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Collected by spookyfox965

Ff (17 stories listed)

  • Slave Training for Kate: by HIdden Pleasures
    (Synopsis: A young woman experiences a dramatic change in her lifestyle after hooking up with her new lover. She finds it to be so humiliating yet so exciting at the same time.)
  • Tamed Cougar: by Tappy McWidestance
    (Synopsis: The transformation of a college professor from exploiter of young men to server of young women.)
  • Sisterly Love: by ElementsOfLife
    (Synopsis: A young Woman excited by her first College Party gets on the wrong side of her Twin Sister and her World gets turned upside down.)
  • Evening at the gym: by SG
    (Synopsis: A late trip to the gym to burn calories and distract an aroused but unfullfilled mind leads to an evening in bondage )
  • Anne working Overtime: by Tantala
    (Synopsis: Anne is a young student with an increasing awareness of her submissive lesbian tendencies. It becomes an ever greater problem to her - untill she meets Jean. The woman opens up a new world to her. A world she never knew existed.....)
  • Modern Slavery: by Karen1982
    (Synopsis: What will happen in a world where slavery is legal and the accepted norm. April is about to find out.)
  • Naughty Pussies: by slavegirl
    (Synopsis: Seven young women develop intense D/s relationships while living together in an old Victorian House. As the story develops, the level of B&D/S&M will contine to increase along the way.)
  • Submission: by Gabby
    (Synopsis: Recently divorced, and newly unemployed, Gabby finds herself living with her younger sister, Brenda. After a few weeks of frustration, Brenda starts to require Gabby's cooperation around the house...)
  • Stacey's Job: by ElementsOfLife
    (Synopsis: An insight into Stacey's occupation of training unwilling slaves who have been purchased to how their new owners wish them to be.)
  • Power of Attorney: by Kristina Katyn
    (Synopsis: Successful attorney Jennifer Corbitt hires a new secretary, Kristina, humiliates her and tries to mould her into Jennifer's submissive plaything. However, some girls will only take so much... )
  • Polish Au Pair Takes Control: by Kristina Katyn
    (Synopsis: Geraldine found herself submitting more and more to her au pair\'s wishes)
  • My Roomate: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: Two female freshmen roomates at college. One comes from a very conservative background and feels guilty when she masturbates. The other turns her into her toy using the guilt of her masturbating.)
  • Kelly's Slave: by Ashley
    (Synopsis: Kelly and her roommate begin as friends and quickly change into Mistress and slave. Over time, the slavery grows more intense.)
  • So Easy: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Be careful of the foreign exchange student you bring into your home. Dominate lesbian takes small town girl and makes her a pet.)
  • Allie and Nicole: by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an auto accident. She is taken in by her one time babysitter, Nicole, who has always lusted after her. Poor Allie is humiliated and forced to satisfy her new Mistress in many inventive ways.)
  • Blondes Rule Brunettes Drool: by goodgone
    (Synopsis: A brunette officegirl is dominated by a group of blonde interns who turn out to be part of a much larger organization)
  • I Was Just Trying To Help: by SpeechMasterOne
    (Synopsis: She was just trying to help her step-daughter open up, but the results left her in a helpless situation.)

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