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Book Project


Collected by sven_b2

Exhibitionism (1 stories listed)

Female humiliation (7 stories listed)

Maledom society (2 stories listed)

  • Lost At Sea: by Dirk
    (Synopsis: When two young, western people are shipwrecked and forced to survive on a remote island, the question arises soon what they are willing to do in order to survive among the primitive inhabitants of that bizarre place. Women are treated as ponyslaves, ponygirls and beasts of burden here, and so Scarlett and Chris have to redefine their relationship the hard way. A gradual decline soon begins.)
  • The Order of New America: by Elago
    (Synopsis: Years after the Great Silence, a nuclear apocalypse that has destroyed civilization as we know, the small community of Rashbelt leads a harsh life under the leadership of Stan Carson. When his father dies, a letter from a mysterious Father John invites him to visit the community of New America and "learn about their ways".)
    Comment: A post nuclaer was siciety where women are slaves.

Male humiliation (1 stories listed)

Modification (1 stories listed)

Slave life (1 stories listed)

Dominance and submission (1 stories listed)

Confined clothing (1 stories listed)

To be read (4 stories listed)


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