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Collected by dom_mike69

favs (12 stories listed)

  • The Pig Races: by Jake Olive
    (Synopsis: A single 29 year old woman finally meets her dream man and falls in love without understanding his true intentions. The man plans to enter her into the strange subculture of pig racing and believes that she is the prize pig he has long been seeking.)
  • General Chen`s White Torture Slave: by arrakur
    (Synopsis: nothing original about this: white American millionaire daughter gets kidnapped by pirates and soon afterwards finds herself a prisoner of General Chen, the dictator of a fictional Asian island state. a ruthless dictator, in fact. with a strong taste for white women and fiendish sex-tortures.)
  • The Clock: by milflover
    (Synopsis: 13 stunning female models are kidnapped and tortured. The finale is the infamous clock!)
  • Four peas: by Caine.Paine
    (Synopsis: A wealthy married couple, brought together in their mutual, twisted love of power, abduct young women and force them to compete sexually for rank and privilege. How far will their kidnap victims go to satisfy their Lord and Mistress' depraved demands and rise above the others?)
  • Diplomatic Baggage: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: The British Embassy in Kolin takes great care to ensure that trade with the Kushtian's isn't interfered with, even when one of its staff is kidnapped.)
  • Emily's Party: by Paul Phillips
    (Synopsis: Emily wakes up from a night out to find herself locked in a stock and a special guest at a special party)
  • Coed Baby Sitter Bound And Abused: by Dreamer
    (Synopsis: College coed Penney could use a few bucks, babysitting the weekend with a couple of adolescent kids seemed quite easy. Before she realized how wrong she was it was too late.)
  • Babysitter Bound: by thuggee
    (Synopsis: When a college student goes baby sitting unexpectedly, unexpected things happen ...)
  • Abracadabra!: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: When Gregg Gilstrom's magic assistant walks out on him he discovers something that leads to new tricks that he exploits to the full. A tale of lust, power, magic and villainy.)
  • Stacey's Job: by ElementsOfLife
    (Synopsis: An insight into Stacey's occupation of training unwilling slaves who have been purchased to how their new owners wish them to be.)
  • Lexy's Bad Choices: by Jake Olive
    (Synopsis: A young girl makes the wrong choice and steals from her employer. The company Controller discovers the crime and lays out a path of punishment and repayment.)
  • The Summer Project: by T.S.Fesseln
    (Synopsis: A brother-in-law gets the chance of his dreams when his father and stepmother go on vacation and he gets to turn his stepsister into a slave. A work in progress.)

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