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Collected by Ronrel

transform into an animal (5 stories listed)
Human pet

f slave (6 stories listed)
Female slavery

  • Patience is a Virtue: by Ragoczy
    (Synopsis: The kidnapping, psychological breaking and eventual transformation of an unsuspecting girl.)
  • The New Girl at the Firm: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: A young paralegal becomes a slave to a lawyer who knows her true submissive nature.)
  • Shannon\'s Decent into Slavery: by Rasputtin Szczepanski
    (Synopsis: How a young geeky girl is seduced into a life of slavery.)
  • Alicia's Enslavement: by Sirbootnocka
    (Synopsis: A very rich black man shows up at the family's dinnertime and offers to buy Alicia from her parents, to be his sex slave.)
  • Medieval Marriage: by Kaja_m
    (Synopsis: Story of a girl living in the dark ages, learning to accept her fate as an older man's new bride.)
  • hole Control: by Caine.Paine
    (Synopsis: Abducted and caged, "hole" has no choice but to adapt to her newly and profoundly debased status as a sex slave. Pain, humiliation, and fear will force her to become the consummate fucktoy her twisted Owner desires.)

Fem Prison (2 stories listed)
Women in Prison

legalized slavery (13 stories listed)

m slave (1 stories listed)
Male slavery


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