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Collected by Ronrel

transform into an animal (5 stories listed)
Human pet

f slave (6 stories listed)
Female slavery

Fem Prison (2 stories listed)
Women in Prison

legalized slavery (13 stories listed)

  • Amy - Criminal Ponygirl: by Arnold Puttywn
    (Synopsis: After committing a crime Amy Mooth is given the choice of a long prison term or life as a slavegirl.)
  • A 'Routine' Enslavement: by Falcon
    (Synopsis: This is a fantasy of a future society featuring indentured servitude and legalized slavery. It is a story of two individuals a man who has devoted his life to the business of enslaving insolvent female debtors, and a young professional woman who struggles to avoid becoming his next victim. )
  • Slavery 2020: by Factory boy
    (Synopsis: 2020: Slavery Conscription, young men serving two years as work slaves, has been operating successfuly in Great Britain since 1997. It's made that country an economic superpower, but at what price? In 21st Century Britain, we hear the story from both sides: the slaves and the women exempted from this horrific experience yet affected all the same.)
    Comment: F+/m+
  • The girls of Blue Mountain: by Arzak Blake
    (Synopsis: The story develops in a small, isolated community where girls are educated to be completely submissive to men. Every detail, every aspect of their lives is controlled and regulated. Poor young Sally has trouble adjusting to her new life as the first outsider who has been moved to Blue Mountain in a very long time...)
  • Shithole: by Eugene Chavez
    (Synopsis: )
  • I am a slave, sell me: by BJojomogo
    (Synopsis: Young girl, drifting, reads about a man selling his life on Ebay, and decides to sell herself into slavery)
  • Modern Slavery: by Karen1982
    (Synopsis: What will happen in a world where slavery is legal and the accepted norm. April is about to find out.)
  • The Female Manifesto: by Carnivale Ed
    (Synopsis: A young woman learns her first lessons in a society that has recently embraced male domination.)
  • Slave Tracey: by Katie Smith
    (Synopsis: Tracey gets into a bit of a mix up when she reports for a medical for her driving licence but the building is the same as the new slave processing unit!)
  • Legalised Slavery: by Katie Smith
    (Synopsis: Tracey story, she is sent to an African country where slavery has been legalised to write a story for her newspaper.)
    Comment: M/f
  • A Slave's Story: by MartinM0322
    (Synopsis: In a country where a percentage of young men are legally enslaved, a young man accepts his fate voluntarily.)
    Comment: F+/m
  • A New World: by Rocky
    (Synopsis: Set in the not-too-distant future, in a country where females are second-class citizens and the only punishment for crime is slavery. The story of the transformation of a young, carefree teenage girl into a submissive, obedient slave after being convicted of a crime she didn't commit. )
    Comment: M/f
  • The State: by The Odd Side of Jeff
    (Synopsis: An epic story about a near future world of legal slavery.)

m slave (1 stories listed)
Male slavery


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