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Victoria the Toy Girl

Part 2

       Victoria woke slowly, as if she were leaving a foggy field and reentering the real world. She couldnt remember the moment when her eyes opened, it just felt as if theyd never closed. The young woman sat up, still and not completely aware of where she was or what her situation was. Her mind felt as if her wits had been dulled, and she had no recent memory of who she was or what shed endured. Unable to turn her head for reasons unknown to her, Victoria just remained vertically perched up high against the far wall of a white room with cool white lighting. How she was kept in place on the wall was unclear to her, but in her state of mind she was not curious to find out.

       At the far end opposite end of the room, a door swung open and two figures trudged in. One was dress in clothes like a surgeon. He had a white smock and an apron, and long rubber gloves and a face mask and all. With him came a woman, dressed in a white doctors coat and carrying a clipboard. The two approached quietly, as if trying to keep from disturbing her. Victoria did her best to lift her head to meet them, from her perch against the wall.

       “How long has she been like this?” asked the woman.

       “Ten weeks, maam. We only just allowed her to regain consciousness” replied the surgeon, his voice seemingly muffled and echoing at the same time. “Her incisions have healed nicer than we thought they would. I think we can move forward now” he said, talking with his hands. “Just wanted to run it by you first, maam.” The woman looked at the surgeon and nodded, then approached Victoria where she rested against the wall. She crouched down, and Victoria felt her hands run along the flesh along her buttocks and the separation of her womanhood.

       “Everything seems in order” the woman said. “Whats the condition of her muscles?”

       “Excellent, maam” the surgeon responded. “We kept her muscles strong with electric shocks, and her body responded to it wondrously.”

       “And her internals?” the woman asked.

       “Clean as a whistle, maam. Weve cleaned her out once every few days since she arrived. Her last enema was this morning.” The man tossed his hands about in front of him as he talked, as if it helped explain what he was trying to say.

       “And her-“

       “Complete hair removal to the rest of her” the man said, cutting the woman off. “There is truly a zero percent chance that hair will grow on her again. Not including her head and eyebrows, of course.”

       “Very good” the woman replied, with sharp annoyance in her voice. “Dont interrupt me like that again, Doctor.” The surgeon looked taken aback for a moment, even behind his mask and cap.

       “Yes, of course, maam” he responded. “Wont happen again.”

       “Mmmmph” Victoria moaned, and felt startled by the noise she made. It was then that she noticed the presence of something in her mouth. Her state of mind had left her completely unaware of it until she attempted to voice her discomforts. Victoria ran her tongue around inside her mouth, feeling about the shape of a big and round shape that tasted of rubber. With her tongue she attempted to press the round rubber gag from her mouth, but it remained in place. The movement in her tongue even seemed sluggish, and she could feel the presence of some things seemingly clipped onto it. Unable to see her tongue to inspect it, Victoria disregarded the annoyance. 

       “Shes coming out of it, maam” the man said with a slightly concerned voice.

       “Good” the woman replied, as she continued to inspect Victorias body. “I think youre right; shes ready to move forward in the process.” The woman looked down at her clipboard and flipped through a few papers. “Who was this one for?” she asked the surgeon.

       “Client C-12, maam” the man responded flatly.

       “Oh that ones a fucking nut case… he goes through these things like candy… Well it looks like his order has been filled” the woman added. “Transport her to Dressage, and then oversee her departure from Shipping. I want her out of here by tonight so we can make room for the next one. Understood?”

       “Yes maam” the surgeon replied, and with that the two exited the room. Victoria remained on the strange perch against the wall, staring blankly across the room. She made no attempt to move, only stayed still and stupefied. Her world was so cloudy, and her senses felt dulled to the point that nothing seemed to matter.

       Soon the surgeon returned, accompanied by a pair of women dressed similarly to himself. The man pushed a wheel chair of some sort, but instead of a flat seat it had what looked more like a deep plastic bowl. Around the front were a pair of wide leather straps, fixed to the back rest. The two women approached Victoria and went to work on buckles previously unseen to her, as they were below her field of view. Victoria felt a pang of confusion as the two women lifted her with incredible ease and moved her over to the strange wheel chair. The collar around her throat continued to disallow her from looking down on her own body, but she could feel the work they were doing.

       “Mmmmmph!!” Victoria moaned as she was seated down low in the bowl of the chair, the cold plastic coming in direct contact with her womanly slit. Unable to think straight, Victoria endured the treatment as the women pulled the leather straps around her front and secured her to the back rest of the chair.

       “To Dressage” the man ordered, and the two women began to walk for the door. The man could be heard following close behind, his footsteps significantly louder than those of the woman. “Bring her down to Dressage and slot her for the preparations for client C-12” the man said to the women doctors. “Park her out from of the dressing room and wait for me there. I want to wait for the drugs to wear off before we start, this is the last well see of little Tori.”

       The two women obliged and took down the hall, pushing Victoria along before them. The man turned off somewhere, and Victoria listened as his footsteps faded away. Down the long hallway, the small woman was delivered to a set of double doors. Victoria cringed in fear as some distant memory reached back from the deep recesses of her mind.

       “Mmmmmph!” she cried through the gag, but there was no stopping the chair. The two women pushed her straight through and into a big and open room. A half coherent look around the room revealed small walls like cubicles dividing the room into sections. The cubicles were much taller than those found in an office, and the doorways to each was covered with a white curtain. Past several cubicles the women brought Victoria, and she shriveled in fear. Victoria was pushed along to a cubicle, where the women stopped. The woman doctor pushing her pressed a brake behind the wheels of the chair, and then the two stepped inside the curtain leaving Victoria alone to stare at the blank white surface.

       From the other side of the curtain, Victoria could hear the doctors working on something. Perhaps they were making preparations of some sort, but the thought of what for worried Victoria worse than anything else. Looking around as much as the collar about her neck would allow, Victoria did her best to see where she was now. Slowly the world faded back into view, and the fog in her mind dissipated. As time went on, it slowed down. No longer did the whole world seem to fly by, and her senses began to return.


       The big room echoed with the sounds clanking chains and muffled screams from all over. Victoria was unable to pinpoint the source of the noises, as they seemed to come from all different directions of the massive room. The collar hugging her throat prevented her from looking down or to either side of her, and so the only thing within her line of sight was the white sheet draped before her.

       Her memory slowly trickled back to her, one little bit at a time How did I get here? she wondered. I… I was at a party… no a bar, I think she remembered. I… I was drinking and then… that was it. That was as much as she could recall, until waking up here the first time. The men and the women… those doctors… she attempted with great difficulty to recall what had happened. They tied me down. They tickled my arms… my legs… and they had a big mirror I think.” Victoria tossed her head about, as much as the collar would permit in an attempt to jog her memory. Try as she may, the whole memory of how she got into this predicament could not be attained.

       Victoria tried to remember more, from before the party, or wherever shed been before she was here. I went to school. My friends wanted to go out… We went… We had dinner and rode in a car she remembered, feeling like she was grasping for shadows. Remembering wasnt easy, but she was improving with time.

       “Mmmmphmm” she moaned into the gag, as she rolled her tongue along the protrusion in her mouth. It was more obvious now what had happened to her tongue. Judging by the feel of it, Victoria guessed that it had been pierced- and not just once. Now more aware, she realized that the gag was a big rubber ball lodged between her teeth. A leather pad rested over her mouth, and leather buckles wrapped around to the back of her head, securing the ball in place. Victoria pressed with her tongue and attempted to open her mouth wider, trying to remove the ball from her aching jaws. Her attempts were pointless, and in time she gave up.

       Victoria attempted to lift her hands up to remove the gag herself, but she couldnt even feel them. She wondered if perhaps the restraints were so tight that her limbs had become numb, and unresponsive. Her attempts to mentally fight the numbness in her arms proved useless, and in time she gave up on that as well. Oh God please get me out of here she thought to herself. Please someone help me. Victoria sat quietly in the bowl shaped seat of the wheel chair, and gazed upwards as best as she could. The ceiling was high, and adorned with fluorescent lighting and an assortment of wires and cables. Staring upwards, Victoria prayed to God and Jesus that they would save her and have her rescued from whatever this place was.

       No sooner than shed begun her prayers, a pair of loud footsteps could be heard approaching from behind. Oh no, the doctor man is back she thought. Victorias heart rate doubled over, as she heard the man come nearer. The man said nothing as he clicked off the wheel brakes, and then pushed Victoria through the curtain and into the cubicle. Victorias eyes widened and her breasts heaved with her labored breathing. It was difficult to breathe with the ball and leather pad sealing her mouth, thus leaving only her nose to supply her body with oxygen.

       Before her was a wide table, topped with a leather pad. Beside the table was a bench, covered in items that only vaguely resembled clothing, and strange contraptions which she couldnt possibly identify. The man wheeled her over to the side of the padded table in the center of this massive cubicle, and the two women approached her from the front. Victoria watched in fear as the straps across her front were removed, and she grunted when she was unwillingly lifted from the chair. Victoria moaned in discomfort as she was laid down upon the padded leather table. She was grateful that at the very least, this table wasnt bare metal.

       “Pull her hair free” the man commanded to one of the women. “You, prepare the cleaning station” he said to the second. The two women said nothing, only gave a curt nod and moved to complete the tasks theyd been assigned to. The first woman fished her hands about Victorias head, pulling free each and every strand of loose hair.

       “Mmmmph” she moaned in pain, as her hair was pulled and tugged into a tight, high ponytail. The woman held her hair together in her hand, and tugged the ponytail toward the end of the table. “Errrmmmmpphh!” Victoria screamed through the gag, as she was dragged to the end of the table by her hair. The doctor pulled her until her shoulders met the edge, and her neck and head hung out in open air. Victoria tried her best to regain her composure, as she heard a set of wheels come near. One of the women pulled up a different kind of hand cart, directly under her head. With a foot pedal, the woman cranked the cart so that it rose to meet the small girls head.

       “Mmmm” Victoria moaned in surprise, as she felt the sensation of warm water consume her scalp. Facing upwards at the bright ceiling lights, Victoria enjoyed the feeling of the warm water washing through her long brown hair. The women approached her from either side, and each went to work. One woman went to work massaging her scalp, and then began to wash a shampoo into her hair and scalp. The feeling of having her hair washed and her head massaged was so pleasant, that Victoria couldnt help but allow her eyes to roll back in her head. She was in a state of bliss for a moment. Suddenly she felt a pinch in her eye brow and then a twinge of acute pain.

       “Mmph!” she squeaked, and her eyes shot open. Above her, she saw the second woman looming over her with a pair of tweezers. The woman worked diligently, and at Victorias expense. For a long while, Victoria looked up into the faces of the two female doctors as they worked on her head. One took her time carefully massaging shampoo, and then conditioner into her hair, and then rinsed both from her scalp. The second woman moved her hands about Victorias face, plucking her eye brows and then applying a splotchy feeling makeup. The scent of the makeup was unmistakable, but it didnt go on like powder, but instead more like a paste. Finally, the two women completed their tasks and the cart was pulled away. A towel was used to dry her long dark hair, and afterwards it was all tugged into a tight bun atop her head.

       “Remove the collar and the gag” the male doctor ordered to one of the women doctors. He turned to the other. The first woman approached her, and tilted her on one side. Victoria felt her fingers work a pair of buckles behind her neck, and soon both the gag and the collar became loose. She was grateful to feel them both coming undone, and battled back a smile as the ball finally popped free of her aching mouth. “Do not speak, girl” the man said from across the table. “One single word and youll regret it, I assure you.” Victoria said nothing, believing his threat. The man then turned his attention back to his female colleagues. “Finish the makeup” he commanded.

       The two women moved immediately and wordlessly, one gripping Victorias head while the other came to her side holding a different item. Unable to inspect it closer, the small girl on the table could only see a wide metal ring, flanked by a pair of leather straps. The women moved simultaneously, one forcing her mouth open while the other slid the ring between her teeth. “Errrf!” Victoria protested, but her efforts to resist failed. Victoria groaned as the ring was tilted straight, forcibly propping her mouth wide open. She wailed as her attempts to reach up and stop them resulted in nothing. Why she could not move to fight them was beyond her.

       From her side, the other woman then approached wielding a tube of lip gloss. The contents of the tube were a glossy, bright pink, and the woman removed the applicator wand covered in it. The applicator was run smoothly over her lips, painting them the beautiful pink color and leaving them looking lively and delightfully kissable. Victoria only moaned in discomfort as the women worked, finally finishing the addition to her makeup. Suddenly and without warning, the two women then gripped Victoria by the waste and flipper her over onto her belly. Her breasts were so massive, that her upper torso was propped up higher than the lower.

       Unable to see who was doing what, Victoria only whined in defeat as one woman gripped her hair by the damp bun atop her head and yanked back. With her head still dangling over the edge of the padded table, Victoria was forced to gaze straight forward with her head tilted back and her mouth jacked open. The second woman then approached from the side, holding a thick handled tooth brush. After applying white paste to the brush, the woman jammed it up under Victorias gums and went to work brushing away. The brush vibrated against her teeth and gums, half tickling and half hurting her through the whole process. Her moans of displeasure went unnoticed, but finally the brushing stopped.

       With a handheld sprayer, the woman then approached Victorias gaping mouth once more. In an odd fashion, she then went to work removing all excess tooth paste from within her jaw. After completing the task, the woman then continued by wiping the little brunettes fair and lips. Why would they do that? she wondered, they only just put makeup on me. Done with the wiping, the woman then stepped away and the other released her hold on Victorias bun. The two then each gripped her body and flipped her back over onto her back. From her front, the man then came forward and looked down at her, as if inspecting her. He then looked up to the two women and gave a curt nod, and only said “moving on, then.”

       The two women went back to work, one stepping forward with a strange form of a hook. It looked more like a grappling hook used in movies, but it was significantly smaller. The other woman quickly undid Victorias bun, but was carefully sure not to allow any strands of hair to run free. When the long hair was undone, the woman then wound it tightly and wrapped it into the odd looking hook. Her hair was now trapped in a tight bun once more, but with the odd hook mixed in. Unable to see what the women were doing, Victoria was completely reliant on her sense of touch. She could feel them working with the hook, and the clinking of chain could be heard as well.

       Suddenly, there was a painful yank on her hair. Victoria let out a grunt as her hair was again pulled hard, as if from the very root. A long, pained whine escaped her gaping pink lips as she was tugged closer to the edge of the table. Something was attached to the hook in her hair, and they were pulling on it. Victoria allowed herself to cry out in pain as her whole body finally fell from the table, only to swing out in open air. Her head was forced upright, and her body dangled uselessly below her. Victoria cried as the doctors continued to crank the chain, drawing Victoria high and higher until her head was at about their shoulder height. The male doctor stepped in closely, and put his hands out to stop Victoria from swaying about the way she was. The pain in her scalp was disturbing, but not nearly as bad as she would have thought. She wasn't as heavy as she thought she was.

       “Mirror” the man said, and Victoria glanced about the room as the man held her in place. One of the ladies obliged and turned to a big rectangular mirror, locked in place on a set of wheels. The woman turned the whole dolly around, allowing the reflective side to face Victoria.

The small womans eyes shot open, and tears immediately flowed from them. A long and whiney screech came from her mouth as she looked into the mirror, and felt a fear like shed never known before. Staring back at her was something that wasnt her. It used to be her, but now it was a disturbing grotesquerie of her former self.

       Victoria looked up and down at her reflection, eyeing what was left of her. She saw herself hanging freely in the center of the room, her dark brown hair tied up and taut above her. Her face was decorated with more makeup than she ever wore, with purple eye shadow and glossy, pink lips and rosy red cheeks. Her breasts seemed bigger than they used to, now appearing to be in the DD range or perhaps even bigger. With the ring gag still in place in her mouth, Victoria could see her tongue as well, though not very well. Her vision was clear enough to see a number of metal balls studded into it, apparently making a diamond formation. Victoria whined as her gaze lowered to her body.

       The worst of it all was her missing limbs. Victoria looked and saw that her arms were missing. Wishing that it was just some kind of trick, she tried to tell her brain to move them, but  nothing happened. The same occurred with her legs, which had apparently been removed in similar fashion. All four of her limbs had been amputated, and cleanly at that. The places where her arms and legs were once connected had almost no implication that theyd ever existed. Victoria looked at the short nubs that remained where her arms and legs once were, and there was truly no scarring whatsoever.

       Victoria was allowed to hang freely and stare at he modified body, and cry to herself for a while. The man just held her in place and watched her reaction to the change, while the women could be heard preparing something at one of the work tables at the other end of the cubicle.

       How could this happen? she asked herself. How could people do this to me? Her reflection time was cut short as the man spun her around to face the other side of the room. There in front of her, the two women doctors stood with a little purple sack of some kind, and other strange devices as well. The sack had a glossy sheen to it, and a zipper running down its center on one side. The women stepped in closer,  one holding the opening out beneath the dangling girls bottom, the other holding long pads of white material.

       The first nurse stepped forward, and produced one of the long white pads. Victoria watched in fear as the woman peeled a backing from the pad, revealing that one side was covered in a type of adhesive like a sticker. The first pad was aligned diagonally across her left rib cage, spanning from just near her belly button and all the way up to where her armpit would have been. Victoria cringed at the touch of the sticky pad as it was pressed firmly into her soft skin, and clung to her when the nurse stepped away. The young woman dangled about, unable to defend herself. In no time, the nurse had attached a second sticky pad in the same location on her right rib cage. The two made a V shape from her belly button and beneath her breasts, wrapping around the front of her body.

       The nurse then produced yet another pad, shaped oddly like an upside down Y. When the sticky backing was removed, the nurse stepped around behind the hanging girl and pressed that too into her soft flesh. Victoria moaned through the ring in her mouth, as the woman pressed the entire pad into her, almost like a rough massage. The pad now extended from the base of her neck, all the way down her spine until it split above her bottom. The two ends of the split each extended downward to be attached uncomfortably to her two round, plump buttocks. Now with the strange pads in place, the two nurses stepped away and came back together with the purple sack device held open between them.

       Victoria contorted her muscles in resistance, attempting to turn away from the women as they approached. Her attempts to deny them were futile, as they almost effortlessly tugged the purple sack up Victorias body. The sack was tugged upward, pulling on her skin and rubbing against her nipples as it was pulled farther and farther up. In short order the sack completely covered Victorias torso, save for the few opening that allowed her womanly parts to remain bare. Before her, the man held Victoria in place while the women tugged on the zipper behind her back. The young woman couldnt help but release a tormented moan as the glossy purple sack became taught, squeezing every inch of flesh. Victoria squirmed like a worm dangling on a hook, desperate for freedom but with none to be had. Every few tugs, one of the female doctors would turn her attention to Victorias breasts. She was unable to look down to see, but could feel that there were two wide openings in the front of the purple sack. Each hole was aligned with one of her breasts, allowing them to fall freely from the rubbery suit.

       The female doctors finally pulled the zipper to the very top, the sack now so tight that it clung to every curve of her body. The zipper ran all the way to the nape of her head, and the purple material ran from the top of her throat down to her nether region. While the two female doctors turned back to the table, the male spun his tiny captive around to the mirror once more. Victoria could only stare at herself in disbelief and cringe. The purple material clung to her altered torso, as tightly as if it were her own skin. Only her massive, round breasts were allowed to pour out from the front, and a skinny slit was clearly visible at her crotch. Victoria felt a tear run down her cheek, mortified at what was happening to her. These people were just toying with her.

       Suddenly the man turned her back once more, to face the women holding a new weapon  of torture. The device confused Victoria, and she could only barely grasp what it was before they began to implement it. On the left, one female doctor held a large and intricate arrangement composed of one big piece of black leather and with a few other leather straps of varying length and size attached to it. The leather was glossy and adorned with all matching silver buckles, the inside layer apparently coated with tiny nubs of some sort.

       The two women stepped in, and worked together to drape the device over Victorias vulnerable body. The young woman did the best she could to see what they were doing but with her head restrained the way it was, it was difficult. Victoria did well to understand what they were doing by the sense of touch, however. Each woman draped a wide leather strap over one of Victorias shoulders, where the man grabbed a hold to keep the device in place. Then the two female doctors was free to get to work on the main body of the strange contraption. Firstly, they went to work tightening the wide leather pad which aligned with Victorias belly, covering her waist and her ribs below the breast, and wrapping around to cover her lower back as well. Victoria understood now that this device was like an extreme corset, and that became clearer as the man pulled the straps tighter behind her.

       “Aaaaugh!” Victoria groaned, as the corset began to squeeze her rib cage inward. Her entire lower body suddenly began to feel the pain of what seemed to be thousands of tiny pricks in her skin. The small nubs that coated the inner layer of the leather device were digging painfully into ever inch of skin that it covered, causing poor Victoria to cry out in pain. The man only tightened the device even further, completely uncaring of the young womans suffering. “Aaaaugh!” she cried out again, her studded tongue flailing within her gaping jaws. Each time she thought the man had tightened the device as far as it could go, he seemed to go back to the start and pull each strap even farther. In no time at all, Victoria was feeling as though she couldnt breathe at all. Every attempt to draw breath was cut short, like she could only gather a quarter of the air she could before. The barbs within the leather device dug menacingly into her skin, and suddenly Victoria actually felt grateful for the latex skin that separated her from it. At the very least, that would offer some protection. Surely the barbs werent pointed enough to break her skin, but they most definitely added to her torment.

       With the main section of the leather device in place, the man and the two women were now free to get to work on the two straps that dangled about beneath her shoulders. Victoria grunted in defiance as the two straps over her shoulders were attached somewhere on her back, surely attaching to the back of the corset. They too were apparently studded with the tiny barbs, drawing another moan from the small woman as they dug deeper into her flesh. Victoria felt the man behind her working diligently to secure the shoulder straps as tightly as they could go. Each yank on the straps only prompted another grunt or cry from the young woman, dangling helplessly between her captors. Finally, the man seemed content with the tightness of the straps.

       Below her area of view, one of the women produced a short but wide strap from where it had been dangling about Victorias breasts. The woman placed the strap against Victorias throat, and the man took it from there, tightening the tall collar about her slender neck. “Gaaah!” Victoria protested, disliking the feel of the prickling studs against her neck and throat.

       God, no! she thought to herself. Im not some animal! You cant do this! Im a person!

       The man tightened the high collar until it too restricted the small womans ability to draw breath, and her eyes bulged in fear of suffocation. The collar was tall and stiff, hugging the young womans neck uncomfortably, and the presence of the small prickly barbs did nothing to help. Victoria finally broke down completely, sobbing uncontrollably through the ring gag. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks and met each other beneath her chin.

Review This Story || Author: Lokker12
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