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Collected by stevie4321

Slave for life (8 stories listed)
Women who are slaves for the rest of their lives with no hope of escape.

  • Traceys Slave Contract: by Katie Smith
    (Synopsis: Tracey decides to try out being a slave on a temporary basis, will it stay that way though!)
  • Cox and Butz: by Hoof Hearted
    (Synopsis: Young girl coerced to sign an employment contract with a misterious R&D company)
  • Bouncy Booballoons: by LeoNine
    (Synopsis: A sadistic industrialist and his evil surgeon invent a process for enlarging breasts without limits, and his secretary becomes the unwilling subject.)
  • Mary the Teenaged Slut: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: Young Mary is forced by her parents to be the biggest slut in her high school.)
  • Jasmine\'s Story: by OpenlyJas
    (Synopsis: Alice makes snotty Jasmine\'s body a public commodity)
  • Valerie\'s story: by OpenlyJas
    (Synopsis: Valerie\'s body becomes public property)
  • Sara's Plight: by slut_jasmine
    (Synopsis: With bills piling up and no job, Sara is desperate to get some sort of income rolling in. She applied for a waitressing job at a rather shady bar. Things can't go that bad, can they? )
  • Betting it All: by ProfPotts
    (Synopsis: Claire bets her life on a near-perfect hand, and gets trumped, winding up as Kyle's slave. )


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