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Collected by Aaeru

Favs (22 stories listed)

  • Another Day in the Life - The Applicant: by LaFontaine
    (Synopsis: Following a disastrous 4 years from the first women president, a backlash forms. All manner of workplace equality laws are eliminated. Lawsuits become a thing of the past. Almost overlooked, prostitution is legalized. Women executives are gradually phased out while the best recent female law school graduates can do is office administration. Gradually, the best paying of these jobs require a sexual relationship with their employer. Suddenly, all of them do. This is the dystopian backdrop in which Sandi is trying to find a better job)
  • A Delicate Balance : by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: A young man falls under the domination of a casually cruel older ad very wealthy woman.)
  • The Haven: by Vdias
    (Synopsis: A personal fitness trainer and a snobby young executive find a hidden side to the tropical island resort called the Haven.)
  • SEASON'S BEATINGS: by Goddess Natasha
    (Synopsis: Two Mistresses indulge the nostalgia of the Holiday Season by taking a human pony sleigh ride. )
  • Stern Manor: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: Mistress Stern and her three latex-clad female dominas have kidnapped eight prisoners and now in their basement they are undergoing unpleasant training in latex and body modifications paid for by their owners)
  • The Reluctant Pony: by Rilawild.
    (Synopsis: Isabelle\'s boss and mentor is invited to a meeting of the Wallinghurst Pony Club to sign an important contract. Neither he nor she realises quite what the club is all about and Isabelle connives to be invited with him to make sure that his isn\'t conned. Unfortunately to get the invitation she has to pretend to be interested in joining the club as a member. We follow her as she finds the shocking truth of what a ponygirl really is and discovers what it means to be member. What will she put up with to keep her secret intact and will she know to stop before it is too late?)
  • Party Animal: by fireball
    (Synopsis: A beautiful female executive is discovered trying to defraud the company and pays a humiliating and degrading price at the hands of her boss and his kinky friends.)
  • The Nanny: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: Young beautiful woman signs with a weathly family to be a Nanny, becomes a sex slave )
  • Four peas: by Caine.Paine
    (Synopsis: A wealthy married couple, brought together in their mutual, twisted love of power, abduct young women and force them to compete sexually for rank and privilege. How far will their kidnap victims go to satisfy their Lord and Mistress' depraved demands and rise above the others?)
  • Training Rose: by Angie.Fuchs
    (Synopsis: How rich girl Georgina became Grand Prix winning Pony Girl Rose.)
  • Predator and Prey: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: A young male sub answers an ad placed by a dominatrix for a live-in slave. He prepares for their first meeting, dressing in a rubber catsuit. Soon she arrives and has him under control. She appears to be a very serious mistress, and things for him begin to quickly slide out of control. The ending has a twist too. )
  • The Contest: by Fielding J. Melish
    (Synopsis: In a New World Order of make dominance, an over the hill office girl tries to improve her lot in life by winning a Hot Legs Contest that will land her a new position.)
  • Another Day In The Life: by Georg Kinaski
    (Synopsis: Interviews are held and a new PA is chosen.)
  • Au Pair Girl: by Satan_Klaus
    (Synopsis: A man reflects on his enslaved Au Pair girl in a unique writing style.)
  • Lindsey Blossoms: by Caine.Paine
    (Synopsis: Lindsey, a spoiled 18-year-old sexual deviant, accepts her father's offer to join his global human trafficking enterprise. Her first goal, however, is to exact sweet revenge on a few classmates by having them kidnapped and trained to serve her as unwilling slaves.)
  • Milky: by Surtea
    (Synopsis: A pretty American woman gets transferred to the Tokyo office. There she finds some of the customs very different. )
  • Number One Pony: by Shackleford Bond
    (Synopsis: )
  • Bouncy Booballoons: by LeoNine
    (Synopsis: A sadistic industrialist and his evil surgeon invent a process for enlarging breasts without limits, and his secretary becomes the unwilling subject.)
  • The Classroom Ordeal: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: A young student is caught passing notes and receives her punishment from her teacher.)
  • The Cocoon: by Koppite727
    (Synopsis: A man's desires for permanent submission lead him down a road where even his mind can not escape. Unfortunately for him, he finds a woman more than willing to go to great lengths to make it all happen, whether he likes it or not!)
  • Trapped: by Lofwyrkp
    (Synopsis: A woman is turned into a very unusual slave.)
  • Fantasie du jour - Office Display: by anonymouse-w
    (Synopsis: Office managers often have 'executive toys' on their desks. This one has his sex slave on display in a specially designed cabinet. She is repeatedly ravished throughout the day, allowed out only to service her Master, hlis clients and other office staff.)

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