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Collected by majus

slavery (2 stories listed)

Snuff (4 stories listed)
snuff stories

  • Psych Hospital: Divorce Wars: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: Lovely Lisa tries to divorce her rich husband and scoop a giant chunk of his fortune. She checks into a psychiatric hospital to hide out while the divorce is served. Hubby is connected and arrangeds for some very special treatment for her. Any female who gets in the way is ruthlessly dealt with in the Psychiatric Hospital where everybody loves to hear a pretty female scream.)
  • The Culling Lottery: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: Takes place in the future, a few decades after "The Abattoir," when the cruelties of privatized executions have not only become public, but have spawned a hugely competitive industry of grisly "reality TV." Beautiful young women sign up for a lottery in which they will end up either fabulously rich or brutally tortured, executed and eaten.)
  • Anniversary Celebration: by Honda Kushimoto
    (Synopsis: Ingrid and Marcel are celebrating their first anniversary and are planning on snuffing someone for this special occasion. They use their entire savings to buy a woman to be tortured and snuffed on their anniversary day. Things turn out slightly different when they find out who the woman is they had bought.)
  • Sacrifice….Anja The Jungle Queen : by enigma
    (Synopsis: Anja the jungle queen is in peril as she is forced to submit to a slavery trible to be sacrificed to the pagan god but not before she tortured day and night as she must beg to be sacrificed)

torture (1 stories listed)


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