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Book Project


Collected by klp2563

My Faves (9 stories listed)

  • My Little Doll: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: Story about the process of turning a beautiful Asian lawyer into my precious little slave doll.)
  • Best Enjoyed Cold (2012 version): by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: An updated repost of a 2007 rape and revenge thriller that is not for the faint-hearted)
  • South American Cock Torment: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: Young Andy Douglas thought he could look after himself. But being young blonde and well endowed in South America made him a target for some very rough and cruel treatment indeed)
  • The Inspector of Prisons: by The Inspector
    (Synopsis: The lush tropical country of Khym has always treated the female inmates of its prison system with stern harshness. Heavy chains, long sentences, punishment cells, and hard labor under the lash keeps the rebel threat under control. And it is my job as Inspector of Prisons to see that continues to do so.)
  • The Facilitator: by DrPain
    (Synopsis: Mike Wilson is a \'Facilitator\' who performs ceremonies for the Alternative Incarceration Methods program. Set 150 years in the future, this story will eventually have three chapters -- the Chamberlain Wedding, the Harris Service, and the Walker Birth. Enjoy!)
  • Japanese Slave Trade: by Tor Melati
    (Synopsis: The plight of japanese schoolgirls getting caught up in the slave trade and also the plight of our hero fighting against enforced transformation from man to doll.)
  • New World Order: by SmCyber
    (Synopsis: Stallion Rape machines are used by the NWO to break the women of the oposition party. Based in the notorious Felicity Camp.)
  • The story of Harvey: by cade
    (Synopsis: Guest of wealthy Sheikh with sadistic interests visits his training rooms.)
  • MPI: by Aiken
    (Synopsis: It is a harsher future for women than even in Miss Juniperís world. International law now condones gynophagia. MPI, a top vendor of the new concession, trains a new employee.)


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