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Victoria the Toy Girl

Part 1

       “Nnnngh” the young woman moaned, slowly regaining consciousness. The petite girl attempted to move as her mind lifted from the fog. She lay still mostly, for what seemed like hours. Seemingly unable to open her eyes, she remained motionless for so long that she wondered if she was actually asleep. Over time, she became more and more aware of herself, and finally regained the ability to lift her eye lids, though it took more effort than she could have imagined.

       Victoria looked around the room as much as she was capable. For reasons unknown to her she couldnt lift her head, and so she was limited to seeing only what was before her. All she could see was one wall, completely blank and painted white a few feet away. Above her, bright fluorescent lights beams down on her where she lay. Below she could see nothing, only the shiny metal surface that she was resting upon. It was like a doctors table, only much cooler to the touch as it had no padding. The young woman blinked a few times, slowly gaining more strength in her body. It was as if her ability to move had been zapped from her, and now it was slowly returning. What happened to me? she wondered. Terrified of the answer, Victoria resolved to find a way out of whatever this place was.

       “Nnnnngggh” she moaned again, as she strained against the weight of her own body. Her attempt to lift herself was fruitless. The strength just wasnt there. “Nnnnnggh… Mmmmeh” she groaned, trying almost desperately to lift herself from the metal table. Panting for breath, she realized that this was very very wrong. She shouldnt be in a place like this. Victoria didnt even know what this place was. And she certainly shouldnt feel like this; she should be able to move like normal.

       As time wore on, her mind felt less and less foggy and thinking came easier to her. Did I get roofied? she wondered to herself. A headache was making its presence more known, the more awake she became. The throbbing in her head ached more with each beat of her heart, and Victoria closed her eyes tightly, attempting to drive the pain away. Her attempt was futile, and her heart only raced faster as she became more aware of her situation.

       The room seemed like some sort of doctors office, though with her head tilted to one side she had no idea what was on the other. No sound penetrated the room, leaving Victoria alone with her own thoughts and fears. Perhaps if she called out for help someone would come. Maybe this was an emergency room, or detox or something. She could have been drugged and then brought in to recover… but that didnt explain her inability to move. Victorias breasts heaved inward and outward, as she feared not being able to move again. Oh God, why cant I move? she asked herself, fearfully.

       Suddenly, the sound of a twisting doorknob broke the silence. Oh please help me Victoria thought to herself. The noise of a door opening filled the room, and multiple sets of footsteps echoed from behind her head. Unable to turn to face the owners of those footsteps, Victoria did her best to see them using only her eyes. There were three of them, or perhaps four.  Men and women both, dressed in full medical garb. White smocks, long rubber sleeved gloves, caps and face masks, clear plastic goggles, and aprons over it all. The appearance of these men and women terrified her. Who are these people… and why are they dressed like this?

       Three sets of hands descended upon her body, grabbing all of her limbs and pulling them away from her torso. Unable to move herself, Victoria had no defense against their probing hands. A fourth set of hands grabbed her head to either side of her face and straightened it, forcing her to stare directly upwards. The doctor who held her face stared back down at her, with only his dark brown eyes revealed behind his mask. He had soulless, evil eyes that struck fear into her heart. She stared up at him through her dark brown hair as some cascaded upon her face. Victoria let out a whimper, petrified of the people who molested her body while she lay defenseless.

       The young woman couldnt move, but she could feel their hands working on her. Unable to look down, she couldnt see who was doing what, but she certainly felt it all. The long black dress that shed worn out the night before was shorn down the center, and the thin shoulder straps were snipped away with ease. Her black bra and matching panties were cut away in similar fashion, and it was all torn out from under her with ease.

       “Wehhhah!” Victoria cried out, unable to make intelligible words. She continued to gaze up into the steely eyes of the man above her, and tears streamed down either side of her face from her bright green eyes. Never had she experienced fear like this, and she never thought that she would. What is happening? Why are you doing this to me? she wondered frantically.

       Now completely bare upon the cold metal table, Victoria felt a tickle along her upper thighs. Her attempt to look down but it was pointless, whatever they were doing down there was out of her view and blocked by the big round mounds of her breasts. Her bright pink nipples poked up into the air, stiff from the affects of the cold air. Victorias breathing became ragged as she felt the tickling sensation cease on her thighs, and the doctors moved up closer to her head. What are you doing to me? The same sensation was suddenly felt upon her arms, just below the shoulder. Leave me alone, please. Let me go! she thought.

       The doctors worked quickly, and said nothing throughout the whole ordeal. Another sound that Victoria was somewhat familiar with filled the air. A gurney was pulled into the room right along side the metal table. The man who held tight to her head released her, and moved out of the way of his colleagues. Without warning, Victoria felt three sets of hands lift her and move her from the cool table to the soft padding of the gurney. From the gurney, she could see a woman standing with a pen and a clipboard, seeming to write something or check things off. Victoria couldnt tell what, to be sure.

       The woman doctor with the clipboard turned and exited the room, and the gurney started to move in pursuit. Victoria lay like a rag doll on the bed, breathing heavily and tears streaming from her eyes. Her nose was red and dripping. On either side of the gurney a man doctor pushed her along. From the bed she couldnt make out where they were or where they were going, but the building certainly had a feel like a hospital. But the walls were all bare, with no decoration. Every door they passed was apparently made of stainless steel, and all were closed. There were no clues as to where she was, or what was happening to her. The only lighting was supplied by the overhead fluorescents, not a single window was to be seen. During the trip down the long hallway, they didnt even pass other doctors or anyone at all.

       The group of doctors brought Victoria along for a few minutes, and then all boarded an elevator. Unable to see the wall of buttons, Victoria had no idea what floor they were on or what floor they were going to. All she could feel was the elevator dropping for several floors, and the end of the descent was announced by a dull “ping” note. The group exited the elevator and drew the gurney out with them, with Victoria sobbing softly on board. They pushed her down another hallway and through a wide set of double doors into a big, open room.

       A single glance around the room nearly made Victorias heart stop. The gurney was brought up along side another metal table, much like the one shed only just left but with a few minor differences. Her body was groped by several hands and arms, and her naked form was lifted over to the new table. Victoria strained against her own inability to move as her arms and legs were separated. Her legs were split apart widely, and were rested upon small extensions of the table apparently designed just to accommodate her legs. Victorias arms too, were spread outward and rested on top of individual extensions to the table.

       “Myeehhh” she cried out, as she felt wide leather straps drape over her arms at the wrist and elbow. The tinkling of buckles was heard, as the straps were pulled tight. More straps were drawn over her legs at the thigh and ankle, and they too were restrained. Another pair of straps, wider than the others were drawn over her torso at her waist and above her bulging breasts.

       “P…Pehhh” she whined, trying her best to speak. She did her best to convey her discomfort, but the doctors showed no sign of caring or even noticing. The man doctor whod held her face earlier approached her once more, and held her face upwards just as he had before. As Victoria gazed up into his dark, unfeeling eyes she felt another doctor draw another strap over her throat. The young brunette woman choked as she felt the leather restraint tighten on her neck like a noose, and when it was done the man released her head. A final leather strap, this one comfortably padded was draped over her forehead and securely fastened down to the head of the table. Her whole body was now strapped down to the cool metal plateau, splayed out for all to see every inch of her nude body.

       “Pehhh…. Victora tried harder to speak, to beg for release. She was so afraid. Out of her view, a doctor turned a crank and above her a gigantic metallic mirror descended to become parallel with the floor. Tears streamed from her eyes as she gazed up into the mirror, and saw herself spread out and defenseless. In the mirror she could see the heads of the doctors moving about her, setting tools and things she couldnt identify. Victoria choked on her own fear as she looked at her body. At the tops of her thighs… and just below the shoulders… black dotted lines were drawn on her flesh. The young woman cried out in fear, terrified of the predicament.

       “Pluh… Plehhh…. she cried. A metal cart, garnished with shiny tools and accessories was wheeled up beside her. All of the doctors surrounded the table, some holding tools and others paper work, one with a camera. Victoria glanced about the room at all of them. The man doctor who held her head approached her, with respirator face mask in hand. A plastic tube extended from it to a place unseen to her, but she knew what it was. The man drew the mask over her face, and sealed it up over her nose and mouth. Completely unable to move, Victoria had no means of resistance. The gas was released and she felt herself slipping away immediately.

       “Puh…lease…” she managed to stutter, as the whole world faded to black in an instant.

Review This Story || Author: Lokker12
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