelight dinner awaiting them. “I would tell you that I prepared all of this myself. But you’d know I was fibbing. I called a caterer.”

“It’s beautiful, Master. And looks delicious,” she said, as they embrace and kiss again before sitting down to dine.

“Did you enjoy her punishment? Not too severe?”

“It was severe…” she smiled. “But great!”

“I forced you to wear my belt as a collar. That didn’t bother you?”

“No,” she said with a playful pout.

“Then you won’t mind if I buy you one?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Just to wear for me, and only when we’re alone together.” She smiles, considering it.

     “Hard head,” she said.

“Me or you?” They laughed, as he poured her wine. “You do know that I love you?”

“Yes, Master. very much.”

“Good. Then we’ll decide later about the collar. This weekend, I have a surprise. Something to seal our bond.”

“What is it?”

“You’ll see.”

“Tell me,” she pouts.

“You’ll find out this weekend.”

“I can’t wait! I know I’ll love it.” She said, smiling at him.

And so they dined by candlelight, then retired to the bedroom. “remove you gown, Marpessa.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, bowing her head, and complying.

“You are beautiful,” he told her, approaching.

“Thank you, Master,” she said, head bowed. She folded her gown and waited.

“Now, what shall I do with you, my hard headed little slave?”

“I’m at your disposal, Master. Please do with me what you will.”

“Good answer,” he said, taking the gown from her, and tossing it on the dresser. “Get yo9ur butt in that bed. On your stomach. Face down. Now.”

“Yes, Master Daniel,” she said, softly, rushing to obey.

“Place your hands at your sides, palms up, relaxed.”

She obeyed, and awaited further orders. But there were none. She felt his weight enter the bed. He knelt beside her for a moment in silence. “Marpessa?”

He said it softly, but the suddenness made her flinch slightly. “Yes, Master?”

Then he poured the warm, scented body oil onto her back, and began her soft, sensual massage from head to toe. Arousing her by lingering sweetly at all her most sensitive areas. Before finally dancing his tongue up her inner thigh, invading her sacred temple, and delivering her to ecstasy.

Then, he lay there with her until she drifted off to sleep. He placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, and laid a rose on her pillow, as he whispered, “I love you, my slave Marpessa.” She never stirred, but for a faint smile that played across her lips.







“I thought you said you were going to be ready?” Master Daniel said.

Marpessa lay in the bed, still half asleep. She had completely forgotten that they were going to dinner at Mistress Payne’s house tonight. But to Master Daniel, that was not important. They were not to leave for dinner for another two hours. Master Daniel was angry because, before going to there, he was going to have a spanking session with his Precious Gem. He always called her that. She had come to him like a sparkling gem, bright and glowing in a dark time.

     “Oh,” Marpessa said, wiping the sleep from her eyes. She sat up on the side of the bed. “I’m sorry, Master Daniel. I’ll be ready in a second. I promise.”

He could see that the outfit he had told her to wear was already laid out on the dresser. The shoes sat on the floor. She had even polished them. She sat up wearing those baggy Jeans he had told her to throw away last week. And the sweatshirt she wore completely hid her plump breasts from him. She was bare footed. And, even under her bulky shirt, he could her nipples swelling under the sound of his voice.

“That’s not good enough, Precious. You do this all the time.”

“No I don’t, Master,” she pleaded. But he would hear none of it.

“Oh, and now you dispute me?” He said.

“No,” she pleaded for understanding. “I just mean…”

“Shhhhhh!” he said, approaching her, and placing his finger to her lips. “You’re only going to make it worse.” He sat beside her on the bed, softly kissing her on the cheek. “You know full well what I told you this morning before I left. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“What did I tell you, Precious?”

“To take a shower at four. Then put on the skirt, and pantyhose first, then call you and ask if I could wear a top, and put it on, if you o.k.’d it. Then put on the shoes. Just before you got home I was to position myself on the bed for a spanking, and wait for you to get here,” she said. She could feel her nipples swollen full and pressing against her shirt. The rough cotton of the shirt tickled at them. The thought of that made her chuckle out loud. She immediately covered her mouth. But it was too late. She had giggled herself into a punishment.

“Oh!” Master said, standing up and facing her. “It’s funny to you? You disobey, and that’s funny?”

She knew what she was in for, and wondered if maybe she hadn’t overslept on purpose to increase the intensity of their session. “Heck,” she thought to herself. “He should be thanking me!” Then, she couldn’t help letting out another giggle at what he would do if only he knew what she was thinking.

“Alright! That does it!” He took her by the wrist. She was still giggling, but only until she noticed he was leading her the foot of the bed, to the bedpost. “Oh, no!” she thought. She almost said it out loud, but dared not. She hated it when he stood her against the bedpost because she really didn’t like the position.

Master tore her sweatshirt up over her head. The cool air from the fan attacked her nipples like hungry kisses, causing her to gasp in excitement. He lifted her wrists up over her head, and made her hold on to the bar that runs between the carved, brass gargoyles at the top of the bedposts. In one motion, he looped his fingers into the waistband of her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. Obediently, she stepped out of them and watched to see what he would do with them. When she saw him toss them across the room onto the floor, she knew she was going to receive a serious session of sweet sensations.

Her Master grabbed her ankles, one at a time, spreading them far apart, and making her keep them there at the bottoms of the bed posts, stretching her legs obscenely wide apart. This is why she hated this position. It totally exposed her in the most humiliating way. Still, the cool fanned air lapping high up between her legs, where the moisture in the thick bush covering her valley made the air even colder, sent a shudder of hot anticipation rocking through her body.

Naked, with every inch of her body vulnerably exposed to his every whim, she almost rejoiced in her bondage, without which she feared she might have collapsed to the floor under the chill that descended from her head to the soles of her feet. A thick chill that descended slowly, like lips of cold honey, down her body, swelling her anticipation like rolling waves on the ocean. A subtle moan escaped her lips as she felt his hand cup the moistness between her legs. Slowly his fingers slid away, exploring all the dark recesses of her desire. Then again, she shuddered and gasped as his finger alone returned. Probing deep, then deeper still, and causing her to sigh in disappointment as it withdrew abruptly.

“You don’t deserve that!” Her Master hissed into her ear.

“I’m sorry, Master,” she cried out. Then she swooned in a melodic moan as his hands cupped her breasts, massaging them roughly, tenderly, roughly. Torturously sweet, his fingers pressed her love for him deep into her breasts. She felt the pressure of his fingers punishing her breasts, twirling her nipples, squeezing her back into him. She felt him swollen beneath his trousers, pressed against her naked bottom. She pushed back, trying to entice him out, flesh to flesh. But for her offer, she received - SLLAAAPPP!!!! -  against her bare bottom cheek.

“I told you, you don’t deserve that!”

“I’m sorry, Master…” she moaned, as the sting of his angry hand sent the waves of delight up, like backward thunder, from her burning bottom cheek to the very roots of her hair, that seemed to stand in chorus as the pain sang up through her body.


Her other bottom cheek raced to match with the pain still lingering from her twin. Meeting in the center, they exploded into her heart, as she moaned, “Thank you, Master…. Thank you……”


“Thank you…. Oh….. damn!….”



“SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! From cheek to cheek, her pleasure in him, his delight in her, resounded. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Then the sheer delight of his palm against her swelling cheeks, the sound of his deep, muscular breathing behind her, the swoosh! of his hand sailing back and forth, made her thoughts dissolve. From expectation and judgement, they ascended into full compliant oneness of experience. No longer was she a woman tied to a bed. She was a hot, hard, horny, spanking. No longer a submissive anything, but queen of everything. She was a woman fully realized in her desire. Submitting to and dominating a totally fulfilling experience of her deepest self.

“DAMN!” she heard herself: her blows absorbing: her word resounding, her Master responding, her joy exploding!

In perfect timing, the blows from his masterful hand drifted from the red, round swell of her derrière to the tender inner whiteness of her upper thighs. She began to ascend the vortex.

Softly now, his hands slapped at the inner tenderness. He watched as she began to rise into climactic ecstasy. He roughly stroked her inner thighs, letting his fingers reach up to heighten her delight.

She felt his other hand freeing her hands from the bedpost. Her hands fell to her breasts, lifting them in delicious delirium. He slapped her ankles, making her draw them together. He briefly took her into his arms, squeezing her from behind, and bathing the nape of her neck with his hot, eager tongue. Then, to her happy confusion, he turned her around, away from the bedposts, and forced into his study.. He followed, forcing her ahead of him until the edge of the table pressed into her thighs. Then, after one last kiss on her shoulder, her bent her over the table, forcing her down, pressing her breasts flat against the cool, wooden top of the table.

Her heart races as she waits. This was the confusion. Would Master spank her some more, refilling her with the utter delight of her submissive self? Or would he free himself from his trousers and allow her to rise to her ultimate feminine acceptance of Master Daniel?





Master arrived unannounced for an evening cup of tea with his slave Marpessa. He let himself in, but called out to her to let her know he was there. Since there was no answer, he assumed she had nodded off to sleep. He could hear music coming from the bedroom, Ron Specter’s “Golden Voyage,” perfect accompaniment for a hot cup of tea with slave Marpessa.

He knew he would find her wearing her new gown. When she phoned him this morning to learn what she should wear today, he told her to wear her gown when she got home and out of the work clothes he dictated to her. She would also be adorned in her collar, the purple velvet and lace, as ordered. She was very obedient about wearing what she was told. She loved his caring attention. Even when he was away on business trips, she phoned him for instruction. He never refused his slave Marpessa. And she rarely disobeyed him. Rarely, but sometimes, despite her best efforts or his sternest warnings, the naughty little brat in her would try and get away with whatever she could. And this was one of those days.

He poured his tea, Sassafras with lemon, and hers, Lemon Verbena and honey. And, because he expected a quiet, uneventful evening, he brought along a snack, Almond cookies, her favorite, from the Chinese restaurant on the corner. “She deserves a treat,” he figured. She had been really good lately. He lifted the tray of tea and treats and headed for the bedroom.

“Wake up, Lazy Legs,” he called to her as he entered the bedroom. He expected to find her dozing, but no. What he saw upon entering was his obedient slave Marpessa enjoying the lifelike phallus he had bought for her birthday. “What is this?” he said, sitting the tray aside.

“Oh, god! Master!” she gasped, nervously dropping her joy toy and scrambling to her knees in the center of the bed. “Damn! I didn’t know you were….”

“Shut up! Did you call me and ask if you could pleasure yourself?” Before she could answer, he said, “No, you did not! Get up, Marpessa. Now!”

“Yes, Master,” she stammered, scrambling from the bed to stand humbly before him. She stood most properly, head bowed, legs spread apart, and arms folded behind her back and resting, albeit nervously, on the small of her back. “Damn! I am so sorry, Master Daniel. I am, really!” She said, knowing full well that was insufficient.

“What did I tell you?”

“To shut up, Master. I’m sorry.”

She had left her joy toy turned on, and still vibrating in the middle of the bed. He turned off the CD player, leaving the buzz of the vibrator the only sound in the room as he slowly circled her with intimidating, deliberate pace.

“What do you deserve for this infraction, Marpessa?”

She started to speak, hesitated, the dropped her shoulders. “I’m sorry, Master Daniel. I’m sorry.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.” He lifted the phallus, brought it near her ear, and then turned it off. “What do you deserve for this?”

“It’s not for me to say Master. I am at your mercy. Your will is my desire. Punish me, please for this infraction. And…”

“Shut up,” he said. “Open your mouth.” And when she obeyed, he placed the lifelike phallus in her mouth. “Shut.” She closed her lips sensually around the joy toy, and held it.

“I should whip you to the blood. You know that, don’t you?”

“As you wish, Master.”


“I don’t know, Master. I just did it. I shouldn’t have.”

“So true. So true,” he said, as he lifted her gown up and left it resting on her shoulders. “Don’t let it fall.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, hunching her shoulders to hold the gown in place.

“I made us some tea,” he said, removing the phallus from her mouth and lifting her Lemon Verbena to her lips. “Sip it. Is it too hot?”

No, Master,” she said, after sipping it.

“Good,” he said. “Enjoy it!” Then he dashed the cup of tea on her, causing her to flinch and shiver a bit at the sudden bath. “Get on your knees,” he commanded, forcing her down and slapping each of her breasts side to side until they glowed bright, hot pink. Then, he took the rubber phallus and shoved it back into her mouth. “Suck up! You want to play little slut, then that’s what you’ll be tonight, my little slave slut!”

He took his handkerchief and tied her arms together right where they rested, folded just above the swell naked butt. “I can’t believe you sometimes! You act like a 10 year old, dammit!” Then, he led her to the bed, lifted her and dropped her down on her stomach with her knees hanging over the edge, just above the floor.

“Now,” he said, going over and opening the dresser drawer. I’m going to paint your ass the deepest red you have. Understood?”

“I’m sorry, Master. I swear, I’ll be good. I promise.”

“Shut up!”


The paddle slammed into her butt, at the peak of each cheek, smashing them down flat in a crashing explosion of pain. The blow sent her head rocketing forward as she lunged forward trying to escape the force of Master’s anger.


The second blow doubled the depth of the thick, thudding pain, swelling her cheeks in bright, crimson as the pain throbbed up through her body.


Now, from one cheek to the other the blows rained down. Slave Marpessa struggled uncontrollably to escape the painful punishment.


Unable to contain herself any longer, the rubber phallus he had forced into her mouth spat out as she screamed in torment. “Oh, goddammit! Oh, Master!” She screamed, forcing herself into a ball as it to lessen the pain. She balled up fearfully, taking it, every blow she deserved, and reaching out to grab the phallic toy she had lost, and shoving it back into her mouth. “I’m sorry, Master,” she cried in muffled pleas. “I’m sorry,” she pleaded, stuffing the phallus even further down her throat.

“Suck it, Slut!”


“Yes, Master Daniel. Yes, yes,” the tears streamed down her face, buried in the mattress. “Yes, Master,” she cried, in garbled grunts escaping between the blows.




Her ass now glowed in a throbbing red glow. The pain burned in every fiber of her body now. She could hear herself pleading to him, she could hear the blows coming before they landed. She could feel each new surge of pain rippling through her body.

“Thank you!”
 she screamed. “Thank you, Master. I deserve this. I deserve it ll. Please. Harder, Master. Please,” she cried as she felt him bringing her punishment to an end.

“No, Master. Please! No! No! Beat me! Please,” she cried, as the massive pain overwhelmed her, and lifted her beyond all limits, flushing her into the throes of delirious orgasm. “No, Master, don’t stop, don’t!”

But, just as he saw her reaching that point of no return, that last step beyond which lay sheer orgasmic delight, Master Daniel denied her. As abruptly as he began, he ceased. Her glorious ride to sublime delight crashed to a halt, as he threw the paddle aside.

“Now get up! My little slut!” he commanded, yanking her up by the hair, forcing her to crash land on her knees on the floor. “Give me that!” Master said, snatching the rubber phallus out of her mouth. “Slut, you,” he said, lightly slapping her on head with it.

“I’m sorry, Master. Thank you,” she whimpered. He could hear it in her voice, that dreamy, far off tone she slipped into when orgasm was creeping up on her. “Sorry, Master. Please. Thank you.” She could hardly kneel up straight. She was drunk with delight. He eyes were half closed, and she kept wincing as the waves of near-orgasm rolled over, filling her with desire to drown in its flood.

“Look at you! Dammit!” Master said, pulling her up by the hair to stop her from swaying back and forth so much.

“Ouch,” she squealed. “Yes! Thank you, Master. Yes. Harder.” She loved her hair pulled, so doing that only sent her deeper into orgasmic dream. “Yes,” she moaned, momentarily letting her right hand fly down to touch the moist, naked valley between her legs.


“I’m sorry,” she whimpered, throwing her hand back behind her back, and locking her arms together in submission. “Sorry, sorry…” she breathed, raising her face high in anticipation of a slap.

“Stand up,” Master demanded, helping her by the hair. He spun her around so that her hot, red bottom cheeks were pressed into his throbbing penis. “Spread ‘em, Marpessa.” She obeyed, keeping her hand locked behind her back, she spread her legs wide apart, step by step, until she felt the cool rush of air between her legs. “Now, Slut, open my pants.”

Eagerly, she lowered one hand and found his zipper, bringing it down in one quick motion. “Thank you, Master,” she said, as the sound built upon her rising expectations.

“Take it out, Marpessa.”

“Yes, Master,” she said between deep, heavy breaths. “Yes,” she hissed, as her fingers slipped inside his pants and found his penis. She held it firmly in her grip, thick and hot, “Oh god, yes Master!” she pleaded, pulling it out and, accidentally on purpose, slipping it between the cheeks of her butt in a not so subtle hint.

“In your ass? You want it there, Slut Marpessa?”

“Ass or mouth my cunt anywhere, Master. Please?” she begged, still holding him in her hand, rolling the pulsing head back and forth between her cheeks.

“I don’t think so, Slut!” Master said, pulling back so that she lost grip on him. She immediately replaced her hands back where they belonged, locked in sweet submission on the small of her back. Master reached down and slapped each cheek of her ass as hard as he dared. <SLAP-SLAP>


From one to the other, on the outside of each rising mound of her bottom. Then, redirecting his blows, he landed them on the inner side of her cheeks, right where the meet at the crack, he slapped deep into the tender unexposed regions. <SLAP-SLAP> <SLAP-SLAP> “Oooouuuuchhhh! Ouch, ouch, Oh….” She cried, as no inch of her bottom escaped the rain of savage blows.

     She drew her hands up higher onto her back, farther out of his way, determined to allow him full access to whatever he wanted for whatever in whatever way. <SLAP-SLAP> <SLAP-SLAP> <SLAP-SLAP> “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” was all she could say, as the pain filled her once again like a rising volcanic eruption.

     He could see the swelling in her ass, the deeply crimson tone dappled with slightly purplish dots. The once creamy valley between her cheeks now glowed in throbbing pink. And the shapely mounts of each of her bottom cheeks were crowned with perfect, bluish circles where the pain culminated and tried to escape.

     She could no longer remain standing without him holding her up. He threw his left arm around her stomach, snatching her slightly off the ground. Her toes barely touching the floor, he continued on, slapping her upper thighs now until they faded quickly into a rosy match for her ass cheeks. He held her like a rag doll now, helpless in his arm, and under his assault.

     Just as she lost the strength to hold her head up any longer and it dropped defeated down onto her breast, he flung her in one sudden lunge onto the bed. “Aghth!” she grunted as she landed there, helpless curling up into a fetal ball. She tried to close her legs tight, but could not. They burned so, she had to open them, spread them apart as if to cool them down. She buried her face into her hands, wiping tears that continued to stream as she cried how sorry she was.

     “Shut up, Marpessa! You know damn well you’re not sorry. So shut up!” Master scolded, slapping her butt again. “Stay there!” he commanded, and she obeyed, stopping her squirming around to remain just as she was when she heard the order.

     He opened the nightstand and took out the ropes. “Put your legs together,” he demanded, grabbing her by the ankles and drawing them to. Then he laced the rope around her bare feet between the ankles and the toes. He tied them securely, then forced her legs up by pulling the rope as he rounded the bed to stand at her head. He lifted her under the neck and looped the rope over her shoulder and between her breasts until they were encircled in the white nylon rope. Then he brought the rope back down and attached it to the rope around her feet.

     Bound now, with her feet forced up over her butt, and her breasts lifted slightly off of the bed, she was helpless except for her hands. He grabbed her right wrist and forced it over her back to her left thigh where he tied it securely, Then the left wrist to the right thigh so that she lay with arms criss-crossed across her back and her toes pointing to the ceiling. The rope around her breasts had begun to turn them red. And the blood rushed to her feet as well, matching them to the red polish on her nails.

     “Here, Slut,” he hissed at her, taking the rubber phallus that had started her trouble and shoving it into her mouth again. Then he snatched a pair of her panties from the drawer and forced them over her head so that they locked the rubber cock into her mouth and covered her eyes as well. “I’ll leave that stuck in your mouth, Marpessa, to show you that dildo is not what got you into trouble. You’re welcome to play with that anytime you like as long as you ASK!” he slapped her reddening breast. “This punishment, Marpessa, is for not asking permission. Understand?”

     “Yeumphes,” she tried to answer through her gag.

     Then Master took the black, metal paper binders from the headboard of the bed. He clicked them open and closed a couple of times so she could hear what she could not see. So that she could hear that the worse nipple torture she knew was on the way.

     “Umphhh! Umphhh! Noph! Pleezzh!” she tried to beg for mercy, turning her head side to side trying to guess where he was. “Pleezzh, Mafer! Pleezzh!”

     “AGHHHHHPH!” She screamed as the first clamp closed around her swollen nipple, pinching it blood red instantly.

“AAGGHHHHHHPPPPHHHH!” The second one closed over the other nipple. The wide, metal binders clamped over the nipple, reaching way back to the base, just above the dark aureole. Their vice-like grip sent rush after rush of pain down through her, forcing her to try, despite her tight bonds, to fight and escape. But there was nothing she could do.

“AGGGGHHHHFFF!” she screamed in muffled agony. He could see the tears staining through her panty mask. Saliva dripped through the panties where the dildo rammed into her mouth.

     But, not quite done with her yet, Master Daniel rolled her onto her back. “Twenty minutes, Marpessa. Do you hear me? Twenty minutes.” She could not answer but to try and nod her head. He took the spreader bar and fastened it to her knees, forcing her legs wide open. Then he took the weights, two four ounce fishing sinkers on hooks, and looped them trough the handles on the binders that clamped. He placed them on gently, then let them free fall, pulling at her nipple and causing her gag and cough as the pain wracked her body.

     “Twenty minutes. Can you take it? If you can’t take it say so now, I won’t hear you one I leave the room. Can you take twenty minutes?” He pulled the dildo back a bit to allow her to answer. “Can you?”

     “I love you, Master. I can take it. I swear. Don’t free me, please.”

     Master Daniel shoved the dildo back into her mouth and stood to admire his slave. Her breasts were very swollen now, red and almost visibly throbbing. Her nipples were swollen under the clamps, filling them with her flesh. Her legs, spread by the bar, exposed her naked valley, dripping with her excitement. And the blood red glow of her well-spanked bottom filled him with desire for her. He wanted to take her now. He was tempted. She was very tempting. But he refrained. Going to her only to whisper in her ear, “Never without permission, Marpessa. Never, you little slut.” Then he gently squeezed her breasts, causing her to cry out one last time before he left her there.

“Slut,” he said, as he closed the door behind him.





“Greetings, Sir,” Jeanine said, as Master Daniel and Marpessa arrived for dinner with Mistress Payne. Jeanine belonged to the Mistress, and it showed. She was made to answer the door wearing only a painfully tight waist cincher and a spiked slave collar that made it nearly impossible for her to turn her head right or left. She wore no shoes, but her ankles were adorned with shackles so short that walking had to be slow and careful to avoid losing balance and falling. As she turned to lead them into the dining room, Marpessa was shocked to see that the girl was also fitted with a large anal plug, and her butt and upper thighs were streaked with fresh red blisters from the cane.

     Marpessa smiled as she followed behind Master Daniel into the dining room, relieved and thankful that even though the Master trained both she and Jeanine, he decided to keep her. Poor Jeanine, who Marpessa knew from the academy, was given to the Mistress. Jeanine directed them to the table and seated them. “My Mistress has instructed me to explain that I have been bad, Master. I am on punishment. That is why I am not properly dressed.”

     “Stop staring, Marpessa,” Master commanded, as Marpessa still stared at the poor girl’s painful predicament.

     “I’m sorry, Master,” she said, lowering her eyes.

     “These new blisters,” Master said to Jeanine, as he turned her around for inspection. “Are on top of old ones that were barely healed. She nearly whipped you to the blood. What did you do?” he said, allowing her to turn and face him.

     Jeanine lowered her head in shame, reluctant to answer. She glanced at Marpessa who smiled at her in support. But still, the girl was almost too shamed to answer.

     “Master Daniel asked you a question, Cunt! Answer him!” Mistress Payne commanded. She entered still carrying the stiff bamboo cane that had tortured the girl earlier.

     “Yes, Mistress,” Jeanine answered, leaping to frightened attention at the sound of that voice. “I failed my Mistress,” she said. “Last night and this morning. I… I…”

     “Damn you!” Mistress Payne cursed at the girl, approaching and striking her savagely across the butt with the cane. The force of the blow was so hard and sudden, that Jeanine lost her balance and fell forward across the table. Marpessa instinctively leapt forward to assist, forgetting herself for a moment, and yelling at the Mistress, “You bitch! Stop it!”

     “How dare you,” Mistress Payne shouted, rounding the table to chastise Marpessa.

     “Stop!” Master Daniel commanded, and Mistress Payne froze in mid-step. “Sit your ass down now,” he demanded, snatching the cane from her hand and tossing it across the room. “Sit down, Marpessa. And watch that damn mouth of yours.”

     “I told you she’s too damned spoiled!” Mistress Payne said, taking a seat as Master had ordered.

He ignored her remark, helping Jeanine to her feet instead. Tears streamed down the girl’s face, and she gritted her teeth to keep from crying out loud. When Master turned her to look at her blistered bottom, he became livid at what he saw. That last blow had opened an earlier welt. Blood seeped through in a long row of tiny beads. The girl had been whipped to the blood.

     Master Daniel said nothing. He stood for a second staring at the wound. Then, very calmly, he said, “Marpessa, take Jeanine into the bathroom. He snatched the key to the shackles from where it hung pinned to Mistress Payne’s vest and handed it to Marpessa. “Get her out of these things. All of it. Clean her up. Then bring her back in hear.”

     Without a word, Marpessa responded, rounding the table and leading the weeping girl away. The bathroom was on the second floor, so she could not hear what was going on between Master and the Mistress. So, she did as she was told, tending to Jeanine. They had first met at Master’s cottage at the academy. Just before Marpessa graduated and move into her own place, Jeanine had come to replace her as housekeeper. She liked her right from the start, and sat up crying with her on the night she was given to Mistress Payne.

“This might hurt a little,” she told Jeanine as she pressed the alcohol pad to her wound. She was still fascinated at the girl’s beauty. She was slim and extremely shapely. And so meek, she always spoke in nearly a whisper. Her silken black tresses hung down to the swell of her derriere, a stark contrast to her creamy brown skin. She was of mixed Cherokee and Ethiopian ancestry. Her keenly sharp facial features combined with her firm, curvaceous body to make her an artist’s dream. Which made Marpessa all the more sad to see how Mistress Payne had disfigured her lovely form with such savage beatings. “But you’ll be okay,” she told the girl.

A few wipes with an alcohol swab were all that was needed to clean the wound on Jeanine’s bottom cheek. The waist cincher was so tight that, once removed, the girl’s flesh was darkened and creased with its outline. As were her ankles, once the shackles were removed. “My god!” Marpessa exclaimed. “How long have you been wearing these?”

“I always wear them,” Jeanine answered meekly. Even to Marpessa, a fellow sub, the girl was afraid to raise her eyes. “I’m sorry this happened. I ruined everything didn’t I?” she whispered softly.

“No,” Marpessa said, giving her a warm hug. “No, Jeanine. This is not your fault.” The plug the girl wore was so firmly in place that Marpessa needed most all her strength to remove it, as Jeanine stood wincing from the pain. “This is not your fault at all,” she told her again, wiping a tear from the girl’s eye. “Come on,” she said, taking her by the hand. “Let’s go to Master Daniel. I want him to see this.”

“No,” Master was yelling at Mistress Payne as Marpessa and Jeanine entered. “As of this moment, Rosa, you are no longer a Mistress. Understood? You went way too far! You know the rules.”

Marpessa and Jeanine stopped at the entrance, no sure whether they should be witness to this. Much to their shock, Master had made Rosa strip from her Mistress outfit. She stood before him naked and quite embarrassed at being seen this way by her former subordinates. And the fresh red patches on each of her bottom cheeks made it clear she had been over Master’s knee.

“I told you this would happen if you went too far, didn’t I?”

“Yes, but…”

“Yes what!”

Rosa glanced at the two submissives briefly, then lowered her head and answered, “Yes, Master.”

Marpessa looked at Jeanine to make sure she would see this. But the girl’s head was lowered in sympathy for her former Mistress. Marpessa, elated to see the former Mistress Payne reduced this way, nudged Jeanine and smiled, placing her arm around the naked girl’s shoulders and whispering, “Told you! It’s not your fault.” Jeanine looked up at her and smiled. “She’s just mean,” Marpessa went on. “She…”

“Silence!” Master Daniel yelled at them. “Turn around Rosa, and put your hands up on the wall. Lean forward!” She complied, leaning and placing her hands high up on the wall, and obediently thrusting her taut, red bottom cheeks out for his easy access.

“Get over here,” Master said, and Marpessa led the way with Jeanine following somewhat less eagerly.

“Yes, Master?” Marpessa asked.

“You,” he said, taking Jeanine by the hand and pulling her forward. “This is slave Rosa. She was my slave for nearly a decade, before I made the mistake of letting her convince me that she was ready to be a Mistress. I was wrong. Here,” he said, removing his belt and handing it to Jeanine. “I want you to swat her bottom. Three on each cheek.”

Oh, no, Master. Please, I can’t do that to my Mistress,” Jeanine said, taking the belt into her hand.

“Her name is slave Rosa, Jeanine. She has failed as a Mistress. And to show her how far she has fallen, she is about to be whipped by another slave.”

Jeanine positioned the belt in her hand and slowly stepped up into position. She toyed nervously with the belt for a moment, clearly uncomfortable with this strange task.

Rosa,” Master Daniel said. “Speak. You know what to say. Do it!”

“Yes. Master,” slave Rosa said softly. She swallowed hard, then said, “Please, slave Jeanine, punish me for my errors.” It was the same plea she had taught to Jeanine. Word that were the mark of a willing slave desirous of proper punishment for wrong doing.

Jeanine stood for a second staring at Rosa the slave. She looked at Master for a moment, then she looked at Marpessa, who nodded for her to proceed. Then, <SWAT> the first blow landed almost softly. <SWAAT> <SWAAAT> they grew in intensity, and slave Rosa’s left bottom cheek reddened accordingly. <SWAAAT> the belt landed on the other cheek, which rippled under the force. <SWAAATT> <SWAAAATTT> Then it was over. So soon that Jeanine looked pleadingly up at Master Daniel.

“This is not about revenge, Jeanine. You understand that, don’t you?” Master asked her.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Fine. Two more. Each cheek,” he smiled at her, and for the first time today Jeanine shared a genuine smile with her guests, looking back at Marpessa gleefully.


“Agh! Damn!!” <SWAAAAATTTTTT> “Shit! Mercy, Master. Please!” slave Rosa cried, and Jeanine stopped immediately.

     “Very good, Jeanine,” Master said. “I think you’d make a better Mistress than Rosa any day. In fact,” he mused. “How about if, for the next week, I place you in charge of slave Rosa? Would you like that?”

     “I’ll certainly try, Master,” Jeanine said with a beaming smile.

     “Good,” Master said. “Very good. We’ll be by to check on you now and then. To see how she’s progressing. Okay?”

     “Yes, Master. Could Marpessa come over and help me sometimes?”

     “I have a feeling you’re not going to need any help, Jeanine,” Master said with a smile. “Or should I say, Mistress Jeanine.”

     “In that case then,” she said, turning to Marpessa. “I’m ordering you to come by here every day and give me a hand training my new slave.”

     “My pleasure, Mistress Jeanine,” Marpessa said, stepping up to slave Rosa, looking her in the face and saying, “Oh, I have such sights to show you.” Then, <SWAAAATTTTT> she slammed her palm into Rosa’s ripe, red bum.

Masters Tale

Note: This is a work of fiction, derived entirely from my own imagination. Any similarities to any person or persons living or dead is simply coincidence on my part , and good luck.

�� ��Kari took a deep breath, and signed the contract. Karl smiled as she wrote her name on the paperwork. He had been looking for a truly submissive girl, but he had almost overlooked Kari. She worked in his office and was always there on time and never did anything to make anyone notice her. She was just quietly competent. Karl was more attracted to girls with large breasts and Karis figure was not spectacular, but very trim. She spent hours exercising and jogging daily. Her short cropped white blonde hair and pale blue eyes were attractive.

���� One day, six months ago she was at work early and she ended up in the coffee room at the same time as Karl. Kari was dressed in bright blue, skintight bicycle shorts and a yellow halter-top. Kari had ridden her bicycle the 8 miles to work, and was on her way to use the shower in the ladies dressing room. She had a beautiful figure! Her flat belly and rounded ass amazed Karl; but her breasts were nearly non-existent. Kari had very long nipples, over an inch of sensitive tissue that pushed the fabric of the pink top way out. Their light, pale pink color didnt show through the tight top.��� She was 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed only 107 pounds. Her thighs were very slender and delicious. Karl had to work very hard to keep from staring at her, but she was very self-conscious and didnt notice his discomfort.

���� Karl filled his coffee cup and left the break room quickly. When he regained his composure, he called Kari to his office. She had changed into her work clothes a brown suit with a long skirt and jacket with length sleeves. Karl was disappointed, the suit effectively hid Karis figure and she looked positively dowdy.

���� Karl asked Kari to join him for dinner, next Friday evening and she readily accepted. Kari was thrilled; she had admired Karl every morning for the last year.�� To her he was so magnetic and sophisticated; she went back to her desk and was unable to accomplish anything the rest of the day. Kari called him the next day to ask where they would be going, to make sure she was dressed appropriately, when he told her Clarks Pinecone Inn was his favorite place to dine, Kari was a bit worried.

���� Whats the matter? Im sure they have something youd like.

���� I wanted to make sure I could dress well enough for wherever you were planning, she said cautiously.

���� He sent her to Richard & Marions an upscale clothing store not far from the office. He called the store and spoke to Marion, telling her to help Kari select an exotic outfit and put it on his account with Richard.

���� When Kari arrived Marion cautiously mentioned that she didnt really need a dress that required a brassiere. Kari got a wry smile and agreed, Marion took her under her arm and they selected a slinky black dress. It had silver highlights and silver spaghetti straps and a short skirt. The left hem of the skirt was just over her hip, the right side went almost to mid-thigh. The back was cut very low, below Karis mid-back with the sides open. Marion also got her a black silk thong and black thigh high stockings, that stayed up without any other support. When she stood straight the hem of the skirt just barely passed the lacy top of the left stocking.

���� Do you have shoes to go with this, dear? Marion asked.

���� Im not sure what to select to go with this outfit, Kari admitted. So Marion got her a pair of black patent spike heeled sandals with silver buckles. The sandals had several tiny buckles including buckled ankle straps. They had very high heels, 7 inches high, but Kari had long narrow feet and she could easily wear such high heels. Kari had grown up a jock and she wasnt a really very proficient high-heeled shoe wearer so she had to learn. She practiced in them for an hour on two evenings, to avoid looking too unsteady.

��� Their dinner was like a dream to Kari, She was very nervous when Karl stopped to pick her up. He was driving his BMW sedan and she met him at her door. She wore the dress Marion had selected, and added a beautiful, hand tatted silk lace shawl her grandmother made. She took the shawl to Marion to obtain her approval before she added it to her attire for the night. Marion assured her that it was beautiful and should be added.

���� They arrived at the inn and Karl left the car with a parking valet. They were early for the reservation, and the Maitred escorted them to the bar. Karl ordered a martini and Kari a small glass of white wine, which she didnt drink. Karl chatted easily and Kari followed his lead, so she had a great time. Their table was ready and they moved easily into the dining room. Kari ordered from the vegetarian menu and Karl had broiled Mahi-Mahi.��

���� Karis evening was magical, by the time she got home her panties were wet through. She had never worn a thong before, and the miniscule coverage between her legs did nothing to help absorb her excess secretions. When Karl escorted her to the door she nearly could feel the wetness of her pussy in each step.

���� Karl carefully romanced Kari and after 3 months she admitted to her self and to Karl that she wanted to submit to Karl. They played Master and slavegirl games almost every weekend. Kari was in her element, she was glad for the chance to be submissive, in safe circumstances. Under what she thought was safe circumstances.

���� Kari was naked and wore a black leather collar and cuffs, she had to call Karl Master and slept with a chain from her collar or an ankle cuff to a ring set into the floor, of his cabin or the headboard of Karls bed at home.

���� They were sitting at their table at the Pinecone Inn, when Karl asked her if she would like to be his slavegirl all the time.

���� All the time? she asked. Do you really mean it, all day everyday?

���� Yes, I really mean it, he smiled. In fact I even have a contract for us both.

���� What sort of contract? she asked warily. Do you mean like a slavegirl contract?

���� MMmm,,yeah. It would say what I would have to do as the Master and what youd do as the slavegirl. That way there would be no question, and both of our responsibilities would be spelled out, Karl said smoothly. He slid several pages stapled together to Kari. Just look these over and see if you like the idea and if you see any changes write them right on the page, and we can work them out.

���� Kari was overjoyed, but she did her best to avoid showing it to Karl, just yet. She took her copy with her to read over later. When they finished dining, Karl took her home and dropped her at her door.

���� There was an envelope taped to the door with her name on the outside. It was from the apartment office advising her that her lease was to expire at the end of this month and they were not offering the opportunity to re-new. She had been late with her monthly rent too many times. The management expected her to vacate the apartment by the end of the month. She had 21 days to find another location.

���� Kari was scared and her stomach ached; she didnt know what to do next. The notice was more than she could bear tonight, and she began to sob quietly.

���� Weve got the answer to that, Karl whispered as he held her and kissed her on her temple. Be sure to read that contract tonight. Ok?�� She nodded and sniffed a little. She gave him a good night kiss and went inside.

���� They went over the contract and Kari agreed to sign it as it was. Karl agreed to take care of her totally and she would live with him in his beautiful house. It was 3 stories and had great grounds. There were several miles of harness trails she could run on every day if she wished. She would have to wear a collar all the time. He would hire a beautician to permanently remove all of her body hair. Karl didnt want to just shave her; shaving also removed all of the tiniest little hairs that were really necessary for good skin.


���� After she signed the contract that they agreed upon, she moved in with him and he promoted her at work to Personal Assistant, but she didnt have to go to the office. Her payroll was deposited directly into her checking account. Karl took care of all of her bills and responsibilities. She even went to a shop and had her tongue pierced, she thought it was a very risqu move. It took the beautician 2 days of intensive electrolysis to remove her underarm, leg, and pussy hair.

���� Their life was quite tame really. Neither one of them knew how to live in their roles. Karl had some ideas and Kari was willing to try, but mostly they just played at Master and the slavegirl. They both enjoyed it, but it was not quite what either had in mind when they started. She was ecstatic, but a little bored at the same time.

����� She loved the attention Karl lavished on her, but felt that he could do more to her rather that with her. After 2 weeks Karl came home from work one evening and told her about a slavegirl school where she was enrolled.

Mistress Elenas Academy

���� They went to Mistress Elenas Academy on a Monday morning. When they were done with the introductions Karl had to leave, Mistress Elena was not shy about telling him either. Karl stood and held Kari close, he whispered in her ear that he was proud of her and he knew she could do well here at the academy. Then he left without looking back.

���� When Mistress Elena smiled at Kari she felt chilled to the bone. Mistress Elena used her foot to push a wastebasket next to Kari.

���� Put your clothes in here, keep the shoes.�� She said referring to Karis black high-heeled shoes. You wont be needing any of the rest again.

���� Ever?

���� Thats right, ever. Theres one more thing; that was the last time youll ever question anything I say. Everything I say to a little slavegirl like you is an order, even if I dont tell you its an order.

���� Yes, Mistress, Kari had already started removing her top as Mistress Elena spoke. She dropped the blue and white striped shirt into the wastebasket. Kari unsnapped her red shorts and let them fall to the floor and stepped out, she bent and picked the shorts into the can. Her pink panties went into the basket last. She stood with her hands clasped in front of her pussy, mostly because she didnt know where else to put them.

���� Put your hands down, Kari. Never put them over your pussy. Your pussy is not there for you, it belongs to your owner just like all of you. Do you understand? she barked at Kari.

���� Yes, Mistress, Kari quickly dropped her hands. Her nipples stood out from her chest, and felt so hard Kari was sure they would explode. She stood in front of Mistress Elenas huge walnut desk, she felt like a little schoolgirl taken to the office. It was exactly Mistress Elenas goal. Mistress Elena wore her brunette hair in a severe bun. She wore an ankle length organdy dress, with lace adornments. Today the color was ivory and pale blue. She wore high-heeled black leather boots with buttons up the outside. Her gothic decorations and attire were carefully contrived to make each student slavegirl feel the despair of knowing that her past life was over, and her total capitulation was inevitable.

������ Come over here with me, Mistress Elena instructed. She walked across the room to a large leather covered chair with a small end table and lamp on either side. She pointed to a spot on her left on the floor in front of the lamp and said simply to Kneel. When Kari knelt Mistress Elena put her hand on Karis head and gently stroked her hair. Kari loved the feeling, she felt safe.

���� When you kneel be sure to get as close to my chair as possible so I dont have to reach to you, but do not ever bump my chair. If I were drinking coffee you wouldnt ever want to cause me to spill it, would you?

���� Oh no, Mistress, she responded quickly. Mistress Elena smiled; she liked Karis responses. Kari would be a joy to train and when she was finished Kari would revel in her subjugation. It was rare to find a truly natural slavegirl, a girl who would gain from her state and find release. She would be magnificently enslaved and proud of her submission. She was also interested in Karis amazing nipples. She let her left hand slide down Karis shoulder and over her chest to her right nipple. Mistress Elena took the delicate flesh between her fingers and thumb, she rolled Karis nipple gently at first and slowly increased the pressure. Kari began to moan and gasp, she could not sit still any longer.

���� Oh, does that hurt a lot? Mistress Elena asked unsympathetically.

���� Oooh, yes so much, she gasped.

���� SIT STILL, you little bitch, Mistress Elena snarled at her.

���� It hurts so much.

���� Whats your point Kari? Mistress Elena asked casually. Neither your pleasure nor comfort are of any concern to me.

���� Mistress Elena pressed a button under the edge of the end table while she was speaking to Kari. In a few minutes a tall, slender woman with black hair, wearing a dress similar to Mistress Elenas came into the room. As she approached Kari could see she wore a heavy, black leather collar and wrist cuffs. She appeared about 30, and she was very pretty. Her dress was mostly lace and had blue plaid organdy panels for the front and back of the ankle length skirt. The top, bodice and sides of the skirt were just one layer of lace; her breasts and dark brown nipples and the entire sides of both legs and hips were completely exposed.

���� Lynne this is Kari, she has just been dropped off by her owner for training. She actually starts on Thursday, the first of May. Between now and then she will have her tattoos done.�� I want you to take her to Mr. Ford for her permanent collar, and tattoos, then show her to her room.�� She handed a small package to Lynne.

���� Yes, Mistress, was Lynnes only response.

���� Kari, you will call Lynne, Madam Lynne. She is also a slavegirl, but she will be in charge of your daily routine. Do not make the mistake of calling her Mistress I would be greatly offended. Do you understand?�� She closed her hand on a small handful of Karis hair and pulled gently.

���� No, Mist,,,or Yes Mistress? she fumbled. She shifted slightly under Mistress Elenas hand.

���� SIT STILL, Mistress Elena said sharply, Ive told you that already.�� Kari settled immediately. Are you agreeing with me that you wont call any of my slaves Mistress?

���� Kari chuckled, Yes mistress, I was trying to agree.

���� Very Good. Lynne please see about that. Referring to Karis use of I. We wont be having any punishments for minor infractions until after Thursday. Except for one thing, if she calls anybody but me, Mistress.

���� Yes Mistress Elena, Lynne said. She looked at Kari, Come along Kari, we have a few things to take care of.�� Kari started to rise when Mistress Elena lifted her hand. She rose gracefully from kneeling to standing. Karis excellent physical conditioning made rising easy for her, to rise from kneeling to standing was simply a matter of pushing with her leg muscles.�������

���� Beautiful, Mistress Elena said to Lynne. Lynne nodded.

Kari looked around to see what Mistress Elena speaking about.

Your movements, are very graceful, we want to be sure to keep that quality for your owner.

���� Thank You, Mistress Elena, Kari blushed. Just then Mistress Elenas phone rang she seemed surprised, and then she crossed the room and answered it. Karl was on the other end. Mistress Elena motioned for Kari to come. She offered the phone to Kari.

���� Karl explained that a problem he was having with one of his companies in Europe would take him there for a while. He would have to be there for the next 6 months, and personally oversee the operation. He told Kari he would have her boarded at Mistress Elenas Academy while he was gone. That was when she found out that he was actually the company owner and was not just the office supervisor. Kari was sobbing softly when she handed the phone back to Mistress Elena. Mistress Elena spoke for a couple of minutes and then took the phone down, and sent Lynne to take Kari to the tattoo shop. She went back to talking to Karl as they left.

���� As soon as they stepped out of the door, Lynne turned to Kari and told her to stop crying. Kari gave a little sniffle and then stopped sobbing; she gave Lynne and shy smile.

���� Im sorry, when we came here, I was supposed to stay for just 6 weeks, now Ill be here for 6 months. Boarded like a puppy that he owns.

���� You are a puppy that he owns, or anything else that he owns. You belong to your Master; you are for his use when its convenient for him, too bad if its untimely for you.�� Kari looked at her and nodded. Now come on and well get to the next step, Lynne said softly.

���� They went outside and crossed the wide lawn to the tattoo and piercing shop. A little bell tinkled as Lynne opened the door, Mr. Ford looked up as they came in. Kari jerked and gasped when she saw Mr. Ford, or rather when Mr. Ford saw her. Lynne took Karis wrist and made her come on into the shop. Kari tried to stay behind Lynne so she was not out in the open in front of Mr. Ford. Lynne finally dragged her out and made her stand in front of Mr. Ford.

���� Never been out naked before? Kari shook her head. Well you will get used to it, Lynne said casually. Kari laced her fingers together and held them in front of her pussy. Put your hands down Kari, Lynne ordered. Kari quickly dropped her hands to her sides.

���� Dont ever cover your pussy, thats the other thing that Mistress hates with a passion. After Thursday you will be punished for trying to cover up your pussy, your hands wont do a very good job of it anyway. Youll get punished for trying and not even really coverin it up.

���� Yes maam, she said to Lynne.

���� Lynne handed the package to Mr. Ford and stepped back. Mr. Ford opened it and took out a shining, polished stainless steel collar. It had four inch rings standing from the outside, one in the front, the back and on each side; the inside was lined with urethane. It kept the steel away from Karis skin, and was much more durable than leather. He held it out for Kari to look at; when she reached out he pulled it back. He shook his head, and looked toward Lynne.

���� Never try to handle any of your equipment. It belongs to your owner, just like you, Lynne said to her. She gently pushed Kari forward toward Mr. Ford, as he held the collar open at Karis neck. She stepped into it and he closed it around her neck until the catch clicked. It was a snug fit but not real tight. There was a tiny opening in the back where Mr. Ford inserted an Allen wrench. He turned it several times until it was fully tightened. Mr. Ford withdrew the little Allen wrench and pointed at the table and Lynne had Kari lie, face down, on the table in the center of the room. He mixed some epoxy resin and hardener and carefully filled the interior lock works through the opening in the collar. Lynne told Kari to remain on the table without moving. After about five minutes she had Kari get up.

���� That collar is now permanent, its bolted in place and the little hole was sealed with epoxy glue. Next we will get your new tongue ring and then tattoos. Mistress Elena said that would be all for today.

���� Mr. Ford had a small piece of gold jewelry in his hand; he held it out for Kari to look at. She didnt try to touch it this time. He unscrewed the base, it was round and inch in diameter and had, tiny a threaded post standing in the center. The post was made to thread into the lower hollow extension from the upper portion. The upper part was also about inch in diameter. It had a cross hole with a tiny gold ring in it.

���� This is your new tongue stud, Kari, Lynne said as Mr. Ford showed it to her. Put your tongue out please.�� When Kari did, Lynne carefully removed the barbell from her tongue. Mr. Ford put the upper portion of the new tongue stud in place and then threaded the bottom into it. When he had it tightened by hand, he used another Allen wrench and a tiny pair of pliers to tighten it. Lynne had her lie on the table on her back this time and put her tongue out for him to fill the tiny Allen wrench hole in the base with epoxy and wait five more minutes for it to harden. When she was allowed to stand Lynne took her to a mirror and gave her a chance to see the results. When she opened her mouth the she saw the new tongue stud. It was a tiny gold ring that lay on top of her tongue, through a gold upright stand. Karis eyes became wet with tears and she held back a tiny sob.

���� Dont you care for it? Lynne asked. Kari just shook her head. Too bad. Its permanent, too.��

���� We have only to do your tattoos and then were out of here. Come on lets get it done, Lynne said to her. She led Kari over to a high chair that wouldnt have looked out of place in a dental office. When Kari sat in the chair Lynne strapped her wrists to the chair arms, to keep her from moving too much, Lynne told her. Mr. Ford started with her masters mark; he adjusted the chair to a semi-reclining position, and tattooed Karls initials LKR onto Karis bare mons, just above her pussy. Her own name Kari was tattooed on the upper curve of her tiny left breast; then Lynne told her there was only one more to go.

���� Mr. Ford had the stencil for the last tattoo; it was her I.S.R. number 16001, to be tattooed on the areola of her right nipple.

���� This may sting a little, Lynne said to her. Its your ISR number. That is the International Slavegirl Registry, that way you are less likely to be stolen. Do you know what it means?

���� No maam, Karis answer was short.

���� Well the 1 is our area here, west of the Rocky Mountains, The 60 is your masters number and then the 01 is you.

���� When he was done Lynne unstrapped her wrists and snapped a leash to her new collar, then she led her out of the tattoo shop. They went to the slave quarters, a separate building near the main house. Lynne conducted Kari to her room, one of eight the others were all empty. It had three walls of bars and the rear wall was solid. It was the outer wall of the building. It had a door in it to her private verandah. It was a barred outdoor area about that was 20 feet out from her room, with a table and one chair. It did not have a door or gate out, the exit was only through the inside. There were bars all around and over the top.

���� Lynne showed her through all of the accommodations in her room. There was a toilet commode, with a hasp on the front so it could be locked, which it was. If Kari wasnt given permission to use it, it would be kept locked closed. Her bed had no covers or blankets; she would have to lie there completely uncovered. The temperature was carefully controlled, it wouldnt do to have her become ill, but her complete comfort was not necessarily of primary concern. She had no furniture; there was a pad for her to kneel on. Lynne told her not to ever sit on the bed, but to kneel on her pad.

���� If you get caught sitting on the bed, Ill take your kneeling pad. Youll have to kneel on the floor for a week. Get caught during that time and Ill take the bed, youll sleep on the floor.

���� Kari nodded gravely, Yes Miss Lynne.

���� The space at each end of the Slave Quarters was open, and tiled to the ceiling. The washing and preparation of each slavegirl was done there every morning. Lynne took her to the prep area and looped the end of the leash over a hook on the wall. She turned on the water and had Kari stand under the spray. She adjusted the temperature for Kari and washed her hair. She crme rinsed Karis hair then washed Karis shoulders and back.

���� Turn around Kari, Lynne said bluntly. Kari turned and Lynne washed her breasts and nipples. Kari moaned softly as Lynne pulled her long thick nipples.

���� Quite sensitive? Lynne asked.

���� Yes Mistress,,,I mean, Maam, Kari stumbled. Im sorry, I meant maam, Miss Lynne.

���� Well talk about it when were done here, Lynne said brightly. Kari nodded. Lynne worked her way down Karis belly and stopped over her new tattoo. She skipped down to Karis feet and worked from her feet up her legs to the tops of Karis thighs. Lynne got more soap from the large bottle of green mint soap. She started in the back and washed Karis butt and worked down the cleft of Karis butt.

���� Relax your ass for me Kari, Lynne spoke very gently to Kari.

���� Ok, Karis muscles relaxed as Lynne worked down to her anus. Her soapy fingers stroked Karis anus and then she inserted her index finger into Kari, to her first knuckle.

���� Oooh, Kari gasped. My god.

���� Be quiet, you havent been given permission to speak, Lynne said as she inserted her finger deeper into Karis anus. Kari shivered as Lynne added her middle finger and pushed both in as far as she could reach. Suddenly she pulled both fingers out, and continued washing. She stopped and pulled both hands back for Kari to turn around. After she did Lynne washed her mons and carefully washed the new tattoo. Then she patted the insides of Karis thighs, so Kari would open her legs a bit more to give her better access. After Kari moved her legs Lynne washed her pussy and worked her right hand between Karis inner labia and then pressed her two middle fingers into Karis vagina. Kari began to writhe and push against Lynnes hand. Lynne stopped and removed her hand, she directed Kari to move and bend to get all the soap rinsed from her pussy and anus. Kari groaned out loud, she was left aroused and wanting satisfaction.

���� Lynne shut off the water and began to dry Kari with a huge towel, her big blow dryer made short work of Karis short blonde hair. She took the end of the leash from the hook and led Kari back to her room. Inside she directed Kari to kneel on her pad on the floor. Kari knelt in the position Karl had showed her. She had her knees shoulder width apart and her back arched. She laid her hands palm up, on the floor beside her thighs.

���� Lynne went to the locked cupboard and unlocked it after selecting a key from her ring took out several items. She laid them out on the counter, and called Kari over to her.

���� Do you remember that Mistress Elena said not to punish you unless you called someone else other than her Mistress? she asked. Well you called me mistress in the shower.

���� I was so excited, I didnt realize what I was saying, Kari whimpered. She sounded like a little girl caught coloring on the wall.

���� There is no excuse for this. Your responsibility as a slavegirl is to do exactly as you are ordered. That you happen to be aroused because your master or mistress wants to touch the inside of this pussy, is of no consideration, she glared at Kari, and took a deep breath. She had a pair of wrist cuffs that matched Karis collar, each cuff had 3 rings evenly spaced around it. When she held the first one up Kari put her left wrist through it so Lynne could lock it closed. Lynne lifted the other cuff and Kari put her right hand through it. After it was locked, Lynne pulled Karis hands behind her back and locked a small padlock through one of the rings from each, securing Karis arms behind her back. She held up a small block with 2 wide wing-nuts from the sides. Kari shrugged, she didnt know what they were.

���� These are nipple clamps, she slid one over Karis left nipple. You will soon learn to hate them very much, she said as she slipped another one over Karis right nipple. Lynne turned the screws of the left clamp tighter until Kari felt the clamp tightening, she moved to the right clamp and tightened it a little. Lynne went back to the left clamp and gave it a half turn, then to the right clamp and tightened it a little more. Kari gasped softly.

���� Hurt a little bit? Lynne asked, she seemed unconcerned. Kari nodded. Lynne made each clamp a little tighter. She led Kari over to her kneeling pad and pointed to it, Kari got the idea and knelt there as directed.

���� Well, Im going to take my lunch break, Ill be back after I finish eating, Lynne made a point of looking at her wrist like she had a watch. Do not, and I repeat not, move from this pad.�� Kari nodded. After that we will discuss why you must not use the word I.

��� Yes, Miss Lynne.

���� Kari knelt there as ordered for the full hour that Miss Lynne was gone, when she returned Kari had started to ache. The clamps began to hurt seriously after about 15 minutes. When Lynne came in Kari was relieved, she was sure Lynne would take the clamps off. Lynne didnt say anything to Kari, she just calmly touched each clamp, her touch obviously caused quite a bit of discomfort. Kari started to sob when Lynne tightened each clamp a little more.

��������� Nnnnoo, ooohh pleeese, no more, Kari cried. Lynne didnt answer she had already left Karis cell and was walking away. She left Kari kneeling on her pad, and walked out the door of the slave quarters.

���� After Lynne left her for the second time Kari felt that there was a direct connection from her nipples to her pussy, the pain radiated from her tortured nipples to the sensitive tissue between her thighs in waves. Her nipples felt hot and then her pussy felt hot. The feelings subsided for a few minutes and then returned, she felt she could come from the intensity of them, but the intensity didnt last quite long enough to make it over the final hurdle.

���� Lynne came back after another hour, and Kari hoped she would be relieved this time. Lynne stopped at the counter and picked up two more clamps, she came up to Kari and bent down in front of her. You certainly have long nipples, theres room for another clamp on each one, Lynne observed, she seemed almost surprised. She slid another clamp over each of Karis long nipples, and tightened them. Kari didnt know whether to let Lynne know that she was getting hot from the clamps, but Lynne didnt give her a chance to say anything. She installed the additional clamps and kept Kari kneeling on her pad. Lynne tightened each of the clamps already there and then the new ones to match. She turned and left Kari kneeling.

���� This time the INTENSITY was there for Kari. Her nipples ached and the waves began to wash through her very core, and when the feelings got to her pussy she started to orgasm, but the waves subsided and left her without the release she desperately sought, she knelt for just a few minutes and the wave started again. Kari concentrated and when the feelings reached her pussy she could feel it as it moved slowly through her very being, this time she had an orgasm, it started softly and built to a crescendo. She moaned and gasped out loud. The gentle orgasm left her feeling mildly satisfied.

���� The ache was much stronger and her nipples began to feel so hot again, this time she began to sweat all over, soon her body shined with perspiration, and the intense waves started again, she knelt in delicious agony as the wave washed all the way through to her pussy. Her labia throbbed in time with her nipples, with the throb she began to orgasm again, and this orgasm was so intense that she almost cried.

���� Lynne was in the tattoo shop talking to Mr. Ford, when she happened to look over to his monitor and saw Karis orgasm.

���� I cant believe she is cumming. Look at this! she said to Mr. Ford. She watched as Karis orgasm shook her completely. She watched until she could see that it was building for a third time. She waited until Kari was starting get close again; Lynne hurried to the slave quarters and rushed inside. She interrupted Kari, before she could cum again. She waited to be sure to let Kari get to a point where she couldnt stop on her own.

���� Well youve had enough for now I should think, Lynne said suddenly. Kari jumped at the suddenness of Lynnes arrival. She was about to cum again, but Lynne interfered with that.

���� After she removed the clamps the blood rushing back to her tortured nipples caused another exquisite agony. Kari fell forward, but with her hands secured behind her back she could not do anything to break her fall. She thudded onto the floor and gave a little grunt. Lynne lifted her back onto her knees by pulling up on her arms. Karis shoulders ached as she was returned to the kneeling position.

���� Bring your pad and follow me, Lynne unlocked the padlock between Karis cuffs, she took the lock and started for the door to the outer area. Kari picked up the kneeling pad and went to the door behind Lynne. Lynne sat in one of the chairs and pointed to the ground at her left side and simply said, Kneel.

���� Kari placed her pad very close to Lynnes chair so she could kneel without colliding into it. She knelt on the pad facing the same direction as Lynne. Lynne lazily stroked the top of Karis head with her left hand.

���� Whats your last name, Kari? Lynne asked casually.

���� Elgee, why?��

���� You know, you dont really have a last name anymore.

���� What do you mean?

���� From now on you are Kari number 16001, property of LKR. Your only purpose is to please and satisfy LKR, in any way he wants, whenever he wants, Lynne said firmly. But dont be afraid, were going to show you how to do that.�� Kari looked up at Lynne, Thank you, she mouthed soundlessly.

���� Who is LKR, what do the initials mean?

���� Thats Lawrence Karl Rikard, Karl, my boyfriend,,,,,or my master now I guess. We just started this, but we didnt really know much about it, so when Karl found out about this school, we decided to give it a try. He was supposed to talk to someone who would be filling him in on how to be my master, while I came here to learn how to be his slavegirl.

���� Did you ever get so turned on like this afternoon before?

���� Kari shook her head, No.

���� You mean you didnt know that a little mistreatment would get you all turned on?�� Kari shook her head again. Have you ever done that before?

���� No Miss Lynne, never, she answered seriously. Kari loved having Lynnes hand petting her head, and caressing her hair. She felt very secure and sheltered.����

���� Lynne thought this over, Mistress Elena is putting him in touch with someone she knows. He will be your true master and you will be a very obedient little slave girl when he gets you back.���

���� Lynne checked her watch, Mistress Elena will be here in a few minutes to tell you what your life will be from now on. When she comes in just stand up, shell sit here and then she will order you to kneel right back here.�� Kari nodded.

���� Mistress Elena came out through the door from Karis room and Lynne jumped to her feet, Kari stood immediately too. Mistress Elena smiled at Kari and turned to Lynne, Please give us a few minutes Lynne. Go inside and kneel by the door, we will talk later about what happened this afternoon.

���� Lynne turned to go, Yes Mistress Elena.

���� Dont get my dress all wrinkled either.�� That really meant to take it off.

���� No Mistress Elena, Lynne said as she neared the door.

���� Your master and I had a bit of a chat after you left my office. He didnt know what to sign you up for to get what he wanted. So I had him tell me what he wanted and then I developed a program for you. You know I have 6 months, and youll be what your master wanted when you two came up with this idea.

���� But Im not sure I really want that now, Kari said. Mistress Elena smiled, and sat in the chair Lynne had vacated.

��� Not yet, she said as Kari started to kneel. You dont do anything without orders.�� Mistress Elena looked at Kari, You will be a slavegirl, your masters sex slave, his fucktoy.

���� Are you going to hurt me?

���� Yes, Ill be hurting you some, she said callously. Kneel, Mistress Elena pointed to Karis mat.

���� Kari knelt on the mat, and Mistress Elena put her hand on Karis shoulder. She gently kneaded Kari, then rested

her hand in Karis hair.

���� MMmm, that feels so nice. Youre being so nice to me, I thought you didnt like me.

���� I dont dislike you, I think youre wonderful. Youll just be so much more when Im done with you. You will have more fun too, Mistress Elena surprised her. Did you ever want to do something totally outrageous and naughty?�� Kari smiled and nodded. But you didnt because you werent supposed to? Well when Im done youll walk down Main Street gloriously naked when your master orders, or ANYTHING else.

���� Mistress, may I ask you something?��

����� Just be careful, said Mistress Elena as she nodded slowly.

���� May I be allowed to brush, uh my teeth after I eat? Kari was almost afraid to ask.

���� Of course, Ill see to it. We have to teach you the proper way to speak, but for this its fine, she reassured.

���� I have to go see to Lynne for something she did earlier, Mistress Elena sighed. Your training starts right now. I

dont want to hear one more word from your mouth. Kari started to say yes mistress, but held it in. After a long pause Mistress Elena added, Unless its yes mistress, do you understand?

���� Yes Mistress Elena, Kari said carefully.

���� Mistress Elena stood and started inside, Come along, Kari.�� Kari followed her inside. Lynne was naked and kneeling by the door when they went inside. She had her knees spread apart and her hands clasped behind her neck. She kept her back straight and held her elbows back.�� Mistress Elena pulled a short bead chain with an alligator clip on each end from her pocket; she clipped them on Lynnes nipples. Mistress Elena grasped the chain in the middle and led Lynne out of Karis cell. Lynne stayed as close to Mistress Elena as possible. Kari could see glimpses of gold jewelry on Lynnes pussy.

���� After they left Kari went back outside, she knelt on her pad, she looked at the chair but she didnt dare sit in it. She heard Lynne yelping as she ran along, with her hands still clasped behind her neck. She was behind Mistress Elena being pulled along by her nipples. The alligator clips were really giving her a hard time. Kari knelt on the pad for another half hour and went inside and took the pad.

���� Kari was starting to wonder about dinner when she heard Lynne open the door and push a little cart in before her. She was naked, because her dress was hanging in Karis closet and she still had Mistress Elenas nipple clips too. Kari could see the red stripes where Mistress Elena had whipped her back and thighs.

���� Are you all right? Kari was concerned. Lynne put her index finger to her lips, and shook her head.

���� Lynne had Karis dinner on the cart. It was in a red plastic bowl, there was no silverware. Lynne took a padlock from her pocket and motioned for Kari to turn around by making a spinning motion with her right hand. She locked Karis wrists behind her back, and then Lynne placed the bowl on the floor in front of Karis pad.

���� Dinner is served. You have 10 minutes, Lynne said flatly. Kari knelt on the pad and leaned forward to the bowl. The food was a vegetarian mixture of rolled oats and wheat with corn and peas. It was cold too. Lynne started toward the closet to retrieve her dress. Kari could see her pussy from the back as she walked toward the closet. She had several rings through pierced holes in her labia.

���� You have a lot of holes there, Kari observed.

���� Yes, Lynne turned back to Kari. Mistress Elena had it done. She doesnt care for men, only women.�� Lynne approached Kari and showed Kari her pussy lips. She had three holes pierced in each outer lip; each hole had a standing ring like a larger version of the one in Karis tongue. She had a small chain threaded through them that laced her pussy closed.

���� This is not permanent, I can undo it for washing. This is permanent, Lynne unlaced the little chain and pulled her outer lips open, she turned and showed Kari her inner lips. Her inner lips also had three holes pierced in each lip. There were 3 large rings that went across through opposite holes and held them closed.

���� Why?

���� Mistress Elena doesnt want any men to go there, Lynne said sadly. A master, my master owed her some money, but couldnt pay her so she took me for payment.�� Lynne looked about to cry. Mistress Elena told me it was her pussy now, and to be sure men dont get in there she had it permanently sealed.��

���� What about the clips? Kari nodded toward Lynnes nipples.

���� She might take them off in the morning, shes already gone out for the night.

���� Is it because of me? Because the clamps hurt me?

���� Not really, its because I let you have orgasms. She doesnt care if those clamps hurt, Lynne turned back to the

closet to get her dress. Kari went back to eating her food.

���� After 10 more minutes she was only half done, Lynne pushed Kari over with her foot and picked up the bowl. Thats all you want? Your next feeding is tomorrow morning, Lynne left Kari lying on the floor.

���� Lynne was back in about an hour, Kari had gotten up from the floor, but she was still kneeling since her hands were still locked behind her back. She stood when Lynne came in. She was getting worried, she had to use the toilet and it was still locked closed.

���� Miss Lynne I have to pee real bad, but the toilet is locked, Kari moaned. Lynne just smiled, and shook her head.

���� You will have to have a lesson first and then well find a place for you to urinate. Now kneel here, she pointed at Karis pad. Kari rushed to the pad and knelt. She had to pee so badly, it didnt occur to her to do anything else.

���� Whenever you speak to any master or mistress make sure you use your name. Never use I. You must also say urinate, its a function, Lynne looked at her. No one cares if YOU have to pee. Thats what you do now. Try it.

���� Miss Lynne, Kari must urinate?

���� Better, but thats not quite it. Try again.

���� Miss Lynne, may Kari urinate now? Is that it?

���� Yes thats it. Good for a first time, Lynne went to the door out to Karis patio. Come on, she said as she opened the door.

���� They went outside and Lynne led Kari to the corner of the enclosure away from the building, where it met the next one over. She pointed to a blue and white striped sign over a depression. The hole was big enough for both patios, but was divided by the cell bars.

���� Whenever you see a blue-white striped sign or a pole, its a place you may urinate, if given permission.

���� Out here?�� Kari looked around, even though it was dusk, and they were alone, she still felt exposed.

���� Yes out here. Now step over by the hole and urinate, Lynne took a deep breath and sighed. Kari looked scared, but she had to go so very bad. She turned and started to squat so her butt was over the hole.

���� NO, dont squat. Move your feet apart, then bend your knees, and arch your back. Kari moved her feet apart and arched. Now if you let it out, itll land in the hole.�� She relaxed and was rewarded by a stream of relief that landed in the hole.

���� What if there is someone else around, Kari was worried.

���� Yes? So what if there is someone else around. Lynne said.

���� If your master tells you to urinate, you had better do it, when and where he tells you.�� Kari looked about for paper to use, even though her hands were still secured behind her back. Lynne saw her searching around.

���� Dont bother about that. Ill be washing you again in a few minutes, before bed, Lynne chuckled. You two didnt really know much about this when you started, did you?�� Kari shook her head.

���� You will be a great little slut when we get done with you. Youll suck or fuck whoever or whatever your master orders.�� Lynne said with a smile. Youll love it.

���� They went back inside where Lynne removed Karis wrist cuffs and snapped a leash to her collar. She led Kari to the shower, and put her leash over a hook under the showerhead. She set the water and Kari stepped into the spray. Lynne washed her completely and then began to play with Karis pussy. She fondled Karis labia and then inserted two fingers into Karris vagina. It didnt take very long and Kari was very aroused, and almost panting. Lynne stopped abruptly and shut off the shower. She got Kari out and dried her with a towel. She dried Kari very slowly and sensuously until Kari was turned on all over again. Again Lynne stopped when Kari was about to have an orgasm.

���� Let me show you around here a little before you get into bed, Lynnes offer sounded almost conversational.

���� The washing area was entirely open, but it had 4 washing areas with 4 toilets, sinks and 4 stainless steel topped tables. Each table had several attaching points for straps on both sides and ends, plus collapsible leg/foot stirrups at both ends. The table was very adaptable for use to work on or torture very efficiently.

���� Every morning after you get up and around, youll get up on the table and get a series of cleansing enemas, 2 or 3 warm soapy enemas and a water one to rinse the soap residue out.�� Lynne went on, Then a pint of oil to keep you silky inside.

���� Every morning? Kari asked. Lynne smiled and nodded.

���� But after a few weeks youll probably only need,,, maybe 1 or sometimes 2 soapys. Youll come to really like the oil.�� Lynne said really so sensuously that Kari stopped and looked at her.

���� Do you really like the oil there? Kari asked.

���� Oh yeahhh! Its great.�� Lynne smiled hugely. Mistress Elena gets imported sesame oil, youll get a pint every morning and itll stay there for up to half an hour.

���� Lynne led Kari back to her room, cum cell. She got Kari inside and pointed to her bed. Kari went to the bed and laid down on it.

���� There are no covers, she complained.

���� Nope, Lynne answered. There is a thermostat on the wall, its so you can adjust the heat, if you need. Its also something that can be taken away if you dont do what youre ordered, Lynne whispered the last part. Do not try to masturbate tonight. There are video cameras for security, Lynne pointed toward the ceiling. They are monitored, the guards watch for safety and security, but if they see you playing with yourself they have to report it.

���� For safety? Like what sort of safety? Kari asked, as she looked around and saw several cameras on the ceiling. Each one had a tiny red light glowing under the lens.

���� Mistress Elena may decide to keep your cuffs or some other bondage on all night, but she probably doesnt want you to die, so the security people keep an eye on you.

Kari realized she was pretty tired, and had been at this all day; she closed her eyes and was asleep before Lynne left the cell.






Kari in Training 2

������������������������������ By: Long Johnson (nom de plume)

���� Kari woke up twice in the night, once when Vanessa was brought into the cell next to her. The second was when Leslie was brought into the cell across from Vanessa. She was only awake for a few minutes both times. Leslies husband sent her to Mistress Elenas Academy for a 4-week course. Vanessa was here for Mistress Elenas oral training; a husband and wife who wanted her to pleasure them both equally well recently bought her.

���� Vanessa, a brunette, had large brown eyes and voluptuous figure. She was 56 and weighed 140 pounds with large D-cup sized breasts. She had been a sex slave for several owners during the past 10 years, and at 29 she was fairly jaded. She didnt mind being tied up or kept naked. She didnt mind serving a man and woman, but they wanted her to be adept at servicing both.

���� Leslie was a tall slender 24-year-old redhead with huge breasts, because her husband bought big implants. If she had worn a bra it would have been a 36DD, but her implants kept her breasts high and firm without the necessity of a brassiere. She was 58 and weighed 124 and was proud of her 24 inch waist, and 34 inch hips. She had hazel eyes but wore contacts that gave her luminescent green eyes.

���� When Lynne woke her, Kari was surprised that she had slept all night. Lynne was wearing a red plaid and beige lace dress, just like yesterdays dress. Kari also noticed that the alligator clips had been taken off Lynnes nipples.

���� She remembered getting waked up, but not why. Kari looked around and saw Vanessa lying in the next cell.

���� Who is that? Will she be here long?

���� Thats Vanessa and Leslie is over there, Lynne pointed to the cell across the way. Kari saw that she had 2 new slavegirls for company. Come on lets go, its time for your morning enema, Lynne clipped the leash onto Karis collar. She led Kari out and they headed toward the wash-up area, but Kari tried to pull away.

���� Nooo, please dont make me do this, she cried. Lynne was surprised at Karis strength. Lynne let Kari pull back into the cell, and she went inside with her.

���� Ok, she said. When they got inside, she pointed at Karis pad and simply said Kneel.�� When Kari knelt Lynne got out the wrist cuffs, and Kari cooperated by putting her hands out for the cuffs. After the cuffs were on, Lynne padlocked her hands behind her back. Lynne led Kari out and to the wash area without any more problems. When they got to the table, Lynne didnt say anything she just pointed. Kari looked gloomy but she got up without a word. She lay on her back, of top of her secured arms.

���� What was that all about? she asked Kari.

���� Kari mumbled, I dont know.�� She looked away from Lynne, and had tears in her eyes.

���� Do you prefer that I keep you restrained more, and make you do this?�� Kari didnt look up, but she nodded. Does Mistress Elena know we have to do it this way?��

���� Kari shrugged, I dont know. Carl said he would tell her what it sometimes took.

���� Turn over and lay face down, Lynne ordered coldly. Kari did immediately. Lynne put a strap around each ankle and spread Karis legs by attaching each ankle to a corner. Lynne had a large tube of lube and squeezed plenty onto her left index finger, she carefully applied the lube to Karis anus and slowly pushed her finger into Kari. Kari started to moan softly and writhe around on the table. She couldnt move very much because the ankle straps anchored her feet and legs to the corners.������

���� Be right back. Dont go away, Lynne said. Kari just moaned again, as Lynne pulled her finger out.

���� She was back in a few minutes with a large enema can filed with hot soapy water. The red four-foot hose had a large black nozzle and clear, flexible three-foot tube on the end. The nozzle was 4 inches long and had a bulbous shaped end that had a 2-inch diameter, it had a smaller section that kept it in Karis anus, that part had a 1-inch diameter. Lynne had already filled the hose with water. She hung it from a stand and wheeled it next to Karis table.

���� She put her left hand on Karis back and started to push the tube into Karis tiny pink anus. Kari started to twist and wiggle around, but she couldnt do anything to get away from Lynne and her terrible tube. After the tube was inserted completely, Lynne gently pressed the nozzle into Karis anus. She was very good at inserting enema tubes, the entire three feet was inside Kari within five minutes. When Lynne got to the nozzle she pressed it into Karis anus and she twisted it slightly so it went in without a problem.�����

���� Youll be all right Kari, Lynne cooed as she patted Karis back. She released the squeeze clamp on the hose and Kari felt the warmth flow into her bowels. Lynne had placed the enema can 3 feet above Kari so the solution flowed fairly quickly, but not so fast that it caused cramping. When it was fully inside Kari she clamped off the hose and closed the valve on the nozzle.

���� Youll have to wait for 15 minutes, Lynne said sweetly. Im going to go refill this can, but Ill be back in plenty of time to get you off here.�� She unplugged the red hose from the nozzle.

���� Kari groaned, but she couldnt do anything but pull at the straps around her ankles.

Lynne smiled and patted Karis butt, Try to relax, it wont make any difference, but youll be more comfortable. Youll have to have put up with this a couple more times yet. Then well be done.

���� Lynne was gone for less than five minutes; she was back with the can refilled and soap suds overflowing the top. She hung the can on the stand; it had a clean nozzle and tube ready. Lynne looked at the clock above Karis shower.

���� Just a few more minutes Kari, she started to release Karis ankles. When she finished she helped Kari off the table and got her on her feet on the floor. Lynne took Karis leash and led her along the center hallway between the rows of cells. They walked past Karis cell and stopped in front of Vanessas cell. Kari looked Vanessa over while she slept. Kari looked toward Leslies cell and Lynne led her there so she could look Leslie over. Leslie woke up while they were standing there, she didnt say anything but she quickly go up and knelt on her pad. Leslie immediately clasped her hands behind her neck and raised her elbows so that her chest and breasts were displayed prominently. Kari heard a step from behind and looked around, another woman dressed like Lynne with a red plaid and beige lace dress. She was shorter than Lynne; she had large breasts with light colored nipples. She had a gold ring through each nipple and a tiny tag hanging from each ring.

���� Hi Lynne how are you this morning, She smiled.

���� April, how are you? Lynne answered, as she pulled Kari out of Aprils way. Lynne led Kari back to the prep area, to the toilet in her area. It looked like any other commode but didnt have a seat.

���� See those marks there by the toilet? Lynne pointed out two red tiles, one on each side of the commode. Put a foot on each one.�� Kari turned and stepped where Lynne instructed. Bend your knees and arch, but dont try to sit down. After Kari was in position Lynne grasped the end of the nozzle and pulled it, and the tube all the way out in one smooth motion. A rush of brown water and little chunks followed it as Kari groaned.

���� After a few minutes Kari started to shift around a bit. Lynne cautioned her to remain where she was, and in a few minutes some more water was expelled. Lynne came over and wiped Kari and led her back to the table. Kari looked at her with resignation and climbed back onto it. She lay down and put her feet by the corners, so her legs were spread apart, Lynne looped the straps around Karis ankles and picked up her tube of lube. She squeezed out a bit onto her left index finger. Lynne applied the lube to Karis anus and pushed her finger in. She had already applied plenty of lube to the enema tube and nozzle. Lynne pushed the tube into Kari and seated the nozzle. She released the hose clamp and watched as the warm water began to flow into Kari.

���� Ooohh damn, Kari groaned. Do we have to do this every single day?�� Lynne didnt answer she just smiled.��� When the soap solution was completely inside, she clamped the hose and closed the nozzle.

���� Fifteen minutes, right?�� Kari said. Lynne smiled and took the can down. She waited to refill it to see if she needed more soap solution or clean water. She left Kari on the table for a long time while she went to talk to April, then she came back and got her up. They waited for the rest of the fifteen minutes, and Lynne pointed toward the commode. Kari walked over there and stepped on the marker squares, she arched over and got in position so Lynne could pull the nozzle and hose out of her. When Lynne did the rush of water was much clearer and very few chunks. Lynne went to the big sink and filled the can with clear water, and got a clean hose and nozzle out of the cupboard. She assembled the hose, nozzle and tube for one last time. When Kari was done Lynne went over and wiped her anus, then she led Kari to the table for the third time, today. Kari put her feet out at the corners and Lynne strapped them down. She inserted the tube and nozzle, and started the warm flow into Kari. When it was done she unhooked the hose and helped Kari off the table and over to the commode.

���� Kari gave her a quizzical look, This is the rinse, we dont have to wait, and it can come right out.�� She pulled the nozzle and hose out and the water flowed out. She left Kari over the toilet and went to the cupboard and retrieved a large bright blue enema bulb with a hard, black, 5-inch long tube from it. The tube was inch and slightly curved. She put the bulb by the table and went to get Kari. She wiped Kari and led her to the table, Kari got up on top and spread her legs, and this time Lynne didnt strap her ankles. The bulb was filled with sesame oil and pre-lubed, so all Lynne had to do was press it into Karis anus. Once it was fully in she squeezed the bulb and collapsed it until all of the oil was inside Kari. She removed the bulb and pressed a small polished aluminum butt-plug that she carried in her pocket, into Karis anus.

`���� Ooohh, you didnt tell me you were putting that into me, Kari moaned.

���� No I didnt.

���� It feels kind of nice though, Kari smiled seductively. Yeah, its nice.

���� See, I told you that youd like it.�� Lynne led Kari back to her cell and put her inside. She didnt say anything, she just pointed at Karis mat. Kari knelt so she could see out toward the activity around the two new slave girls. They each had collars and leashes. April was leading them both to the prep area for their enemas. They both followed Aprils instructions and went to the tables without incident.

���� Lynne was back with Karis breakfast, this time in a blue plastic bowl. Lynne placed the bowl in front of Kari, and told her she had 10 minutes. This time it was a sweetened version of the oat and wheat meal glop she was served last night. Kari dived in and had it gone quickly.

���� Lynne came back and got Kari for a shower, she took Kari to the prep area and had her back over the commode. Lynne pulled out the butt-plug so Kari could expel the excess oil. After it was out she took Kari to the shower. Lynne unlocked the padlock but kept the cuffs on Karis wrists. She washed Kari and when she was finished she fondled Karis pussy and anus until she was panting and very aroused. Before Kari could achieve an orgasm, Lynne stopped and took Kari out to get dried off. She slowly and sensuously dried Kari with a big soft towel. When Kari started to get aroused again Lynne stopped short.

���� Oohh why are you doing this to me? Kari cried. Im so turned on right now. Please let me finish.�� Lynne smiled and shook her head.

Mistress Elenas Benevolent Project

���� Mistress Elena will be here to talk to you in a while, Lynne said as she locked the cuffs behind Karis back again. They went to Karis cell where Lynne had Kari kneel on her pad. She was allowed to watch the goings on; Lynne wanted her to be able to see what proper slave activity was and how to act. Mistress Elena told her not to use any type of pain methods until she had a chance to evaluate Kari.

���� Mistress Elena came in and had Kari brought to the outside portion of her space. Lynne placed Karis pad in her hands after she stood, so she could take it with her outside. When she got outside she dropped the pad and Mistress Elena moved it into position beside her chair.

���� Well, you have presented a little problem to me, Mistress Elena sighed. Do you know what the term pain slut means?

���� No, Mistress.

���� When you can have an orgasm just from receiving pain, like you did yesterday, youre a pain slut. Kari, thats you. Master Carlos Pain Slut.

���� Yes Mistress.

���� Im going to handle you in a different manner. There are ways to handle pain sluts. Punishment that doesnt rely on pain like Lynnes ill-advised nipple clamps.

���� Yes Mistress Elena,

���� You will not be allowed to cum, to orgasm until you have earned it. I am very good at finding ways and methods of denying orgasms when they are not earned, Mistress Elena looked very grim. You do not have to take my word for that, ask Lynne when the two of you are together this evening.��

���� Yes Mistress Elena.

���� I have something that I need to go and handle personally, Id like you to accompany me. it would also give you a chance to get some exercise. Are you game?

���� Yes Mistress Elena.�� Kari was excited, to have a chance to look something over sounded real good to her.

���� If you go back inside youll find your running shoes, Mistress Elena smiled. She stood up to go. Kari got up and followed her inside.

���� Lynne was kneeling on the floor by the door when Mistress Elena came in she perked up, to obey any orders. She did not have to wait long, Mistress Elena told her to unlock Kari and assist her with her running shoes. Then relock her and bring her outside.

���� When she got Kari outside, Mistress Elena was waiting in a chariot pulled by three blonde ponygirls. Kari thought they were magnificent. They were all 5 feet and 10 inches tall with heelless hoof-boots that raised each one up eight more inches. To Karis 54 their 6 6 made them seem like horses. Each of the three was big, weighing close to 160 pounds, with small waists and large hips and thighs. Each wore a bridle with a bit and had blinkers on each side. Each ponygirls golden blonde hair was done in a French braid that hung to her lower back. Their arms were secured behind them, across their backs, inside a zippered sleeve, right wrist to left elbow and left wrist to right elbow. They were already warmed up and glowed with perspiration. They all shuffled and stomped, anxious to run. Kari knew how they felt about that. Mistress Elena held reins from each bridle tightly to keep them still. Lynne hooked Karis leash to a ring on the back of the chariot. Mistress Elena snapped the reins and the ponygirls started pulling the chariot along the path. Their heavy thigh and hip muscles rippled as they pulled.

���� They got running faster and Kari ran along behind easily. They ran for three miles and were well out of sight of the main property, and the slave quarters. They arrived at a large red brick building with a tall chimney. Kari wondered what the place was for, what kind of industry would be way out here. A naked slavegirl came out and took the ponygirls; she unhitched Kari and handed the end of her leash to Mistress Elena. They went into the building and the ponygirls were taken around to the shady side of the building.

���� Im sure you are wondering what this place is.��

���� Yes Mistress.

���� Several years ago, I found out that old slavegirls who were no longer of any service were being sold to the highest bidder no matter who or what. Many went overseas and were never heard from again, she looked sad, like she may have felt bad. They were being purchased by some men who were not very likable. Im sure youve heard that I dont care for men very much.�� Kari nodded. Well these men were worse than that. They would buy old slavegirls for as little as possible and torture then to death. They would pull out their teeth and cut off fingers, put out their eyes. Then beat them with hammers and clubs until they died.�� Kari shivered she was horrified. I decided to do something about it. So I built this place, she gestured broadly at the whole place. If a master has decided to replace an old slavegirl I wont let them be beaten to death, for some dirty, stinking bustards fun.�� Mistress Elena was vehement. You see they only wanted white, American slavegirls.�� Kari was about to cry. Dont feel too bad, Ive brought plenty of old, used up slavegirls through here.

��� What happens here?�� Kari was scared, because she wasnt given permission to ask anything.

���� I make sure they dont fall into those kind of hands. I finish them here, and dispose of them properly, she said proudly. Come on this way, she started down the hallway. They came to a section where the walls gave way to full-length windows opening over a conveyor. There was a tall, fat slavegirl on the belt; she seemed to be well over 40 years old. Her huge hanging breasts and her fat jiggled as the conveyor rolled, jerkily along.

���� She would be a perfect candidate for the snuffers, she has enough fat that she could live for weeks on just water, but for a nominal fee Ill take care of it here. She was probably an oral, or maybe a toilet slave, you know her master or mistress would piss in her mouth when they needed to go.

���� Ooooh yuck, Kari grimaced.

���� When they were ready to buy a new one they had to find a place for this one, so they sent her here. Ill take care of it.�� Kari watched as the slave continued on the conveyor. She had some sort of headgear on, which also covered her eyes. There was a single tall point about 2 feet higher than the rest of the device. As she went under a bridge Kari, was surprised to see a man sitting on top of the bridge. He had a big wooden mallet. As she watched he swung it down and hit the end of the point. It drove down and the slave stiffened and collapsed still on the conveyor.

���� Ooh nooo, Kari cried.

���� That helmet had a chisel in it. She never knew what hit her, Mistress Elena said quietly. Shell go on into the crematorium, and be disposed of humanely. She was not tortured to death. I tried lots of different schemes, but no one would support a plan to retire them. While I was trying they just kept selling them off and away they went. You know Vanessa will be a candidate for this in about 10 years.

�� ���Mistress Elena, what happens to her now? Kari was still about to burst into tears.

���� This belt goes to my crematorium, and after 3 or 4 hours all thats left is ash. Thats disposed of in the desert or at sea, Mistress Elena smiled broadly. Once I took a helicopter tour and dumped 5 out. The pilot didnt even know what Id done.

You and Carl didnt know what you were doing when you started, did you?�� Kari shook her head, she was afraid to try to speak.

���� Can I go home, now? Kari whispered.

���� No, Mistress Elena answered. You will be a real slavegirl when you leave. You will do everything ordered, instantly. And youll love doing it, I promise.

���� Will I end up here?

���� No, you will probably marry your master. He really loves you. Most masters love themselves way too much. That has a lot to do with why I dont like men. Well that and women are just more fun.�� She laughed.

��� Kari looked out and saw another old slavegirl rolling along on the belt. She was scared, but she couldnt look away. The belt rolled the 20 feet to Mistress Elenas Bridge of Death. When she reached the overhead, the heavy mallet struck the end of the spike and the girls knees buckled. She fell to the belt and was carried along into the crematorium chamber, where an attendant rolled her onto the tiny table that moved into the actual oven portion of the crematorium.

���� Do you know anything about that slavegirl? she asked.

���� I know most everything about her that I could find out, Mistress Elena said hollowly. She was a party favor from out of the country. She was not allowed to speak for over 10 years, and she couldnt anymore. She was on the way out, I took her for free, just to keep her away from the snuffers.

���� What was her name?

���� Her last owner called her Matilda. He bought her from a club in Canada where she was called Sandy. She didnt remember what her name was originally. I still couldnt let her be snuffed for fun. I take care of every single one, I learn their names and what ever I can and then I come and stand here, for their last moments.�� Mistress Elena looked as close to sorry as Kari would ever see. We cant just let them be forgotten, can we?

���� No.�� Kari cuddled up to Mistress Elena; she needed to be close to someone alive right now. Mistress Elena put her arm around Karis shoulders. Kari laid her head against Mistress Elenas shoulder.

���� Hey, are you ready to get going?�� Kari smiled and nodded. Do you want to ride or run back?

���� If it pleases you, slave Kari would run back, Mistress, Kari said carefully.

���� Beautiful Kari, you may run back.

���� Thank you Mistress Elena.

���� Kari was kneeling on her pad over her dinner bowl; she was eating the last of her banquet. She finished the last of the soy protein and peas, and licked out the cheap, green plastic dish. This time Lynne had ordered her to lick out the bowl too, when she put it down in front of her. When she was done Lynne took her to the prep area and washed her. She played with Karis pussy and anus until she was about to have an orgasm, and then she stopped. She got Kari dried and played with her again, she was easier to get aroused this second time. Kari was given her chance to brush her teeth, and then she took Kari to her cell and took her inside.

���� Mistress Elena ordered me to ask you about going without an orgasm for a long time. What did she mean?

���� She was angry because I found a man to fuck me up the ass. I didnt have permission to cum. When she found out, and she always finds out, she punished me for it.

���� Is that when she put the rings in your pussy lips? Kari asked cautiously.

���� Nope, they were already there. Thats why I had to find a guy to go into my butt. She hasnt allowed me to have an orgasm since then.

���� Oh. When was that?

���� Thanksgiving.

���� 5 months ago?

���� No the Thanksgiving before that.�� Kari was aghast.

���� Thats almost a year and a half ago? Oh no, Im so sorry.

���� Its what I have to do. She can punish me in any way she pleases. She does not care about a slavegirls feelings at all. She sees slavegirls as her playthings. She told me that she would decide when I would be allowed to cum. She also likes to see how much she can do, and how hot I can get without cumming.

���� Why did she really put those rings in there? Kari asked, but she was afraid of the answer.

���� To prove to me that I belong to her completely. She has decided that I will never feel anything slide into me again.�� Lynnes eyes started to tear as she spoke.�� I was kind of upset when she had my lips closed, Lynne gave her a bright smile. Ok time for bed, get over there.

���� Kari laid on her little bed and closed her eyes. She went to sleep immediately again tonight. She had done so much new stuff and had such a sensory overload at Mistress Elenas death factory that she was all used up.

The Doctor

���� Lynne came in about 10 minutes after Kari woke up. She got Kari up and fed. Kari thought she might get away without the enema, no such luck. After a bath, Kari had an appointment with Mistress Elenas doctor. She was there waiting when the doctor came in. Lynne had her arms locked behind her back, and kneeling on the floor beside the table in the prep area. The doctor had his own key to the padlock, he unlocked Karis arms and told her to get on the table and put her feet in the stirrups. When she got up on the table, and got into the stirrups the doctor put a strap over each ankle to keep her in place.

���� Do you have birth control implants? he asked.

���� No sir, Ive been taking pills.

���� Do you know what kind?

���� The kind where I only had 3 or 4 periods a year. I dont remember the brand name. Im sorry, she answered.

���� What did they look like? Were they blue or yellow?

���� They were sort of tan and shaped like little stop signs.

���� Oh, ok. Ive got you covered.

���� Will you give me more pills?

���� No. Your owner has ordered an IUD for you.�� He held up a very small curled strip of milky white fiberglass. Its totally inert, and has a hormone in the material. You wont get pregnant and the hormone to stop periods, is a much smaller dose than in the pills.�� The doctor continued to work as he told Kari about the IUD.

���� I go running a lot, wont it slip out of place?

���� He smiled and shook his head, Its got tiny little burrs and a couple of bigger barbs so it wont slip out.�� He had pushed his inserter into Kari; he found her cervix and pushed the little stainless steel tube through and into her uterus. He pressed the plunger and the fiberglass IUD was installed in Kari.

���� It wont move out of place. Its there permanently, those spines are already hooked into the inner lining and are there to stay.

���� Permanently? Kari was about to cry.

���� Its not legal to breed slaves. You signed a contract with your owner and youre an adult, but children wouldnt have any choice. So its not legal to breed them.

���� I just signed a contract with my boyfriend, its not like its for real.

���� I have a copy to make sure its legal for me to put the permanent IUD inside of you. You signed a 99 Year Indemnity of Servitude; it just doesnt say that on the top. The wording is all there though. Basically you are his totally for the next 99 years.

���� Oh.�� She sniffed.��

���� Remain here, he ordered as he left. He left Kari on the table with her feet in the stirrups and her legs spread open.

The Worlds Youngest Domme

���� Lynne came for her in about 10 minutes, she got Kari from the table, re-locked her hands behind and led her back to her cell. They got inside and Lynne pointed to her pad, Kari dutifully went over and knelt.

���� She was there for less than 15 minutes when three people came into the barracks. There was a man and woman, and they had an older teen girl with them. They went to the cell with Vanessa and called her to them. They did not go inside. The man and woman talked softly to Vanessa through the bars and the girl looked around. She spotted Kari and came over to the cell door.

���� Slavegirl! Come over here! she ordered sharply. Kari got to her feet and walked to the girl. As she walked she realized the girl was even younger than she had thought, maybe 16 or 17. The girl had straight shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes. She was tall and slender, with a pretty turned up nose with a sprinkling of freckles across it. The girl was wearing skintight blue jeans and a short pastel green top that left her flat belly exposed, and a blue denim jacket.

���� Do you think I have all day to wait for you? Get back over there and try again. And do it right this time!�� Kari stopped and rushed back to her pad and knelt, quickly. She jumped to her feet and ran to the girl.

�� Mom, Mark. This is what I want, not that fat ass.�� She crooked her finger and made Kari cuddle up to the bars so her face was right out between two bars. Wow, Hey Mom, look at these nipples.�� She grasped Karis left nipple and squeezed it pulled it. She pulled and squeezed and started to twist Karis nipple. Does that hurt a little, she cooed to Kari.

���� Yes Mistress, Kari croaked, barely able to speak.

���� Those are big nipples, her mother had come alongside her. She grasped Karis other nipple and did the same. These would look good if there was a ring around the base and then kept on with a pierced stud too.

���� Or two pierced holes and a ring that fit through both, layin on its side.�� The girl suggested.�����

���� Come on, Lainie. Weve got to take care of some other things. Shes fun to play with, but we have to get going, her mother said as she went back to Vanessas cell.

���� Wait Mom, Lets see if I can buy her.�� Lainie complained.

���� Lainie, you heard you mother. We have to go, the man said. Besides, youve got two more birthdays before youre old enough to buy your own.

���� But Mark, shes such a sweet little bitch.�� Kari was getting seriously aroused from Lainies attentions to her nipples. Shes turned on from this.�� Lainie ran her finger up through Karis slit, her finger went deep between Karis labia. She lifted her finger up and looked at the secretions on it. She put her finger into Karis pussy again, even farther this time. Her acrylic fingernail scraped Karis delicate flesh. It hurt a lot, Kari squirmed around.

���� Stand still, you simple bitch, Lainie snarled at Kari. She pulled her finger out, and held it up in front of Karis mouth. Here clean this off for me, she ordered. Kari cautiously opened her mouth and extended her tongue. She licked and sucked Lianies finger. She tasted her own secretions for the first time, she didnt want to, but she was afraid not to do as Lainie ordered.

��� Wait, before we go, come over here and look at this tongue stud, Mark. Its really neat.

���� He came by and looked at Kari, but didnt say anything. Kari opened her mouth and put her tongue out for him to look at. He smiled and they all left, Lainie gave Karis nipple one last severe twist and pinch before she let go.

���� Now we can get something like that for Louises tongue, he said.

���� Louise.

���� Yeah, one of my cousins is Vanessa, I dont want to call her that, Kari heard as they were walking away.

���� Shes about a sweetheart, isnt she? Kari heard Vanessa say behind her. She walked over to the side of the cell next to Vanessas.

���� Shes so mean, Kari said in a stage whisper. Vanessa just nodded slowly. What was that all about?��

���� Master Mark and Mistress Anna are having permanent rings put across my inner lips, so Im closed all the time. They only want to use my mouth.

���� Theyre changing your name, too?�� Vanessa chuckled and nodded again.

���� Its kind of funny, Louise was my name originally. Now its back. Your name is tattooed on?

���� My boyfriend and I were master and slavegirl every weekend and then we decided to do it full-time, but after a couple of weeks it got sort of stale. Well he found this school and got me signed up, but this is so much more than either of us even imagined, Kari was almost in tears again. Now Mistress Elena says I have to stay here for the entire time and become a real slavegirl.

���� Louise smiled, Did she tell you that you can make it easy or hard, but you will be a good slavegirl?�� Kari nodded. Thats right, you will too. If you go with it, it wont be as bad. If you try to fight things will just take longer and hurt a lot more.��

���� Kari nodded, Thats what she told me too.

Slavegirl School���

�� ��The first morning was a real eye opener for Kari. She knelt between Leslie and Louise in the large open lawn in the middle of Mistress Elenas compound. After her morning enema and washing Lynne brought her here and she ordered her to kneel between the others. When Kari was on her knees Lynne had two alligator clips on a little chain for her nipples. She clipped them on and walked away. It hurt much worse than the clamps Lynne had used before. The clips had sharp teeth that bit in to Karis delicate nipples. The clamps from the other day were not pointed and sharp like these. The clips caused a more severe pain, not the delicious ache of the clamps, and Kari didnt believe it would ever arouse her.�� Mistress Elena didnt plan on letting her have that opportunity either.

���� Kari glanced at Louise and Leslie, on either side. Louise was kneeling carefully; her newly pierced inner labia were very tender, her tongue hurt too. Karis hands were locked behind her back, she was getting used to the idea that her hands were not available for her own use. Leslie knelt with her fingers laced behind her neck, and her elbows back. She displayed her breasts prominently. Her master had paid over $10,000 and wanted to see them. Kari had tried to talk to her once before, but she didnt answer. She was not allowed to converse with the other slavegirls. Lynne also placed alligator clips on Leslies nipples too.������

��� Lynne didnt like Leslie much, Kari didnt understand why at first. She thought it was because she had such big breasts. Kari didnt think too much of them, too inconvenient for her tastes. Lynne told her later that she and Leslie were at the same party once and ended up together in a cell. Mistress Elena had Lynne in an arm binder and Leslie was free in the cell. She constantly gave Lynne a hard time about her pussy rings and fondled her to near orgasm repeatedly. Lynne was afraid that Mistress Elena would find out if she had an orgasm. Which was Leslies intention exactly. Mistress Elena happened to walk up with Leslies master, her husband, and see what was Leslie was doing. Leslie spent several hours kneeling by the toilet licking every anus because they were out of toilet paper. Mistress Elena was mad at her because she dared to touch her property without permission, she did not care even slightly about Leslie teasing Lynne. She questioned Lynne later to find out if she had failed in her orders and had an orgasm. When Lynne assured her that she had not dare have an orgasm, Mistress Elena simply said Good thing for you, and walked away. When Kari heard this she was finally resigned to her new life. Neither Mistress Elena nor any other owner cared even slightly for any slavegirls feelings.

���� She learned the basic slavegirl positions, especially the ones selected by her owner when he was getting Kari enrolled. The first was kneeling with her hands on the floor or ground beside her legs, and the second was with her fingers intertwined behind her neck with her elbows held well back, and the same position standing with her feet shoulder width apart. Lynne made her practice for several hours each day, until she could hit each position perfectly.

���� Karis first real training came after the positions classes. Lynne took her to a room in the main house. Mistress Regina took Karis leash from Lynne at the door and led her into the room. Regina de Taran was tall, 5 9 with black hair and deep blue eyes. She was a lesbian Domme like Mistress Elena. Regina had been a trainer for a guard dog company near San Francisco, she would not put out for the owner and actually punched out another trainer who was sure she would want to date him. Mistress Elena heard about Reginas problem and offered her a training position here. She found animal training was all the same, guard dogs or slavegirls, it was all the same to her.

���� She wore a black leather version of Mistress Elenas gothic dress. She had a tight bustier with lace trim and ankle length skirt of black leather. The bustier covered her large breasts and the tiny delicate silver buckles made her look formidable.

���� Her outfit had the desired affect on Kari, she was mortified, not just of Mistress Regina but also of the four men who sat on chairs and blatantly looked her over. She had never been in a situation where she was made to stand naked in front of a group like this. They quietly discussed her body and her large nipples. Mistress Regina told her she was there for oral training, men in this two-week block and women next week and then something special for the last couple of days of the month. She would be giving each man at least two and maybe three blowjobs each day. Mistress Regina hired four men a day, to be her teaching aids. She had a pool of 12 she could draw from, they were all clean and safe and each had a sizeable penis. They were each taken to a space so that Mistress Regina could give Kari instructions without being distracted. There were certain lessons where a black cloth separated Kari from the man. Karis hands were free so she could use them too.

���� Kari have you ever done this before? Mistress Regina asked.

���� No mistress, never. Kari whispered.

���� Well youre going to be good a good little cocksucker when I get through with you. Youll be giving between 8 and twelve blowjobs a day for the next 14 days. The first ten or eleven you will be doing the work, and then after that youll be restrained and they will fuck your mouth. Sounds like fun, eh?

���� Yes mistress, she squeeked. Kari was so scared that she could barely speak. She had never been naked in front of strangers before coming here, and now she would be giving blowjobs to strangers.

���� She knelt between the knees of the first man, and took a deep breath. Kari reached for the mans zipper. She was almost afraid to pull the zipper down. She heard a whish and felt a sharp pain across her back. She looked around as Mistress Regina was pulling her riding crop back.

���� Lets start learning this today. If you havent given each one of these gentlemen 2 blowjobs by quitting time, youll spend a very unpleasant night. Your ass will be covered with some very sore, red skin. Do you understand you little slut.

���� Yes mistress, Kari whimpered. A second whish and smack resounded.

���� What? I didnt hear you.�� Mistress Regina shouted and drew her crop back again.

���� Kari pulled the zipper down, and was relieved when a huge erection didnt leap out at her, Yes mistress, she said clearly. Kari reached into his pants and carefully grasped the mans penis. She lifted it out and leaned forward with her mouth open, and then touched it to her tongue.

���� Good start, Kari, she said softly. Now go ahead and make it hard, Kari.

���� Kari licked the end and fitted the whole head into her mouth, she sucked on it and held it with both hands. The mans penis started to grow, the head would barely fit in her mouth. She started to pull her head back, but Mistress Regina held her crop behind Karis neck. To remind she could not pull back. Kari stroked the penis with her tongue and both hands. She felt spasms just before he ejaculated, and then her mouth was full of semen. Kari tried to pull back, but Mistress Reginas hand was at the back of her head. She didnt punish Kari, she just kept her head from pulling away.

���� Swallow it all Kari, was all she said. Kari swallowed repeatedly until it was all gone. Not bad, for the first time.��

���� May I have a drink Mistress?

���� WHAT!

���� Slave Kari begs a drink of water?

���� Mistress?�� Kari spoke cautiously and stayed ready to duck just in case. The man came to her relief, and handed her a bottle of water. Mistress Regina stifled a chuckle.

���� To herself she thought, Shes so sweet. This is almost a shame.

���� Mistress Regina took Karis leash and made her crawl to the next man. Kari quickly opened his pants and withdrew his penis. Kari soon had him hard and was rewarded by a mouth full of semen soon after that.

�� The third blowjob was Karis biggest surprise the penis was not particularly large, but his ejaculation was huge. Karis mouth was so full she could not swallow fast enough. Semen ran out of both sides of her mouth and out her nose, down her chin and neck. Mistress Regina was as surprised as Kari, she couldnt help but laugh. She let Kari got into the bathroom and get washed off.

���� Next week, Ill punish you for not swallowing it all, she pursed her lips to keep from laughing.

���� After she had given 40 blowjobs Kari found she liked having a penis in her mouth. She found that making the man ejaculate was arousing, she got turned on quickly. Kari was giving the same huge volume man a blowjob on her 6th day, when she had an orgasm, just while sucking on him. She had a second orgasm when he ejaculated into her mouth. She was very scared, Kari was afraid Mistress Regina would beat her for spilling semen and for having an orgasm. She had tears mingled with semen running down her cheeks. Mistress Regina didnt know quite what to do with the situation.

���� Kari realized she would not be punished, she was so grateful she started to cry. Mistress Regina finally threatened to punish her if she didnt stop crying. They were done for the day and the men all left. Mistress Regina put a set of alligator clips on Karis nipples and made her crawl to Mistress Elenas office. She sobbed while she knelt in the hallway outside the door, her nipples hurt so much.

���� Mistress Regina went inside to tell Mistress Elena what had happened. After talking they decided to punish Kari for not telling Mistress Regina she was about to orgasm. Mistress Regina came out to the hallway to take Kari to her cell. Before she took Kari she reached down and gave each clip a serious squeeze. Kari almost fainted, the pain was so intense. Mistress Regina did not believe that was an excuse to avoid crawling to her cell.

���� Next month after her oral training Kari would start anal classes. Her anus was so small that Mistress Elena wanted to start a bit early to get her opened up. When Mistress Regina put her back in her cell, she had a surprise for her. She had a butt-plug; it was soft black rubber mushroom style plug. The top was tapered for entry but the exit angle was almost flat, so even the most jaded slave couldnt get it out without help. Mistress Regina pushed it slowly into Karis anus, and made her kneel on her pad. The end protruded from Karis anus for 2 inches, that didnt matter much to Mistress Regina, Kari would not be sitting in any chairs. It made Kari feel stuffed, the pressure was not extreme, but it was constant.

���� Does that hurt a lot, Kari? she asked salaciously.

���� No not a lot, but some.

���� Dont have an orgasm. You cant get permission so just dont do it. Youll be whipped with a cat, Mistress Regina said seriously.

���� Whats a cat?

���� Where did this little girl come from? Mistress Regina was amazed. Its a whip with several lashes maybe as many as 9. You dont want to whipped by it.

���� Thank you mistress.��

���� She gave each nipple clip another squeeze before she left.

���� Kari get on the table, Mistress Regina ordered. On your back, and put your neck through this part.�� She pointed to a crescent shaped wooden part near the end of the table. When Kari was properly positioned, Mistress Regina closed the upper section over Karis neck. She was now secured in place on the small table. Mistress Regina slid the cradle to the end so Karis head hung down over the end. A brace held her head so that her neck and throat were straight. The first man stepped forward and inserted his penis into Karis opened mouth. Karis mouth and throat were held straight and the penis was pressed into her fully. She felt the mans testes rest on her nose. She had learned to breathe during the backstroke so she wouldnt faint from the lack of air.

���� The last penis was the longest she had ever encountered. When the man stepped forward she dutifully opened her mouth to receive him. From her inverted position she could not tell how long it really was. he pushed farther into her throat that ever before. When he pulled back Kari was still not able to breathe. She started to panic, her neck was held so she could not move her head. The man pulled back a little more and then stopped, but kept his penis in her mouth.

���� Kari, Mistress Regina said softly. Ill bet that was a surprise. He wont choke you to death. Im going to release him now, and when he comes. Itll be fully inserted, dont be too scared.��

���� It took only 5 more minutes for him to finish and cum well down Karis throat. He was way past her mouth; he deposited his semen well down her throat. When he was done he pulled back so Kari could lick his penis clean. He left Kari secured in the frame, and went with Mistress Regina for a coffee break.


Kari in Training 3

By: Long Johnson (Nom de Plume)

Note: This is a work of fiction, developed entirely in my own mind. Any similarity between the characters and any persons living or dead is strictly coincidence, and my good luck.

���� Kari knelt between the knees of the last woman. She had not had a single orgasm while giving oral pleasure to any of Mistress Reginas women. It was basically the same procedure as the men, but with pussies to lick and suck. She carefully licked the womans inner lips and pushed her tongue into the vagina. She was rewarded by a sweet and gentle orgasm. When the woman pushed her head away so she sat back on her heels so Mistress Regina could snap a leash to her collar, but she didnt seem to be around. When she sat back the end of the butt-plug touched the floor, she was not thrilled with the sensations. Kari was fitted with a butt-plug at all times, since Mistress Regina had pushed the black mushroom plug into her that first time. Each morning Miss Lynne brought Karis breakfast and then took her to her prep area. She took yesterdays butt-plug out and gave Kari her enemas and washed her. After putting the sesame oil in her, she put another mushroom plug in place, without draining the excess. The mushroom shape effectively sealed her anus and kept the sesame oil from leaking out. The actual presence of the oil did not really make any difference, but it showed Kari that Mistress Regina could do anything she wanted to her. Kari was then ready for daily training.

���� She had progressed from the small butt-plug to the larger sizes. The 5 sizes of mushroom plugs were color-coded. The smallest was light blue followed by black, the next size was dark red and then purple. The largest and longest size was the gray plug that now protruded 3 inches from Karis anus.

���� Mistress Elena walked up, Your face is all sticky, Kari.�� Kari didnt know what to say, so she didnt say anything.

���� Come on with me, was her next order. She walked toward her office and stopped at the door. When Kari caught up to her, she pointed to the floor, Crawl.�� Kari dropped to her knees immediately, and crawled behind Mistress Elena into her office. When she got inside she found Mistress Regina sitting in a chair while Miss Lynne, was naked and she knelt by Mistress Reginas feet.

���� Lynne take Kari into the other room and wash her face for me, Mistress Elena ordered sharply. And do not talk to her.

���� Yes, mistress.�� Lynne started crawling toward the bathroom, Kari turned to follow. She crawled along behind. She could see the 3 rings closing Lynnes pussy glinting as they peeked out at her. When they reached the bathroom, Lynne held her hand low to Kari. Lynne rose up at the sink, but did not stand. She got a washcloth wet with hot water and soap and settled back down to wash Karis face.

���� When they were done they crawled back to Mistresses Elena, and Regina. When they arrived both knelt side by side in position 1. Kari looked at Lynne and at Mistress Regina and then back at Lynne.

���� Do we seem to look alike to you? Mistress Regina asked. Were sisters, Lynnes my big sister.�� Kari looked toward Lynne, who chuckled and nodded.

���� Your sister is a slave? Kari was amazed.

���� No, a slave is my sister. There are owners and slaves; you have always been a slave. You just didnt know it, but now youre getting the idea. When Im done youll know youre a slave.

���� Yes mistress, Kari lowered her eyes to look at Mistress Reginas feet.

��� ��You didnt seem to care very much for learning to lick those pussies. You didnt cum at all did you?�� Mistress Regina was quite salacious. Did you enjoy them?��

���� Yes mistress. It was just easier to hold back and not have an orgasm.

���� Cum Kari, Mistress Elena corrected. I say orgasm, but slaves say cum.

���� Yes mistress, cum.

���� Kari crawl over here, pleasure me, Mistress Elena ordered.

���� Yes mistress.�� Kari crawled toward Mistress Elena. When she got there she lifted the long skirt and petticoat. When she got them up enough she crawled between Mistress Elenas knees. Mistress Elena wore white cotton briefs, she raised up so Kari could pull them down and then raised her feet so Kari could remove them completely.

���� Kari moved forward until she could reach Mistress Elenas pussy with her lips and tongue. Kari began to lick the pussy; the hair was thick and quite long. Kari preferred the shorter hair, or even shaved lips. She didnt know why Mistress Elena kept her hair full, but she did. Kari licked deep between her lips and sucked the delicate clitoral hood, and tissues around it, into her mouth. She licked all the way down to Mistress Elenas vagina and pushed her tongue in as far as she could. She could taste the sour flavor at Mistress Elenas urethra opening. Kari licked farther into Mistress Elenas vagina; she licked and sucked as much of the secretions as she could. Kari still felt some running down her chin and onto her chest.

���� Mistress Elena was in heaven; she was the first to sample Karis new abilities and talents. The girl may not be a lesbian but she knew what it took to succeed. She had a gentle orgasm and she kept Karis head tight on her pussy. Kari kept on as Mistress Elena had a second orgasm. She gently pushed Karis head away, Kari pulled out from under Mistress Elenas skirt.

���� That was very good, youve refined another one, Regina, thanks. Mistress Elena smiled at Kari. You did fine too, dear.�� She looked toward Lynne. Crawl over there and get a nice hot cloth for Kari, she sounded forceful.

���� Yes mistress, Lynne said quickly as she turned and hurried to the bathroom, and crawled back with a washcloth between her teeth. She quickly, and gently washed Karis face then her chest and breasts, and took the washcloth back in her mouth.

���� Kari, you look like you want to ask me something, she smiled as she spoke. What would it be, sweetheart?

���� Well,,um,,you ah have a lot of hair and most everyone has it gone or shorter, anyway. I was just wondering. You know. Kari stammered.

���� Yes, well its really simple, Mistress Elena chuckled a bit. You are a slavegirl, Im free. I want your pussy exposed so I can see it whenever I look, and I dont care if anyone else does. You dont get to cover it up.

���� Yes mistress.

���� Lynne, come over here, Mistress Elena ordered as she lifted her skirt. She looked at Kari and nodded toward Mistress Regina. Kari crawled over, and lifted her leather skirt. Mistress Regina opened her thighs for Kari to crawl closer, her panties were also white cotton, but bikini briefs. When Kari pulled them down she lifted and then raised her feet so Kari could take them off completely. When they were out of the way Kari leaned her face closer and then gently licked the slit between Mistress Reginas trimmed, but not hairless lips.�� Mistress Regina had a very large clitoris, nearly an inch long. Kari took it into her mouth and sucked it like a tiny penis, she swirled her tongue around the tip until Mistress Regina squirmed in her chair. Kari took the very end of the tender nub between her teeth and licked the littlest bit with her entire tongue. Mistress Regina had the biggest orgasm Kari had ever seen. She continued to lick and suck at the pussy before her. Kari licked down to Mistress Reginas vagina and put her tongue in as deeply as she could, and raised it to lick the top of the inside. Kari sucked up as much of Mistress Reginas secretions as she could, and swallowed repeatedly. She lifted her tongue out, and licked lower until she touched the sensitive brown anus. When she buried her tongue Mistress Regina had another shattering orgasm. Kari would have continued, but Mistress Regina carefully, and tenderly pushed her away.

���� When she came out from under the heavy leather skirt, Lynne and Mistress Elena were both there watching. No one said anything, but Lynne crawled to the bathroom and got the hot soapy washcloth for Karis face. She crawled back carrying it in her mouth again, and after washing Kari again she crawled back to the bathroom with it in her mouth.

���� Kari was exhausted and even though Mistress Elena saw she was tired this was not a time to relax her discipline. She made Kari crawl back to her cell. They both watched Karis bottom with the end of the butt-plug swaying enticingly as she crawled out.

���� Whew, that was intense Gina, Mistress Elena said. I really admire your training methods. How do you actually do it?

���� Mistress Regina smiled, All animals train the same, I use reward and punishment. It does seem to work well, though. If I do say so myself.��

���� She doesnt really like women too much does she, Mistress Elena sounded disappointed. Mistress Regina just smiled and slowly shook her head.

���� When they got back to her cell Kari was made to kneel on her pad while Lynne locked her wrists back with a padlock on her wrist cuffs. She knelt with her legs up so she was up fairly high.

���� Ill be back with your food, you can sit back and relax, Lynne told her.

���� No,,that thing feels funny when it touches the floor.

���� Does it hurt? Maybe I can adjust it a little. Lynne suggested.

���� It doesnt hurt but I just dont like it, Kari moaned. Lynne left to get Karis dinner so she looked around at Louise and Leslie. They were both kneeling in their cells, Louise with her hands secured behind her back by her wrist cuffs and Leslie by a single sleeve arm binder. Leslie also had on a black leather privacy hood, it had zippers at her mouth, nose, and eyes. Each was closed. Kari originally thought it was for the wearers privacy, but Mistress Regina explained it was for the privacy of the people outside. Kari asked if she meant her privacy, but Mistress Regina told her she had no privacy, and that she had said people, not slavegirls.

���� When Lynne prepared Kari in the morning she completed the enemas and then injected the sesame oil, but didnt leave the extra oil, she drained the excess sesame oil and then washed her. When that was done she locked her wrists and put Kari back onto the table on her belly and left her there with her legs spread and secured to the corners of it, but without a mushroom plug.

���� While she was lying with her legs apart, Louises owners walked in. Lainie spotted her immediately and rushed over to see what she could do.

���� Oh wow, Mom look at this, she said as she slowly stroked Karis back. Lainie rubbed her hands over Karis back and butt, she continued between her legs and pulled her pussy lips from the back.

���� She sure has tight little lips, these inside lips are so nice too.�� She pulled viciously at Karis inner lips and her clitoral hood, and triangle.

��� Please mistress, dont hurt me anymore, Kari cried. Lainie ignored her cries, she did not even acknowledge her at all.

���� Her mother came over and looked at Karis pussy, she did nothing to dissuade Lainie from torturing Kari. Yeah, that is nice. I found out her owner is not interested. He dropped her here for training and will be back in a few months. Elena is boarding her after the training is done.

���� Oh, oh well, Lainie said as she twisted Karis clitoral hood even farther. I would like to take her home, Ill bet this little bitch would be fun.�� Lainie looked up as Mistress Regina came in, Hi, are you training this bitch?

���� Yeah, shes nice huh?�� Mistress Regina responded. If Kari thought Mistress Regina would rescue her, she would be seriously disappointed. She watched as Lainie continued to pinch and twist Karis delicate tissues. They got ready to leave as Mistress Regina was preparing a larger butt-plug for Kari. She had outgrown the mushroom plugs, so she had a different style of plug. This one was of much firmer, harder plastic and torpedo shaped with a large front and smaller center section; the outside end was fairly long so that it protruded 2 inches from Karis anus. The front part was 4 inches and the center shaft where Karis anus would be stretched all day was 3�� inches across.

���� Mistress Regina lubed the butt-plug and then lubed Kari, she worked lube into Karis anus and then slowly pressed the butt-plug into her. Lainie paid close attention to the entire procedure. Mistress Regina explained the process as she worked.

���� This isnt one of those fun butt-plugs that some people use for pleasure, this is a true anal trainer. Im using it to stretch Karis anus, to make sure I have enough room to work with later. Her owner wants to have 4 inches available.

���� How long does it take? Lainie asked.

���� I started this a few days less than 3 weeks ago, with mushroom plugs. But this next inch will be tougher. Its going to take 2 or 3 weeks more to get it.

���� Lainie looked around at Louise, Mom, do we have any of these at home?�� Louise gulped and shivered.

���� Mmm, I dont think so, she had to think about it. We can always pick up a few.

What do you want to train her to do?

���� I dont know, just to see what I can get, I guess.

���� We have to stop at the front, so we can check and see what they have in the gift shop, Master Mark suggested as they walked toward the door. Lainie had Louises leash.

Mans Best Friend

���� Mistress before you got here, they hurt my pussy. Mistress Lainie pulled and twisted me real hard, Kari complained. Then her mother came over and did too.

���� And, your point is? was Mistress Reginas cold response. You dont have a pussy, Kari thats mine right now, and I dont care. Why do you think your comfort is of any concern to me.

���� Please forgive me mistress.

���� Thats the right answer, youre getting the idea now. Kari do you know what I did last night after you crawled over here to your cell?

���� No mistress.

���� I went to a new restaurant in town, a vegetarian Indian place. Kari it was delicious. I had curried peas with baked rice and some other vegetables. There was some nice California white wine, to go with it. What did you have, some nice soy protein in a pretty blue plastic bowl on the floor?

���� Yes mistress.

���� The next time you cum without permission, Im going to hang you up and beat you with a whip. So why should I care if she hurt that pussy a little bit. So its a good thing you didnt cum.

���� Yes mistress, Kari shook as she answered.

���� Kari crawled to the same room where she had been training for the past 3 weeks. Lynne led her there with a leash on her collar. Mistress Regina was there alone when Kari arrived. She stood in the middle of the room, where there were 3 large dog kennels, the collapsible variety. They were assembled and ready with opened doors, but empty.

���� Right in here Kari, and lie on your back, Mistress Regina held the nearest door open for her. Kari didnt even have a chance to stand after Lynne unsnapped the leash, she continued right into the kennel. Before Kari lay down, Mistress Regina locked Karis wrists behind her back with a padlock between her cuffs.

���� Kari wasnt sure but she thought Mistress Regina would leave her in the kennel all day, but Mistress Regina had a different surprise for her. She put a silent dog whistle to her lips and blew it twice. A large German Shepard dog came from the back of the room, he rushed to Mistress Regina and sat directly in front of her. She opened the door of the kennel with Kari inside, the big dog rushed inside.

���� Remember when I told you I would have a surprise for you, this is it.�� The dog had done this before, because his penis was out of the sheath, a dog equivalent of an erection. He rushed up to Kari and stood with his penis sticking out of its sheath.

���� Get started now Kari, Mistress Regina order was brusque. Kari leaned closer and slowly put her tongue out. The dog stepped over her and his penis moved right up to Karis face. He crouched lower when his penis was directly over Karis mouth, so his penis came down to her mouth. When her tongue touched the penis, she felt like she had been shocked with electricity. Her whole mouth tingled.

���� Take it in Kari.

���� She wrapped her tongue around the dogs penis and used her tongue to sweep it into her mouth. She shifted around on her back trying to get her arms more comfortable, and sucked it farther into her mouth. Her licking and sucking was not particularly effective with the dog, as they do not rely solely on touch for their arousal. The dog leaned forward and buried his nose into Karis moist pussy. He became more intense and aroused, the dogs penis started to swell at the end. Then he ejaculated into Karis mouth, she swallowed almost all of the semen. The dog began to lick Karis pussy; she struggled while she tried to avoid the long tongue. Kari was afraid she would have an orgasm. NO. She was afraid she would cum; Mistress Elena told her she could no longer have orgasms. Now it was to just cum.

���� Mistress Regina opened the door and when the dog left the kennel she sent him to the back of the room, and called another dog. This one went directly into the kennel, stepped over and crouched on Kari and started licking her pussy. Kari licked the dogs penis, it came out of its sheath as soon as he got a smell and good taste of her pussy. The dog came very quickly, into Karis mouth, she had started to secrete heavily when the dog began licking her pussy. When the dog ejaculated Kari easily swallowed all of its semen. Mistress Regina got the dog out and called the next dog.

���� This one did not rush to the kennel, he hurried and then casually sat in front of Mistress Regina. She smiled slowly and sent the dog into the kennel. He stepped over Kari and roughly rammed his nose into her crotch and licked her pussy. When this dog licked her pussy, his tongue was much rougher than the others. When he crouched Kari found that his penis was also bigger, it didnt fill Karis mouth but it was long enough that it went into her throat. She was getting very aroused and the dog was very insistent about licking between her pussy lips. He pressed hard on her inner lips; the feeling was so intense, while she continued to suck on the dogs penis. The end started to swell in her throat, but Kari could not move her head to adjust its position, the back of her head was on the floor of the kennel. The dogs penis was not so big that she couldnt breathe, but she felt trapped and she could not get it out of her throat. Then he released a flood of semen. Kari didnt have to try hard to swallow because most of the semen was well down her throat. Kari couldnt get out or away, she couldnt speak to let Mistress Regina know she was about to cum. She arched her back and her feet thrashed as she had the most humiliating orgasm of her life. She had to wait for the dog to finish and for his penis to reduce and slip out of her mouth.

���� Mistress Regina was overjoyed. Kari had given her what she needed to go to work on orgasm control. Karis previous orgasms had been so spontaneous and sporadic that control was not really an issue. She called the dog out, Kari just laid there sobbing.

���� Drag your dirty little ass out here. I cant believe you did that, she sounded aghast. You are pathetic. Dont you ever try to crawl under my skirt again.�� Kari started to cry out loud. Mistress Regina had to work hard to avoid laughing, but she did.

���� She had a motorized overhead pulley and chain already mounted in the corner of the training room. She didnt say anything to Kari she just pointed to the corner and followed Kari there. She unlocked the padlock holding her wrists back and put the padded leather cuffs around Karis wrists above the other cuffs and used the motorized pulley to lift Kari about 2 feet off the floor.

���� Do you remember when you asked me what a cat was? she held the wicked looking whip in front of Kari.

���� Yes mistress, Kari croaked.

���� Well you were not given permission to cum, but you did anyway. You have no regard for me or for my word. IT WAS WITH A DOG, too.�� Mistress Regina stormed around Kari as she raged at her. A fucking dog, you are a dirty bitch.�� She stepped back and carefully struck Karis back, butt, and thighs. She was careful to make sure she didnt actually mark Kari. That was one of the rules her owner had given. He did not want her marked nor scarred. After 10 strokes she stopped and walked around in front where Kari could see her.

���� Im going to lunch, she said as she disgustedly threw the whip on the floor in front of Kari. She stalked off, leaving Kari hanging.

���� Kari hung there by her wrists but she stopped sobbing. She realized that while the whipping was painful, it wasnt terrible. She couldnt feel any blood running down her back, but she sure didnt want to be whipped again. She was about to be disappointed again, when she saw Mistress Regina return.

���� I couldnt even eat, Mistress Regina glared a Kari. The thought of you sucking off a dog and then cumming, made me sick.�� She picked up her whip. Maybe if I punish you enough, Ill be able to forgive you.

���� Yes mistress, please forgive me.

���� What?

���� Please punish me until you can forgive me, Kari sobbed. She truly felt bad for Mistress Regina; it was so disrespectful to disappoint her like this.���

���� Mistress Regina started to whip Kari from the front this time. The wide soft leather whip stung seriously, but there was little danger of cutting or marking her skin. She started below Karis chin and worked her way down over Karis breasts. She continued over Karis belly and her pussy, she finished with several strokes to the fronts of her thighs, the total was 7 strokes. Mistress Regina stepped close to Kari and hugged her; she laid her head on Karis tortured breasts. Ill give you another chance to go into my kennel to see if you can control yourself this time. Maybe Ill be able to forgive you.�� Kari felt numb, those dogs again. She started to cry openly. Whats wrong, dont you want me to recover? Do you hate me so much that you wont help me find relief?

���� Please Mistress Regina, please allow me to get into the kennel, Kari begged.

���� Do you really want to go, Kari?

���� Yes mistress. Please allow slave kari to help you.�� She lowered Kari until her feet took the weight off her arms, but her arms were suspended over her head. Mistress Regina brought Kari a drink from a water bottle. After Kari got a few sips, she held the bottle gingerly between two fingers and took it to a wastebasket. After she got rid of the unclean bottle, she returned wiping her hands and undid the leather cuffs. When Karis arms were down she immediately locked them behind her back.

���� As they walked toward the kennels, Mistress Regina started pressing the end of Karis anal trainer in small circles. Kari began to gasp and moan slightly and wriggle while she walked along.

���� Are you afraid this will get you all turned on, Kari? Mistress Regina asked innocently. Im sure Id get turned right off, if I thought a dog might try to lick me.

���� slave kari will make you proud mistress, Kari said as they approached the kennel. Kari stood by the opened door; Mistress Regina let her wait, to see if she would start to get into the kennel without permission.

���� Get into the kennel bitch, Mistress Regina sounded rough.

���� Yes mistress, Kari said as she entered the kennel. Kari turned immediately and laid on her back with her head toward the front. The first dog was there immediately and went into the kennel.

���� As soon as he was inside he crouched over Kari and started licking her pussy. The dogs penis came out of its sheath directly over Karis mouth, she captured it immediately and began to suck the slick penis. It took only a few minutes for the dog to ejaculate into her mouth, she swallowed all of the semen. Mistress Regina allowed the dog to lick a bit more before she got him out.

���� She had already called the next dog so he was ready to enter as soon as the first dog was out. He went in and began licking Karis pussy before he crouched lower, she had to wait for a few seconds to get his penis into her mouth. When she finally got it she began to suck as hard as she could. She was rewarded by the ejaculation within just a couple of minutes. It was such a surprise she had to work hard to get it all swallowed, but she did.

���� The third dog was the same large one that had caused Karis problems before. He walked into the kennel, but didnt crouch at first. His rough tongue licked into Karis pussy while he was still standing, then he inserted his long tongue into her vagina. She felt like she was on fire, she still hurt all over from Mistress Reginas whipping. Even worse was Mistress Reginas disgust. The big dog settled down and his penis snaked out of its sheath and into Karis mouth. She didnt have to capture it with her tongue this time. The dog was in a much better position, Kari couldnt have avoided it if she had wanted. The dogs longer penis extended into her throat and swelled immediately. The dog raped her mouth and she couldnt do anything about it. Much to her relief he ejaculated quickly, but continued licking while his penis relaxed. Kari closed her eyes until Mistress Regina ordered her out of the kennel.

���� Kari was taken to prep area and washed by Lynne, while they were in the shower Lynne squeezed Karis nipples and stroked her pussy. She stopped just in time to avoid an orgasm. Kari was about to cry again.

���� Please Miss Lynne, let me cum, she begged. I feel like Im about to die, my pussy hurts when you do this.

���� Its not up to me, Lynne sounded compassionate. If I give you an orgasm, theyll whip us both. I dont want Gina to whip me again.

���� She would whip you! Kari was dumbfounded. How could she do that?

���� She was the owner that owed Mistress Elena money.

���� Did she know Mistress Elena was going to that to your pussy? Kari wanted to know. Lynne shrugged. She didnt really care, did she?�� Again Lynne shrugged.

���� Miss Lynne, I dont want to do this anymore.

���� Ssshhh. Dont let anyone hear you say that.�� Lynne was genuinely concerned. Mistress Elena will hang you up and beat you until you beg her to be allowed to be a slavegirl. I heard that you sort of did that earlier.�� Kari nodded. Suppose you were hung up and made to beg her 4 times before she took you down? Youd really want to be a slavegirl when she was done.�� Lynne finished her and they walked back to the training room.

���� My you look nice now Kari, Mistress Regina sounded sincere. Now that youre all washed up.

���� Mistress Regina might slave kari ask a question?

���� As long as you dont ask to go home, she was sharp.

���� No mistress. Why do you and miss Lynne say washed and not bathed, for me?

���� You think its a little like washing my car or the dishes.�� Kari nodded. Because its just like washing my car or the dishes. You are property now. Remember Mistress Lainie? Kari nodded. Do you think anyone is ever going to stretch her anus with a butt-plug?�� Kari didnt know how to answer.

���� Lynne kneel, she said sharply as she pointed at the floor by her feet. Lynne knelt quickly, Did anyone twist your arm to make you sign the indenture for enslavement?

���� No mistress, she answered quickly.

���� Do you want to go back the way things were before you signed it? Regina smiled.

���� No mistress, Lynne was very sure, she shook her head too.

���� Lynne was in trouble all her life and she had just been arrested again. She asked me to help her out, I agreed to pay her fines if she signed my contract. She took the contract to her lawyer and he agreed it would probably keep her out of trouble. He took it to the prosecuting attorney; he agreed to drop the charges if she signed the contract. She did, he did.

��� Oh, well what about the rings in her pussy?

���� It was a measure to help keep her out of more trouble. Mistress Elena was forced to take that step because Lynne went out an violated the rules again.�� She looked at Lynne, Right?�� Lynne kept her eyes down and nodded slowly. She didnt exactly tell you that did she?�� Lynne shook her head slowly.

���� No mistress, Kari answered out loud.

���� Shes much more disciplined now. If I handed her a big piece of steel wool and told her to scrub her own pussy with it, shed do it until blood flowed, Regina looked proudly at Lynne. Im not sure I could do that.

���� Ok, do you think you are starting to understand about your existence now? Regina asked seriously.

���� Yes mistress, Kari looked at Lynne closely.

���� Kari, Im sure Lynne has times or days, that she does not always agree with everything she has to do. But Im sure you had days that you were not happy with, right?�� Kari nodded slowly. We are going to do something for fun to finish the last of your oral training.��

���� After releasing Lynne, she held out a blindfold, the type used by sleepers to keep light out. Kari stepped up to it, and Mistress Regina put it around her head, covering her eyes. Without prompting she turned and placed her wrists together behind her back, Mistress Regina locked a padlock between her cuffs.

���� She led Kari across the room, but stopped in the middle. Mistress Regina lifted the blindfold so Kari could see again.

���� Look around. Do you see anything to trip or fall over?

���� No mistress.

���� Then why are you having such a hard time walking? Do you think I would run you into a wall? she asked gently.

���� No mistress.

���� Then fucking walk along and quit trying to straggle behind me, she ordered , but with a friendly smile. Kari smiled and nodded with tiny motions. Mistress Regina pulled the blindfold out and let it snap gently back onto Karis face, then she had to adjust it. They walked quickly across the room. Mistress Regina took Kari behind a large black screen or divider.

���� I have three men sitting here, I want you to go up to each of them and smell them and their aftershave and give each a real French kiss. Get a good taste and smell of each one. Well call them 1, 2, and 3. Ok so far?

���� Yes mistress.

���� Then well cross the room and they will change positions, and get their cocks out. When you come back you will give each a blowjob, then when youre done try to tell me which was 1, or 2, or 3, strictly by taste. Ready?�� Kari nodded.

���� Mistress Regina led her to the first man, Kari leaned forward and sniffed his neck and his ear. Kari smelled him along the side of his face to his mouth and gently puckered up and began to kiss him. She shyly extended her tongue, as he opened his mouth so she could slip her tongue between his lips. She straightened up, and just stood there for a moment before she nodded to Mistress Regina that she was ready. They moved to the next man in line, she repeated her taste and scent examination of him. Then on to the third after she repeated the same process, she stood and looked to where Mistress Regina had been standing.

���� All ready mistress.

���� Are you sure?

���� No, she giggled.

���� Mistress Regina led Kari out to the middle of the room where they waited for a few minutes. They heard a mans voice Ok all set.

���� They headed back where Mistress Regina helped Kari kneel between the knees of the first man. She extended her tongue as far as she could and leaned forward, she guided herself along his thighs until she found his penis waiting for her. She slurped it into her mouth and began sucking quite hard as it slipped to the back of her mouth. It didnt take long and she was rewarded by his semen. She kept on until she had cleaned him completely.�� Kari released the penis and leaned back to show she was finished with this one. Mistress Regina had water ready for her, and held it to her lips before moving her to the next man. Kari leaned forward and repeated her blowjob and then stayed to suck him completely clean before sitting back to indicate she was done.

���� 2, 3, and 1, Kari said confidently. Mistress Regina brought the water bottle to Karis lips and gave her a drink, to rinse out her mouth.

���� Dont you want to do the last one?

���� Oh, I sure do. I like to suck them, Kari had a lascivious smile.

���� Well youre right, and you can go ahead and do the last one for your reward, Mistress Regina patted Kari on the head. She helped her to move to the last man.

���� Kari guided herself to the mans penis and took him into her mouth. She sucked gently and slowly, savoring the sensation of the penis in her mouth and swirling her tongue over the head and pushing the tip of her tongue into the tiny end of the urethra. She was carefully trying to extend the blowjob, but her sweet and gentle ministrations had the opposite effect and he came very quickly.

���� Dont swallow Kari, keep it all in your mouth. Keep it all until I tell you to swallow. Ok?�� Mistress Regina cautioned.

���� MMmmM, was Karis answer. Mistress Regina smiled, and shook her head slowly.

���� When she was done, Kari leaned back and waited for Mistress Regina help her up from her kneeling position between the mans knees. She helped Kari out of the way and the three men left, after they were gone she lifted the blindfold. Even though she presented it as a game, she wanted Kari to know she had to take every penis in her mouth even if she didnt see whose it was. Keeping the semen in her mouth was for something else.

���� Lynne came quite soon because Mistress Regina had sent for her earlier.

���� Kari got them all right Lynne, give her a kiss for her reward.�� Lynne kissed Kari on the side of her head. No, give her a real kiss. On her lips and make it real good. You know how to use your tongue.�� Kari caught on to what Mistress Regina was doing, but not why. When Lynne put her hands behind her head she relaxed her lips and eagerly allowed Lynnes tongue into her mouth. When Lynne extended her tongue into Karis mouth, she tasted the semen and tried to pull back, but Mistress Regina was behind her and wouldnt allow her the room to pull back.

���� Lynne get all of it out of her mouth, Mistress Regina ordered.

���� Lynne sucked at Karis mouth and lips, Kari used her tongue to push the semen out as best she could, for Lynne to slurp up. Mistress Regina laughed but she didnt sound mean or evil, it was like a practical joke. When Lynne pulled back she laughed too. Kari didnt totally get it, but she laughed with them.

���� Mistress Regina handed Lynne the end of Karis leash and pointed down. Kari knelt and Lynne started to lead her to the barracks. Kari wanted to hang around with Mistress Regina for a few more minutes, and Lynne came to the end of the leash. She stopped and looked a Kari. Kari leaned toward Mistress Reginas legs and hugged her around the knees.

���� Kari its time to go to your cell, crawl with Lynne and she will wash you and get your dinner. Go ahead sweetheart, she added soothingly, and stroked Karis hair. I have to go, tonight I have a date. Were going to a movie.�� She pushed Kari back so she could step away; Kari sniffed a little and turned to crawl with Lynne.

Anal Training

���� Kari tried to look around at the man crouching behind her, but she couldnt turn her head far enough. The man was another of Mistress Reginas teaching aids; he was not one of same ones she used for oral training. This one had a huge penis nearly 12 inches long, but also very large in diameter. Mistress Regina applied some green sex lube to Karis anus, and then grasped the mans huge member to get it into Kari.

���� Dont cum Kari, you havent earned it yet. Ill have to beat you again if you do, Mistress Regina cautioned.

���� Yes mistress, Kari nodded as she answered. The rack Mistress Regina had made Kari lay on was very uncomfortable. Kari had to get on her hands and knees and crawl into the fixture, between 2 side rails, 2 under rails, and put her head through the hole in a modified stock. The stocks were closed and Kari could not see anything behind. Her thighs were strapped to keep her them spread very wide. 2 crossbars restrained Karis torso, the first over her shoulders high on her back. The second under her shoulders or high on her chest kept her in place, and held her from moving her chest and shoulders. Then her wrists were locked behind her back. Mistress Reginas most insidious invention was added last. She had 2 adjustable sharp metal spikes mounted under each of Karis breasts. The sharp points were set to just barely tickle her nipples. When the man drove into Kari he moved her just enough to cause her nipples to drag over the points of the spikes. There was no serious pain involved, but Kari couldnt move enough get away from the points. She couldnt see what was there, so the constant irritation was bizarre. Kari was in Mistress Reginas anal frame for over 3 hours. This was the last man for now, Kari was not too sure she could avoid an orgasm much longer.

���� During the 2 weeks since the oral training until the start of the anal training����� Mistress Regina had spent a lot of time training Kari to resist orgasms. She had Lynne fondle her repeatedly every day. Kari was just about ready to cry each time, she constantly begged to cum. Mistress Regina also hung her up and gave her 10 strokes with her special cat o nine tails whenever she thought Kari might be about to fail her restraint.

���� So by the time Kari was here for anal training, she could do well avoiding orgasms when ordered. She was surprised to find that Mistress Regina had this frame that secured her like this, but Mistress Regina was not there to teach Kari how to have sex. Her goal was to train Karis anus to receive anything her master may feel like pushing in.

���� Mistress Regina had to resign herself about the size of Karis anus, she had stretched her open to 3 inches quickly, but then the next inch came slowly. She could not get Kari opened the last half inch. She could put 4 inches through, but keeping a 4-inch stretch for more than 4 or 5 minutes was not available.

���� She even took Kari to Mistress Elenas doctor; he examined Kari with a 3- inch trainer in place and she had a 4-inch with her. The doctor looked Karis anus over and agreed that 3 was her limit.

�� ���You cant really stretch her anus, she was always capable of 3 inches, but no more and all you really did was get that 3 , he said while Kari lay on the examination table. Im afraid youll have to settle for that.��� He gently stroked Karis lower back while talking to Mistress Regina.

���� Mistress Regina guided the huge penis into Karis anus and stepped back so the man could make complete long strokes. This would be it for today; she wanted to knock off early. Mistress Regina had found a new girl that she was romancing and she wanted to see her this afternoon. They talked yesterday about a contract for the girl, and she wanted to take her to a notary for the signing.

���� Rika was just 18 years old and very sweet, she accompanied her parents from Finland several years ago, but her parents did not like living so far away from the rest of their families, and after 5 years had moved back a little bit ago. Rika wouldnt go back to Finland and they left her and wouldnt have anything to do with her. Rika was not comfortable around men or boys, so she was still a virgin. She found that Regina was just what she had been seeking. Strong, pretty, and wealthy enough to give her things she had only wished for until now. They had a wonderful time in bed; Regina brought her fun and thrills and didnt want to stuff anything into her pussy.

���� When the man was done, he pulled out and walked away leaving Kari looking around trying to see what was next. She could feel the semen dribbling down the inside of her right thigh, and something was constantly messing with her nipples. She couldnt tell what it was. It didnt really hurt, but it didnt feel good either.

���� Kari felt rather than heard Mistress Regina when she started releasing her thighs.�� When all of the attention she received for getting released, Kari didnt notice when

Mistress Regina dropped her teasers so Kari couldnt see them as she backed out of the frame. When she was out and standing Mistress Regina padlocked her wrist cuffs, then they had to wait a few minutes for Lynne. She told Kari about Rika, and that she was going to a contract signing today.

���� Ill bring her in tomorrow morning and you can meet her, Mistress Regina gushed. Itll be so much fun, when you go back to your master, Ill still have someone, she reminded Kari. Kari was about to feel jealous until she realized their time would end and she would have Carl but Mistress Regina would have no one. Before Kari had time to feel bad, Lynne came to get her to take her back to her cell. Mistress Regina told her to allow Kari to walk to her cell and to give her an enema to wash put all the semen that had been deposited today.


���� Kari was waiting in her cell for Lynne early; she didnt sleep well every noise in the night woke her. She wanted to see Mistress Reginas new girl and every noise in the night woke her. Lynne brought her breakfast when she came in. Kari stood with her hands behind her back so Lynne could put her padlock in place. She knelt on her pad and Lynne placed her bowl in front of her and left. Kari took the time to dine casually; she had her breakfast and licked out the bowl while looking around for Rika. She didnt see anyone new, so when Lynne came in she asked about her.

����Theyll be in later, Lynne related. Mistress Regina called and left instructions for us. You know, today is your last of anal.

���� Is it already? Kari was surprised.

���� We get to hang out for a while and then its a short day, Lynne sounded so dramatic. Well go to the training room and Mistress Regina will bring her in so we can get a look.

���� Lynne took Kari to the prep area and started todays morning enemas. Lynne pushed the tube and nozzle into Karis anus and started the flow. Kari enjoyed the feeling as the hot water filled her. She could smell the soap in the mixture when Lynne brought it in. She calmly lay on the table with her wrists secured behind her back, while she waited the 15 minutes for the enema to work. Lynne returned and unstrapped her ankles, she walked to the commode and stepped on the red tiles and waited for Lynne to pull the nozzle and tube out. After she was emptied, Kari waited for Lynne to wipe her. She went back to the table and lay down for the next round. Lynne surprised her with another can of soapy solution. This time she left it in for full hour. Kari was suffering cramps just as Lynne came in to get it out. She stood over the commode while Lynne prepared the next can, also soapy.

���� Three soapy cans today?�� Is something wrong? she asked slowly, not sure if she should even ask at all. Lynne smiled and shook her head, gaily. Kari went back to the table and got in place so her ankles could be secured. Lynne replaced the tube and nozzle again and started the flow into Karis bowels. When the can was empty Lynne unhooked the red hose and took the can down, she left with the can leaving Kari strapped to the table, with her legs spread apart. She was no longer bothered that she was left with her legs spread and her pussy completely exposed.

���� Hi slavegirl, Mistress Lainie said sweetly. She leaned down and kissed Kari on her left shoulder. Not much of a kiss, she just touched her lips to Karis skin. She pressed the end of the enema nozzle, and then started moving it in tiny circles.

���� She was dressed nicely today, instead of her usual blue jeans. She wore a pretty pink dress with a mini-skirt and beige stockings. She had white patent leather shoes with medium height heels. Lainie wore a modest amount of make-up. She looked like any 16-year-old girl who might be going to lunch somewhere.

���� Most anything I do makes you wet, doesnt it?�� She waited for an answer.

���� Yes mistress.

���� Youre amazing, I think Id really like a chance to play with you sometime.

���� Oh? Mistress seemed to dislike slave Kari so much.�� Kari answered.

���� Dislike you? No youre just so much fun to play with. Your pussy gets so wet from just about anything, Lainie sounded sincere.

��� ��Thank you mistress.�� Kari said as Lynne approached to get her off the table. Lynne got her up and guided her over to the commode. Lainie watched carefully, as Karis enema was released, she stepped forward and wiped Kari when she was done. Lynne escorted Kari back to the table for her sesame oil, and resecured her ankles. Lainie had the oil bulb and carefully inserted the end of the tube into Karis anus. She squeezed the oil in and stepped back to let Lynne move to the next step. Lynne got Kari up and took her back to the commode so she could release the excess oil. When she was done, she took Kari to get washed. She washed Kari and played with her pussy until she was about to cum, and stopped. Kari just sighed and stepped forward, so Lynne could dry her, and play all over again. She had Kari about to cum and stopped again.

���� Slavegirl, does that drive you crazy, when she plays with you so much? asked Lainie. Kari nodded and had a resigned look. Not too much fun? Lainie really wanted to know.

���� Actually I kind of like the challenge to see how close I can get and then stop, Kari surprised even herself, with that answer.

���� What happens if you dont make it?

���� Mistress Regina beats me, Kari was amazing even herself. So I have serious motivation.

���� Yeah, I guess, Lainie sounded surprised.

���� Kari was surprised when Lynne took her out without any sort of butt-plug. They went to the training room and then both knelt on pads that were already there for them. Lainie went along with them, but didnt say anything to either one.

���� They knelt for less than 15 minutes when Mistress Regina came out of the office with her new slavegirl. Rika was naked and walking behind Mistress Regina, with a leash on her stainless steel collar. She also had wrist, and ankle cuffs.

���� Rika was a very beautiful girl, she had honey blonde hair that was nearly waist length, and pulled into a loose ponytail. She was slender and had modest sized breasts with bright pink puffy nipples and areolas. Her waist was just 22inches and her hips were 35 inches and she had dropped her 34B brassiere in Mistress Elenas wastebasket.�� At 5-feet 6-inches and 127 pounds she was not nearly as slim as Kari.������ Her hands were secured behind her back, or she would have tried to cover up with them.

���� Rika had been in school with Lainie, but a couple of years ahead. They had come out together this morning to meet Mistress Regina, she signed the contract last night and then went out for dinner and a movie, with Regina. Regina dropped her at her apartment and gave her a sweet good night kiss. When they got to the academy Lainie left her with Mistress Elena and went out to the slave barracks.

���� Mistress Elena had Rikas contract with her and went over it with her carefully, she showed Rika where she agreed to do everything Mistress Regina ordered, and Mistress Regina was financially responsible for her complete care. Rika believed she would continue to live in her apartment while her new benefactor would pay her rent and car payment, and credit cards.

���� Mistress Regina really was going to get Rika caught up and out of debt, but Rika was going to have to do everything Mistress Regina ordered. And, it started right now!

���� Mistress Elena ordered her to take off all of her clothes, and drop them in the wastebasket. When she was naked Mistress Regina came into the room with her collar and cuffs. They had urethane linings and self locks so the only raised parts were the rings. 4 on the collar, 3 on each wrist cuff and 1 on each ankle cuff.

���� You will be given slavegirl training here at my academy. Your Mistress Regina is a trainer here, but I will do most of your training, Mistress Elena assured her.

���� Are you going to hurt me? Rika sobbed.

���� Yes I will hurt you.

���� I dont want to be a slavegirl.

���� You are a slavegirl, just look at yourself. Youre naked and wearing a collar. You can be a good slavegirl with a minimum of trouble and pain or you can go the hard painful way, but you will be a good slavegirl, Mistress Elena assured her.

���� But I came out here with Lainie, wheres she?

���� Youll have to call her Mistress Lainie, Regina assured her.

���� Yes mistress, Rika answered. When she saw Lynne, she was so scared that she wet on the floor.

���� Rika lay stretched on the prep table with her feet strapped in the stirrups and wrists secured over her head. Lynne had finished shaving her pussy and applying the depilating paste the doctor had provided to kill all the hair follicles. She only had to shave her this once and apply the paste, then hair would never grow here again. While she was here Lynne also did her armpits, and legs. The pink paste didnt smell bad nor burn sensitive skin. Lynne appreciated it quite a bit, when hers was done the chemicals used on her pussy burned terrible, and she felt like her pussy was on fire. Lynne took her to the cell and directed her to the mat.�����

���� Rika just didnt appreciate it at all. Mistress Regina just ordered it done the other slavegirls did it. Rika was sure if she could talk to her, she could get her to change her mind and then go back home.

���� She finally got her chance; Mistress Regina came into her cell while she was kneeling on her pad. She got up and went to meet her at the door.

���� If you just let me go home, Ill be quiet about all of this. We can even go back to the way things were, Rika offered generously.

���� You are new here, so Ill go easy on you, Mistress Regina sounded so cold to her. Go back to your mat, and kneel there right now and I wont have you punished, too hard.�� Rika looked at Mistress Regina and then she turned slowly and slumped back to her mat. Mistress Regina snapped a leash to her collar.


���� Mistress Regina led her to Mr. Fords shop for her International Slavegirl Registry number and piercing. She was secured into his chair and it was tilted back so her pussy was fully open for him to work on. He pierced 4, 12 ga. holes in each of her pussy lips, and put a inch CBR in each. After they were healed he had 4, 12 ga. by 2 inch, permanent rings that were screwed together. Since Mistress Regina would be her only partner, she didnt need her vagina. Retaining her virginity would also increase her value.

���� Her I.S.R. number was 13105 and it was tattooed on her right areola. That was her only tattoo, Mistress Regina was considering changing her name to Heide, and so she didnt want to tattoo Rika on. If some day she decided to sell or trade having her own initials tattooed on would decrease Rikas value.

���� They were done in time for the todays entertainment, Kari of course. Mistress Regina came out of the tattoo shop to find Kari lying on a low, padded table in the middle of the lawn between the main building, the slave barracks, and tattoo shop. Kari was on her belly, with her hands secured behind her back and legs spread and strapped to the outside of the table. Lynne was just finishing inserting the full-length enema tube. It went all the way from her anus to the other end of Karis large intestine. The tube was inch inside diameter by 18 feet long. Lynne explained that Karis intestine was 3 times longer that her height, since she was 5 ft. 4in. tall her intestine was 16 feet long. It took Lynne half an hour to feed the tube all the way into Kari. The tip was curved, so she could follow around the curves inside Kari to get the tube fully inside.

���� Kari wasnt sure what to expect, no one told her what the entertainment would be. She knew she was it, but not how. When she asked, she found Lynne was not allowed to tell her, and Mistress Lainie didnt know. She had never asked, because she didnt really care what they did to a slave.

���� Kari didnt dare try to ask Mistress Elena. She didnt see it as a necessity to have a conference with a slavegirl. When she was finished Lynne brought a heavy stand with a 5 gallon bag of sterile water hanging from it, and set it by the back of Karis table. She slid a black butt-plug with a hole through the middle over the tube and into Karis anus. The plug had a soft, inflatable collar around the inside top rim. When she had it seated Lynne inflated it, with a detachable squeeze bulb, to seal Karis anus so that the enema stayed inside until it was released.

���� While she was getting Kari prepared, Lynne noticed that Kari was doing a lot of writhing around.

���� Are you all right Kari? she asked.

���� I have to urinate, its getting really bad.

���� Oh, hold on a minute, Lynne told her. She had a tiny hose in her hand. She reached into Karis pussy with the end of the hose.

���� What are you doin to me? Kari asked as she tried to look over her shoulder and twist around.

���� Lay still, Lynne smacked her butt lightly. I have a catheter for you.

���� Oh, please no, dont put that in me, Kari whined.

���� Dont be a big baby, itll be all right and then youll feel better when I get you drained, she chided. Lynne used a catheter with an inflatable tip. When she got it fully inserted she inflated the tip with the same squeeze bulb she used for the butt-plug collar. Then she drained Karis bladder into a large glass jug sitting under the side of the table Kari laid on.

���� When she was ready, Lynne went into the office and notified Mistress Elena, they came back out together. There were 4 chairs setting a bit back from the table. Mistress Elena, Mr. Ford, Mistress Regina, and Mistress Lainie, each sat in a chair. Rika knelt on the ground between Mistress Regina and Mistress Lainies feet.�� Her pussy hurt and her tongue felt funny where a standing ring like Karis replaced her tongue barbell.

���� Lynne attached the hose from the water bag to Karis tube, and lowered the front of the table. She had filled the tube with water before she inserted it, 16 feet of air would be too much to put into Kari. The bag had marks on it so Lynne could measure out by the quart. The tube also had red bands around it for every foot and blue for 6 inches. She immediately released a full gallon of water. She pulled the tube out a foot and released a quart, and then another foot and another quart. When Lynne had 4 gallons in she had 4 feet of hose left, but water was not flowing. Mistress Regina sent Rika to assist her in raising the stand to try for more pressure. The rest of the water went into Kari, a quart at a time. When it was all inside, Lynne pulled last of the tube out of the hole in the butt-plug. She had a stopper ready and quickly put it in the hole.

��� She unplugged the catheter from the bottle but left it in Karis urethra, the end had a valve that closed when it was unplugged. Lynne released the straps on Karis ankles but kept her hands secured behind her back. Before she started with Kari, Lynne snapped a leash to Karis collar and handed the end to Rika. Mistress Regina wanted to get her involved, it validated her slavegirl status.

���� After Kari was up she could barely walk. She could feel the water sloshing around in her bowels and gurgling as it tried to work through, but with the plug in place the water had no place to go. Kari tried to walk but she couldnt keep her balance. She kept walking off the right and almost falling, much to everyones delight, especially Mistress Lainie, but also Rikas. They all had a good laugh at Karis expense, she fell down and couldnt get up. She was laughing hard and the water caused to completely lose her equilibrium.

���� I have an idea Kari, Mistress Regina suggested.�� If you can get that butt-plug out Ill take you to dinner at that Indian Vegetarian restaurant I told you about last month. Deal?

���� How long do I have? Kari asked.

���� Half an hour.

���� Deal.�� Kari was very flexible, she stretched extensively before she ran each day. She knelt and bent over backwards as for as she could and even with her hands locked behind her, she grasped the end of the butt-plug and turned it slowly. She started to pull and turn at the same time. Her anus had been stretched so much over the last few weeks that it didnt hold the plug very tightly. Kari continued to pull and turn until she was rewarded. The plug came out and the flood of brown water was tremendous, Kari jumped up and ran around as water spewed from her anus. The water slowed and she dropped to her knees in front of Mistress Regina, she bent forward until her forehead was pressed to Mistress Reginas feet. Water still trickled out of Kari, but she gave no notice. While she had her head down she kissed Mistress Reginas instep.

���� If its all the same to you, slave Kari would rather not do this again, Kari laughed. She stood and bowed low to Mistress Regina and went back to the table to find Lynne.

Kari in Training 4

������ By: Long Johnson(Nom de Plume)

Note: This is a work of fiction, developed entirely in my own mind. Any similarity to anyone living or dead is a coincidence, and my good luck.

Dinner Out

���� Kari stood in front of the mirror; she looked to see if the tiny green dress actually covered her pussy. Nope. She could see the tiniest little bit of the skin of her outer lips, as she stood still, and from the rear her butt was just barely covered. The top of the dress was also miniscule. The top was barely high enough to cover Karis nipples; her name tattooed on her left breast, above the left nipple, Kari was completely uncovered. The top of the dress was so small that when she moved around one nipple or the other was often exposed. Her polished stainless steel collar shined brightly under the lights. She stepped into her dark green platform shoes, each with a wide ankle strap, and bent to buckle each. Lynne came into the room just behind Kari and gently stroked pussy.

���� Ill give you just an hour to cut that out, Kari didnt jump like Lynne thought she would.

���� Your pussy must be numb, Lynne laughed.

���� I saw you from between my feet, and its definitely not numb.

���� Shes going to make you show off completely, Kari.

���� Yeeaahhh. Isnt it a disgrace, Kari sighed.

���� Ooooh, youre such a slut. What are you going to have for dinner?

���� I hope she orders the curried chick peas, and the rice with vegetables she told me about, Kari spoke positively.

���� Mistress Lainie looked at Mistress Regina, What will everyone think when they can see her pussy and all?�� They were in the dressing room Mistress Elena had for the Mistresses to use, off her inner office.

���� Why should I care? You wouldnt show off your pussy, I sure wouldnt show off mine, but I can show off Karis, and Kari doesnt have a choice, Regina said uncaringly. Besides shed go naked on her leash.�� Regina stood and smoothed her short, mid-thigh skirt. She wore a high-necked black jersey dress. The dress had long sleeves and was trimmed with white and dark red lace.

���� Really, do you think she would? Lainie sounded amazed. Lainie picked a tiny white bit of fuzz from Reginas skirt. Shed never seen Regina with a skirt that actually showed her shapely legs.

���� Its something that youll find about slavegirls. Theyve always wanted to be naughty, but society doesnt allow it. So after theyre trained and they have no choice, you decide everything for them. So when you order them, its your responsibility, not theirs.

���� Yeah, I see what you mean, Lainie observed. Theyre required to be dirty girls. The psychology of a slavegirl is really interesting.

���� Youll get to see a lot of that as Rika progresses. Its quite amazing to watch,�� Regina stopped and looked toward Lainie, Ive been thinking of changing her to Heide, Ive always liked that name for a Scandinavian bitch.

���� Its nice. Start in the morning?

���� Ok, shes Heide. In the morning, Mistress Regina decided.

���� The waiter took their dinner order from Mistress Regina, but watched Kari all the time. She tried to keep the top of her dress over her nipples as well as she could, but it just didnt work. If she pulled the dress to cover her right nipple, the left was uncovered. She became frustrated and gave up, leaving her long right nipple bared.

���� When the waiter saw her ISR number tattoo, he looked like he wanted to ask about it. Mistress Regina noticed his gaze at Karis tattoo; she explained to him what it was, and what the numbers meant. The 16001 was a compound number; the 1 meant this western U.S. area, 60 was Master Carls number and 01 was Kari as his first slavegirl.

���� Kari acted like she was afraid to defy Mistress Regina, but she really enjoyed the feeling when she had to show herself to him so she turned a little so he could get a better look. He looked carefully at her number when he realized she had no choice in the matter.

���� Mistress Regina ordered the same curried chickpeas with rice and vegetables that she had before. She ordered white wine and got Kari bottled water. They waited in the relative privacy of the nearly vacant dining room. While she was waiting for her dinner to come, she remembered what Mistress Elena told her that first day a little over 2 months ago. She was having a great time, showing off. She wasnt too embarrassed for being exposed, she was ordered to wear this tiny dress that provided miniscule coverage.

���� They had a great meal and a fine evening. Kari found out that Mistress Regina was not totally despicable and Mistress Regina found that Kari was not a totally useless slut. They both found the food delicious.

Slavegirl Heide

���� Heide refused to eat the first day and the morning of the second day. She saw that Lynne gave her food to Kari. She knelt on her pad and she watched Kari eat it right up. Mistress Regina would not even know that she died of starvation because her bowl went back empty. No one but Miss Lynne and Kari knew she wouldnt eat it.�� So for her evening feeding she went ahead and ate her food, Kari seemed disappointed. After two weeks Heide had stopped hurting quite so much, the holes pierced in her inner pussy lips just ached a little instead of the sharp pain she felt at first.


����� Mistress Lainie came for her right after Lynne finished with her enemas, she snapped a leash to her collar and led her to another part of the compound where she met the doctor. Mistress Lainie put her onto a table with foot stirrups; she had to lie there for nearly half an hour because the doctor was a little late. He looked her over carefully and then asked if she used any sort of birth control.

���� Im a virgin, was her answer.

���� What? was his answer, and he glared at her with a stare that looked all the way through.

���� No sir, was her second try. Im a virgin and Ive never thought there was a need.

���� What if you met the right guy?

���� I dont really like guys.

���� Ok.�� He held up a white plastic IUD. Do you know what an intrauterine device is?��

���� She nodded and said, Yes sir.

���� This one is infused with a very slow release hormone similar to the one in the pills and sub-coetaneous implants that reduce periods.�� He had his insertion tool and put the end into her vagina as he spoke. When he got to her cervix he pressed it through and into her uterus and pressed the plunger to place the IUD inside. This hormone is a much lower dose and much safer for you. The IUD also has tiny spines along the outside and a couple of barbs on each end so it wont ever come out.

���� Shes healing well, and you can put the other rings in whenever you want. You dont actually have to wait until the healing is complete. You just keep up the good care and itll be fine.

���� Okay. Thanks doc, Ill let Regina know.�� She turned to Heide, Lets go, we have another stop before todays training.�� She locked Heides wrists behind her back before they left.

���� They went to the office and Mistress Lainie left Heide kneeling by the door to Mistress Elenas office while she went inside. Mistress Lainie was back in a few minutes with a package, and they headed to the tattoo and piercing shop. Mr. Ford was waiting and ushered her into a room in the back to his table. Hilde began to wonder if it wouldnt be easier to just have her own table with stirrups. She snickered as she got on for him.

���� Whats so funny? Mistress Lainie asked, as Mr. Ford looked surprised.

���� I was just wondering when I got my own table, she responded.

���� Mistress Lainie laughed too. She grasped Heides intent, and the fact that she was making light of her situation. She stepped back so Mr. Ford could get Heide settled on the table. Lainie was feeling quite odd, when she took Hilde out of here Ginas rings would render Heide permanently closed to penetration. She would have enough room to urinate and douche when necessary. She wondered if taking such final step was over her head. She started to leave.

���� Please remain here, Mr. Ford asked. I case I need the slave to do something.

���� What?

���� I dont speak to slaves. No one told you? Mr. Ford said casually.

���� No, but its no problem.�� She watched as he got the 4 rings ready to install.

���� These rings were unique; none of the other slavegirls here had them. Each was in 2 identical parts; each part had a small extension on one end that was inserted into a socket on the opposite half of the ring. Inside each socket was a one-use lock that��� also held a tiny epoxy cartridge that cured within 30 minutes and rendered the ring solid. When assembled the two semi-circles formed a solid 1-inch ring. Its removal required special tools, not available to a slavegirl. So as far as Heide was concerned, it was permanent. No one bothered to tell her otherwise. Mr. Ford finished quite quickly without any problems.

���� Mistress Lainie led Heide back to her cell and put her on her pad.�� She had to rest for a few minutes, at least until the epoxy cured. She went and found Mistress Elena in her office, just as she finished her phone call to Master Carl. She gave him a bi-weekly progress report; this was the first call since Karis dinner out with Gina. He was quite excited to hear how well she did in a social setting, and that her slavegirl training held through the evening.

���� Do you think it was all right that we did that to Rik,,, or Heide? she asked.

���� Well, I understand your question. She gave that choice to us, so we did what was necessary to fit her our specs. She entered into the agreement with the plan to live off Gina and maybe let Gina feel her up a little now and then. Now she really has to perform as she agreed.��

��� Well I sort of see what you mean, but,,,

��� Try this. Wait until you see how much she gains from this. Dont try to see her in your shoes, thats really what youre doing. Has she always been a happy, sweet girl? Mistress Elena asked. Lainie shook her head. Then see if she doesnt end up much happier in a few weeks. See if she doesnt flourish, when we relieve her of all responsibility. Submissives dont do well when they have to decide things for themselves.

���� Okay, thats what I should do. Yes.

���� Kari went out last week. She told Lynne she had more fun than she ever had on any date before,�� Mistress Elena said proudly. Mistress Lainie stood a little straighter and smiled as she nodded.

���� Ill see you in a while. Ive got a training session coming up. I guess I should get going. She turned to go, and turned back, Thank you, very much.

Vaginal Training����

���� Kari stood with her arms secured behind her back, she was wearing a pair of black stockings held up by a black lacy garter-belt and very high-heeled, leather, platform shoes. She was nearly 510 with these shoes on. This part of the training was to train her to be enticing. She wore very exotic makeup; her eyes were done with heavy lashes and shaded lids. Heavy base and toner with shiny red lip-gloss completed the look. She looked sultrier than she ever had before, and she felt sultrier than she ever had before. Kari had tried to do this style of make-up before, but without luck. She thought it looked like clown make-up, but this time she looked good. She felt hot, and liked it. This was the last day of general training and the vaginal sessions started in the morning. She wondered what it could be, the anal training didnt live up the name. She only got to have one man use her anus properly; the rest was just someone, usually Mistress Regina, pushing all different sorts of things into her.

���� Lynne came to get Kari, she snapped her leash to Karis collar. She led Kari to her cell unlocked the shoe ankle straps and wrists and gave her 15 minutes to get it all off.��

���� Kari was in the training room at 8AM, waiting for Mistress Regina. Kari hadnt seen her for several days; Mistresses Elena and Lainie did the last few training sessions. Mistress Lainies knowledge of make-up and sexy or enticing clothing items was extensive. Lainies great body of knowledge surprised Kari.

���� Were in a funny position right now, Mistress Regina was saying to Mistress Elena, as they came in. Shes too young to have here in the classes, but shes been working so well with Kari. Im just not to sure how to proceed from here.

���� Im going to keep her going. I dont care if she sees us working with any slavegirls pussies. I think she knows they are not the same as people, was Mistress Elenas response. Shell be in this afternoon, with you.

���� Of course, Ill do what you think best.�� Mistress Regina smiled at Kari. I have good news and bad news.�� Kari started to get a little nervous.

���� The bad news first, vaginal training is quite intense, and sometimes a little painful. Now the good news, there will be plenty of orgasms, without restrictions.

���� Yes Mistress Regina, Kari smiled and shivered a little. Her nipples stiffened a little.

���� I guess that means you approve?

���� Oh, yes mistress, Kari spoke quite loud. She stood with her back arched, and her butt well displayed. She had been trained to keep very arched at all times, by Mistress Lainie. She did it especially well, too. Mistress Regina walked around Kari and stopped behind, where she softly stroked Karis butt, when she got to the cleft she followed it to her anus. Mistress Regina slowly inserted her index finger inside, and turned it, also slowly. Kari moaned delicately.

���� Please Mistress Regina, allow slave Kari to cum.�� She added her second finger, and continued to stroke Kari slowly, and maddeningly.

���� Like I said before Kari, Mistress Regina whispered in her ear. Without restriction, go ahead.�� Karis feelings flooded over her, her knees felt weak and she felt queasy. Only a little bit queasy, a very little bit queasy. She relaxed and let her weight fall back onto Mistress Reginas hand.

���� How was that? You have been so good for a month. Didnt that make it sweeter, more intense? she asked. Kari nodded and then broke into a big smile. She realized what had been happening. They had been making her more responsive and now she enjoyed it so much more.

���� To pass the vaginal training, you will must sit on this chair, Mistress Lainie took Karis leash and led her to a chair with a huge dildo standing up in the center, near to the exit door to the slave barracks. Kari would have to see it every time she was taken outside.

���� All of that? Inside me?�� Kari was appalled.

���� I want you to try it on for size, now, she ordered.

���� Yes mistress, Kari stepped into position in front of the chair and sat back carefully. Her pussy lips touched the gigantic wooden member.

���� Stop!�� Mistress Lainie said quickly. Well get to that soon enough. Come with me.�� She led Kari to a different chair a few feet away; it had a smaller dildo standing from the center of its seat. Youll start with this one. Sit on down. NOW.

����� Yes mistress.�� This time she let Kari sit over the slippery dildo. She watched as Kari settled slowly over it. When she got to the bottom, Kari began to feel a stinging and started to stand.

���� No, stay there until I tell you to stand, Mistress Lainie spoke sharply.

���� Yes mistress, Kari sat back. It burns though.��

���� Mistress Lainie stood beside Kari and gently stroked Karis hair, she checked watch to make sure Kari remained impaled for 5 full minutes, even though it was very uncomfortable. Kari followed her directions, surprising herself, but not Mistress Lainie. By the time the full 5 minutes had passed Kari was writhing and gasping, but she remained impaled on the dildo.

���� Mistress Lainie moved her to a softly padded table with ankle stirrups; these stirrups were not the comfortable leg holders as on examination tables. The stirrups were heavy clamps, which held Karis legs spread widely at her knees.�� Mistress Lainie inserted a long thin tube into Karis pussy then sprayed lubricating fluid, and withdrew the tube as she sprayed. She lubricated Karis entire vagina from the top to her inner lips. Mistress Lainie had a long narrow cone shaped dildo of soft material that she inserted, large end first, completely into Karis vagina. She attached the end of a squeeze bulb to a fitting on the lower end and began to fill the cone. Kari felt pressure as the cone expanded.

���� Hows it going, Mistress Regina asked as she approached. We only want 15 pumps at first.�� Mistress Lainie nodded. Mistress Regina released Karis knees.

���� Thank you mistress.�� Kari rose from the table and knelt where Mistress Lainie directed. Both left Kari kneeling on the floor and went into Mistress Elenas office.

���� Lynne approached with Heide on a short leash, and directed her to kneel beside Kari. She locked Karis wrists and left them both there. She also went into Mistress Elenas office.

���� What are we doin here? Heide whispered.

���� SShhh, Kari cautioned.

���� Ok, we have a treat for both of you, said Mistress Regina as she returned from the office.�� Heide, come with me, she beckoned with her index finger. Heide rose and followed.

���� Mistress Lainie came out and took Karis leash, Ive got something special for you, babe.�� Kari rose and followed. She took Kari behind a lacquered oriental screen to an easy chair and Mistress Lainie removed the wrist-securing padlock had her sit and lie back.

���� Just sit here and spread your legs apart.�� Kari sat and spread her legs, expecting some sort of restraint to keep them apart, but she was left there alone, and Mistress Lainie took the leash when she went.

���� Mistress Regina led Heide in and had her kneel between Karis thighs. Heide leaned forward and began to lick Karis pussy. She was tentative and first and Mistress Regina urged her to be more insistent in her licking. She used the end of her leash to give Heide a light smack across her back. She jumped and leaned her entire face into Karis pussy and began to suck Karis clitoral hood and inner lips into her mouth. The air dildo cone, kept her from pushing her tongue into Karis vagina. She licked and sucked for about 10 minutes when Kari had an orgasm. Kari expected Mistress Regina to pull Heide back, but she kept her face buried in Karis pussy. After a second orgasm she pulled Heide back, and Mistress Lainie was there with her squeeze bulb to inflate the cone more.

���� After 15 more bulb squeezes, Heide was made to return to Karis pussy. Kari was starting to feel concerned about this whole procedure. She soon forgot her worries as another orgasm built, and soon another. Heide was pulled out again, and the bulb reinstalled.

���� This time the pressure from the cone was very unpleasant. It took longer for Heide to take Karis mind off the feelings. Kari had an orgasm, but not until after almost 20 minutes and not particularly strong. When Mistress Lainie attached the squeeze bulb again, Kari sighed. She was given 10 more pumps.

���� This time the pain was serious, but Heide was pushed forward again. Mistress Regina directed her to lick and suck Kari from her navel to her anus and even put her tongue into Karis anus. Kari had a very intense orgasm and a second followed immediately. Kari wasnt sure if it was from Heides tonguing or just from her own response to the pain.

���� Mistress Lainie had a pair of nipple clamps that she put onto Karis long, erect nipples and tightened. When she felt the tension and tightened them until she was satisfied, she felt the tension again and pointed at Karis pussy, where Heide resumed her attention to Karis pussy. Kari started to feel the throbbing in her nipples and then the feeling spread through her body and through her pussy. The feelings were the same as the first day, when Lynne put the clamps on her and left, and at least 100 times stronger. She had an orgasm almost immediately, and Mistress Regina pulled Heide back, Mistress Lainie tightened the clamps another full turn on the thumbscrews. Kari began to sob softly, but Mistress Regina pushed the back of Heides head forward again. She put her tongue out automatically as she neared Karis pussy lips, but this time Mistress Regina directed her to just lick gently and not push hard into her pussy. Kari had a huge shattering orgasm, that caused her to nearly faint. Mistress Regina ordered and Heide continued to lick Karis outer lips and her anus, but not to insert her tongue. While Heide was busy, Mistress Lainie added another set of nipple clamps to Karis already tortured nipples. Kari started to have another massive orgasm, but fainted during the most extreme sensations.

���� Karis eyes opened slowly. When she started to try to rise she couldnt move her arms or her legs. Her nipples also felt terrible, because the clamps were still installed. Her pussy felt stuffed, and Mistress Lainies catheter now also filled her urethra. She looked around and saw that she was in her cell.

���� Kari, Im so sorry, she heard Heide. She sounded nearby. When Kari was able to look she saw that Heide was kneeling right beside her on her own pad in her cell.

���� No. I thank you. It was the best Ive ever had. Ive never cum like that before, but my nipples still hurt so much.�� Heide nodded and leaned forward and kissed Karis lips, she gently and tenderly pressed her lips to Karis. After a little she put her tongue between Karis lips affectionately. Heide pulled back and started to kiss and lightly lick with her tongue along Karis skin, down the center of her chest to her navel. Heide French kissed Karis navel as though it was another mouth. Kari began to gasp and moan with the beginning of another orgasm. Heide pushed her tongue harder as she continued to kiss Karis navel even as Kari felt another outrageous orgasm. Heide didnt stop as Kari started to build the feelings again, her second orgasm was so intense Kari fainted again.

���� When Kari open her eyes again she was still secured on her bed, but her nipple clamps were gone, and Heide was in her own cell. She still felt the pressure in her vagina and the catheter in her urethra. Heide was at the front of her cell across the hall and waiting for Kari to wake up.

���� Are you all right? Heide seemed concerned. I didnt meant to hurt you, Mistress Regina made me do that.�� She spoke loudly, even though she was not really very far away.

���� Heide, its all right. Ive never felt anything like that. It felt so wonderful that I fainted. Its okay.

���� Yes, shes a pain slut, Mistress Regina spoke as she came into the slave barracks. She gets hotter, the more intense the pain and the pleasure sensations. Until she has more and more intense orgasms.

���� She also gets off on humiliation, Mistress Lainie said as she came in behind Mistress Regina.

���� Would you like me to take that out of your pussy, Kari? Mistress Lainie said as she opened Karis cell.

���� Kari smiled and shook her head, No mistress.

���� Oh, I could blow it up a little more, she said and held up the bulb and squeezed it menacingly.

���� Yes mistress.

����Why should I? Pain sluts disgust me. Especially those that like to blow dogs, Mistress Lainie curled her lip as she spoke. If her intention was to humiliate Kari it worked. Kari started to cry openly. Mistress Lainie came forward and attached the pump to the end of the cone, and added 10 more pumps.

���� The pain was incredible, Kari gasped and moaned. She felt like the dildo was about to blow out through her belly. Mistress Lainie unplugged Karis catheter, but left the catheter inside her.

���� Come with me, lil pain slut, Mistress Lainie sounded very sweet. I have something more for you. Im going to hurt you, she smiled wickedly. A lot, she said while she disconnected the catheter to Karis bladder. She helped Kari to her feet and snapped a leash to her collar.

���� She led Kari to the training room where Mistress Reginas frame was waiting. Mistress Lainie led Kari to the open end and pointed at it. Kari knew what was expected. She crawled on her hands and knees into the framework and laid her neck on the base of the stocks. Mistress Lainie closed the upper half over the top of Karis neck. The stocks pinioned Karis head and blocked her view to her body and extremities.

���� I have a surprise for you, babe, Mistress Lainie leaned forward and kissed Kari delicately on her left temple. She extended her tongue and wetly licked the side of Karis head, from her chin to her hairline. She left a sloppy, wet trail on the whole side of her head. Yeuchhh. Mistress Lainie snickered. She raised the nipple teasers while she was distracting Karis attention.

���� With that air dildo pressing inside, your bladder wont hold very much. Its a good thing you have that catheter, or else youd piss all over yourself, Mistress Lainie said as she soothingly stroked Karis butt. Dont you feel like you need to urinate Kari?��

���� Oh, please mistress, allow slave kari to urinate.

���� Id have to consider that request, you know, think it over. Hhhmm, she said as though deep in thought. Ah, no, she said as she closed the upper and lower crossbars. Kari was effectively secured in place in the framework. I have complete control of your body now, even whether you get to piss. What would you do to get me to let you piss right now?

���� Mistress Lainie, slave Kari would do anything you want me to for you. Absolutely anything. Kari whined. Do you need your car washed?�� Lainie cracked up, she began to laugh, and she almost choked.

���� Oh god, I dont believe you, she laughed as she reattached the little hose to the end of the catheter. Ill be right back.�� Mistress Lainie went into Mistress Elenas office.

���� You wont believe what Kari just said, she told Mistress Elena the rest of the story. Im afraid I cracked up, I just hooked up the catheter and came in here.�� Mistress Elena laughed too.

���� Mistress Lainie returned with an inflatable butt-plug. After she inserted it she inflated the inner ring, and then she inflated the neck. Kari gasped as her anus stretched. Mistress Lainie kept her there for over an hour increasing the pressure in Kari slowly, a few pumps at a time. When she was finished, she had opened Kari to

3 �� inches, larger than Kari had been before. The pain was so bad that Kari didnt get aroused from it. The nipple teasers were getting to Kari, the clamps left her nipples very tender. Mistress Reginas little spikes were a constant irritant to the ends.

���� She was still secured in the frame when Mistress Regina came over and removed both the butt-plug and dildo, but left the catheter. She blew her silent dog whistle and Karis least favorite dog came in. Mistress Regina had the dog lick Karis pussy and anus for several minutes. Kari was so aroused she began to beg to cum.

���� Please allow slave kari to cum mistress, she begged.

���� Sure, if my doggy is making you hot Kari, Ill let you cum.�� She got the dog up onto the frame so he could mount Kari and get his penis into her pussy. The dogs penis swelled in her and began to stroke very rapidly. Kari came almost immediately, and after a second orgasm, the big Shepard finished too. She took the dog and left Kari in the frame. After she watered the dog she came back to get Kari.

���� I had to take care of the most important animal first, she said casually, as she released Karis restraints. Lynne took Kari to the slave barracks and gave her a douche then washed her in the shower.

Master Carl Visits

Slavegirl Kimi,


���� Kari sat on the dildo chair for the 3rd time this week. Mistress Lainie increased the time until this session lasted 30 minutes. Mistress Regina came by and got Kari to go outside. She had Kari kneel on the lawn, and ordered her to remain kneeling while she was busy. She left Kari kneeling for an hour, when she came back she looked unhappy.

���� Did you move while I was busy, you little bitch?

���� No mistress, this slavegirl remained exactly where ordered, was Karis fearful reply. Mistress Regina checked the marks she made on the ground before she brought Kari out.

���� If you moved so much as an inch, Ill beat you until you cant walk.�� She found that Kari was exactly where she had been ordered to wait. Then while she was looking right at her, Kari moved to her left about a foot.

��� ��Do you want me to whip you, Kari? She asked incredulously.

���� Yes mistress, Kari kept her eyes averted.

���� I think Ive created a monster. She thought to herself.

���� Kari get up and come with me. She left without looking back and went to the door. Kari knew something was up Mistress Regina didnt put a leash on her collar. They went into Mistress Elenas office. Mistress Regina picked up a towel as they passed a stack on a table near the bathroom door. When they got inside she folded the towel and laid it on the seat of a chair by the desk. When Kari came in she just pointed to the chair without speaking.

���� Kari looked at the chair and cautiously sat on the towel. She looked to Mistress Regina curiously and waited for her.

���� Strange circumstances, right? she continued without waiting for Kari to answer. Do you really get off when you are beaten or whipped?

���� Only if its someone I love, Kari answered seriously. I wouldnt be interested if it was just anybody. When Carl and I first started with this, I always felt he could do more and I could be more.

���� So you have found that you like to be punished, Mistress Regina paused. But by me.�� Kari nodded. Are you looking forward to your Master Carls return?

���� Yes very much. I do miss him so much.

���� Maybe you would like to hear what our newest surprise for you was, she asked, changing the subject. Kari smiled and nodded. That towel youre sitting on is there for a reason.�� She continued as Kari glanced down. The dildo weve had you stretched over was coated with a hormone and chemical compound that has made your glands hyperactive. Youll be wet all the time from now on.

���� Forever? Kari smiled as she thought about the implications.

���� Yes, forever and all the time, itll be lighter in a few days. Youll have to be careful of the furniture from now on. Any thing you are allowed to sit on will get covered with your secretions. Your owner said you rarely if ever wear any clothing, so you wont have to worry about ruining anything.

���� Oh damn, Kari was obviously getting aroused. I hope he gets back soon. Why did you have Heides pussy ringed closed? If you dont mind me asking.

���� No I dont mind. I got her for my exclusive use and I dont have a need for her vagina, so I had it closed off. Shes a virgin and Im keeping her that way.

���� Wow, I love that idea.�� She shifted around, her pussy was getting even more lubricated and she was already too excited to continue. Mistress Elena came in just then and chatted with Mistress Regina, they both looked at Kari repeatedly.

���� Lets go Kari. You moved after I told you to stay. Now its time to take your medicine. Kneel, Mistress Regina pointed to the floor. Kari leapt from the chair and knelt with her hands clasped behind her back, as she watched Mistress Regina walk to the door.

���� Mistress Elena ordered her to stand and bring her arms up higher so her right wrist was by her left elbow and her left wrist was by her right elbow. She had a black leather arm sleeve that held her arms together in that position. It was held by a heavy zipper, there was no need for a lock. Kari couldnt reach the zipper to release it. This is the way youll be secured from now on. Do you understand?

���� Yes mistress, was Karis joyful response. She lifted her chin so Mistress Elena could snap her leash to Karis collar.

���� She followed meekly behind to Mistress Regina and through the door and into the training room. Mistress Regina led Kari to the hanging wrist cuffs and took the arm binder off and attached the leather cuffs. She spent very little time getting Kari ready and then suspended her 2 feet above the floor.

���� Do you remember this, she held up the cat o nine tails.

���� Yes mistress, Kari whispered.

���� What? Speak up slut or Ill have to double your strokes, Mistress Regina growled.

���� Yes mistress, she said out loud this time. Mistress, slavegirl kari wishes to speak to you.

���� NO, shut up. I have nothing to say any little bitch.�� She began to whip Karis back and butt. After 5 strokes, she stopped. I did say you would get double strokes, did I not?

���� Yes mistress.

���� She moved to Karis front and whipped Karis chest and belly. She gave Kari 5 more strokes. She had to be careful today, she didnt want Kari to cum from the whipping. There were more plans for later.

���� Mistress Lainie came along in a few minutes with Lynne; she took Kari down and sent her with Lynne to be washed. Lynne snapped her leash to Karis collar, and led her to the slave barracks to be washed.

���� When they arrived she put Kari facedown on the table and spread her legs. She strapped her ankles to opposite corners of the table, and left her there. Kari knew this meant that Lynne would be giving her an enema. She had been given her daily enema this morning, before her morning washing. Lynne was back in a few minutes, with the enema can. The soap in the mixture was very powerful; its smell was quite strong.

���� That smells strong Lynne. Are you sure about that? Kari sounded worried.

���� Take my word for it, youll be glad later. She patted Kari on the butt. Lynne gently lubed Karis anus and then inserted the tube and the nozzle. She attached the hose and started the flow immediately.

���� Ooohh, Kari moaned as the very warm solution flowed into her. Lynne thats really hot.

���� Just lay there and take it, sweetheart, she stroked the back of Karis head. Youll be glad for it later. I cant tell you anything more.

���� Why not?

���� Because I dont really know. Its a secret visitor, but I dont know whom. she admitted, with a little laugh. This is the mixture Mistress Lainie sent for you.�� She unhooked the hose and took the can to obtain a refill. Kari remained on the table while Lynne was gone. Her arms were in the leather sleeve and her legs secured. She was moaning when Lynne returned the very hot enema was causing cramps, and she was deliciously bound to the table with her arms still in the leather sleeve. Lynne got her up and took her to the toilet. She stood over the seat-less commode so Lynne could remove the tube and nozzle. Lynne took the tube and nozzle out in one smooth motion, the contents of Karis bowels followed. As soon as she was done, Lynne led her back to the table. Kari re-mounted the table and spread her legs so Lynne could strap her ankles apart. This enema was also very soapy and hot. Kari started to cry right away, because the cramps started immediately this time. Mistress Lainie came in with the rinse enema and they took Kari to the commode as soon as she was there. When she was done she was returned to the table for the rinse. When that was done and Kari was over the commode, Mistress Regina came in with another rinse. This was perfumed water that they used instead of the sesame oil. When it was in, they left Kari on the table for almost 15 minutes. Lynne returned alone and got Kari off the table and took her to the commode for one last time.

���� When she was done, she removed Karis arm binding sleeve and ushered her into the shower. She soothingly and carefully washed Karis over used anus first, then the rest of her body.

���� You know I havent washed myself in over 3 months, I kind of miss it sometimes, Kari said thoughtfully. Lynne was almost done with her when Mistress Lainie came to make up Karis face. This time her arm binder was brown alligator leather. She was given a pair of matching brown alligator platform spikes. The ankle straps were wide and 2 tiny gold padlocks secured each.

���� Kari followed Mistress Lainie into Mistress Elenas office she wondered what would happen next. First the tremendous enemas and then Lynnes extensive shower, and lastly Mistress Lainies application of makeup. She looked very nice and felt beautiful. When she came around Mistress Lainie, she could hardly speak.

���� MASTER.�� Kari rushed to him and knelt at his feet, as he sat in Mistress Elenas leather covered chair. Since the leather sleeve securely bound her arms, she could only kneel and press her face onto Carls feet and kiss his insteps. He smiled and picked up the end of her leash. When she raised her head to see him, he pointed to the left side of the chair and she scrambled to kneel where he pointed. He put his left hand on Karis head and gently stroked her hair.

���� Kari looked around and saw that another slavegirl was kneeling on the other side of Master Carls chair. Kari was so happy to see him that she didnt even notice that anyone else was with him. The other girl was kneeling just as Kari; she was dressed in a navy blue suit with a micro-mini skirt.

���� Stand up Kimi, Master Carl said sharply. She stood and waited for her next command. It wasnt long in coming, Walk out in front of me.�� She strode out and stopped facing him. He made a spinning motion with his fingers, Slowly.

���� She turned slowly in front of him; he had her do it so Kari could see her better. Kimi was wearing dark blue patent leather shoes. The shoes had 2-inch platforms and very high heels. Kimi looked a lot like Kari; she was 5 feet and 3 inches tall, but with the heels she was 5 feet 10 inches. Her mini skirt just passed her pale tan stocking tops. Kari could see the very tiniest bit of white of Kimis garters, at the edge of her hem. Her jacket was unbuttoned, and left a gap that showed her sheer blue silk top.

���� Ok were all set, said Mistress Elena as she walked into the room with a sheaf of papers and sat at her desk. Kimi checks out all right.�� She turned to Master Carl, I hope youre not offended, but for protection of my business I have to make sure of all of my charges.��

���� Master Carl smiled and shook his head, Of course, you have too much to lose over a little decorum.

���� Come over here Kimi, she ordered briskly. Stand in front of my desk.

���� Yes mistress, Kimi said as she hurried to obey.

���� Mistress Elena nodded to Mistress Lainie who casually pushed a wastebasket near Kimi with her foot. Put your clothes in the wastebasket. You wont be needing them anymore.�� Kimi slipped off her jacket and dropped it into the basket, her silk top followed. Kimi took a breath and looked around as she unbuttoned and unzipped her tiny skirt, it dropped to the floor. She picked it up and dropped it into the basket. Master Carl hadnt given her a brassiere or a pair of panties to wear.

���� Kimi was very slender, just like Kari. Her breasts were small; she wore a 32A cup size bra when she wore one. Her nipples were dark red/brown almost maroon, and she had a tiny triangle of black pubic hair above her shaved pussy lips. Kimis waist was small only 22 inches and her hips 33, a little smaller than Kari. Her shoes had wide ankle straps with tiny gold padlocks she could not remove them.

���� Leave the rest, said Mistress Elena. The lacey white belt looks so good on you. Turn around so I can see your behind, dear.�� Mistress Elena smiled, she appreciated a nice ass, and Kimi was very nice from the rear. She had slender thighs and butt, and her posture kept her anus and pussy easily visible from the back. Her I.S.R. number was tattooed on the small triangular spot at the top of her anal cleft. It was well done 90974 the medium blue color stood out beautifully against her tanned skin. Kari could see her breasts and nipples now, Kimis nipples and navel were pierced and each had a small gold ring through it. The most intriguing however, was Kimis pussy jewelry. Her outer lips were pierced very deeply, at least an inch from the edge near the top of her pussy, with large gauge holes; she had an oval shaped ring through both holes and it carried a smaller round ring on it.

���� Is that for a leash? Mistress Lainie asked. I love it, thats beautiful. Did you have it done? she asked Carl.

���� No, he answered softly. It was there when I bought her. In Europe thats not appreciated, and I got her for a good price. I like it though, he smiled as he spoke.

���� Mistress Lainie snapped her leash to the ring and led Kimi out, to her cell in the slave barracks. Kimi followed her obediently; with a leash to her pussy she really had no choice.

���� Shes had some training, when were done shell be very good, maybe as good as Kari, Mistress Elena spoke proudly. Ive got a nice room in the guest quarters ready for you. Lynne will show you there.�� She looked around as Lynne rushed forward to comply.

���� Ill be here tonight and tomorrow night and then I must return to Switzerland, he told Kari when they got to the guest room. Im going to be here for your last day of training and graduation. Im proud of your accomplishment. He smiled at Kari. Kneel on the pad, he pointed to the slave pad in the corner. Ill be back after I shower. I expect youll be ready for use.

���� Yes master, Kari rushed to the corner and dropped to her knees. Im always ready for your use.�� She was thrilled. Carl went into the bathroom to take his shower while Kari knelt. He smiled to himself; Kari would finally get the treatment she sought from him.

���� When Carl was finished he walked into the room naked, he went to the bed and sat on the edge. Kari hungrily watched his every step, and licked her lips in anticipation.

���� Crawl over here and pleasure me, bitch, he said cruelly. Karis arms were still in the binder, so she had to crawl on her belly. She used her knees and hips, she slithered as much as crawled to reach Master Carl. She gasped as her long tender nipples were scrubbed roughly on the carpet.

���� When she got there she knelt between Carls knees and took his semi-erect penis in her mouth. She licked and sucked him in as his erection grew. Kari continued to swirl her tongue and her stud around and over the delicate head until he sighed. Kari had certainly learned her new skills well, she took Master Carls penis deep into mouth, his firm head well to the back nearly into her throat. He ejaculated in her mouth and she swallowed as best she could, but his volume was huge. She couldnt swallow fast enough to keep it all in, but he held the back of her head. Semen came out both sides of her mouth, and even a little out her nose. Carl was surprised that she took it all in stride, she casually licked up all that she could, and didnt worry about the rest.

���� May slave kari cum master?

���� No. Dont ask me again. Ill tell you when you are allowed to cum. He snarled at her.

���� Yes master.�� Kari was thrilled. She had waited so long for him to order her.

�� ���Do you like my new slavegirl? he asked carefully.

���� Yes master, I love everything of yours.

���� Lie on the bed, with your ass up. I want to make use of it.�� Kari hurried to obey him. She got onto the bed but kept her feet on the floor, when she was in position she arched her back and spread her legs.

���� Damn! he thought to himself. He looked at her and was very impressed. He wasted little time entering her anus. Kari flexed her butt and anus muscles, he lasted just a few minutes. She rose a little, turned and licked his penis clean. He didnt start getting hard again, he was tired and it was catching up to him.

���� Ive been busy today and Im sleepy. Turn around Kari.�� She turned; he unzipped the zipper on her binder and attached the chain from the bedpost to her collar. He pointed down and snuggled into the covers. Kari lay on the floor by the bed and smiled as she closed her eyes. As soon as she head Carls even measured breathing, she used the bathroom, and then returned to her spot on the floor.���

���� Lynne opened the door quietly; she woke Kari without bothering her master. It was an hour before time to prepare her for the last day of training; Kari smiled and nodded to her. After Lynne left, she slowly lifted the covers and took her masters flaccid penis between her lips. She began gently and slowly build pressure and tension. Her goal was to raise his erection before he awoke. She was good, it worked!

���� Carl woke up suddenly, to a raging hard-on. Looking down he was met with Karis eyes looking back, her lips were around his penis and her cheeks hollow as she sucked. This time her arms were not bound so she could handle his balls and the base of his penis. She had been cautioned to keep away from his rectum unless he ordered it.

���� He ejaculated hugely again, but she was ready and didnt loose a drop. She kept his penis in her mouth until she felt he was sufficiently licked clean. He looked at her dreamily, and went into the bathroom, leaving her kneeling by the bed. While he was busy, Lynne came silently and took Kari for her daily preparations.


���� Well, how did it go? Was it as much fun as you thought? Did you surprise him with any of the new stuff, that you learned here? Lynne asked all at once. Kari was laying face down on her table in the prep area; the first enema was inside her. She was waiting for 15 minutes to let the enema do its work.

���� Oh yeah, she answered slowly. It was better that I hoped.

���� Did he let you come?

���� I cant tell you that, Kari answered modestly. Actually not yet, when I finish training today, were going someplace. He said Id get to then.�� Lynne looked at her with new respect and a bit of envy. She released Karis ankles and gave her a little slap on her butt. Kari went to the open topped commode and waited for Lynne to pull the nozzle and long tube out of her. When she was done and Lynne wiped her butt she returned to the table. She climbed on for the rinse enema. Lynne inserted the tube and nozzle, and started the flow. The rinse was 2 quarts, but didnt require the 15 minutes to work, as soon as it was in, Lynne got her up to expel it. Then came the 16 ounces of sesame oil. Kari expelled the excess oil, and walked to the shower she Lynne could wash her.

���� Mistress Lainie was there to get her for her last day of vaginal training when Lynne finished washing and drying her. Lynne had her all ready to go, with her arm binder and Mistress Lainies leash snapped onto Karis collar. Each Mistress had her own personal leash and each had her own preferences. A longer or thinner, braided leather or chain, Lainies was braided leather and only 3 feet long with a wrist loop. She took the end of her leash and led Kari to the training room.

���� They started with the frame where she had Kari crawl in and secured her head with the stock and the chest and back bars. As soon as she had Kari locked in place she lifted the nipple teasers to poke and prick the ends of Karis nipples. Mistress Lainie had an inflatable dildo to stretch Kari as wide as possible; today she had to sit on the final dildo chair. Mistress Lainie wanted to have her on the chair by noon. The inflatable would be inside for almost 4 hours the stretching would be slow. The stretching was todays goal, not control.

�� Mistress Lainie pumped the dildo 15 times; she would have to insert the catheter before it went any bigger. She stood to leave.

���� Mistress may slave kari ask a question?

���� Sure sweetheart, what is it? Mistress Lainie leaned down by Karis head to listen.

��� Is there something poking my nipples, sometimes they hurt so much while Im in here?��

���� Sshh, was all she said, and she gave Kari a kiss on her forehead. She left to go into Mistress Elenas office. Kari tried to be as still as possible to keep her nipples from hurting as much as possible. She didnt know the answer, but Mistress Lainie didnt deny it, however she didnt really say there was something poking.

���� Kari was lost in her own mind. She had learned to be content to fulfill her master or mistresses wishes. If she was tied or ordered to kneel, she did either for as long as required.

���� Just one more time, baby, Kari was surprised when Mistress Lainie came to pump more air into her dildo. Mistress Lainie stopped by her head, and gently stroked her hair, too. Kari could feel the large size of the dildo, and the presence of the catheter, but she did not remember Mistress Lainie installing it.

Graduation Ceremonies

��� ��Kari sit down on the chair and get the dildo fully inside, Mistress Lainie ordered.

���� Yes mistress, her heart soared. Master Carl and Mistresses Elena and Regina were sitting in chairs and sipping coffee, waiting to watch Karis commencement.�� ����

����� She lowered herself carefully, and slowed when the end of the dildo touched her nether lips. She was already slightly aroused, but she was always adequately lubricated. The treatments she had been given made her pussy very juicy, she was confident as she settled over the huge wooden member. The dildo was curved, 4 inches wide by 12 inches long. Kari had never had anything longer than 11 inches before, but putting her weight on it should make it possible. She loved her master and he ordered her to obey Mistress Elena and of course the others. She would do as ordered.

���� She felt the size of the dildo as she slid slowly over its length. Kari felt as though she was filling fast, she felt the great dildo stretch her inner tissues as she lowered over it. It hurt but not terribly and she kept on. When she finally reached the seat, she felt relieved and proud of herself. Mistress Lainie made her remain on the chair for an hour. Master Carl came to see her; he patted her head and kissed her lips softly. Mistress Regina brought Kimi to see, too.�� They all posed for pictures with Kari.

���� Lainie youve done well, Mistress Elena complimented her. I know it took a while to get her opened up enough. Very nice.�� Kari understood, slaves didnt really accomplish anything, their trainers did.

���� Mistress Anna, Lainies mother came by, too. She stopped in to leave Louise, and get a first hand look at Kimis pierced pussy lips leash attachment point. She was ready to have a permanent collar, like Karis for Louise. When Lainie came home last night she was very excited about Kimis rings. She brought Louise for piercing by Mr. Ford; the healing would take several weeks, possibly 2 months for holes this large. They found the rings at a website and ordered them last night.

��� Youll be doing that soon, Mistress Regina told Kimi. Ill have you stretched over that dildo before Im done with you, she said proudly. Kimi looked on warily, she gave a little shiver and tried to step back. Mistress Regina tugged her forward by her leash, softly. Kimi hurried to comply; the leash was not new to her.


���� Kari, Ive got your dress here, Lynne said as she came into the guestroom. She held up the nearly transparent silk garment. It was very pale yellow with antiqued gold color spaghetti straps. It looks nicer than the one Mistress Regina had for you that time.

���� It is, she answered. My master got it for me.�� Kari continued to attach the garters to her stockings. She looked at the tiny dress its one sheer and diaphanous layer. She could see through it on the hanger. The minuscule coverage it offered gave her a thrill. It offered only slightly more coverage than Mistress Reginas dress, but it was completely sheer. Kari didnt mind in the slightest. If her master wanted her to go out without anything on she would be right there, without a single concern.

���� They went to a private party, and not to a public restaurant. Kari wondered when they left if Master Carl was really taking her out in public so exposed. Karis silk dress was taken at the door and hung in the cloakroom, she was taken out to Master Carl on a leash with a leather arm binder. She still wore the stockings, garter belt and her platform, high heels.

���� Waiters and waitresses from a local gourmet restaurant catered their dinner. Kari was not the only slavegirl in attendance, but she was the only one allowed near the table. A beautiful black and floral accented, hand loomed rug was set by Master Carls chair for her to kneel upon. He absently fed her from his plate; an occasional morsel was his treat to her.

���� A pretty young woman with straight brunette hair sitting beside him offered Kari a tiny shred of her steak. Master Carl said he preferred that she only have vegetarian fare. She took the meat back and gave Kari several pieces of tomato and bits of broccoli. She began to pet Karis head and stroke her hair.

���� Shes such a pretty little bitch. Do you have any others? she asked.

�� ���Yes, but not this nice. Shes my favorite, he said expansively. Shes just finished Mistress Elenas Academy, today.

���� Really? My sister works there, maybe you know her, Lainie. Shes the youngest trainer to ever work there.�� Kari moved closer and laid her head on the young womans lap. Karis short blonde hair pressed firmly on the snug skirt of Landys white evening gown I guess she knows Lainie. Look at this, she gushed. I should introduce myself. Im Landy, and Lainie is my younger sister.

���� Mistress Elena always does a nice job, she turned Kari by her shoulder and looked at her front. No tattoos, what was she trained for?

���� Oh, like I said just today, I havent had time to get them on yet, Carl admitted. I had basic slave training and oral, anal, and of course vaginal.��

���� The other slavegirls were not fed. They were required to wait in the parlor until the dinner was over and the caterers were finished. When they were brought in Carl unzipped Karis arm binder. When they were in each was sent under the table to service their owners, over coffee. When they came in, Kari slipped under the table without being told. She gently unzipped her masters trousers and carefully lifted his penis out. She held it with her fingertips, and licked the full length of his shaft. She was rewarded by an almost immediate orgasm. She got her mouth over the end in just time to catch it all and swallowed fast enough to keep it in.

Next: Kari has a chance to run a race, and enjoy her leisure while boarded at Mistress Elenas Academy. Kimi learns her lessons well.


Kari in Training 5**

������������������������������������������������������������������������� By: Long Johnson (Nom de Plume)

Note: {Disclaimer} This is a work of fiction, developed entirely in my own mind. Any similarities between the characters and any persons, living or dead, is strictly coincidence (or my good luck}

�� ��Kari sat very still and listened to the buzzing, as Mr. Ford tattooed Mistress Elenas logo and the little letters to show her accomplishments on her left breast. She wanted to be sure the letters were clear and not blurred. The 4 letters were tattooed vertically on her left breast on the skin outside her pink areola. On the top was E for Mistress Elenas academy. Below it he tattooed O for passing the oral training. Then A and V for anal and vaginal training. Kari was actually proud of what she had accomplished. Master Carl was needed at his office in Switzerland, but he assured Kari he would be done in 3 more months.

���� When he finished Mr. Ford stepped back so Lainie could get Kari out of the brown leather covered chair to go. After she was out she stepped toward Mr. Ford to thank him, he was very tall, nearly 6 feet and 4 inches, to Karis 5 feet and 4 inches.�����

���� Thank you very much Mr. Ford. Your work is very beautiful, She stepped quickly on the step up to the tall chair she just climbed from, and gave him a tiny kiss on the left side of his long craggy face. She stepped down and crossed her arms behind her back, so Mistress Lainie could zip the arm binder to secure her for the walk to Mistress Elenas office.

���� Thank you, he was surprised. His gaunt features broke into a shy smile, and his pale gray/blue eyes sparkled, the first smile Lainie or Kari had seen from him. Normally he would have nothing to do with slavegirls, but her demonstration was so spontaneous he could not avoid it. She seemed to really appreciate his efforts and that meant a lot to him today.

���� Mr. Ford preferred the company of men, he worked here to help Mistress Elena, he had known her for many years, and she needed an artist one day 4 years ago, and he just stayed to help. She needed a tattoo and piercing artist, he had sold his shop and then grew tired of too much leisure. Elena was very convincing and promised him that he would not have to even speak to any slavegirls. Now this naked little girl was making him smile, What next he wondered.

Kimi Meets Mistress Lainie

����        ������Kimi was undecided, the tall American bought her and took her away to Arizona (?) and left her with these strange women. They all treated her like a Hndchen, a puppy, or Ktzchen, a kitten, but they all wanted to put their fingers in her pussy. Except the old Schwule, he had to wear Einmalhandschuhe, disposable gloves, to even touch her. She did like the new smaller nipple rings, then he looked over her pussy lips and the haltering, her lock ring. He pulled gently and tested the smaller sliding leash attachment ring. He wasnt very careful, but he didnt hurt her.

���� Unlike most of them, the mdchen, was bissig, vicious, every time she came near was painful. Mistress Lainie liked having Kimi to play with and torment, she jumped every time Lainie got near. Kimi didnt seem to like having Mistress Elena or Regina handling her, at all. Lainie could tell that she had been a slavegirl for a while, because she could wear the arm binder right from the start. They had to work with Kari for several weeks until she could wear the arm binder all the time.

���� Kimi had been a slavegirl since she was 17 years old. Her mother was left alone with 7 children, 1 girl and 6 boys, after a mortar attack in Bosnia, they fled to Germany, where Kimi grew up. Their life was more than hard, and it became impossible. When Kimi reached 17 she became a salable commodity, the amount offered for her was too much to resist. She was taken away the morning after her birthday and transported to the owners facility.

���� That afternoon she had the ISR tattoo 90974 put on her lower back, in the small triangular spot above her anal cleft. The light aqua color stood out beautifully against her dark skin. The next morning her light brown nipples and navel were pierced. The 8-gauge pussy ring was done the third morning; she was almost 3 months healing from it. The other holes were all healed long before. When she was healed the permanent ring was installed. A small round ring was put over the heavy oval shaped inner ring and the pin was swaged in place. The pinned portion was carefully turned inside, so that only the smooth portion was visible.

��� Kimi was very pretty; she had raven black hair that covered her head in a mop of short ringlets and deep blue eyes. Her olive complexion was divine and each brown nipple stood on top of a perfectly round areola. At 5 feet and 3 inches, she was not tall so there was no interest from wealthy Arabs. They had plenty of short dark haired girls right at home for free. Kimi was not very big, she weighed 106 pounds and her figure 32A-21-33, was cute. She needed someone who wanted a petite, pretty girl. The owners purchased her for resale to an American if possible; so all the body piercing was done. It wasnt as popular in Europe.

���� The only respites from the boredom were the visits by the beautician to remove all of Kimis body hair. She had to lie very still, for an hour at a time for the electrolysis to be completed. Then she waited in the slave barracks for a long time.

���� The training she received was only rudimentary, how to kneel properly and how to give good blowjobs. She was cautioned about masturbation, she had to refrain and be careful. Kimi was allowed to think she got away with it once a week though; they allowed her a little space. She was a jungfrau a virgin and the owners kept her that way. The worst part of her life was boredom. She had other slavegirls to associate with, but they came in and left soon. So she couldnt make friends for long with any of them, especially the tall, blonde ones.

���� Her picture was shown around at various clubs and Master/Owner meetings quite extensively. Her going price was quite high, she was a virgin and had all the piercings healed.

���� She was 18 when Master Carl bought her, except for her complexion she looked just like Kari, her dark hair was curly and Karis white blonde hair was straight. Carl wanted her for several weeks, but he would not buy her until she was 18 years old, period. When the time came to actually make the purchase he negotiated her price down a bit. Kimi was so happy she finally had someone who wanted her that she cried for an hour.

���� Their first evening was spent at the Bundesherrschraftklub, or German Dominance Club where she was delivered to Carl. She was dropped and he took possession of her at the door. The deliveryman got the paperwork signed and handed over her leash in the front entrance. He grasped the back of her cloak and pulled it off (she got to keep the arm binder) as he stepped out the door. There she was naked and alone, but somebody finally wanted her.

��� Master Carl didnt speak German well enough to understand she was a virgin, he thought jungfrau just meant young girl. She was delivered in time for dinner, when the other slavegirls went under the table she followed their example and added to Master Carls fine evening with great blowjob. She appreciated the company and new surroundings a lot. When her got her back to his place he found out that jungfrau translated to virgin in English.

���� He saved her until the weekend when he had time to properly enjoy deflowering her, and take the necessary precautions. He did not intend to raise his own little herd of slaves, at all. When he got Kimi, he was already headed to a meeting at the company headquarters in Phoenix and another in New York. He had very little trouble taking Kimi in on the corporate jet.

���� It was the first time in a little over a year she had worn clothes. He dressed her in micro miniskirts and nearly transparent tops. He kept a leash attached to her labia ring and then out under her skirt. Carl had enough self-confidence that he was not afraid she would run away, but keeping slavegirls often meant some sacrifice on his part too. So he kept her on a leash and made the effort to hold the other end too.


���� Lynne got Kimi out of her cell the first morning and led her to the prep area and laid her face down on the stainless steel topped table. Kimi followed her instructions without hesitation, but she began to moan and shout in German. Something about klistierspritze (enema), so Lynne put a ball gag in her mouth. She left it there for 5 hours, Kimi got the idea. Wearing the ball gag for 5 hours was definitely worse than the enema. Lynne took her to the doctor with the ball gag still in place.

���� Kimi lay uncomfortably on her back; she still had the arm binder on and her ankles in the stirrups. After she was secured, Lynne stepped back so the doctor had access to Kimis pussy. He already knew she had no birth control pills or implants. He carefully put the little stainless installation tool into Kimis pussy, and through her cervix. When it was properly positioned he pressed the plunger and placed the IUD in her uterus. When he finished he pulled the tool out and dropped it into the sink, he nodded to Lynne as he pulled off his rubber gloves. She got Kimi up and took her back to her cell to wait for Mistress Regina to get her for position training.

���� Like most Europeans she spoke some English, so all of the commands were not gibberish. Kimi learned English in high school, but she hadnt had the chance to use it for most of her time at the slave barracks. It was coming back fast now that she was using it exclusively.

����� She understood that Master Carl was paying a lot to have her trained while he was busy. She appreciated the company and attention so she did her best, for the praise and her own sense of accomplishment. She didnt have any trouble waiting for Mistress Regina; she had been waiting for the last year. The position training lasted for only 2 days Kimi knew the positions already. Her next training would be for oral skills.

���� Kari was finally done with her training, but she didnt just wait in her cell. She was taken out 5 times a week and she ran behind the ponygirls. Miss Lynne would get her ready with her running shoes and arm binder. She would take her outside and tie her leash to the back of a 1-girl sulky or 3-girl chariot. Mistress Elena had 5 ponygirls that needed regular exercise. Sometimes it was Mistress Elena on an errand or one of her grooms or handlers doing some exercising. Kari especially liked running behind the 3 blonde ponygirls, they were so big and strong that they could keep up a fast past for miles. It gave Kari the workout she missed while she was in the training course. Then twice a week she would get refresher training in one of her skills.

���� Today it was oral skill time, Lynne got her ready to go with Kimi. Mistress Lainie was waiting for them in the main training hall. She was filling in for Mistress Regina and training alone this week. Mistress Regina was taking this week off, but she would be back for Mistress Lainie to start her senior year of high school next week, she went to Miami to visit her sister and brother-in-law. Kari thought it was funny that a 17-year-old virgin was teaching how to give blowjobs and eat pussy. She wisely refrained from commenting, but she didnt keep her mouth shut.

���� They were brought in wearing wrist cuffs, Kimi was given a collar while here for her training sessions. Mistress Elena did not want to have any sort of accident with the ring through Kimis pussy lips.�� It was very attractive, but didnt look very durable to her.

���� Mistress Lainie had 6 of the men that Regina used for oral training already in place, and she smiled at Kari who was already licking her lips and wanting to get started. Kari really liked having a penis in her mouth, and she was adept at blowjobs. Lainie didnt see the attraction it looked too messy. Kari watched Mistress Lainie out of the corner of her eye, she knew most of these subjects and already had her favorite selected unless Mistress Lainie directed her to a particular one she was going for him.

���� Mistress Lainie was really here to make sure Kimi got practice and so Kari was incidental to that. She knew that the man with the tremendous volume of semen was here this morning and she wanted Kimi on him first. Mistress Lainie arraigned the line up with him on the left end.

���� Lynne had removed the padlocks from both slavegirls wrists when she dropped them. Mistress Lainie ordered them to kneel, and then walked to the man she wanted Kimi to blow first.

���� Kimi crawl over here and start with this one, She ordered.�� Kimi crawled on her hands and knees to the man Mistress Lainie indicated and she knelt in front of him when she got there.

���� Kari crawl over here and get one for yourself and get started.�� She was interested in see how Kimi did; she didnt know how extensive Kimis knowledge of the subject was. Kari headed for her favorite who happened to be sitting at the other end of the line of seated men. Kimi saw this and thought Kari wanted to race with her, she took up the challenge and decided to finish her 3 before Kari could finish hers. The game was afoot.

��� Kimi unzipped the pants of the first man and lifted his penis out; as soon as she had it uncovered she began to lick his dark red glans. Kari saw the look from Kimi and smiled to herself. Kimi would be getting a BIG surprise real soon. Karis first choice was easy to get off, he loved Karis tongue stud because it tickled his penis.

���� Kari was finished with hers first and was crawling toward the next, when Kimis surprise came literally to her. She yelped and sputtered, but she managed to keep most all of it inside and swallowed all but a couple of drops that ran down her chin. Kimi finished up and went to the next one. She looked toward Kari and saw her second was already in her mouth. Kimi crawled quickly between the knees of her next man and unzipped his trousers. She quickly pulled her next penis out, and licked it like a lollypop. Karis next was unknown to her, she had given at least 100 blowjobs in training but she had never met this one before.�� This one took a while and the advantage she had from the first evaporated. She and Kimi finished their seconds at the same time.

���� When Kari dropped to crawl to the next one she was looking Kimi right in the eyes. They both giggled at each other, and turned to the third one. From the back Mistress Lainie watched both as they knelt, beautifully arched, between the knees of their last males. Kari finished just before Kimi and licked her penis clean and leaned back. She watched Kimi as she finished and sat back.

���� The two little slavegirls moved to each other and Kari put her hand behind Kimis head and brought her closer. Kimi crowded to Kari and they pressed their lips together. They both had the same idea and kept the semen in their mouths, so when they kissed, each had semen to give to the other. Kari had put her hand behind Kimis neck so she couldnt get away, and Kimi had hugged tight to Kari so she couldnt back away.

���� They both pushed the semen into each others mouth; they both swallowed and pushed with their tongues. They broke apart and started laughing, and giggling uncontrollably. Long strings of semen stretched between their mouths. Mistress Lainie wanted to make them stop, she didnt know what was going on and she was trying to make them stop laughing.

���� Mistress Elena came out of her office. When she heard that Lainie had put them side-by-side to do their blowjob practice she knew they would race, thats the way slavegirls were. She stepped up beside Mistress Lainie and put her hand on Lainies shoulder. Lainie calmed down a bit; she wanted Mistress Elena to get her out of this without too much embarrassment. The two slavegirls were not calming down themselves. Mistress Elena knew that the only thing she could do for Lainie was to keep things from going to hell totally.

���� Lets everybody take a coffee break, Mistress Elena sent the men for a break, while she salvaged Lainies decorum.

���� Well, who won? she asked when they were alone. Kari straightened up and raised her hand.

���� Mistress, Kari did, but not by much, Kimi confessed, as she moved to kneel beside Kari. They both knelt in the third position; their knees well apart, but legs straightened and backs very arched, also referred to the high kneeling position.

���� You put two slavegirls beside each other, they just did what all girls do. See who could finish first, she did her best to stifle a laugh. Lainie realized what had transpired and began to laugh, too.

���� She slowly shook her head; she was a little anxious about being totally in charge of the slavegirls. She had been so concerned with the whole process that the idea of their racing hadnt occurred to her.

���� I, ah, Ive never, um done that, she stammered. So I guess I was more worried about how they were doing, not what they were doing.�� It was like racing at anything, but these girls were sex slaves and so they raced at that. Kari and Kimi were just pets to her and to the slavegirls a man brought in was there to keep the penis from falling on the ground. So racing with them meant nothing more to the slavegirls than seeing who could finish the dishes first. Mistress Lainie didnt even suspect about the mouthful of semen each had slipped to the other.

���� I guess Kimi is quite adept at this skill, Mistress Lainie suggested. She could not avoid laughing herself this time, and she cracked up. All 4 were laughing when the men came back from their coffee break.

���� Please take another break, and well have this all sorted out after that, Mistress Elena said to the nearest man. He smiled and nodded and got the others to go with him back to the break room.

���� Kimi was already well trained with male oral skills Mistress Elena decided to move ahead to female oral. She was sure Kimi would not be all that happy with the decision it was however not her choice to make. In addition she would have to start the anal stretching to get her ready for anal training. So when Lynne finished with her in the morning, she called Mistress Elena. Mistress Elena brought Lainie to the slave barracks, when she came to install the first mushroom plug.

���� Mistress Elena came in right after Lynne finished with the soapy enema, and was preparing Kimi for the clear water rinse. She watched without saying anything while Lynne finished with Kimi. After Lynne put the 16oz. of sesame oil in deep Kimis bowels, Mistress Elena approached with the black mushroom plug. Mushroom plugs were named for their shape, very much like a wide, flat mushroom. It was easily inserted and then unfolded so that it fit against Kimis interior anal opening and held the stem in position securely. The stem held her anus open and it extended out for about 2 inches out of her anus. The butt-plug was constructed of pliable but firm rubber material, it held Kimis anus open gently and exerted constant pressure. There were 5 sizes available, and were employed as needed. The smallest was light blue, then black. The next size was dark red followed by purple and the largest was gray. The largest was used to stretch a slavegirls anus open 3 inches.

���� Kimi went for her last day of penis training wearing the butt-plug. It felt funny to her, however she didnt mind the feeling. She was slightly aroused by the sensations it caused. While she knelt and licked and sucked on her 10th penis, she became even more stimulated. She felt each heartbeat all through her body, her face flushed and even her temples throbbed. Her pussy throbbed in time too. Each throb was stronger than the last, until she felt about to cum. When the penis erupted in her mouth, she did too. She felt a surge that went through her to the ends of her toes.

���� It was the first orgasm she ever had while giving a blowjob. She could hardly believe it, she could just barely finish the blowjob. She did finish and even lick him clean, but she really wanted to lie back and close her eyes, to just enjoy the feelings.


���� She was crouched over the commode when Kimi saw Mistress Elena come into the slave barracks the next morning. She finished expelling the rinse enema and waited for Lynne to get her back to the stainless steel table. Lynne kept an arm binder on Kimi while giving her the daily enemas. She was not afraid of Kimi but to reinforce the understanding that she had no option. She secured Kimis ankles and picked up the blue bulb of sesame oil, after she introduced the oil she stepped back so Mistress Elena had access to Kimi. Today she had a dark red mushroom plug for Kimi. Once in place Kimis anus was held open 2 inches with the red plug, and it extended 2 inches out of Kimis anus.

���� Lynne we will be using the red plug for the next week, Ill re-evaluate it then, she told Lynne as she left the barracks.

The Slavegirl Olympics

���� Mistress Regina led Kari into Mistress Elenas office. As soon as they entered her arm binder was unzipped and leash was removed. Mistress Elena was sitting in an armchair; she was conversing with Miss Landy, Lainies older sister. Landy was wearing a blue denim mini-skirt. A pink tube top was stretched across her full breasts.

���� When she saw Landy Kari rushed to her and knelt in front of Landys feet. Kari knelt in the basic or first position, with her knees spread wide and her hands resting palm up on the floor beside her knees. She leaned forward and gently kissed the top of Landys right boot.

���� Kari, please attend me, Mistress Elena said. I am in a unique situation, and must ask for your approval.

���� Yes Mistress?�� Kari was surprised. Of course Ill do anything you need.

���� Well this does not exactly fall into that category. Please listen to Miss Landy, and then decide if youre interested, she turned to Landy. Go ahead dear.

���� Kari, its really so nice to see you again, she stroked Karis hair and gently rubbed behind her ear. We will need 3 coffees, please Lynne, she said over Karis shoulder, to Lynne. Kari looked around to see who would get the other cup. Its for you, if you want it Kari.

���� Oh, thank you. Kari was surprised.

���� Are you familiar with the Slavegirl Olympics?�� Kari shook her head slowly. Its held annually, and this year some of the events will be held here.�� Kari looked interested. Yes, the running events.�� She stopped to take her coffee from Lynne when she returned with it.

���� I spoke to your Master before we contacted you, Mistress Elena related. He told me that this was entirely up to you, he refused to have anything to say about it.

���� I need a running partner for the Mistress and slavegirl marathon. Lainie told me that you are an inveterate runner and quite fast over long distances.

���� Im not sure about running a marathon, Kari said. Ive been running a lot, but not that far regularly.

��� The marathon distance is really a half marathon, you know 20k. Does that work for you?

���� Yeah, it sure does. Ive been working up to 20k for the last few weeks, she had a wicked grin as she spoke. How does it work?

���� Well we run as a team, you with your collar and leash. Ill hold the other end of the leash and we run the race together.�� Landy licked her lips; she knew how fast Kari was.

���� Id love to, Miss Landy. Thank you of thinking of me.

���� I do plan to win, when Lainie told me how fast you could run I hoped you might be interested, Landy said as she stood. Stand up here and lets see what we have to work with.�� Kari stood and turned to show her profile, she arched gracefully for Miss Landy.

���� Whew, shes sharp. Too bad youre not interested in women Landy. Shed get your blood pumpin fast, Mistress Elena observed. She took a deep breath and sighed as she rose to leave. Ill leave the rest to you runners, I never did see much in it, too much work for my tastes. Ill have Lynne bring more coffee for you two, she said as she left.

���� You sure have exquisite nipples Kari, she said as she stood. Landy gently rolled Karis sensitive right nipple between her thumb and forefinger, as she spoke. Are they about an inch and a half long?�� Kari smiled and nodded. Do you wear a running bra?

���� I used to sometimes, mostly to cover up my nipples, I dont really have much breast meat, Kari laughed.

���� Do you wear a B cup size bra?

���� No my last bra was a 34A.

���� Hmm, looks like you may have grown a little bit lately. It sometimes happens with slavegirls, you get more hormones released and your boobs grow a bit. I think well have to do something for you,,,um,,,you have to run naked, Landy paused. So you cant wear a bra, but I know a few tricks.�� She stopped when Lynne brought more coffee. She filled Landys cup and turned to leave. Hey slavegirl, theres another cup, right there, Landy was sharp with Lynne. Dont dare be an asshole about this.

���� Im sorry Mistress. Please forgive me, Lynne apologized.

���� Im not referred to as mistress, I dont care for it.

���� Ill try again Miss Landy, Im sorry for my oversight.

���� It was not an oversight Lynne, she said sharply. You are a slavegirl here, you better act like it while Im here. That includes courtesy to my guests, even if you already know them

���� Yes miss.

���� The next morning Landy came for Kari at 7AM, Lynne had her ready to go. The first thing Landy did was unzip her arm binder. This years race program called for free arms. The owners wanted to have as much chance to set good times as to win, and free arms was faster than restricted. 2 years ago the program called for arm binders, then last year just wrist cuffs, but this year the organizers went to free arms. The pressure from the owners won out.

���� She also had an answer to Karis brassiere problem. It was transparent packaging tape, 1 inches wide. She took a strip about 3 inches long and placed it vertically under each of Karis breasts. It went from just under her pink areola down onto her chest, then a 2 inch strip horizontally where her breast met her chest, it crossed over the other strip of tape. When she was finished Kari felt very secure, and supported. She jumped up and down to see how it held.

���� They stretched and started running. Kari found that Landy could keep with her easily and they had a great time. Landy had a partner for the race, she laughed as they ran.

���� They ran together for 10 kilometers and ended back at the main compound. Kari was beat she felt used up, and all in. She sat down on the ground. Her face and lips were pale, her skin was clammy. She was not sweating anymore either.

���� Ive had enough for a while, Landy. I need to sit a bit, she didnt sound winded.

���� Whats wrong, Kari. We didnt run too much, did we?�� Kari shook her head.

���� What did you have for breakfast?

���� My usual, a bowl of oatmeal, she said slowly.

���� Thats all?

���� Yeah, Thats it.

���� OK. Ill take care of it.�� Landy walked away, Anybody seen Lynne, she yelled as she turned. Ill have her ass if I dont see her in about 2 seconds!��

���� Lynne came rushing to Landy, with her gray and blue plaid skirts flying, and her breasts shaking under the gray lace top of the dress. She dropped to her knees in front of Landy with her head bowed. She was afraid to look up at Landy.

���� Be in your Mistress Elenas office in 10 minutes, and dont bother wearing that half ass dress either! Do You Understand Me?

����� Yes Miss Landy, Lynne whispered.

���� That means youve got about 5 minutes to get Kari the food I left for her and a bottle of Gatorade.�� Lynne nodded as she jumped up and rushed off.

���� Ah, here she is now, Mistress Elena stood beside Landy and looked happy to see Lynne as she walked in to the office. Please come in Lynne. Perhaps youd like to kneel right here.�� Mistress Elena pointed down in front of her feet.

���� Well? Mistress Elena looked at Lynne naked and kneeling on the floor. I want to know why you didnt follow my directions with Karis breakfast. Dont try to deny it either, you didnt so thats settled, but why?

���� I dont like to give her extra treatment. Shes a little slut, and I hate her. I havent had an orgasm in a year and a half, and you think its cute when she does. You all think shes sooo special, Lynne spat out. Thats why, she glared and Landy.

���� Ill have to give you a little re-training, Lynne, Mistress Elena suggested. Go out to the big training room and wait for me by Ginas frame.�� Then as Lynne started to go, Oh hold on a second, I have something else for you, she held out a pair of alligator clips with a chain between. Lynne stepped closer and held her chest out for Mistress Elena to clip them to her nipples. She gasped as they bit in.

���� Is Kari ok? Mistress Elena asked. Did Lynne upset your plans? I dont think we have anyone else.

���� Shell be fine by tomorrow morning. Shes an animal when she runs, Landy was impressed. I think she knew she was just out of gas, you know she burnt up all her fuel. She knows a lot more about running than I do.

���� When Mistress Elena got out there, Regina had Lynne in the frame already. The clips were off and the pointed teasers were painfully scraping Lynnes hanging nipples, her arms were in a binder and held tightly behind her back. Her knees were stretched apart and her pussy and anus exposed. Lynne was sobbing, tears were running down her cheeks.

���� Mistress Elena, Im sorry, Lynne tried to apologize. I didnt think ahead. I dont have anything else to say.

���� Youre a great disappointment to me Lynne, Mistress Elena said softly. Kari has asked me to just let it go. She said shes not hurt and shes excused you already, but you failed me. I assured Landy that her menu would be fed to Kari.�� Lynne began to cry openly. Ill see you in the morning, Ive got to go with Gina to dinner.�� She turned and left Lynne in the kneeling frame. The pain would be considerable and seem endless. Lynne knew she would be here all night and boredom would be as bad as the pain.

���� Are you all right Lynne? Kari was kneeling on the floor in front of Lynne when she opened her eyes, in the middle of the night. The sharply pointed little spikes were digging into Lynnes delicate nipples.

���� Kari how did you get here?

���� Sshh, dont worry about that. I had to come to see you. I feel real bad for you, she leaned forward as she whispered. I cant stay too long.�� Kari sat on the floor by Lynne, and stroked her face, for nearly 20 minutes and then gave Lynne a little kiss in the side of her head, and she was gone.

���� Lynne didnt know if it was Kari or her imagination, she was surprised with Kari, but she was afraid not to tell Mistress Elena, unless it was her imagination. It couldnt have been real. Kari was locked in, she couldnt have gotten out.

���� Wheres Miss Lynne? Kimi was surprised when Miss April woke her in the morning. April just smiled, but didnt answer.

���� Come on Kimi, lets go get you washed off.�� She snapped her leash onto Kimis collar and led her to the prep area. After zipping her arm binder April got Kimi on the table for her soapy enema. To Kimi Miss April was no different from Miss Lynne, both had a competent manner and gentle hands. The administration of the enemas was somewhat different though. After she gave both the soapy and the rinse enemas, she showered Kimi before she injected the sesame oil, and put in the dark red mushroom butt-plug.

���� Miss April delivered Kimi to Mistress Regina for her first day of female oral training. Kimi was not thrilled with the idea of licking a pussy, but she knew she had no choice. She really loved Master Carl and wanted to please him, she knew he wanted her to learn these skills. Kimi also felt immense gratitude to Master Carl, for taking her out of the slave pen.


���� Kari ran beside Landy, they covered the same 10-kilometer course they used the other day. When they returned to the main compound, Kari could see Mistress Elena waiting for them. She had someone else with her, standing on the side away from her approach.

���� When they got closer Kari could see it was a naked man, Mistress Elena was holding a leash and he didnt look very comfortable.�� He was quite tall nearly 6 feet, and very good-looking. Kari liked what she saw, wide shoulders and big biceps. He had light brown or really dark blonde hair, and brown eyes. Hes on a leash, just like me. Kari followed the silver chain leash from Mistress Elenas hand. It didnt go to a collar,,, she followed it down. It went to a ring pierced through his penis. Kari stared, she didnt know what to think. She felt uneasy, who would do that? Kari looked toward Miss Landy.

���� Yes, hes mine, she sounded proud of him. She took the end of her leash from Mistress Elena, who had to leave. She turned her face so he could kiss her cheek. Do you like this?�� She held the leash up until it lifted his penis too. Kari looked a little scared, she stepped back. Landy reached out and took the head between her thumb and forefinger. She gently massaged it, but he didnt get hard. She pulled the 2-inch ring just behind the head also.

���� Its safe now, see, Landy said brightly. This my slave-boy, I call him Adam.��

���� He cant get a hard-on?

���� Nope. Perfectly safe now, Landy continued to play. I had Mr. Ford put this in for me.

���� Kari didnt say anything, but she wondered what good he would be if he couldnt get a hard-on. He seemed to be well built, with nice shoulders and a flat belly. She wouldnt mind getting close and cuddling nice and tight, but what for?

���� Hes realllly gooood with his face between my thighs, Kari, Landy could tell Kari was wondering. No. Ive never had anything in there and I dont intend to either.

���� Doesnt he ever feel anything?

���� Well yeah, he feels it. Hes not numb, Landy laughed.

���� But he doesnt ever cum?��

���� He doesnt need to cum to satisfy me,�� Landy said as she shook her head no.

���� Well Ive got an appointment, so I have to get going, she said as April arrived. Tomorrow well work on speed drills. See ya then.�� She walked toward her car, leading Adam by the leash to his penis ring.

���� Kari, Are you all right? April asked when she saw that Kari was staring. Kari didnt say anything but she shook her head no. Not to your liking, eh? Come on lets go get you washed up.�� April led Kari into the slave barracks.

��� Kimi knelt between the legs of the first woman Mistress Regina had for her, the first woman she had ever licked and she liked the flavor. She was surprised; Kimi had been prepared to dislike the whole process. When she got near the first woman and she was close enough to take in the aroma, she was in heaven. The flavor was delicious; the delicate tissue was tasty and luscious.

���� Kimi, dont come unless I give you permission, Mistress Regina warned.�� I know how good it tastes to you. Her delicate flavor is tempting�� Regina smiled.

���� Yes Mistress Regina, but its sooo good.�� The chubby brunette woman sat well forward in a lounge chair so that her butt was just on the cushion and her pussy was readily available to Kimi. The chair was low enough that Kimi had to kneel very low, the end of the purple mushroom butt-plug pressed firmly on the floor. Kimi loved the sensation when the end of the plug touched the floor.

���� The butt-plug exerted constant pressure to spread her anus open. Master Carl wanted her anus to be capable of opening to 4 inches. She didnt realize how big that was until Mistress Lainie told her it was the same as 10 centimeters.

���� It makes me entbrennen, aroused, Mistress Regina, she complained. The butt-plug feels good too.

���� Dont cum, she warned again. Ill beat you, where you lie. Dont doubt that I will.

���� No mistress.�� Kimi said that but she was having a rough time keeping that foremost in her mind. She really loved the taste, and the smooth texture of the delicate pink inner tissue.

���� Kimi didnt make it, when she felt herself about to cum she pulled back a little. The woman reached out and took Kimi by the curly hair on the top of her head and pulled her face back. This time her orgasm was placid and gentle she showed it only slightly. Mistress Regina was very alert and saw when Kimis failure happened.

���� When youre done there, Ill have a few words with you, Mistress Regina sounded hard.

���� I just hate when you little bitches disregard my instructions, Mistress Regina railed at Kimi. Kimi kneeling was on the carpet in the middle of the room. Do you not care to heed my instructions?�� Kimi was sobbing and tears ran down her cheeks. Mistress Regina used her cat o nine to whip Kimi, after the first stroke Kimi fell onto her face. Mistress Regina continued to whip Kimi from the back and then she made Kimi turn over to whip her front. She gave Kimi 10 strokes, 5 back and 5 fronts. She started with a small amount so she could escalate the punishment if necessary without marking or scarring Kimis skin.

���� Kari and Kimi knelt side by side in the big training room, both wore gray 3-inch mushroom butt-plugs. Kimi had advanced through the sizes at a rapid pace, after just 2 weeks she could wear the 3-inch plugs. Mistress Regina was finishing Kimis oral training today. Kari was here for her refresher in female oral skill.

���� Today will be your last for orals, Kimi, we are going to do something entirely different for both of you, Mistress Regina was smiling and sounded happy. You get to do each other this morning and this afternoon will be a big surprise, for you Kimi a treat really.�� Kimi and Kari looked at each other and smiled, Kimi in anticipation and Kari in concern.���

���� Mistress Regina snapped a leash to each collar and led them to a large pad or mat at the end of the room. Both of the slavegirls were wearing arm binders and She left them on for the first session.

���� They knelt face to face and began by kissing passionately. Kimi had wanted to do this with Kari since their blowjob race last week. Kari had been afraid of this since Master Carl introduced Kimi last month.

���� Their arms remained in the binders so they had to push carefully against each other. They both leaned forward so that their breasts were pressed together. Kari felt Kimis nipple rings against her chest and nipples as they ground together.

���� This isnt too bad, Kari thought.

���� Today is a free day for each of you. Go ahead and cum if you want, Mistress Regina offered. She knew Kimi would love this, but she wanted to give Kari some incentive. She helped them lie down on their sides and get turned around so their pussies were available to each others mouths.

���� Kimi was aroused almost immediately, but Kari took a bit longer. Karis pussy was juicy all the time, so Kimi thought she was already turned on. Each lay on her side and lifted her upper leg by bending at the knee. Mistress Regina let them go for nearly an hour before she stopped them. She unzipped girlss arm binder and sent them to the bathroom to wash off each others face. She cautioned each not to wash their pussies.

���� Ok, now I want you to go again, this time you arms will be free. I want you to finger each others pussy and end of the butt-plugs.

���� Kimi grasped the end of Karis butt-plug immediately and pushed and pulled gently. Kari started by holding Kimis outer lips between her fingers and thumbs and rolled them together. Holding and relaxing the butt-plug was nearly an instantaneous arousal for Kari, she was on top of Kimi and had the first orgasm where she actually squirted fluid from her urethra. Kimi didnt stop she continued to lick and suck Karis pussy and manipulate the end of her butt-plug.�� If not for the butt-plug she would have licked and kissed Karis anus. As it was she licked and kissed as close as possible. Kari had another orgasm very quickly, and then began a slow climb of intensity until she wasnt sure she could endure it. She could feel the intensity as a throbbing in her temples.

���� Kari took Kimis clitoral hood between her lips and sucked hard. She caused Kimi to cum soon and she slowly inserted all the fingers of her left hand into Kimis vagina one-by-one. She continued to suck Kimis triangle as hard as she dared. Mistress Regina let them continue for nearly another hour, and stopped them again.

���� Do either of you remember what the other did? she asked them. Both girls nodded, as they knelt side-by-side. Do you suppose that was because thats what she really wanted done?�� She smiled at them, Go ahead and each of you do what the other did.��

���� Kari grasped the end of Kimis butt-plug and pushed in and pulled out, just as Kimi had done to her butt-plug. She felt Kimi manipulate her pussy lips, just as she had done to Kimi. She felt Kimis fingers as they went one-by-one into her pussy, soon Kimis entire hand was inside Kari, and she kissed and licked Kari between her vagina and anus. Mistress Regina left the two of them while she went to the back of the room to check on her dogs. She brought them for Kimi in the afternoon. Kari was going to have the afternoon off.

���� The dogs scared Kimi so badly she almost fainted. Mistress Regina did not let that stop her. She sent the first dog into the kennel to crouch over Kimi and lower his penis into her mouth. The dog licked Kimis pussy and extended its tongue into her vagina. Kimi opened her mouth to complain to Mistress Regina, and the dogs penis went in. Kimi shivered and was shaken clear to her toes.

���� Suck it Kimi. You know how to do that, Mistress Regina urged. Do not cum, you do not have my permission. Im sure that wont be a problem, its a damn dog.

���� Yes Mistress.�� But it sounded more like, Mmmumfffmm.��

���� The dog ejaculated into Kimis mouth, she swallowed all of it, but she really wanted to spit it out. When he was done the dog stood and left the kennel, but another was ready to come in.

���� Oh god please, noo, Kimi cried. Mistress Regina ignored her plea and urged the big Shepard on into the kennel. Kimi was so scared that she dared not do what the dog seemed to want. The dog only did as trained by Mistress Regina, now it was helping to train the slavegirl. Soon she would open her mouth and suck any penis presented to her. The dog finished and Mistress Regina sent the next one in. Kimi was getting very aroused; the dogs rough tongues were doing their best to her responsive pussy tissues.�� When the biggest German Shepard ejaculated, Kimi did too. She was so upset about it that she just laid there and cried. She was terrible and perverted.

���� You are Schmutzig Hure, a filthy whore, a Schlampe, a slut. Oh My God, you had an orgasm with a fucking dog. Get out her right this minute.��

���� She didnt hang Kimi up, she used the suede cat o nine to beat Kimi as she lay face down on the floor. Kimi was different from Kari, and hanging her to beat her was not a humiliating as beating her where she lay. Roll over, I want to see your filthy face.��

���� She turned and Mistress Regina continued to beat her with the whip. Kimi sobbed and cried even after Mistress Regina stopped. She threw the whip on the floor and left the room without speaking further to Kimi. Kimi lay there on the floor and cried while Mistress Regina was gone.

���� You certainly have no regard for me and my work and my feelings, Mistress Regina scolded when she returned. I have to spend hours each day trying to train you to be satisfactory for your wonderful owner and Master, she walked around Kimi where she was on the floor.

���� Please Mistress let me do something to show you that I do love you for what you do for me, Kimi sobbed.

���� Do you want to get back into the kennel for me?

���� Kimi paused, she did not want to do that for anything. Yes mistress, she whispered. Kimi rose and walked slowly to the front of the kennel. She knelt and got inside, it was not easy with the arm binder in place.

���� When she finally got inside and lay back with her head to the front of the kennel the first dog was already there and waiting to come inside. Mistress Regina called the first dog as Kimi crawled into the kennel. The dog came in and immediately began to lick Kimis pussy. The Shepard crouched over her body and his penis came out of its sheath, right by her face. Kimi opened her mouth and took it inside. The head swelled in Kimis mouth and then the dog ejaculated in her mouth and down her throat. Kimi swallowed and gulped it all down. She waited for the next dog.

���� The same big dog that was the scourge of Kari and now Kimi returned to reprise his role. He walked slowly into the kennel and buried his nose between the lips of Kimis pussy. He licked and slurped before he crouched over her body. The dogs penis emerged from its sheath and directly into Kimis mouth. She could not avoid his tongue as it licked thoroughly and deeply between her lips. He inserted the tongue into Kimis vagina and his nose pressed against the protruding end of the butt-plug. Kimi arched as he pressed harder, she couldnt avoid the attentions of the big beast.

���� She gulped and an orgasm took her over again. The dog finished and stood up to walk away, but Mistress Regina told him to wait.

���� Regis, stay, she ordered.

���� Take a break, Regis.�� The dog crouched and urinated right there on Kimi. The dog piss fell on her face and upper body, wetting her hair and her breasts.

���� Oh no, der Polizeihund, Kimi cried out.

���� Come Regis, Mistress Regina and the dog walked away and left Kimi in the kennel. The door was open, but Kimi remained sobbing in the kennel. Mistress Regina took her dogs and went home for the day.

���� Come on Kimi, Miss April came for her half an hour later. Lets go get washed up, baby.�� She helped Kimi out and took her to the wash area of the slave barracks.

���� When she was all washed and feeling better, Kimi was taken to her cell.�� It was right across from Karis cell. Kari was lying on her bed reading a book; she looked up as Kimi came in. The butt-plug was still protruding 3 inches from her anus and she couldnt sit up. Kari was allowed to use her bunk now that she was in training; less stress on her knees, Master Carl and Miss Landy overruled Mistress Elena.

���� Hi, are you all right? Kari asked as Kimi went into her cell. Kimi didnt answer she just shook her head, no. Kimi saw that there was a second bed in her cell now.

���� Whats with this? she looked toward Miss April.

���� We were ordered to move Heide in with you. April said. There are going to be quite a bunch of people here for the Games, and we had to double everybody up.�� April turned to leave. Kari wanted to get you in with her, but Miss Landy insisted she have her own space.�� April turned back to Kimi, Heides not all that bad.

��� The last time we were together she tried to kiss me and wanted to lick my pussy, Kimi complained. That wouldnt be so bad, but shes really weird. She thinks I should really want her too. I never met a damned Finn I liked, Kimi complained in her soft German lilt.

���� Kimi, Miss April said she would let you into my room after we finish eating, Kari smiled sweetly. Kimi returned an impious leer.

Slavegirl Marathon

���� Kari smiled, as she looked at all of the other teams of runners stretching their legs on the huge square of manicured grass near the start of the race. The ten teams of runners were posturing trying to impress each other. Each slavegirl was required to run naked, and had to wear a collar with a leash held by her leader, {Master, Mistress or Owner}. The competitor number was on a large white card pinned to the leaders singlet, and written on the each of the slavegirls backs. Kari saw two teams that she considered actual competition, and two others that were obviously out of their depth. The other 5 teams were somewhere between.

���� The two serious teams were lean and took their stretching as seriously as Kari and Landy, and both were Master/slavegirl teams. The slavegirls were quite tall. Their long legs were beautifully tanned from running out in the sun.

���� One of the girls was dark with shoulder length brunette hair and a slender figure. She was not very pretty, she had a crooked nose. Her back and butt had several new bright red welts. Her master called her slut and made several disparaging remarks to her, but not about running or competing. Kari carefully noted that, to her it meant that slut was real competition. Slut wore a modified running bra, it was cut away so that she had support under each breast, but no coverage.��

���� The other was blonde, and Kari thought she was fairly pretty. Michelle, called Shelly by her master, also had a beautiful tan. She stretched and warmed up as though she was a knowledgeable runner too. Her breasts were not particularly large, but she was not as sleek as Kari. Like Kari she also looked around and checked out the competition. When she looked at Kari and their eyes met, she frowned and glared. Kari broke into a big smile, and blew a kiss.

���� What are you doing? Landy whispered after Shelly looked away.

���� The same thing she just did, Kari said sweetly. She wanted to give me something to worry about. So I did the opposite, Kari snickered. The race has already started, Kari said softly. We just arent running yet.��

���� Their Masters were in their early 40s and looked like serious runners, all four runners were very sober and not friendly to anyone else around. They spoke to each other, but no one else.

���� The usual jockeying at the starting line occurred and Kari stayed back until she saw the starter getting ready to raise the gun. She stepped out in front and walked to the center of the line, Landy followed her closely. The gun was in the air and the starter saw them in front and made them get back. He made the 2 teams in the front move apart and he directed Landy to take Kari and back up a little. Then they were standing directly in the center of the front row.

���� The gun went off and the Landy/kari team took off at their predetermined pace. They had run this course numerous times. The two other teams started at a faster pace. They ran together and were careful to keep their leashes slack or loose. Landys tape brassiere for Kari worked well. They could keep their pace without difficulty.

���� The two teams ran out fast and were soon out of sight. Landy started to get anxious and her pace began to increase, Kari could feel Landys boost. She took the leash in the middle and gave it a quick jerk. Landy looked quickly, and Kari motioned to slow. She held her right hand level and slowly lowered it. Landy smiled, they had worked out the hand signals earlier. Karis ability to maintain a pace bordered on miraculous. She was just never wrong.

���� By the time they rounded the halfway pole they had passed blonde Shelly and her master, and were closing on the other pair. Kari chuckled as they drew close. Sluts team increased their pace and tried to keep ahead. Kari knew that was the end for them. She stayed with her race plan and kept her pace carefully. Soon they were again closing on the leading team.

���� This time the Master tried to move over in front and block Landy from passing. Kari just pulled up slightly and ran very close behind, forcing her pace on them. Soon the forced pace too much. The Masters side started to hurt and then a real stitch made him pull up.

���� Kari pulled wide to her left to go around, Landy got the idea and went with her. At the last minute the Master dropped his leash and shoved his slavegirl hard toward Landy. Kari had already made room and when the girl stumbled, she yelped as she fell on the track well short of Landys feet.

���� There was still nearly 4 kilometers to run yet. Karis attitude changed and the two of them stretched out and ran. Their pace increased only slightly, but Kari and Landys stretched their steps a little more, and when they saw the tape they were nearly a whole kilometer in the lead.

���� After they broke the tape, Landy was amazed, she was not angry at all about the dirty trick. She looked around for Lainie, and Adam. He was required to wear clothes here today. The games were for slavegirls, and naked slave boys were not appreciated.

���� Landy, be careful when the guy gets in here, Kari cautioned. Dont trust him.�� She looked at Kari and nodded. They were in a crowd of well-wishers and the officials. There were the usual pictures and the little medals. Kari looked around when she realized that someone was crowding behind as she posed for more pictures. She looked quickly over her shoulder to see Master Carl!

���� She spun around and hugged him around the chest and laid her wet head against his chest. Kari pulled back to look, and realized the she was getting him all messy. Kari started to pull back, but he laughed and hugged her tight to him again.

���� Master, youre getting all wet and yicky, Kari protested.

���� We may have to go take a shower, Ill let you wash it all off.

���� OOoo, yeah, Kari answered suggestively.

���� Landy smiled and dropped the end of the leash, while she looked around for Adam and Lainie. Lainie called to her and she walked slowly toward them. As Landy neared Lainie and Adam, Slut and her master approached.

���� Well, heres the so-called mistress, the man sneered at her. Its quite a shame when a slavegirl runs the show.�� Landy saw the scrapes and bruises on Sluts bare knees and elbows.

���� You must be so proud, Landy laughed. You tried to hit me with your slavegirl. What a man.

���� He took 2 steps toward Landy, but Adam stepped between them. He tried to shove Adam out of the way, but Adam smiled and didnt budge. Adam seemed to make a quick turn and step, he was sitting on the ground looking up at Adam. Adam didnt smile, but he looked toward Landy and nodded.

���� Was there anything else you had to say? Landy looked down into his eyes, blandly. When he looked away, Landy asked again. She would not let him off easily.

���� No, nothing. I Im sorry.

���� Adam followed Landy toward the dressing rooms; he glanced back over his shoulder as they went.

���� Kari and Carl laughed as they stood hand-in-hand.

Kari went home, an exquisitely trained submissive slavegirl. She gloried in her new status and her delicious subservience.

Kari in Training 6

Kari at Home

2007 by Arnold Puttwyn

Note: After eight long months of slavegirl training Kari returned home to find many things had changed. Master Carl had married a beautiful and wealthy woman. Her parents gave them a huge estate adjoining Carls property to make their estate gigantic, 5 miles by 4 miles with 2 mansions, 4 houses, and several barns and sheds.

Kari raised her head to look around, her pale blue eyes barely open. She wanted to stretch her bare legs and desperately wanted to stretch her arms and shoulders. The leather binder held her arms tightly crossed behind her back. She looked at the new slave girl quarters. Things had changed at home since she left for Mistress Elenas Slavegirl Academy. Master Carl had the large house extensively remodeled and hired a housekeeper, Mrs. McCormack. She hired her own twin daughters, Natale and Renee, as maids. The tall seventeen-year-old girls had pale brown eyes and wore their light red hair long, falling over their shoulders.

The identical girls were 57 and had large soft breasts with pale pink nipples and puffy cone shaped areolas. Their soft bellies and thick thighs were pale pink. The twins were chubby girls not flabby. However, both girls had full sensuous lips, bright white teeth, and pretty faces.

Renee was the upstairs maid, and Mrs. McCormack had her dressed as a traditional maid, in a short black satin dress with white lace apron. Natale wore blue jeans and worked downstairs with the responsibility to care for Kari. If Master Carl hosted a party or dinner Mrs. McCormack hired extra serving or kitchen help.

When her training was completed Kari was packed into a crate for shipment home.

No, youll be shipped in a crate, Mistress Regina said with finality as she pressed the enema tube into Karis anus.

Driving is for people, slavegirls and other animals are shipped in crates. The doctor arrived just as Mistress Regina finished. He stopped next to the stainless steel-topped table Kari was secured atop.

Kari lay face down with her ankles secured to the sides holding her slender legs spread apart. Mistress Regina made Kari cross her arms behind her back and secured them with a leather zippered forearm binder. The doctor gave Kari an injection into a vein in her left ankle; she became very restful and nearly fell asleep. Mistress Regina carefully inserted a catheter in Karis urethra and used a red squeeze bulb to inflate the tip to keep it securely in place. She helped Kari from the table to expel the enema and washed her anus meticulously. Kari moaned gently as Mistress Regina pushed a large soft butt-plug into her anus, to keep her tightly sealed.

The last step in Karis preparation was the breathing mask. It was blue rubber and resembled an old style gas mask, but the eye covers were opaque. The hose from the front was connected to a hefty tan steel gas bottle containing a mixture of air and mild sedative to keep Kari barely unconscious and very relaxed.

Lynne and Regina lifted Kari and the gas bottle into the padded crate and laid her on her side. The crate was 4 feet long by 3 feet wide and Kari was 5 feet 4 inches tall, so she had to lay curled on her side. A large black vinyl bag was attached to the catheter, and placed behind Karis knees. Next pink foam padding was pressed in, on, and around Kari. Lastly a single large 4X3 piece of foam was placed over the entire contents, and then the cover was nailed on. The crate was stenciled

HANDLE WITH CARE And LIVE ANIMAL on the top, the bottom, and each side.

Her crate was shipped in a truck driven non-stop by a specialized transportation company, to Master Carls estate and left at the gate. It was brought into the underground slave quarters and left for Natale to open when she came in Monday morning.

Natale pried the cover off the top of the wooden crate, and removed the foam padding from around Karis curled body. She next unbuckled the breathing mask and carefully lifted it from Karis face. Kari lay still for several minutes while she overcame the miasma from the injection and the gas; she raised her head and looked around after about 30 minutes.

My, exclaimed Natale, youre a pretty little thing. I love your hair. Its so bright. She helped Kari to stand and gently stroked the slavegirls short pale blonde hair.

Turn around and Ill unzip the binder, she made a twirling motion with her right hand. Kari tried to smile and dutifully turned around for her. Natale unzipped the leather sleeve from left to right and let it fall. Karis arms dropped to her sides as she moaned loudly.

How long? Kari finally whispered.

Just 4 days, Natale said as she checked the manifest. She unplugged the catheter hose from the full bag and helped as Kari stepped from the crate. She ran her right hand over Karis chest and inch long pink nipples and grasped each nipple firmly until Kari moaned gently. Natale carefully studied Karis blue 16001" tattooed on her right areola, and Kari on the top of her small left breast.

Thats my I.S.R. number, Karis voice just a gravelly whisper. Natale nodded, but didnt understand. She ran her left hand down Karis back to the end of the butt-plug and gently touched the outer end.

Ill get that out and give you an enema in a little bit, she smiled as Kari made a face at the thought. She had received an enema daily at Mistress Elenas school, and hoped it was done.

I know you probably need one, after 4 days, Natale said sincerely and she added, Ill be taking good care of you.

Kari looked around at the new basement quarters. The large room resembled a dungeon, with chiseled gray rock panels on each wall and low 8 foot ceiling. It had six large cells, every cell held a small bed and brown wooden table. Each table had a single chair and a tall stool. There were 3 adjoining cells along the side walls, so every cell had only one solid wall and 3 walls of inch bars, with a 10-foot aisle between the sides. Double doors to the underground garage were at the end near the first cells and the opposite end held the completely open toilets and showers, one for each cell. The entire end of the room was white porcelain and white tile. Each cell number was on the wall, in dark gray contrasting tiles above the shower and toilet, with only a small space to separate each slavegirls area.

An open area at the end of the room in front of the showers and latrines made room for six stainless steel topped tables numbered for each cell, three on each side with nearly five feet between the tables, each had shelf and drawer storage space underneath.

The head or top end of each 7 foot table was fitted with the lower half of a stainless steel stock with padded neck and wrist spaces. The upper half was stored below. The lower end had motorized leg and ankle stirrup style restraints. Above each table was a full-length light fixture to provide necessary illumination for slavegirls care or discipline.

Natale led Kari to the nearest table where she had a white porcelain enema can hanging from a black steel stand. Kari could smell the acrid scent of soap and see white water vapor rising from the top. She assisted Kari onto the number 3 table; she lay face down immediately without prompting, spread her legs and held her feet in the stirrups and waited for Natale to attach the straps to keep her slim thighs spread apart.

After strapping Karis ankles, Natale slowly turned the butt-plug and gently pulled it from Karis anus. She had a black 6-inch nozzle with a thick band, near the outer end to hold it inside Kari, ready and pressed it in. Natale slid a 3 foot enema tube through the inch hole in the center of the nozzle and pushed its entire length into Karis anus.

Are you all right, baby? she asked softly, as she flipped a little lever on the base of the nozzle to hold the hose in place and started the flow.

Yes, Kari whispered. She writhed uncomfortably, as the warm soapy water filled her bowels. Natale dragged the now empty crate out into the garage and returned to shut the valve off when the 2-quart can emptied. Kari looked around in time to see Natale as she left the room, and for the first time she noticed she wasnt alone.

The two end cells were already occupied, each by a large tall blonde girl. The naked girls looked like the ponygirls from Mistress Elenas Academy. A gold oval engraved name plaque over each door gave their names as Jana and Anne. The girls were not identical, but looked very similar. Each was tanned to a beautiful glowing golden brown. They were in the two cells farthest from Kari, and nearest the double entrance service doors to the underground garage.

Jana on Karis left smiled when she saw Kari look her way. She waved to Kari with a quick gesture of her left hand. The tiny bells dangling from the rings through her thick brown nipples jingled softly when she moved to wave to Kari.

Jana was 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 180 pounds, her long honey golden blonde hair was tied back loosely at the nape of her neck. The muscles in her long bare legs and butt were very well developed and each muscle highly defined. Look Annie, its the little runner girl, from Elenas, Jana, said brightly. Anne looked Kari over carefully, but didnt do anything to indicate she recognized her at all. She was also tall, at 62 with very well developed legs, thighs, and butt. Her long blonde hair was loose to fall around her shoulders and slender arms. Both ponygirls were in excellent condition, with hairless, flat bellies and nearly flat chests with little breasts and brown nipples. Janas International Slavegirl Registry number was tattooed in a curve on her right areola 505561", her number also included a P to indicate that she was a ponygirl, but the P was not included in the tattoo. Annes number 505462" was also tattooed on her light brown right areola. Their numbers were from Mistress Elena originally and just re-registered under Master Carl, and each had Master Carls initials, LCR tattooed, in red, just above her hairless pussy.

Ok, time to get it out Kari, Natale said cheerfully when she returned after nearly half an hour. She unhooked the ankle straps and assisted Kari from the table. Kari was feeling better, but she still felt the effects of the gas and the trip in the crate. Natale led her to the toilet area at the end of the room, opposite the double doors out to the underground garage. Where six small white porcelain bowl shaped depressions in the floor with a cross-hatched foot shaped step on each side, for the slavegirl to squat on while urinating or defecating.

Kari stepped onto the steps and squatted slightly while Natale pulled the nozzle and tube out; a great flood of brown water and small dark chunks of waste followed it. She nearly fell, but Natale held her up while she regained her balance.

One more time to rinse out the soap, and you can rest. Natale assured her.

What about this? Kari indicated the end of the catheter protruding from her urethra.

Im leaving it in you for now, Natale said simply.

After a second plain water enema, Natale gave her a long hot shower, Kari rested in her cell the rest of the afternoon. In the early evening Natale brought Karis dinner; it was more of the same vegetarian slave-mush served at Mistress Elenas school, but she ate only half of it. Soon after she sent Kari to her small bed and attached a tiny hose to the end of Karis catheter. Kari fell asleep immediately and slept the whole night through.

Kari woke up when Natale brought in her breakfast. She noticed the ponygirls were gone. Breakfast was served after her morning enema. Natale gave Kari a white plastic spoon and allowed her to sit at her dining table to eat her breakfast.

Climb up here on the table and lay on your back, Natale gestured toward the table with her right hand. Kari sighed softly and climbed up on the cool stainless steel top and spread her legs for Natale.

Lay your wrists in the little holes too, she said after Kari laid her neck in the rounded cut-out. Natale put the top half of the stocks in place to pin Karis neck and wrists down and then strapped Karis ankles to the stirrups. Finally a three inch wide leather band, low over Karis belly, secured the slavegirls pelvis in the center of the table.

Natale screwed the tip of a blue bulb of soapy water to the end of Karis catheter. She pursed her lips as she carefully filled Karis bladder, with the solution.

The pain was incredible, Kari yelped and cried, and thrashed as much as she could with the severe restraints. Natale seemed to take no notice as she re-attached the tiny hose to drain Karis bladder.

After Kari was completely drained Natale unhooked the catheter-drain and attached a large pink squeeze bulb of rinse water, a mixture of 1 ounce white vinegar to 1 quart of purified water. She carefully filled Kari with the clean water and then drained it out. She rinsed Kari out two more times, and left the hose to dangle.

Miss Benson will be here in a few minutes, Natale said soberly. Shes Mr. Reynolds assistant and shes in charge of all of us. Kari nodded carefully. Dont speak to her, Natale said shaking her head, no. She wont answer and might even punish you, so be quiet.

Just as Natale, finished one side of the double door from the garage opened and a dark, trim woman entered quickly. She looked busy and walked fast, her high heels clicked loudly on the stone floor.

Miss Benson wore a tight, navy-blue knee length skirt and a sleek multi red colored blouse, it was dark red, bright red, pink and white. She strode up to the table and stopped by Karis head. She had a smile for Natale, but she looked Kari over dispassionately. She placed her black leather purse on a shelf under the table and opened it to take out a pair of blue surgical rubber gloves.

My, youre right, she said pleasantly. She is a pretty little thing. Miss Benson stroked the left side of Karis head and shoulder. She let her hand slide over Karis chest and left breast. She deliberately pulled and pinched Karis left nipple, and at the same time ground her fingers together until Kari cried out.

Sshh, Miss Benson stopped pulling and twisting as she kissed Kari gently on her forehead. Adjust her up a little for me, please, she said to Natale. Natale had the remote for the motorized ankle stirrups and moved them toward Kari and apart. Soon Karis knees were pushed up toward her chest and spread apart to make her pussy completely accessible to Miss Benson. She examined Karis pussy and gently lifted the end of the catheter.

Did you rinse her out this morning?

Yyeess, Natale answered slowly.

Bet she didnt like it very much.

No, she didnt seem to....... Natales voice trailed off.

See this redness, she pointed with her little finger where the catheter exited from Karis urethra to Natale.

Its inflammation from having the catheter in so long. Go ahead and take it out and Ill get some cream for the redness. She turned to go to the gray metal locker by the door to the stairs up to the rest of the house, while Natale attached the bulb to deflate the inner tip to remove the catheter.

Natale finished removing the catheter as Miss Benson returned. Kari sighed softly as the catheter slid out of her urethra. Miss Benson had a large yellow tube of cream with a pale tan, slightly curved, 10-inch long tube on the end; she squeezed a tiny ball of off-white cream out.

Without a word she slowly inserted the tube into Karis tender urethra. Kari felt the smooth rounded end as it pushed through the ring of muscle and into her bladder. Miss Benson squeezed the large tube, to place nearly half of the cream into Kari. She slowly withdrew the tube and filled Karis urethra with the cream as she pulled the tube out. Kari sighed gently as the inflamation relief started immediately.

Thank you, Kari mouthed noiselessly. Miss Benson smiled a quick smile and looked to see if Natale noticed Karis tiny violation, but she was occupied disposing of the catheter. She nodded hastily and moved away to dispose of the remains of the tube.

Natale put an arm binder and leash to take her to Miss Bensons neat, orderly office later in the morning. Miss Benson looked up from her paperwork and smiled when Kari was led in.

Im checking with Mr. Reynolds to have those beautiful long nipples pierced, Miss Benson said critically.

Oh, Kari sounded disappointed as she looked down at her own nipples.

Yes, theyll look much nicer with a little gold ring through em. She looked Kari over carefully and finally said, I notice you have let your posture slip a little too, I want you to keep your back arched all the time. So I can see your pussy from behind. She nodded toward Natale, We have some high platform shoes and a posture trainer for you.

There have been come changes in the laws since you went to Mistress Elenas, Miss Benson said coldly. Slavegirls are now just property. She looked toward Natale for a minute. Your birth certificate has been rescinded and replaced with a title, like any of Mr. Reynolds property.

This is your title number, Miss Benson reached out and gently grasped Karis right nipple and areola. She finished by looking into Karis eyes until Kari looked away.

Sit on the floor and Ill get the shoes on you, Natale said salaciously and dangled a pair of black leather platform shoes from her right hand.

With tears starting Kari obeyed slowly and sat on the floor then put her right foot out for Natale. The wide ankle strap of each shoe had a small hasp, and Natale had a little padlock for each one. Kari stood in front of Miss Benson and arched her back to show off her posture.

Thats very nice, she said. Well still have to put the trainer on for a while. She turned and nodded to Natale.

The trainer was a large clear red plastic hook and length of braided silk rope. Natale lubricated the end of the hook and gently inserted it into Karis anus. She carefully threaded the end of the red silk rope through the ring on the back of Karis collar. Natale pulled the rope tighter until Karis back arched as desired.

Noise from the fork lift woke Kari in the night, the two headlights looked like eyes piercing the darkness of the dungeon. The ponygirls didnt even rouse up slightly. The forklift deposited a large crate in the middle of the floor before it retreated through the double doors back to the garage. Kari lay in the darkness for nearly an hour wishing she could do something to get Kimi out, before she drifted off to sleep again.

Get up you two, Lisa Daniel smiled as she called out. She came in at 7AM to get the ponygirls up for their morning workout. She was slender and just an inch taller than Kari. Today she wore very short cut off blue jeans and a red plaid shirt tied in a loose knot below her ample breasts. Lisas bare brown belly was firm and muscular, and the muscles of her bare legs were well defined. Lisas Jamaican accent was musical and her bright smile huge today.

Jana stood close to her cell door waiting to get out to run. When Lisa approached she quickly turned and crossed her arms behind her back so Lisa could get the leather binder zipped in place quickly.

Looks like you be ready to go todaay, ehh? Lisa said as she opened the door. She wrapped the leather binder around Janas forearms and slid the zipper across in one smooth motion. Jana quickly knelt for Lisa to tie her long blonde hair back and slip the bridle harness over her head.

The Y-shaped bit had a short prong on the bottom to go through a hole pierced in each ponygirls tongue, a small clip on the bottom held the bit and tongue together. After the bridle was in place, Jana put out her tongue for Lisa to place the bit properly and get the clip into its groove. She stood and moved to her tall stool to sit for the black leather hoof boots.

Mater Carl spent several hundred dollars to order custom fitted hoof boots for each of his ponygirls. Hoof boots fit snugly and kept the ponygirl on her toes, straighter than a high heeled platform shoe. The boot sole was reinforced so the boot didnt need a heel. The fore sole was three inches thick and shaped like a hoof. Some ponygirls gained as much as 7 inches standing on their toes and the 3 inch sole. With the hoof boots and Janas 6 feet 3 inches, she was 6 feet 10 inches tall.

Anne was next and Lisa quickly got her tack on and led both out the door to the corral. The pulling harness was put on in the corral, and both girls were given a small bite to eat and allowed to urinate before Lisa started to exercise them.

Natale came in without a word as Lisa was finishing Anne and opened Karis door. She didnt say anything to Kari, but sighed loudly when Kari didnt seem to move fast enough to suit her. Kari hurried out to the table and laid across it with her arms in place for the binder.

Just get up on top, Natale ordered softly. She quickly inserted a plain enema tip and started the flow from a white can already hanging from the stand. She waited about ten minutes and stopped the flow of cool water.

Get over there and take care of it, simple little bitch, she ordered. Natale made no move to aid her as Kari climbed off the table and went to the white porcelain bowl to evacuate the enema.

While Kari squatted over the toilet the door opened and a woman who looked much like Lisa walked in and down the three steps. She wore a short black mini- skirt and pale yellow silk blouse. Her black leather high heeled sandals clicked softly as she crossed the floor. She smiled as Kari recognized her as Jane from the mail room at the office.

Kari, this is your new mistress, Natale said flatly. Mr. Reynolds hired her to run the new ponygirl training school and the slavegirl section. Natale turned and walked up the steps to the main house, leaving Kari and Jane alone.

Its so nice to see you again Kari, Jane said smoothly. Im afraid Natale isnt too happy about this, Jane shrugged slightly. She thought she was in line to run the new facility. Jane stopped talking as Natale brought Karis breakfast tray. Well talk some more later, Jane looked at Karis tray and frowned as she turned to leave.

Here, Natale muttered as she turned toward Karis cell, Eat this and get ready to go run. Kari looked toward the crate on the floor as she walked to her cell.

Is that Kimi? she asked while she sat at her table. She looked around as Natale brought her red running shoes and a pair of white ankle high socks.

Yeah, I guess. Natale dropped her shoes on the floor by the table and tossed the white socks in Karis naked lap. Kari washed the vitamins down with a tiny glass of orange juice, and ate half of the slave mush from the bowl. She hurried to brush her teeth and sat on the padded floor by her cell door to put her socks and running shoes on.

When she was done she went out to Natales desk and stood with her arms crossed behind her back so Natale could zip the new reinforced nylon crossed-arm binder in place.

That new binder is a lot lighter, Kari remarked.

You can thank your Miss Jane for that, as Natale snapped a 6-foot woven leather leash to Karis collar and led her out to the corral where Lisa had the ponygirls warmed up and ready to run. Natale dropped the wrist loop over a hook on the back of the sulky and left.

Miss Lisa, Kari said as they started walking, You sure look a lot like Jane... Lisa looked back over her left shoulder and smiled.

We sisters, both from Jamaica, her accent was much thicker than Janes. She been here fo a while, but I just come here soonest. She shook the reins to get the ponygirls to start to move faster.

Kari was returned to the slave quarters after an hour and a half and ten miles of running on the pathways of the huge estate. Kari was amazed at the size of Master Carls property, it was so much larger than she remembered before she left for Mistress Elenas school. She found Jane and Natale helping Kimi out of the crate. Jane asked Lisa to get Karis arm binder off and close her in her cell. Kari turned her back to Lisa and let her arms fall when the binder was unzipped. She went to her cell and sat in the doorway to slip her running shoes and socks off. She knelt inside the door as Lisa closed it. Lisa left to take care of her ponygirls while Jane and Natale continued to get Kimi out.

They carried Kimi to a table and laid her on top. Kimi tried to put her feet up into the stirrups, but couldnt raise either one up high enough.

Thats ok sweetheart, Jane said softly as she stroked the right side of Kimis face. She ran her hand through Kimis short dark brown mass of curls, You just lay there for a while. Well worry about that later. She turned to Natale. Do we have an oxygen tank here? she said very softly. Natale nodded and they both turned toward the gray double door locker by the steps up to the main house.

After more rest and a few breaths of oxygen Kimi raised up on her elbows and looked around. She smiled when she saw Kari kneeling in her cell. Kimi waved with a little wiggle of her fingers and mouthed a silent Hi.

You seem to be doin better, Jane said as she walked up. Turn over and well get this stuff taken care of. Kimi quickly turned over and lifted her bare legs up to put her feet into the stirrups for Jane to strap in place.

Natale brought a large white porcelain enema can full of hot, soapy water. Jane twisted and gently pulled the soft, black butt plug out of Kimis anus.

She had a dark blue one piece enema nozzle and tube ready to replace the butt plug. She carefully fed the 3 foot tube into Kimis anus and then pressed the shaped nozzle in place while Natale attached the hose from the can. Jane started the flow and they both turned to the door to the main house.

Kimi and Kari knelt side-by-side in Consuela Yasmin Roman Reynolds study on the third floor of the mansion. Today Connie wore a short white leather mini-skirt and sleeveless white silk top, with white leather spike heeled shoes and natural color stockings. Her dark brown hair was loose to fall over shoulders and arms.

Firstly, she said as she walked across in front of the slavegirls. I dont like Mistress Connie. So call me Miss Connie. Both girls nodded in unison as she spoke. She sat in a straight backed chair already placed near the middle of the room. Miss Connie casually pulled a pair of white examination gloves over her long slender fingers, when the gloves were situated to her liking she looked directly at Kari.

Come over here, she ordered. Kari walked to stand in front of Miss Connie.

Face that way, she pointed to her right. When Kari turned she reached out and put her left hand on the small of Karis arched back.

Very nice posture, Miss Connie remarked. She reached out with her right hand and gently squeezed Karis small right breast. Very firm, almost feels solid. She felt Karis left breast, and then rubbed Karis long left nipple.

Miss Connies hand slid gently down Karis belly to stop just above her hairless mons, where she pressed firmly with all four finger and moved her hand in small circles. She stopped when Kari moaned softly.

That feel good?

Oh yes, Miss Connie.

Just that little bit turned you on? she asked as she moved her hand lower to continue the tiny circles at the very top of Karis pussy. Kari writhed slightly and wriggled her hips as the sensations became more intense.

Miss Connie rubbed the soft sensitive flesh between Karis outer pussy lips and grasped Karis triangular clitoral hood between her thumb and forefinger. She squeezed until she could feel the tiny firm button of flesh that was Karis clitoris within the sensitive pink flesh of her clitoral hood, then she concentrated on the super-sensitive clit until Kari cried out with an orgasm.

Well that didnt seem to take much, she observed.

No maam, Kari answered. It doesnt take much for me to cum, Kari said softly. Its what Master Carl wanted from me.

Go kneel over there by the door, Connie said as she replaced the gloves with a clean pair. Over here, she said as she looked toward Kimi. Kimi hurried to stand in front if Miss Connie and turned quickly to stand as Kari had done.

Miss Connie put left hand on the back of Kimis right thigh, just below Kimis rounded butt. She raised her hand up to find Kimis dark pink anus and slowly inserted the tips of her index and middle fingers into Kimis butt.

Does that feel real tight Kimi? she asked. When Kimi nodded she pushed the rest of both fingers inside. While she moved her left fingers around slowly she found Kimis vagina with her right hand and pushed her two middle fingers into the slick opening. Did you get wet from me feeling your little butt hole?

Yes Miss.... was all Kimi could get out before she stiffened and then slumped as an orgasm rocked her.

Master Carl opened the door just then and strolled into the room, he smiled when he saw what Connie was doing.

Find the one you want? he asked, seriously.

Yeah, she turned to look over her left shoulder at Carl. Ill keep this one.

Ok, shes all yours.

You cant just loan her to your friends, unless you let me know first. Connie cautioned. I dont want a bunch of men fuckin her, then when I want her, shes all full of sticky jism, Connie returned to fondling Kimis pussy. You can loan that one, she nodded toward Kari. Kari smiled and nodded.

Master Carl and two somber men in dark gray suits sat at the library table opposite Mrs. McCormack. A stack of photos and receipts were in an orderly pile in front of Mrs. McCormack.

The receipts and photos and several hours of video prove you have been helping yourself to money and supplies I put in your care, Master Carl said gravely. I can prove you have taken $81,435.00, in cash and property. Mrs. McCormack didnt say anything, she sat stiffly upright as tears rolled down her face. Where is it?

Well the money, um,,,I still have most, er, all of it. And the stuff,,some I sold an some I still have. She looked around slowly at both men with Master Carl. Are you going to arrest me?

You can get out of it, Master Carl smiled and seemed to offer some hope to the scared housekeeper. If youre interested. She nodded slowly and carefully.

Just sell me the two girls. Master Carl pushed 2 forms across the table to Mrs. McCormack. She sat with her hands in her lap and looked lost. She closed her eyes and shook her head slowly.

If I dont? she finally asked.

You go to jail now and Ill recover most of my money. Those two little bitches will be kidnaped tonight and be out of the country before morning, he said as he shrugged.

How much do I get?


I just keep all of it? Mrs. McCormack sounded amazed.

And you have to leave the state, out of here in twenty four hours. Period.

My house,,,,, she started to say.

Hire a realtor, but take the money and leave. Master Carl said as he turned away from Mrs. McCormack. She had her options and he had nothing more to say.

How long do I have to decide? Mrs McCormack asked softly.

Starting now,,,,,,,,oh, say about 14 seconds, he turned back to the frumpy housekeeper. Sign and get out, or refuse and go to the sheriffs office, he said with finality. RIGHT FUCKING NOW! He slammed his right hand on the table in front of the two forms. Mrs. McCormack grabbed up the pen and signed both forms and stood up quickly. Master Carl looked at her signatures carefully and nodded to the two men with him.

Ill send someone over to get my van this evening, just clear your shit out and leave the key in the ignition, he said to her back as she was escorted out.

Master Carl picked up the phone and pressed Janes office number.

Jane I have two new girls to send to Mistress Elenas.

Yeah, he chuckled, those two. Get them ready to leave early tomorrow, okay? He set the phone back into the cradle carefully, and picked it up immediately.

He dialed Jane again.

Please send Kari up to my room this evening, and have her little butt lubed-up.

Kari in Training 6

Kari At Home 2f

Our population had become over 65% female, so to reduce competition for the available men, wealthy and women in good legal standing successfully lobbied to have all slavegirls and ponygirls ordered into permanent servitude. They were no longer citizens or even humans, but pets and livestock. The I.S.R. (International Slavegirl Registry) computers ran day and night removing all records of any girl with an ISR number. No Social Security, nor Drivers License numbers were saved. High School records, were deleted too. Soon many states began to order all female violators of any sort, into slavegirl or ponygirl training.

Texas, followed closely by the rest of the nation, even ordered all female juveniles in state care at 16 years old to be sold as slavegirls. A source of revenue for the state and removed more potential competition from the streets.

Master Carl and Mistress Connie developed their own ponygirl training facility. New stables were built and trainers were hired. Their ponygirls were large strong girls trained to pull in teams. Master Carl had to travel a week each month, so Kari was used to entertain business associates who may stay at the mansion while waiting to meet him, or to reward his company executives.



Natale and Renee

Karis new handler Alec came in to get her up for the day. She went to her designated table and laid face down on the cool steel top. He followed and secured her ankles and wrists with the new cuffs Miss Jane introduced.

Alec had been a ponygirl groom when Jane needed to hire a new caretaker for Kari due to Natales sudden departure. Jane asked her sister Lisa as her first choice, but Lisa said she wanted to keep working with the ponygirls. So Janes next choice was Alec. He was a small wiry man with strong hands, he had been caring for ponygirls for a few months. Ponygirl care was like any other animal but he was not too sure about a slavegirl.

When Jane returned from Mistress Elenas Slave Mistress/Handler course she changed the work tables a little. She had the foot stirrups removed and replaced with a bridge. Kari laid face down on the table with a raised, padded bridge across the table just at her pelvis. The bridge caused her to lay in a very arched position, with her anus and pussy open and available for inspection or care. She was not as physically uncomfortable as the stirrups, and the extremely exposed position didn't bother the experienced slavegirl after the first few minutes.

Jane was there for his first day, they got Kari out of her cell and chatted as they followed her to her table and waited while she climbed up on top and held laid over the black, padded cross bar. Jane showed him how to place the cuff from each corner of the table to wrists and ankles to secure her to the table-top.

I have to give her an enema? he balked. Kari didnt say anything, but she looked back

over her shoulder and shook her head.

Hey_ Jane chuckled and gave Kari a little slap on her bare, rounded butt.

Well you dont have to shovel out a stall later, Jane offered. They walk to the latrine and put everything in there.

Jane watched as he applied lubricant to Karis anus and pushed the tube inside followed by the front half of the attached nozzle. When it was in place, the bulbous end and smaller center section kept the nozzle firmly in place in Kari's anus. Jane showed him how to start the flow of warm water into Kari.

They went to the desk to go over other duties and returned just as the 2 quart enema finished draining into Kari. Jane shut off the tiny valve and removed the hose to the can.

Now we wait about 20 minutes, Jane said as she looked at her watch. Then you get to let it out. Jane laughed at Alecs expression, Its not that big a deal. She turned quickly toward Kari.

Be careful, was all she said. Kari rolled her lips under to show she was keeping quiet.

They went to the kitchen to get Karis breakfast and vitamins. When they got back Jane sent Alec to get Kari up and to the white porcelain latrine at the end of the room. He unstrapped Karis ankles and wrists, and stepped back, she got up immediately and went to the latrine to stand on the foot shaped steps. Alec was right behind and stopped beside the squatting slavegirl. He grasped her left shoulder with his left hand and the end of the enema nozzle with his right. Alec pulled and turned the end of the nozzle, the nozzle and hose came out followed by a 2 quarts of brown water. He had a wet cloth ready and cleaned Karis anus carefully. She stood and started for her cell where her breakfast was laid out.

That was pretty good, Jane remarked. Did you get any on you?

Just a little on my shoe, Alec smirked. Ill be more careful next time.

Shes just another little animal that you care for, Jane suggested. I can assure you Kari is an animal.

Master Carl had to find another upstairs maid too. Connie had her own maid, Luz, whod worked for her for several years, since before she even met Carl. She kept Connies suite immaculate, and took care of Connies wardrobe. Luz also had to look after Kimi when she was there. Connie wouldnt let a slavegirl use her bathroom facilities, so Luz had to take Kimi to the slavegirl bathroom, down the hallway from Master Carls or Miss Connies suites. It was not a room, just a wide white porcelain area in the hallway, but it had the same facilities as the dungeon, for one slavegirl to bathe or urinate.

Jane lived in one of the other houses on the property with Miss Benson and 2 other supervisors. Their maid Sandy was superb. She dressed in her own black satin mini-dress with white lace collar and apron and worked very hard to keep the whole house beautifully clean. She always wore a pair of black patent leather high-heeled shoes and dark stockings, with a white lace bra, thong and petticoat under her short black dress. Sandys black hair was always perfectly arranged high on her head, so her beautiful slender neck was uncovered.

Migaly Sandra Chen, a 19 year old Asian/Mexican girl, had beautiful dark skin and dark, nearly black, almond-shaped eyes. She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and sleekly slender. Master Carl hired her on Janes recommendation.

The first time Master Carl sent her for Kari, she was afraid Kari might escape. She walked up to Jane at her desk and whispered that Mr. Reynolds wanted Karis butt lubricated before she was brought upstairs. Jane showed her where the tubes of lubricant were stored.

The sex lube was pre-measured, 6 ounces, already in clear plastic syringes with a 4 inch tube on the end. The end of the inch tube was rounded and the other end threaded onto the large, clear plastic syringe. The sex lubricant tubes were stored, filled and ready for use, in the double-door gray locker by the stairs up to the rest of the house. The locker was also used to store other slavegirl care supplies and several boxes of sanitary examination gloves.

After they both had pale blue gloves on, Jane placed a syringe/tube on the shelf under Karis table and they went to get the little slavegirl. Kari stood by the door waiting for a pair of high heeled platform shoes. Master Carl insisted Kari wear very high heels, he liked her posture in high heels.

Kari sat on the floor to put her shoes on, then she carefully brushed her butt as she walked to her exam table. She waited by the side of the table for Jane and Sandy to get there.

Kneel there with your little ass up, Kari, Jane ordered curtly. Kari knelt with her knees spread, on the table and lowered her crossed forearms to the table and rested her chin on top.

OK first you put a little of lube from this jar, Jane pointed out a small blue jar under the table,on your fingers. She touched the middle two fingers of her left hand into the top of the blue jar. Its the same stuff as in there, Jane nodded toward the syringe.

You only need a little bit. She touched her lubed fingers to Karis anus, Kari shifted slightly as Jane slowly pushed her fingers about 2 inches into Kari. Next she picked up the large clear-plastic syringe and pushed the 4 inch long tube entirely into Kari.

You only put half of it inside, She pointed the measuring marks on the side of the body of the syringe. The rest you push out as you pull the thing out. Jane pulled back on the syringe as she continued to push the lube out.

There, she had just enough to leave a small bit on the outside of Karis anus.

It looks messy, Sandy said softly. Im not sure Id like that.

You dont have to worry about it, Jane shrugged. Youre a free woman and shes a little slave slut. Jane bumped Kari on the side of her hip, Lets go. Looks like your masters gonna fuck ya in the butt again.

Kari smiled as she raised up. She slowly climbed off the table and then crossed her arms behind her back for the binder.


Jane stopped regularly at a convenience store about 6 miles from the main house on a side road. The newest night clerk was a pretty black girl named Arletta Green. She was very curious about the huge mansion and all the new construction happening there. When she found that Jane was associated she asked dozens of questions every time Jane stopped. Arletta also told Jane that she was very unhappy working in the store at night. Jane offered the 18 year old girl a chance to start a new life.

Arletta was just 5 feet 2 inches tall, a little shorter than Kari, and weighed about 125 pounds. Her smooth, creamy skin was a lighter brown than Janes or Lisas and her complexion was clear. Arletta also told Jane she had just gotten her teeth whitened, and was quite proud of her naturally straight teeth.

When Jane offered her the chance to live in complete safety and without a concern for any future expenses she was very anxious to find out what she had to do. Actually she wondered just Who do I have to kill?

Jane had Lisa along as a witness for her next stop at the store, when she presented the slavegirl application to Arletta.

After she read and re-read it she looked at Jane and smiled, she nodded slowly and looked around for a pen.

Are you sure? Jane asked. I could go over it with you clause-by-clause to be sure its what you would really want to do.

Or I could work in dfuckin convenience store for the rest of my natural life_ Arletta answered.

This is for the rest of your life, too.

Ive always wanted to quit this job at 2AM, Arletta picked up the phone and began to dial.

Two New Slavegirls

Kari woke with a start as the forklift came through the double doors. This time it carried two long crates stacked and set them in the middle of the floor. She was alone in the slave quarters and relished the complete silence. Miss Connie had taken Kimi upstairs again tonight, and the ponygirls Jana and Anne lived in the new stable built half a mile behind the house. Kari had the entire place to herself. The forklift smashed that reverie, but she dropped back off almost immediately.

Wake up, Kari, Jane said softly. Kari opened her eyes and smiled, Janes smiling brown face was just inches from her own. Jane stepped back and Kari jumped up immediately. She rushed to the open door of her cell, but stopped just inside. She couldnt go outside without permission, Miss Janes new rule.

Two new slavegirls? Kari asked.

Theyre twins, Jane smiled and Kari thought there was more about them.

May I ask you something, Miss Jane?

Sure, you can ask. Jane answered carefully. Kari had a way of turning even the simplest question into something much more.

May I have coffee in the morning?

You just want coffee? Jane had expected a much more involved request.

Yeah, thats all. Kari shrugged.

Well I have to ask you somethin too, Jane responded.

Did you know this would be your life? Jane had wondered since she heard at the advertising office where Kari had gone.

Not really, she answered.

Did Mr. Reynolds kinda trick you? Was Janes next question.

I dont think he knew it would be like this either, Kari said thoughtfully. The laws were changed between the time we signed me up, and when I actually started.

Dya like it? Janes next question.

Mostly, when all I have to do is fuck or suck Master Carl or whoever he orders. I get to run everyday Kari raised fingers to count off all the benefits as she listed them.

And mostly I just think about mens dicks all the time. I get to suck um all I want, Master Carl has somebody coming around lots.

You really like it when a man cums in your mouth? Jane sounded surprised.

I cum every time too, the tip of Karis pink tongue touched the center of her upper lip as she thought about a penis in her mouth.

What about women?

Lotsa women dont like me cause Im required to be everything they cant, or wont. Karis tiny boobies jiggled when she shrugged. I really dont like to have to do women, sometimes Master Carl makes me anyway.

What about bein naked all the time. Jane shivered at the thought of total exposure. That kinda scares me.

Im bein forced to do what I kinda want to do anyway.

What do ya' mean? Jane asked.

I kinda like showin' off, Kari answered. Now Master Carl makes me stay naked.

What was the toughest thing you had to do?

When I found that everyone had access to my body, she smiled softly. 'cept me, I wasnt allowed to even touch my pussy. Kari took a deep breath and continued, Mistress Elena or Mistress Regina came around every morning after my enema and put a then the mushroom plug to stretch my butthole.

What for? Jane asked, suddenly interested.

Master Carl wanted my butthole big enough for him to use, Kari said quietly as two tiny tears dripped from her bright blue eyes.

I went around all turned on, just all the time. If Mistress Regina wanted to play with my titties or finger my pussy, I had to let her do it. She told me all I was good for was pleasure, Kari looked up slowly. I guess the hardest part was to accept that, Kari smiled and shrugged, and now I like it, a lot.

Coffee it is, Jane laughed. I guess you probably deserve it.

Alec, Jane said as Alec walked in through the left side of the pale gray double doors to the underground garage. Please add a cup of,,, black? she looked toward Kari, as Kari nodded, coffee to Karis breakfast tray.

Okay. he responded, as he brushed a few rain drops from his right cheek. They both stepped back from the door to let Kari pass-by to the table for her enema.

Do you really want to go run today? Alec asked as he buckled Karis ankle and wrist cuffs. Its raining pretty hard.

Yeah, Kari answered. I really do, and I dont mind the rain.

Should we let her out to run in the rain? Alec asked as Jane walked past on her way to check the invoices of the shipment of new slavegirls. Its kinda nasty out.

Sure, who cares. Jane said casually. Mr. Reynolds wants her exercised everyday, so she doesnt get fat.

When Lisa brought Kari back Jane and Alec were opening the second crate. The first slavegirl was sitting numbly in her cell watching as Jane and Alec opened the other crate. Kari looked carefully at the girl, she was sure she had seen her before.

The pretty girls long slender legs stretched out in front as she lounged back on her elbows. She had thousands of freckles on her face and shoulders, and only a few less, all over her sleek, slender body. Her long light red hair was pulled back from her lean face in a french braid. The pulled back hair accentuated her high cheekbones and beautiful light tan eyes. When the naked girl turned to look toward Kari, the glinting from the gold nipple rings and little round medallions dangling on tiny gold chains an inch below caught Karis eye.

The girl soon stood to watch Jane and Alec closer, Kari could see a large, bright blue E tattooed on the left side of her small pointed left breast. It was the only tattoo there, unlike Karis Gothic E and the small O and A and V. To indicate her training for Oral, Anal and Vaginal skills. Kari could also see the I.S.R. number 160005_ tattooed on the pale girls bright pink right areola.

Natale? Kari was amazed when the girl turned and smiled. Thats Renee?

Yes, she said softly.

Natale and Renee were Master Carls latest addition to his collection of sex slavegirls. They had been at Mistress Elenas Slavegirl Academy for the past 5 months. Their training had been radically different from Karis course. Kari had been very free spirited and had to be made to be more responsible to her masters wishes. Natale and Renee were much too controlled and were trained to be less uptight.

Where Kari was made to beg for orgasms, the twins were stimulated constantly and showed the results of allowing their senses to run free. At first they were reluctant to do more than touch each others hands, by their last week they were willing lovers. Their graduation included an hour of sex, observed and graded by the staff.

The naked twins first day was miserable for them, filled with examinations and tattooing of their I.S.R. numbers, 160005_ on the puffy pink cone of Natales right areola and 160006_ on Renees areola. Their nipples, tongues and navels were also pierced that day too. Master Carls and Mistress Elenas signs had to wait until the excess weight was taken off.

The doctor had a new type of IUD for each girl, called a caterpillar. It was 2 inches of soft plastic with several firm protrusions to hold it in place. The IUD filled each girls uterus, and stopped all menses, so there was no wasted time each month.

During the doctors examination he found that both girls had huge clitoris inside their full triangular hoods. He cut through the soft pink tissue to uncover the full length of each clitoris. Each twin's sensitive clitoris looked like a little inch long penis. They were sent back to the shop to pierce that too.

A tiny gold ring with a chain holding a small round abstract engraved disk dangled below each girls nipples and clitoris. At first they were both miserable but as the piercings healed they felt the pleasant sensations from the dangling disks stimulating their nipples and pussies.

The last step that first week was the electrolysis of all body and leg hair, they were treated in the slave quarters strapped to the stainless steel topped tables, for as many as 4 one hour sessions a day.

Their diet of vegetarian slave mush had no extra fat, the girls both complained that they didnt get enough to eat at first. When they saw their complaints were disregarded and how quickly they were losing their fat bellies and thighs the complaints died off.

After five months Natale had lost 63 lbs. and Renee was down 55 lbs, each now weighed 120 pounds. Their fat bellies, and thighs were gone. They also lost the fat sagging breasts, their smaller breasts were firm and stood straight out from their, sleek, slender chests.

Mistress Elenas trademark was changed to a more modern E covering most of the side of each left breast. Master Carls LCR was tattooed low on each girls firm, flat belly, above the sensitive mound of her pussy.

Mr. Conklyn Visits

Kari, time to go upstairs, Miss Jane said as she opened Karis cell door. Mr. Conklyn is here to deliver the reports for Mr. Reynolds and wants you for a while. Kari stopped in the doorway and raise her chin for Jane to snap the leash to her collar.

Arms, was Jane's next command. Kari put her arms together behind her back and waited while Jane started to zip the crossed-arm binder that secured her arms high behind her back.

When Kari worked at Master Carls advertising office, Denis Conklyn, from England, was the head of the Advertising & Production Department, Master Carl selected him to be his Chief-of-Staff. Mr. Conklyn was in charge of the whole ad company when Master Carl was away.

Sandy came in just as Jane snapped the leash on to take Kari upstairs to Master Carls waiting room for Mr. Conklyn.

Does Mr. Conklyn want her butt-hole greazzed up? Sandy asked innocently.

No, was all Jane said to her. Arms, Kari, while she held the black reinforced nylon high above the small of Karis back. Kari quickly crossed her arms behind her back and waited while Jane zipped it in place.

He always wants me to suck him off, Miss Sandy, Kari shivered slightly after she spoke.

Jane what is it? Sandy was concerned.

Last month he gave her a black eye, Jane spoke acerbically. Hes not a nice man, she added.

Shes just a slavegirl, Sandy retorted. Damn.

Mr. Conklyn was sitting on the couch when Sandy brought Kari in. He was impeccably dressed in a pale brown suit with darker leather elbow patches and wore a British plaid vest over a snow white shirt, with a blue, green and gold regimental tie, under his coat. A kneeling pad was between his feet. Sandy led Kari to kneel and then dropped the leash, and left without looking back.

Are you going to hurt me, Master Denis, Kari asked softly as she knelt between Mr. Conklyns brown leather shoes. His trousers were already unzipped but his penis was still inside.

Oh my, Kari, he said firmly, you know I will hurt you.

Yes, master.

I brought you a little present, Kari, his voice sounded so syrupy that Kari became instantly cautious. She just looked up and smiled cautiously.

From his right jacket pocket he took out a small wrapped package and held it out to Kari. With her arms still tightly bound she could only look at the package. It was a medium sized jewelry box and wrapped with gold foil paper and had gold ribbon and bow. He held the package out for Kari, she just sat back. With her arms still in the binder she couldn't take the present.

Mr. Conklyn chuckled as he looked down at Kari, Oh pardon me_ he said with mock concern.

Let me help you, he said softly.

No, No I'll open it for you, he said as Kari started to turn for him to unzip the sleeve. You know that's not coming off anytime soon.

Yes master, Kari said as she returned to her kneeling position between his knees.

She watched as he slowly opened the package to reveal a black velvet jewelery case. He held the little black box in front of her face for a few moments and opened it with a flourish. Inside were a pair of long nipple clips. Each clip was long enough to cover the full length of Kari's inch long nipples.

Nice, eh? he said.

Yes sir.

From his left jacket pocket Mr. Conklyn pulled out a small bottle of body lubricant, he unscrewed the top and dripped a few drops on Kari's long, pink nipples. He rubbed the lube around on Kari's nipples and firmly kneaded each nipple too. Each clip had black handles to press, to open the clip. He slipped the first clip over Kari's right nipple, by holding the tiny handles and squeezing it open. The other end was flat and had a hole large enough for Kari's big nipple to fit through. When he was satisfied with the position he released the buttons and the clip closed over her right nipple. The clip squeezed her nipple from the end to the beginning on her tiny breast. Without a word he moved to her left nipple and fitted the clip over it. After both were in place he sat back to admire the results of hie efforts.

There all in place, Kari, he said. That doesn't hurt too bad, does it Kari?

No master, she said as tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

Now then our real purpose in meeting here this afternoon, his said as he looked down to the front of his pants. He made no move to take his penis out. I'm sure you can preform the necessary functions from here.

Her hands were still secured behind her back, so she had to lean forward to use her lips and tongue to get his penis out of his light brown trousers. When she pulled his penis out after a few minutes, she sucked the entire flaccid length into her mouth. As she licked and sucked she rubbed the gold lump of her tongue stud against the bottom of Master Denis penis and she could feel its size growing in her mouth. Master Denis didnt have nearly the size of Master Carl, but he was only a little shorter.

As he started to grow Kari could feel his hands on the back of her head. She started to try to pull back, but Master Denis held her face tightly to his body, as his penis filled her mouth and started to push into her throat.

Master Denis held her head even as Kari gagged from the intrusion into her throat. He let up slightly so she could take a breath, and then pulled her tight again. He started to cum, so let her up slightly again, to extend his rough treatment of her mouth and throat. This time Kari took a deep breath, just in time for Master Denis to pull her tight yet again. After a few more minutes her released Kari's head to move his hands down to grasp each nipple clip. He squeezed both clips as Kari continued to lick and suck his now hard penis.

When he finally spurted it was well past Karis mouth, directly into her throat, he didn't even feel the soft shudder as Kari came too.

He released her and leaned back on the couch to appreciate the moment. Kari continued to lick his penis. He insisted she clean off any mess she may have made. She was done in less than 5 minutes and sat back. Mr. Conklyn stood and zipped his trousers he walked around behind Kari. He crouched behind Kari and reached around to grasp the nipple clips again.

He was able to grasp the clips even harder and squeeze harder too. He pinched the clips so hard Kari cried out.

I have some paperwork to finish, he said as he stood. I'll be back in less than 30 minutes. He stopped near the door and looked back, Stay right there, on that pad and I'll be back. Kari nodded as she sobbed from the throbbing pain in her nipples. The pain was intense and soon Kari felt her pussy throbbing with her nipples. Her temples began to sweat, her upper lip and neck. Soon sweat dripped slowly down her chest.

Lubrication started to drip from her pussy onto her ankles as she knelt. More and more her nipples ached and throbbed, her pussy throbbed in time, too. She began slowly, an orgasm started in the center of her pussy and spread through her body to her nipples. She sat back slowly, perspiration dripped down her flat belly. She shook her head to get sweat from her eyes.

True to his word he was back after about 20 minutes. Without a word he reached down and Kari rose up on her knees so he could remove the clips. Mr. Conklyn gave each one a final firm squeeze and pulled them off and into his pocket.

I'll see you again next week Kari, he started to the door but stopped and came back, I know you'll miss me. He waited for Kari to answer.

Yes master, she said softly.


Master Carl walked through the slavegirl quarters on his weekly inspection of the entire facility. All the slavegirls were in their cells, including Kimi. Miss Connie was out of town visiting her family, so Kimi had to stay in her cell. Jane accompanied him as he stopped for a few moments at each cell, starting with Renee in cell number 6, then to Natale in cell 5. Cells 1, 3, and 5 were on one side of the room and 2, 4, and 6, were on the other. Arletta was in cell 3 and cell 4 was empty. Kari was in cell 1 and Kimi in 2.

This is our first slavegirl for the new facility? he looked to Jane as he spoke.

Yes, she smiled proudly. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Arletta stood in the center of the cell, she wore an arm binder so she couldnt cross her arms over her chest or put her hands over her pussy. She didnt know what to do so she just stood silently.

Pretty little bitch, Master Carl finally surmised. Call her Emma, Master Carl stepped back a step and looked the dark girl over carefully. Tits are kinda flat, though.

Come over here, Emma, Jane ordered curtly. Emma approached slowly, while Master Carl sighed.

Ill work on that, Jane apologized.

Anyone do any training yet?

Well not yet, Jane said. Were waiting on the doctor for the boob-job.

Dont worry about it then.

Emma, Master Carl said slowly. Have you had any babies?

Yes sir,Emma realized she should be respectful. I had one that my sister dopted, an then carried one more for her. Tears came to her eyes, Then one more that was dopted.

So youve had three but dont have any children to raise? he asked casually. She just nodded her head. Thats why her tits are so saggy, he turned to Jane.

We just want to have them brought back up, not big ol juggs hangin there, he said as they moved away.

Hi, sweetheart, he said to Kari. She moved up to the bars and knelt right in front of him. Doin all right? he asked softly. Kari smiled and nodded as she leaned closer to the bars. Master Carl leaned closer too. When their faces met right between two of the black steel bars, their lips touched briefly. Master Carl stepped back and turned to look in on Kimi.

Kimi was already standing by the door when Carl and Jane arrived. Jane opened the door to get Kimis leash snapped to her pussy ring. They led Kimi back through the slave quarters to the stairs to the house. Emma watched this closely and after they closed the door, she went closer to Karis side of the cell.

Kari, she whispered, loudly. What is that thing on her pussy? Kari smiled softly, and told Emma about Kimis days in the huge slavegirl complex in Germany and the pussy piercing that led to the large rings for leash attachment.

Alec, Karis handler came in suddenly through the garage door, and walked quickly to Emmas cell, Mr. Reynolds wants you in his office. He opened the door and waited for Emma to come to the door. She still had the arm binder on so all he had to do was snap a leash to the temporary leather collar to lead her away.

Come on, he said impatiently. Mr. Reynolds doesnt have problems, he has solutions. Alec waved the end of the leash. We dont keep him waiting.

Hurry up, Kari urged softly.

Emma walked quickly to the door and stood for Alec to attach the leash. She looked back over her shoulder as they went up the steps to the main house.

Ah here she is now, Master Carl said to the man in his office when Alec led her in. Alec led her to stand beside Master Carls red leather and dark walnut office chair. He pulled sharply down on the leash when she didnt kneel on the pad by the chair.

She hasnt had any training yet Alec, Master Carl said kindly. Lets not be too hard on her.

Emma, this is Doctor Adams, Master Carl said gently, as he put his hand on the top of her head. He slowly turned her head to look at his face. Hes the doctor thats going to do the surgery on your titties.

You just want me to restore what she had not make big tits for her? the doctor asked as he moved his chair closer to Emma. Dr. Adams touched the very end of Emmas left nipple with his gold Cross pen.

Very good, was all he said when she jumped. She has good nerves there. He opened his briefcase and lifted out a small white paperboard box. This is the newest type of implant, he opened the box and showed Master Carl the contents. You see its sort of pear shaped, so it will give a good profile. Its not so big that shell look like were tryin to make a cow. He looked down at Emma, what size bra did you wear, girl?

Um, B size, sir, she stammered a little, in embarrassment as she answered.

Thats this size, the doctor said to Carl.

Thats what Im lookin for, Master Carl said. Right there, he added. I want them pointed up and out. The doctor nodded. How long will you need?

If you have the facilities I can do it here, Dr. Adams said easily. If shes prepped, Ill only need an hour, he stood, half an hour each, Im done. The doctor looked at his watch as he left Master Carls office.

Master Carl's First Slavegirl Student

Mistress Lainie watched Emma kneel in front of the first man sitting in the line of folding chairs. On the first day she nearly refused to even get her mouth near a penis. After only 3 weeks of training Emma had to be careful or she would cum when the man spurted in her mouth.

Remember Emma, if you cum this time Ill have to beat your ass with this whip. Emma nodded without turning from the penis in her mouth.

Her lively pink tongue licked all around the head, as it entered her mouth. The man put his left hand on the back of Emmas head. Today she had to work at breath control, and to suppress her gag reflex. She had to take all of each penis into her mouth and down her throat. Miss Lainie instructed the men to hold the back of her head, unless she actually passed out.

Lainie had come to work for Carl as the first instructor of his slavegirl academy. She bought Miss Brenda from Mistress Elena as her slave/teacher. Lainie wore a black and gray plaid dress trimmed with gray lace, the dress had a full, floor length skirt, and Brenda wore a similar dress, but of gray lace with black and gray plaid trim. The complete bodice and the sides of the full skirt were just one layer of gray lace, Brendas breasts and dark brown nipples were visible through the lace, to indicate her slave status, but it had a panel of black and gray plaid, matching Lainies dress in the front. It started well below Brendas waist and went to the hem, it covered Brendas hairless pussy. A second panel in the rear, also went to the floor and covered Brendas ass.

Brenda had a small stack of warm, moist towels and had to wipe off each mans penis as Emma moved through the line of six seated men. When Emma finished the last man she sat back to catch her breath and wait further instructions. The men left as Brenda finished wiping each off, so that by the time Emma finished, there was only one left seated for Brenda to clean. After he left Brenda had a final towel to wipe Emmas face, and chest where some cum had dripped, she wiped very carefully. Emmas firm new breasts were still a little tender in places from the surgery.

Did that turn you on, Emma? Mistress Lainie asked.

Oh yes, maam, Mistress Lainie,Emma answered promptly.

You can play with yourself now, Lainie instructed. Emma began to fondle her own pussy and slipped her middle fingers into her wet pussy, as she knelt on the floor in front of Lainie.

May I please cum Mistress?Emma gasped, after just a few minutes.

Not yet, Lainie answered, after she checked her watch. Play with yourself some more. She continued to watch Emma struggle to play with herself but not cum, while she waited to see Emmas pussy actually drip onto the floor.

Mistress Lainie, please may I cum now, she begged again. Lainie glanced at her watch again. Please Mistress Lainie.

Okay, cum now, she smiled as she turned and walked away, while Emmas anxious sobs turned into moans of pleasure.

Master Carls Newest Slavegirl

Master Carl and Miss Connie took a long weekend and traveled to Carls cabin in the mountains just a few hours from their luxurious estate. Carl wanted to find a few hours of rest and Connie wanted to see where Carl and Kari had their first master/slavegirl experiences that became the highly successful ponygirl training ranch she lived at today. Connie had other ideas too. She saw how personally happy the slavegirls were, and wanted to try to find out how to get that same happiness for herself. Although she lived as a dominant bi-sexual with a husband and submissive slavegirl, she often felt, less than completely satisfied.

They stopped at a small store for cold drinks before Carl turned his black BMW X5, SUV off the main road onto a narrow two track lane through the thick green leafy woods. Before they started out Connie said she needed to talk about her concerns.

Lately, I have been feeling less than satisfied, she started. Or maybe unfullfilled,,,yes that would be a better word. Carl didnt answer, he waited for Connie to continue.

When I see how happy Kari is, and how much she likes to have all the different men there fuckin her, or when you have your maid go get her with her butt all greased, she turned to look out the side window. I cant help but wonder if its because she is being forced to be a little slut like that, she would do that anyway?

Even if I didnt force her she wouldnt dislike having men look at her and want her, Carl answered.

Can we try that this weekend? Connie wondered aloud. Please, Master Carl, her lower lip protruded as she simpered coyly. Carl didnt answer but started his black SUV and backed out of the parking spot.

You have way too many clothes on for a slaveslut, he looked toward Connie. Little Bitch. Before he finished the sentence she had peeled off her dark blue, designer DKNY top and had her white shorts halfway down her long, tanned, legs. She unclasped her pale blue and white lacy bra.

After Carl turned onto the small road through the woods to his cabin he stopped and opened the rear hatch. He began taking Connies luggage out and set it under a tree at the side of the lane, but out of sight behind some bushes.

Come over here, Connie, he ordered. Put the clothes you just took off with the luggage. The now naked Connie looked around nervously as she got out of the SUV, she carried her clothes clutched to her chest.

Are we going to do this here? she looked around again. Someone might see me here, she whispered loudly.

I dont care if everyone sees you, he answered curtly. Take off those panties first, your modesty means nothing to me. He turned back toward the car, Now put those clothes over there on the pile and get back here unless you want to walk the rest of the way.

Connie quickly tossed the top, shorts, lacy light blue bra and matching panties on top of the rest and rushed back to the car. They drove the rest of the way in silence, partly because Carl needed to concentrate on the off-road driving, but mostly because of the beauty of the trip through the tall pine woods.

At 23 Connie was a beautiful woman, she had dark brown hair and eyes. Her dark Spanish complexion showed bright white teeth beautifully, She had to cross her arms over her firm full breasts when the car shifted over the uneven roadway through the woods, the big breasts swayed and russet nipples jiggled, too much. They finally arrived at the rustic cabin high on a hillside overlooking a quiet blue lake.

Theres no one here but us, he said when he noticed Connies reluctance to open the door. After the caretaker got everything ready for us he left.

You know, she said as she opened the door, Ive never been outside naked like this. She walked partway toward the lake, but its kinda neat.

If anyone came by it wouldnt really be too terrible, Carl suggested.

Well,,,probably not, but Id still be pretty nervous, she countered. I was taught that ladies always had to keep their clothes on.

Slavegirls aren't ladies, he responded. The have the same status as pets.

They spent the rest of the evening getting his suitcases into the cabin and then cooking a small dinner. Carl didnt try to do too much with Connie, yet.

Carl did find a small box with a black leather collar and wrist cuffs that locked in place. Connie sat on the floor in front of him while he put the collar around her bare neck. She raised her hands in turn so Carl could get the cuffs locked around her slender wrists.

There, how does that make you feel? he asked when he was done.

Like you really want me, she smiled up at him. Master, she added after. She sighed and leaned back against his legs while he reached over her shoulders to caress her firm breasts and hard dark red nipples.

Turn around, he said softly. She started to get up, but he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

Stay down there, just turn around. He continued to hold her shoulders as she turned. She looked up, and then smiled lasciviously. Connie licked her lips and reached out to unzip his blue jeans. She carefully pulled Master Carls penis out and fondled him gently. Connie pursed her lips way out to try to kiss the head of his penis, but not get too close.

Hows that? she asked after she managed to touch her lips to the very end of his growing organ.

Its a start, he smiled at her effort. I think a little training would help. She stopped smiling, and nodded.

I think so too, with a thoughtful frown, she continued, but Id have to be a slavegirl to get that sort of instruction.

Yeah, he answered. Or you could just try some more this weekend. She smiled again and leaned forward to actually lick the end of the head of his penis. To her delight his penis grew even more.

I knew your dick was really big, long before we got married, she said as she continued to caress his penis. But I had so little experience with men that I didnt know it was bigger than most everyone. Her long, slender fingers just wrapped around Master Carls huge penis.

They spent Saturday in the camp, with Carl teaching Connie how to walk around with a leash on her collar. She had to learn to watch her master to make sure she didnt snag the leash and cause him any inconvenience. She was not seriously corrected for violations, but he sighed and then glared if she messed up. Connie was stimulated and her pussy was very wet by lunch time. She knelt by her masters chair and ate her lunch from a plate on the floor.

The after lunch Carl carefully trimmed and shaved Connies pussy. It took nearly an hour and when he was done he leaned back to admire his own handy work. Connie said she felt even more naked now.

The next morning started about the same, until a dark blue Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled into their camp. The two couples who got out were obviously friends of Carls. After greeting them he took them all inside to see Connie. She made a slight yelp when they all came in, but she was so surprised that she didnt try to cover herself up with her hands. Carl took the 2 men, Gary and Mike, and they all went fishing, leaving the 2 women, Alice and Dora to watch over Connie.

So, youre his newest slavegirl, eh, Dora spoke up first.

Yes, mistress, Connie answered. She realized how Kari must feel when a citizen tries to talk to her.

Do you have any tea ready for us? Alice asked.

Shes not the maid Alice, Dora corrected. Shes her for Carl to fuck whenever he feels like it.

Well since he said she had to stay here with us, Alice suggested. Maybe she could kiss our pussies.

Ooh, Yeah, Dora was enthusiastic. Lets go sit on the porch, she turned to the door and went outside.

Connie knelt in front of Alice while they both took off their shorts and panties. They both sat in porch recliners and waited for Connie to kiss and lick their pussies.

She approached Alice and began by kissing her inner-thighs, Alice began to moan softly as Connies lips neared her neatly trimmed pussy. She carefully licked and kissed the sensitive pink tissue between Alices outer lips. Alice gasped and shifted so that Connie could reach her moist vagina easier. Connie sucked Alices delicate clitoral hood into

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