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First Time for Everything

Part 2

tim awoke to the sun streaming through the window

tim awoke to the sun streaming through the window. For a moment, he was confused, blinking, trying to remember where he was. he shifted slightly, and his memory came back, in full blown Technicolor. his bottom was sore and invaded, his back and neck were stiff from sleeping on the floor. he chanced a quick glance up at Ellen in the bed. She was still sleeping. he wondered what he should do. he spent a few minutes considering the events of the night before. he decided he was nervous about the day to come, but undeniably excited, as well. he had a feeling that Ellen would not care for his erection, and he tried to think of something else. Breakfast! he'd get Her breakfast in bed.


Trying to forget that he was naked, with q-tips still inside him from the night before, he stood up, his leash dangling from his collar, and walked to the kitchen nook. The cabin was well-stocked, and he found eggs, bacon, and orange juice in the refrigerator. Poking around for a pan and glasses, he discovered a cupboard that served as a small pantry, and found ingredients for making an omelet. he found a small pan to make the omelet in and a griddle for the bacon. he started the bacon, then began the omelet. he looked around for a tray to serve Her with. he found one at last, but not before making a fair amount of noise dropping a saucepan and lid on the wooden floor. he grimaced, hoping that the noise would not upset Her. he added the canned mushrooms and diced onion he had found to the omelet, then checked the refrigerator again. he found a small amount of cheddar cheese and broke it up into the omelet. he put the bread in the toaster oven, poured the orange juice, folded the omelet and managed to get it onto the plate without a problem. he spread raspberry jelly on the toast and organized the tray as neatly as he knew how. he wished he had a rose in a vase to complete the appearance, but he didn't.


Carrying the tray, tim walked back across the cabin to Ellen, who was now sitting up in bed. Keeping his eyes down, he handed Her the tray with a little bow. “Breakfast for You, Ma'am,” he said quietly.


Ellen looked at what he had prepared for Her, touched at the simple devotion it showed. “Very good, boy. Very good indeed. And when I have finished My breakfast, I will allow you to lick the crumbs.”


he trembled slightly, hearing the steel in Her magnificent voice. “Yes, Ma'am. Thank You, Ma'am.” he knelt beside the bed while She ate. She took Her time in eating, then set Her plate carelessly on the floor, as if She were endulging a spoiled lapdog. “Lick.”


he trembled again, bent over the plate, and licked it, ashamed at the ridiculousness of licking a plate like a dog, but also deeply honored to be allowed this familiarity, to lick the leftover bits of what She had eaten. he was ashamed by the feeling of honor, and rapidly on his way to subspace, if he'd ever left it.


“Clean,” She ordered. he took the plate and shuffled off, his cock pointing the way. She stood, stretched, and stepped into the tiny bathroom alcove, where She showered and then dressed in black cotton pants which were tucked into Her black boots, and a sexy, comfortable dark purple tee-shirt that molded to Her body as if custom fit. She liked the shirt because it gave Her complete freedom and ease of movement, and She still wanted to show tim that reality did not always follow the plots of on-line “kink” he so enjoyed to read. She left Her hair down, and walked back out of the small alcove. tim was kneeling, the kitchen spotless. tim was squirming madly, and his face was begging, although he had not spoken yet. “Speak,” She said, impatiently.


“Please, Ma'am, i.. i have to go to the bathroom..” he squirmed some more, his bladder begging for relief.


She smiled wickedly. “Oh, do you? Down.” he was on his knees immediately and She took hold of his leash. She then led him out of the cabin and into the bright morning sun. “Go.”


he paled. “i.. You want me to..”


She eyed him coldly, and even though he didn't look up at Her, he felt that icy gaze. “you already have one punishment coming this morning, timothy. Are you looking to make it two?”


he swallowed hard. he'd forgotten that She was going to punish him this morning! Still on his hands and knees, he crept away from the cabin to the limit of his leash. Knowing he looked ridiculous, he raised his left leg like a dog and pissed in the grass. Licking a plate, peeing outside, collar and leash... he blushed furiously and finished. “Done, Ma'am,” he whispered.


She led him back inside. “Beg.”


Once more he was puzzled. Beg for what? The last thing She had said had been... he took a deep breath. “Mistress, please, punish this naughty... um.. this naughty little boy for disobeying You last night. i deserve to be punished severely, Ma'am.” he again suppressed the urge to look up at Her for approval, and kept his gaze riveted to the floor.


“This boy. This slut... I don't like that shit, timothy. Say 'me.' Otherwise, you can distance yourself from what is happening to you. It's not happening to someone else, some nameless bitch. It's happening to you. you are begging for Me to punish you. you are the naughty boy. Do you understand Me?” Her voice was soft, teaching, directing, not scolding. There was still enough bite in Her voice to make him cringe, but he knew that She was educating him, not disappointed in him.


“Yes, Ma'am. May i begin again?” he asked quietly.


“Yes,” She replied, watching him closely, impressed with how swiftly he seemed to learn.


“Mistress Ellen, i beg you to punish me like a naughty little boy. i was disobedient and disrespectful to You, Ma'am, and i deserve to be punished. i didn't obey You, Ma'am, and there is no excuse for it. i.. i am sorry, Ma'am. Please punish me, hurt me, show me my place, Ma'am, teach Me so i don't make You unhappy again.” his voice, for the first time when ordered to beg, took on the tone of legitimate feeling. he did want Her to punish him. he didn't want to ever disappoint Her. She was his world.


“Punish you like a little boy, hmm? Oh, I will...” Her voice was now sharp, with laughter dancing around the edges. Cruel, sadistic laughter. he felt his bottom clench and once more was reminded of the q-tips. Suddenly, as if reading his mind, She took hold of the string and the q-tips were pulled abruptly from him. he gasped in pain, then relief. “Little boys don't have these things up inside them,” She explained sweetly. Then, She went over to Her “bag o' tricks.” “Lay down on the bed on your back, little timmy.”


tim swallowed hard, not liking the sound of 'little timmy' and crawled over to the bed, then rose and lay down on it, flat on his back. he watched as She walked back across to him, Her “bag o' tricks” in hand. When she reached him, She reached into the bag and took out something and showed it to him.


“Nooooooooo!” he howled. “No, no, no, no, no. i don't want to. i don't want that. i don't. Please, Ellen, not that.”

“Oh, you don't? But you wanted to be punished like a little boy. In fact, you begged for this. ...A punishment is not pleasant, little timmy. And you forgot your manners at a most unfortunate time.” She lifted his legs up and slid the adult sized diaper under his tushy. She powdered his tushy and little wee-wee, then folded the diaper up between his legs and fastened it.


he reached down to unfasten it, crying, speaking quickly and barely coherently. “Please, please, i won't, i don't, not this, not this, not a fucking diaper, El, no, no, You know, i told You, that's not my scene, no, i don't go for this, El, no.”


She slapped his hands away, then swiftly She was straddling him, pinning his arms above his head. “Look at Me,” She hissed. he complied, eyes wide. “timothy, this isn't a game. A punishment isn't meant to get you all hot and bothered. A punishment is meant to be painful, or humiliating, and in a way that doesn't get a little subbie like you all excited. This is how I choose to punish you, and you just have to take it. This isn't cuddles and kisses and a little spank-and-tickle with the wife at home. This is real, and you don't enjoy a punishment. Is that perfectly clear?”


he tried to answer, but he couldn't find his voice. he was deeply humiliated, and it was not turning him on. he felt... punished, and he didn't like the feeling. Then, with Her face still hovering over his, Her eyes still gazing straight into his, he remembered his begging for punishment, how he'd felt about disappointing Her, and something inside him twisted or bent or snapped, and he realized that this was what he had been begging for, punishment to make up for his grievous sins. he found his voice again, and spoke humbly. “Yes, Ma'am. Perfectly clear.”


She saw the change in his eyes, and knew that in that simple moment She had broken him. At least about this. She knew that he would need many little breaks to set himself free from what he thought he wanted. The plots from the stories he read were implanted into him, a template of how this was “done.” And so many of those stories were completely impossible. An impossible fantasy could be a lot of fun, alone. But with another person, there had to be reality.


She unclipped the leash and removed the collar from little timmy's neck. She handed him a pacifier and a teddy bear, and pointed to a hard wooden stool in the corner. “Go, sit, and think, little boy.” Without a word, he took the pacifier and popped it into his mouth, and clutching the teddy bear, he toddled over to the stool and sat, facing the corner. She ignored him for quite some time, getting things prepared for the rest of the day. After an hour, She walked over to the corner and knelt beside him. “What have you learned, little timmy?”


he removed the pacifier from his mouth to answer. “i learned that i must obey You, and that You decide my punishments, and they aren't meant to be fun, Mistress.”


She smiled a slow, cruel smile. “Now, little timmy, is that how a little boy addresses the woman who is punishing him?”


he barely stopped himself from looking at Her. “No, Ma'am,” he whispered, and had a sudden urge to put his thumb in his mouth.


“How does a little boy address the woman who is punishing him, little timmy?” Her voice was that sweet, syrupy one She used when She was pulling him into a trap.


“Um.. he says Ma'am?” timmy asked hopefully.


“No, little timmy. Try again.”


he swallowed hard. he did not like this, not even a little, it was creepy and weird to him, but he knew what She was waiting for, and that he wasn't meant to like his punishment. “A little boy says.. Mommy.”


“That's right, little timmy. And that's what you will be calling Me the rest of this punishment. Tsk, tsk, tsk. If you hadn't forgotten your manners and called Me Ellen and El, you'd only have to say Ma'am...” Now Her voice was mocking, and without looking, he knew Her eyes were dancing with merriment. “Is little timmy ready for the next part of his little boy punishment?”


“Yes, Mommy,” he whispered. he squirmed in his diaper, feeling deeply embarrassed. She took him by the arm and pulled him off the little stool and marched him over to the couch in front of the fireplace. She sat down and pulled him over Her lap.


“How do naughty little boys get punished, little timmy?” The mocking in Her voice was even more pronounced now, especially in the way She would emphasize 'little timmy.'


“N.. naughty little boys g g get spanked, M M Mommy,” little timmy stammered out.


“That's right.” And without warning, She brought Her hand down on his diapered tushy. The diaper cushioned him, but the sound and feel humiliated him further. PopCrackle! PopWrinkle! he squirmed and wriggled in pure humiliation. Then, She unfastened the diaper.


“After each spank, you will say, 'Thank You, Mommy.'” She instructed him coldly. Then She brought Her hand down forcefully on his left cheek. **SPANK!**


“Owwwwieeeee! Th th thank You, M M Mommy!”


She spanked his bare tushy thoroughly and quickly, barely giving him time for his “Thank You Mommy” before continuing, and then adding spanks for him missing the Thank You. Soon, he was blubbering like a baby, and She kept right on spanking him. When Her hand began to get very sore, She picked up a wooden spoon and used that instead. Finally, over a hundred spanks later, She let the bawling little boy up from Her lap. “Now, then, junior, your choice... Back to being an adult, or sit in the corner in your diaper until you use it?”


Without hesitating, he said, “Adult, adult, please, Mommy, i want to be an adult again.”


She smiled wickedly and nodded. “As you wish...”


And as much as he hated the diaper and calling Her Mommy, the tone in Her voice made him wonder if he was making a very bad choice.


To Be Continued...

Review This Story || Author: Lady`Sapphire
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