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First Time for Everything

Part 1

Ellen entered the room, quickly appraising its suitability

Ellen entered the room, quickly appraising its suitability. With a quick little nod of Her head, she turned Her focus on tim. tim stared at the ground, hands folded over his bare genitals, apprehensive, nervous, uncertain, his stomach clenching and unclenching. he wanted to look up at Her, but that had been addressed in the e-mail directing him here, an out-of-the-way cabin deep in the woods, “where no one can hear you scream” was how the e-mail had put it. The e-mail had also said, “you will come to My cabin. you will not look directly at Me. you will obey everything I command. I expect you at 7:30 P.M. you will stay the entire weekend. you will be naked.” he kept his gaze on the wooden flooring below him, afraid and embarrassed. This would be the first time, ever, that his secret desires would be met.


Ellen watched him, moving Her eyes hungrily along his nude form, then along the walls of the room. The cabin was not Hers, but one that a Friend had allowed Her to borrow. Her eyes danced merrily at the assortment of toys on the far wall, floggers, straps, paddles (with and without holes, wooden and leather), collars, leashes, handcuffs... She had, of course, brought along Her own equipment. It was packed neatly into a small traveling bag that She called Her “bag o' tricks.” Ellen set down Her bag and leaned casually against the mahogany dining table. Her shiny brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail, and Her green eyes were shining with anticipation. Abruptly, She uttered Her first command of the night. “Down.”


Her green eyes flashed electrically as he immediately dropped to his knees, then pressed his chest to the floor, arms out in front of him, as though She was Mecca. Perhaps, for him, She was. She smiled at his interpretation of the command “Down.” She hoped he would do equally well for Her next command. “Beg.”


he spoke, his words quick and jumbled, spoken directly into the wood below his face. She allowed him to beg to the wood for several moments before She laughed cruelly and taunted, “I can't understand you. Is the floor your Mistress this weekend?”


Abashed, tim raised his head, but not his eyes. “No, Ma'am,” he whispered, pale skin flushing to a deep red. “May i begin again, please, Ma'am?”


She smiled, enjoying the courtesy and respect. “Beg,” She repeated.


he licked his lips timidly and spoke, his heart pounding so hard in his ears that he could scarcely hear his own words. “Please, Ma'am, i beg You, let this worthless slut kiss and worship your feet...”


“Boring,” She said, taking something out of Her “bag o' tricks.” A fresh flame of shame colored his face. he thought desperately for the right words.


“Ma'am, please, let this worthless whore grant you pleasure by kissing and sucking Your lovely toes..”


CRACK! Suddenly, out of nowhere, his backside was in flames. She had just brought Her favorite leather strap down across his raised rear end. he had been so busy searching for the right phrasing, he hadn't noticed Her move from in front of him to his left side. “Ohhhhh, owwwwwwww!” he howled, reaching his right hand back to rub at the fire in his butt.


“Freeze.” Her voice was cold as ice, and he froze immediately. “I told you that that foot worship crap was boring. Try again.”


his arm still extended toward his butt, his weight propped on the other arm, he gasped, trying to regain his wits. “i.. i.. please, Ma'am, al allow this slut to.. to.. worship Your beautiful ass.”


CRACK! The strap tore into his flesh again, a neat welt just below the first. he screamed, but somehow kept from reaching further back. his dark brown eyes filled with unexpected tears.


“Boring,” She said in a syrupy sweet voice.


he was nearly crying, in frustration, humiliation, and pain. he hadn't expected the pain to be like this, so immediate, so hard. What did She expect from him? “Please.. please Ma'am... allow this... allow this worthless wretch to.. to pleasure Your.. Your sacred treasure with his worthless tongue.”


CRACK! CRACK! Two this time, in rapid succession, the first across his sitspots, and the second across his thighs. his legs shot out behind him and he fell forward, a wordless, timeless moan escaping from his mouth.


“you said worthless twice, pet. I prefer originality. And you have not yet earned the privilege of pleasuring Me in that way.” She squatted primly beside him, lightly trailing Her dark purple fingernails along his welts. “you are a cliché, tim. you wanted reality, you begged for reality, but you are a sham. All you say is a series of trite phrases from those filthy stories you read on-line and jerk off to. you don't think at all for yourself, you just try to follow the so-called plot in one of those nasty porn posts.”


he panted at Her touch, he wanted Her to continue touching him, it burned like fire, but She was touching him.. he heard Her words from within a deep tunnel, and knew that She was right. he was trying to say what one of the sluts in a story would say. he blushed again, a deep crimson to rival the welts across his bottom. This was reality, not a story. he raised his head once more and spoke in a quivering voice, really thinking about what She might enjoy, what he could do for Her. “Would.. would You be so kind, Ma'am, as to allow me to rub Your back?” A mischievous twinkle appeared in his deep brown eyes. “my wife says i'm quite good at back rubs.”


She ignored his last sentence and snapped a collar around his neck. She attached a leash and led him over to the queen sized bed. Keeping the leash in hand, She lay down on the bed. “Rub.”


he rose slowly and began to rub Her shoulders. he rubbed deeply, soothingly, relaxingly. She felt the tension in Her shoulders from the workweek slide away. Gradually he moved down to Her upper back, Her mid-back, Her lower back. he rubbed and massaged tenderly, firmly, adoringly. She felt his adoration as he used his hands to work away every trace of tension and stress. When he had reached the small of Her back and massaged away the tension, he spoke quietly. “Ma'am, may i please continue to massage You?”


She lifted Her head and flicked Her strong gaze back toward him. “Continue,” She purred. Basking in the joy of pleasing this wonderful Lady, he resumed the massage, down Her shapely ass, Her beautiful thighs, Her flawless calves. he felt Her relaxing, recognized that he was doing the best thing to prove his love and ardor for Her, and smiled.


Feeling as relaxed as She had ever felt in Her life, She abruptly rolled onto Her back as he finished massaging Her ankles. She sat up, then rose from the bed. “Bend.” She was enjoying issuing one word commands, and was pleased with his ability to execute them with no previous training. he bent over the bed at once, exposing his welted ass to Her.

She once more traced Her fingers along the weals left by the strap. “It hurt, didn't it, little one?” She spoke softly, kindly, but also with a trace of mocking to Her voice.


he nodded. “Yes, Ma'am. It hurt.”


She nodded and patted his bottom with Her hand. “Beg.”


For a moment, he was silent, confused. Then, wanting only to please Her, he answered Her command. “Please, my Lady, please spank and beat and torment my ass. Give me pain to aid Your pleasure. Hurt me and take control of me.”


She smiled softly, but he did not see it. “Still a trifle cliché, but better.” With those words, She brought Her hand down on his bare bottom, peppering it with hand spanks. he was amazed at the fire Her hand could produce, astounded by the echoing sound of the the smacks. Then, he was no longer analyzing, but gasping, wriggling, trying to move his ass away from the relentless smacks that re-lit the fire of the welts. Howling, crying, begging incoherently, he hopped, jumped, and squirmed. Once or twice, his frantic hopping made Her miss Her target and slap his balls instead. Then he really howled.


“Remain,” She said, and crossed the cabin to Her “bag o' tricks.” She removed a slipper from the bag, deciding that initiating his bottom into the world of “real life” spankings did not require a paddle or brush. She returned to him, and saw him rubbing his ass furiously.


“What are you doing?” Her voice was sharp, cold, Her bright green eyes darkened with anger. he stopped rubbing immediately and whimpered like a small child.


“i couldn't help it,” he whined. “i tried, but i couldn't.”


“you will be punished for you impudence. After I finish your spanking.” And with a snap of Her wrist, the rubber sole of the slipper found the center of his bottom. Over and over it found the same spot, 3, 5, 10, 12 times. Then She chose another and repeated the ritual. Soon, his entire bottom and his thighs halfway to his knees were deep red from the slipper. he was weeping, his movements stopped by the second time She had moved the slipper. he sobbed softly, begging for it to be over. When She was done, and not a moment before, She stopped the slippering.


“Now you must be punished for your insolence.”


“Please... please, please, i can't take any more, honest, i can't, please, Ma'am...”


She stepped away from him and returned to Her “bag o' tricks.” She removed several q-tips and set them on the mahogany table. Then She took a tube of Icy-Hot out of the bag. She removed the lid and applied a liberal amount of the greasy stuff to each of the q-tips. She then wrapped a string around the end not spread with Icy-Hot, tying them together, and leaving the string to dangle, tampon-like,  Then She walked back across to tim.


This time he had somehow managed not to rub, not wanting to incur any more punishment. “Spread,” She intoned. Numbly, he spread his thighs. “No,” She said. Horrified, he realized, and reached back to spread his ass cheeks. As he held himself open to Her, She inserted the 4 q-tips into his rectum. he gasped at the intrusion, then suddenly yelped as the Icy-Hot began its slow burn. “No... No, please, Ma'am, i won't be naughty again, please, Ma'am, not this, please, spank me again instead, please, i don't like it, i don't, please...”


“you aren't meant to like it,” She snapped. “It's a punishment. Naughty little sluts get punished. And if continue to use that childish whine...” She trailed off, leaving him uncertain what would happen, but sure that it would be dreadful. She took his leash and led him across the room to mahogany table.  he was quiet then, squirming futilely at the burning inside him, kneeling next to her as She drank a single goblet of sweet red wine.


“I am tired,” She announced then. “It's time for sleep. There will be plenty of time for more fun tomorrow.”


“Yes, Ma'am,” he whispered in reply, suddenly realizing how drained he was. he also noticed how utterly turned on he was. his 6 inch dick was pressing itself firmly against his stomach. he blushed deeply.


She led him back over to the bed. “you can sleep with those things in you tonight,” She declared. “In the morning, I may choose to remove them. Or, I may not. Who can tell what the future holds?” Then, she tossed a pillow and a single thin blanket to floor. “you may sleep on the floor.”


he looked up at Her, adoringly. She looked down at him and caught his gaze. “I told you not to look at Me. That will be a punishment in the morning. And don't even think about touching yourself tonight, timothy.”


“No, Ma'am,” he whispered, completely under Her spell. “i won't.”


“Good,” She smirked. “Sleep.” And instantly, he was asleep on the floor. She, however, had selected one more item from Her “bag o' tricks,” and didn't fall asleep until She had used the vibe to bring Her to orgasm twice.


To Be Continued....



Review This Story || Author: Lady`Sapphire
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