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Collected by redwrangler

Blackmailed Mom pays w Her Ass /Hole (1 stories listed)

Ariel/Sorority Girl's Humltn,Red/ Purple Ass Revenge (42 stories listed)
B/O sink Shiny Purple Shorts & Panties pulled dn Elizabeth’s bruised red & purple ass from a spanking “SWIIICK” from above.the tails of the whip cut in all the way from the ECU Coed’s asshole up to her vagina.What a swing! Elizabeth has farted

Broomstick for Julia's Brown Button Spanked Farts Afkd (1 stories listed)

Ariel's Peril must put cucumber up red purple paddledAssFk (35 stories listed)
the entire large cucumber had passed into me. painfully I straightened up,still sniffling back my tears.I could feel every inch stretching & burning inside my behind.

Anal Agony (1 stories listed)
Her panties hauled dn,she shudderd he shovd the end of his penis at her tight brown bud.Squirmn he got inside of her..It must have hurt because she startd spilling tears as he fuckd her ass hard & farted,before he draggd the brown shit streaked penis

Brown Streaked Finger/ Enemas (2 stories listed)
the 21 year-olds tanned digits emerged from his oiled-up sphincter a streaky brown. That is the reality of boy sex without a full preparatory enema.

Schoolgirl Bully (1 stories listed)
“Now put your head on the floor and pull down your pants! I wanna check your as hole.”Kate hesitated, totally humiliated and shamed, but after several kicks on her ass she started pulling them down.It was easy because the tight pants were 100% stretch and

Pants Show The Top of Her Ass Crack (1 stories listed)
U wear tight pants almost see-through bottom seen including the indentation of your of ur bikini panties & that they go into the crack of ur ass in the back. They must ride low enough that the top of your ass crack shows.”

Sorority Panty Raid Teen Fem Doms Paddle & Ass Fuck (12 stories listed)
What do u think u are doing boys!Stealing girls’ panties!Well hang around here & we will show u what we do to a panty raider!Sigma kappa has a simple rule catch a guy stealing panties & he gets them rammed up his ass w a broom handle!

Bikini Bottoms Dn Spankings/Amber Corn Cob Deep Up Her Butt (27 stories listed)
Blkml Ruth-Teacher Revenge.He took a,thick corn cob & shoved it painfully up Amber’s ass.Hands held her hips as the corn was pushed in & pulled out to her humiliating Farts.It was well coated w her brn shit.Mr.Deal held it's stink in her face

Diaries/Gospel Of Deceit,Legs Up/ Spanking & Anal Humiliatn. (26 stories listed)
4/Legs up for exposd humiliatng spanking.A groan from Ariel for as her knees were drawn up & out which,forced her butt up off the end of the table.There she was,butt high in the air w her knees sprd opn.(3)I saw her rectal hole hair had been cut.

Amanda Belt Welt Red Striped Spanked Ass Fucking (17 stories listed)
Deal unzips the back of Amanda's Blk skirt unzips it all the way dn her ass crack.Crouching dn grabs the elastic removing Amanda's blk pantyhose,pulls dn her Carolina Blue Maidenform Panties revealing Amanda's white butt for belt spanks

Amber U need to wake up,reality & put ur big girl panties on (11 stories listed)
Amber Tart Fart, says, some people just need to wake up to reality & put their big girl panties on!

Juli Goes Camping (3 stories listed)

Sgl /Tchr Diaries, Paddles Farts Sits On Chair D (21 stories listed)
Col.Lectuer.B_o ass up I pulld back my arm & swung in hard & fast.Whack!“Yeeeowwch!”That hurt her for sure!Joltd undr the impact,she cried out yelpin w gusto & real meaning as the stinging pain bled dn into her wiggling cherry red bottom.

Miranda's Latin Brn Ass (V P L )Slks Spanking-AF-Mex Ilgl (13 stories listed)
worth displayin.Round,firm & fully packd butt given the strap,10 Best across those curvy cheeks leavin her ass a bright shade of red.

Amber/Diary7/BrattySgl Behavior = Dress Up Panties Dn 4 Hard Spa (13 stories listed)
More modestly dressed than the nonobservant yg ladies & carry themselves more demurely & curtsey.U know that under that dress are pantied bottoms along w the probable existence of a set of purple bruised red butt cheeks & a sore asshole.

Taylor /Janice,See Dn Her Grn Cord Pants at her Ass Crack (30 stories listed)
Taylor w brwn shldr lngth hair spanked hard.Teacher checking her out sees dn her jns her ass crack shows her Carolina Blue nylon bikini panties,Jns pulld dn she b/o for wdn paddle & pain from the swats ovr her freshly red spanked

Camp Bus Btm Fires/Skirt Up Panties Dn Paddled Red Ass Farts (27 stories listed)
In the back of our bus he pulld my short skirt up & my cheer panties pulld dn.I had to go ovr his knee & he spanked my small,tight,shapely lil ass blood red.It was still rly sore from the school paddle.I cried w ea. Hard Spank swelling,raisin blst

Mother Like Daughter Asses Spank Fart AF Diaries GilmoreGIRL (18 stories listed)
I noticed u because of the outline of ur panties thru ur tight skirt & the double outline of ur panties thru ur slacks,far too tight for u to hide ur secrets.B/o,ur firm yg butt thrust into my face,tight material holding ur ass.Ur butt inviting,so rd

Diary/Sherri B/o Desk See VPL's Thru Yellow Dress,Spanked A (17 stories listed)
Col.Instrctr.B_o ass up I pulld back my arm & swung in hard & fast.Whack!“Yeeeowwch!”That hurt her for sure!Joltd undr the impact,she cried out yelpin w gusto & real meaning as the stinging pain bled dn into her wiggling cherry red bottom.

Lauren's Bottom Cooked Paddle Spanked Bldy Ass/AF Diaries (32 stories listed)
Lauren 2" undr 5 ft w a firm apple shapd ass that took dozn upon dozn of vicious paddle swats from the wdn paddle passed from 1 team membr to anothr given a chance to flatten her firm butt swollen to impressive dimensions farting during her paddling

Carolina Panty Hunter.B/o Spanks,Paddles Farts(Ass Fucks) (21 stories listed)
Hold her down w her face dn.Raise up her dress & whip her w ur riding crop upon her naked behind until it is reddened & marked w welts.Be sure to give her a good painful whipping,until she cries for mercy;then u take her ass from behind.

TN Skirt Up,Brmstk up Asshole Diaries Ms. Semones Tchr Paddled V (37 stories listed)
Broomstick bobbing out in the classroom about a foot long, the first three inches or so of it buried in her rectum. She couldn't expel the broomstick even as she farted,commenting on the shitty fudge stains in the back of her panty seat.

Diaries/Charlotta Draped Mth Watering Ass Up Ovr Back Of Sofa (11 stories listed)
There was now precious little white remaining on her backside. Furthermore very brightly red specks were appearing where the blows from the second series were superimposed on the welts from the first series. Two blows, one on top of the other, from this

School's In Session Amber,Wearing Panty Thong Reason For Sp (24 stories listed)
Not Again! Amber u have violated the rules by not completing ur study assignments on time.U will get swats on the bare w the paddle.The paddle made contact w my rear, was shocked_I yelled w the intense pain-CRACK agn went the paddle on my swollen hot butt

Up Skirt Panty Crotch Flash Squats/ Diaries Girl Sits on Toilet (14 stories listed)
He saw the top of the crack of her ass.she reached her seat, and sat down, forcing the plug painfullydeeper into her ass.

Ariel Lea Anna Says Why U Nakee?Spanks Her & SOD/A (26 stories listed)
On the inside of the rubber dildo was a small protruding rubber knob that went into my Mistress This little knob rubbed against her clitoris as She fucked me. The harder she fucked my ass, the more the knob stimulated her

Charlotta Red Faced/UHAUL Trailer/Teen Girl Ass Denial (26 stories listed)
OP 17 Spanking ur red behinds until they're purple & I can spank boys hard, I've done it before!I have a brother.I used to blister his butt "on the reg."for him –Ask him if his behind still hurts from all the spankings I gave him!

  • The Auction: by Jim aaa
    (Synopsis: A man is auctioned at a fund raising for charity. Little does he know what he is in for by the women who buy him.)
    Comment: Ariel wiggled her ass over my face.She teased my penis again.Then she blew a fart directly at my mouth and nose. They all laughed, and said I would get a lot more for all the farts that they had had to endure from their men.
  • Uitdaging verloren (dutch): by Retorcidos
    (Synopsis: )
  • My Place in Life: by Millie
    (Synopsis: A submissive male tells his story.)
    Comment: A large dildo had been forcd painfully up my ass, but usually they had been put in & then my panties had been pulled up high,soI would walk around all day on a Saturday with it in place.
  • Human Resources: by Cindy V
    (Synopsis: A late-night worker stumbles across the secret activites of the human resources department, and is dragged into it.)
    Comment: The women wore only bras, panties, and high heels.And one more thing. Each of them had a huge dildo jutting out over their panties.They were scary as hell.And they were mad as hell
  • Femdom Department Store: by James P
    (Synopsis: The author is invited to a unique Department Store and given a hands-on tour by the Store's 29-year-old Female CEO. The results turn out to be quite expensive and humiliating for him.)
    Comment: Janice: "You know what that means,Art.Time for a hard & I mean HARD bare-assed spanking.On your feet. There are few things that give my associates and I more satisfaction than a proper male ass-blistering."
  • Penalties: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: Barry had a secret fantasy that involved prolonged teasing and subsequent denial. He never revealed it to anyone until he saw an advertising leaflet that promoted a tease and denial service. Poor Barry, he just had to call. This is a story in three parts and all parts will be posted here. This story will also be published in a collection of short stories at some future time.)
  • Mike and Peggy: by Peter_
    (Synopsis: Peggy is the ultimate--a tease and denial cheerleader!)
  • Miss Amy - M.B.A.: by James P
    (Synopsis: James covets Amy, a hot, petite firecracker he meets in business school. After a couple of failed dates, the entire nature of their relationship changes. Featuring intense female-over-male domination and sexual humiliation.)
  • No More Lies: by Carlos
    (Synopsis: Victoria betrays her married lover because she feels unappreciated. She lies to preserve their relationship. When Carlos finally has proof that she is a lier, she manges to enslave him and make him suffer only like a scorned and cruel woman can..)
  • The Shapeshifter: by Bill "Gomez" Lemieux
    (Synopsis: A science fiction flavored fetish and D/s story, set in a familiar but carefully unspecified (heh) milieu, wherein a submissive bondage and fetish enthusiast meets up with a kinky shapeshifting alien...)
    Comment: Student Butt Plug
  • Allie and Nicole: by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an auto accident. She is taken in by her one time babysitter, Nicole, who has always lusted after her. Poor Allie is humiliated and forced to satisfy her new Mistress in many inventive ways.)
    Comment: Babysitter SOD Humiliation Acts JC Penney Salesgirls SGL Sits On BP in class. jeans down,firm ass hidden behind grey cotton panties. skirt shorter than a cheerleaders, her ass poked into view. Yanks out the enema nozzle and farts out stinky shit.
  • The Revenge Squad: by James P
    (Synopsis: Three women take femdom to a whole new level. After traumatic early life events, they begin to kidnap male sexual predators and imprison them in the basement of their mansion. Meanwhile, they also enslave "good" males who help them in their quest.)
    Comment: Cheerleaders heard my Belt Spanking,bare well reddened ass asked,Are You Ok,obviously stiffling laughter".I was punishd.The wickedness of her smile as I lookd brought my tear staind face up to meet hers let me know my ordeal was just beginning
  • Amanda Grows Up: by James P
    (Synopsis: 18 year old Amanda soon realizes the incredible power she holds over the opposite sex. First, through a humiliating interraction with an older boyfriend and then with her aerobics instructor's husband.)
    Comment: Fetch the paddle,the 95 Pd. Girl ordered him ovr his lap as though he was a child.W/out hesitation,she rudely yankd dn his sissy panties to his knees so his bare ass was now fully exposd for us.Then she proceeded to blister & I mean BLISTER his botto
  • Econotopia -German: by Gentle Master
    (Synopsis: This story deals with a new world order in the near future, where the economic competition left alone one huge company lead by an almighty computer. Employees are pampered, the unemployed are their sex slaves. Only a few rebels in the south american rain forests resist and kidnap the female chief programmer to get the codes. But this lady is tough ...)
    Comment: Candy/Charlotta biggest enema nozzle.That is going to stretch that girls asshole something fierce,like the biggest turd of all time.Working the nozzle in.Bear Down,the teenager never havin an enema, her asshole torn expells in a farting brown deluge
  • Controlling The Urges: by Charles E. Campbell
    (Synopsis: A man has spent a lifetime falling deeper and deeper into self-play, until one day, he is made to share himself)
    Comment: Get up & squat on this bucket.”Fearful of dispelling any liquid,I pushd myself up & saw the bucket I was expectd to expel into.Carefully sitting dn on the rough rim,I relaxd w a fart & a torrent of brn liquid & shit exploded from within.
  • Soiled Goods: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: Kitchens can be dangerous places. The Cereal Intruder from 'Used Goods' strikes again.)
    Comment: U better hold that enema in ur ass!There was no obvious damage from the outside.No steam,not even much redness round her butt hole.I studied her crack w interest, giving her stinging spanks.I imagine the inside of her rectum was bubbling away nicely.
  • The Ambitious Race for Collecting Art: by THE Traveller
    (Synopsis: My hommage to John Willie\'s work. A dastardly duo abduct women who are their rivals in collecting antiques. They subject them into strict and stimulating bondage. One of the abductee\'s lover tries to rescue her.)
    Comment: Charlotta spanked and paddled.
  • A tale to tell: by Helen D' Rago
    (Synopsis: Reflections on the training and rituals of boytoy and slave by His Mistress. In several parts.)
    Comment: Using our various strapons to brutally ravage him. Its just too bad for little cutie boy that he really doesn't yet seem to enjoy being so ruthlessly violated nearly as much as we both enjoy violating him.
  • First Time for Everything: by Lady`Sapphire
    (Synopsis: tim\'s first \"real life\" experience with submission, alone in a cabin in the woods with lovely and enigmatic Ellen.. All the usual disclaimers about adult content and don\'t read if you\'re underage where you live apply)
    Comment: Horrified, he realized, and reached back to spread his ass cheeks. As he held himself open to Her,She inserted the 4 q-tips tampon like into his rectum he gasped at the intrusion,then suddenly yelped as the Icy-Hot began its slow burn. “No... No, please
  • A worm's story: by Chastized
    (Synopsis: A young man is dumped by his girl freind,only to be drawn into a life of slavery and suffering.)
    Comment: May I suggest a humiliating spanking from Debbie followed by her thick strap on dildo pounding into his blazing red butt causing him to fart as air is rapidly pushed out of his asshole emabarassing him further
  • It Always Starts The Same Way: by Dark Crusader
    (Synopsis: A mans dreams get out of control.)
    Comment: Oh my ass is on fire!I try again to expel it and WACK the paddle hits me again.I'm crying into ur fart smellin panties.U laugh saying I am gonna use ur sweet ass as u reach in & grab hold of the butt plug.Pushing it in & pulling it out.No mor
  • As My Slave Softly Weeps: by Helen D' Rago
    (Synopsis: A short tale by a Domme Mistress and owner about some fun at night with her boy-toy)
    Comment: Pulling the frilly panties down to his knees, as he squirms and begs just like a naughty boy of 10.Hairbush spanks & rly pounds his bottom cheeks throbbing an angry blistered red shade of crimson & purple
  • Diary of slave steve: by Chris1
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: I have to pee again,Art."Charlotta said.She sat dn on the toilet & peed then she
  • A Sissy Is Born: by Donnainlace
    (Synopsis: Boy meets girl, and is immediately taken by her. She dominates him and embarrrasses him in front of her girlfriends, eventually sissifying him and feminizing him. Girl teaches boy about a woman's life and introduces him to anal play. They eventually marry as two brides.)
    Comment: She spanked my ass w her hand & not so gentle eithr.1 aftr anthr,harder & harder,she touchd my anus w the tip,pushin the tampon into my ass firmly,pushin & pushin it all the way in.She pressd on the the applictr,leavin the hard part in my ass
  • Das Verkaufsgesprach - in German: by Rainer Drzyzga
    (Synopsis: Eine Frau will als Urlaubsvertretung Sex Arikel an einen Sex Shop verkaufen. Dort wird sie zum Star eines Rape Videos. )
    Comment: About Boys & Men: It fascinatd me as I saw the hairbrush was marking his bottom vividly w fierce red marks and even purple bruises.Things were starting to happen to my body
  • Hen Coop: by Bea
    (Synopsis: A husband discovers his true position in his household's pecking order.)
    Comment: Bobbed a respectful curtsey.

Ferris Wheel Asses Pointing Up Paddled Red & Purple Students (13 stories listed)
Missy w Visible Panty Lines.Behind her admiring her shapely ass & how the light blue cotton dress hung off it.Art informed her"Lift ur dress above ur waist",a grin on his face.As the soft cotton caressed her thighs as it was lifted.

Juli Swishes Her Vis. Panty Line In Her Tan Slacks Paddled (10 stories listed)
She would get the paddle until both cheeks were crimson and swollen to the point that they appeared ready to burst if even given one extra whack. It became apparent that a two handed grip did the most damage,her ass bleeding

Elizabeth B/o in Purple Short s Shows Purple Panty Ass Cheeks (3 stories listed)
B/O sink Shiny Purple Shorts & Panties pulled dn Elizabeth’s bruised red & purple ass from a spanking “SWIIICK” from above.the tails of the whip cut in all the way from the ECU Coed’s asshole up to her vagina.What a swing! Elizabeth has farted


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